Session 365

Essence Families, Color, and Intent


“Essence Families, Color, and Intent”

Thursday, February 25, 1999  © 1999 (Private/Phone)
Participants:  Mary (Michael) and Dale (Jene).
Elias arrives at 12:10 PM. (Arrival time is 20 seconds)

ELIAS:  Bon jour, Jene! (Smiling)

DALE:  Hello, Elias!  I have a cornucopia of questions for you!

ELIAS:  Ah! (Smiling)

DALE:  The first one is in regard to what James was asking you yesterday about finances.  I’m wondering if you have any suggestions for me in particular.

ELIAS:  This response that I offered you within our recent meeting and my speaking with Chui is applicable to you both, and in the response to that particular questioning, I have offered that information in conjunction to you both, not merely singularly to him individually, for you are both sharing this experience together and are creating and exhibiting the same type of action together, that you may be noticing and also be helpful to each other in your addressing to this situation and this issue with your acceptance and trust of self.

Therefore, I express to you that in like manner, be noticing how you are focusing your attention, for you lean in the direction — you, at times, slightly more so than Chui — in the direction of focusing your attention singularly and quite intensely, and in this, you are not noticing all of the other choices that may be available to you and that you may be presenting to yourself, for you are focusing your attention intensely in one direction, preoccupying yourself in that particular direction, and in that action, you are perpetuating your own blocking.

DALE:  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome.

DALE:  Well, now I’m going to quote you!  What direction may I move into that shall be more efficient and shall allow me less limitation and more of my own creative expression? (12-second pause)

ELIAS:  Let me express to you once again, this would be a direction of questioning that directly addresses to your own attention in focusing upon your own trust.

You exhibit many different creative abilities.  In this, you look to certain expressions of creativity that are obvious and are accepted within mass belief systems as being defined as creative expressions.

You hold abilities that may be connected to and exhibited by yourself in certain manners more naturally and easily than individuals that are belonging to other essence families, for each essence family exhibits certain qualities that are not necessarily unique to that particular family, but they are areas that that particular family holds its attention within more fully.  These are creative expressions also, and may be quite beneficial to you in areas of discovery in physical expressions of creativity.

Now; what I am expressing to you is that within the family that you belong to, there are expressions that are easily connected to and exhibited and practiced within an individual focus.  You are quite efficient — if allowing yourself to be — in exercising certain inner senses that may be quite beneficial to you within your outward expressions of creativity.  (Dale belongs to the Vold family)

In this, I shall suggest to you that you allow yourself to be pointing yourself in the direction of holding your attention in the area of your inner senses, connecting with your empathic sense and your telepathic sense.  Both of these inner senses may be quite beneficial to you in your expressions and may offer you what you may term to be new insights within your outer expressions of creativity, which this is directly related to the questioning that you now engage and that Chui has engaged in our discussion of yesterday.

You are singularly looking to your choices and your experiences presently, but in engaging more of your own periphery — which in a manner of speaking would also be engaging these inner senses — you may be opening yourself in more expansive areas with your own creativity.

Look to your expressions artistically.  In the incorporation of your inner senses, you may open yourself to new experiences and new perceptions that you may also allow to be translated into your artistic expressions, which shall present a new quality in this area.

But once again, I focus the direction of attention back to self in this area, and your own attention to self in trusting and accepting, for this shall facilitate your allowance of your own natural abilities.  Are you understanding?

DALE:  Yes.  Actually, it correlates to ... either at the last group session that we attended, or our private in Vermont, I thought you said to me that I was capable of expressing what I know verbally, although on tape, on both of the tapes, it’s just not there.

I think that one of the barriers that I feel like I’ve created in this is a feeling of inability to communicate what I feel in an efficient manner, and I think I, in turn, use that to not search wider.

ELIAS:  Let me express to you that within the interaction that is occurring within these sessions, I am interactive with you and with all other individuals that participate in this objective meeting more so in subjective expressions than objective expressions.  Therefore, there is an interaction and communication which is occurring within each of these sessions subjectively, which you shall be assimilating and understanding and shall be offering you more information than is necessarily offered to you objectively.

In this, you may notice within your connecting to this material, in a manner of speaking, that as you present the same material to yourself repeatedly, each time that you are connecting with it, you shall be understanding differently and you shall be assimilating what you term to be more of what has been expressed.  In actuality, you are not assimilating more or offering yourself revelations.  What you are connecting to is the objective assimilation of what you have already assimilated subjectively.  Therefore, the information becomes more multi-dimensional than it appears initially.

Now; addressing to your statement, I shall express to you that this has been communicated to you, that you do hold the ability to be expressing yourself efficiently in verbal manner.  You also hold the ability to be efficiently expressing yourself in other manners.  As you begin to be trusting of yourself and of your expressions, you shall loose your hold upon your own energy, and in that loosening, you shall allow yourself to be expressive in many more areas and more efficiently.  But what you are creating is a continuation in holding to your own energy in doubtfulness of your own expression and not trusting your own expressions, and allowing the perpetuation of the influence of duplicity in this area.  This is a familiar area.

In this, I express to you that you, as other individuals also, experience difficulty in the continuation of disregarding the expression of duplicity.  You may find that at times you are efficiently not reinforcing your own duplicity, but you also slip easily into the re-creation of these expressions of duplicity, for it is quite familiar to you.  It is an automatic expression, and initially it is requiring of much effort to not be moving in this direction.

Eventually, as you become more familiar in your lack of expression of duplicity, it shall become more effortless and shall not require the effort that it requires presently or the attention that it requires presently.

Now; I am encouraging of you in this area with your communication, and am expressing to you to be trusting that your expression is adequate, and not be doubting and discounting of yourself so easily, for each time that you are moving in this direction, you are also perpetuating your own lack of trust, and perpetuating the very expression that you are wishing to be discontinuing.

DALE:  Thank you for all that.

ELIAS:  You are very welcome.

DALE:  I have a few questions about meditation.  First, I’d like to thank you for your helpfulness in that area.  I’d like to know what the correlation is between my essence tone of Jene, my inner tone, and me being inside the yellow.  And actually also, why do I make my throat itch so much when I’m meditating?

ELIAS:  As to your first question, your essence tone is that which you may connect to within comfortableness and [be] using as a window to be allowing you the exploration, in objective terms, of other areas of consciousness and other types of experiences.  It shall also facilitate your acquisition of more information in any area that you are choosing.

As to the color of yellow, this is associated with the family.

Now; your essence has chosen to be participating within the intent of that particular essence family which identifies itself within this particular dimension with the vibrational quality of yellow.

This is not to say that all essences that are choosing to be participating within this essence family necessarily resonate with a similar tone or quality to the vibrational quality of yellow, but the intent of this family may be associated with the vibrational quality of that color.  This is the reason that the family is associated with that color or that any of the essence families may be associated with any particular color, for within their intent, the quality of their intent may be associated with the vibrational quality of the color within truth, and this, in a manner of speaking, translates in certain manners into this physical dimension.

Just as you may look to your energy centers within your physical body, each of these also holds an association of color vibration.  This particular color of yellow is associated with your third energy center of yellow, which is quite influencing of your emotional expression, and you may also be noticing that many, many individuals that are associated with this particular family lean in the direction of being expressive emotionally within a physical focus.

There are slight differences between those individuals aligned with this particular family and those individuals that are belonging to this particular family, but they both hold a commonality in the expressiveness of emotional qualities.  This would be one aspect of the translation of the vibrational quality of the truth of that particular color, and also, it is expressive in conjunction with the intent of the family that is associated with it.

Look to a very simple example of the intent of this particular family.  They are revolutionaries, changers, and in revolutionary expressions, there is also heightened emotion.  This is, quite simplistically, an example of how the color, the intent, and the expression, individually and en masse, are interconnected with the family and the vibrational quality of the color.  In this, as your essence participates in this family, it also shall — in a manner of speaking — identify with that particular color, recognizing the vibrational quality of that truth.

Therefore, within your meditations, you may be incorporating both of these elements of color and tone, and in their mergence within your meditations, you may allow yourself more of an opening to your own explorations, and this also may be providing you with another type of window or trigger, so to speak, to be accessing your own abilities and offering you more of your own expressions within your own creativity.

DALE:  Well, it certainly feels good! (Elias chuckles)  Thank you.  What about me creating my throat itching?  It’s to distract myself!

ELIAS:  And this is precisely what you are creating; a distraction.  In this, we return once again to the issue of trust and acceptance within self, for as you allow yourself more of a trust and acceptance of self, you shall also find it unnecessary to be creating this type of distraction, for you shall realize that there is no fearfulness that need be expressed as you move closer to the objective connection with essence.

Now; let me also express to you that as you allow yourself to move in the direction of essence, it is quite common that individuals shall be creating distractions that allow them a type of retreating, for essence is so very vast and incomprehensible to you within objective physical terms that it appears overwhelming, and this may be creating of fearful elements.

What I am expressing to you is, although essence is exceedingly vast, it also is all-accepting and quite comfortable.  It is merely unfamiliar to you within physical focus, for you have designed physical focus to be separating, that you are not holding objectively the remembrance of essence.  Are you understanding?

DALE:  Thank you.  Still within meditation ... I’ve been trying to research our focus, James and I, in North Africa, and I’m wondering if that dark-haired man that I saw with the big clasped necklace was him. (Pause)

ELIAS:  Yes.

DALE:  And was I older than him, and he in a sense felt victimized by me? (Pause)

ELIAS:  Yes, older, but not necessarily offering a feeling of victimization, but the individual experiences a feeling of threatening.

DALE:  From me, or because of our choice in sexual expression?

ELIAS:  Both.

DALE:  Hmm!  I’ll have to investigate that a little more.  Was it in Berber?  Did we end up in Berber?

ELIAS:  Merely temporarily, but this would not be what you would express to be your settlement.

DALE:  Hmm.  Any clues in that area? (Pause)  Was it farther south, a little farther south?

ELIAS:  No.  Look to final settlement along the coastline of Mediterranean.

DALE:  Okay.  Hmm.  Do I also have a focus as a Shaker? (Pause)

ELIAS:  Yes.

DALE:  Is it Hannah Chaucey?


DALE:  Is even Hannah right?

ELIAS:  Correct.

DALE:  Okay.  Did one of my focuses disengage recently? (Pause)

ELIAS:  Within this time framework, yes.

DALE:  Am I correlating that correctly with the time that I just felt like something ... a lot of sorrow.  Although I didn’t feel like it was happening in this focus.

ELIAS:  Partially.  This is partially an expression in connection to that focus, but it is also partially an expression in conjunction of the subjective recognition of much movement that is occurring presently and has been occurring for a short time framework.

DALE:  Hmm.  What was that sparkling ribbon that I saw for quite a while? (Pause)

ELIAS:  This is a presentment to yourself in imagery, and this imagery also is attempting to be directing your attention to the addressment of your own trust of self and your own knowing of your own safety, and that you need not be creating of any element to be providing yourself with safety, for there is no harmfulness within essence.

This has presented itself to you — or you have presented yourself with it — in this type of imagery, that you may look fondly upon the element of safety, but that in addressing your attention in this direction, you may also recognize that although it is appealing, it is unnecessary.

DALE:  I’m not sure I’m understanding that.

ELIAS:  The ribbon is appealing, but as it is imagery, it is symbolic of a connecting factor between yourself, as focus, and essence.  The imagery is presented in an appealing manner, but it is presented that you may view that it is unnecessary.  It may be an element that you may incorporate, if you are so choosing, within your visualizations and meditations, but it is unnecessary to be incorporating this as a bridge between yourself as focus and yourself as essence.

Is this clearer?

DALE:  Yes.  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are welcome.

DALE:  The script, and me and Vic, and how I know I didn’t say that, but in her reality, I did say that.  What are we doing? ()

ELIAS:  You are presenting yourselves with individual perceptions, which are in actuality individual realities.  You are presenting yourselves with two different versions, in a manner of speaking, of reality within the same time framework, and this allows you the opportunity to view that perception is highly individualized.  It also is the element that is creating of your reality, and that one reality is no less than any other reality, and that different realities may exist simultaneously, and DO exist simultaneously.

As you move more into the action of this shift, you shall be noticing more and more of this type of occurrences.  You may also be noticing and experiencing this type of experience with yourself, experiencing more than one reality within yourself simultaneously.

This action has begun.  A veil has been dropped within this time period of this shift in consciousness, and many individuals shall be experiencing more and more this type of action, which shall be and is quite confusing to you, for this is quite unfamiliar to you all.  You are very accustomed to viewing your reality singularly and holding very similar perceptions.

It matters not that any individual may seem to correlate their perception of reality with any other individual’s, for you shall allow yourselves to draw to you other individuals that shall be in agreement with you.  This does not prove one perception and discount another perception, for they are equally reality simultaneously.

Therefore, in response to your questioning of the expression offered, yes, it has been offered, and no, it has not been offered.

DALE:  It sure opens up our choices!

ELIAS:  Quite, and this is the point, that you open to your periphery and realize, noticing that there are many more perceptions than merely one, and all of these perceptions may be incorporated simultaneously, and they are all reality.

Your reality is not what it appears!  You view within yourselves singularly that your reality is absolute and “is what it is,” in your expression, but I express to you that there is much more involved with your reality and expressed within your reality than you allow yourselves to view or to participate within, and this is an element of this shift in consciousness.

This is the point, to be expanding your awareness and incorporating more of your reality and more of your own expression.  This allows you more expression in your abilities with your creativity.

If you hold an awareness that you may be experiencing more than one perception simultaneously, you open yourself to many more choices of creativity than you shall allow yourself if you are holding your attention singularly.

DALE:  Thank you.  I have a few questions from Spencer.  John, the 10-year-old boy named John that he contacted in Asia, was that the focus that was the bleed-through where he was feeling aloneness?

ELIAS:  Yes.

DALE:  And he also would like to know why it seems that people hate him in school. (Elias smiles)

ELIAS:  You may express to him ... no.  You may allow him to be listening to this response, and I shall address to him myself.

In this, let me express to you that you mirror outwardly what you create inwardly.  The meaning in this is, what you are creating within your little self, and how you are viewing yourself and how you are dissatisfied with yourself, and those areas within yourself that you think you may be expressing “better,” those are the areas and the expressions that you mirror outwardly from yourself and are mirrored back to you.

In this, you may think of yourself as an actual mirror, and as you present yourself as a mirror, other individuals shall stand before you, and they shall reflect back.  This occurs in both directions.

You, with individuals, are the mirror, and you are reflecting their reflections to them, which they do not always choose to view and may be creating a response of rejection within them.  And at times, you are the individual looking into the mirror, that they are reflecting back to you your own image.

On both sides, so to speak, you are reflecting to each other elements that you are dissatisfied with or that you do not like.

In this, as you allow yourself to look into your own self and see that your self is quite acceptable, and that you yourself are a very glorious little creature, and that all of your expressions are quite adequate as they are, not needing to be “better,” as you allow yourself to view THIS picture within your mirror, you shall also begin to radiate that outwardly, and this shall be what other individuals see also.  But as you are seeing yourself as not quite good enough, you also expect that other individuals shall see the same picture.

I express to you, this is one aspect — and the most affecting aspect — of what you are experiencing.  But you also project a mirror image to other individuals and reflect to them certain qualities that they hold, that they also feel unworthy within.  In this, they are not liking of the picture that they view of themselves.  Therefore, they are not merely rejecting of the picture, but they are rejecting of you also, for you are mirroring the picture to them.

This is a natural expression that you create within your focus and is an element of your intent, and as you grow within your physical focus and you allow yourself to become more accepting of yourself, this shall be quite beneficial to you.

DALE:  Thank you.  Does he have a connection with my brother Scott? (Pause)

ELIAS:  Within essence, there is an action of mergence which occurs repeatedly, yes.

DALE:  Thank you.  My friend Mary would like to know her name and family information. (Pause)

ELIAS:  Essence name, Karla; K-A-R-L-A.  Essence family, Sumari; alignment, Milumet.

DALE:  Thank you.  Also, she would like to know if that was you in the blue that she saw yesterday, in the blue sky in the meditation? ()

ELIAS:  Yes.  This has been a presentment of introduction. (Smiling)

DALE:  Hmm.  The tile that I saw, in I think it was a dream, was that a transformation tile?

ELIAS:  You are correct.

DALE:  Is there anyone channeling a Vold essence? (Pause)

ELIAS:  Yes, partially.  This would not be the same type of energy exchange as you are participating within with myself....

DALE:  Are you referring to Michael?


DALE:  Okay.  Can you tell me who?

ELIAS:  There are several individuals that engage in this action, although you do not hold an objective knowing of any of these individuals.

DALE:  Okay.  Well, thank you.

Can you give me some idea of where I’m headed with this information and the research that I seem to be doing? (Pause)

ELIAS:  You are allowing yourself to be gaining more information, that you may be more efficiently identifying aspects of belief systems futurely, and differentiating information that is stemming from the belief systems and information that stems outside of belief systems.

This shall be, eventually, the purposefulness of this research that you engage, for eventually, within the probabilities that you are creating presently, you shall allow yourself to be more efficiently identifying many more aspects of belief systems than you hold an objective awareness presently of.

DALE:  Thank you.  In my one ... I guess it was an out-of-body or what we call an altered state, when I went into that focus and I (inaudible), it was like I had to remember that I wasn’t (inaudible).

ELIAS:  Let me express to you that there is an awareness presently that your equipment is being electrically affected, and therefore, your transmission is also being affected. ()  In this, you may be attempting to be presenting this questioning once again, if you are so choosing, and subsequently we shall be discontinuing, for this action of interference shall be continuing for a time framework.  This is your choice.

DALE:  Okay.  Well, thank you very much, and thank you for the card!

ELIAS:  (Smiling)  You are quite welcome, and I am acknowledging of your recognition of participation!

DALE:  Quite nice!

ELIAS:  I shall be offering my expression objectively of apology for this energy interference with your equipment, and I shall be expressing to you that I shall anticipate our next meeting.

I offer to you, Jene, much affection and much lovingness.  I am encouraging of you to be continuing in your exploration, and your noticing of opening within your perception.  Be noticing of the many more areas available to you than merely one, for you hold great ability in challenging yourself to be using these abilities.

I offer you much lovingness, and bid you a very fond au revoir.

Elias departs at 1:17 PM.


(1)  This is in reference to the transcript of a group session that both Dale and I attended on 10/16/98, session #331.  On page 6 of that transcript, I attributed a comment to Dale that she was sure she didn’t make.  So I listened to the tape again, and I was just as sure that she was the one speaking.  At the same time, I heard different words when I listened to it again.  This initiated an interaction between Dale and I, as we attempted to figure out what was going on, and also motivated her to ask Elias about it in this session.

Here is the excerpt from the original transcript:

DALE:  I’d like to get rid of it!


DALE:  It’s accepting it instead of....

Here is the excerpt as per Dale’s perception:

SOMEONE ELSE:  I’d like to get rid of it!  Right?


DALE:  It’s accepting it instead of....

Here is the final corrected excerpt, as per my perception:

DALE:  That doesn’t get rid of it ...


DALE:  ... right?  It’s accepting it instead of....

End of excerpts.  I thought about removing Dale’s name and sending out a revised transcript, but based on Elias’ explanation, I think I’ll let the record stand.  However, I will ask Gerhard to change the words in the script on the website, as in my perception, they are incorrect, and this is what I usually do when I discover “errors.”

(2)  Here, Elias “twitched” twice, once right after the word “you,” and then more strongly after the word “yesterday.”  Refer to footnote , 2/16/99, for more info regarding the first time I noticed this.  Also, it is quite possible that I have not noticed every time this twitching has occurred, as many times I’m not looking at the videotape.  Still, it is an unusual occurrence, based on my experience in observing Elias.  I speculated in the previous footnote that perhaps this had something to do with Elias switching aspects based on the subject matter, but now, I also have to wonder if this is more related to the present mergence that Elias has spoken about.

(3)  What’s interesting is that Dale taped the session too, and there was no audio interference on her recording.  Go figure!

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Copyright 1999 Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved.