Session 386

The Camouflage of Helpfulness


“The Camouflage of Helpfulness”

Monday, April 19, 1999 © 1999 (Private/Phone)
Participants:  Mary (Michael) and Letty (Castille).
Elias arrives at 10:54 AM. (Arrival time is 20 seconds)

ELIAS:  Good morning, Castille!

LETTY:  Good morning!  How are you, Elias?

ELIAS:  As always.

LETTY:  Oh, I’m so happy!  I’m very, very happy to talk to you again!  I want to start with, thank you very much for all your help the last time.  It put a lot of things into perspective, especially about my health, and that’s going to be one of my questions.  I guess I want to validate whether I’m trying to understand or accept these belief systems, or am I trying to ignore them?  My asthma kind of sneaks in on me.  I feel fine for weeks, even months, and all of a sudden, it just starts hitting me full force.

ELIAS:  Let me explain to you, Castille, that this is not a situation of ignoring the issues, but that you are allowing yourself to be addressing to and moving through the issue in increments.  Therefore, you address to your situation as it presents itself within each now, and you allow yourself more of an acceptance in these areas, and subsequently you also allow yourself a temporary respite, and as another aspect of the issue presents itself, you shall be experiencing the physical symptoms once again and allowing yourself to be addressing to more of the issue that you hold.  Therefore, in this, do not be discounting your movement or your action in this area, for you are addressing to your own issues and moving in the direction of acceptance.  You are merely choosing to be accomplishing this in what you term to be steps.

LETTY:  Okay, alright.  Thank you very much.  Makes me feel better!  Another symptom that I show myself or feel, and I think it’s also another — what do you call it? — something to attract my attention, is that occasionally I have a pain in my elbow.  I was wondering if that was related to the same thing as my knees, or is that different?

ELIAS:  This is a different type of manifestation that you are offering to yourself.  Now; be remembering that we have discussed previously that you choose to be offering yourself physical symptoms in many different directions, for this efficiently gains your attention.  You shall pay attention to different manifestations if you are creating physically.

In this particular expression, you choose the physical area of your body, of your elbow, to be offering yourself moments that you may be noticing the actions that you are participating in and the behavior that you are displaying within that time framework concerning flexibility.  You choose this particular physical body area, for it is what you term to be a joint and is symbolizing of an area that is flexible.

Now; as you create painfulness in this particular joint, you also restrict your flexibility in that area, and what you are expressing to yourself is to be noticing the actions and the behaviors that you are participating in within that time framework that you are not displaying flexibility within.

LETTY:  Oh, how wonderful that I can tell myself that!  I am trying to work into being more noticing of my thinking patterns so I don’t manifest so many aches and pains.  Thank you.  That helps very much.

I have been feeling a little disoriented the last few weeks, and I was wondering if it had something to do with my sinus surgery.  Or, as I’m reading a lot of transcripts, I had a thought that maybe ... would I be testing transition?  I do not believe this is my last focus, but maybe I’m interested in understanding transition a little more?  Or am I just disoriented because of the physical, what I’m going through due to the surgery?

ELIAS:  Let me express to you that this is not in actuality a result, so to speak, of your physical surgery, although there is one very small aspect of your experience in this that you may attach to that particular action of your surgery; not that it has caused this feeling of disorientation, but that as you do create physically many times, you draw upon this action as partial excuse for allowing yourself the expression of this disorientation and not fighting with this disorientation very strenuously.

Now; in this, what you are experiencing is an alignment with energy which is occurring presently — which is accelerating and gaining strength, in a manner of speaking — in relation to this wave in consciousness which is occurring presently.

In this, as you manifest many elements within your focus physically, you also are translating the energy which is being expressed within this wave in consciousness presently in physical manners, which is in actuality quite understandable, for many aspects of this present belief system being addressed hold physical attributes and concern physical elements of your reality.  Therefore, you are responding to the movement of this wave which is occurring presently, and this concerns the belief system of sexuality.

In this, let me also express to you that you may be experiencing and already are beginning the experience of intensifying certain elements of female functions physically, which may continue for a time framework in conjunction with this wave in consciousness, for this orange energy center — with you — is already responding and being affected.

LETTY:  Very interesting.  Thank you.  There’s something that I’ve wanted to ask and I’ve always forgotten, and finally I’m remembering.  When I was about five or six years old, I experienced a couple of nights where I know I was awake, and I saw these little people that looked like ghosts, but adult-size.  They seemed to be unaware of me, but I could put my hands through them.  They were carrying on their business, and they were dressed like seventeenth, eighteenth century, from what I remember at that time.

ELIAS:  This experience — or this type of experience — is quite common within the experiences of small ones, for they allow themselves less singularity in their focus than you acquire as you move further through your focus in years and are more aligning with the belief systems of that particular time framework.

In this, what you have allowed yourself to be viewing was in actuality another focus of your essence that you hold in this dimension.  You have allowed yourself to be viewing this physically and recognizing that they are not necessarily participating in interaction with you, seeming to be unaware of you, for they are not within the participation of this particular focus.

In this, you have allowed yourself what you may term to be the equivalent of a holographic projection into your reality, that you may view temporarily the movement of another focus that you hold.

LETTY:  Oh, and that’s why I was not afraid!

ELIAS:  Correct.

LETTY:  Oh wow!

ELIAS:  You shall notice that small ones do not hold fearfulness in these types of interactions, for they are quite accepting that this is familiar to them, and they continue for a time framework to be holding an element of their remembrance.  Therefore, they are not experiencing discomfort or fearfulness or disorientation in the viewing of these types of experiences.

LETTY:  Which makes a lot of sense!  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are welcome.

LETTY:  Okay, I want to move to a couple of questions regarding Leezar.  He continues to have a very large cough, if I may call it that.  One time I think we talked about it, and it had to do with fearfulness that he experiences in movement, and I was wondering if that still has something to do with the fact that he doesn’t have a job yet.  He feels he’s close to it, and I tried to lend him energy just so that he feels comfortable and trusting with himself, and I wondered if there was anything else I could do, considering that it looks like maybe ... and my question also is, am I helping him and helping myself?  Am I moving into an energy where it looks like I will be moving to Oregon at this point within probabilities?

ELIAS:  Let me offer to you Castille, first of all, the manifestation that this individual chooses to be exhibiting continues to be created for the same reasoning as I have expressed to you previously.

Now; as to your participation, we have spoken many times of your supportiveness to this individual, and you have inquired many times as to how you may be helpful to this individual, and I have offered you information in this area.  Now we shall deviate from this particular direction, for you are beginning to be creating another expression in continuation within your own personal responsibility issue.

You have moved from the expression of merely lending energy and supportiveness to this individual into more of an expression of this action and are beginning to be assuming personal responsibility in concern to this individual, and I am cautioning you in this area, for I hold an awareness that you have been creating movement in this area yourself, and that objectively you have not been noticing your own movement in this direction of beginning to be assuming personal responsibility once again.

(Intently)  In this, you are not helpful to another individual, nor to yourself, in continuing to be expressing concern once you are expressing in the manner of personal responsibility.

The individual is creating his reality in the manner that he is creating this.  This is also affecting of you in the area of allowing you to be viewing certain aspects of your own beliefs concerning what you view to be good and not very good.

LETTY:  Duplicity!

ELIAS:  Therefore, as you look to this individual, you camouflage your judgment by expressing concern, which you view to be a good expression.  But in actuality, you are not accepting of this individual’s choice to be creating his reality in the manner that he is creating it, for you wish it to be altered.

Therefore, I express to you, in suggestion, that you may be now turning your attention once again to self and not concentrating so very intently upon this other individual and his choices in his own reality, but to be more focused upon your reality and what you are creating and how you are aligning with certain aspects of your own beliefs concerning care-taking with another individual; (intently) also how you may be affecting in helpfulness in expression to another individual, that they may be creating their reality more efficiently.

Hear this carefully, for this is another aspect of camouflage.  Your thought process moves you in the direction of thinking to yourself that you are being helpful and that you are expressing concern and supportiveness, and underlyingly you are in actuality expressing that you may be creating his reality for him more efficiently if he is following your advice.

Therefore, I express to you to be examining these areas and recognizing that although you may be lending energy to other individuals, they continue to hold free will and the choice to be accepting or not accepting of that energy that you project, and this is not your concern.  Your concern is with self and to be addressing to self, and this shall automatically project outward a new acceptance of other individuals and what they are creating within their reality.

As to your movement in physical location, this also correlates with this same movement that you are creating presently in disguising to yourself concern and supportiveness, and in actuality you are expressing other elements of aspects of belief systems that you have not necessarily identified.

In this, you are concerning yourself outwardly with elements which you view to be better for this individual or creating more ease for this individual and therefore altering your behavior and creating movement which may not necessarily be entirely efficient for you, simply for the reason that your motivation for these movements is to be creating for another individual and not concerning yourself with your own creations.  You are viewing outside of yourself and concerning yourself, in distraction, with the comfort and efficiency of another individual, and not addressing to self.

LETTY:  Wow.  Everything is starting to make sense. (Brief pause)  Last night I had a dream, and I don’t know if this is something that may be connecting or that I was trying to tell myself, because I did dream about Leezar and about New Year’s, which to me was like a new beginning, and somehow he had deserted me or he had gone off with his male friends, and then I was upset, and I felt like I was trying to manipulate him because of the fact that I was upset that he did something he wanted to do and not what I wanted to do.

ELIAS:  Quite, and this is also a mirror to you of the information that I have been offering to you within this session.  You are communicating the same elements to yourself within your dream imagery.  In this, you are presenting yourself the opportunity to view how you are turning your attention outside of yourself, and in this action you are projecting expectations, for you are not looking to self.  When individuals are looking outside of self, they are also projecting expectations, but as you turn your attention to self and are examining your responses to different situations, to different emotional experiences, to different thought processes that you hold, you may view the reasons — the underlying aspects of beliefs — that are motivating you to be creating of all of these expressions.

In this, you shall be much more at ease and creating less conflict and confusion within yourself if you are returning your attention to self and not concerning yourself in your attention outside of yourself.  Many individuals move themselves quite efficiently into confusions and conflicts as they project expectations to other individuals rather than allowing an acceptance of other individual’s choices.  You create expectations of other individuals to be satisfying elements that you are not attending to within yourself, but they shall not be satisfying of these elements within self.  It is merely a camouflage.

LETTY:  Thank you so much.  That’s been so helpful.  I even believe that’s part of my duplicity problem, in my attention to my asthma.

ELIAS:  Correct.

LETTY:  Yeah.  I have one more dream I would like to ask about ‘cause I think it’s more validating to me that there are certain things I am accomplishing.  I dreamt my cousin built this house made of stone, which was a very solid house, and was very proud of it and showing it off.  But next door where her parents lived, which was a bigger house, there was concern about her father’s acceptance of her in certain ways she lived, and one of them was relationships.  I think I was mirroring myself, as I have come to understand myself better in certain things and accept myself in certain things, but I still hold fear of other people’s beliefs about me or judgments about me.

ELIAS:  Correct.  You are correct in your interpretation of this dream imagery, and I am acknowledging of your accomplishment in this area.  You are becoming much more efficient in your interpretation of your own dream imagery that you offer to yourself.  Be aware also that this is an accomplishment within physical focus, to be attuned to your dream imagery, for this is your communication to self in offering you information as to what you are creating within your reality, and may be quite helpful to you as you move through certain issues.

Within your dream imagery, you also validate yourself continuously, for essence is acknowledging to you, as you move through your focus, what you are accomplishing and what you are moving within.

In this, you are correct that you have been accomplishing in certain areas of your acceptance of self, but you do continue to hold aspects of this belief of relationships concerning how other individuals view you and what you are creating within your reality, allowing their judgments to be affecting of your view of self.

But I also express to you that this dream imagery you have presented to yourself for the reason of acknowledging to yourself that you are creating movement in this area, and not to be discounting of yourself regardless that you have not moved entirely through this issue as of this present now.  It matters not, for what is holding of importance in this area is that you ARE addressing to this situation and allowing yourself movement presently.

LETTY:  Elias, thank you so much.

ELIAS:  You are very welcome.  I continue to be acknowledging of you, Castille, for you ARE creating movement, and as you are creating movement, you shall notice that you are also lessening your conflict.  This is an objective indication to you and validation to you that you ARE addressing to these issues and aspects of belief systems, for were you not addressing to these and creating movement in this area, you would be continuing within your conflict and even accelerating your conflict.  But as you are diminishing your conflict in increments, you may be validating to yourself that you are creating your movement in the manner that you seek.

LETTY:  Yes, and I want to thank you because I know you were with me during my surgery.  I saw lots of blue before I went out!

ELIAS:  (Grinning)  Quite, that you may be reinforced and not experiencing questioning or fearfulness that you have chosen this particular action, for I hold an awareness that you continue to be struggling with certain aspects of your medical profession and allowing expressions of duplicity to be entering into your experience in this area, questioning yourself that you are creating the “right” choice by aligning in this direction.  My offering in energy to you was to be acknowledging that your choice is not wrong.  It merely is a choice, and this is acceptable.

LETTY:  (Whispering)  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are very welcome.

LETTY:  I think that’s it for today.  I have a lot to think about.

ELIAS:  Very well.  I express to you, Castille, great affection, and I anticipate our next meeting, and be drawing upon my energy within your manifestation of your breathing.  Be remembering that this may be affected in the discontinuation of it immediately as you are allowing yourself to be connecting with my energy as encouraging to you.  I express to you this day a very loving au revoir.

LETTY:  Au revoir.

Elias departs at 11:33 AM.

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