Session 412

Translations of Color


“Translations of Color”
“Defining a Natural State”
“Payoffs and Value Fulfillment”

Tuesday, June 8, 1999-1   © 1999 (Private/Phone)
Participants:  Mary (Michael) and Jim (Yarr).
Elias arrives at 10:54 AM. (Arrival time is 16 seconds)

ELIAS:  Good morning, Yarr!

JIM:  Good morning, Elias!  Beautiful day!  I have some inquiries and clarifications this morning, if we could chat for a while?

ELIAS:  You may proceed.

JIM:  First I’ll start off with a question for Lawrence, if I may.  I’ll read what she has here:

“Recently I had an experience that was unusual and confusing.  I was in a restaurant, and when I returned to my table, there were two men sitting there.  They were dressed the same, and looked like identical twins.  I became very confused and didn’t know what to do, so I sat down and said “Hello.”  They both nodded, but didn’t say anything, so I proceeded to eat my meal and read a book, keeping an eye on them all the while.  After about ten minutes, they faded away.  In my perception, it took about sixty seconds for them to fully disappear.

“I thought this was really weird, but I didn’t freak out or anything.  I stayed in the restaurant for about another hour, reading.  I may not have given it much more thought, except for the fact that their faces are clearly etched in my memory.  So, they’ve managed to keep my attention, which is unusual for me in this type of experience.

“I’ve had unusual experiences before, but this one was different, in that these men were right in my face.  This wasn’t a matter of seeing something momentarily, and then when you look again, it’s gone.  I’ve wondered if this was similar to the “alien creature” experience — a temporary creation — but somehow, I think there’s more to it.  So my question is, what the heck is up with that?”

ELIAS:  HA HA HA!  You may deliver this information to Lawrence, in that what he has viewed is a manifestation, in actual physical form, of an aspect of each of the twins.  This be the reason that although he experienced a type of confusion, he also did not experience a tremendous uncomfortableness within the presence of these two individuals, nor did he feel any necessity to be moving away or not engaging the individuals.

The reason that there has been no verbal exchange is that as any of you may be presenting yourselves with the opportunity to actually physically view another aspect of yourselves, this is a very similar action to engaging another aspect of self or alternate self within your dream state.  There may be barriers, in a manner of speaking, that shall be in place, in a manner of speaking, temporarily, for this prevents any threatening element to the individual’s identity.  It may be viewed as a separate entity, another individual, which within your thought process you may objectively assimilate and accept, and this shall not be threatening to your individual identity.

This was a presentment that Lawrence has offered to himself in objective, physical terms, viewing the interconnectedness and CONSTANT interaction and lack of separation regardless of objective situations, so to speak, of these twins.

Now; this may be manifest in physical terms in any type of physical imagery, as to different form or body type.  Therefore, it matters not that he has not offered himself the same viewing that Michael has offered to himself previously, in viewing a similar action of encountering other aspects of these twins.

In this, Lawrence has merely chosen to be presenting himself with this type of viewing in physical, objective terms, which is quite natural, for this is the agreement that these twins have engaged within this particular manifestation of physical focus.

Lawrence concentrates much more fully upon objective imagery and movement, which is also quite consistent with his choice in orientation.  Michael concentrates his attention much more fully upon subjective creations, movement, and interaction, which is also more in alignment with his orientation within this focus.  Therefore, it is quite natural that Michael would be encountering aspects of these twins within out-of-body experiences or within dream state.  Lawrence may present himself with the same type of interaction, but within objective terms within his physical reality.

This offers them both the same experiences, but in different angles of the same experiences, which lends energy to each of them within their widening of awareness, for in the counterpart action that they hold with each other also, they offer each other the continuation of experiences to be more fully accessing and assimilating the experiences that they share in different approaches of different angles, viewing their reality from these different perspectives, so to speak.

Therefore, you may express from myself to Lawrence that I am acknowledging of his accomplishment in this area.

You may also express to Lawrence that I shall be anticipating less of a discounting of self in his ability to be creating of this type of experience and movement.

You may also be expressing to Lawrence from myself an acknowledgment of his accomplishment in the area of allowing....

Vic’s note:  Here, the phone clicks once and Elias stops talking.  He sits there for about ten seconds with an amused expression, and then:

ELIAS:  Shall we continue?

Vic’s note:  Another ten seconds goes by, and then Elias pops out and Mary pops in, looking very confused.  The time is 11:04 AM.

MARY:  Hello?  (No response)  Oh god, again?  Oh god, I hate this when this happens!

Vic’s note:  God ain’t gonna help you with this one, Mare!  (Excuse me; I lost my mind momentarily.)  Another ten seconds goes by, during which Mary fiddles with the phone, and then the phone rings.  (Note that Mary turned the speaker phone off, so now I can’t hear what the other person is saying.)

MARY:  Hello?  (Pause)  No, I have you for 12:00.  (Pause)  Yes.  (Pause)  Yes.  (Pause)  No.  (Pause)  Okay.  Because I don’t know what just happened, but I’m still in Jim’s session.  He just got disconnected; I don’t know how.  (Pause)  Okay, bye.

Vic’s note:  The expression on Mary’s face is priceless here!

MARY:  WEIRD!  Really weird!  C’mon, Jim!  (The phone rings)  Hello?  (Pause)  What happened?  (Pause)  The phone fell off the table?  (Pause)  Okay, this was a really weird experience, I have to say!

Vic’s note:  Here, Mary and Jim converse for a few minutes, and Elias returns at 11:08 AM; arrival time is 7 seconds.

ELIAS:  (Chuckling, and Jim laughs)  Shall we be continuing?

JIM:  Yes, please!

ELIAS:  I shall continue in offering you the final piece of information to be delivered to Lawrence, in which you have been interrupted.  You may offer to Lawrence the acknowledgment from myself in his projection in consciousness, in his out-of-body experiences that he has been engaging with Jale.

JIM:  Oh, okay. (Elias chuckles)  Alright, that’s all for that?

ELIAS:  Correct.

JIM:  In our last session together, we talked of the tone associated with the colors within our energy centers.  In understanding that the colors are comprised of essence and the tone it holds, which I assume is the intent, within white and magenta, is there a sound within our language that those colors hold, as we’ve learned with our other essence families, names, and so forth? (Pause)

ELIAS:  You are wishing for a translation into a word?

JIM:  Yes; correct. (Pause)

ELIAS:  Within a word, translating the tone of white and magenta, you may translate physically a tone for the vibrational quality of white into a word which may be similar to that word within your eastern religious belief systems which they attach to in their sound of chant tone of Om.  You may translate this as som. (pronounced as rhyming with home, with an emphasis on the “M”)

JIM:  Som?

ELIAS:  Correct.

JIM:  S-O-M?

ELIAS:  Correct.

JIM:  Okay.  Fascinating!

ELIAS:  You may translate the tone of magenta into a physical sound of ra. (pronounced as rhyming with ha, and rolling the “R”)

JIM:  R-A-H?


JIM:  R-A.  Okay!  I’m not sure where I’m going to go with those, but I shall investigate! (Elias chuckles)

I’ve had a lot of imagery lately of white, and you’ve expressed in previous sessions that this is somewhat of a connecting color with all of our other energy centers, and that also within healing, this is a good energy to see, to project.  What is the intent of white?  I know it’s connected with Regional Area 2, but is this a family, so to speak, as our other essence families?  I know it’s not physically focused within this dimension with the other nine essence families, but how does white and magenta — I guess specifically white — work with us, and how is that related within healing exactly?

ELIAS:  Let me express to you, Yarr, that each color is a vibrational tone.  It resonates, as I have expressed to you previously, with the certain intents of each essence family, but it is not synonymous with the essence family in particular.  It merely resonates in tone and vibrational quality, in similarity to the intent of the particular essence family.

Therefore, in a manner of speaking, what I am expressing to you [is], pink is not the color of the family of Borledim, or the family of Borledim is not pink.  They are not synonymous.  I am merely designating a symbol of the color of pink associated with the family of Borledim, as it resonates in very like kind, so to speak, of vibrational quality and tone, which may be associated with the intent of that particular family.

Now; as to the quality of white, I express to you that this particular color encompasses all colors.  Therefore, you may view, in a manner of speaking figuratively, this color to be interconnected or expressive of a collective connection to all of the other vibrational qualities of other colors.  Therefore, as you are presenting yourself with the imagery of this particular color, what you are offering to yourself is the recognition more of the lack of separation, of not merely individuals but of all that you create within your physical focus, and of all of the interconnectedness of all actions also.

In this, you may be combining this color of white with any and all other colors within your spectrum.  You may be manipulating this particular color in conjunction with combinations of colors or singular other colors, and you may facilitate movement much more easily in any particular direction manipulating with this particular color, for it is intermingled and interconnected with all other colors and provides a type of bridge, so to speak, between all other color vibrational tones, for contained within it are all of the tones, all of the vibrational qualities.  Therefore, it may be a link, so to speak, between any and all other vibrational qualities.

This be the reason that it may be manipulated so very efficiently and easily in conjunction with any particular action that you choose to be creating, for it holds this interconnectedness, which offers a great versatility.

In this, you are merely offering yourself imagery to be suggesting to you the advantage that you may offer yourself in connecting with this particular vibrational quality and allowing yourself to be engaging that energy and learning, in a manner of speaking — or remembering, in another manner of speaking — to be manipulating efficiently of this particular color, recognizing its interconnectedness with ALL colors.

Color may be translated into action.  It may be translated into personality.  It may be translated into manifestations, thought processes ... ANY element within your physical dimension that is expressed as any type of creation — interactions, emotion, thought, action, any event, any situation, any creation — for they all hold a quality of vibrational action, for all is energy.  Therefore, as color is also energy within a vibrational speed, so to speak, it may be used in conjunction with any type of expression within your physical focus.  Are you understanding?

JIM:  Yes.  It’s fascinating!  We’ve talked a bit about physical manifestation with the body and its relationship to color.  What about mental?  What area does that fit into within our energy centers?

ELIAS:  This would be quite similar, for as I have expressed, color is energy.  Therefore, it may be manipulated in conjunction with all functions, with all actions, with all creations and manifestations.

In this, your mental state, so to speak, is a creation of a cooperation of physical energy — in conjunction with your physical body — and the expression of thought process, which is another expression of energy creation, and it also is influenced by the energy projected through emotional expressions.

Therefore, in the functioning and movement of all three of these elements within your physical reality, you produce what you term to be your mental state, and in this, you may be incorporating different vibrational qualities of energy in conjunction with color to be manipulating energy and affecting of these expressions also.

Be remembering that in the expressions of mental state, you shall be incorporating the energy of each color vibration that shall be in movement in conjunction to the expressions.  What I am expressing to you is that you may be remembering the physical aspect of body consciousness, which is influencing.

Your physical brain holds an involvement in function of your mental state, for this is the area of your physical body form that you have designated to be interactive and functioning in this manner to be creating of mental state, incorporating also your energy projection through thought process, which does not necessarily become produced by your physical brain.  This is a nonphysical creation into physical reality through energy.  This is consciousness which is creating of your thought processes, not necessarily your physical brain activity.  It merely is in movement in harmony with your physical brain, which produces physical chemical responses which project the energy outwardly into your reality.  In conjunction with this also is your emotion, and this also is not projected from your physical brain.

In this, as you are incorporating all three of these elements of your reality, you shall offer yourself the information as to your own direction of which colors of vibrational quality you shall incorporate in usage, so to speak, in conjunction with certain situations or activities or events which you are attempting to be manipulating within your physical focus.  Are you understanding?

JIM:  Yes.  I’m going to read over some of that as well, but it does make a lot of sense.  So within the emotion, as we spoke of last time as well, our energy center of yellow is very influencing of all of this as well?

ELIAS:  Correct.  Also, as you are looking to physical manifestations, look to the interaction of your physical expression of your color indigo, as it is interactive with the physical functioning and manipulation of energy within your physical brain.

JIM:  Speaking of indigo and Tumold, can you define “returning to a natural state” within a disease?  I imagine this would be the choice of the individual, as to what a natural state would be.  We talked last time about “fixing” and returning to a natural state, and I think there’s a difference that I’m not quite seeing.  Can you help me with some clarification?

ELIAS:  Within your natural state, your body consciousness functions perfectly within the expression of manifestation that the individual has chosen for a particular focus.  Now; let me clarify to you.

One individual may be choosing to manifest within physical focus, in terms of their physical form, in what you term to be normal state.  They have created an upright position.  They hold one head, two legs, two arms, one body, two feet, two hands, and in this, they appear to be the same, in a manner of speaking, as all other individuals that create what you term to be, in your officially accepted reality, a normal body projection.  This may be their choice of their natural state for that particular focus of manifestation.

Another individual may choose to be manifest within a particular focus in the manner that YOU express as de-formed.  They are mis-formed, in your perception.  Their physical expression may not appear to be in alignment with your officially accepted norm.  They may not hold two feet, two legs, two arms, one head, one body.  They may manifest differently, or they may choose to be manifesting within a twisting of that same form.  Therefore, it may not hold itself upright in the same manner as do you, but they have entered their physical manifestation in this manner and have chosen this particular expression, and it is their natural state.  Therefore, they have purposefully created that type of manifestation.

You, within your officially accepted reality, identify singularly and express that all individuals, as an absolute, should be creating in a specific manner of projecting their physical body form and function.  In this, if an individual is not in compliance with those guidelines of your officially accepted reality, it is viewed as dis-form, dys-function, and dis-ease.

Now; in certain situations, individuals — as you are aware — are creating of all three of these expressions, which may not necessarily be natural to their state of their creation within their particular focus.  This is the area that I have expressed to you many, many times, to be engaging your inner senses to be assessing the actual situation, recognizing that each individual’s reality is their own and is different, unique and individual.

In this, what may be natural state for one individual is not natural state for another individual, and within the expression of the intent of Tumold, your intent is not to be creating clones!  Your intent is not to be fitting all of your species’ and all of any species’ expressions into one mold.  It is to be allowing the natural expression of each unique individual in the manner that is natural to their expression.

This holds more difficulty than initially may be viewed, for you may not necessarily assess these types of situations immediately as you encounter another individual or a creature, for you hold mass belief systems which are quite strong in the area of absolutes.  These absolutes express to you that the natural state of an individual is to be free of dis-ease, dys-function, and of de-formation.  You express to yourselves the absolutes that creatures and individuals of your species shall be formed in a certain manner, and if they are not, they are experiencing an unnatural state, and therefore, it is your job to be altering of their state to be creating the conformity to what you accept as natural state.

In actuality, your definition of natural state is normal state, and your definition of normal is that which is officially accepted en masse commonly.  I express to you, each individual within their own unique expression may be expressing their natural state quite differently.

Now; as you allow yourself an exercising of your inner senses, you may allow yourself to be enacting your natural abilities in these areas of your inner senses and you may quite easily assess each situation with each individual and each creature in conjunction with their natural state, evaluating that certain creations may not necessarily be natural to their particular focus and that they have created a situation of manipulating energy in a manner to be creating a dysfunction.

In this, you may be moving in the direction of your intent and be expressing helpfulness in offering energy to be directing in a manner that allows the individual to be moving their energy into their own natural state once again, but you must also be recognizing of those individuals that may be creating of certain elements within their reality that you do not necessarily view as natural, but may be natural to them.

JIM:  Thus being mindful and respectful of another individual’s creation, of how they choose to create their reality.

ELIAS:  Quite.

JIM:  Okay.  In our last session, you spoke of the trigger action associated with the creation of a disease.  What action can we take when this action begins to take place, and recognize the action, and perhaps alter the creation of that particular situation or disease, as in the case of malaria, which you gave as an example, or other diseases and so forth that offer these triggers?

ELIAS:  Let me express to you once again that this would be the situation in which you need be viewing the individual action and the reason that the individual is choosing to be participating in accessing these triggers, for individuals purposefully draw to them these types of experiences that may be beneficial to them within their individual value fulfillment.

In this, they may be subsequently engaging another individual’s helpfulness to be disengaging the action that they have initially created, but it is not necessarily a situation to be expressed of PREVENTION of these types of creations, although this is the direction that your mass beliefs move into.

This is another area that you have developed within your belief systems: that you may be creating more efficiently if you are creating uniformly of what you term to be “good health,” and you may be facilitating this state of good health if you are moving in the direction of prevention of dis-ease.

I express to you that you may be moving in the direction of creating actions to be preventing of certain types of dis-ease, but you shall also create different dis-ease[s] that are not preventable, for you shall continue to be creating other expressions, other types of affectingnesses to be expressing your individual energies — individually AND en masse — in these types of manners, for this is familiar to you.  You choose to be manipulating energy in this manner to be gaining your attention and to be beneficial to you in many different manners, in which it DOES gain your attention if you are creating uncomfortable situations within your physical form.

I express to you that this is another direction in which individuals within the intent of the Tumold in physical focus — in conjunction with your belief systems — may become confused, for you view yourselves to be engaging the action of healing in the terms that have been expressed within your officially accepted reality, and that is to be fixing and preventing, and I express to you that this is not necessarily the point, but to be responsive to other individuals or creatures or any element of consciousness that may be REQUESTING your interaction for helpfulness, in offering it the remembrance of its natural state.  Are you understanding?

JIM:  Yes.  That ties a lot in.  That makes a lot of sense.  I think this occurred recently with the pony, which I just experienced, with the colic, and in remembering my tile, which I offered, and offering energy to this pony, and her almost immediate response, returning to a natural state within the intestines and feeling better and having a bowel movement (laughing) and moving into its natural state.  It was a different experience for me.  Also, using the seeing-by-feeling and touching-by-thought, I felt a real difference there.  It seemed to be a connectedness with those tiles.  Is that a correct interpretation of that?

ELIAS:  Correct.

JIM:  Alright, good.  Thank you.  Within our physical body, is there a location of energy focus?  Eastern culture refers to it as the solar plexus or the don tien point, just below the navel.  Do these points hold somewhat of a concentration of our energy centers, or is that more of a belief system?

ELIAS:  There are developments of belief systems that may be surrounding these particular areas, but I shall also express to you that in actuality, these belief systems have been developed in conjunction with a knowing of an intensity of energy in this particular area.

Now; this is not to say that each of your energy centers does not hold equal expression of energy ... or equal amount of energy, in another manner of speaking.  What I am expressing to you is that as your reality holds the base points of sexuality and emotion, these are the ingredients of your reality in this physical dimension.  They are the base elements of all of your reality.

In this, these two energy centers of orange and yellow may be much more active automatically and may be much more expressive in energy, for you are continually engaging the energy of these two elements in all of your creation of all of your reality.  Therefore, they are continuously interactive and involved, in a manner of speaking, in every element of your creation.

Emotion and sexuality are elements that hold involvement in every aspect of your reality.  These designations of vibrational qualities in energy centers are held within the orange and the yellow energy centers, and this be the reason that your religious beliefs attach great significance to these particular areas, for they are quite expressive within your reality.

JIM:  Understood.  In the beginning of our sessions a long time ago, you had mentioned a payoff, and I’ve been curious about this for some time.  I’ve been meaning to ask you.  Could you expand on that maybe a little bit, as to what a widening of my awareness and acceptance and trust in self would be in terms of a payoff?

ELIAS:  I express to you, Yarr, within physical focus, no individual shall engage any activity that shall not produce a payoff with them.

In this, all that you create within your physical reality also offers you a payoff in some manner, which this is a very intense area that you may be viewing, for it is quite affecting of all of your reality and quite motivating of all of your reality, for it shall be directing of your attention.  If you are not receiving a payoff in a certain expression, you shall discontinue that expression and you shall move your attention elsewhere.  Therefore, it may be quite beneficial to you each to be noticing what your payoff is and where you are receiving it in all of your expressions, for this is greatly a motivating force within your focus.

You continue within all of your experiences for the reason that it IS offering you a payoff, and in this, you may express that your payoff is the expression of your value fulfillment.

As you are continuing within your value fulfillment, you are receiving your payoff.  As you are not continuing within your value fulfillment, you are not receiving your payoff, and you shall move your attention into a different direction to be continuing to be creating your value fulfillment.

In this, you in physical form may look to this action either positively or negatively.  In terms of widening your awareness, you and other individuals may look to this type of information that I offer to you, and you may continue in assimilating it and you may continue in your process of creating its application within your focus, for this offers you a widening of your awareness, more of an understanding, more of an expression of freedom within your particular focus, and this is your payoff.  You may equate your widening of awareness with your payoff, and it is also an element of your value fulfillment.  Other individuals may choose different expressions that may offer them a payoff, but you all are motivated to be creating all of your expressions for this reason.

JIM:  Okay.  Well, I definitely have numerous payoffs!  Thank you. (Elias chuckles)  The essence name of my friend Debbie that I was with the other day ... could you offer an essence name for her?

ELIAS:  Essence name, Pearle.

JIM:  P-A-R-L?

ELIAS:  P....

JIM:  Okay ...


JIM:  ... one last question. (Elias grins)  I’ve had some feelings with the Scottish aspect and a relationship with the essences of Rose that are now manifest.  Do I have a relationship with that little one?  Do I know this person?  I have the feeling that perhaps there’s a family tie there, a mother or something.  I believe that my aspect in Scotland knows of this other individual. (Pause)

ELIAS:  Yes, you are correct.

JIM:  Knows of them, or a parent of the individual, or knows of them within a family relationship?

ELIAS:  Holds an awareness of the small one, but is not within family relationship.

JIM:  Okay, and that particular aspect of myself in that country is female, correct?

ELIAS:  Correct.

JIM:  Okay....

ELIAS:  Yarr!  I express to you correction in your spelling of your request of essence name: P-E-A-R-L-E.

JIM:  Got it!  Thank you.  Well, I think that’s given me quite a bit to think about today, Elias.  I appreciate your interaction, as always, and I noted it that night, coming home from working with my pony, when the street lights went out! (Laughing)


JIM:  So, I always appreciate your presence and your helpfulness in many, many ways.  You’ve been a great friend, and I appreciate it.  Thank you very much.

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome, my friend, and I shall anticipate our continued interaction.  I offer to you great affection this day, and express to you a very loving au revoir.

JIM:  Ditto.  Thank you.  Good-bye.

Elias departs at 12:00 PM.


(1)  I have changed one word in the following sentence:  “It merely is in movement in harmony with your physical brain, which produces physical chemical responses which project the energy outwardly into your reality.”

It was originally stated as such:  “It merely is in movement in harmony with your physical brain that produces physical chemical responses which project the energy outwardly into your reality.”

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