Session 396

Physical Manifestations


“Physical Manifestations”

Sunday, May 16, 1999-2  © 1999 (Private/Phone)
Participants:  Mary (Michael) and Letty (Castille).
Elias arrives at 1:06 PM. (Arrival time is 18 seconds)

ELIAS:  Good day, Castille!

LETTY:  Good day to you too, Elias!  I’m so glad to have a chance to talk to you objectively again.  I want to thank you for all of your subjective assistance too, though.  I’ve been experiencing a lot of blue.  I think I’m going through a lot of shifting, and I have a few questions for you today, and because Michael is on a schedule, I will try to get right to them.

I had another temporary pain manifestation that I created — by me, of course — that when I had an asthma episode and I coughed, I got this sharp pain under my left arm.  It hasn’t come recently, and my asthma episodes are also kind of like on hold, or they have diminished.  I still have a little bit of tightness in breathing every once in a while, but I know that I’ve felt your energy, and I’m trying to pay more attention to what’s happening right in the now.  So, I’m wanting to ask you about this temporary pain.

ELIAS:  Let me express to you, Castille, that you are creating, once again, physical manifestations, but in this, you are choosing to be creating certain expressions temporarily that may gain your attention but shall also not be ongoing in their affectingness of you.

In this, what you are accomplishing is addressing to certain expressions that are creating of your restriction of breath, therefore alleviating that affectingness in part, but continuing in your creation of physical affectingness in temporary expressions, that you may continue to gain your attention in certain areas.

Therefore, you are no longer moving in the direction of automatically creating the continued restriction in your breathing, but moving more fully into discontinuing of that particular action, but at times are creating of certain quick movements that shall gain your attention efficiently but not be creating of what you term to be a lasting effect.  Are you understanding?

LETTY:  Yes, yes.

ELIAS:  Therefore, in this, you may be noticing temporary effects that are being created physically that may hold more of an intensity within the moment, but they are not continued.

Therefore, they are merely small triggers to gain your attention within that moment, and a recognition that it is unnecessary for you to be continuing with that expression, as you HAVE gained your attention.

LETTY:  Oh, wonderful!  That makes a lot of sense, because I have been feeling that my episodes are much shorter, and I have been trying to work on the now.  Thank you very much.

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome.  I am acknowledging of your movement in this area, holding an awareness that you have been attending to this situation of your creations physically for a continued time framework, and you now begin moving into the direction of discontinuing this particular action.

LETTY:  Wonderful.  Thank you.  That’s something to really look forward to! (Elias chuckles)

I want your validation on a couple of things.  I did create another sinus infection, but it seems to be on its way, and it seems that my validation is realizing that what I am trying to get my attention with in this creation, with this manifestation, is to pay attention to myself.  It seems to be when I have conflict with certain people.

ELIAS:  Correct.

LETTY:  So, it is the mirror image?

ELIAS:  Correct.

LETTY:  Oh, wow.  It just seemed so clear one day, and since then, it seems to be going away.

And the other validation was, I believe I’ve been connecting with another focus that’s coming to me again through smell, and it’s a wonderful men’s cologne.  I believe it’s French, or in France.  My name, I think, is something like Jacques or Jack.  I believe Leezar is my mother, although I feel like I’m married to somebody else, and I have a feeling that Cindel comes into place, although she hasn’t connected with me.  I keep wanting to connect her also in that focus.

ELIAS:  You are correct, and I express to you that the reason that you hold an awareness, but Cindel is not connecting objectively so easily to this particular relationship within that focus, is that the individual within that focus that you identify as yourself does not occupy the same space arrangement location in physical terms as does the focus of Cindel, for what you have connected to is the individual that occupies a physical location in southern region of France and merely ventures to the physical location of Paris occasionally.  Therefore, you hold a knowing of each other, but do not hold a relationship that is frequently interactive.

LETTY:  And I was correct about Leezar?

ELIAS:  Yes.

LETTY:  Okay, ‘cause I feel that focus is subjectively helping me with relationships.

ELIAS:  Correct.

LETTY:  Okay, wonderful.  I need assistance in understanding a couple of dreams.  One of these I have never had before — but I’ve heard of a lot of individuals having it — and it felt very, very real in this dream state.  I was very, very scared in my bed, in my home, and I heard noises in my house.  I thought somebody was there and I tried to scream, but no noise would come out.  I got up to turn on the lights so I could see, but I couldn’t — there was no electricity — and it felt very real, and then I woke up and I was okay.  It’s kind of interesting because I kind of felt like soon afterwards, Marta came into my dream, and we were trying to get together.  We were at different hotels, and we were trying to get together, and I don’t know if one has something to do with the other.

ELIAS:  I express to you, what you have presented yourself with in this particular dream imagery, first of all, is what may be termed to be a safe environment to be experiencing and allowing a flow of energy in relation to elements of fear.

In this, you may be projecting energy outwardly, so to speak, in allowing an expression of fearfulness and allowing yourself to be experiencing the reality of that energy in itself, but within this dream state, you provide yourself with what you term to be a safe environment for that type of experience, allowing yourself the fullness of free expression in that experience, but also a knowing that you may disengage this activity within any moment, for you hold the ability to alter the creation within dream state in a manner that you do not allow yourself frequently within waking state.

As to the relation of the involvement with Marta, you image this in the manner that you seek out the presence in offering yourself solace and comfort in familiarity of that relationship, in an element of supportiveness.  But you also create the element of not entirely connecting for the reason that you are knowing, within this creation of addressing to fearful elements, that you may be viewing these elements singularly and that no harmfulness shall befall you.  Therefore, it is unnecessary to be moving in the direction of attaining helpfulness from another individual.

You merely have presented yourself with the imagery of his presence to offer a comfort element and a supportiveness, but you continue in your addressment of this issue singularly, knowing that you hold the ability to be addressing to this within yourself.

LETTY:  That makes a lot of sense.  That’s interesting.  So, it’s basically an experience.

ELIAS:  Correct.  Many times individuals within physical focus allow themselves to be experiencing these types of situations within dream state, and that shall be affecting of your waking state in lessening the objective experience in this area of fearfulness.

LETTY:  Yes, and I have felt that objectively, those fearful types of ... I understand why I was doing it.  I was helping myself.

ELIAS:  Correct.

LETTY:  Okay.  Well, yesterday I had another what I term strange dream, because I had a little difficulty understanding it.  I was arguing.  It was interesting because I was arguing with another individual that I recently had an argument with, where I was trying to impose my belief systems until I caught myself that that’s what I was doing and I backed off, and I realized that we have different belief systems and they’re both okay.  They’re just different.  It was just interesting that I dreamt it in my dream state, but there was no emotion in the dream, as I experience it objectively.

Then soon after that dream, Isabel comes into the picture, and this is the confusing part.  We were confused.  She was driving a car kind of going the wrong way, and I was trying to direct her, but I was kind of directing her wrong.  So I guess my question is, is Isabel kind of like an imagery of this other person, that I would never try to change her, but I tried to change this other individual?

ELIAS:  You are correct.  You offer yourself this type of imagery, that it may be more impactful to you and may emphasize to you this area that you are addressing to presently, in recognizing that other individuals are creating of their reality regardless that you may view it to be right or wrong.

LETTY:  Right.  Yes, correct.  Okay.  The last dream I have to ask you about is, people were looking and photographing what seemed like strange tombs.  I don’t know if that had something to do with a movie I just watched about ancient Egypt, but they were also using strange vehicles to get away, and then the next part of my dream had to do with remodeling an office with entertainment for children, and this didn’t click with anything.

ELIAS:  In this, you offer yourself the imagery — as to the tombs and the examination of these tombs — in conjunction with examination of the action of transition.  This, being engaged within physical focus ... there remains physical evidence of the focus within physical manifestation, but the movement may be, in your terms, elsewhere.  Therefore, you are examining this type of action.

As to your remodeling, you are imaging in this manner, that this area in your terms belongs to you.  Therefore, it is your symbolization of you.  In this, you are remodeling this area, for you are recognizing that you are altering the movement and engaging different directions and wider awarenesses, which you interpret as a reconstruction of yourself or a remodeling of yourself.  Therefore, this also moves in conjunction with the subject matter of transition, as it is incorporating other experiences also.

LETTY:  Hmm.  So this is kind of like validation to myself on how I’ve been feeling about how I want to create a different career, even a change of life, and I’m just starting to put energy into it because I want to manifest a different career.

ELIAS:  Which is your reconstruction of your movement.

LETTY:  Yes, because I feel much more acceptance of myself ... that I can do it, especially.

ELIAS:  Quite.  You may be accomplishing of any direction that you are choosing to be moving into.

LETTY:  Speaking of more awareness, am I still going through that physical situation of my neurological pathways being expanded?

ELIAS:  Yes.

LETTY:  I haven’t felt any changes in my eye focus.  I have felt physically in my brain actual movements there, but not in my focusing of my sight.

ELIAS:  Correct, and as you continue in this action, you also shall continue to be affecting of your physical vision.

LETTY:  I see.  Thank you very much.

Okay, this is something that I’m new at understanding presently.  Cindel has been trying to remind me about what you’ve been speaking to her about on orientation, and talking about it.  I just wanted to validate that I, like her, have a common orientation.

ELIAS:  You are correct.

LETTY:  And I wanted to ask you about Leezar, so I can understand our relationship better.

ELIAS:  This individual also holds the orientation of common, but let me express to you that each individual is creating of their reality individually, and although you move in certain directions that may be viewed commonly, this is not to say that your individual expressions shall be the same, for you each align with different aspects of belief systems and you create your reality through your individual perceptions.

This orientation is, in a manner of speaking, an overview of how you perceive yourself and your world and other individuals and how you respond and interact with these elements of your reality, but each individual shall be creating their reality within that expression as dictated by their individual perception and their alignment with their beliefs.  Be remembering, Castille, this individual of which you speak holds areas very strongly in fearfulness, and strongly in the expression of some elements of his belief systems that he holds quite stubbornly to, and in this, there is resistance to certain movements into acceptance, for there is a comfort in the familiar of uncomfortableness.

LETTY:  Can I ask you, since this came up now, I have tried to stay to ... I guess my question is, am I now backing off on taking that personal responsibility, where I am allowing him his own, and I’m trying now to really just give him energy by just accepting what he is creating in the manner he that he is creating it?

ELIAS:  You are beginning to move in this direction, although I may express to you that you may be noticing how very often you are experiencing certain small twinges within yourself in which you are allowing yourself triggers each time certain directions are engaged with this individual.  These are elements that you may view and be addressing to in allowing yourself more efficiency in this area of acceptance of the other individual ... and acceptance of SELF.

LETTY:  Yes.  Thank you.  It’s still been a struggle, but I’m trying to, I guess, pay more attention to the now at the moment that I get those twinges, because I know exactly what you’re talking about.

ELIAS:  Let me also express to you that although I present this information to you in these types of terms — and I hold an awareness that within your perception, this is seemingly quite matter-of-fact and that it is seemingly appearing quite simplistic as it is expressed to you — I offer to you that these types of expressions, these types of noticings and the addressing to them, are in actuality ongoing and may be quite difficult at times, for you are moving against the familiar and the automatic.

Therefore, for a time framework, you shall experience effort in addressing to these types of interactions and even within your noticing of your responsiveness, for it is familiar to you to be justifying self.  It is unfamiliar to you to be examining your responsiveness and your reactions in triggering with interaction of other individuals.  Therefore, this is what you may term to be a process.  Therefore, do not discount your movement in this area and be chastising yourself that you are not accomplishing well enough, for you are accomplishing perfectly within each moment.

LETTY:  Thank you.  That makes it easier to take each incident.

Actually I have only one more question, and this is for Isabel, who has not been able to get together with Dad to talk to you.  I suggested that she ask you, and she hasn’t had an opportunity.  She creates stomach pains to the point where she gets physically sick, and she doesn’t quite understand what it is that is causing this.  She realizes she creates them, but underlying, she hasn’t been quite aware, so she was hoping you could help her.

ELIAS:  I express to this small one that she is creating of this type of physical expression in responsiveness to holding energy each time she is viewing situations with other individuals that she is not within agreement of.  As she allows situations that other individuals are creating to be affecting of herself and she is not in agreement objectively to the creation of the other individuals, she manifests releasing energy in this area.

This also is the direction subjectively to this yellow energy center, which is directly affected by emotional expressions.  Therefore, she may be noticing that in the situations in which individuals that she holds relationships with are conflicting, in her perception, she may be noticing that her response is to be affecting in this yellow energy center, and this shall be disturbing of this physical area.

This is occurring not merely with respect to those individuals that she deems to be family, but she may also be responsive in this manner to individuals that she holds relationships of friendships.

LETTY:  Okay, I will tell her that.  Do you have any suggestions for easement in this creation?

ELIAS:  You may express to her that as she allows herself to be turning her attention to self, creating her own no conflict scenario and also recognizing that each other individual is creating their reality and she holds the choice to be participating or not participating in their creations, this may be alleviating of much of this physical affectingness — acceptance of other individuals in their creation, recognizing that it matters not.

They are creating within their own beneficial aspects of their reality, that they may be allowing themselves information, and that she may be enacting her own no conflict scenario in these situations, and this, regardless of other individuals’ creations, may be much more efficient in helpfulness to herself.

Express to her not to be concerning herself so very intensely with altering other individuals’ realities and attempting to be creating no conflict scenarios for them, but to be attending to the no conflict scenario for herself.

LETTY:  Okay.  Thank you so much.  I’m sure she’ll be very, very appreciative.

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome.

LETTY:  Well, Elias, as always, it has been a pleasure.

ELIAS:  And I offer great lovingness to you, Castille.

LETTY:  Thank you.

ELIAS:  This day, to you I extend great affection, and I anticipate our next meeting.  To you, I bid a very fond adieu.

Elias departs at 1:44 PM.

Vic’s note:  Mary, if that bird was in my house right this minute, my cats would be having dinner.  Letty, you are most patient!

I guess I should explain that the bird was squawking LOUDLY during this session, often obliterating Elias’ voice — very frustrating!

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