Session 387
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Orientation/Mass Events


“Orientation/Mass Events”
“Orientation vs. Preference”
“The Camouflage of Caring and Concern”

Saturday, April 24 1999  © 1999 (Group/New York)
Participants:  Mary (Michael), Ben (Albert), Brendan (Brian), Ellen (Allissa), Frank (Christian), Frieda (Brenda), Isabel (Larkshire), Rodney (Zacharie), Stella (Cindel), and six new participants:  Craig, Dave, Eric (Cuffee), Janice (Jaseer), Karen, and Vann (Wynne).
Elias arrives at 7:03 PM. (Arrival time is 21 seconds)

ELIAS:  Good evening!

GROUP:  Good evening!

ELIAS:  Welcome to new essences this evening ... and we meet!

This evening, we shall be discussing mass events, orientation and perception, energy, and action.

Within this time period presently, there are many events which are occurring and which are attaining your attention.  In this, I have offered information recently as to the identification of a wave within consciousness which is occurring presently.

Now; as we move into this subject matter, you may begin to understand how all of these actions are connected within consciousness and are affecting of what you create within your world, individually and en masse.  Presently, you view much turmoil occurring within your societies and within your world.  I have also offered information pertaining to this present time framework.

Within this time framework now, you engage the final year of your century and also of your millennium.  Much energy, as I have stated previously, has been lent to this time framework.  Throughout your history, individuals have lent energy to this particular time framework.  Therefore, there is much energy to be drawn upon, and you may easily access this energy to be creating within your realities any direction that you are choosing much more easily.

As I have also stated previously, you may choose to be moving in the direction of no conflict and ease within your direction or you may be choosing conflict, and if you are choosing conflict, you shall be manifesting this much easier within this time framework, for so much energy has been lent to this time framework.  Much concentration has been offered to this time framework.

In this — as you are aware — you all lean in the direction of conflict and that which you term to be negativity.  This attains your attention quite efficiently, and you are fascinated with these conflicts.

Therefore, you may express to me, “Why shall we not be creating wondrous beauty and harmony within this time framework, as much energy has been lent to the ease of our creation within this time framework?”  And I shall view you and express to you, you do not create generally in this manner, for you are FASCINATED with conflict!  It is stimulating to you; it is stimulating to your senses and it is stimulating to your emotions and your thought processes.

You magnate much more often to the expressions of conflict.  You do this individually and you do this en masse, and you are viewing presently mass expressions in like kind.  Individuals are creating tremendous conflicts within your world presently.

Now; you each also are responding to these mass expressions, for you are not separated from them within consciousness.  All that is expressed within consciousness is also felt — in a manner of speaking — or experienced by all of consciousness, [of] which you are a part.

In this, we may also tie these expressions to our present subject matter of the present wave in consciousness, which addresses to the belief system of sexuality; which also, this particular subject matter of sexuality moves beyond merely the belief system, but is in actuality an element — a base element — of your reality in this dimension.  It is quite influencing of how you create your reality.

In this, we have been discussing one element of this belief system, which involves orientation.  This is only one aspect of the belief system, and this is a very large belief system!  Therefore, I express to all of you, this is a very large bird cage with very many, many birds within it, and many of the birds within this particular cage you do not even see, for they are quite efficient at camouflaging themselves, and even presenting trickery to be invisible!  Therefore, they may be quite tricky birds within this particular cage.

You view this belief system not as a belief system.  This is quite how these birds are so very efficient at being camouflaged!  You do not even identify that they exist or that you hold belief systems in this area.  Your reality merely is what it is, and it is absolute.  No, it is not, for there are no absolutes!

In this, as we turn our attention to mass events, you may also correlate your responsiveness to these mass events in conjunction with your orientation.  Individuals that hold different orientations shall respond differently.

Individuals holding an orientation of soft shall find that they are experiencing more of an emotional expression in conjunction with mass events.  They may view themselves to be affected, in their terms, in varying degrees, but many times quite strongly, for this particular orientation lends itself — within that particular creation of perception — to involvement of the individual and all of your world.  This particular orientation is very interactive.  Therefore, it also is quite affected.

The orientation of common may not necessarily be as affected by these mass events and may seem aloof in their expression.  They are not personally, individually emoting over the situations that are occurring within mass expressions.  This is not to say that they are not noticing, but they are not involving themselves emotionally or creating responsiveness to these given situations, but appear to be more removed.

Individuals that hold the orientation of intermediate may be affected to an extent by mass expressions, but in similar manner to those individuals of the orientation of common, they may not necessarily move in the direction of identifying individually and allowing affectingness within themselves concerning these mass events, for their attention turns more to self than to the events which occur outside of self.

In this, you may allow yourselves more of an understanding of your own creations and your own expressions if you are understanding your own choice of orientation and how you perceive your world, how you perceive yourselves.

Many individuals express an emotional response to these types of mass events, and interact with individuals within a different orientation who may NOT be expressing the same type of responsiveness or affectingness, and subsequent to these types of interactions, you question yourselves.  You express to yourselves, “Why are you being affected?  Why is another individual not being affected?”  And you also lean in the direction of placing judgments, for you are creating different expressions.  And of course, your individual expression is the correct and right expression, and everyone else’s expression is obviously wrong if it differs from yours! (Grinning)

As you allow yourselves more of an understanding and awareness of yourselves and how you are creating your reality individually and how you are perceiving your reality, and recognizing in your understanding that each of these orientations presents a different perception ... which is a different reality!  In a manner of speaking, they are three very different languages and they are very affecting of all of your reality — how you respond to yourselves, how you respond to each other, how you respond to all that you create.

Your perception is that which creates the entirety of your reality.  Therefore, as you allow yourselves more of an understanding of what your perception is, you also shall understand your reality much more, and as you allow yourself to be understanding that these are choices that you ALL participate within, you may also move more easily into acceptance of self and of other individuals.

You may choose one particular orientation within this one focus, but you are participating simultaneously in the other orientations also, NOW.  You hold those experiences NOW in other focuses of your essence.  Therefore, who and what shall you be judging of in your judgments concerning other individuals and their choices within their perceptions, as you are creating the same in other focuses?  As you place this lack of acceptance upon other individuals, you also place this upon yourself, for you are NOT separated.

There is no separation within consciousness.  What you express outwardly is affecting of all else, and is affecting of yourself also.  Therefore, as you look to these situations that you are creating within mass expressions presently, regardless of your orientation, you are a participant in these mass expressions, be you actively involved physically or not.  Within energy, within consciousness, you also are participating and involved within the movement of energy.

Presently, you view intense turmoil and conflict within your European states.  Many individuals are experiencing tremendous trauma ... and let us view this word!  I have expressed many, many times to you all that within the action of this shift, THERE SHALL BE TRAUMA ... and you begin!  You have lent much energy to this time framework, and many expressions within this time framework move in the direction of fear and intolerance and conflict.

You as individuals, within the confines of your belief systems, are exceedingly resistant to change, but change is your nature!  You are continuously experiencing change, for you are continuously in motion!  But within your thought processes and your belief systems, you express to yourselves that you do NOT change and you do not appreciate change, for it is unfamiliar and this is fearful and you dislike this action.

And in this, you express to yourselves the wondering as to why your world and yourself and all that is in your reality may not merely stay the same ... which it shall NOT stay the same, for you are continuously in motion and continuously changing!  This is the nature of consciousness.  This is the nature of essence and all of your expressions of essence and consciousness, to be in a continual state of becoming and changing, exploring, being.  The very term “being” holds movement.

In this, you also have connected to another mass event within this location of your own society, in mirror image to what other individuals are creating en masse.  You are not immune to all of these expressions, and you express to yourselves wonderings and confusion.  “Why shall children be expressing in the manner of violence and conflict?”  Why shall they not?  You are all participating in the same motion and you are all lending energy to the same motion.

Your resistance within yourselves to be changing — and your resistance within yourselves to be addressing to very strong belief systems and aspects of belief systems concerning perception — lends energy to the expression of these mass events.  The expression within these mass events is a lack of tolerance and [a lack of] acceptance of difference.

Individuals hold different perceptions.  They create their reality differently, and therefore it is not accepted.  Judgment is placed and energy flies ... and energy, as I have stated many, many times, is ALWAYS expressed.

It is your choice how you are channeling your individual energy and your mass energy to be expressed, but it shall always be expressed in one area or another, and if it is being expressed and it is not efficiently gaining your attention in what you choose to be turning your attention to, you shall choose a different expression that SHALL gain your attention ... and conflict gains your attention quite efficiently!  You shall pay attention if you are viewing any element within your reality as negative.

Perception, as I have stated, is that element that is creating of your reality.  In this time framework, you address to the belief system of sexuality, which holds tremendous influence in the area of creating your perception, for the two base elements of your reality, as has been stated, are emotion and sexuality.  This is how you create within this particular dimension, and all that you create is within relation to those two elements.  Therefore, you are creating quite efficiently in gaining your attention presently, in addressing to pulling surfacely within your attention this element of the belief system of sexuality.

Sexuality is not limited to sex.  It is not limited to gender.  It is not limited to sexual activity.  This is a very large area of your belief and a very narrow definition that you hold, as to what sexuality is.  It is all of your identification within your interaction of self and your world.  It is your perception: how you view yourself, how you view other individuals, how you view your world, how you view events, how you view ALL of your reality.  This all falls within the cage of sexuality, for it is your perception.

Therefore, this is a very affecting belief system.  It also, as with all other belief systems, couples itself with the belief system of duplicity quite efficiently, lending to each of you in your creation of judgment of self and of each other.

Within this time framework presently, many individuals are not merely creating judgments upon other individuals, but you are experiencing an intensity of creating judgments and lack of acceptance with yourselves.  You are dissatisfied with your own creations and you are quite efficiently — within your reality presently — discounting of your own abilities, and also not being accepting of your choices and placing judgments upon yourselves in many different expressions.

Now; this is not to say that you are each walking about your planet, moping and sobbing and expressing to yourselves, “Oh, woe is me!”  Nor am I expressing to you that you are intensely battling with yourselves or expressing to yourselves how extremely inadequate you all are!  But you may be, in varying degrees, expressing elements of this to yourselves in many different areas, and not even noticing what you are expressing to yourselves.

Think each to yourselves how often recently you have expressed “I am sorry” to yourselves or to another individual.  Think each to yourselves how very often each of you has expressed the thought process to yourselves that you “should have” accomplished some element better or differently.  Should-haves are running rampant presently within consciousness!

Speculations are also running rampant presently ... expressing to yourselves quite often, “What if?  How shall I proceed in any given situation, for what if this occurs?  What if that occurs?  What if I am affecting in this manner and I wish not to be?  What if another individual is affecting of myself and I wish them not to be?”  What if, what if, what if, what if, what if!  And you are creating massive confusion and conflict within yourselves in this area!

You also simultaneously are expressing intolerance within yourselves, expressing to yourselves what you SHOULD be accomplishing: “I should be accomplishing this; I should be moving in this direction; I should be more efficient in this area; I should not be expressing in this manner.”  You are quite efficiently creating yourselves into very convoluted little saplings, twisting and turning and creating more and more conflict within yourselves, and abundantly lending energy to mass expressions of tremendous conflict!  And subsequently, you sit within the comfort of your home and you express, “Why, why, why?”

You are accomplishing quite efficiently!  I am acknowledging of this!  You are each creating your reality quite well in lending energy to these expressions and convoluting yourselves quite efficiently!

I have expressed recently to many, many, many individuals, over and over within the forum of these sessions, the exercise of no conflict, for you are creating an epidemic of conflict!  And therefore, I am repeating of myself quite often recently, in expressing to you all to be remembering your no conflict scenario.  You may offer yourselves less conflict if you are offering yourselves more of an understanding of who and what you are.  You may also offer to yourselves more of an understanding of your interactions with other individuals and how they are influenced in recognizing the qualities of different orientations, for you do not hold the same qualities within different orientations.  Therefore, there are translations that need be implemented in your interactions with individuals holding different orientations.  They are speaking different languages.

If you are visiting a different country, you shall not be efficiently communicating with the individuals within that country if you are speaking different languages, but if you are offering yourselves interpretation, you may more efficiently understand the language of another individual.  This is acceptable to you.  You give little thought process to the venturing into different areas of your physical world holding different languages and accepting that you need interpretation, in a manner of speaking, and availing yourself of that information.

But you do not allow this interpretation to be occurring within the translation of the languages of orientations.  You merely express to yourselves, “No.  It is unnecessary for myself to be translating.  This is not my responsibility.  This responsibility lies with all else within my world.  I need not be engaging translation and understanding of other individuals.”  And all other individuals are expressing the same element, the same thought, the same feeling.

And then you weep, to yourselves and to each other, in viewing that there is no solution within your reality to be eliminating all of these conflicts.  I express to you that the solution in this area is as easy as turning your attention to self and recognizing your own expressions, your own beliefs, availing yourselves of information concerning who and what you are, how you are creating of your reality, recognizing that individuals are all creating their reality individually, and they are all different.

Even within mass expressions, each participating individual is creating their reality slightly different from each other individual, for reality is a very highly individualized creation.  It may appear at times that it is merely a blanket of reality that you all merely participate within as if it were an entity within itself, but it is not.  It is a manufacture of each of your perceptions, and each of your perceptions is created through your elements of your reality — sexuality and emotion — and is highly influenced by your beliefs.

We shall break and you may engage your question, as you are wiggling in this corner! (Laughter, and Elias chuckles)  I shall offer you a time framework that you may be inquiring, and I shall be answering.  I am quite noticing of your energy, Christian! (Chuckling)

FRANK:  I try to contain it! (Laughing)

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  Very well!  We shall return shortly.

BREAK:   7:45 PM.
RESUME:  8:38 PM. (Time is 10 seconds)

ELIAS:  Continuing.  Now; prior to our engagement of questions and responses to your questions, I shall offer a small example of the differences in expressions of these three orientations and their perceptions and how they are responsive to different situations in relation to mass events, that you may more clearly hold an understanding of your differences in your perceptions.

I shall express to you three individuals of the same gender, that you may not be confusing gender with orientation, for these are very different expressions.  We shall use the example of three individuals of females.  I shall express the individuals of Michael, Lawrence, and Shynla, of which all of you, through the transcribing of these sessions, may become familiar with these three individuals, who occupy your physical focus presently.

Michael holds the orientation of soft, Lawrence holds the orientation of common, Shynla holds the orientation of intermediate; three different orientations, three individuals within the same gender, three very different expressions and perceptions.

With relation to mass events, Michael responds to these mass events in allowing much affectingness.  Within the orientation of soft, there is an interaction and an interconnectedness with other individuals and in mass expressions.  The attention of interaction between the individual and their world is more extensive.  Therefore, there is an individual involvement and an objective expression as mass events occur.  There is an awareness of the individual with this orientation of soft that they are a participant, regardless of their location or their physical involvement.  They hold an inner knowing and awareness of their participation in consciousness, and they are affected.  Thought and emotion are both incorporated into their affectingness.  Many of these individuals may move into the position of actual physical involvement in these situations and physically participate in the actions.  Regardless that they physically participate or not, they shall be experiencing tremendous affectingness in relation to these types of events and may be displaying very emotional expressions in relation to these events.

Lawrence holds the orientation of common.  These individuals, in relation to a mass event of these types of which we are speaking this evening, may be partially noticing of these mass events, may allow themselves to be partially connecting objectively through thought, but may hold little emotional involvement with these situations.  They are not perceiving their individual interaction with these mass events unless they are physically participating in them, but they also shall be more responsive to individuals that they DO physically and emotionally interact with.

Therefore, if they are interactive with another individual that is responding to the involvement of the mass event, their attention shall move to the individual that they participate with; not necessarily the mass event itself, but the affectingness and the participation of the individual that they personally are interactive with, for this is affecting of them individually.  You respond within your orientations to that which is affecting of you individually.

Now; as I have expressed, the individual of common interacts with and is affected by those individuals that are personally affecting of them and that they hold involvement with.  The individuals of soft incorporate the entirety of your planet as interactive with them.  They do not separate themselves from the interaction of all else that occurs within the actions of your mass events.

The individuals of intermediate may hold less personal involvement with mass events than either the common or the soft, for their attention moves inward.  Their attention moves to self.

In this, I am not expressing that they may not hold an awareness of these mass events, but they hold little personal affectingness of this.  They may express an opinion or a thought process, but you generally shall not be observing these individuals to be personally involving themselves in connection with these mass expressions.  They shall continue to hold their attention in the direction that it is, in relation to themselves, regardless of the mass expression which is occurring.

Shynla, as our example of intermediate, holds awareness of mass events, but holds her attention in her own interaction with self and the situations that she is creating individually within her focus, and this [holds] precedence over all else.  There is an element of responsiveness to other individuals that she may view as holding a relationship in closeness, but only to those individuals within closeness relationships, not extending outward to less intense relationships with other individuals.  Even those individuals that may be deemed as close relationship shall not receive the emotional expression of interaction and empathy, so to speak ... which we are not speaking of your empathic sense, but the emotion of empathy.

This shall not be extended to other individuals in their expression as openly or as intensely as the individual may express within the orientation of common.  Their attention shall move much more into the expression of empathy to the individuals that they hold relationship with, but they shall also incorporate that expression of empathy with other individuals that they do not hold close relationship with.  They shall be noticing of other individuals’ expressions, and they may casually, in YOUR words, interact with certain individuals within the area of their employ or within their community and they shall be responsive to these individuals also, if the individuals are expressing that they are experiencing individual affectingness.  Their concern shall extend to those individuals that ARE allowing personal involvement and affectingness, but shall not extend much beyond that point. They shall not be necessarily involving themselves or expressing emotional affectingness as to the mass event itself.

Therefore, you may view within these three different types of perceptions, within these three orientations, there are quite different exhibitions of these individuals’ realities.  One individual focuses much more upon self.  One individual focuses upon self and slightly outward to personally-affecting individuals.  One individual extends with their perception to the incorporation of experiencing together with the entirety of your world.  Now you may also view in these differences that each individual holds the potential for creating judgment on the other individuals, for their expressions are very different.

You place great value upon the word that you express as “caring.”  You place great judgment upon this word of caring.  Individuals that are intermediate may appear to be, in the assessment of other individuals, not caring.  And of course, this is very, very bad, for you must ALWAYS be caring individuals, and you must be expressing this caring in certain types of guidelines that are acceptable within your mass expressions! (Humorously)  Therefore, the individuals of common may be viewed as partially caring! (Laughter)  The individuals of soft are overly caring! (Laughter)  NONE of your expressions are quite acceptable, for they are either extreme or they are not quite adequate enough, and this is the manner that you slip into your expressions of non-acceptance of each other, and also of yourselves.

Individuals within the expression of soft, the orientation of soft, also view their expression as extreme and not acceptable. Individuals within the orientation of common express to themselves that they are not caring enough or are not involved enough with certain situations.  Individuals that may be of the orientation of intermediate are hopelessly lost! (Laughter)  For they are not interactive with any individual, but they are quite interactive with themselves!  And they are very much not caring, for they are merely caring of themselves!  Quite a selfish expression, in the judgment of the masses!

This may offer you more of an understanding of how you yourselves individually create your reality — how you are responsive to yourselves and to each other, to situations, and to your world — and it may offer you more of an understanding of other individuals’ creations of their reality if it is different from your own.  And in this understanding, you may begin to offer yourselves the noticing in those moments that you are not accepting of yourselves or of other individuals ... each of those moments that you are expressing to yourselves that you may be creating differently, for your expression presently is not adequate, and as you express to yourselves that your expression is not adequate, you also mirror this outward to other individuals.

Let me also express to you that within this subject matter of orientation, there is great affectingness in this area.  Much of your reality is very affected by this expression of orientation.  Many individuals, in not understanding and identifying their individual orientation, may be creating tremendous conflict within themselves in a lack of acceptance of themselves, for they do not understand what they are creating, and how, and it may not move within the confines of your officially accepted beliefs within your societies.

The individuals holding the orientation of soft lean in the direction of not conforming to their societal beliefs.  They may align with many of the beliefs, but they also move in a direction of challenging many societal beliefs or mass belief systems.  These individuals may be quite unaccepting of themselves, for their expression does not fit, and other individuals are unaccepting of them also, for their expression does not fit, and if you do not fit within your officially accepted reality, you shall be experiencing conflict and judgments upon yourselves and upon each other.

And as you allow yourselves to widen your awareness and offer yourselves more information, you may be becoming much more accepting of yourselves and your choices, recognizing that your choices are your own, and that they are not bad or wrong.  They merely are your choices, and if you are dissatisfied with your choices, you hold the ability within every moment to choose different choices.  You hold no limits within this physical focus, merely the limits that you place upon yourselves as influenced by your beliefs, and as you move into acceptance of these beliefs, you also remove your obstacles and your limitations, and you offer yourselves great freedom.

Now you may engage your questioning! (Laughter, and Elias chuckles)

RODNEY:  Elias, I have three questions.  I think they kind of roll into each other.  One of course is, what is my preference?

Second, is there a relationship between preference and family?

And the third one is, if this is a preference, why would one choose to be soft versus why would one choose to be common versus why would one choose to be intermediate?  What would be the motivation behind making the choice to be one of the three?  So, that’s kind of like three questions there.

ELIAS:  Let me express to you, first of all, there is a distinct difference between orientation and preference.  You are incorporating terminology that I am specifically offering to you quite intentionally.  I am speaking of orientation, not preference.  They are very different.  I am understanding of what you are speaking ...

RODNEY:  I’m confused.

ELIAS:  ... but within clarity, I offer to you, preference is an objective choice.  You hold a preference in the area of your sexual choice of activity.  You hold a preference, an objective choice, in the area of who you choose to be interactive with, who you choose to be engaged in relationships with, who you choose to be engaging sexual activity with.  These are objective choices.  These are preferences.  This is very different from orientation.

Your orientation is not an objective choice.  This is a subjective choice, in the same manner as gender.

RODNEY:  So it was made before we came into this focus?

ELIAS:  Quite; yes.

RODNEY:  Was there a motivation behind it at that time?

ELIAS:  Yes.  You choose to be manifesting in each one of these orientations.

RODNEY:  I see.

ELIAS:  Now; you may hold in essence a preference for an orientation.  Therefore, you may manifest within this physical focus 100 times, and you may choose, in preference, to be manifesting 86 times as common, and you may choose to be experiencing soft and intermediate few.  This is an expression of preference.

But you shall experience all three of these orientations if you are manifesting physically within this dimension.  It matters not which focus you choose to be experiencing which orientation, but that you shall be experiencing all three of these orientations within a particular physical focus and that you ARE experiencing all of these orientations presently, for all of your focuses are accomplished simultaneously.

RODNEY:  And I guess the answer to the family thing is that it’s independent of family.

ELIAS:  Quite!

RODNEY:  Okay.

ELIAS:  There are difference[s] in the expression.  The influence of your belonging to and aligning with these families in consciousness is that of intent.  This is the element within your reality that designates the direction of your intent within an individual focus, the direction that you choose.  Your orientation holds its own qualities that are specific to each of the orientations, and this is how you PERCEIVE.

RODNEY:  I think I understand. (Elias chuckles)  Is it fair to tell me what my orientation is, or is it better if I find out for myself?

ELIAS:  It matters not.  I am quite understanding that presently, within the delivery of this information, it may be difficult for individuals to be identifying their particular orientation.

RODNEY:  I would guess that I am soft.

ELIAS:  And you shall guess incorrectly, and this shall be the point!

It may be difficult for you to be identifying your orientation in this present time framework, for you do not hold an understanding and an assimilation of the information being offered adequately yet to be allowing yourselves accurate assessment.  I express to you that hold the orientation of common in this particular focus, and as you avail yourselves of this information in the definitions and the qualities of these three different orientations, you shall also view how you fit in that particular orientation.  You may identify your own behaviors, your own creations, your own perception and how it shall fit into the expression of that particular orientation, for you shall identify with the qualities.

(Firmly)  Do NOT confuse the qualities of these orientations with gender or preference!  They are very different.  Your beliefs lean you in the directions of identifying orientation with preference, and these are very different expressions and may not be equated with each other.  Preference is preference ...

RODNEY:  Objective.

ELIAS:  ... and orientation is orientation.

RODNEY:  Subjective.

ELIAS:  Water is water, and earth is earth.  And you may mix these together, but water shall not be earth, and earth shall not be water, for they are different elements.  And you may mix together your orientations with each other, and you may mix together orientation and preference, but they are different elements.  You may incorporate them alongside of each other, but they are not each other.

RODNEY:  Thank you.  May I tell Vicki that this was Rodney asking these questions?  (You’re such a sweetie, Rodney!  Thanks!)

ELIAS:  Very well.

RODNEY:  Thank you.

FEMALE:  Hi Elias!  Thanks for coming again! (Elias chuckles)  You discussed, it seemed to me, a lot about conflict — conflict that’s been arising in other places, as well as with us individually.  I guess what I was wondering is, when an individual experiences conflict in another individual, and their belief is to want to help that individual to neutralize their conflict, is it possible to do that, or are you intrinsically placing a judgment on their engaging in conflict as not being right somehow?

ELIAS:  Let me express to you that this is a common thought process within individuals in this physical focus.  You lean in the direction of wishing to be helpful to each other.  You place judgment upon the expressions of conflict, and you wish to be eliminating of conflict.

Now; in one respect, I express to you that conflict in itself is neither right or wrong.  It is an experience, and it is a chosen experience.  But I may also express to you that conflict creates a thickness in energy, and this be the reason that you move in the direction of not wishing to be creating conflict.  You naturally magnate to pleasure, for this offers you less thickness within energy and more of an ease in your creation of your reality.  If you are creating within any of your expressions within pleasure, you shall experience an ease.  You shall express to yourself that you are noticing that your movement flows freely.  If you are creating conflict, you shall also be noticing a thickness in energy.  It shall appear to be more difficult, and you shall move more slowly in your direction within conflict.

You all hold an agreement objectively within this physical dimension that you do not appreciate conflict.  Underlyingly, subjectively, you hold a knowing that conflict creates this thickness.  Therefore, you also move in the direction of choosing to be noticing conflict and expressing to yourselves and to other individuals that you wish to be eliminating of these expressions of conflict, therefore providing yourselves with more of an ease in creating your reality.

You do this with yourselves and you do this with other individuals.  If you yourselves are experiencing conflict, you wish to be eliminating of your own conflict, that you may be experiencing less thickness and more of an ease in your creation of your reality.  As you witness and view another individual experiencing conflict and creating conflict, you also move in the direction of the expression that you wish to be eliminating of that expression also.

In this, as I have stated, in one respect you are creating a judgment upon the choice of experience of the individual which is creating conflict, but within another respect you are recognizing that the individual is creating thickness, and they themselves wish not to be creating thickness.  Therefore, you choose to be helpful.

Now; I have expressed to you many times, you may not be creating another individual’s reality, but you may be influencing.  You may be influencing if the other individual is accepting of your expression.  If the other individual is NOT accepting of your expression, which is their choice, you shall not be influencing, for the point is not to be concerning yourselves with other individuals and their creation of their reality, but to be concerning yourself with yourself and your creation of your reality, and that creation which offers YOU less thickness and less conflict and more of an ease, for in your creation of this within yourself, you are automatically lending energy to other individuals in their discovery of their ability to be creating of the same action.

This is the point of our little sapling story, which offers no expression at all to the convoluted little sapling, but merely concerns itself with self and growing in the manner that it is growing and is most efficient for itself.  It does not offer direction.  It does not offer helpfulness.  It offers merely the expression of being that may be viewed, and in this offers what you term in physical focus to be an example of a direction that creates no conflict and no thickness, but is recognizing that the convoluted little sapling is creating its reality, and may be creating and IS creating their own conflict quite purposefully.

BEN:  Elias, we need to change the video tape.

ELIAS:  You may.  We shall break, and I shall continue with your question.

FEMALE:  Thank you, Elias.

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome.

BREAK:   9:20 PM
RESUME:  9:40 PM (Time is 8 seconds)

ELIAS:  Continuing again; re-addressing to your question as to helpfulness within interaction of other individuals and your concern in the area of their creation of conflict within their situations.

Now; in this also, let me express to you that as you hold a knowing and a natural magnating toward pleasure and less thickness within your creations, you identify this in other individuals and you express that you wish to be helpful to another individual.

Now; as I have expressed, each of you may be engaging different creations of conflict within different time periods, and as conflict DOES gain your attention in many different areas of your focus and you SHALL be noticing of your conflict, you purposefully engage conflict to be offering yourselves information that you choose to be addressing to.

Within physical focus, you are quite fond of methods.  You are quite fond of processes.  Within concept, you may accept the idea that I may set forth to you, that you may be creating instantaneously and that it is unnecessary for you to be creating a process or a method for your movement, but this is a concept.  It is an idea.  It is not necessarily within your actual physical reality, for your belief is very influencing, and this influence is also quite instrumental in your creation of your reality.

Therefore, as you do believe that you need be creating a method or a process to be moving through certain issues or addressing to certain issues that you hold within your focus, you create conflict many times to be gaining your attention and offering you a method to move through certain issues.  If you are holding an issue and it is not creating conflict, you shall not pay attention to the issue and it shall continue.

If you hold an issue in the area of personal responsibility, as example, and you are offering expression to other individuals continuously and you are moving in the direction of rescuing and care-taking with them and this offers you no conflict, you shall continue within your expression.  If this offers you pleasure, you shall continue in this issue.  This is not to say that it is not an issue!  It is merely an issue that is offering you no conflict within a particular time framework.

Issues do not always offer you conflict.  You create conflict within time periods that you choose to be addressing to the issue, but you express to yourselves quite freely that you acknowledge that you hold issues — you acknowledge that you hold beliefs — but they are working beliefs or working issues.  This is the expression that the issue or the belief is offering you no conflict, and therefore you hold no motivation to address to it.

In this, within your reality that you create, many, many times you may view creations of other individuals, that as you are viewing outwardly and concerning your attention with another individual and their creation of reality and their conflict, you are not looking to self.  And in this situation, you are drawing yourself to be a participant within another individual’s conflict, that you may mirror to yourself similarities in your own beliefs and your own issues.

You draw yourself to other individuals’ creations, that you may offer yourself imagery and you may offer yourself information to your own creations — for you are engaging mirror actions — and you move in the direction of wishing to be helpful to the OTHER individual and viewing many times that you may see the conflict and what is being created within another individual more clearly than they view within their conflict.  Therefore, you allow yourself permission to move into the direction of being helpful, for this is your camouflage — the expression of helpfulness, of concern, of caring, of lovingness.  These are all very positive expressions.  These are all expressions that you all view as good, and therefore you view yourselves as good, for you are expressing these elements and you are wishing to be helpful to another individual.

Underlyingly, what you are also expressing is that you are better, that you hold a greater understanding, that you are more enlightened, that you are clearer ... that you may create another individual’s reality FOR them more efficiently than they are creating for themselves!  Judgment, judgment, judgment — lack of acceptance of another individual within the guise of caring and helpfulness and lovingness.

I am not expressing to you that these emotions that you experience are not genuine, and I am also not expressing to you that they are wrong.  They merely are.  You hold emotional responses to each other, but you are also not allowing yourself to view your own expressions.

As you move into a position of choosing to be helpful to another individual — for you label your expression as concern and lovingness in the situation of helpfulness to another individual’s conflict — what you are in actuality expressing [is] that YOU wish this expression for yourself.  You express outwardly in what you want within your own expression: your own expectation of other individuals in how they may be interactive with you, and your own want of what you may be expressing to yourself.

I express to you all quite seriously that you express to other individuals much more freely and shall offer nurturing and acceptance and helpfulness to other individuals more often than you shall extend this to yourselves, but in those actions, you are expressing outwardly the want that you hold inwardly.

As you engage another individual that may be experiencing distress, confusion, conflict, elements that you term to be upsets, difficulty in identifying their own issues, difficulty in expression of themselves, difficulties within their own communications, you are also recognizing those qualities, those elements within yourself that you hold.  And in this, you express outwardly to another individual in the hope that you may be helpful in influencing their reality and allowing them to view their own creation of their conflict, but in this action, you are also distracting yourself from yourself and not offering the same expression to yourself.

Think to yourselves how often you may be offering helpfulness to another individual in any given situation of conflict, and if you are creating a very similar conflict, you may not be as accepting of your own creation as you shall be of another individual’s creation.

Let us offer a very general expression of example.  You may be interactive with another individual that may engage an action of theft.  The individual may subsequently be creating a feeling of what you term to be remorse that they have engaged this action of theft.

This is a subject or an action within your officially accepted reality that is unacceptable.  You each place a judgment upon this action, but if approached by an individual that has engaged this action and is expressing to you sorrow and is expressing to you a tremendous lack of acceptance of self in relation to their behavior, you may quite likely move into the expression of acceptance of this individual and be expressing to them, “Be not so very unaccepting of yourself.  You are not a bad individual.  You have merely created a behavior which is unacceptable within our beliefs, but you as an individual are not bad.”

You shall extend this expression to another individual, but if you in turn are creating the same action, you shall not extend this expression to self.  You shall be not accepting of self and you shall be placing judgment upon yourself and you shall be also expressing to yourself the same expression of the other individual: “I am bad; I am unworthy; I am unacceptable.”

You each create these types of expressions, and as you draw yourself to the conflict of another individual, they express very similarly to yourselves.  You may choose different types of objective expressions, but underlyingly, you are expressing the same.

One individual may choose to be engaging conflict in raised volume of voice.  Another individual may express conflict in physical actions.  But underlyingly, the issues of the expressions are the same.  Outwardly they may appear differently, but what you are viewing in the expression — and the reason of the expression — is the same.

As you draw yourselves to other individuals that are experiencing conflict, you are doing this very action.  You are drawing yourself to participate with that individual within their creation of their conflict, that you may mirror to yourself your own similarities and you may notice and identify your own aspects of belief systems that you participate in also and that are creating conflict within you.

Now; in this expression, I may express to you that you may be helpful to yourself in noticing YOUR mirror action and noticing your own issues in similarity to another individual and noticing your differences in expression, and as you allow yourself to be connecting with self and recognizing your own beliefs, your own behaviors, your own creation of conflict and identifying this to yourself and choosing different actions, you may also be helpful to the other individual.

Think to yourselves how within your focuses, you engage activity oft in expressing to another individual your opinion and your ideas in the direction of, “What shall be more efficient to be creating within another individual’s focus?”  Now think to yourselves how oft this is NOT accepted by the other individual, and they shall create what they are choosing to create regardless!

But also think to yourselves within your thought processes of the situations in which you are not expressing your advice to another individual, but you are accepting of their expression and you are merely lending supportiveness by merely being you — not placing judgment and not expressing a direction for the other individual — and in this expression, you may notice more of a responsiveness within your interaction of that other individual.

Therefore, in your questioning of how you may be helpful to another individual, I express once again that your most efficient direction is to be noticing self and attending to self, and in this you shall automatically be helpful to another individual, for they also shall turn their attention to self and be addressing to self, and each individual is what shall be creating different choices.

(Intently)  No individual within your physical focus may choose for any other individual.  These are individually your choices.

You may not be creating another individual’s reality.  You may only create your own reality.  Regardless of your great wish — that you lean in the direction of — that you WANT to be creating all other individuals’ reality, (grinning) for you may be so very much more efficient at this expression, this is not what you have created.

This reality is created highly individually, as I have expressed within the onset of this session.

Each of you creates your reality individually.  This individual action creates mass expressions if you are creating individually similarly to other individuals, but you all are creating within your own individual choices, and you ARE creating in the most beneficial manner that shall offer you the most beneficial information.

This also is quite purposeful in my expression to you.  I am not expressing that you always create quite efficiently, but you DO create beneficially.  You may choose in your widening of your awarenesses to be creating more efficiently, but you are always creating beneficially, for you are always offering yourselves information that you may draw upon to be understanding self more efficiently.

I do not discount your emotional expressions in all of these situations, for your emotional expressions are quite within your reality, and you DO express many emotions.  I also express to you that your emotions are another experience.  They need not necessarily be incorporating action.  They are an action within themselves.

You, within your beliefs, move in the direction of identifying your emotional expressions and attaching an action to them.  You are experiencing an emotion, and you should be accomplishing this.  Another individual is experiencing an emotion, and you should be offering this.  You should be DOING.  I express to you that this is not necessarily the situation.  Your emotions are an action within themselves, and they merely are.  They are not good; they are not bad.  They merely are, and it is quite acceptable to be expressing of them.

In this, many times not incorporating another action coupled with your emotion may be more efficient, but merely accepting that element of you that is expressing that emotion and not placing judgment that this is a good or a bad expression.  It merely is.  It is what you are experiencing within the moment.

I shall offer further also:  Individuals express that they hold the belief that emotions are cause and effect.  I express to you that I have offered many times, in actuality there is no cause and effect.  It is merely a belief that you hold.  Therefore, you express that you hold an emotion in response or reaction to a cause.  I express to you that within your creation and the influence of your beliefs, you do express this many times, but it is not an absolute.  Your emotions need no action to be facilitating them.

Each individual within physical focus experiences moments of emotional expression that you express to yourselves “appears from nowhere.”  It has been created with no cause.  You merely are feeling what you are feeling, and you know not why.

I express to you that emotion is a base element of your reality in this dimension, and is what you have created in your process of information.  This is your method of identifying certain types of information, just as your sight is a method for interpretation of certain types of information.  Your outer senses process information, your inner senses process information, and your creation of sexuality and emotion process information and create your reality, for they are your perception and your perception IS your reality.

Therefore, I am quite understanding of your expression of emotion in relation to another individual.  I am also offering to you that as you hold an emotion in relation to another individual, you may hold the emotion and not necessarily couple the emotion with another action.  The emotion in itself is enough of the action, and in that emotion, you are offering a clear and unclouded expression of yourself to another individual.  You cloud this by offering — in conjunction to your emotion — your rationale and your thought process and your logic, but view how much more it is accepted by other individuals that you are merely expressing the emotion.

If you are expressing to another individual, “I hold great lovingness for you,” you need not offer any other expression or action and it shall be accepted, and it shall be clearly identified in being felt also.  If you are expressing sorrow or anger and you are not coupling these with another action, the communication is offered efficiently and clearly, and understood.  It is unnecessary to be coupling this with other actions.

But you move in the direction of NOT accepting self.  Your expression is not enough; it is not good enough.  This is the lack of acceptance of self.  Therefore, you move in the direction of creating drama and attaching other actions to your expressions of your emotions to emphasize what you are expressing, for your initial expression is not enough ... but it is!

Drama creates conflict.  It perpetuates conflict and it is unnecessary, but you are very efficient at creating this, for it is very familiar to you.  As you move more fully into the expression of this shift in consciousness, and the waves continue and the momentum increases and you widen your awareness and you expose yourselves to more unfamiliarities, you also retreat into your familiar and your known expressions, and therefore you create in the fashion that you are accustomed to creating within.

Look to your mass expressions.  You identify these as negative and violent and quite typical of actions throughout your history, and you express to yourselves, “Why shall we be creating of this type of action if we are moving into this shift in consciousness and enlightening ourselves?”

And I express to you that you move in this type of direction for it IS familiar, and within your beliefs there is comfort in familiarity, regardless of its expression.  Regardless that it may be expressed within conflict, it is familiar, and familiarity offers you safety, security, and comfort.  These are all aspects of your beliefs, for there is no necessity for safety or security, for what shall you be unsafe or insecure within?  You have created a safe and secure universe, and it is not hurtful to you.  YOU are hurtful to you.

FEMALE:  (Whispering)  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are very welcome.  Trust self, and move in the direction of no conflict.

FEMALE:  I’ll try. (Pause)

ELIAS:  Are you wishing of more questions this evening?

RODNEY:  I want to thank you for the answer you just gave her, because it was very appropriate.

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome.  I express to you that this may be quite affecting of many individuals presently, for many individuals presently are experiencing much conflict, much emotional affectingness, much confusion, a lack of direction, so to speak, an uncertainty.  This is the air, in a manner of speaking, that you have created, for you may express to yourselves that you are upon your brink.  You are within your middle.  You are moving away from the familiar but you are frightened of the unfamiliar, and we have expressed within this session this evening that you move in the direction quite efficiently of “I should, I shouldn’t, and what if?”

FRANK:  How do you move into the direction of the unfamiliar?  Is there a....

ELIAS:  A method!  (Grinning, and everybody cracks up)

FRANK:  What are the signs, or ...?

ELIAS:  I shall express to you, Christian, that your most efficient method or process in this area is to be concerning yourself in your attention within the now, for if you are holding your attention within the now, what shall you express to yourself in “what if?”

There is no “what if” within the now.  There is merely “what if” within the future or the past!

ERIC:  So I guess I should forget about worrying about my retirement or anything like that!

ELIAS:  Concern your attention with now, for this is your reality!  Your future is not your reality, for it does not exist!  It is merely an illusion that you create within your thought process in your identification of linear time, but you do not occupy your future.  You occupy now, and all of your action occurs now, and as your future materializes, it is NOW!

Your past is now.  All that you are, all that you create, all that you experience is NOW.  But you occupy your attention, much of your time, projecting into your past or into your future and occupying your thought processes and your emotions in the “what ifs” of the past or the future, and if you are occupying your attention within the now, there are no “what ifs.”  There also are no “shoulds.”

“I should have; I should be.”  These are past and future.  You merely ARE within the now, and if within the now you experience any element that you find discomfort within, you hold the ability within that now to alter the experience.  But you shall not alter the experience if you are not paying attention to the experience and you are projecting pastly or futurely, for your attention is occupied elsewhere and you are busying yourselves within distraction.  THIS be the area that you immobilize yourselves, for you are not attending to the present, to the now, and within the now — if you ARE looking to the now — there is much less conflict within the present now than it appears to be.

This is not to say that you may not be experiencing conflict within the moment, within the now, for you do.  But if you are attending your attention within that now, you also offer yourself more of an opportunity to alter that conflict and step out of that conflict, for you are attending to what you are experiencing presently.

If you are engaging conflict with another individual, as example, you are experiencing what you may term to be, in your vernacular, fighting with another individual; disagreement.  You are projecting your perception; they are projecting their perception.  You are not meeting within your perceptions.  You are throwing judgments to each other, and you are creating tremendous conflict between you within your expressions.

Now; if you are focusing upon the other individual and what they are creating, you shall not be focusing on altering your expression, for you shall be in the direction of blame and expressing that the other individual shall be changing their reality to suit your reality.

If you are within this conflict, not attending to the now within your own experience and directing your attention to self, you shall not alter the experience and you shall perpetuate the experience, but if you are attending to the now, holding your attention within the now, you may be noticing that you are within the moment creating conflict.

The other individual is not creating your conflict!  YOU are creating your conflict, in reaction and responsiveness to those areas of lack of acceptance within yourself.

IN THIS MOMENT, as you are recognizing of that emotion and the action of conflict that you are experiencing, you may also, within the moment, STOP.  Identify within the moment, what are you creating?  Why are you creating?  Why are you reacting?  And as you ask yourself “Why am I reacting?” you shall offer yourself an answer, and you shall notice within that answer that you HAVE placed a judgment — upon yourself, upon another individual, but you have created a lack of acceptance — and you may offer yourself within the now the opportunity to alter your expression.  But if you are not paying attention to the now, how shall you alter your expression?

If you are throwing a rock in a pond in this area (gesturing to the right), your attention is in the pond and the rock in this direction.  How may you, in that now, scoop a cup of water from this pond? (gesturing to the left)

Your attention shall dictate to you what you shall be creating, and if your attention is outside of yourself and if your attention is outside of the now, this is what you shall be creating, and this many, many times is perpetuating of conflicts.

Conflict assumes many forms.  It may be in the area of agitation; it may be in the area of worry; it may be in the area of concern.  It may be expressed in many different manners, but it is a thickness and it is a conflict, and in addressing to self and to your attention within the now, you also offer yourself the opportunity to alter the behavior that is creating the conflict.  That be your method!

FRANK:  Is there a back door method?

ELIAS:  Ah! (Laughter)

FRANK:  In other words, to eliminate the effect of the conflict of the belief system, just to say “enough”?

ELIAS:  And you may be creating of this expression!  I have expressed to you that you hold the ability to instantaneously eliminate these elements of conflict, but you do not believe this!

FRANK:  Right! (Laughing)

ELIAS:  Therefore, you do not implement this!  But you may view infrequently, within certain expressions that you hold, that you DO create that very action, and you express to yourselves, “Enough.  No.  Stop.”  And you stop!

FEMALE:  Would removing yourself from the situation be a way of stopping, then?  Saying, “In the now, I am feeling conflict and discomfort.  I choose to remove myself from the situation.”  Is that a way to stop the conflict?

ELIAS:  This is a choice, and this is an expression that may be affecting of the situation that you are engaging.  This be the reason that I express to you to be engaging the no conflict exercise.

Within the now, express to yourself, what is offering you conflict and what shall eliminate that conflict?  And do not place a judgment upon the choice!  If the choice is to be removing yourself from the situation to be eliminating of the conflict, then I express to you, why shall you not remove yourself?  The point is to be eliminating the conflict and the thickness.  Therefore, it matters not what your choice is.  It matters that you are accomplishing the no conflict.

In this expression of no conflict, you are creating several actions within this one expression.  You are allowing acceptance of self.  You are NOT placing judgment upon self or the situation or another individual.  You are merely choosing what offers you no conflict.

This is not an expression of judgment upon another individual or upon a situation.  It is merely an assessment, a choice of what offers you conflict and what does not offer you conflict.

Therefore, there is an acceptance of the other individual, that they may continue in their expression regardless of what they are choosing.  It matters not.  You are not expressing to them that they must be discontinuing in their expression.  You are merely expressing that YOU are choosing differently.  Therefore, there is an acceptance of the other individual’s choice of their expression, be it to be discontinuing their own conflict or to be continuing their conflict.  It matters not.  This is their choice.  Your choice is to be moving into no conflict, and this places no judgment upon yourself also, for you are automatically accepting of yourself in accepting your choice and your expression within no conflict.

FEMALE:  That’s very clear, Elias.  Thanks.

ELIAS:  You are very welcome.

FEMALE:  You’ve given us a lot to think about!

ELIAS:  As always!  (Grinning, and laughter)

FEMALE:  As always!  Sometimes in larger doses, though!

ELIAS:  I am quite efficient in this area!

I shall also express one more element as to this subject matter of orientation, for soon we shall be moving onward to new areas of this particular belief system, as this is not the only aspect of this belief system.

But in this, be remembering that as I have expressed to you, each orientation holds its own language and its own qualities.  As you align yourselves with other individuals that may hold different orientations from yourself, you may experience difficulty in holding understanding with these individuals.

Now; let me also express to you that you may hold relationship with an individual that holds a different orientation from yourself, but you shall be engaging difficulty.

This is not to say that this is an impossibility, and as with all of the elements that we discuss, you always hold the ability to move outside of your individual pool of probabilities and creations, and you may be incorporating other probabilities and creations, and you may be creating these efficiently.  Therefore, I do not express to you that if you are engaging an interaction or a relationship with another individual that holds a different orientation from yourself that you are doomed, (laughter) for you are not.

I may also express to you that you may even, in your physical terms, experience your connection of what you identify as your soul mates, which may hold a different orientation to yourself, and you may efficiently create your relationship, but you shall initially experience more difficulties than would you be experiencing if you are engaging an individual that holds the same orientation as do you.

Many, many, many individuals within physical focus do not choose to be pulling outside of their individual pools of probabilities to be accomplishing a relationship with another individual holding a different orientation.  There is a tremendous element of energy which is expelled in these types of relationships for a time period; not continuously and not necessarily throughout the duration of the relationship, but for a time period, there may be much friction.

In this, many individuals choose not to be engaging this type of energy, for it is unnecessary.  But I also express to you that occasionally, individuals DO engage relationships and coupling themselves with other individuals that are not of the same orientation, purely to be engaging the experience — a challenge!

I shall express to you that your most common expression is to be engaging relationships that DO hold the same orientation, for this creates much less conflict and friction and lends an ease to your expressions within your relationships.

STELLA:  Elias, you’re talking about intimate relationships, right?

ELIAS:  Correct.

STELLA:  Because it’s not necessarily ... I mean, like for instance, myself and Marta.  He’s intermediate and I’m common, and we have an incredible relationship.  But then if we were intimate, it would be a different story.

ELIAS:  Quite.

STELLA:  So we could have quite an efficient relationship happening, as in a friendship, right?

ELIAS:  Quite.  Intimate relationships hold a different quality, and in this, you may experience differences within these types of relationships.  At times, individuals may choose to be manifest into a family physically-focused in which the parents hold different orientation to themselves, and there shall be a tremendous expression of conflict and friction!

STELLA:  Oh!  So Elias, so now I know why my mother and I have such conflict!  My mother must be god knows what other orientation! (Elias chuckles)  That’s what’s happening, huh?

ELIAS:  You speak different languages.

STELLA:  Okay, so now it explains the whole thing.  So now it’s just a matter of accepting this lady.

ELIAS:  Quite.

Now; let me express to you that this is not ALWAYS the situation.  There are different expressions and choices and reasons that individuals may be in opposition to each other within family relationships, but I may express to you that this also may be a factor many times.

STELLA:  Okay.  So in my case, is this a factor?

ELIAS:  Yes.

STELLA:  Oh gosh!  Okay, so let me ... I’ll tell you what she is.  Wait a second.  One second....

FRANK:  What are you?

STELLA:  I’m common.  I happen to think ... I think ... I think she’s intermediate.  Is this....


STELLA:  She’s not.  She’s soft?

ELIAS:  Yes.

STELLA:  Oh my god! (Elias chuckles)  But this is the main conflict!  So now it explains it!  So now I’m going to be able to accept her!

ELIAS:  Very good, Cindel! (Chuckling)

STELLA:  No, I am.  I am!  I was telling Mary before that this has been ... now I know why I came to New York!  I mean, I speak to you every Saturday, but it’s like I had to come see you so that somehow ... I’m going to go back to LA, and now at the end of this session, my mother and myself....

ELIAS:  Of which you have held very much conflict for much time framework ...

STELLA:  Well yeah, because we ...

ELIAS:  ... with this individual.

STELLA:  ... go through so many focuses together.  I mean, it’s like forever!  This thing is going on forever!  Thank god it’s my last focus! (Laughter)  But it explains a lot of stuff, so I’m very happy I’m here.  I thought I was gonna be the star of the show, I gotta tell you, because I really did!  And Elias, you did not mention me tonight.  It’s like, Stella’s HERE, for crying out loud, you know?  I tell you, I was going to be quite known, you know?  I mean, it’s like REALLY!  Since you did not do that for me, I’m doing it for myself.  I’m Stella! (Laughter)

ELIAS:  Quite!  It is unnecessary for myself to be engaging promotion of yourself!  You hold this ability quite efficiently yourself! (Much laughter)

STELLA:  Well, I’ve got to tell you, Elias has taught me one very special thing.  He has taught me that arrogance is a very wonderful thing to have!  I used to feel, as a matter of fact, quite lowly, which there’s nothing wrong with it, right, Elias?  Feeling lowly?  But anyway, I’ve become quite arrogant, and thank you so much, Elias!

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  And you are quite welcome!  Are you wishing of more questions this evening?

ERIC:  Yeah.  I would like to know what family I align myself with or am aligned with ... family of consciousness? (Pause)

ELIAS:  Essence family, Sumafi; alignment within this focus, Gramada.  Essence name, Cuffee; C-U-F-F-E-E. (pronounced quaff’ee)

FRIEDA:  Pronounce it again?

ELIAS:  Cuffee. (General comments about name, followed by laughter)

FEMALE:  Like coffee!

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  In certain dialects!  This particular translation of dialect would be associated with your African.

FEMALE:  Oh, cool!

JANICE:  Is there anyone else in this room from the Gramada family?

ELIAS:  Aligning with Gramada family, one; this individual. (Looking at Vann)  Correct.  Holding to Sumari as essence family, and essence name of Wynne; W-Y-N-N-E. (pronounced win)

FEMALE:  What dialect is that? (Laughter)

ELIAS:  What you may term to be English! (Chuckling, and laughter)

KAREN:  Elias, can I know my name?

ELIAS:  This has been offered, and you may be accessing this through Michael.  He may be accessing the information for you, if you are so choosing, or you may be accessing this information for yourself within our offered transcriptions, for Stephen and Dehl have offered this previously in their questioning. (Grinning and chuckling)

JANICE:  And me? (Pause)

ELIAS:  Jaseer; J-A-S-E-E-R. (pronounced ja-seer’)  Essence family, Tumold; alignment, Sumari.

JANICE:  How does that look?  Is that looking good? (Laughter)

ELIAS:  Shall you express to me?  Is this looking good? (Chuckling)  I shall express to you that it merely is!  It is your choice to be engaging in your intent within this particular focus, and offers you much curiosity in areas that you view to be unusual. (Chuckling)

FRANK:  Anything with Sumari is excellent!

ELIAS:  Ah!  And we shall turn our attention now to our rooting section of the Sumari — the individual quite advocating in this area, and quite pleased and proud of the choice of family! (Chuckling)

Very well!  This evening I offer to you each great affection.  I anticipate our next meeting and our objective interaction.  To each of you this evening, much lovingness ... and I express, go forth with no conflict! (Grinning)  And I bid you a very fond au revoir.

GROUP:  Au revoir.

Elias departs at 10:51 PM.

Vic’s note:  For the record, this session was very physically affecting of both Mary and myself.  Mary was sick most of the day of the session, and the next few days also.  I worked on this script for five days, and experienced physical symptoms and disorientation the first three days.  Then I created a very nice cold/flu.  Strange.

Also, it was great seeing your face pop into the camera at the end of the session, Frank, and I really liked the little chef too!

© 1999  Vicki Pendley/Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved

Copyright 1999 Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved.