Session 367

The Energy Exchange


“The Energy Exchange”
“The Belief System of Sexuality”
“The Present Wave in Consciousness”

Sunday, February 28, 1999  © 1999 (Private/Phone)
Vic’s note: Usually I transcribe the sessions in chronological order, but I have “jumped ahead” with this one because it contains info for Mary about what is presently occurring with the energy exchange.
Participants:  Mary (Michael) and Nicky (Candace).
Elias arrives at 2:45 PM. (Arrival time is 18 seconds)  

ELIAS:  Bon jour, Candace! (Smiling)

NICKY:  Good morning!  How are you?

ELIAS:  As always.

NICKY:  It’s been a long time ... a long, long time! (Elias chuckles)  I wasn’t going to start off with this, but I think I will.  Why?  What am I blocking?  What am I running from?  What am I doing?  Why have I been avoiding you?  Why am I avoiding myself?

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  The reason that you have prevented yourself from interaction with myself is partially an expression of stubbornness.

NICKY:  Yep!

ELIAS:  This is the behavior that you move yourself into in your determination to be accessing information and processing and assimilating information yourself, and viewing that if you are inquiring of another individual or of this essence in the area of helpfulness, that you are creating a failure within yourself and you are not accomplishing adequately.  This is your own expression of your alignment with duplicity, in which you have batted this ball back and forth for much time period, not merely within the time framework since our last meeting.

NICKY:  Really! (Pause)  That’s just about where I’ve been.  So what I’m participating in is the action of duplicity then, by saying I can do it myself and not wanting to reach out for help.  And yet, in reaching out for help, there’s nothing wrong with that either.

ELIAS:  Quite, but you place a judgment upon this action.  You are reinforcing yourself with your own aspect of the belief system that suggests to you that you are not adequate in your own expression if you are accepting helpfulness from another individual or from myself.

NICKY:  Oh, interesting!  Okay.  Well, I don’t know if this is going to follow through with that same line of thought.  There seems to be something different that’s going on, a different action, a wave of energy, whatever you would call it or however you would label it, and a lot of people are experiencing it.  But my concern, and what I want to zero in on, is the parallel action between Mary and myself.  What are we experiencing?  It’s like, she feels she’s not acclimating to this new wave as well as she usually does, and I’m coming from the aspect of, I feel like I’m hanging in mid-air and that something’s not completed.

ELIAS:  Let me express to you that what you are inquiring of is twofold.

First of all, there is one action occurring in conjunction with this energy exchange which Michael is experiencing certain elements of, and you are connecting also with this action in your parallel action with Michael.  Therefore, you hold a partial awareness.

Now; there is also another action which is occurring presently in a wave of consciousness, in which you both are connecting to also.  These are two very different situations, and I shall offer an explanation to both.

Within the action which is occurring within this energy exchange, the energy which is being transmitted, so to speak, is not necessarily gaining strength.  What is occurring in actuality is that Michael is opening more to the reception of the energy exchange, which allows for a greater volume of energy to be incorporated into the exchange.

Now; the incorporation of this energy being exchanged is not limited to this one essence.  To this point, Michael has allowed a very slight incorporation of energy of other essences with this essence in conjunction with this forum, accepting that there are more than one essence participating in this exchange.  But Michael has focused his participation in this energy exchange, for the most part, with the incorporation and mergence of my energy, not allowing the expression of other energies to this extent.

In this opening to other energies, what he is accomplishing is the action of the mergence, of which I have explained to him previously upon one other occasion.  At that time period, he did not allow himself a readiness for this mergence of tone.

What is occurring in actuality in this action of mergence of tone is that he is opening his awareness and acceptance of energy exchange to all of the essences that participate in facilitating this energy exchange, which presents itself in the form of this phenomenon objectively.

Therefore, he experiences to his awareness a movement of energy, which he interprets as being slightly frightening as it moves closer to him.

What is occurring in this action is that in increments he is allowing the mergence, but not within one singular movement.  Therefore, he is preventing himself from experiencing the thrust of energy which he began to experience once before within this forum, in the attempt of this mergence of tone.

In this, he experiences a partial expression of fearfulness, but he also is noticing that he is not incorporating the materialization of the entirety of the mergence, and therefore he is not experiencing the entirety of the fearfulness.

In this, he also is noticing within his objective awareness that he does not seem to be acclimating to the exchange as adequately as he has acclimated previously.  This is incorrect.  He IS acclimating, but this is a very different type of expression of energy, for he is incorporating a greater volume of energy which shall be much more facilitating of this energy exchange, and therefore shall be translating much more directedly and efficiently within this phenomenon.

In this action, were he to be allowing the full incorporation in one experience of this mergence of tone, he would be re-experiencing the same action that he has incorporated previously and would be creating an extreme response, a tremendous expression of fearfulness, and a closing to this mergence.

Now; let me also express to you that I hold awareness of the physical affectingness that he is experiencing presently, and I shall also express that this shall continue temporarily as he is continuing in the incorporation of this mergence of tone, and once he has acclimated himself to this mergence, this physical affectingness shall discontinue.

In this, (sighing) there is no expression that I may be offering to him in helpfulness with regard to the physical affectingness.  He holds an awareness that this is an agreement, and that he may be choosing to be disengaging this action within any moment.

He also holds the awareness that within the agreement to be continuing within this action, there is an acceptance of the element of the withdrawal of subjective interaction to body consciousness, and in that action there shall be a physical affectingness, and with the volume of energy exchange — as he is incorporating this mergence of tone — the affectingness shall be slightly greater as he acclimates and adjusts his energy to this exchange.

This would be likened to the expression, as I have offered previously, to your physical transplantation of your physical organs.  Previously he has incorporated the exchange in a comparative manner to incorporating a transplantation physically of one organ, and presently he incorporates the comparison of transplantation of all organs simultaneously.  The physical body consciousness shall be more rejecting as to the volume of foreign tissue which is introduced.  In like manner, the physical body consciousness shall be more rejecting to the volume of energy which is incorporated that it does not recognize in conjunction with itself.  Are you understanding?

NICKY:  Um-hmm.

ELIAS:  Therefore, in this, as you parallel Michael, you also experience certain aspects of this action, in subjectively holding an understanding of what is occurring.  How this becomes translated objectively is that you experience a feeling within your focus of suspension — limbo, so to speak — in which you have not fully incorporated an understanding, but you hold an awareness of an approaching event.  You merely do not hold the objective awareness of what the event is.  Therefore, as you do not identify, you find yourself within the expression of suspension.  This shall pass also, once this mergence of tone is completed ... in a manner of speaking.  Are you understanding?

NICKY:  Yes.  Yes, I am.

ELIAS:  Now; as to the other expression which is being incorporated simultaneously: you, Michael, and many, many other individuals are experiencing an alignment and participation within this wave of consciousness which is occurring presently.  As I have begun discussions addressing to this particular wave in consciousness, this wave addresses to the belief system of your creation of sexuality in this dimension, which incorporates the creation of gender and of orientation.

Now; I hold an awareness that within your understanding, this may seem to hold no bearance upon your experiences objectively, for you associate this subject and this belief system as merely incorporating aspects of sexual activity or physical gender function.

(Intently)  What I express to you presently is that within the area of orientation, this is affecting of you in every aspect of your focus, for orientation concerns perception and how you view and create the entirety of your reality.  Therefore, it is all-encompassing of your reality.  It is quite affecting physically, emotionally, and mentally within your objective expressions, and enters into all of your interactions.  Presently, it is quite affecting of emotional expressions with many individuals.

Be remembering, I am expressing that this particular belief system concerns itself with your perception.  Your perception is that with which you view and create the entirety of your reality.  Therefore, your emotional qualities are quite involved with these expressions.

Also, how you view yourself and your interactions with other individuals, and how you view other individuals’ interactions with YOU, and how you are responding to them with relation to your perception of your reality, also is being involved and addressed to in this wave.

This particular belief system holds many, many more aspects than you realize.  I have expressed previously that each of these belief systems — that I move into the addressment with — hold[s] many more aspects than you are aware of objectively.

This particular belief system, being a base creation and foundational creation of this particular reality, holds a tremendous amount of aspects within it.  Therefore, it is VERY affecting, and the energy projected within its expression may be viewed as extreme.

Therefore, you may be noticing extreme expressions within other individuals, and you may also be noticing extreme expressions within yourself.  You may also be noticing aspects of your own expressions that may seem to be inconsistent with your normal creation of your expressions, in a manner of speaking ... for normal is quite a relative term!

In this, you may notice yourselves expressing behavior that is surprising to you, and not usual.  You are allowing yourselves to be exploring all of the different aspects of your own expressions.

In this, you offer yourselves the opportunity to address more fully to all of the aspects within this particular belief system, recognizing that it encompasses ALL of your reality.

Just as with the belief system of duplicity, this particular belief system of sexuality enters into all of your expressions within your focus.  Therefore, you shall be noticing extreme affectingnesses and behaviors and expressions as this wave in consciousness continues.

NICKY:  Whew!  Boy oh boy, that’s for sure!  Okay, I have a question for Mike on his German focus, a validation: Stefan George? (Pause)

ELIAS:  Correct.

NICKY:  That is correct?  Stefan George is his German focus?

ELIAS:  Yes.

NICKY:  Okay.  Bahlah, her fainting and her dream, what was she becoming aware of?  What was she telling herself?  Should she be concerned physically?  What should she be taking care of?

ELIAS:  There is no necessity for concern in this area.  It is merely imagery that she is presenting to herself in the recognition of connecting with subjective information.

In this, as there is an allowance in extreme manner — as I have offered within this now concerning this wave in consciousness — the objective translation is also to be offering extreme imagery in the manner of disassociating objective awareness and directly engaging subjective awareness.

NICKY:  Okay, alright.  That’s what I kinda felt, but I wasn’t sure.  Number three: I need clarification on Albert.  Is he a fragment of Lezbae or of Candace? (Pause)

ELIAS:  Lezbae. (pronounced lez-bay’)

NICKY:  Lezbae?  Okay, thank you.  Let me see.  The dream with my grandfather ... I very seldom remember dreams.  Why do I block myself from remembering dreams?  I very seldom remember them, but when I do remember them, they’re very vivid.  This one had to do with my grandfather, my uncle, my father, my brother.  What was really significant was my grandfather, and a ring that he gave me.  What was that all about?  Something that I can understand here, in this objective way that I look at things.

ELIAS:  This is imagery that you are presenting yourself with in conjunction with this shift in consciousness, and the remembrance which is involved in the expression of this shift.  The ring is the symbolization of the circle which is being completed in the action of this shift in consciousness, allowing yourselves to return to the expression of remembrance which was held in what you may term to be “before the beginning.”  It is offered to you by an individual that you hold a trust within, therefore also being suggestive, within your imagery to yourself, that you may be trustful in the action of this shift in consciousness and the completion of this circle.

NICKY:  Okay, alright.  Now, let me see.  The second part of this ... I know I had a double question there ... why do I restrict myself from remembering dreams objectively?

ELIAS:  In this expression, at times you are preventing yourself from your remembrance of your dream interaction for the reason that we have discussed previously within this session, in that you choose to be allowing yourself information objectively and you choose to be understanding in objective terms, so to speak.

Now: there is twofold reasoning in this action.  Partially there is an awareness held that you move in the direction of viewing dream imagery as symbolic and tedious, for you hold difficulty in interpreting your imagery to yourself into objective terms and associating the action and imagery — which you are presenting yourself with within dream state — with your objective waking state.  Therefore, in the expression of remembering dream imagery, partially you are reinforcing another aspect of your duplicity, for you are expressing to yourself the reinforcement of your own inadequacy in the area of objective interpretation. Therefore, you prevent yourself from noticing this expression by not remembering your dream imagery.

NICKY:  Okay, alright.  That’s understandable.  Okay, let’s see.  I’m eating coffee beans like crazy again!  Is my connection still with the South American thing, and to what degree is it?  I mean, I have to have these things all the time!

ELIAS:  Let me be reminding you also that there is information and helpfulness that this focus may be offering to you, in your understanding of expressions that you are experiencing within this focus.

NICKY:  And I’m just not connecting with that, am I?

ELIAS:  Correct.

NICKY:  Could you help me in any way?  Can you point me in the direction where I could be more helpful to myself?

ELIAS:  In this, be allowing yourself to be open to the exchange of energy between yourself and this other focus, for as you allow yourself an interaction and a receiving of energy ... within your meditations, you may be practicing.  It shall allow you more of an understanding in the areas of actions and behaviors that you are incorporating within this now.  You shall also notice that within this particular wave in consciousness, it may be helpful to you in allowing you to address to aspects of this particular belief system with more of an ease.

NICKY:  Interesting.  Okay, let me see.  Oh, I know what it was.  This is one that is like really weird, or I look at it as being weird because it’s just so unusual.  This past week, I have seen the word “insurance” in so many ways, shapes, and forms: in the commercials, in the newspapers, in the headlines, hearing somebody talk about car insurance.  What is this insurance thing about?

ELIAS:  (Smiling wryly)  This, once again, is a connection that you are incorporating in conjunction to Michael, and partially with Lawrence, in the connection between Michael and Lawrence.

Now; look to your objective imagery.  Your insurance, within physical focus, is offered to you for what purpose?  To be protective of you.

NICKY:  Right.

ELIAS:  In this, there is an expression which is occurring presently which presents itself in the area of protection with concern to Michael and Lawrence.  This is unnecessary, but is quite in alignment with the present wave in consciousness and how individuals perceive their reality and beyond, and their perception that there is a necessity to be incorporating protection from some element which is outside of themselves.

This, I express to you, is ludicrous, for there is no expression outside of yourselves, for you are creating of it all, and there is no necessity within consciousness of any type of protection!  This is purely an aspect of belief system, and is entirely unnecessary!

NICKY:  (Cracking up)  Oh, that’s so cute!  Okay, let me see.  In the same respect, going with the symbols, the Cadillac symbol: the car, the vehicle itself, the symbol of the car, the hood ornament, that kind of thing.  What is that saying?  It’s so predominant at times.

ELIAS:  This also is an expression of imagery which moves in conjunction with the ring, but you present yourself with this symbolization in recognition that the circle is not entirely completed within this present now.

NICKY:  Okay.  I look at it as being not completed yet, but in actuality, in simultaneous time, it is completed.

ELIAS:  Correct.

NICKY:  But objectively, not.

ELIAS:  Correct, although within your linear time framework, it has not entirely been inserted into your official reality.

NICKY:  Okay, alright.  About a week ago, something transpired.  I was talking with Jene, and my back came up, and the asthma thing, and the going back and forth, and she reacted when she was scanning my solar plexus area.  What was it that she was seeing or feeling compared to what was really going on?

ELIAS:  Rudy is responsive to this energy center, as he holds much responsiveness to emotional expressions and allows an affectingness strongly in the area of emotional expressions.  As this particular energy center is quite affecting of emotional expressions, there is a responsiveness to this within Rudy.

What YOU are creating within YOUR expression is an identification within this particular energy center connecting with this wave in consciousness presently, and within this present now, in how it is emotionally affecting of very many individuals in extreme manner.

You are also affecting of your physical form in partial alignment with this wave in consciousness, affecting of your physical back as an expression to yourself to be noticing that you move in the direction presently of attempting to be incorporating a new balance.  As you move closer to the expression of balance within yourself, you shall be affecting in alleviating the intensity of this physical painfulness which you are creating presently.  As you continue within expressions of unbalanced, the affectingness of painfulness shall continue.

NICKY:  Oh, so could I now go forth and interpret that to say that while I’m in pain, I’m going to the arena of unbalanced?

ELIAS:  Yes.

NICKY:  Okay.  Could you help me in pointing me in a direction where I could work with that, and what avenue I could get started with it?

ELIAS:  Yes.  You may focus your attention, within those moments, of addressing first to your energy centers, aligning your energy centers, in which you shall be noticing this particular energy center of yellow to be rotating out of sync with your other energy centers.  You may also notice your orange energy center, which shall be expressing a lack of balance also, and in this, as you are pulling these two energy centers into alignment and balance, this shall be affecting initially.

Subsequently, you may also be quieting yourself — listen to me, Candace!  QUIETING yourself — for you are allowing yourself much scatteredness, and you are allowing your energy to be projecting in many different directions simultaneously and confusing yourself, and you are not focusing upon the now, and this is creating an imbalance.  Therefore, quiet yourself and focus your attention within the moment of the now.

In this, once you have quieted yourself and focused your attention within the now, not allowing scatteredness, return your focus to your energy centers ... for I hold an awareness that you incorporate great difficulty in this quietness!

NICKY:  Yes.

ELIAS:  Therefore, I also hold an awareness that within the moment of turning your attention to the now, you may slip into NOT now.

Therefore, within that moment, return your focus to your energy centers, for as you incorporate a visualization, which incorporates action, this shall hold your attention more efficiently than merely concentrating upon the now.

NICKY:  Oh, okay....

ELIAS:  Presently, you do not allow yourself the incorporation of enough discipline to focus your attention within the now without distraction.  You require some element of action to be holding your attention.  Therefore, I offer to you that once you have turned your attention to the moment of the now, eliminating all other distractions, then immediately turn your attention once again to your energy centers, which shall hold you in the now.

NICKY:  Okay.

ELIAS:  In this....

NICKY:  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I think there’s only one or two more things here.  Okay, can I follow that one up?  This has to do with the asthma issue also?

ELIAS:  Yes, for once again, you are restricting yourself in your lack of incorporation of noticing the lack of balance.

NICKY:  Okay, alright.  Do I also therefore, with that one too, go to the orange and the yellow?

ELIAS:  You may be incorporating orange and yellow, and also, within the moments of restricted breath, incorporate pink.

NICKY:  Pink, okay.  Pink has been predominant.  How interesting!  Okay, let me see.  What transpired when I was working the temporary job?  I loved working there.  I enjoyed it.  I knew it was temporary.  I knew it was coming to an end, but as it was coming to an end, I was becoming at the same time more physically exhausted, and on my last day of work, I was really aware of the fact of how hard it was for me to be breathing.  So naturally, I went to the place of, “Okay, it’s windy today, so it would be acting up,” and all these other kinds of objective ways of looking at it.  But what really transpired there?

ELIAS:  What you have offered to yourself in this action is a temporary respite, so to speak, within your interaction in this employ.  You have distracted yourself temporarily, and as you discontinued this action of this particular employ, you also held a recognition of turning your focus once again to self and the addressment to your own belief systems and aspects of belief systems and the incorporation of your own balance.

In this, you allowed yourself the responsiveness in physical restriction.  You are quite accomplished in this area, in creating automatic responses within your physical body consciousness to your subjective movement.

NICKY:  Oh!  Now what does that mean?

ELIAS:  As you choose to be incorporating subjective movement and begin to be addressing to aspects of belief systems and to self, you also create automatic responses within your physical body consciousness.

In this, you channel your energy, in a manner of speaking, from all of your different expressions into one area of physical expression, and allow yourself to express the energy in many different areas of physical affectingness.

NICKY:  Very interesting.  So my awareness then, which has been more predominant lately — or a clearer understanding, I should say, I hope — is that I’ve begun to realize how far away from actually looking to self, how far away I’ve been from that, although I thought I was, but I really have not been.  And just now, incorporating what it really means to be looking at one’s own self without judgment.

ELIAS:  Correct.

NICKY:  Interesting.  Okay, so I should follow along the same path that I’ve become more aware of, and what it means to be dealing with myself and not being concerned with all that’s around me.

ELIAS:  Correct.

NICKY:  Interesting.  Okay, now going back to the temporary job, I enjoyed at the moment — I think I did or I thought I did — working for that particular company, and I’m looking ... because I seem to be standing in the middle.  There’s a possibility that I could be working for the company again, and yet, the other side of me says that I don’t really want to participate there again.

ELIAS:  You have accomplished already.  You have offered yourself your distraction with that particular position temporarily.  This be the reason that you objectively feel a pull not to be re-engaging in this same manner.

NICKY:  Oh, interesting!  So I was associating with the job, at that particular time period anyway ... oh my goodness!

ELIAS:  This has been your offering to yourself of your distraction and your temporary respite.

NICKY:  How interesting.  Really interesting!  Okay, then what happens inside myself?  Do I do the same type of thing when I start to look at what job arena I will participate in?  I should just leave that one alone too, and let it be and let it transpire like this one did?  It just came up, and I took it.

ELIAS:  Correct.  This is your trusting of yourself.

NICKY:  Okay, alright.  That’s what I was feeling.  Okay, I think I just have one more question.  Okay, self doubt: when there’s mental anguish, when there’s confusion, does what’s going on ... it has to do with the duplicity issue, doesn’t it?

ELIAS:  Yes.

NICKY:  Conflict.

ELIAS:  Yes.

NICKY:  Okay, that’s duplicity.  Okay, I’d like to know, what is the connection between Mikah and Marr?  What is the action going on between the two of them?

ELIAS:  This is an allowance of bleed-through energy projected from other focuses, and may be connected to if they are so choosing.

NICKY:  And they may what?  I didn’t catch that last part.

ELIAS:  They may be connecting to this if they are so choosing, in connecting to shared focus.

NICKY:  Okay, ‘cause they have, then therefore, shared more than one focus, haven’t they?

ELIAS:  Correct.

NICKY:  Okay, that’s what I thought.  Okay, I think ... oh yeah, a famous focus.  Okay, Michael and I were talking a couple of weeks ago, and I’m looking at Lena Horne and/or ... what is my connection, I should say, with Lena Horne and/or Otis Redding? (Pause)

ELIAS:  Another focus of your essence within this time framework holds counterpart action to this individual.

NICKY:  Okay.  Another focus of ... ?

ELIAS:  Your essence within this time framework.

NICKY:  Okay, and that’s with both of them, right?

ELIAS:  With first....

NICKY:  Okay, with Lena.  And the one with Otis? (Pause)

ELIAS:  This is an identification within energy of this individual holding an awareness, partially, of this type of information which is being offered to you.

NICKY:  Okay, alright.  What is my fascination with ... I know there was a clarification, I think, at one time.  I don’t know if it was with Egypt or not, but with Cleopatra, Alexander, all in that arena.  I had to have had a focus during that time period.

ELIAS:  You are correct.

NICKY:  Okay.  Being the servant of both? (Pause)

ELIAS:  Of one, the latter.

NICKY:  Cleopatra.


NICKY:  No, huh?  Of Alexander, then.  In his army?

ELIAS:  Correct.

NICKY:  Okay, then what was my connection with the Cleopatra thing, if not servant?

ELIAS:  This would be your participation within that time framework, but not necessarily connected to that particular individual.

NICKY:  Okay, it’s during the same time period, then.

ELIAS:  Yes.

NICKY:  Okay, alright.  Let’s see.  I think that’s it, and if you have anything to say to me, I would appreciate it, and if not, I will wish you a very good day, and enjoy whatever you’re doing! (Elias chuckles and Nicky laughs)  And how you do it!

ELIAS:  As always! (Grinning)  I express to you an encouragement to be remembering this suggestion that I have offered to you this day, in your connection with your energy centers.  This may be quite helpful to you.  I also shall express to you that you may look to your present expression of suspension as temporary, and that as you are lending energy to the facilitation of this energy exchange, this shall be helpful in its movement of assimilation more quickly.

I offer to you much affection, and I express to you also that I anticipate our next meeting, regardless of your battling with your duplicity and your stubbornness! (Chuckling)

NICKY:  (Laughing)  Oh, thank you so much!

ELIAS:  I am quite aware of what you are creating regardless of your objective interaction with me! (Chuckling)  I am encouraging of you in your new adventure, and I express to you that I shall be lending energy to you in your expression of trust of self.  To you this day, I offer a very loving au revoir.

NICKY:  Au revoir.

Elias departs at 3:49 PM.


(1)  Regarding Mary’s previous experience in this area, reference session #72, 2/18/96, in which the experience actually occurred.

Following is an edited excerpt from session #55, 11/15/95, in which we received “instructions” as to what to do when this occurred:

ELIAS:  These are your instructions.  I was beginning to offer you information within our previous session as to the alignment of energies incorporated, this being a point of intersection dimensionally.  Within this point of intersection, you will be noticing of my energy seemingly to be diminishing, which it is not, but it IS moving.

In order to be allowing this intersection, Michael will not be quite as accessible to physical focus as he normally incorporates.  Your instruction is to be aware of this movement of energy intersection, and when speaking is discontinued — not paused — you may be initiating focusing on Michael. (Pause)

We will use the original sign, which Michael WILL be responding to.  You may (knocks three times loudly on the table).  Therefore, within consciousness, a response should be initiated.  Left to his own, he may incorporate difficulty in reconnecting with this focus without helpfulness from the individuals incorporated presently. (Pause)

I have been in contact and incorporated a preparation with Michael already, but he is not quite comprehending of the actualization of this alignment.  This is not an element to be fearful of!  Within this experience, Michael will incorporate conceptualization of what is expressed, and will be remembering of this.  Therefore, he will have an understanding of what is occurring, partially. (Pause)

From session #142, :

ELIAS:  Now; within this also, be remembering that there is an influx of energies of other essences which are merging.  This is not interference.  It is a mergence which is slightly — not much, but slightly — affecting of verbal delivery.

VICKI:  Merging with what?

ELIAS:  This is difficult to explain for your understanding.

Michael, within his movement within the engagement of these sessions, has learned the action of mergence to an extent with Elias.  This has been in your terms a singular action, a mergence with one energy source within these sessions which also continues outside of these sessions, although he holds no objective awareness of this action.  Within the open state of consciousness within the action of these sessions now, as the mergence has been accomplished in part, so to speak, it continues with a greater influx of energy.

Let me, so to speak, back up one moment.

You shall be recalling our moment of tone alignment.  At the moment of tone alignment, a momentary mergence occurred of all of these energies.  In this action, Michael’s response was fear.  It was, in your terms of speaking, overwhelming within an action of energy, to his understanding.  Therefore, it was frightening.

Subsequent to this alignment of tone, gradually within the process of this phenomenon, these energies have been filtering through slowly, and partially accomplishing a mergence also.  Eventually, in your terms also, this mergence shall be accomplished with all of these essences within our interaction.  In this, they shall be one.  This shall allow a greater interaction within energy within your sessions.  It shall also provide more energy to be connected with subjectively by you within this forum, for the accomplishment of movement within the action of this shift.

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