Session 355
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The Belief System of Sexual Orientation


“The Belief System of Sexual Orientation”
“Lending Energy with No Expectation”
“Where Do YOU Go, Elias?”

Wednesday, January 27, 1999   © 1999 (Group/Vermont)
Participants:  Mary (Michael), Erik (Mosten), Jennifer (Margarite), Laura (Lynya), Michelle (Sebata), Nathan (Robertt), Richard (Zephel), and one new participant, Katheryn (Pouinea).
Vic’s note:  The group decided to sit in a circle and hold hands as Mary engaged Elias.  This circle included Mary.  When Elias arrived, he didn’t comment on this, nor did he break the circle.
Elias arrives at 8:18 PM. (Arrival time is 25 seconds)

ELIAS:  Good evening!  (Smiling)

GROUP:  Good evening!

ELIAS:  We meet again!  Welcome to new essence this evening.

You may open for your questioning this evening, as I am aware that you are anticipating the opportunity to share your own questioning and [be] receiving of your responses to your questioning.  Also, I may be subsequently offering you some information that you may depart with as you are finishing with your questioning this evening.  Therefore, I open the floor this evening to you all.

RICHARD:  Hello.  I’ve got a question about where, exactly ... well, not exactly, but where do you go in between our sessions that we experience in a linear time frame?  Where are the places that you go in between sessions?  What kind of things are you experiencing, or dimensional ... I mean, how can you describe it?  (Elias chuckles and everyone laughs)  Yes!  What are you up to, anyway?  (More laughter)

ELIAS:  (Grinning and chuckling)  For my grand entrance, I shall express to you that this may prove to be a difficult subject matter, for as I am engaged with you presently, I am also engaged in many other areas, for I hold the realization of all of the aspects that are interactive with this aspect of essence that you interact with within these sessions, so to speak.

Your focus of attention singularly focuses itself into what you view to be one aspect of self.  You hold countless aspects of self in conjunction with this one focus.  In like manner, I also hold countless aspects of this focus of attention, but the difference be that I hold an awareness of all of these aspects, and therefore my attention is diversified into all of these different aspects.

I have stated previously within this forum to other individuals — which you also shall be privy to this information — that you may notice at times slight or even overt differences within the interaction that occurs within these sessions.  It may not occur often, but at times you may be noticing of a difference of the energy and of the interaction, even of the speech or language quality.  In such cases, a different aspect of this focus of attention may be interactive with you within that particular session time framework.

As I have stated, this does not occur often, for it may prove confusing to you.  Therefore, there is a concentrated effort created in this energy exchange to limit the exchange to certain aspects of this essence that appear familiar and consistent to you.  They are all aspects of the same essence, but each aspect holds slightly different qualities and expressions, and therefore may slightly interact differently with you.

In this — in your terms of “What shall I be engaging within the time framework, so to speak, that I am not engaging you?” — I am occupied with my attention in many different areas of discovery.  As you occupy your singular attention in many areas of discovery within your physical focus, I direct my attention in many areas of non-physical focus, in my own exploration within consciousness.

I also focus certain aspects of my attention into interaction with certain physical dimensions, your physical dimension being one, and several others are engaged also for different reasons, so to speak, but underlyingly, all for the same reason, in that you have each asked.  As you have asked within this dimension for this interaction and this energy exchange, so also have other individuals within other dimensions asked.  Their reasoning for their asking may be different, but the base line is the request, and it is answered; for within the realm, so to speak, or the area of consciousness that I occupy and focus my attention within, I move in the direction of teaching.  Therefore, I also choose to be interactive with other essences within this intent of teaching.

This is not all of the action that I engage, but it is much of the action that I engage.  There are other aspects of this self that venture into the exploration of other areas of consciousness, holding the knowing that I also move into different areas of consciousness as I allow myself to be experiencing this area of consciousness, in like manner to yourselves.  You have chosen to be manifesting within a physical focus.  Your essence focuses attentions and manifestations within physical focuses.  As it chooses to discontinue this action, it shall explore areas of consciousness in non-physical dimensions, so to speak, or areas of consciousness.  As you move farther within in these areas of consciousness, you become farther removed from physical focuses.

Now; do not be misunderstanding as I express this to you, for you are not, as I have expressed previously to you, occupying a lower plane.  You merely create a choice of difference, to be experiencing physical reality, and as you choose to be experiencing physical reality, you do not limit yourselves to one physical dimension.  You occupy many physical dimensions simultaneously.

In this, I engage a very similar action within non-physical focus, but I am aware of all of the actions that I focus my attention within.  You are not objectively aware of the other focuses of attention that you occupy within other physical dimensions.  This is not to say that you are not aware, for you are.  You are merely not aware objectively.

This be the point of this shift in consciousness that you yourselves have created to be being accomplished within this particular physical dimension, that you may open your objective awareness more fully to view other aspects of your essence which are engaged in other-dimensional focuses and other focuses within consciousness, other areas of consciousness that are non-physical.

I am aware that I have not precisely offered an answering to your questioning, but you would not understand within physical terms the actions in which I engage.  I shall offer you one example.

I hold an attention in the area of consciousness, exploring the truth of the aspect of consciousness of color.  In this, it does not translate well into physical language, the action that I am engaging in this area of consciousness, for you objectify in physical terms.

This is a non-physical area of consciousness which involves energy, vibration, and motion.  In this, I engage intent and movement.  This is energy, but this is not necessarily engaging what you identify as the vibrational qualities of color, for you identify color as a thing.  I do not identify color as a thing, but as a truth.

In this, I move in an exploration of this truth, knowing that this is an element of self, but also recognizing the vastness of self, which is not limited to the confines of any dimension, but occupies all space and all time and all energy simultaneously.

This be the reason that I do not offer you specifics of my action, for there is presently an objective lack of understanding in these areas of non-physical action.

I am quite understanding of the curiosity, (grinning) but the translation is not accomplished very well, so to speak, within your physical language and your conception of what may be offered within the confines of your physical language.

This be also the reason that I express to you each that it may be quite helpful to you many times to be engaging your inner sense of conceptualization, for in this, you may allow yourselves to move into the reality of experiences rather than concepts and you may allow yourselves to transcend physical boundaries, for you hold the ability to be accomplishing in this area.  Is this sufficient?

RICHARD:  Yeah.  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome.

NATHAN:  I was wondering what the essence names of my parents are, my father and mother. (Pause)

ELIAS:  Essence name, mother, Pisah; P-I-S-A-H.  Essence name, father, Fernande.  Place “E” at the end of this spelling!  (Grinning and chuckling)

NATHAN:  F-E-R ... did you get it?

MICHELLE:  I think so.

NATHAN:  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are very welcome.

LAURA:  Elias, I would like to know if you could tell me my last physical focus, and if me and Michelle had a physical focus together.

ELIAS:  You inquire within linear time framework the most previous to this present now, of meaning in last focus. (Smiling)  In this, you occupy another focus of your essence — this is pastly, correct, for you also hold a close linear time framework focus futurely — pastly, within your previous century.

You may be investigating in the area of physical location Argentina, which is presented within this time framework in your early years of this previous century, within the first quarter of what you term to be your eighteen hundreds; gender of female, and disengaging within that particular focus at what you would term to be young age of 23; occupying small village in this area.

As to your questioning of your shared interaction of focuses, you hold, within this particular dimension, six shared focuses. (Pause)

(Grinning)  And you are wishing MORE information! (Laughter) Shall I be accessing the crystal ball and be offering you information that you hold the ability to be accessing yourself?  Very well!  I shall offer clues, and YOU may be investigating of your focuses together!

I shall offer the direction of one focus that you may follow in which you engage the relationship of siblings, both male in gender, in area of physical location Scotland, time framework fourteenth century, and holding quite fascinations with what you term to be the ladies ... engaging mystical qualities! (Chuckling)

Now you have been offered what you term to be a starting point, and you may follow your own abilities in tracing and connecting to this focus, and you may offer to me at our next meeting your accomplishment in this area! (Chuckling)

FEMALE:  Thank you.

ELIAS:  Once again, we engage homework! (Laughter)

NATHAN:  Did that homework entail toning?  Is toning a way of finding out, through accessing essence by toning, maybe if we shared focuses together?  Or just finding out about yourself ... kind of finding out more about essence?

ELIAS:  Both, and I have offered you ALL the exercise — which you have NOT been engaging — to be engaging yourselves together and focusing your attention and your energy to offer yourselves the information of a shared focus, for you all together hold several shared focuses.  Therefore, your accessing shall be quite easy ... BUT!  (Grinning)

RICHARD:  So what was our last entire shared focus?

ELIAS:  Ah! (Laughter)  And I shall be inquiring of YOU in this area, and you may offer the beginnings of this to me!

You hold this ability to access this information quite easily.  You may in actuality together access the beginnings of this information within few moments of your linear time framework.  Within less than five of your minutes, you may begin a connection with a shared focus, and all that you need as a facilitation is to focus your energy together upon one focus ... and trust that the information that shall appear to you is accurate!  And as you share this information with each other, you shall validate yourselves and each other that you have accomplished, for you shall all connect with a shared focus.

Other individuals have been encouraged to be engaging this action also, and have accomplished, in your terms, quite successfully.  And I shall express to you once again that as you access the beginnings of this shared focus, I shall offer you the “fill in of the blanks,” so to speak. (Grinning)

RICHARD:  Sounds like a deal!  (Laughter, and Elias chuckles)

ELIAS:  In this manner, you acknowledge yourselves and offer yourselves the validation of your own abilities, and I shall confirm to you by offering connective tissue. (Brief pause)

You offer yourselves much more meaning as you allow yourselves to be accomplishing!  Any essence may be offering you information, and this holds little meaning if you are not connecting to it yourselves.

(To Jen)  Yes, Margarite?

JEN:  Well, my question has to do with the study of what we’re learning in the transcripts, which I’ve been attempting to read, and a desire to explore further ... to get to another place, which I’m not quite sure where.  But I was looking for a little insight as to how I might be able to do that, how I might able to use some of the information to help others to ... I don’t know ... in some expansive manner.  And of course there’s the necessity on some levels of being able to have that be able to buy bread and butter, so to speak.

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  Ah!  So you are wishing to be engaging this information, that you may be using this to be accomplishing what you view to be needs, and also accomplishing sharing of this information within your intent in this focus!  And I shall express to you information which I have offered over and over, and you all shall view this information as redundant ... and “Oh yes, Elias, but move beyond this and get to the point.”  But this IS the point!

JEN:  Okay, I’ll try to remember it this time!

ELIAS:  (Softly but intently)  As you begin to be trusting of self and your abilities, all else shall be accomplished as a byproduct, and naturally.

I express genuine to you, Margarite.  This is your key.  This is your base line.  But as you engage worry or any aspect of what you view to be your physical need, you are reinforcing your lack of trust of your own abilities and of yourself.

I am quite understanding that it appears to be magical language, but it is quite an element of reality.  It matters not what terminology you choose to engage.  You may express that you receive from essence.  You may express that you receive from the universe, from God, from your higher self.  It matters not your words.  What IS of mattering is that you are trusting in self, and not questioning.

In quite practical terms, as you term them to be, which are quite ludicrous, if you are inquiring of MY opinion....

JEN:  Yes, we are!  (Laughter, and Elias chuckles)

ELIAS:  You may look to your practical terms of your finances and your income, so to speak, which you view to be a necessity — to be responsible and to be meeting obligations of financial responsibility — and as you are trusting of yourself that this shall be provided you, it shall be.  As you are trusting yourself to venture in any area of your own creativity and hold to that trust in self, allowing your own free expression, all that you need you shall provide yourself.  You may initially view this as, “It shall be provided to you.”  In actuality, YOU are creating of your reality and YOU are providing this for yourself, but your key is trust.  As you are trusting, it shall appear.

I have expressed recently — to another quite dear individual that is interactive within this forum — that although you may view my words to be quite ludicrous at times, and quite unrealistic, I may express to you quite realistically, your issues of currency — this mere element of paper and coins within your physical focus ... which within this shift in consciousness shall not be residing much longer within your linear time framework, but within this present now is as easily accessed as your leaves upon your trees!

As there is no limit to your own energy, there is also no limit to what you may be creating, and if you are wishing to be creating of this paper and coins, then be creating of this!  Be trusting that it shall be materializing, and it shall.

JEN:  Well, one of the things about sharing this information within the forum of friendships or relationships, it just seems to just come from wherever, you know, myself or things that I’ve read and learned.  But there’s another piece that says that one will have to go to school to be able to impart this information to others, and perhaps that’s part of the shift in consciousness, that it’s not necessary.

ELIAS:  It is not necessary.  You hold the information within you, and so also do all other individuals.  You merely offer helpfulness in allowing them to open to their own awarenesses.

All individuals hold all of this information.  What you offer in helpfulness is a movement in triggering a remembrance, for this is what you are all accessing, your own remembrances of essence, for you already hold all of this information, and this be all that I offer to you also, is encouragement to be accessing your own remembrance; not to be imparting your remembrance for you, but to be encouraging you to access your own remembrance — for it is your tone — and to be encouraging you to be trusting and accepting of self, for within your remembrance and the forgetfulness within your own oubliettes, you have also forgotten the trustfulness of self, and look to others for your guidance and your direction.  But you hold your own direction, and you hold the ability to be steering your own ship!

JEN:  Hmm.  Yes, I can see that more and more.  That’s very nice.  (Laughter, and Elias chuckles)

ELIAS:  And your freedom within your focus is a glorious attraction, is it not?  (Chuckling)

JEN:  It’s very nice, yes.

ELIAS:  For glorious creatures!  Quite appropriate! (Chuckling)

We shall break, and you may continue with your questioning.

BREAK:  8:56 PM

Vic’s note:  It appears that the group continued to hold hands throughout these 38 minutes.  Amazing!  I know I couldn’t have done this.  My hands are always moving, either writing or playing with an object or doing something!  I mean, weren’t your hands sweaty??

It’s also interesting that Elias didn’t comment on this at all.  This particular aspect seemed to have more of a “problem” translating into language than some others, which might indicate an aspect that is less familiar with the energy exchange, which might account for the lack of response to something new and different, like holding hands.  In any case, the group did not hold hands as the session resumed.

RESUME:  9:23 PM (Time was 10 seconds)

ELIAS:  Continuing. (Smiling)

ERIK:  Elias, I have a question for you, or maybe you could share some advice with me.  Currently, I hold a position as a rescuer.  I deal with people that have hurt themselves, and I was wondering if you could give me some advice as to how to lend support, lend some kind of an energy support, a quick healing, a quick reassurance that they’ll be alright ... if you can give me some advice as to how to quickly do that.

ELIAS:  Energy is transferred instantaneously.

Now; you delude yourselves with ideas of rituals that are implemented merely to satisfy your OWN wish to occupy yourselves in a false term of spirituality, but in actuality, energy is conveyed and exchanged with other individuals instantaneously, and requires no rituals.

In this, I offer to you first of all to be continuously remembering that each individual creates their reality, and there are ALWAYS reasons, within their individual intents, that they create each experience that they engage.

At times the experience may be to benefit themselves individually.  At times it may be to benefit within a counterpart action.  At times it may be created to be beneficial to other individuals that they are interactive with, but each action that you create within physical focus is beneficial in some manner.  Each action that you engage is also not a mistake.  It is an intentional creation of your reality.

Therefore, in this, recognizing that each individual creates their own reality, you may be offering a lending of energy without expectation that may be offered and received to be constructed in whichever manner the individual chooses, as it shall be the most beneficial to themselves.  It may not appear objectively to be efficiently beneficial in YOUR assessment, but this is YOUR judgment.

In this, as you offer energy to another individual in an expression of essence — which would be an expression of encouragement and any expression that shall not be reinforcing of duplicity — in that exchange of energy, you instantaneously offer helpfulness and project a quality of energy that shall be received by the other individual.

Now; in this expression, it is unnecessary for you to move into directions of expression of reassurance of any action futurely, but merely to be concerning yourself with the present now moment, and offering helpfulness in lending energy WITHOUT EXPECTATION for that moment.  For projecting futurely, in the expression of “you shall be,” is projecting an expectation to the individual, that you lend energy with the expectation that they shall construct this energy to be used in the manner that you are projecting.

As you lend energy without expectation, you concern yourself with the present now, and merely validate the individual and their expression and their BEINGNESS.

In expressing energy in validating another individual’s beingness, there is acceptance, and in this acceptance, there is a receiving of energy, and in this receiving of energy, it shall be assimilated and constructed within their own framework of their reality to be the most beneficial.  It is unnecessary to be projecting futurely.

I may express to you that many times, other individuals may receive your words concerning futurely and also be rejecting of that energy, for they are not believing of your words, for they are creating their reality.  And many times, within a particular time framework of a particular incident, an individual may not have chosen yet which direction they shall move within in this creation.  They have merely chosen the probability of creating the particular situation, but have not yet created what you term to be an outcome.  Therefore you, in compassion, express — in your wanting to be helpful — energy that moves in a futurely direction, but which also holds an expectation.

You view your expression as good: “I offer to you, you shall be fine.”  This expression is viewed as compassionate and good ... and we return to our belief system of duplicity!  The expression of good is the same as the expression of bad.  It is a judgment and it carries expectation, for they move together.

In this, as you concern yourself merely with the now and the validation of the individual’s glorious beingness within the now, you offer energy that they shall receive and subsequently may apply to whichever direction they choose within their probabilities.  Are you understanding?

ERIK:  Yes.  Yes, I am.  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome.

RICHARD:  I have a question about a recent discovery.  This is something that has been prophesied by Sumerian texts, as well as Egyptian.  Recently, around the sun, they’ve spotted objects which they’re terming to be “sun cruisers,” and prophesied by the Sumerians and the Hopi as returning at this time.  NASA is claiming it’s the planet Mars, and it doesn’t look like the planet Mars.  It’s not in the right place.  I was wondering what you could share about these particular sightings of “sun cruisers.”  What are they doing?

ELIAS:  These are bleed-throughs that you offer yourselves the opportunity to view, for as you move farther into the action of this shift, you also widen your awareness and allow yourself to open your vision, not merely physically, but also intuitively, and in this action, you also open yourselves to more of the reality of consciousness, and in this action, as I have stated previously, the veils become very thin, and you may easily pierce these veils.  Therefore, individuals may view many more elements of your reality than you have allowed yourselves to view previously.

I have expressed many times within this forum to be watchful.  You shall be viewing more of reality than you have allowed yourselves to view in millenniums, and now you open yourselves in your awareness to wonders of amazement, that is all of your reality and all available to you!  You have merely hidden these elements of your reality from yourselves, in your singularity of your vision.  You shall view more amazing stories futurely also!  (Grinning)

I have expressed recently that you move now into the final year of this century and of this millennium.  This holds significance, for you have lent much energy to this event.  You have lent much energy to this time framework for much of your history.  You look to this time period as a turning point, and so it shall be, for you are creating it!

You have already lent tremendous energy in this area, and I have expressed to you for much time framework now that it is your choice which probabilities you shall insert into your official objective reality.  You view yourselves as you are inserting into your reality, and you ARE creating your movements, and you are creating more and more that you view and more and more that becomes accepted, not as unusual, but accepted and welcomed into your reality as “normal.”

JEN:  It’s exciting!

ELIAS:  Quite!  You embark on a new adventure which gains in momentum upon a daily basis!  This time framework of this particular year shall yield MANY changes.

JEN:  This year, or the year 2000?

ELIAS:  We concern ourselves with this final year of this century and this millennium, for this is what you occupy!

In this, you may view many alterations and many changes, which you yourselves shall be initiating and executing, for you ARE allowing yourselves wider awarenesses.  Therefore, your unusual little sightings may become much more common as you move farther into the momentum of this shift.  As you move into your new millennium, which I have expressed to you previously in preparing you, your momentum shall increase tremendously.  The wave of this shift shall immensely move as you move into your new millennium.

RICHARD:  The wave is still cresting?

ELIAS:  Quite!

NATHAN:  Is it still in the direction of relationships, or have we moved more out of that direction?

ELIAS:  That particular wave continues, but it moves into a calming position.  These waves in consciousness addressing to individual belief systems are beginning to overlap, and in this, you shall be addressing to more than one belief system within each time framework.

Therefore, as you continue — as the swell reduces in the area of belief system of relationship — you now move into new areas.  What you are moving into presently and gaining momentum within are the belief systems of duplicity and also of sexual orientation.

NATHAN:  What happens when you’re a Gemini?  (Elias grins)

ELIAS:  Ah!  The astrological!  (Chuckling, and there is laughter and various comments from the group)

You may be exchanging with Michael and he may be relating with you in this area also, as within your designation of your associations of planets and star systems, you may identify double and he may identify triple in this same constellation!  (Grinning and laughing)  And you are BOTH confused!  (Mary is a triple Gemini)

I shall be offering information in these areas of these two belief systems, which currently begin to be addressed within consciousness objectively and subjectively, en masse and individually.

The belief system of duplicity shall be moving quite strongly, and this shall be presenting itself over and over.  This is a very large belief system.  In actuality, this is your greatest belief system, and holds the greatest amount of energy and is the most affecting.

But simultaneous to the addressing to this particular belief system, you also incorporate your distortions and the belief systems that you have created in the area of sexual orientation, and this is based to this particular dimension, as I have expressed to you.

I shall express to you that orientation and gender are very different elements.  They are not the same.  You have created two physical forms — you have created two physical genders within this dimension — and you have created three orientations, and they are NOT synonymous.

In this, individuals have inquired in this area from the onset of these sessions, and I have reserved much information in this area to the time framework — within your linear time framework — that you engage these belief systems yourselves and that it becomes an objective awareness with you, for as you engage this, you also open yourselves to more of an understanding and a willingness to accept information in this area.

I shall express to you that in this area of gender and orientation, all FIVE are equally as different as all five of your outer senses, and may not be equated with each other any more than each of your five outer senses.

You have created five outer senses for perception and you have created five areas of reality for experience within this dimension, to be influencing of your reality and your perception, and in a manner of speaking, adding to how you are creating your perception, which is creating of your reality.

They are five very distinct elements — male, female, and three orientations — and your orientations are not gender-oriented, although your belief systems have quite efficiently merged these two areas and you have created a very strong belief system identifying gender and orientation, and they are NOT THE SAME.

This also is an element of your remembrance, and in this time framework futurely, I shall be offering information in this direction to be clarifying to you what you have created in actuality in this dimension concerning these five elements of your reality, with your three orientations and your two genders.

But I offer to you this evening that you merely remember that they are five very distinct elements and not necessarily interchangeable with each other or synonymous at all with each other, any more than your sense of taste is synonymous with your sense of hearing.

You may identify yourself as a girl, and you may be a girl, and you may not necessarily be female in gender.  You may identify yourself as a boy, and you may not necessarily be a male in gender.  They are not synonymous.  They are very different.  They are body type and perceptions, and perception is quite different from a body type.

And you have not even created a word for “other,” although you believe yourselves to have created a word, which merely demonstrates the depth of your belief system, which you have created in your word of homosexual.  How very inadequate!  Singular sex!  Very incorrect!

It is quite nondescript, would you agree?  You do not even hold a word for your own orientations!  “Woman, man, girl, boy” are not designations for your perceptions in these areas any more than “other.”  The only definition that you hold objectively presently is male and female, and this merely refers to a body type and function, and not a perception.

NATHAN:  Maybe this movie “Wilde” is quite timely?  Good timing?

ELIAS:  And this is quite coincidental, is it not?  (Laughter, and Elias chuckles)  I shall express, quite an adequate lead-in, so to speak!  This would be our promotional area that we offer to you all as a preliminary preview of coming attractions!  (Much laughter)

NATHAN:  The lead actor — I don’t remember his name — but would you say that he played the role quite well?  Do you think that was pretty accurate?

ELIAS:  I am aware of the energy expressed within this presentation, and I express that it has accurately and efficiently accomplished its purpose.  (Laughing)

And I may also express to you that although you view myself, this essence, to be so very cosmically busy and so non-interactive with your physical dimension, I may choose to be popping in and out to be checking upon the local news, and as to this expression artistically, I am quite pleased with the portrayal!  (Grinning, and laughter)

RICHARD:  Elias, this reminds me of a question I had.  Last time we spoke, you said you’d be interacting in terms of animals, and right when we left that session that evening, I saw a red fox go right between ... in front of my car and the car that was in front of me, which the way it ran across the road, your suggestion of interacting with animals came to mind.  Then as soon as I got home, an owl was right above my car in the tree, and then moved over to the house where I was sleeping and stayed around all night long, and it was like that evening that we had spoken about that, and I don’t know if I was ... I felt like I was feeling your presence.  But was that you?  I mean, is that the way in which you say that you’re going to be....

MALE:  Checking up?

RICHARD:  Checking in, in terms of animals?

ELIAS:  Not necessarily, but let me express to you that I would not be discounting your recognition of my energy presence with you within that time framework.  In this experience, what you have presented yourself with is the openness to be influencing.  In the viewing of the first creature, your essence was influencing in that presentment, in confirmation to you that there is more to your reality than you realize realistically.

As to the second creature, this was the presentment of the energy of the essence of Rose, of which we have spoken previously several times.  This essence chooses to be identified through these creatures of birds within your dimension, and efficiently manipulates energy in this manner.  Therefore, as you have allowed yourself to be opening to this movement within this shift and allowing yourself to be opening within your awareness, the presentment of energy of Rose has also been offered to you, for this essence is quite interactive within the Source Event of this shift in consciousness.

NATHAN:  I have a question.  We’re playing a game here, you know!  We’re playing the game now!  Musicians, Ilda, John Lee Hooker?

ELIAS:  One point!  Our game!  (Laughter)

FEMALE:  I brought my game sheets!

ELIAS:  Very good!  (Chuckling)

JEN:  I have one.  It’s a musician too.  Ben Harper, Milumet.

ELIAS:  One point!  (Chuckling)  Very well....

RICHARD:  I want to ask a couple of essence names.  My parents, my mother and my father.  This is something I’ve been wondering about.

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  And shall we offer one point to Zephel ...

RICHARD:  Oh!  I changed the subject.  Sorry!

ELIAS:  ... for engaging your telepathic sense with this essence of Elias, as I was about to engage essence namings!

RICHARD:  One point, and I didn’t even know I was playing!

ELIAS:  Very good connecting!

Essence name, mother, Lillian.  Essence name, father, Pavel; B-A ... P-A-V-E-L. (pronounced pov’el)

RICHARD:  Pavel.

ELIAS:  Correct.

FEMALE:  Can you give us Katheryn’s essence name and family, please?

ELIAS:  Essence name, Pouinea; P-O-U-I-N-E-A. (pronounced pwen-yae’)  Essence family, Sumafi; alignment, Borledim.

FEMALE:  Borle...?

ELIAS:  Borledim.

MALE:  Oh, Borledim.

ELIAS:  Correct ... which shall be lending much energy to this shift in consciousness also!  (Chuckling)

(To Michelle)  And you may inquire, little one, as you are drifting into my space arrangement within consciousness! (Chuckling)  I hold an awareness that Michael shall hold an awareness of your energy within this session time framework, as you are allowing your energy to be drifting close to this wave that he holds within!  (Chuckling)

MALE:  (To Michelle)  What’s your question?

MALE:  Actually, can we take a quick break while I change the tape?

ELIAS:  You may.

MALE:  Thank you.

ELIAS:  Very well.

MALE:  (To Michelle)  It will give you time to think.

BREAK   10:02 PM
RESUME  10:05 PM (Time is 8 seconds)

Vic’s note:  The group decides to hold hands again, but no comment from Elias.  He doesn’t even appear to notice.  Hmm....

ELIAS:  Continuing ... and we refocus!  (Chuckling)

MICHELLE:  The essences of my parents — I’m going to throw it all in one big clump and you can pick and choose — clues to the connection of Robertt and I, and anything else you feel we all should know.

ELIAS:  (Whispering)  Such a very quiet little mouse!

NATHAN:  When she wants to be!  (Laughter)

ELIAS:  Quite demure!  An excellent quality!  (Chuckling)  Another display of duplicity!

Essence names: mother, Rita, R-I-T-A; father, Gueneth, G-U-E-N-E-T-H. (pronounced gwen’eth)

Clues to your connections: I shall offer you one futurely.  Time framework, twenty-two-twenty-three (2223); physical location, what you view presently to be southern element of the continent of Africa; relationship to each other, much similar to this present now.

I shall offer to you that within this future time period, there exists no longer these physical prejudices and separations, for the accomplishment of this shift has already been realized.  You each occupy your attention in exploration of space arrangements, investigating other areas of your physical universe, and also allowing yourselves at times to be accessing through piercing veils of other-dimensional information that may be helpful to you in your exploration and your assessment of other elements of this physical dimension — what you term to be your physical universe — which extends far beyond your immediate solar system.  In this, you both engage scientific activity, although the definition for your sciences is quite different within this time framework, for you also incorporate an understanding of consciousness.  The information that has been offered as revelations within this present now appears to be mundane to you in that present now.

I shall offer you one pastly, that you may also be investigating.  Physical location, island of Komodo, although this island in this time framework does not hold that naming.  Time framework, eight hundred before present calendar.  You occupy the relationship of siblings, one male, one female; what you would term to be physical twins, reverse of present gender.

This would be before the introduction of the dragon (grinning) to this particular island. (Chuckling)  Therefore, you occupy a very small village in safety, and you may investigate this particular focus if you are so choosing, for it may offer you insight into the relationship that you hold presently also.

RICHARD:  I wanted to ask the essence names of my brother and sister.

ELIAS:  Essence name, brother, Ash.  Essence name, sister, Taxiel; T-A-X-I-E-L. (pronounced tax-eel’)

RICHARD:  Interesting.  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome. (Chuckling)

Very well!  We shall be disengaging this evening, and I shall be offering much energy to you all and anticipating our next meeting as we move into these very delicate new areas of very strong belief systems, which may offer you each insight into areas that may be helpful in your own acceptance.

And be remembering that you are the new Sumafi warriors, are you not?  For I am not forgetting! (Chuckling)  And in this, you are charged with helpfulness within this shift.  Therefore, you are providing of the examples of the little saplings.

MALE:  Elias, can we do an “Om” before you leave?

ELIAS:  If you are so choosing.  (Brief pause, as everybody inhales)  And shall I begin??  (Grinning)

MALE:  Please!  (Everybody exhales and cracks up — too funny!)

ELIAS:  HA HA!!  (Much laughter)  As they all breathe deeply in anticipation!  (Chuckling)  Now you may all exhale!  I have caught you all!  (Laughing)  Very well!  (They “Om” for 16 seconds, and sit in silence for 20 seconds)

I offer to you all the breath of energy that you may all incorporate within you, and be remembering of this energy as you choose to be connecting with each other to find your shared focus, for I shall lend energy to you also for your accomplishment.

I offer great lovingness to you each, and much affection.  To you all this evening, I bid you a very fond au revoir.

GROUP:  Au revoir.

Elias departs at 10:18 PM.

Vic’s note:  A funny thing happened on the way to the forum ... just kidding!  A funny thing happened as I was getting ready to send out this transcript.  For some reason, in the middle of the last page of the script, my computer started inadvertantly double-spacing between paragraphs.  This only affected this one small part of the script.  I couldn’t figure out what to do about it, so I didn’t send it.  Later, Ron suggested that I retype the last page, which I did, which appears to have corrected the problem.  Go figure!

I talked to Mary about this a few hours after it happened, and she just started laughing.  She found it quite funny that there was a problem with sending out a script in which this topic of gender and orientation is introduced ... and she’s right.  It IS funny!

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