Session 362

Orientation vs. Sexual preference


“Orientation vs. Sexual Preference”
“Probable Realities”

Tuesday, February 16, 1999   © 1999 (Private/Phone)
Participants:  Mary (Michael) and Katie (Muriel).
Elias arrives at 12:37 PM. (Arrival time is 18 seconds)

ELIAS:  Bon jour!

KATIE:  Bon jour!

ELIAS:  We meet again!

KATIE:  I’m sorry?

ELIAS:  We meet again!

KATIE:  I’m having trouble hearing you.

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  We are engaging with each other once again!

KATIE:  Yes, we are, and I really want to thank you for the last session that I had with you.  The situation with my roommate turned around completely.  I really took to heart what you said to me.

ELIAS:  I encourage you in this area, to be continuing to be focusing on self, and this shall be quite valuable to you in your interactions with other individuals, and shall also be quite helpful to you in accomplishing your own value fulfillment more effortlessly.

KATIE:  I can trust in that! (Elias grins)  I believe you’re right, because it completely turned around, beyond my wildest dreams, and I am very grateful for that, and I will be continuing in that vein.  I have some questions for some friends first of all, some friends that want to know their essence names and family alignments.  First of all, for my friend Buck.

ELIAS:  Essence name, Roya; R-O-Y-A.  Essence family, Tumold; alignment, Vold.

KATIE:  Oh, interesting!  I was sure he was Sumafi.  Okay, and for my friend Marlin.

ELIAS:  Essence name, Place; P-L-A-C-E. (pronounced pla-cee’)  Essence family, Borledim; alignment, Ilda.

KATIE:  Okay, and my friend Kimberly.

ELIAS:  Essence name, Zora; Z-O-R-A.  Essence family, Sumari; alignment, Ilda.

KATIE:  Okay.  I’ve been feeling a really strong connectedness with my friend Marlin, and I’m wondering if there’s anything to that.  Is there like a lot of shared focuses with him or something along that line, or what?

ELIAS:  This is a development of counterpart action which you are entering into.  In this, you are offering each other shared experiences within this focus — and allowing each other to be widening your awarenesses within yourselves more easily — by lending energy to each other in this counterpart action.  In this, you each are beginning expression in yourselves that lie, in part, latent within the other individual.

KATIE:  Okay, interesting.  My friend Hal, essence name Andrew, has been experiencing for a while now this real strong energy flowing from his blue energy center to, I think, his orange energy center, maybe to his red one as well, and he wanted to know what that was all about.  What is the source of that energy?  Is it his, or is he feeling somebody else, or what?

ELIAS:  This would be an expression of his own energy of essence, in communication with focus within this present now, in responsiveness to the wave in consciousness which is being addressed in alignment with the belief systems concerning your creation of sexuality, gender, and orientation within this particular dimension.  This wave in consciousness presently is gaining momentum, and [this] is a very strong belief system which is being addressed.

In this, he is offering himself an awareness, in part, within his own creation of movement of energy between these particular energy centers.  The blue energy center is being affected in responsiveness to communication and participation within this wave of consciousness.  The orange energy center is affected in the recognition that this is the energy center that radiates and is affecting of the sexual energy within this physical focus.  Therefore, it is responsive to the energy projection of this particular wave of energy addressing to this situation with these belief systems.

KATIE:  Okay.  He’ll find that quite interesting!  Let’s see.  I want to confirm some impressions real quick.

First of all, this session is being recorded, but it’s not going to go in a transcript.  It’s gonna be totally private.  I asked for that because I’m going to mention some things that would be about other people that they didn’t really want widely known, particularly my friend Tom/Malhai.  (Katie and Tom changed their minds about this)

It seems like there’s a whole lot of people in my family that were very connected with this military focus of his, which was Alexander.  Is that correct?  I was connected with this focus of his through my present husband, who had a focus that was an officer in his army.  Is that correct?

ELIAS:  Correct.

KATIE:  And my daughter was very close to him in a focus of hers, the same one that she spoke to you about the last time you and I spoke — Angelica.  She was closely connected with Alexander too, wasn’t she?

ELIAS:  Correct.

KATIE:  Was she married to him, or a concubine, or something along that line?

ELIAS:  Holding a relationship, but not within the binds of marriage; in the type of relationship of a lover, in a manner of speaking.  But let me also be reminding you that this individual held several of these types of relationships.

KATIE:  I’m not surprised! (Laughing)  Okay.  In my focus in that time, was I a Persian?

ELIAS:  Correct.

KATIE:  Okay.  It’s really interesting, because our last name is the same as Alexander’s capital city.  Our last name means “of Pella” — my last name is Della Pella — and I think it’s real interesting the way everyone in my family has drawn themselves to this name.  Would this be a bleed-through of these other focuses?

ELIAS:  This is a partial expression in the manner of bleed-through of this shared focus, yes.

KATIE:  Okay.  Now my youngest son, my husband and I came to his name with such ease, so much more so than with our other two children, and looking back on it now, his name — Aldo Alessandro Della Pella — literally translates to “Ancient Alexander of Pella.”  Would this also be a connection that he had with Alexander?

ELIAS:  This would be an expression that has been chosen by that individual in naming of himself and communicating that desire to you within that time framework, and is reflective of that other focus of which you speak and the connectedness with that focus and its influence to this focus.

KATIE:  Okay.  Was he Alexander’s heir, then?


KATIE:  Okay.  I also connected with another focus that I shared with Tom.  We were both Celtic warriors.  I’m not sure of the time period, but it looks to be about 1000 years ago.  Would this be correct?

ELIAS:  This would be within the time framework of 1114.

KATIE:  Oh!  I was close!  Okay.  Was it in Scotland?

ELIAS:  Correct.

KATIE:  Okay, good!  Let’s see.  I think I’ve been connecting with some alternate lives.  I’m not real sure, but I’ve been having some dreams of people that I know in this life, and they’re in totally different roles than they are in this life within the dream.  Like with my minister, I had a dream recently in which he and I were planning to get married.  Was this a connection with an alternate?

ELIAS:  This is your allowance of yourself to be connecting with certain aspects of probable realities and probable selves which have been created, and if you are so choosing, you may be moving into this direction and exploration of these probable selves more fully, and you may also be offering a lending of energy in certain areas with certain individuals in these probable realities.

KATIE:  So, me marrying my minister is a probable reality?

ELIAS:  Correct.

KATIE:  Now that’s kind of bizarre, because he’s gay!

ELIAS:  Ah, but these are all CHOICES.  Therefore, as you are choosing any line of probabilities within one reality, you may also be choosing to be creating of any other types of probabilities and being inserting them into another probable reality.  The choice of orientation within one focus is not to say that an individual may not be choosing to be creating a different choice of orientation within a probable reality.

KATIE:  Okay.  So when you’re speaking of probable realities, are you speaking of something that would occur with me in this focus in my objective reality, or are you talking about something different?

ELIAS:  Probable realities ARE realities.  They are sideways from that objective reality which you recognize within this present now.  This reality is the area of consciousness that you hold your attention within.  Therefore, you are inserting realities, in probabilities, into this objective expression of reality.

Probable realities are, in a manner of speaking, dimensions within dimensions.  They are expressions of reality that exist alongside of the reality that you have chosen presently.

In this, individuals, as they are choosing the probabilities that they shall actualize within THIS particular reality, are also at times actualizing other probabilities, other choices, within other realities simultaneously.  This action is a projection of an element of self into a sideways reality, which is classified as a probable reality.

In this, it is an actual reality which is being accomplished and occurring simultaneous to this reality, although as you project this aspect of yourself — or another individual projects an aspect of themselves — into a probable reality, those individuals which are focused in that probable reality become their own expressions and hold the quality and ability to be creating their own reality and their own choices.  Therefore, they are continuing from the point of your expression into their own expression and their own direction and their own design of their own reality.

KATIE:  Okay.  So he is projecting into this probable reality as well?

ELIAS:  Correct.

KATIE:  Hmm.  Okay.  Well, that’s rather interesting!  I’ve had quite a few dreams with my minister in which we were lovers.  Sometimes I would wake up feeling his presence, like he was in bed with me.  Was he projecting into this himself too?

ELIAS:  No.  This is a connection — in a manner of speaking, a bleed-through — that you are allowing yourself to be holding an awareness of in conjunction with this probable reality.

KATIE:  Okay.  I understand ... or maybe I don’t ... I’m not sure I’ve understood this correctly from the transcripts, but are walk-ins basically the same as alternate lives ... exchanging places with alternate lives?  (Elias smiles)

ELIAS:  As I have expressed previously, there are no walk-ins, in what you have defined within your belief systems in your reality.

There is no element of consciousness that shall be so intrusive as to be assuming an identity of any focus of any other essence.

Now; you may be experiencing exchanges with your own aspects of self, which are the expressions of this particular focus.  This is a common action which is continuously occurring within physical focus.

I have expressed many times that you are not singularly “one you.”  You are countless you’s, and in this, all of these you’s exchange positions with each other, in a manner of speaking, therefore allowing many different types of expressions within one focus.

Elements that may be dormant within one aspect of you may be quite expressed within another aspect, and in this, you may exchange what you may term to be “primary positions” of different aspects of self, and therefore alter your expressions.

Now; in this action, at times you may be exchanging positions with another aspect that is expressive in a quite different manner than the expression of the primary aspect in which you hold familiarity.

At these moments of the exchange of these types of aspects, there may be an objective disconnection with certain elements of memory, and the expression that is objectively projected may be quite noticeably different than the previous expression.  This leads you, within your objective reasoning, to be lending energy to the idea and the belief of this concept of walk-ins, but in actuality, it is merely an exchange of different aspects of yourself, which are all expressed and are all present within each focus.

I may express to you also that this memory merely recedes to subjective areas of your awareness and is not lost, in a manner of speaking.  It is merely not being accessed objectively.

KATIE:  Okay.  That is how I understood it.  I was just using the wrong terms.  This has happened with me a number of times, hasn’t it?

ELIAS:  Correct, and as I have stated, this is quite common within physical focus, for you offer yourselves the opportunity to be expressing different elements, different qualities of self, different aspects of self.  And also, as you move into different positions with different counterpart actions, you may be choosing to be exchanging positions with different aspects of self to be accomplishing your own expressions and experiences and value fulfillment more efficiently.

KATIE:  Okay.  I have a question about a series of dreams that I’ve had for years and years.  I quit smoking when I got pregnant with my daughter, and from that point till I began smoking again about two years ago, or a year-and-a-half ago, I would always dream about smoking.  In my dreams, I smoked, but I didn’t have any desire to smoke physically during that time.  What was this about?

ELIAS:  This is merely a presentment to yourself of the belief systems which you involve yourself with within physical focus.  You attach certain beliefs to actions that you choose to be engaging — or choose not to be engaging — within physical focus.

In this dream interaction and imagery, you are presenting yourself with the information that it matters not and that your choice is merely a choice, but it is also influenced by your belief systems.

In this, you have allowed yourself to partially, in a manner of speaking, be paving your way, so to speak, to be addressing to certain aspects of belief systems that are expressed quite strongly; not necessarily in this particular area with this particular action, but this has been a prelude, so to speak, offering you the opportunity to view the difference in the allowance of expression within your dream imagery, and that this is acceptable and also not harmful.  But within your objective reality, you are aligning with certain belief systems, and you are creating behavior in accordance with that alignment.

In this, you express to yourself the information as the prelude, to be examining now your belief systems and the aspects of your belief systems and allowing yourself to recognize that THEY ARE WHAT THEY ARE.  They are belief systems.  They are not good or bad or right or wrong, and they are only affecting as you choose to align with them and [as] you are choosing to allow them to be affecting.

KATIE:  In terms of gender, would I be categorized as “other”?


KATIE:  Oh, okay....

ELIAS:  You would be aligning with that aspect of gender or that choice of gender as female, and your orientation follows in your definition of this expression also.

This is difficult to be addressing to in terms.  I shall be moving into the direction of creating terms for these three different expressions of orientation, for you, in actuality, within your physical focus, do not hold actual terms to be defining of these three different types of orientation.

But as to gender, you are experiencing and have created the gender of female.  There is little question in the areas of expression of gender.  You have physically created a female form, and it is functioning in the capacity reproductively as female.  Therefore, the expression of “other” is not applicable to the expression of gender.

But as to the questioning of your orientation, this also follows the expression of orientation that — within your understanding — you designate as woman.

KATIE:  Okay.  Well, I had thought of myself as bisexual.

ELIAS:  Let me also clarify in this area.  You have many different types of terminology for different aspects of beliefs in this area concerning orientation.

Now; as to this particular expression or terminology of what you have offered presently, you express the word of “bisexual.”

Now; this is not an orientation.  This is a choice of experience and action.  This is quite different from the expression of orientation or gender.

As I have stated, gender is merely the choice of body type and function — male or female.  Orientation is an entirely different expression and is not interchangeable with gender.

Now; let me offer to you a brief explanation which I have offered within our most recent past session, so to speak, within this forum.

As to the designation of gender and orientation, these are five very separate and different expressions of your reality.

You have chosen two physical body types within this physical dimension, with two physical different functionings within its physical expression.

Now; as to orientation, these are three different expressions in perception, and how you view yourself and your reality and how you interact with yourself and other individuals — how you view yourself.

In this, it is no more interchangeable with gender than your outer sense of hearing is interchangeable with your outer sense of taste.  They may be moving in expression of harmony with each other, and they may at times — as outer senses — move together in complement to each other, but they are not interchangeable.  They are very different expressions.

In this, the terminology of bisexual or heterosexual or homosexual are exceedingly inadequate to be expressing any element of your choice of orientation, for these are merely expressions of your choice objectively, of want and preference within action.

You choose objectively an experience within sexual expressions, and THESE may be classified as bisexual, heterosexual, and homosexual, but these are merely choices.

In this, your choice as defined by those types of terminology in objective manners may be no different, in comparison, to your choice in which garment you shall choose to be wearing.  It is an objective choice of experience and preference.

There is a very precise difference between this type of choice of preference and the choice of expression of orientation within an individual focus.

Your orientation is that color, in a manner of speaking, which you view the entirety of your reality through within a particular focus.  It is your perception.  It is your reality.  This is a subjective choice which is chosen prior to your manifestation within physical focus and continues throughout that particular physical focus.

You may alter your choice of expression quite easily and objectively throughout any given physical focus.  Your choice to be altering your orientation is an entirely different matter.

This is not to say that you do not hold the ability to alter your choice of orientation within a particular physical focus, but the choice to alter your orientation within a particular focus would be the same, in its presentment of difficulty to you physically, as your choice to alter your physical gender.

Now; I may express to you, you do hold the ability to be altering your physical gender within a particular focus, and I am not expressing that you are altering your gender with the aid of your medical technologies.  I am expressing that you yourselves hold the ability to be altering your physical gender to a different expression of gender entirely yourselves, but you do not believe that you hold this ability.  Therefore, this is not quite as easily accomplished within a particular physical focus.

In this same manner, it is not quite so very easily accomplished altering your orientation, for this is equally as strong of a reality — and “set” within your reality — as your physical gender.

Are you understanding?

KATIE:  Yes, I am. (Pause)

I also have a question about some experiences I had several years ago when I was going through some difficult time.  I kept having what I was terming at that time as memories, and now I’m really not sure what they were.  What would occur is, I would feel myself, just as I was falling asleep or just as I was awakening, moving out of body, and it felt like I was in three different places simultaneously.  One of me was experiencing, just on a physical level, sexual abuse, and one was up in the corner of the bedroom watching it as a child, and then there was also my usual objective awareness also viewing it.

At the time, I believed these to be memories of abuse within my childhood, but now I’m not so sure.  What was it?

ELIAS:  This is in actuality not what you would term to be objective memories of this particular focus, but bleed-through memories, in a manner of speaking, of another focus, and your allowance of yourself to be experiencing more of an opening to your own abilities within your objective awareness, recognizing that you hold the ability to be focusing your attention in more than one area, and to be also experiencing the actions and the qualities of each area of attention as — in a manner of speaking — separate and apart from each other.  They are all interconnected, but within your physical reality, you create this in a manner of separate elements.

In this, as you look to these experiences, you may translate that, within this present now, to be beneficial to you in the area of allowing yourself to recognize that you may hold your focus of attention in more than one area simultaneously, and in this experience, you may be quite aware of all of the different elements of experiences that you may hold, and they may be expressed quite differently.

This offers you the information that you may expand this experience, and you may allow yourself to be quite fully aware of this objective physical focus, and you may also hold a quite objective physical awareness and experience of other focuses simultaneously to this awareness.  They may be all occurring at the same time within your present objective awareness, and you may hold your attention quite effortlessly and efficiently in all of these different areas at the same time.

You may also use this ability to be allowing yourself the connection with other areas of consciousness and other types of experiences, and allowing yourself to participate in objective terms, within your objective awareness.

These are all aspects and functions, in a manner of speaking, of this shift in consciousness.

The reason you present this particular scenario — which appears to you to be distasteful — is that it shall also not appear so very unfamiliar to you, and therefore shall not be so very unacceptable to you.

Within your psychology within this present century, you accept the idea or the concept that you may be experiencing physically one element, and that you may also remove an aspect of your consciousness in a manner of out-of-body experience and be viewing your experience simultaneous to participating within the experience.  This is misunderstood within your psychology, but it is recognized as possible, but your psychology recognizes this as possible merely in the situations that are expressed in experiences of trauma.

Therefore, as this is accepted within your objective awareness and understood and is viewed as familiar and possible, you allow yourself to be connecting with this particular bleed-through as an example.

The example itself is unimportant, for it is neither right nor wrong.  It is merely an experience held within another focus that you hold.  What holds importance in this experience is the awareness of your own ability to focus your attention in more than one direction simultaneously.  Are you understanding?

KATIE:  Yes, I am.  So, my father did not molest me? (Pause)

ELIAS:  Not in the manner of your memory.  This terminology of molestation in this particular direction holds very strong implications and belief systems, and in this particular expression, no, this experience has not been actualized within this particular focus.  There have been certain expressions that within your belief systems would be deemed as unacceptable, but not within the extreme of what you view within this particular memory.

KATIE:  Okay.  I did have some other ... well, I’m really short of time here now, and I have a couple of just real quick questions.  By the way, which focus was this that I was experiencing?

ELIAS:  This would be a focus within a physical location that you term to be presently Germany.

KATIE:  In what time period?

ELIAS:  This would be within the time framework of what you term to be early within your 1700’s.

KATIE:  Okay.  Let’s see.  There was one time that I thought I heard you speaking in my head.  Was that you?  All I heard was a reference to, “Look to your red-headed friend’s husband.”

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  This is an offering of expression within energy, which you have translated in this manner to be helpful to you within your particular situation within that time framework.

KATIE:  Okay.  Was the reference to Yarr?  I spoke with Yarr about it shortly afterwards, and he thought it meant to look to him, as his wife is red-headed. (Pause)

ELIAS:  Correct.

KATIE:  Okay.  Also, I want to ask, as I am a final focus, does that have only to do with this particular physical dimension, or is it a final focus for all physical dimensions?

ELIAS:  No.  This would be the expression of this particular dimension and all of the focuses which are manifest in conjunction with this particular dimension.  As to the choice of not manifesting within any physical dimension, this would be a slightly different expression.  This would merely be the designation of final focus in conjunction with this particular physical dimension.

KATIE:  Okay.  So when I disengage this focus here in this dimension, then I may still be manifesting in other physical dimensions?

ELIAS:  Yes, in a manner of speaking.  This would be a choice.  It is not to say that you shall be.  It is merely expressing to you that you continue to hold the choice in this area to be physically manifesting within other dimensions regardless of the expression of the final focus within this dimension.

KATIE:  Okay.  You had mentioned in the first session I had with you that I had connected on four occasions with focuses of mine in other dimensions.  I’m not ... at least I’m not at the point yet where I am able to determine which experiences those were.  I don’t see any noticeable difference at this point in time.  Can you offer anything on that, as to which experiences these were?

ELIAS:  You shall be allowing yourself an awareness of this futurely, but I shall express to you not to be looking in the direction of what you may term to be dramatic experiences, but merely shiftings in perception and experiences within physical affectingness at times, affecting your perception through the affectingness of your physical senses, your outer senses.  This would be affectingness in the area of hearing and sight and touch.  In these, you have allowed yourself to be experiencing temporarily the perception of the experience of these particular senses as connected to other-dimensional focuses.

Therefore, in this, your experience in actions, so to speak, may not appear dramatically different, but the affectingness of physical senses was different and has affected the perception of your day, so to speak, in those particular experiences.  In this, as you are allowing yourself futurely to be connecting with these experiences more fully, you may also be accessing this information and allowing yourself to be moving into more expressions of these types of experiences more fully, recognizing that when you are allowing these particular outer senses to be affected in exaggerated manners, you are also opening the window to allow yourself the connection with these other focuses.

KATIE:  Okay.  One final question, because we have run out of time here.  I am putting together a study group for the transcripts of your sessions, and Mary has agreed to do group sessions for us occasionally on the telephone.

We will be incorporating the material in the transcripts as well as meditation, and I’m wondering if you have any recommendations you’d like to offer.

ELIAS:  I express to you to be focusing your energy and your attention upon the information which is expressed in the area of acceptance of self, and allowing individuals to be more fully accessing information concerning all of the different aspects of self.

I am quite encouraging of your group interaction and your group meditations and visualizations.  In these actions, you lend energy to each other collectively, and this creates more of an ease for your accomplishments in accessing information in these areas.

Be remembering in this type of participation that your most efficient expression is to be choosing one particular direction together, not to be independently exploring through your meditations within the group setting, for as you move in the direction of independent expressions within this group setting, you shall merely confuse yourselves in allowing your energy to be flying around and interrupting each other, whereas if you are focusing your attention and your energies together, you may be accomplishing quite efficiently in whichever direction you choose to be moving into.  Allow yourselves a focal point.

KATIE:  Okay.  I will certainly do that.  Also, when we do get to have you for a group session, would you be willing to do a group visualization for us?

ELIAS:  I am quite willing to be participating in this type of action if this be the direction of the group of individuals.  I am quite focused in tuning my energy to the energy of the participants within this forum, and addressing to the direction in which they move and in which their energy and consciousness is focused.  Therefore, if this be the direction of the forum, I am quite willing to be facilitating and helpful in this area with you.

KATIE:  Great!  Thank you so much.

ELIAS:  You are very welcome.  I express to you this day much encouragement in your endeavor in connecting with other individuals and in your interaction with these individuals, in your exploration of widening your awarenesses.  I shall be offering my energy to you in this expression that you have chosen.

I offer to you this day much affection, and I express to you acknowledgment in your accomplishments and encouragement in your continuation with your accomplishments.

To you this day, I bid you a very loving au revoir.

KATIE:  Your affection is returned, doubly so.  Au revoir, my friend.

Elias departs at 1:49 PM.

Vic’s note:  There were a few places in this session where Katie’s voice cut out briefly.  I have “filled in the blanks,” so to speak, when the missing word was obvious, and I have indicated “inaudible” in one such place.  I don’t know why some phones do this and some don’t, as I now realize that this isn’t always a case of using a speaker phone.  Unofficial information, I guess!


(1)  Something unusual happened as Katie was asking this question.  Right after she said the word “gender,” Elias twitched involuntarily.  This is the best way I can describe it.  The only other times I’ve observed this is during what we call pop-ins and pop-outs.  This is when Elias pops-in (arrives) without Mary’s objective knowledge, and then when he pops-out (departs), there is a slight twitch as Mary “returns.”  I fully expected Mary to “pop back in” when this “twitch” occurred during this session, but she didn’t.  This makes me wonder if Elias was “switching aspects” based on the subject matter....

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