Session 388

Becoming Bored with Not Becoming


“Becoming Bored with Not Becoming”
“Dolphins and Whales as Essence”
“Beliefs: Security/Protection”

Tuesday, April 27, 1999  © 2000 (Private/Phone)
Participants:  Mary (Michael) and Mike (Mikah).
Elias arrives at 12:44 PM. (Arrival time is 12 seconds)

ELIAS:  Greetings!

MIKE:  Greetings!

ELIAS:  We meet again!

MIKE:  Yes, we do! (Elias chuckles)

Okay, I have many questions for you this time around.  The first one is really kind of off the wall, but it was just a curiosity.  With the 731 focuses I have in total in this dimension, is that like an average number that most essences manifest in this dimension?

ELIAS:  This number varies with essences as they are manifesting within this dimension.

I will express to you that an average ... although this is difficult to actually offer to you, for there is a wide range of choices in the manifestations of essence.  But I may express to you that an average numbering of overall focuses of an essence within this dimension would be between 300 and approximately 600.

MIKE:  Okay, so the number I have is a little bit above average then.

ELIAS:  Correct.

MIKE:  Okay.  Do I hold focuses in all physical dimensions? (Pause)

ELIAS:  Presently, yes.

MIKE:  Whoa!  So that’s a lot!  That’s countless, right?

ELIAS:  Correct.

MIKE:  Oh boy.  Okay.

Back to the thing with my creation that I’m trying to create ... and I don’t want to spend too much time on this one because it’s starting to bore me even! (Elias chuckles)

I just wanted to ask, because I feel excitement a lot of times, and I always connect it with that specific creation, and a lot of the time I feel like I’m distancing myself from it, like I’m afraid of it, and I was wondering, is this a good example of myself backing into the familiar of not trusting, and testing the water before I’m stepping?

ELIAS:  Yes, you are correct, and I shall be acknowledging to you in your interpretation of your own behaviors and your own imagery.

MIKE:  Okay.  Also, is the underlying belief or beliefs that are partly inhibiting of it, are they also incorporated with duplicity that is more incorporated by being camouflaged by small successes?

ELIAS:  Yes, you are correct once again.  These are very large beliefs and are creating of very intense effects with many, many, many individuals, yourself also.

This be the reason that I direct your attention in these areas, that you may more fully view these beliefs and all of the aspects of these beliefs, and therefore allow yourself a more efficient expression of addressing to these beliefs, and in that, be removing many of your own obstacles.

MIKE:  Okay.  A lot of times, when I get this thing about certain beliefs that just come in my mind, I say, “That’s a belief that’s inhibiting me.”  I look at it and whatsuch, and then I forget about it.  So I was wondering, have I dealt with a lot of this stuff in between now and the last time we talked about this?  Have I dealt with some of the beliefs pertaining to it?

ELIAS:  Let me express to you, Mikah, that you are, within your own process, addressing to certain aspects of your beliefs, and in this, you are allowing yourself more of an ease.

But I shall also express to you that many times you may be fooling yourself, in a manner of speaking, allowing yourself the thought process that you are addressing to an aspect of a belief or an issue in viewing your response to these and expressing to yourself that you are not “bothered,” so to speak, by these aspects of beliefs or that you put these aspects out of your thought process.

But let me also express to you that just as you have inquired whether the aspects of the beliefs within certain issues may be camouflaging themselves and I have expressed to you affirmative in this, there are aspects of belief systems that you attempt to be addressing to which may appear initially to be moving away from you, but in actuality they are merely turning, that you may be viewing a different angle of the same aspect.  Therefore, similar situations may arise and present themselves to you again.

I have directed your attention several times in the area to be noticing how you particularly move your attention very concentratedly into one line.  You lean in this direction frequently, in which you concentrate very intently in one direction, and as you are engaging that particular action, you are also blocking out all of your other choices and much other information and not noticing all of the imagery that may be presented to you, for you are concentrating in one area.

This I express to you once again, that I am encouraging you to be paying attention to the action that you create in this manner, concentrating very singularly in one area and distracting yourself from viewing all of the other imagery that may be presenting itself to you.

MIKE:  Okay.  When I was looking at that one specific avenue before, and you said that it was not in my intent, but yet I offered myself imagery, and you said that I was telling myself that I’m capable of it, and I was wondering, why would I give myself imagery about it if it’s not part of my intent?

ELIAS:  Ah!  Now; you may accomplish certain actions within your intent, and they may be very, very similar to actions that may be outside of your intent.

In this, what I am expressing to you is that you may choose certain actions that I may express to you are not within your intent, and the reason that they are not within your intent is your motivation, which I have expressed to you previously.

It is not necessarily the action itself or the want itself that is being prevented from being accomplished, but it is the motivation that is underlying within these actions that may not necessarily be in alignment with your intent, and therefore you may not be actualizing your want, for it is not in alignment with your intent within the motivational factor.

Therefore, if the motivation is attended to and is altered, you may be creating a very similar want that may be actualized.  Are you understanding?

MIKE:  Yes.  Okay, well then for my specific intent, how would I go about incorporating any kind of creation, such as this or anything else that I may be looking to create, into my specific intent?

ELIAS:  Look to yourself, and look to what your creations are in the area of efficiency.  Look to those creations in comparison, so to speak, with beneficial creations.  Let me express to you, there is a vast difference.

Certain directions that you may engage and actions that you may engage within physical focus may be beneficial to you, but they may not necessarily be efficient.  Therefore, certain actions that you may engage, certain directions that you may engage within physical focus, in being beneficial to you, may also involve conflict.

Efficiency shall not be involving conflict.  Conflict is inefficient, but it is beneficial ... at times.

In this, as you look to the ease in certain creations that you have engaged, it may also offer you information within yourself as to your motivations in certain areas within your creations.

I wish not to express to you a reinforcement of a belief in the area of what you term to be selfishness or self-centeredness, for this is, as you are aware, an aspect of your belief systems, and is coupled with duplicity quite strongly.

But I shall express to you that in a manner of speaking, you create within your reality those materializations of any element that shall be beneficial to you, that shall also benefit within consciousness, and shall be a movement into new discovery.

Now; let me express to you, this last component is quite important, for you may be creating of any type of direction and be materializing of any element within your reality, and it matters not that you label this good or bad.  You may be creating of any action, and it matters not that you are labeling it helpful or hurtful, for these are all within your beliefs.

I am quite aware that I am using words within your language many times that are expressive of helpful and hurtful, but I am also offering those words within the confines of your beliefs, for you have not divorced your thought process or your behaviors from your belief systems.  Therefore, this is what you understand.

But within this, you each — yourself also — create many different actions within your focus.  Some of these actions you label as positive, some you label as negative.  It matters not.  Either may be beneficial to you.  Either may also be beneficial to creations within consciousness and within the considerations of counterpart actions.  But at times, certain elements of your creations are not necessarily providing a new element of exploration within your abilities and within consciousness.

Although you may view what appears to be repeated actions within your physical dimension, they are not necessarily in actuality entirely repeated, for elements of the actions differ, and this provides a new element of exploration within consciousness.

I express to you that you — as essence, as consciousness — are within a continual state of becoming, a continual state of exploration.

It is, in a manner of speaking, pointless to be creating repeated explorations, for you have already explored.  It is, in a manner of speaking, pointless to be creating the same action or the same element of your reality repeatedly, for it is not necessarily beneficial to you.  You have already offered yourself the experience and the information, and it has already been assimilated within essence.  Therefore, it is unnecessary for you to be re-creating the same type of action.

Now; as to your creation in your endeavors of which you are inquiring, this is not necessarily the situation.  But I shall express to you that in this, as you move in like motivation for certain creations, THIS would be the element of repeated action, which is not necessarily beneficial, for you are not allowing yourself new exploration.

In this, within consciousness, just as you are becoming bored objectively presently with this subject matter, you become bored quickly within consciousness in directions of attempting repeated actions or repeated motivations, for this is not stimulating to you within consciousness.  It is not accomplishing “becoming” in continual exploration.  Are you understanding?

MIKE:  Yes.  Okay, well, I got kind of a handle on what my motivation is.  I’m still kind of questioning it with this specific creation, but ... I don’t mean to use the word “should,” but because of the limited vernacular, what should my motivation be in situations similar to this?

ELIAS:  Define to me what you assess as your motivation presently.

MIKE:  Well, to be ... well, I guess to be secure, I guess to hold great financial stability so I can go off and do whatever I want.  See, I have a shaky feeling on what my motivation is.  I don’t even really have a sure feel on what it is.

ELIAS:  Now; hear what you have expressed!  You are correct that an element of your motivation involves your identification of security that shall be provided to you if you are accomplishing this action.

This be the reason that I repeatedly express to you to be examining your motivation, for within this, this is a very large aspect of beliefs, this expression of security.  Security is your safety net, of which you do not need.  Therefore....

MIKE:  So is this the underlying belief that I’ve been looking for?

ELIAS:  Yes, for what you are expressing in this motivation and in this thought process and in this alignment with this belief is that you need a type of expression of protection, which also expresses that you are not safe, you are not adequately provided for, and also extends beyond this to, your universe is not safe unless you are exhibiting a controlling factor.

Security is an expression of the desire to be controlling of your situations and your environment and all of your expression within your focus, which is unnecessary.  Now; if you are trusting of your ability to be creating objectively, physically within your focus, it is unnecessary for this element of security, for what shall you lack, for what may you not provide yourself?

For you hold the ability to creating any element that you choose and that you wish, but if you are motivating this within the direction of control, you are moving contrary to your natural flow, contrary to your acceptance and trust of self, and also contrary to your intent within your focus, in offering an example to other individuals in the vein, so to speak, of offering teaching, in a manner of speaking, in how other individuals may be efficiently moving within their focus and addressing to areas that may be inefficient — although beneficial — within THEIR creations.  NOW are you understanding?

MIKE:  Yes, very, now that it’s put into more clarity.  Okay, so that whole belief right there that you just mentioned was the big, thick thing that was underlying that was preventing.

ELIAS:  Correct.

MIKE:  Okay ... okay. (Sighing)

ELIAS:  Let us view your situation that you yourself have expressed, in your action that you are “testing your waters.”

You are not sure.  You are attempting, and you are moving forward and moving back in this uncertainty, needing this protection and this security, but these in themselves are an expression of a lack of acceptance and trust of self.

There is in this expressed the difference of the individual that shall lean over their cliff and view the depths below, expressing to themselves the wondering as to whether they shall attempt to be moving off of this cliff and not be crushed at the depths, and the expression of another individual that merely trusts that they need be fearful of no element and that no choice of safety needs be engaged, for no harmfulness shall befall them if they are trusting themselves and accepting of themselves, and knowing that they may be creating of any element they choose as they leap from the cliff.

MIKE:  Okay.  That makes a lot of sense.  Okay, kind of along the same lines of this thing with my intent, two questions here:  One, does it include creating my reality unconventionally also, in like manner to Candace?  And the information part, of myself being informative about the shift, is it to be telling people about the information, like directing them to this information?  Or is it just in general, just telling them about the shift from my perception?

ELIAS:  This is your choice, Mikah.  You may be engaging whatever method you choose.  I have expressed to you that within your intent, you may be offering teaching elements to other individuals.  You may choose your method of how you shall be accomplishing of this action.  It may be within example, it may be within verbal communication, it may be directing individuals to information.  This is your choice.

You shall incorporate always an element of example, and THIS is the element that is blocking in some of your expressions presently, for this directly is an involvement of your intent, and how may you be offering an example to other individuals if you are not accomplishing within them yourself?

In this, as to the conventionality or non-conventional element of how you may be expressing your creations, this is also your choice.  I express to you that within your choice of probabilities presently and throughout your focus, you do not move in the direction quite as intensely as Candace in expressing in this unconventional manner, in your terms.  You hold more of an alignment with officially accepted reality, and do not move in the direction of opposing that officially accepted reality as strongly as does Candace.

Neither of these expressions is wrong.  They are merely different.  You have chosen different personalities.  You have chosen different methods, different probabilities, and therefore your expressions in your accomplishments shall also be exhibited differently.

In this, you have provided yourself the opportunity to be engaged with another individual, Candace, who DOES engage what you term to be unconventional creations, and this allows you, without creating this action yourself, to be holding an understanding and an acceptance of that type of action. (Pause)

MIKE:  Okay.  I have some questions on imagery.  One is on some of the imagery that my mom sees and I also see, and I don’t know what she connects it with necessarily, and I’m not sure what to connect it with, but we see these trucks with a statement on them.  We call them the swift trucks because they have the word swift written on the side of them, but we see them frequently and we’re drawn to look in their direction quite frequently and we have been for a while, and I was wondering what the imagery behind this is?

ELIAS:  Look to the imagery that you are drawn to, and allow yourself to pay attention to what you are viewing.  I have expressed many times that within your focus physically, you present imagery to yourselves continuously, and you are offering communications to yourselves in this imagery within a continual basis, so to speak.

In this, you may look to these vehicles and you may view this word, and you may associate the vehicle as an element that creates movement, and in this, it is transporting certain elements from one location to another location.

It also holds the word swift.  Look to your shift in consciousness, which is swiftly gaining momentum, and individuals all about you are experiencing and FEELING the affectingness of this movement, and what you are accomplishing is moving your attention from one area to a different area within your reality, allowing you more mobility and more expressiveness.

Now; in this example, you may also look to other aspects of imagery that you present to yourself, and remember the interpretation of this one type of imagery, and this may be helpful to you in ascertaining what you are presenting yourself with as you notice other imagery.

MIKE:  Okay.  The translation of the name Mikah, in this physical reality, and I know both males and females use the name, but this certain spelling of the name, is it male or female?

ELIAS:  Neither.

MIKE:  Neither? (Pause)  So does that mean like both, or there’s no.... (Pause)

ELIAS:  It holds no gender quality.

MIKE:  The name doesn’t?

ELIAS:  Correct.

MIKE:  Okay.  That’s a new one. (A crooked smile from Elias here)

Okay, I use the word job in this question, not necessarily meaning job, but it can be meaning job.  I haven’t come up with a word that means something to do other than what I’m doing now.  So, would I be correct in saying that the reason I haven’t created a job or anything else for myself to be doing at this time is because it would be a distraction from dealing with whatever issues I’m dealing with now?  Or is it reverse, and I’m distracting myself from getting a job or something else to be ... you know what I’m saying. (Elias chuckles)  I don’t even know what I’m saying! (Laughing)

ELIAS:  (Still chuckling)  Let me express to you, Mikah, not to be discounting of yourself or berating of yourself that you are not accomplishing in areas that individuals express to you that you should be or should not be engaging.  This element of a job — or working, so to speak, at any specific task — is not necessary within your present probabilities.  You are not distracting yourself from attaining a job presently by movement in attempting to be addressing to aspects of your own beliefs and issues, and you are not also creating the reverse.

What you ARE moving into is an allowance of yourself to be engaging this time period in becoming more aware of you, becoming more aware of your own beliefs that you align with, your own issues that you have created within your focus, and moving into a position of addressing to these, that you may more efficiently be creating futurely.

Therefore, I express to you that as you continue to be allowing yourself to address to self and moving more efficiently into an acceptance and a trust of self, you shall also draw yourself to the creation or the materialization of elements within your focus that you view now as a need, as pertaining to financial gain, but that you futurely shall allow yourself also to realize that this is not a need per se, and that it is not an element within your focus that is so very elusive or difficult to attain, and that you may be creating of this within fun and within your own creative expressions and within your intent, and NOT within the expression of tremendous effort.

This is yet another area that you create this singularity in focusing your attention too intently, in a manner of speaking, for you concentrate upon these types of situations, and in this concentration you also battle back and forth with duplicity, in “one expression is right, one expression is wrong; you should or you should not be creating this or that.”  And in this, at times you ARE distracting yourself from addressing to the aspects of beliefs and the issues that you hold, but you are also not accomplishing an action that you within your beliefs consider to be productive.

Therefore, I express to you, be not worried in these areas, and allow yourself to merely turn your attention to your acceptance and trust of self, and you shall move naturally into other expressions subsequently.

MIKE:  Okay.  That’s good to know.  Alright, for my second soldier of unsimilar tone, would he be in a Prussian or German army?

ELIAS:  Prussian.

MIKE:  Prussian?

ELIAS:  Yes.

MIKE:  Okay.  Did I fight against him, by chance, with Napoleon the third? (Pause)

ELIAS:  In the same battles, but not in actual contact.

MIKE:  Now, that’s freaky.  That’s weird.  Okay, my Siberian focus, the woman, does her name start with an “S”? (Pause)

ELIAS:  Yes.

MIKE:  Is it Sonya?

ELIAS:  Yes.

MIKE:  Yes?  Oh!  I gotta write this down.  Okay....

ELIAS:  Look to this focus and allow yourself information in this area, for this focus contemplates presently the choice for disengagement, and in this action is also lending energy to the finalization, so to speak, of your focus as the final focus.

MIKE:  Hmm.  How does she lend energy to that?

ELIAS:  This focus of your essence, in a manner of speaking, has involved itself in this choice also, and therefore, in choosing not to be becoming the final focus of essence, lends energy to that position being assumed by yourself.

MIKE:  So she was going to be the final focus?

ELIAS:  This has been a probability.

MIKE:  Oh, okay.

ELIAS:  There is another focus that has been designated which has chosen to be altering of that choice and not to be the final focus.

This other focus that you recognize as occupying the location of Siberia moved into that position of assuming the role of final focus alongside of yourself, but as that focus chooses to be not engaging final focus position and chooses to be disengaging, the position shifts to you.

MIKE:  Okay, so I’m taking it that she’s chosen not to fragment like she was considering before?

ELIAS:  This holds still as a probability.

MIKE:  Okay, alright.  On to Joseph, the New Zealand one; I have two questions about him.  One, I had a dream about him wearing a leather jacket.  This was like a long time ago, a real long time ago, and I was wondering, does he actually own a black leather jacket?  And two, is he a frequent member of his neighborhood bar? (17-second pause)

ELIAS:  Yes, you are correct within both of your questions.

MIKE:  Okay.  Is he a heavy drinker?

ELIAS:  This would be relative to your beliefs! (Grinning)

MIKE:  (Laughing)  Okay.  Is he the reason why I get the urge sometimes to go get drunk?

ELIAS:  (Still grinning)  No.

Let me express to you that no other focus of your essence shall be influencing of you in the direction that shall be creating your reality or your choices.

Now; as you are aware, they may be influencing, and in this, they are influencing in energy that you translate into a manner that YOU choose to be creating.

Therefore, if one focus is creating of a certain action and you lean in this direction also, you shall magnate that energy to you from the other focus and not be reconstructing it into a different direction, but accepting it as it is expressed in the experience that it is being accomplished.  Are you understanding?

MIKE:  Yes.  So, in another usage of words, he was the one that I was picking up on that was drinking, so I chose to get the urge to go out and get drunk?

ELIAS:  In a manner of speaking, yes.

MIKE:  Yes, okay.  Alright, another question is, do I hold a focus in either your focus in Vienna or the focus that you guys all had that revolution thing in France?

ELIAS:  You hold one focus in each time period.

In this, you hold a focus within the time framework of the French revolution, and in this, you have not been engaged with myself personally, in a manner of speaking, within that focus, but have occupied the same time framework and the same space arrangement and involvement in the same type of activity, merely with a different group of individuals.

As to the other focus, you have also occupied the same location of Vienna, and engaged the study of music within that time framework, although in that focus [you] have not chosen to be a musician by profession.  In that focus also, we have met briefly, but hold no type of relationship, in a manner of speaking.

MIKE:  Is that brief encounter included in the twelve?

ELIAS:  Yes.

MIKE:  Okay, let me see.  Alright, I have some connection questions.  With my nephew Vince, do he and I hold a focus as brothers? (Pause)

ELIAS:  Yes.

MIKE:  Yes, okay.  So I’m sure we hold more focuses besides this one and the focus as brothers then.

ELIAS:  Yes.

MIKE:  Okay.  My nephew Joey, does he have a focus with Santiago as one of his children? (Pause)

ELIAS:  Yes.

MIKE:  Yes?  Oh!  Now with Carina, I haven’t made any connections except possibly marriage in another focus, but she’s only two or three, and she’s got this thing for me, and I don’t know why.  My sister says that she has a hard time not talking about me.  She always brings me up in conversations.  She always asks my mom about me when she’s on the phone.  I was wondering, what is the connection between her and I?

ELIAS:  This small one identifies with the remembrance of another focus in which you hold strong closeness in friendship, which is not manifest into a romantic relationship, but you hold a very strong relationship in that expression of friendship, and there is a remembrance within her of this expression.

MIKE:  Okay, that makes sense.  With Patrick, this question is gonna sound so confusing, but you’re gonna understand it.  The focus of him as the father of Bahlah in Greece, is that the same focus where I was a parent of Candace, and Candace and Bahlah were sisters? (Pause)

ELIAS:  Yes.

MIKE:  So I was married to him? (Pause)

ELIAS:  Yes.

MIKE:  I’m sorry.  Did you say yes?

ELIAS:  Yes.

MIKE:  Oh my gosh.  Okay.  It’s hard to swallow that one.

Now, in that session I had with Carla/Mary a while ago, she told me that Candace and I share focuses — or a focus — as Native Americans, which I know is not true necessarily, and I was wondering, where is the distortion in that?

ELIAS:  Let me express to you that distortion is incorporated as there is an allowance for the physically focused individual to be interpreting the information that is being allowed to be accessed.

Therefore, many times, information may be available and projected, and the individual may be tapping into certain elements of your creations, but within the time framework within each now, so to speak, there may also be influences of the physically focused individual and their interpretation of the information, and this is coupled with the information and creates an element of distortion.

You are correct that you do not engage a focus in this capacity.  I shall express to you that you do hold a focus of what you may term to be Native American in South American continent.

MIKE:  Okay, so that’s what she was picking up on?

ELIAS:  It is a misinterpretation.  You hold several focuses in that location of South America, and in this, there is a misinterpretation of the Native expression and the interpretation that this may be Native North Americans that YOU identify in your vernacular as your Indians, but this is an entirely different culture and expression from that which is created within those focuses that manifest within the location of your South American continent.

MIKE:  Okay, let’s see.  I have been, for lack of a better word, not here lately, and it’s dissipating now, since last week, but before last week and on some infrequent occasions between now and then, I’ve been really objectively dense.  My logic has been slow.  I’ve been lazy — although I know that’s not bad or anything, but it’s not like me — and very territorial, and it dawned on me that possibly all my headaches, denseness, and dizziness was an effect of being very subjective, in a manner of speaking.

ELIAS:  You are correct, and this also is an allowance of an opening of neurological pathways, that you may be allowing yourself to be widening your awareness more efficiently.

MIKE:  Well, this is good to hear!  Okay.  I don’t care too much about the dream and the scenario that happened with Jene, but Jene had a dream about me.  I think she told my mom that I was a little bit older or a lot older or something, but anyway, I had long hair, and I wanted to know, was this the same dream that I had when I looked in the mirror in the dream and saw myself with long hair? (Pause)

ELIAS:  Yes, you are connecting to the same imagery.

MIKE:  Okay, so there was a purpose behind that, and I was curious to know, what was the purpose?

ELIAS:  To be validating that you are connecting to a viewing of another focus in actuality, and not merely what you term to be imagination.

MIKE:  Okay, so that me that I was looking at in the mirror wasn’t me?  It was another focus?

ELIAS:  Correct. (Pause)

MIKE:  I have some questions on orientations.  I was just curious, would my mother, myself, and Gina all have the orientation of common?

ELIAS:  Correct.

MIKE:  Correct, okay.  Okay.  Alright, another type of thing with dreams and imagery.  This individual, her name is Bebe, a person that we knew a long time ago and had many interesting experiences with, has been very predominant in both my mom’s and my minds, and the same night that I had a dream about her, which was very vivid, my mom was thinking very heavily about her, and I was wondering, is there like a probability of connecting again objectively, or is this some kind of imagery that we’re offering ourselves?

ELIAS:  You are offering yourselves imagery in connection with this individual in the area of an expression of trust and fun.

MIKE:  Okay, that makes sense.  Okay, that’s a good starter for my next question.  I’m reading some stuff about Seth and stuff, and a real interesting question was raised about what Seth says, and also you say too, which is just do what you want to have fun and whatsuch, and I wanted to know, what is your definition of fun?

ELIAS:  Fun is that element of your reality which is creating of pleasure for you.

MIKE:  Okay, so anything that’s creating of pleasure.

ELIAS:  Correct.

MIKE:  Okay.  This thing with the dolphins and whales, I read about it and I’m finding it quite interesting, and I was curious, now that they hold essence, can we as essence hold focuses as that species?

ELIAS:  If you are so choosing, yes.

MIKE:  So if I wanted to, instead of this being my final focus, I can manifest as a dolphin or a whale?

ELIAS:  Yes.

MIKE:  Okay.  And also I was wondering, in conjunction with that, there are parks that trap these creatures for commercial reasons, such as Sea World and stuff, and I was wondering, are those kinds of parks going to be continuing on with their keeping of these animals, or is something going to happen where these animals are going to be set free, or what?

ELIAS:  Within your present probabilities and your creations, this practice shall be most probably, in probabilities, continuing.  This is no different of an expression than these similar types of actions that you have engaged within your own species, in caging each other and in subjecting each other to your judgments and your beliefs, and engaging activities as usage with each other as beasts of burden.

There is no difference in the expressions.  You choose to be engaging these types of actions for experiences, and the experience is chosen also within the expression of these essences that manifest into these creatures.

MIKE:  Okay.  As a choice of that specific species, are they influenced ... are they gonna be holding the same choices, in a manner of speaking, as we do, of incorporating belief systems and being affected by our belief systems, or are they gonna incorporate their own and just be affected by their own beliefs?

ELIAS:  I express to you, Mikah, that this is quite astute, and a very good question.

I shall express to you that the beliefs shall be influencing and shall be being incorporated, although let me also express to you that this species — or these manifestations that you term to be this species — now incorporating essence, engages this action of essence within the middle of the expression of the accomplishment of your shift in consciousness.

Now; look to your very small ones within your species, as they are lessening their hold upon these belief systems already, and are already exhibiting qualities of less affiliation and alignment with these established belief systems.

As these essences are incorporating into this shift in consciousness, there is the expression of the acceptance of belief systems.  Therefore, the interaction of the belief systems is different.

This be one of the reasons that it matters not that the practice of your aquariums that house some of these creatures — that species or those species — may not discontinue, for it matters not.  It is merely a choice of experience, and the belief is not affecting.

MIKE:  So, are they going to be exhibiting ... because I know for a long time, scientists have always marveled at their intelligence and whatsuch, but are they going to be exhibiting more qualities that are more of what our scientists term to be more logical and more human?

ELIAS:  Not necessarily.  They are their own species.  Why shall they incorporate actions more similar to your own?  You are a different species.  You hold different expressions.

MIKE:  I have a question on subliminal tapes, and I would like to hear your view on whether ... because I know they work for a lot of people, and I was wondering, do they actually have an affectingness, or is it all because the person believes it’s going to work?  And I see my own contradiction in the question, but you know what I mean.

ELIAS:  Let me express to you that your species is quite suggestible, and in this, you may be quite affected by the expression that you term to be subliminal messages or information.  But I may also express to you that this is not an absolute, it is not a rule, and it is also not automatic.  It is merely an element of your reality that you have accepted and you have incorporated into your officially accepted reality.  It is an element that you create quite often, and you allow yourselves the susceptibility in that expression.

Now; I also express to you that the reason that you have incorporated this expression into your reality is that you do not look to self, and allow the guidance or guidelines or dictates of other individuals to be influencing and commanding your creations of your reality.

This also is an action of this shift, to be altering that expression, turning the attention to each individual and their own abilities and their own trust and acceptance of self and their own expressions, and not moving any longer in the direction of acceptance of dictates of other individuals that you deem to be authorities, which designates them as better or higher or more powerful than yourself.

MIKE:  Okay.  So for me personally, within my allowance and beliefs of that sort of thing, would it be tremendously affecting or not affecting at all if I were to get some made, suggesting of certain actions such as being accepting of belief systems and whatsuch?

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  Ah!  Now; I express to you, in the strength of your will exhibited within this particular focus, I shall suggest to you that you may be not quite as successful in this area as you may objectively wish.

This may be as effective within your own expression as it shall be to be continually affirming certain phrases to yourself, and as you are aware, within yourself and your expression, you may be repeating certain phrases to yourself individually many, many, many times, and this is not necessarily creating the effect of convincing you that this is so!

Therefore, I express to you that if you choose to be playing with this type of experimentation and incorporating fun merely for the sake of pleasure, then I am quite encouraging of your action.  But if you are engaging this activity as a shortcut to your own addressing to self, I shall express to you that this may not be quite as efficient as you may hope! (Chuckling, and Mike laughs)

MIKE:  Yeah, I’m always looking for the shortcuts! (Elias chuckles)

Okay, I have a question — if you would be willing to tell me what my dream trigger is, or dream triggers.

ELIAS:  (Grinning)  Ah!  And now you shall become LAZY within your shortcuts!  Mikah, Mikah, Mikah! (Mike is cracking up)

You hold the ability to be assessing your dream trigger.  Be paying attention to your dream imagery, and noticing what you offer as an element to yourself within all of your dream imagery commonly.  This is not a difficult exercise, and you may be accomplishing this quite efficiently and easily.

(Humorously)  I am expressing to you, would you be wishing to be creating disappointment in this essence, that you shall not be looking to your own creations in such simplistic areas?  Tsk, tsk, tsk! (Chuckling, and Mike is still cracking up)

MIKE:  Well, I have two slight ideas ‘cause I don’t really remember many of my dreams, but two elements that I can remember from dreams, right off the top of my head, are one, my hair.  There always seems to be something that I can remember about my hair.  And two would be glass, like a window or a TV or some kind of a window with glass.

ELIAS:  Now; I shall offer to you a confirmation, and I shall express to you that your trigger is hair.

MIKE:  Hair?

ELIAS:  Yes.

MIKE:  So it’s been on top of my head the whole time! (Cracking up)

ELIAS:  Ah, but view that hair may also incorporate many forms, and not necessarily be placed upon your head!

MIKE:  Okay.  Now, I’m not really too sure, from the stuff that I’ve read about it, how you’re to be going about manipulating it.  I mean, in my dream, is it something like when I see hair, now that I’m aware of it, it’ll snap me back and I’ll realize I’m in a dream?

ELIAS:  As you notice, as you identify your dream trigger while you are engaged within your dream imagery, you may turn your attention in your dream imagery to that particular trigger, move towards the trigger, and allow yourself to merge with it, and it shall create your portal into other areas of consciousness.

In a manner of speaking figuratively, you may view any element that is your dream trigger as a jumping point, so to speak; a springboard.  View the element of your trigger to be the same as a pool that you may be jumping into and absorbing yourself within your dream imagery, and in that movement, you merge with the trigger, and it is creating of the portal that allows you to move through.

MIKE:  Okay.

ELIAS:  I shall be accepting one more question, and we shall be disengaging.

MIKE:  Okay, let’s see.  Alright, I’ll have to settle for this one then.

My method for connecting with information ... and it sounds silly, but I can’t seem to finish or continue certain things that I can be comfortable doing to be connecting with information, such as playing one of my numerous instruments, meditation, or whatever.  I’m aware now that part of that not finishing stuff is part of my intent, but since I’m always speaking to me, what are the ways that I’m speaking to me ... which you’ve already answered.  What is it that I could use as my method, so to speak, to be connecting with information, that I could actually stick with?

ELIAS:  And why shall you choose one singular method?

MIKE:  Well, because I can’t seem to ... I mean, when I say I can’t finish the music, I mean as soon as I sit down with my instrument, I start playing it, and then I want to put it away, so I don’t even get into the thing of starting to connect with information.

ELIAS:  I express to you, Mikah, that you experience boredom quite easily, and therefore you offer yourself many different expressions and directions, that you may be continuing to be stimulating of yourself.  Therefore, it may be inefficient of myself to be expressing to you any one particular direction, for you within yourself shall be turning your attention to be creating of that expression of stimulus.

In this, be remembering that you are moving within the framework of mass beliefs that you must be connecting with information in quietness.  This is not necessarily the situation.  You may be connecting with information in any manner that you choose, and it is not necessarily facilitated by meditation or quietness.  This is merely the method that has been officially accepted within the beliefs that you hold within your societies.

MIKE:  Okay.  So I’m not offering myself, somewhere out there in imagery or whatever, a method or something?  Just be listening?

ELIAS:  I shall offer to you, Mikah, engage a bike ride.

MIKE:  A bike ride?

ELIAS:  Yes.

MIKE:  Okay....

ELIAS:  This shall offer you the opportunity of stimulation within physical and visual.  It shall also provide you with an element of quietness, that you may be allowing yourself to drift and to be connecting with information, but incorporating simultaneously different aspects of stimulation in doing, so to speak, an action.

Therefore, you are not confining yourself to sitting quietly and boring yourself or engaging tediousness of your musical instruments, which becomes more of a chore than fun, and in this expression of engaging the physical activity of a bicycle ride, you may be allowing yourself to be connecting more efficiently.

MIKE:  Okay, and one more question, just one more.  It’s a short question. (Elias chuckles)  Between the lineage of my fragmentation, is there a long lineage from my essence to a Dream Walker?

ELIAS:  This is linear terms that you are speaking within.  I express to you that this is not necessarily relevant, for all essences are not separated, and it is not an action of linear movement.  One is not necessarily begotten of another in linear fashion.  It is a mergence and an emergence that is occurring continuously, and there is no distance from one essence to another essence.

MIKE:  Well, I meant like essences fragmented, like between Mary and a Dream Walker there’s like four essences that were fragmented and whatsuch.  That’s what I meant. (Elias is grinning)

ELIAS:  I am quite understanding of your meaning, Mikah, and I am also expressing to you that this is linear terms.  Even within the term that you express with Michael and the fragmentations, this is placing, in a manner of speaking, a linear motion to the action of fragmentation.  It has been offered in this manner merely figuratively, as an expression that may be understood in the idea of fragmentation, for this is a very difficult concept.

But in the expression that you are requesting, I shall offer to you, in indulgence, now having qualified that in actuality it is figurative and is not necessarily relevant, I shall express to you that you may identify nine fragmentations, in a manner of speaking, between essences....

MIKE:  Okay, the communication just got knocked out between you and I.  Did you say nine essences?

ELIAS:  Yes.

MIKE:  Okay, so go ahead.  You were saying?

ELIAS:  ... between your essence and the Dream Walker essence.

MIKE:  Okay.  Now, is that including the merged essences?  I mean, like that’s three right there, so....


MIKE:  Why did I say three?  I don’t know how many merged.

ELIAS:  No.  This would not be including all....

MIKE:  Are you counting them as one?

ELIAS:  Yes, for this is one action.

MIKE:  Okay.  Alright, with that I will let you go, and I will say thank you very much, and I will try to be noticing of your presence, (Elias chuckles) and thank you very much!

ELIAS:  You are welcome very much also, and I shall be anticipating our next engagement.  To you this day, I offer much lovingness and great affection, and express to you fondly, adieu.

Elias departs at 2:26 PM.


(1)  In the following phrase, “... and individuals all about you are experiencing and FEELING the affectingness of this movement ...”, I have changed one word.  Elias appeared to say “affectiveness” rather that “affectingness,” and my impression was to change it, so I did.

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