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Healing/The Empathic Sense


“Healing/The Empathic Sense”
“Structure/Energy Exchanges”
“A Different Angle of Approach”

Tuesday, May 4, 1999  © 1999 (Private/Phone)
Participants:  Mary (Michael), and a new participant, Lissette (Roi).  Lissette hails from Puerto Rico.
Elias arrives at 10:44 AM. (Arrival time is 15 seconds)

ELIAS:  Good morning!

LISSETTE:  Good morning.  I would like to ask you some questions.

ELIAS:  Very well.  You may begin.

LISSETTE:  Okay.  I’d like to describe to you something that happened.  I asked to know my essence name, and what I saw was what I would describe as energized, joyful spirals of color in blues and greens, and then I saw some little sort of boomerangs coming out, and it was, I felt, an energy that I had never felt before.  I enjoyed the experience a lot, but I don’t know what it was.  Could you explain that?

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  Very well!  First of all, I shall offer essence name: Roi; R-O-I. (pronounced roy)  Essence family, Sumafi; alignment in this focus, Tumold.

As to your experience in this swirling of colors and these objects that you have viewed, what you have experienced is an influx of energy that you have opened yourself to.

In this, the blue that you have experienced is a projection of energy from this essence of which you now speak to with objectively.  This has been my projection to you in introduction, in allowing you an element of comfort.  The green that you have also experienced is a projection of other energy in welcoming to you also.

Now; this green energy is associated with your physical energy centers.  It is not attributed to any particular essence, so to speak, but merely an offering of a vibrational quality of energy that may be welcoming to you; also a projection of vibrational quality that shall be received and identified by you, as it moves in harmony to your individual intent within this focus, as you align with the Tumold family.  This energy of green color vibration projects a healing quality which may be received and identified with by yourself, for you resonate with this type of energy.  Therefore, this has been an offering to you.

Now, as to the objects that you have viewed as projecting within this experience, these are the offering of different aspects of yourself that are incorporated in all of this experience, and offering you another element of comfort that you are not experiencing lunacy, and also that you are creating efficient movement presently and that you may allow yourself to relax into the comfort of your own being.  Are you understanding?

LISSETTE:  Yes, I guess I am ... I think I am!  (Elias chuckles and Lissette laughs)  Sometimes we do delude ourselves, don’t we?

I also wanted to know ... well, you answered the question.  I was wondering if I was stuck or if I’m really understanding all of these concepts, which I understand I’m just beginning to understand, and I feel I go three steps forward and four steps back! (Elias chuckles)

And in relation to that, one of the last experiences I’ve had that has made me wonder is ... I want to know what my connection to my ex-husband is and why I presented myself again with this conflict.  I wonder if it’s a way of re-engaging my belief systems about being true to myself, or is it because I have something else to learn from this relationship?

ELIAS:  Ah!  Now; let me address to the entirety of this questioning and subject matter.

First of all, let me express to you that I am acknowledging of your own movement as you engage your process in “moving forward,” so to speak, for you are accomplishing quite well in this area and allowing yourself to widen your awareness quite efficiently.

Now; the reason that you move into the thought process that you are extending three steps forward and four steps backward is that you are viewing your own movement, but you are also interpreting new elements in your movement as the presentment of “setbacks.”

In this, let me express to you that these are not necessarily setbacks.  Although you may view in physical focus that conflicts — especially what you view to be repeated conflicts — may appear to be setbacks, in actuality, this may not necessarily be the situation.

In your individual situation, you draw yourself to certain types of experiences to be offering you the opportunity to view different angles of the same beliefs, therefore not deluding yourself into the thought that you have entirely moved through a particular aspect of a belief, but allowing yourself to re-examine each of your beliefs and each of your own movements, that you may be accomplishing fully in these areas and leaving no aspect of the belief unviewed and therefore unattended to.

Now; in the experience that you create which involves this other individual, you offer yourself the opportunity to view more of your own self, more of your own responses to situations, and you offer yourself the opportunity to alter your viewing and your behavior in these situations.

What you are offering to yourself presently is the opportunity to view interaction with another individual, noticing how this interaction creates automatic responses within yourself, and as you allow yourself to view your own automatic responses, you also provide yourself with information as to the reasoning why you create certain situations and how you perpetuate certain situations and repeat patterns in those situations.

This offers you the opportunity to view an interaction that you are quite familiar with, but to view it now differently, to be expressing to yourself that the reason you respond in certain manners is not that the other individual holds responsibility in this or is creating your reality and forcing you to be responding or feeling certain emotions or responding in certain manners, but that you are responding in these manners for the reason of your own areas in which you are not yet accepting of yourself and trusting of your own direction, and as you allow yourself to view your own responses and your own behaviors, you may view how you hold the ability to alter these situations within yourself, not concerning yourself with the responses of the other individual, but concerning yourself with self, and realizing that as you move more fully into your own trust of self, you are also automatically offering energy to the other individual to be more accepting also.  Are you understanding?

LISSETTE:  Yeah, I understand that.

ELIAS:  As to your connection with this individual, I express to you that you are a type of counterpart in this focus.

You have also held counterpart action in other focuses, offering you each the opportunity to view and deal with certain challenges in each of your focuses, and you have chosen many times to be engaging this type of action with each other which involves conflict, for this brings surfacely with you these challenges and draws your attention quite strongly to them.

LISSETTE:  Right now what I feel is that I just want to stop it.  I’m not interested in this kind of conflict any more.  What I felt this last time was that he was drawing me into it, but I was conscious of what was happening, and I just don’t want any part of it.  So, how do you end the conflict?  Do you just decide you’re not taking part in it any more?  Because I don’t want to blanket it.  I really want to end it!

ELIAS:  This is part of the point and what you are now offering yourself, in your own realization that you are participating within the conflict and that you hold the choice within you to discontinue this action.  In this, it matters not the choices of the other individual.  If you are not participating, they are not receiving their payoff, and therefore you may discontinue the action of the conflict and choose not to be participating in this without placing judgment upon the other individual or their choices.  But in this action, as you choose to discontinue your own participation, they also shall be affected, for how shall they be creating their conflict involving you if you are not participating?

LISSETTE:  Exactly.  Okay, I got that.  I have another question.  What would my biggest blockage be, and of course I know that it is acceptance, but belief-wise?

ELIAS:  Let me express to you that within your individual intent, this area of acceptance and trust — underlying trust of self — is a very large issue.  This extends into your individual intent, which within your alignment of the Tumold family prevents you many times in offering what you may express as genuine expressions that you hold, for you do not trust the validity of your own abilities.  In this, at times you may be confused by belief systems in the area of metaphysics as they concern certain aspects of healing in relation to other individuals.  Now....

LISSETTE:  Can I ask something?

ELIAS:  Yes.

LISSETTE:  Would this have to do with the way I feel I know what’s wrong with people?  Sometimes I just feel I know what the problems with people are and I think, “Are these my beliefs working here or is this my imagination, or is this really happening and why is it happening, and why do I know?  What am I supposed to do with it?”  ‘Cause sometimes I tell people things and I’m not being helpful.  They’re resenting me.  I do it to help, but I have understood that you cannot help people if they do not want to be helped, and I’m really being intrusive.  So why do I keep on feeling I know these things, and am I really knowing them or am I imagining this?

ELIAS:  Ah, and this is the point of which I am speaking to you.  First of all, you ARE allowing yourself to be accessing your own inner knowing, and in this, it is not what you term within your beliefs to be your imagination.  You are in actuality allowing yourself to be connecting to information in alignment with your intent of being helpful in a healing manner concerning other individuals, but you are choosing certain methods of expressing this information which are very influenced by your beliefs.

In this, what I offer to you this day is to be looking to self and engaging your inner senses.

In this, I am encouraging you to be engaging your empathic sense as you engage another individual, for if you are engaging your empathic sense, this shall allow you the ability to merge, to a point, with the other individual, and allow you the knowing of their experience; not merely the thought and identification of the situation that they are creating, but to be feeling what they are feeling and experiencing what they are experiencing, therefore allowing you the knowing of the perception that they hold, and in this, you may apply the information that you have already accessed in your knowing, and you may offer helpfulness to them in the most efficient manner.

At times, offering helpfulness within a healing manner to another individual may not necessarily engage speaking to them.  In this, you hold a great ability to be offering a healing energy to other individuals that may not necessarily be verbal.

This is not to say that you may not engage speaking to them also, but that your speaking to them may be directed through a different angle which does not necessarily address directly to the issue that they are dealing with, for many times as you engage in what we express as a head-on direction, the other individual may deflect your energy, for they may not necessarily hold an objective willingness to view their own creation and accept responsibility objectively for their creation.  Therefore, at times it may be more efficient for you to be recognizing these situations empathically and offering helpfulness directing to their issues, but from a different angle.  Are you understanding?

LISSETTE:  Yeah, in a way.  Something that maybe has nothing to do with the issue at hand would be the thing that would help them think about the issue at hand.  Is that what you are saying?

ELIAS:  Quite.  Many times as you are offering information to another individual, it may be received much more easily if it is not directed to their personal experience.  Therefore, it does not appear threatening to them, for the idea of accepting responsibility for one’s own creation may be, within the individual’s belief systems, overwhelming to them initially.

LISSETTE:  Okay, I understand that.  That helps a lot, it really does.  Okay, I have another question.

I have a friend.  Her name is Margarita, and she is receiving information from an essence or entity or whatever called Ansor, but she’s scared.  Would you have something for me that I could tell her, words of encouragement or something?  I don’t know....

ELIAS:  Let me express that you may offer to her, there is no harmfulness in this essence and in the energy which is being projected to her.  Let me also express that I hold an awareness that she already is accepting of that aspect of the exchange which is occurring.

In this, let me offer to her that the responsibility of herself in the exchange is merely to be offering what you term in your beliefs to be a clear channel, but it is not within her responsibility the reception of other individuals as they draw themselves to that information and are connecting with it.  Each individual creates their own reality and shall interpret in the manner that they interpret.

I am understanding that the individual holds great personal responsibility in this area, which is unnecessary.  The essence is quite capable of expressing responsibility for itself, and therefore it is unnecessary for her to be incorporating this responsibility also.

LISSETTE:  Okay, and she sort of wants me to go with her, to do this with her, to be with her during these sessions, and I hold a fear in me, and I don’t know if it’s because of the way I see it, you know?  I just hate groups, and I feel structure is constraining, and that’s what holds me back from really being there for her, because I don’t want this to turn into ... well, it’s my fear speaking, right? (Elias chuckles)  I just hate groups and things that have to be done on a certain day and everything, and in a way I see that’s how it’s turning out to be, and that’s a constraint I don’t want to be a part of, so I have kept away from it.  But I do want to be helpful to her ‘cause she’s a very good person and I really love her and I want her to feel good about this whole thing, and she sort of wants me to give her that strength, but I’m confused about all this.

ELIAS:  I express to you that you may be offering supportiveness, and you may also be choosing your individual least conflict scenario.

I may also express to you that within information that you already are knowing of, you may identify that you are responding to your own fearfulness and your own lack of trust within yourself, and this also stems from an area of personal responsibility.

You wish not be moving in the direction of assuming personal responsibility for other individuals.  I express to you that one is not synonymous with the other.  You may be offering supportiveness, and you may also even engage occasionally an action of participation with this individual, and this is not necessarily an expression that you must be assuming responsibility for her choices or for any other individual’s choices in those situations.

Now; as to the restricting element, I express to you both that within these energy exchange[s], it may be much more efficient if you allow a freedom and a flow with the exchange and not be moving necessarily in the direction of organization through your beliefs.  This may be creating of restrictions and may be blocking of the natural flow of the energy.  I am quite understanding that within physical focus you hold very strong beliefs in this area, but I express to you that spontaneity and the allowance of a free flow is much more efficient in regard to energy exchanges than to be moving in the direction of structure, for the....

LISSETTE:  I guess that was my fear.  You see, I couldn’t express it correctly, and you did it for me.  That’s exactly what I was feeling.  I didn’t want it to be structured because I don’t feel structure creates a freedom for the information to ... exactly what you said! ... to pass through.  That’s just it!

ELIAS:  Quite.  You may express to her that the more structure that you place upon this type of energy exchange, the more you allow for your own belief systems to be interfering and influencing of the information that is being offered to be flowing through, for you hold to an element of control, and within that expression of control there is also a blocking of the free-flow of energy and of information, and this opens a window for distortion, as it allows for the individual’s beliefs to be influencing of the exchange.

LISSETTE:  That’s very good.  I have a condition in my back, and I want to know if it’s within my possibilities to correct it on my own.

ELIAS:  Yes, this is possible, to be altering of this situation and this creation, although I express to you that within the situation that you are creating within your focus presently, this creation may not necessarily be altered quickly, for this also is directly involved with your intent.  Therefore, as you begin to move more fully into the expression of your intent in efficiency, in RELAXING your hold upon certain methods and certain expressions, you may also be relaxing the creation which is affecting of this physical area of your back.

Many times individuals are creating affectingness within their back area in relation to personal responsibility issues.  This is not the situation that you are creating.  What you are creating is a holding to energy in this location of your physical form, which is quite affecting of you in correlation to your own blocking areas of your individual intent, and as you relax in these areas and you allow more of a flow of your own expression, your own trust, and a recognition that you may be approaching different situations from different angles, you may also be quite affecting of this creation within your physical back.

LISSETTE:  Okay, and would what I’m doing for a living, which is teaching vegetarian cooking lessons, help me in the development of my intent and value fulfillment, if you may?  Or is this ... am I on the right track?  Let’s put it that way.  I know it will change at any time, but ... I don’t know.  I don’t know how to place the question.

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  I am understanding, and I express to you, yes, you are upon your right track, for this offers you the opportunity to be expressing both elements of your intent, in offering you the opportunity for teaching and the expression of little distortion.  It also offers you the opportunity to be offering helpfulness to other individuals, which offers the expression of healing within the other aspect of your intent.

LISSETTE:  Okay, and let me put something else in it.  I started the vegetarian thing because of health, and now I realize it’s all in your head.  It’s not what you put into you physically, but what you think it will do to you.  So in a way, I feel vegetarian people come here expecting one thing and I’m giving them another, because I cannot with a passion defend vegetarianism any more, because I believe more in what your beliefs do to you than what food does to you.  Is that what you’re talking to me about?

ELIAS:  Yes!  (Elias starts to get a little ‘cited up here)

LISSETTE:  Okay....

ELIAS:  You are very correct in this area!

But view now that you hold the opportunity to be using this method, so to speak — which you have developed — to be offering helpfulness to other individuals, and this presents a very good example as to what I have been expressing to you within this session.

Other individuals hold beliefs also.  Therefore, you may be helpful and instructive to them in ACCEPTANCE of their beliefs, and offering information and helpfulness to them WITHIN their beliefs, and NOT DISCOUNTING their belief systems, for this is their reality!

(Deliberately)  This is the type of different angle in approach of which I am speaking to you of presently.

In this, you may be approached by individuals that hold very strong belief systems in this area, and in these beliefs, they incorporate actions in alignment with responsiveness to what they consume physically.  You are correct that this is a belief and is not necessarily in actuality what is affecting of them, but nonetheless, it is their reality, and that is quite real!  The action is filtered through their belief system.

Therefore, you may offer to them information coupled with the belief system that may be helpful to them in widening their awareness, and not placing judgment upon whichever method they choose to be helpful to themselves, for in actuality, it matters not.  If an individual chooses to be moving in the direction of vegetarianism with the thought process that this shall be helpful to them, they may proceed in this direction and they may be affecting of their reality, for they BELIEVE that they are affecting of their reality, and your beliefs are quite influencing of your perception, which is the element that creates your reality!

Therefore, think to yourself and realize that you may be compliant within other individuals’ belief systems and accepting of this, not placing judgment upon their creation of their reality, and simultaneously you may be helpful to them in offering them more information COUPLED WITH their beliefs.

LISSETTE:  Okay.  There is another issue that I don’t feel guilty about any more, but I wonder why.  I don’t have a real emotional connection to my parents or my siblings, and I wonder why this is so.  It’s just not there.

ELIAS:  Let me express to you that the reason that you concern yourself in this area is that you battle with the belief system that involves relationships and family.

In this, it is officially accepted that individuals of family “should” be creating and experiencing close relationship and emotional bonds, in a manner of speaking.  This is not necessarily actual, for you choose to be engaging in physical focus within certain families, that you may be offering yourself certain experiences and certain information.  This is not necessarily the creation of emotional involvement with those individuals that you deem to be family, but the belief system expresses to you that there is some element wrong with you if you are not experiencing this emotional involvement or bond with these individuals.

I express to you that this is merely the belief and is not necessarily the actual situation.  You have not chosen within this focus to be concentrating very intently upon the relationship of family, but concern your attention in other areas in your own expression in relation to your intent and your value fulfillment.  There is no thing wrong with this expression!

In this, once again, as you allow yourself more efficient movement into accepting your own expression as not good or bad, but merely that it is your expression, and accepting their expression regardless that it is different from your own, you shall allow yourself much less conflict in this area.

LISSETTE:  Okay.  Well, is there anything else you can tell me that I won’t find in your transcripts?

ELIAS:  I express to you this day that you hold much movement before you.  There is much that you are addressing to presently and much that you are involving yourself with within your widening of your awareness.

You may be also recognizing a new opening within your own awareness which may be physically affecting temporarily in the manner of headaches temporarily, but....

LISSETTE:  I already am receiving that.

ELIAS:  This is a temporary situation and shall discontinue.  But this is an action that is occurring in conjunction with your own new movement into a new exploration of yourself and a new widening of your own awareness.

You are upon a threshold, so to speak, of opening to a vast new awareness within yourself which shall be quite beneficial to yourself and to other individuals also, and in this you are creating an actual physical affectingness, incorporating more of the expression of your physical brain, utilizing more of your physical brain capacity to be offering more neurological interaction within your physical expression.  This offers you more of a heightened awareness in sense data, which shall be helpful to you within your expression of your value fulfillment and your individual intent.

Therefore, be not concerned that you are experiencing these headaches and that they may be continuing for a time period, for they shall discontinue, and I offer to you that they are merely temporary, but this shall be quite beneficial to you futurely.

LISSETTE:  Okay, and how would this manifest?  I will just sort of know more things, be aware of more things?

ELIAS:  You shall be recognizing that your awareness is increasing and that you are processing more information through your own sense data in conjunction with your inner senses.

You have been concentrating upon the action of your inner senses, but your outer senses shall be incorporating more data also, which shall be helpful to you in your interactions with other individuals.

You do not recognize the value of your outer senses and how they may be offering you much information as to situations that are incorporated with other individuals in the area of understanding their experiences that shall offer you more efficiently....

LISSETTE:  Oh, yes!  Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by so much that I feel I understand when they themselves don’t understand, and I feel frustrated at not being able to communicate that to them in a way that they can understand and not feel threatened.

ELIAS:  This is the reason that you are opening to your physical sense data and opening to more of your own expression within your physical brain.

In this, as you allow yourself to be connecting with another individual, you shall allow yourself to be physically interpreting what they experience within THEIR creations, and in this, you may be expressing to them from the point of view or perception of YOUR experience.  Therefore, what you offer to them is being offered from your own experience and not directly addressing to their experience, and this shall be less threatening to them.

LISSETTE:  Okay.  That’s what we had talked about before.  So, it’s more that I am opening myself to know what would feel right for them.

ELIAS:  Correct.

LISSETTE:  Okay.  Well, you have been very helpful.  Thank you very much.

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome, and I anticipate our continued interaction, and I shall be offering energy expressions to you to be encouraging to you and helpful within your movement.  And you may view the interaction of energy in this color vibration of blue again, and you shall hold the knowing that I am offering my acknowledgment to you within those experiences.  I offer to you great affection ...

LISSETTE:  Thank you.

ELIAS:  ... and much encouragement, and I express to you this day a very loving adieu.

LISSETTE:  Thank you very much.

Elias departs at 11:40 AM.

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