Session 352

The Belief System of Responsibility


“The Belief System of Responsibility”

Wednesday, January 13, 1999   © 1999 (Private/Phone)
Participants:  Mary (Michael) and Kristin (Martin).
Vic’s note:  I first met Kristin in New Haven, Connecticut in ‘96.  We met up again in Elmira, NY in ‘97, in room 106.  Hi, Kristin!
Elias arrives at 11:15 AM. (Arrival time is 16 seconds)

ELIAS:  Good morning, Martin!

KRISTIN:  Good morning!

ELIAS:  We meet again! (Smiling)

KRISTIN:  Okay ... I’m having a little bit of trouble hearing you, but I think I’ll be okay.

ELIAS:  And you have inquiries this morning?

KRISTIN:  Yes, I do.  I first want to say ... I mean, I guess you will, but please be brutally honest with me this morning.

ELIAS:  Ah! (Grinning)  Brutally honest!  Very well!

KRISTIN:  Okay!  The main reason I’m doing this right now is because I feel that I’m at an impasse in my life.  I have some excellent opportunities in front of me.  I have an opportunity to stay in the United States and teach and build a good career here, or I have the opportunity to go to Europe and be with my boyfriend Frederick and hope to do something productive there.  I know that you can’t make the decision for me, but I’m hoping to get some insight on all this.  I know I have belief systems getting in my way, things like that.  Can you give me some insight on this?

ELIAS:  Very well.  Addressing to this situation, you are dealing with mass belief systems that concern the appearance of being responsible and productive within your society.

KRISTIN:  Yes, exactly.

ELIAS:  In this, the reason that you experience what you may term to be this tug of war, so to speak, is that you influence yourself by aligning with the mass belief system that you SHOULD be creating a productive, responsible contribution to yourself and your society, and in this, the choice would be to be remaining in the location that you are presently and engaging your career, in a manner of speaking.

Now; in moving outside of the mass belief system and allowing yourself to venture into the unfamiliar, and also into a wider awareness by opening to your periphery, you may choose to be removing yourself from this situation and physically moving your location to this other area of which you speak.  In this, what you are presenting yourself with is not merely the movement outside of the mass belief system, but you are mirroring this movement in physical objective action by altering your physical location and placing yourself in the objective imagery of unfamiliarity.  This provides you the opportunity to objectively practice your trust of self and move more efficiently into your expression of acceptance of self and your own creations, allowing you more and more to be trusting your own creativity and your own abilities.  Are you understanding?

KRISTIN:  Absolutely.

ELIAS:  Therefore, although you are correct — I shall not be expressing to you the direction that you SHOULD be moving into, for this is your choice and you shall be following your value fulfillment regardless.  But I shall offer to you that have created a line of probabilities before you that you may quite efficiently move into and be accomplishing much within your own movement, shall you be choosing to not be aligning with the mass belief systems and to allow yourself the opportunity to move into the area of unfamiliarity.

KRISTIN:  You mean Europe, if I choose Europe.

ELIAS:  Correct.

KRISTIN:  Okay!  That is a brilliant answer, and very, very helpful.

ELIAS:  Be understanding that I am quite aware of the difficulties within physical focus that this shall be presenting to you, and you also hold an awareness.  Regardless of the romanticizing of this movement, there are also quite realistic situations involved with this type of movement that may be creating of certain elements of conflict.  But within these conflicts, you may be eliminating the conflict by offering yourself and allowing yourself the opportunity to be trusting in your own creations, and not allowing yourself to be influenced and swayed by other individuals that shall align with the mass belief systems.

KRISTIN:  Okay.  You’re quite right; it does bring up many conflicts.  One conflict, as silly as this might sound, (Elias grins) involves my dog.  I took on the responsibility of a small dog a couple of years ago, and I would like her to be with me eventually in Europe, but I don’t want to put her on the plane and put her in a bad situation where she might be uncomfortable.  That’s just one such conflict.  Are there ways of dealing with these types of conflicts?

ELIAS:  This also, be realizing, is quite influenced by your belief systems, for your belief system of comfort is influenced by your perception, and vice versa.

In this, I have stated many times that your belief systems are creating of your perception, and in certain situations, your perception may be also influencing of belief systems that you already hold, in reinforcing them.

What I am expressing to you is that at times you may hold certain belief systems, and subsequently offer yourself experiences or information via other individuals or circumstances that shall influence your perception.  Therefore, your perception, then, is reinforcing and influencing of the belief system that you already hold.

In this, you hold belief systems in the area of comfort for this creature, and other creatures also.  In this belief system, you create a fearfulness within yourself that harmfulness may befall this creature if you are engaging transportation within the mode that is available to you presently in movement to another country.

In this, you may not transport this creature by land.  Therefore, this creates doubtfulness within you to the safety of this creature, but I express to you that this also is an opportunity for you to view how you are creating your reality in conjunction and agreement with this creature, by trusting yourself and your creations and your influence.

As you turn attention to trusting the safety of this creature and allowing yourself the knowing that no harmfulness shall befall it, you also shall influence the creation that is manifest jointly between yourself and this creature, and it shall arrive safely at its new destination.  Are you understanding?

KRISTIN:  Yes, I am.  I love that little creature more than anything!  (Laughing, and Elias chuckles)

Okay, I have a general question.  I’m wondering if you can tell me a little bit about my entity.  Who am I? is basically the question.  Who is this entity that I am an offshoot of?  And furthermore, can you maybe even tell me a couple of interesting past focuses, in my sense of the word?

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  Who are you?!

KRISTIN:  Who AM I? (Laughing)

ELIAS:  I may express this inquiry to you!  Who ARE you?  (Chuckling)

You are yourself, as I am myself, and every other essence is itself.  You are merely the physical expression of your essence.  You are the focus of attention that you identify as Kristin, and this be who you are!

You are not a portion of your essence, and you are not an offshoot of your essence.  You are the entirety of your essence, for the entirety of your essence and all of its qualities are held within you and also accessible to you.

As to what you view to be past focuses, I may offer to you ... one moment. (10-second pause)

I shall offer to you that you hold one focus within what you would term to be a previous time framework which is influencing of this particular focus within this present now, and lends energy to the probabilities that you are creating presently in your draw to new physical location.  You hold another focus of essence within this location of this country of France, and you also participate in that particular focus with your present partner.


ELIAS:  In this, you hold different roles in relationship with each other, holding the roles of siblings to each other, both being male and also being focused quite closely in age, so to speak.  You hold much mischievous[ness] with this individual in that particular focus, and gain a reputation for creating quite mischievous actions and situations which are affecting of many other individuals within your village.  In other terms, I may express to you that they may be viewing your pranks as slightly obnoxious! (Grinning)

KRISTIN:  (Cracking up)  That’s brilliant!

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  Quite playful, I may express also!

In this, you occupy the time framework of mid-seventeen hundreds ... seventeen six four.  Are you understanding?


ELIAS:  You do not engage in what you may term to be a flamboyant lifestyle, and occupy a small village in which yourself and your brother are quite close in relationship, but do not rise to fame or great wealth.  I am recognizing that this is of great disappointment to you!  (Chuckling)

You also hold another focus of essence within the physical location that you may term presently to be Philippines.

KRISTIN:  Philippines!  Hmm.

ELIAS:  In this, you occupy a time framework in what you would term to be previous ... 1317.  This area is occupied by different oriental peoples, so to speak, not entirely Filipino.  There are Japanese families that reside within certain villages, of which you are a part of within that time framework.

KRISTIN:  Hmm.  I knew it!

ELIAS:  In this, you hold very strong belief systems, and hold much alignment with elements of viewing yourself in a manner of perfectionism and holding great alignment with discipline.

This focus also at times is quite influencing of this present now, in lending confusion to yourself and in lending energy to the areas of duplicity, in which you drive yourself at times for perfection in certain areas and hold disappointment with yourself that you are not expressing yourself in a more disciplined manner.  This energy is directly influenced by the energy projected through that particular focus.

But within THIS focus, as you do occupy the time framework of this shift in consciousness, you may be recognizing of this, and you may also offer yourself in that recognition the opportunity to reconfigure that energy which is being lent by that focus to benefit this focus, in allowing more of your own expressions in creativity rather than limiting yourself within expressions of limitation in discipline.

I may offer to you one other focus that you may offer yourself the investigation of, merely for the reason of fun!  This would be a focus that you hold in conjunction with Christian, and in that particular focus....

KRISTIN:  Christian, meaning Frank?

ELIAS:  Correct.

KRISTIN:  Oh neat!

ELIAS:  In that particular focus, you occupy an area that you now term to be Turkey, and in that particular focus, you hold a relationship to each other in friendship, and practice a colorful lifestyle as gypsies.  (10-second pause)

KRISTIN:  Come again?  I didn’t understand the last part.

ELIAS:  Gypsies!

KRISTIN:  Gypsies!  Okay, thank you!

ELIAS:  Therefore, you may express to Christian that at our next meeting, I shall be anticipating a reading from your crystal balls!  (Chuckling)

KRISTIN:  I’m sorry, Elias, I didn’t hear that last part.  The phone is bad.

ELIAS:  You may be expressing to Christian that at our next meeting, I shall be anticipating a reading from your crystal balls!

KRISTIN:  Yes!  Well, you know, Christian is a dear, dear essence, and I’ll do anything to help him if he needs it.  (Elias chuckles)

Okay, this is excellent information, and I appreciate it!  My next question is, do I still have the same essence family and alignments that I had last time we met?

ELIAS:  Yes.

KRISTIN:  Okay.  It’s Milumet?

ELIAS:  Correct.

KRISTIN:  With Sumari and Tumold, is it?

ELIAS:  Tumold, yes.  (Correcting pronunciation)

KRISTIN:  Tumold.

ELIAS:  Yes.

KRISTIN:  Why do I have two alliances?  How does that help me?

ELIAS:  At times, essences choose to be incorporating more than one essence family or more than one essence family alignment.  This offers them a difference in more of a diversity within their intent, and therefore is offering them of a different type of experience within physical focus.

Incorporating these two families, as aligning with them in this focus, offers you a playfulness in conjunction with healing aspects.

Therefore, you allow yourself not to be so very serious in the area of healing, which also offers you the direction of movement into expressions of healing that may not necessarily be aligned with the mass belief systems of healing, and therefore, you may be expressing of this action in quite creative actions.

KRISTIN:  Have I been healing others, and if not, how do I move more into that type of action?

ELIAS:  You are quite influencing in this area already, although individuals may not necessarily recognize this action in the terms of healing.  But if allowing yourself to be questioning other individuals, you may also find that they hold an awareness of healing aspects that you offer to them in fun-lovingness and in your ability to not align with mass belief systems, and also in your ability to be offering a light-heartedness in different types of situations.

In this, your presence offers a healing element, and the energy that you exude merely within your presence is that element that offers the healing aspect of your intent.

KRISTIN:  Okay!  Speaking of intents, I’m starting to understand a little bit more about my intent.  Can you help me to understand MORE about it?  What is my intent here on this earth in this lifetime, and how can I better fulfill my potential?

ELIAS:  Let me express to you that you ARE fulfilling your intent and your value fulfillment, and you may continue to move in this direction efficiently by addressing to your own individual belief systems and moving yourself into more of an expression of acceptance of self, for as you are accomplishing of this, you are also increasing the energy that you project outwardly to other individuals and you are offering them the example in the manner of the little sapling, which provides them the opportunity to also be looking to self, and this is influencing within consciousness, in lending energy to their acceptance and trust of their own creations.

This would be the element of your intent within this particular focus, quite aligning with this shift in consciousness.

Also within your intent, you offer the example and the information to other individuals — incorporating the Milumet — that the genuine expression of spirituality is NOT an action which is to be attained and outside of yourself, but that the expression of spirituality is to be incorporating ALL of self, physical and non-physical, together in harmony, not discounting any aspect of self as non-spiritual, and allowing one’s self to be moving into the freedom of spontaneity and trusting of each individual’s own creations, not necessarily aligning with the mass belief systems.  Are you understanding?

KRISTIN:  Yes, I am!  So I’m kind of what I feel like I’ve always been.  I’m definitely a learner, but I am partly also a teacher.

ELIAS:  Quite.

KRISTIN:  Okay, but at the same time, I still am aligning with some mass belief systems that have caused me great pain this last year.  I’m speaking now of some of my anxiety attacks, feeling like I have to be responsible ... can you go into this area and help me clear that up?  I want to work on the areas in which I still have to improve myself.

ELIAS:  In this, as I have stated previously within this particular session, as you allow yourself to be more accepting of self and more trusting of your own expressions and your own creativity, you also shall begin to relax your hold upon these issues and these belief systems.

Be remembering that each belief system holds very many aspects.  Therefore, as you allow yourself to view all of the different birds within each of these bird cages of belief systems, you shall also allow yourself to view how much more efficient it may be to be discontinuing feeding these birds and allowing them to fly free out of these bird cages.

In this, each time you are experiencing conflict and confusion, you may turn your attention to your belief systems and view which bird you are presently giving attention to, and in this, you may refrain from continuing to feed that particular bird, allowing yourself more of your own freedom of expression, and this shall be reinforcing of your own trust of self.

I express to you that each time you are allowing yourself to view the accomplishment of your own trustfulness of self, you shall reinforce your own acceptance, and in this, you shall move more and more efficiently into the effortlessness of your own expressions, which shall be enhancing of the expression of your intent within this particular focus, and it shall be influencing in discontinuing your creation of conflict.

In this, CONFLICT IS UNNECESSARY.  It is a manifestation of the limitations that you place upon yourself in alignment with your own belief systems.

Now; be remembering — and also ALLOWING — the influence and expression of your Milumet, in the remembrance that belief systems in themselves, as the cage, are neutral.  Therefore, do not be placing judgment upon the belief systems, expressing to yourself that they be bad or good and that certain belief systems need be eliminated.

Merely allow yourself your own spirituality to be expressed in the recognition that the conflicts arise in your expression of the aspects of belief systems, in which you place judgments and in which you reinforce the belief system of duplicity.

KRISTIN:  Which belief should I start with if I want to start getting through this?  Is there a particular belief that I can begin with?

ELIAS:  You may begin with the belief of responsibility.


ELIAS:  In this, as in the expression of all other belief systems, there are many aspects that are contained within the belief system.  Therefore, in other terms, there are many birds within the cage, and they may disguise or camouflage themselves quite efficiently.

In this, the bird of justification aligns itself quite efficiently with many of the birds in the cage of responsibility.

Therefore, I caution you in the area of the aspects that you view to be good, not necessarily to be focusing so intensely upon the areas of this belief system that you view to be bad, so to speak, for as you identify negativity in this belief system of responsibility, these birds present themselves quite obviously!  But the birds that disguise themselves as good are not quite so obvious for your viewing, for you automatically are accepting of them and continue to be feeding them.  Therefore, your attention is not necessarily turned objectively in viewing the birds that you view to be good.

KRISTIN:  Okay ... okay!  I have a bunch of kind of quick questions.  I want to get to a few more, if that’s possible?

ELIAS:  You may.

KRISTIN:  Excellent information!  I’m feeling great about this.

Okay, this French connection!  Now I understand that I have a connection with Frederick in France before, and that makes perfect sense.  But also, there seems to be some weird French connection between Christian and I — Frank — and even Mary.  She just came to France when I was there.  What is this French connection?


KRISTIN:  Mary — I mean Michael.

ELIAS:  And you may be investigating of this also!

I have not offered this information, as I have chosen to be offering different focuses, as they are directly influencing of you in areas that you address to presently within this particular focus.

KRISTIN:  Sure.  Yeah, that’s understandable.

ELIAS:  But I may offer to you also that within that particular focus which has been mentioned already — within your seventeen hundreds — you participate in interaction with these individuals also as you approach adulthood, in your terms, and align in friendship with these individuals, and acquaintance with myself also.

KRISTIN:  Oh, how nice!  In France?

ELIAS:  Correct.

KRISTIN:  Good place to meet, huh? (Laughing)

ELIAS:  Quite!

KRISTIN:  Okay, here’s a kind of ... well, this is a more involved question.  I’m going to save it for the end.  I would like to know, what was my focus or what was my connection with David, the English guy I was with before Frederick?  He was definitely a soul mate.  Some intense stuff happened.  Can you tell me briefly a little bit about that? (Pause)

ELIAS:  Ah.  You have held physical focuses with this individual, although within this particular dimension, you may term these to be not many.  You do hold physical focuses with this individual within other physical dimensions, more in number, so to speak.  You also hold an alignment, in a manner of speaking, with this individual in essence, for this individual holds an essence that exhibits a similar tone and moves in similar directions of attention with your essence.  Therefore, I express to you that in the terms of your connections, so to speak, you would be holding more connections, in a manner of speaking, within essence and within other-dimensional focuses than within this particular dimension.

KRISTIN:  Okay!  Very helpful.  My other question is about my writing. (Sighing)  I’ve had luck with my writing, with my acting, with a lot of things, and that adds to my frustration.  I don’t know what to really pursue full-time.  Writing is something, though, that I would like to pursue because it gives me so much freedom of movement.  Can you give me any insight into this?

ELIAS:  I shall express to you that all areas of creativity are open and available to you within your choice of expressions.  In this, I may also express to you the suggestion that you not be limiting yourself.  If you are choosing to be focusing your attention upon writing, this is quite acceptable and is your choice, but do not limit yourself to merely one expression of creativity, for you have chosen within this particular focus to be exploring many aspects of creativity in what individuals within your society may term to be artistic areas.

Therefore, if you are limiting yourself to merely one expression, you may also be creating of frustration and conflict within this particular focus.

This also is another aspect of the issue and belief system that we are speaking of, in which you hold issue in responsibility, for one of the aspects of this particular belief system expresses that you need be focusing your attention in a disciplined manner and not allow yourself distraction.

In this, if you are limiting yourself to merely one creative expression, you shall be reinforcing this issue and continuing to be feeding the birds within this particular cage.


ELIAS:  I am not discouraging of you in the area of writing.  I am quite encouraging of your expression in this manner.  I am merely cautioning you not to be creating an intensely focused direction in merely this one area, but to be incorporating natural time and allowing the expression of your impulses and impressions.  Therefore, if you are choosing the direction of writing, you may express this to be quite acceptable, but allow yourself also the freedom to be responsive to your own impulses within the framework of natural time.

Therefore, as you engage the activity of writing, also allow yourself the openness to spontaneously engage other creative expressions within your time frameworks of writing.  Are you understanding?

KRISTIN:  Absolutely, one hundred percent.

ELIAS:  Very well.

KRISTIN:  So basically, how I kind of feel right now is, I do want to just kind of go out there, explore, play, find all different types of expressions.  So I think I’m understanding that I should go with this feeling!

ELIAS:  Quite!  I am quite encouraging of this action, and be remembering, fun is good!

KRISTIN:  Yes, I agree! (Laughing)  Also, I feel that since Frederick is supporting me financially right now, I have to kind of get away from the feeling of being irresponsible and accept it as a gift that he’s giving me.  Is this correct?

ELIAS:  Quite correct!


ELIAS:  This is another element or another bird within this cage, and also I may express to you that many individuals, yourself also, hold great difficulty in the area of receiving.

In this, be remembering that each individual is creating of their reality, and creating of their choice of expression.

As you are not accepting of another individual’s expression, you also lend energy to the lack of acceptance of their own expression, and your lack of acceptance of another individual’s expression is the outward expression of the lack of acceptance of elements within self.

KRISTIN:  Huh!  Do you mean that if I don’t accept this gift he’s giving me, of being allowed to create without worrying about money, that that’s ... is that what you’re talking about?

ELIAS:  Quite!

KRISTIN:  Okay!  He does get something out of it.  I see that.

ELIAS:  Quite!

KRISTIN:  On this subject briefly, what is this action between he and I?  Of course, I’m tempted to ask, “Is he the right one for me?” and all that kind of stuff, but I won’t!  But I do want some insight on that whole situation.  He seems to be very good for me!

ELIAS:  And you may continue to be moving in this direction within your thought process, for this is helpful to you in allowing you to express your own acceptance of self, for he is choosing to lend energy to you in reinforcement of your own acceptance of self, offering you helpfulness in allowing you to view new freedoms outside of the mass belief systems.

KRISTIN:  Yes, this is very, very true.  Okay, this is the big question I wanted to ask.  I’m hoping I have time to ask one small one after this.  We only have about another six minutes.

I have a lot of concern about the sufferings of the world.  I know better than this.  I know I shouldn’t torture myself this way, but I DO torture myself.  I think about the suffering of animals, the suffering of political prisoners.  It can drive me crazy sometimes!  How do I deal with these feelings?  And also, do animals really choose to suffer?

ELIAS:  I have offered information previously in this area concerning your creatures, and I may express to you that your belief system and your perception of the suffering of creatures is quite aligned with your perception of yourselves.

You lean in the direction of “people-izing” all of the elements of your reality, but I express to you that this is not necessarily in actuality the experience of other elements within your reality, be they creatures or any other element of consciousness within your reality.

You may inquire of Michael as to the information which has been previously offered, and he may be helpful in your accessing of this information.

As to your responsiveness in these areas, this once again is quite related to your issues in the area of responsibility, moving into the expression of personal responsibility and your participation within your world, so to speak.

In this, let me also be reminding you that your most efficient and effective expression in altering situations within your physical dimension is to be addressing to self and to your own acceptance and trust of self.

(Intently)  I may not be expressing this to individuals strongly enough, for although you do not necessarily objectively view the affectingness of this action, it is much more affecting in your reality than any of your objective expressions of rescue.


ELIAS:  (Firmly) For within the expression of acceptance and trust of self and turning your attention to self, you are not merely affecting quite strongly of every individual that you objectively engage, but you send outward, so to speak, a wave of energy within consciousness that is affecting of all other essences physically focused within this dimension.

KRISTIN:  Okay.  That’s excellent.  Just a quick parting question.  I’m sorry to rush through, but I want to get this in.  What can you tell me as far as ... you’ve told me so much, but as far as ... as I move into this new direction that I want to move into, any parting words of counsel or advice that would help me right now?

ELIAS:  Merely to be accepting of the expressions that are being offered to you in helpfulness with your partner, and to be accepting of the expressions in helpfulness of other individuals also, and to be incorporating this same action within yourself, to yourself.

As you allow the expressions of other individuals and you allow yourself the receiving and acceptance of their expressions, notice within yourself how you may be offering these types of expressions to yourself also, for you shall be your greatest critic.

In this, allow yourself to recognize YOUR worthiness in the same manner that you recognize other individuals’ worthiness.

KRISTIN:  Oh yeah, definitely.

ELIAS:  Therefore, this shall be your most helpful expression as you move into your new areas of unfamiliarity, which shall be providing to you new avenues of creativity and expression.

I am quite encouraging in this area!

KRISTIN:  Fantastic!  So I’m doing pretty good, right?

ELIAS:  Quite!

KRISTIN:  Thank you!  Well, that’s about it.  Mary’s been under for an hour, and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your help.  I feel I really needed this, and this is very, very helpful, so thank you.

ELIAS:  You are very welcome, and I shall continue to be lending energy to you as you move into your new avenues of creativity.

Be anticipating elements of blue to be presenting themselves to you as an expression of confirmation from this essence to you in encouragement.

KRISTIN:  Thank you, and I will be looking for it!  As you know, I always look for these types of things.  Thank you!

ELIAS:  You are very welcome.  I express to you great affection this day, and I bid you a very fond au revoir.

KRISTIN:  Thank you.

Elias departs at 12:18 PM.


(1)  Elias pronounced vice versa as vice ver-say’, which I don’t think he has ever done before.

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