Session 366

Becoming a Bridge to Yourself


“Becoming a Bridge to Yourself”
“Staying in the Actual Physical Now”
“Fear/Depression/The Sinful Self”

Sunday, February 28, 1999-1   © 1999 (Private/Phone)
Participants:  Mary (Michael) and Lynda (Ruther).
Elias arrives at 12:46 PM. (Arrival time is 23 seconds)

ELIAS:  Good morning!

LYNDA:  Hi Elias!  It’s me, Ruther! (Elias chuckles)  I’m going to sing you a song for a minute.  (Singing) “Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me!”  You’re my birthday present to me today, Elias!

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  And shall I be congratulating you on your accomplishment of one-half of one century!

LYNDA:  Hey!  Good for you!  Thank you!  I appreciate that!  I was hoping you would guess my age, although I don’t look bad for my age!  Don’t you think I look pretty good for that age? (Laughing)

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  This would be relatively speaking, would it not?

LYNDA:  Yeah, relatively, considering how old I really am, right? (Elias chuckles)  Yes!  May I thank you for the Elias information, and my growing remembrance of my dear friend Elias?

ELIAS:  It is unnecessary for thankfulness, although I shall be accepting of your expression, but I am merely offering information that you have requested.

LYNDA:  Yeah, that’s really true.  It’s so interesting!  I would like to ask you a couple of things regarding some impressions and evaluations, and hopefully continue to go on with my little self in the direction I am seeming to be going.  Would that be okay with you?

ELIAS:  Very well.

LYNDA:  Okay, let me think.  Let me get this first chunk out of the way.  I would like to ask you if my present take or my present evaluation of my connection with John is ... how do I say this?  The last time we spoke about my connection with John and the group, we discussed their possible openness to me discussing Elias with them, and you suggested that I look for the commonalities between us, and I have been looking at commonalities quite a lot since then, as you know, and I go in and out of two very intensely different experiences emotionally.

I do not so much want to address the specifics of what the actual examples are as much as I want to discuss the two feelings or aspects of myself, which is, one I’m calling more free, fearless, definitely connected with my purpose in the moment — not purpose, my intent — comfortable in my intent, it matters not, and it’s also very alive and exciting.  And then there’s this other side, Elias, that comes in, that I think is my downside connection to John, which is in the form of intense fear and depression.

I’m wanting to ask you, I guess ... forgive me for being so confusing to myself.  I think what I’m trying to discern is, I’m getting a lot of counterpart action because I think I’m widening very quickly by choice because I’m impatient to widen, and that’s fine with me.  I don’t want to blame the counterpart action because I’m taking the responsibility to understand it, but I do think that I’m getting a lot of counterpart action from John and the group, and I think it’s got a lot to do with this depressive/non-depressive cycle I have been going in and out of for a long time.  Would you make a comment on that, please?

ELIAS:  I shall express to you that you draw to yourself experiences that shall emphasize certain areas that you have chosen to address to, and as individuals within physical focus magnate to experiences that are uncomfortable — to be motivating them in directions of movement, for the most part — you are choosing to be creating of certain responses within yourself and allowing yourself to enter into triggerings with yourself that shall produce a type of responsiveness that appears in a manner of extreme.  As this is creating of an element of uncomfortableness, it also gains your attention quite efficiently, and as you are gaining your attention, you focus upon this area.

You have identified that you are experiencing this element of fearfulness.  Underlyingly, there is an expression in acceptance of a belief system with regard to a “sinful self.”  Be remembering, this IS a belief system.

In this, as you trigger certain elements within yourself and you present yourself with this distress, in a manner of speaking, you gain your attention, that you may be focusing upon these areas of underlying aspects of belief systems and that you may be addressing to the byproduct of these aspects of belief systems, which is fear.  As you present yourself the experience of fearfulness, you also allow yourself to be more effectively addressing to this situation.

In this, aspects of belief systems in religious areas may be quite affecting, and as they are influenced and compounded, in a manner of speaking, by mass belief systems and expressions, they may also be quite distressing to you.

Now; you may be effectively addressing to this situation in your own movement into acceptance of self and a realization that you are merely aligning with aspects of duplicity and religious belief systems, which may be quite influencing, but also may be quite neutralized within your own expression of acceptance of self.

LYNDA:  Okay.  Can I ask a specific question about that?

ELIAS:  You may.

LYNDA:  Okay.  Because I have experienced this depression/getting free, depression/getting free cycle for so many years, I think I have tried to justify it by saying that I will be beneficial to other people who are going through similar trauma, and ... how do I say this?  In a sense, I really do ... Elias, you know that what be the point, in my thinking, of being physical if I can’t have a good time and be free?  To be honest with you, that would be my choice, and then when I go to make that choice, I am not accepting of anything that gets in my way, so I keep going around the same mountain or the hamster cage.  I think that’s what you’re trying to tell me, right?

ELIAS:  What you are accomplishing in this action is, you express that you do not allow other elements or individuals to be “in your way,” in your words, but what you ARE producing is placing YOURSELF in your way.  In this, you allow yourself to be blocking of your own movement, for you are at times immobilizing your own movement in allowing the expression of duplicity.

Now; I may express to you that you may be quite helpful to other individuals in this area as you allow yourself to move through this issue and to address to certain aspects of these belief systems which are affecting you.

In this also, within the moment of this fearfulness — in which you may express that you are experiencing attacks, so to speak, which is quite symbolically expressed — as you focus your attention genuinely in the moment within that now and not allow yourself to become distracted within that now, you shall also find that the expression shall be altered and the fearfulness shall dissipate.

For in holding your attention within the now, you are allowing an expression of acceptance of self and a recognition of the reality of the experience and the occurrences of the now as opposed to the created perception of the now, incorporating other areas, other time frameworks, and other interactions which in actuality are not occurring within your physical now.

LYNDA:  Right.

ELIAS:  Now; let me also express to you that within these types of situations, the reason the hold is so very intense in these elements of fearfulness is that what you are creating within your perception IS a reality.  It is not necessarily the physical reality that you are experiencing within your official reality physically, but it is a reality of merging another experience, time framework, interaction, and event with the now.  This would be the action that you and other individuals are creating while you are experiencing these types of affectingnesses.

What I am expressing to you is to allow yourself to turn your attention to your actual physical present and the event and moment and action that is occurring in THAT reality, for I wish your understanding in the area that it is not your imagination — in your definition of imagination — that you are creating other events within a particular now.

What you are experiencing is two events simultaneously, but you are overshadowing one in your attention with the other.  The overshadowing appears with the attention being turned to the fearfulness and creating an event which is not physically occurring.

In this, as this produces distress and an uncomfortableness, I offer you the suggestion that as you turn your attention from that area and that creation to the area of creation within your actual physical now, you shall be creating a natural byproduct of dissipating those fearful emotions and experiences.  Are you understanding?

LYNDA:  Oh yes, I very much am.  I’m having a lot of experiences in the now to support what you’re saying, so I very much concur, and appreciate that.

ELIAS:  You also may offer yourself more information within these experiences, as you may offer yourself the opportunity within the now to examine why you are creating this situation of fearfulness.

In this, as you question yourself in this manner, you move your attention into the area of examining which aspects of belief systems are affecting of you within that particular moment, and as you allow yourself to view those particular birds, the intensity is also reduced, for you are now viewing the birds as opposed to merely allowing those birds to be affecting of you.

LYNDA:  Right.  I would say that where I am at right now with some of these birdies is, there’s a strong belief system, Elias, and I know you have addressed this several times in the information, about being afraid to be abnormal.  It is normal to focus on the negative.  It is normal in this society, in this belief system, to support ... to be normal is to accept depression and to not create things effortlessly.

I make that general statement, but personally, the way it’s hitting me is, “Oh my god!  What would happen if I created money for myself?  How would I be able to help other people?  They’ll never believe me!”  Do you understand the odd silliness of that?  You know what I mean.  The fear of being too happy and too effortless is so un-normal!

ELIAS:  I have expressed previously that although you express to yourselves and to each other that you hold fearfulness of failure, I express to you that you hold much more fearfulness of successfulness than you do in the area of failure.  You accept failure, for this is an expression of your belief in duplicity.

In this, you not only move in the direction of not being accepting of your own successfulness, for how shall you be presenting of this to other individuals and that you hold a fearfulness that they shall not be accepting of your expression, but you yourselves are not accepting of your expression, for you may not be successful in your endeavors, for you do not hold worthiness that shall precede the successfulness, for within your belief systems you must be worthy, and subsequently you may be successful.  I express to you that you are thwarting of your own efforts much more efficiently than any obstacles that you perceive other individuals may place before you!

LYNDA:  (Laughing)  Shit!

ELIAS:  Your own obstacles are quite larger and are offering much more formidable fortresses to be overcoming than any structure that may be placed before you by any other individual!

LYNDA:  You are so smart!  Elias, I’ll tell you something.  I’ll tell you the truth about what I want to do.  You and I could have so much ... you should have fun!  We could have so much ... you know, it’s funny.  The reason is, I am a ... I don’t know why I resonate with you so much like this!  I almost want to ask you if I’m fragmented of your essence or something, or an aspect of you, because when you’re telling me this ... a huge bunch of imagery I got over the last couple of days, and the reason actually that I initiated this call, was because it would be so fun to bridge the gap between the physical and the non-physical in a normal way, non-religiously, and be free and create like ... I had a whole idea for a video session between you and several different key celebrities that I think would go crazy and have fun meeting you, and have it not ... and protect Mary in it, and actually have it be a really fun atmosphere, and private.

Anyway, I had all these creative and fun ideas about playing with you, and being a fun link to bring the Elias information to a lot of people that would have a lot of fun with it!  And god forbid, I’m a Jewish woman!  I should have fun and not suffer!  And I would be ... it would be great!  I would automatically be who I want to be!

So I totally get what you’re saying, and that would certainly be my goal!  Do you understand what I’m saying about this fun connection to you?  You are extremely fun!  And I want to bridge the gap between the physical and the non-physical in a really fun, effortless way! (Elias chuckles)  So I don’t totally get what you’re saying, and I am going to work on my acceptance of this, because really, Elias, I want to do that with you.  We would have so much ... I would have a lot of fun!  (Elias chuckles again)  Anyway, do you know what I mean?

ELIAS:  I am quite understanding of your enthusiasm and your direction that you are proceeding within.  I shall also express to you that I am quite understanding of this desire within yourself and many other individuals, in alignment with this shift in consciousness and the information which is offered.  I express to you also that I am quite aware of Michael’s energy and his creation of his physical focus, and hold an acceptance of this also.

Let me express to you that although I have offered information at times to Michael, and also to Lawrence, in what may be considered prodding expressions with them, I may also express to you that I hold a great awareness of Michael’s essence and this particular focus that has been chosen to be interactive with this energy exchange, and I shall not be intrusive to this particular focus.

I may also express to you that this creation of this energy exchange with this individual is no accident.  Therefore, there is also an understanding and acceptance of the direction that he moves within in his own creation of this particular physical focus.  I may appear at times to be lightly pushing in offering an energy bump, so to speak, at times with Michael, as it may be accepted within those particular time frameworks, but I also hold an awareness of directions that would be quite intrusive, and shall not enter into interactions in those areas.

LYNDA:  So you’re saying that this direction would be, even futurely could be ... it may not happen because of that.  Is that what you’re saying?

ELIAS:  Quite.  I shall express to you that Michael holds choices, as do you all, and therefore, there are always probabilities which are being engaged and created, and he also moves in directions of lending himself to actions of creating probabilities outside of his immediate pool of probabilities.

Therefore, it is not beyond the possibilities that he may choose to be moving outside of his own pool of probabilities futurely, but within this present now, within your linear time framework, he has chosen to be settling into certain probabilities that do not reach outside of his immediate pool.

In this, Michael has chosen a particular personality type within this individual focus, which although engaged with this energy exchange, does not always lend itself to certain directions that may be engaged with this energy exchange.  In the recognition of the personality expression that he has created within this particular focus, there is also an acceptance of that.

Be remembering also, as I have stated, this is not an accident that this particular focus has been chosen to be engaging this energy exchange, and there are purposeful reasons for that expression.

It would be defeating of the point of this information to be objectively engaging this type of interaction with an individual within physical focus to be creating a sensational expression.  This would not be the point.  That type of action would merely lend energy to the expression of individuals within physical focus aligning with the action of becoming followers and disciples, which we are quite mindful to be avoiding and not to be reinforcing automatic and established patterns and behaviors which stem from energy being lent to established belief systems.

Therefore, I hold an understanding of the motivation that many individuals hold in their wish to be presenting this information in more of a sensational manner, but within this present now, your time framework does not lend to efficient accomplishment of that type of action, and in a manner of speaking, more harmfulness may be accomplished than actual helpfulness, with respect to this shift in consciousness.

Vic’s note:  Thanks for the “form letter,” Elias!

LYNDA:  I understand what you’re saying.  Yeah, you know something, Elias, that’s very ... you’re absolutely correct, and I understand that.  I can see where one of these days it’ll work, and it would be really fun.  So what that just tells me is (a) not to put myself down, and (b) ... well, no, more than that.  I really want to be invisible myself!  It would be my first choice now to be invisible, because my personality is so vibrant.  I’ve always drawn people to myself and pushed them away because they had a tendency to be excited about my energy, and I always instinctively have never known that I didn’t want to draw people to myself.  I’m on track with that.  Do you know what I’m saying?

ELIAS:  Let me express to you that this also, with yourself, is partially an expression of duplicity, for you have created a personality type within this particular focus to be expressive — to be, in a manner of speaking, flamboyant, and also to be expressive emotionally — and in this, you move in one direction of allowing those types of expressions to be displayed within your focus.

But you also move in the direction of aligning with duplicity, and underlyingly express to yourself — in this manner of the sinful self — that this type of expression draws attention to yourself and that this is not good, and that in true expression of humility and helpfulness, you shall be moving in the direction of anonymity and martyrdom ...

LYNDA:  Yes!

ELIAS:  ... and this shall be much more acceptable within the underlying aspects of religious belief systems.

This be another reason that you experience the intensity in these expressions of distress or depression, as you term this to be, for you are battling with yourself in these two areas.  You battle with your own natural creation of your own natural expression within your intent in this focus, and you battle with the belief systems which hold much energy within you and your alignment to them, in which expressions are better and good and acceptable and which expressions shall be that of arrogance and self-centeredness.  For naturally, (humorously) you shall be moving in the direction of creating the expression of humility!

LYNDA:  Ah, of course!  Oh, Elias!  Well, you got the Sumalfi/Vold chick here that appreciates this little direction, and ... I can’t believe it!  I’m not even wiped out by you telling me this ‘cause it’s so true!  It’s sort of funny in a way to me.  It’s interesting.  It’s a pain in the ass! (Elias chuckles)  But it be what it be, isn’t it? (Elias chuckles again)  I’m crazy about you, I really am!  Anyway, thanks.

I’m making a pretty good connection with my counterpart Tyl, and I was thinking of ... I wanted to ask you — and Michael is amenable to this too — if possibly one hour a week, we could schedule a session to write a book together that would be born out of a dialog with you, that would be very specific to staying in the now, self acceptance, and remembering, and create a book together that might be beneficial.  That may be a less intrusive way for Michael and not be sensational, I don’t think, but might be a good combination.  My thinking was that it would be a neat combination of her Borledim and my Vold alignment connecting together and creating a little book together, and I told them I was going to present that to you, and so I am!  How does that sound?

ELIAS:  I may express to you that as always, I shall be encouraging of your interaction and of your creative expression.  YOU may be creating of your expression in the form of your writing and your creation of a book, and you may be engaging Tyl and interacting together in this creation.

If you are presenting questioning to myself, I shall be compliant in offering responses to your questioning.

I shall also express to you that I shall not engage in the action of dictation for you for a creation of a book, for this is YOUR creative expression.  I am encouraging of your own creation in this area, and may offer helpfulness to you in offering you information in response to your questioning.  I shall not be creating the expression FOR you.

LYNDA:  Right.  You know, I kind of knew that!  I knew you were going to say that.  Confirmation! (Elias chuckles)  Okay, that’s good.  Oh, Elias, you’re a wise ... a wise whatever you are, vapor, and I’m pretty crazy about you, and I take that as confirmation.  Tyl and Caroll said you would probably say that.  Anyway, okay.  That’s good.  I take that.  I have two more things, and then I’m going to go back to the now.  Let’s see....

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  You are within the now!

LYNDA:  I mean I’m going to try to ... yeah, I knew that!  I knew that!  Oh, stop it!  I knew it!  I’m there!  That’s okay! (Elias is still chuckling)

So let me ask you a question then, Mr. Elias.  The fastest way for me to get through this ... I am pretty hard on myself, and I am experiencing a lot of loneliness, and I am trying to be a very strong little sapling, and (sighing) I don’t like how I treat myself.  And so if I’m going to write a book, I would certainly address the issue of self acceptance because to me, we could spend the next fifty years on that subject and not exhaust it.  I have a feeling you agree.

ELIAS:  Quite.

LYNDA:  Yeah.  Well, that’s my direction, my dear.  I got some information about a connection I could make with Reta and Norm that might be helpful to Reta specifically, with her strong religious connection, and I really don’t know, after discussing this with you, if I should ... I don’t want to put down the information I got, but I don’t know if it’s valid now, so I’m not trusting myself exactly, but it’s with regard to connecting with Reta and Norm, and my information to me was that they languish in their own thing of self acceptance, and I could help them, or help Reta with her religious thing because of my experience.

ELIAS:  (Loudly)  Now!  Let me interrupt you presently and offer you an example that you may be connecting to within this present now in your own expression, that may offer you a present opportunity to turn your perception and allow yourself a clearer understanding of your own communication with self.

LYNDA:  Yes.

ELIAS:  You have addressed to myself and you have expressed that you are now discounting of yourself and doubting of your own information to yourself in relation to Stephen and Dehl.

Now; let me express to you, within this very now, what you have offered yourself is a recognition that you have initially connected with subjective information which draws you to Stephen and Dehl and therefore produces an objective attention in this area, but you have offered yourself an objective translation in a familiar area to yourself, which has appeared in the subject matter of religious beliefs and interconnectedness with church establishment.

Within this present now, your subjective information bleeds through to your objective awareness in altering that information and allowing you the presentment of knowing that your original translation was a connection with your own identifications, but was a translation in familiar areas.

In actuality, what you have attempted to present yourself with is a different communication, and as you recognize that within this present now there is a discrepancy between the information that you have already offered yourself and NEW incoming objective information, you automatically have produced the expression of discounting of self and not trusting of your own communication and impression, and therefore are rejecting of the previous experience.

Now; I offer to you, what you are creating within this present now is the identification that your original interpretation was your identification of shared experiences, but this was your own interpretation objectively.  Do not be discounting of the initial impression.  You merely have misinterpreted the information which you are offering to yourself.

Stephen and Dehl are projecting energy in a want of helpfulness within objective interaction, but their issues move more strongly within this present now in the areas of relationships and family than in the area of religious affiliations.  These religious affiliations are quite affecting with Dehl, but the objective distress and conflict that is being experienced is in relation to family and her personal responsibility issues in this area.

This is also creating of conflict between herself and Stephen, for they create an interaction of odds in this area, as Stephen moves in the direction of acceptance, partially, of family and their creation of their reality, but places great judgment upon Dehl’s creation of her reality with respect to her issues in the area of personal responsibility.

Therefore, I express to you presently, you have received objectively the communication of subjective knowing, and you have received a connection with these individuals within energy and have allowed yourself to identify and recognize the energy connection.  You have merely misinterpreted the message.

Therefore, do not be discounting of your impression that you have allowed yourself to be recognizing, and also do not be discounting yourself for the reason that you have initially misinterpreted, for you also may be acknowledging that within this present now, you have recognized the misinterpretation, regardless that you have not entirely connected with the information in its form as it has been projected.  Are you understanding?

LYNDA:  Yes.  I think basically what you just said is, it’s good that I understand the situation and I am empathetic towards it.  It does not mean I have to take physical action to make contact and interpret it through my ... my feeling, frankly, is that it would be intrusive to their own process if I did that.  Honestly.  And I think that’s a good ... it’s okay.  I think that’s right, don’t you think?  I mean, that’s an education for me.  I acknowledge what you’re saying about my sense of them, and I also feel like I don’t, you know ... I guess I have enough to do with my own little now, basically.

ELIAS:  You are partially correct, and I shall express to you that this is not the point that I have offered to you.  Let me offer to you once again that the point is to be noticing the action that you have created within this very now.

Initially, previously, you connected with an energy projection from Dehl and Stephen.  You created an interpretation that is familiar to you — that you understand — in the area of religious affiliations.  Subsequently, you discounted the entirety of this action, for within this discussion with myself, you began to allow a recognition that your initial perception of the energy that has been projected was a misunderstanding or misinterpretation.  Therefore, you moved into the expression of discounting the entirety of the expression and yourself in it.

What I am expressing to you is to notice how very automatic you move in this behavior and to be recognizing that if you are focusing your attention within the NOW, you may look to this action and you may identify what you have created presently — an entire discounting of self and experience — which you have invalidated yourself and your experience.  What I am expressing to you is that your experience and your impression is not invalidated.  You have merely misinterpreted the message, and you have also corrected the misinterpretation by offering yourself a knowing presently that this may not have been the direction of the energy which has been offered.

I have also offered you the expression of what IS being offered in energy in actuality, and the concern that is presented in the area of family, not necessarily....

LYNDA:  Religion.

ELIAS:  Correct.

Now; the point is not necessarily to be expressing to you that it is unnecessary for your objective communication.  Conversely, I may express to you that it may BE supportive and helpful to yourself AND to those individuals if you are allowing yourself an objective interaction.  What be more important within this present now is that you recognize what you have created within your own expression presently, and the automatic-ness of your own discounting and invalidating of self.

LYNDA:  Right.  Okay, I acknowledge it.

ELIAS:  Very well.

LYNDA:  Yeah ... are you there?

ELIAS:  Quite!

LYNDA:  Yeah, I do acknowledge it.  Thank you.  I appreciate that.  Yeah, I really feel things for people, and I have a feeling for the experiences that I’m going through in this shift, and I’m always looking for ways to be a bridge, Elias.  I’m a bridge, and it’s my natural intent ... pardon me ... not purpose in life, not destiny, but I am a bridge!  I always have been.

ELIAS:  And now I offer to you affectionately, become a bridge to yourself!

LYNDA:  Thank you.  You know, I will.  And you don’t have to say another word!  Except I have one last thing that Howard and Margot called me and asked me to ask you, and then I will be a bridge to myself and have a wonderful birthday, okay?

ELIAS:  Very well, and I am quite encouraging of you in this area.

LYNDA:  Thank you, Sir.  Howard and Margot had an employee that has disappeared, and Howard feels ... and she was a very good employee from an Indian reservation, and she disappeared, and Howard feels that she has met foul play.  I think specifically he feels that she was killed or is not alive, you know.  So he just wanted to know if you wanted to confirm that or had a feeling about it, because they really liked her quite a bit and they’re concerned about her.

ELIAS:  Very well.  You may express to Giselle and Bosht that I am understanding of their emotional expression within their physical focus.  I may also express that the individual of their concern has not disengaged physical focus yet, although moves close to this choice and has created a participation in interaction with another individual which has been quite physically affecting.

LYNDA:  Yes, that’s what Howard thought.  Right.

ELIAS:  You may express to them that this is the choice of the individual, and presently, there is an action of approaching a choice for disengagement which has not entirely been actualized yet within your linear time framework.

LYNDA:  Okay.  Okay, that’s what they were feeling.  That will be confirmation to them.  I’ll call them and tell them what you said.

ELIAS:  You may also express that it is unnecessary for concern, although I am acknowledging of their emotional responsiveness, and this is reality with them within this physical dimension.

But be remembering that the individual has chosen this experience within their own value fulfillment, and also to be creating of an expression to be affecting of other individuals in the area of moving attention to certain behaviors that may appear objectively to be secretive, but there is a knowing that there are no secrets within consciousness.  Therefore, it matters not that there is an attempting to be creating secretiveness, for the energy has been projected outwardly to be drawing attention to this action and this type of interaction.  Are you understanding?

LYNDA:  Yes ... yes.  They’ll appreciate that.

ELIAS:  Very well.

LYNDA:  Okay, Sir ... I keep calling you Sir!  Okay, Elias.  Thank you very much!

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome, and I shall also be expressing to you, upon this day of your manifestation into your physical focus, my acknowledgment of what you term to be your birthday!  I offer to you much lovingness this day, and bid you a very fond au revoir.

LYNDA:  Au revoir.

Elias departs at 1:56 PM.

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