Session 351

Spirituality in the Workplace


“Spirituality in the Workplace”
“Guilt: A Waste of Energy”

Sunday, January 3, 1999-2 © 1999 (Private/Phone)
Participants: Mary (Michael) and ANONYMOUS .
Elias arrives at 12:38 PM. (Arrival time was 13 seconds)

ELIAS: Bon jour!

ANONYMOUS: Bon jour! (Elias chuckles) How are you?

ELIAS: As always.

ANONYMOUS: I knew you would say that!

ELIAS: And we meet again!

ANONYMOUS: Well, I have some questions again. Shall I pose them?

ELIAS: You may proceed.

ANONYMOUS: My first question is about dreams. I almost always remember dreams about traveling and other cultures and people I don’t know objectively. I hardly ever dream about my daily life. What does this mean?

ELIAS: This, once again, as I have expressed to you previously, is an interaction of opening to other focuses that you hold within essence, and you are allowing yourself to be connecting with these other individuals, other focuses of your essence, through your dream imagery. (Pause)

ANONYMOUS: I’m barely hearing you right now. Do you have a moment? (Pause) Hello?


ANONYMOUS: (Barely audible) There you are again ... (inaudible).


Vic’s note: ANONYMOUS starts to say something else, and then the phone gets disconnected, but Elias is clueless.

ELIAS: And have you adjusted your electrical equipment? (No answer) I may express to you that I shall allow Michael’s interaction with you, that you may be adjusting of your equipment.

Vic’s note: Here, Elias “pops out” and Mary “pops in” to the sound of the phone ringing, and then, “If you’d like to make a call, please hang up and try again,” at which point she grabs the handset off the speaker phone and just stares at it, blinking her eyes.

(Side note to Mary) Don’t you just hate it when that happens, Mare? I have to tell you, Ron and I got a BIG KICK out of watching this! You had the funniest look on your face!

MARY: Strange! Okay Vic, I don’t know what that pop-in/pop-out was about, but I guess we lost the connection. Anyway, hopefully she’ll call back again, and then we can start over again. Weird! (Brief pause, and then the phone rings) There she is!

Here, Mary and ANONYMOUS have a conversation about what happened, and decide to attempt to continue with the session.

Elias popped out at 12:40 PM, and pops back in at 12:43 PM. (Arrival time is four seconds)

ELIAS: Continuing!

ANONYMOUS: Hi again! I’m sorry about that. I didn’t hear your answer to my question very well. Maybe you can repeat that?

ELIAS: Very well.

This imagery that you have presented to yourself within your dream state is an interaction with individuals that are participating in other focuses that you hold within essence. Therefore, it appears objectively to you that you do not recognize these individuals, and that it is unfamiliar to you in actions and locations. You are offering yourself once again the opportunity to open your awareness to other focuses that you hold within this dimension.

ANONYMOUS: Okay. Why is it that I dream more of these other focuses and other persons than of my daily life?

ELIAS: This would be that you are allowing yourself to be opening more, to more of your own essence. This is purposeful within this time framework, as you are allowing yourself to assimilate more of your own experiences, not merely within this one focus. This offers you the opportunity to be connecting more efficiently with self, and subsequent to this, it offers you the opportunity to be helpful to other individuals in understanding their experiences, as we have expressed previously.

ANONYMOUS: My next question is about creatures or pets. What is my connection with creatures in general, and with my pets in particular?

ELIAS: This is an offering to you within consciousness that you have chosen within this focus to be allowing yourself as a window, so to speak. It is a cooperation between yourself and creatures, to be offering you the opportunity to be experimenting with your own abilities in healing areas. This offers you this practice, so to speak, that you may engage the consciousness of creatures, and you may allow yourself to be manipulating your own energy in connection with them.

Therefore, you feel a draw in this area, and there is a recognition in cooperation with these creatures that shall offer you a validation of your own abilities. Subsequently, you may be more trusting of self and your own abilities to be moving into the area of interaction with individuals of your own species. Are you understanding?

ANONYMOUS: Yes, I am. Have I already sort of exercised my healing abilities on these creatures?

ELIAS: At times, but initially you have been offered the objective knowing that you hold a connection, and in this, this offers you what you in physical focus would term to be a confidence or a trust that you may be efficiently interactive with these creatures. Therefore, you validate yourself.

Now, as you allow yourself to be connecting with this information, you may move more efficiently into practicing with these creatures in different areas. This is not to say that you may be practicing necessarily upon a creature that may be injured and exercising what you identify in physical terms as healing, but allowing yourself to be empathically connecting to these creatures and receiving information from them that other individuals do not necessarily readily avail themselves of.

In this, as we have spoken of the ability in the area of empathic sense that you hold, this offers you the opportunity to be practicing more efficiently, allowing you also to be exercising your inner sense of telepathy and allowing yourself to be communicating and receiving communication from these creatures, in which you view them to hold a different type of language than your own.

This shall be beneficial to you futurely also, as you allow yourself to connect with other individuals that do not necessarily hold the same language as yourself.

ANONYMOUS: Very interesting. My next question is also about these creatures. My question is, how do we exactly influence them? I understand that they do not create their reality like we do, and that we influence them with our beliefs. I have some trouble with that because I don’t want to be dictating to them with my beliefs.

ELIAS: Be understanding that you are not dictating to them through your beliefs, for although these creatures do not hold essence, they ARE of consciousness, and all of consciousness holds what you would term to be free will and choice. Therefore, in this action of free will and choice, there is always the creation that they may choose to be in agreement and participating with you, or not choosing to be participating with you.

Therefore, although you may be influencing many times of your creatures through your creations and your belief systems, they also hold the ability to be accepting of your expressions or not to be accepting of your expressions.

Vic’s note: Mary’s dogs began to bark loudly during the delivery of this last sentence. Actually, the bird is also noisier than usual.

ELIAS: Excuse momentarily.


Vic’s note: There is a 12-second pause, during which Elias sits and waits for the dogs to stop barking.

ELIAS: I am excusing of interference that may be creating difficulty in your reception of this information, and we shall continue.

In this, what I am expressing to you is that each time you are affecting of your creatures through your belief systems, you may also be knowing that this is an agreement and that your creatures are choosing to be in agreement with you. You are not inflicting upon them. Are you understanding?

ANONYMOUS: Yes. So it could be that one of my cats could react to one belief system I have, and the other may not, and the other may react to another belief system. Is that right?

ELIAS: Correct.

ANONYMOUS: Okay. My next question is about what we were discussing last time, about my automatic writing and the tapping into the essence of Nicolai. You really made me very curious about that! I would like to know of what essence family Nicolai is, and what exactly is the purpose of the cooperation of my essence with this essence.

ELIAS: The cooperation is to allow you more of a free flow in your own abilities in tapping into other areas of consciousness and allowing you a validation of these abilities, therefore also reinforcing your own acceptance of actions and events and elements that appear to be beyond your officially accepted reality.

This offers you more of an efficiency in your own expressions and allows you more of a freedom to move within your own expressions, realizing that you hold the ability to tap into other areas of consciousness and therefore you may also expand your explorations of consciousness, and you may also allow yourself to tap into more areas of information that may be beneficial to you. In this, I also shall express that this individual, while engaging physical focus, was of the Tumold family, and was holding an alignment with Milumet.

ANONYMOUS: Can you enlighten me on when this communication with my own essence and with this other essence will become more objective and efficient, and the same for me opening up my inner senses? I know I’m very impatient about it, but I’m really waiting for it to happen! How can I accomplish a more efficient objective communication and an opening of my inner senses?

ELIAS: Let me express to you that as you hold impatience, you are creating of the reverse action of which you seek. As you continue to allow yourself an anxiousness and an impatience in these areas, what you are in actuality accomplishing is holding to your energy and not allowing a free flow, relaxing your focus. As you allow yourself to relax your focus and merely be accepting of energy exchanges, you shall also be allowing this to be occurring more frequently, and in your terms within linear time framework, more quickly.

In this, I express to you that as you continue to concentrate your attention upon self and not necessarily upon these types of interactions and actions, the actions themselves shall present themselves more frequently, for as you are allowing yourself to concentrate your energy upon yourself and addressing to your own belief systems and also addressing to your own acceptance of self, this shall open a pathway, so to speak, for energy to be moving more freely, and in this, the expressions of energy exchange shall occur more frequently.

ANONYMOUS: Okay. Would an exercise like the clarity exercise be a good exercise to accomplish this, among others?

ELIAS: Quite. This also offers you more of a clearness within your objective perception, to open yourself in your abilities to your inner senses, for this offers you the recognition of your abilities — or your rustiness in your abilities (grinning) — in manipulating your own energy in objective terms with your outer senses. As you allow yourself to view how you do not efficiently manipulate consciously, in your terms — or intentionally, in your terms — your outer senses, and as you allow yourself to practice with the manipulation of your outer senses, you also begin to polish automatically your inner senses, and you begin to notice the actions and communications of your inner senses.

Let me express to you, it is quite difficult for you to be recognizing how you are engaging your inner senses if you do not recognize the action that occurs with your inner senses.

In like manner to your outer senses, if you are not paying attention to your fingers tapping against your table and your attention is focused elsewhere, so to speak, you shall not be noticing the sensation that is occurring within the tips of your fingers in your sense of touch; which, in objective terms, this may seem quite silly to you, for you may express to yourself, “How may I not be noticing of my sense of touch if I am touching an object?” But I express to you that it is quite common that you may be touching and experiencing your sense of touch and NOT NOTICE.

Do you notice your sense of touch and the sensation that it is creating as you are sitting within your chair and all of the areas of your physical body that are touching of your chair? No! You merely are sitting within your chair, and not paying attention and noticing your sense of touch. This is a clear example of the automatic-ness of your senses, inner and outer, that you do not notice.

In like manner, your inner senses are moving and communicating a different type of sensation continuously, but you are not noticing the messages that are being communicated to you. Therefore, if you are practicing your exercise in clarity, this may sensitize you much more to your outer senses and offer you information to be connecting to your inner senses more efficiently.

ANONYMOUS: About the automatic writing, I think that there is still a lot of distortion in the information I get. Can I do something about that, or should I accept it as something that will become less along the way?

ELIAS: Yes. Be accepting of this, and as you widen your perception, as you widen your awareness, and as you become more accepting and discerning, you shall allow yourself more of an efficiency in the area of recognizing distortion, and you also shall allow yourself the ability to be connecting with information and not distorting it yourself through your belief systems. Are you understanding?

ANONYMOUS: Yes. That makes it very difficult for me sometimes to be really trusting myself and the information, because every time I get information I think, “Well, is this distorted? Is it my beliefs?” There are a lot of things I really want, so that gets in the way of undistorted information, I think.

ELIAS: Be accepting of this, and also be recognizing what you are creating in this very expression that you have offered to myself in this moment!

Recognize that you are creating a judgment upon the action that is occurring. You also are placing a judgment upon the belief systems and the element of distortional factors. In this, as you continue to be creating the judgments in these areas, you are merely lending energy to the continuation of this action, and this is the point of what I am expressing to you in the element of acceptance. As you begin to be more accepting of self, you also automatically become more accepting of the reality within your physical focus.

One of these very strong realities is that belief systems are an element of your physical focus and of your reality, and my expression to you is not to be eliminating of these belief systems or placing judgments that they are bad upon them, but to be accepting of them, and in that action, you allow yourself to widen your awareness and view more of your reality and more of your own creativity.

ANONYMOUS: So, by accepting your belief system, you recognize in the information the distortion, not being judging of this distortion, but recognizing it? Is that what you are saying?

ELIAS: Correct, and in this, you shall offer yourself your liberation.

I express to you that I may not express time enough that there is great importance in this term of acceptance — acceptance of self, which shall be creating of the acceptance of your belief systems.

This is the baseline of this action of this shift in consciousness, and this shift in consciousness is that movement which shall be creating of these very desires that you hold, in opening your awareness objectively to the wonders of consciousness that within physical focus, you have not allowed yourselves to view previously.

ANONYMOUS: Yes. The reason, I think, that I am so impatient, and I know ... well, I can’t say I shouldn’t be impatient, but the reason that I am so impatient is that I feel it will be a much more interesting life, if I may say so, when I am opening to this consciousness more.

ELIAS: Ah, but in like manner to your exercise in clarity, I offer to you that you have created manifesting in this physical dimension, in this reality, purposefully, for its unique experience and for the wondrousness of its creations and your abilities within its creations!

Therefore, I express to you that it shall be quite beneficial to you if you are allowing yourself an appreciation of ALL of your reality, which is also including all of the physical elements of it, for there is much wonder in the discovery of how you are creating all of this magnificence of your physical actions and your physical creations!

But you discount this, in like manner to the discounting of your physical outer senses, and they also are marvels to behold, for you have created them quite immaculately and quite efficiently to be processing information continuously to you in a sensory manner.

If you are not allowing yourself to be not only appreciating but noticing and manipulating those elements that are readily available to you objectively and that you automatically manipulate, how shall you efficiently manipulate those elements of your reality that APPEAR to be more elusive, such as your inner senses or other areas of consciousness ... to which you hold veils between yourself and those aspects of consciousness, which you have purposefully placed within this physical dimension for the purity of your experiences and your exploration within this physical dimension.

Therefore, if you are upon your quest and search for genuine spirituality within this physical dimension, do not be discounting of the physical aspects of it, for they are equally an element of your spirituality as you are experiencing within a physical focus.

ANONYMOUS: Yeah ... okay. My next question is about the living pattern I’m in right now. I’m having difficulties with that because of the eight hours of working, and being too tired to do something creative after that. I would like to be living in what you call natural time. Do you think that it is in the line of probabilities, that I will accomplish this?

ELIAS: Yes, this is within your pool of probabilities.

Let me express to you that the experience of fatigue is a perception. You are creating this perception as an action of discontentedness with what you perceive to be the mundane actions of physical focus, not allowing yourself to view the excitement and the exploration of all that you present yourself with within physical focus.

This is quite common with individuals in physical focus, for they are, as yourself, looking ... seeking out this excitement in areas that are unfamiliar to them. This is part of the action of this shift in consciousness and your own knowing of elements within physical focus that are and shall be presenting themselves to you, that are unfamiliar and shall be holding great excitement for you, but much of this excitement lies within the very mundane actions that you are already engaging!

Just as you shall find your spirituality within yourself and it is already readily available to you, but you need focus your attention in the area of noticing self and what you possess already, in like manner, wonders may be discovered and engaged in the very actions that you engage within your daily interactions of your focus.

You may incorporate your exploration of consciousness within the action of your daily employment. In this, you may practice exercising your inner senses. You may allow yourself playfully to be merging with other individuals that you interact with within your employ. You may merge your consciousness with theirs and experience their experiences, engaging your empathic sense. You may playfully experiment with your telepathic abilities or your conceptualizations.

It is quite amusing that you view that you need be separating, and be (humorously) objectively entirely physically focusing your attention while you are engaging your work atmosphere, and allowing yourself your spirituality as you are disengaging your work atmosphere.

I express to you that you may be engaging BOTH and allowing yourself the cooperation of ALL of these elements simultaneously, and in this, you may be offering yourself much more joyfulness in your playfulness within your focus!

ANONYMOUS: Yes, you are right. Do you have one moment? I’m going to turn my tape. (Pause) Okay.

My next question is about my mother. I will tell you what my own impressions are. I think I have other focuses with her, and that these focuses are very influencing of this focus. I care for her a lot, but I experience emotions towards her that I really don’t understand, one of them being a tremendous feeling of guilt. I think she is of the Vold family, and I think her alignment is Sumari. She is very emotional, and to some extent I can relate to her and to her emotions, but sometimes I really don’t know how to deal with these emotions. I feel like she’s holding me responsible, and that she is blaming me for something. My impulse is to leave her alone because I am so tired of feeling guilty. Can you tell me what is going on?

Vic’s note: Enter Elias on the subject of guilt. Whew!

ELIAS: In this, what you are experiencing is, once again, your own lack of acceptance of self, and in this lack of acceptance, you are creating within yourself expectations and the feeling of guilt.

I have expressed many times previous that although there is no expression of actual waste of energy, this one particular expression of energy of guilt moves close to what you may term to be a waste of energy. It is quite inefficient and quite unnecessary. This is an obvious and very strong expression of duplicity.

In this, you accept energy from this individual in validation of your own issues in the area of duplicity. You reinforce your own lack of acceptance of self — AND your lack of acceptance of her — by creating the energy of guilt.

(Intently) Now; in this, as you allow yourself to recognize that each individual — yourself AND your parent — each creates their own reality ... and I express to you that no other individual dictates your reality! Therefore, they do not dictate your choices, your responses, your feelings, your actions, or your behavior. YOU are choosing and creating of all of these elements. In like manner, the other individual is also. In genuinely understanding and accepting this truth that you are creating your reality — ALL of your reality — and other individuals are creating their reality, you may offer yourself the ability to accept the expression of any other individual regardless of the choice of how it shall be expressed ... and also recognize that this does not dictate your reality or your responses!

You are not obligated by another individual to allow penetration of their energy into your energy field. This is not to say that you do not accept their expression, regardless of what it is. You may be quite accepting of their expression, and it matters not, but you do not necessarily need be accepting of the penetration of that energy in the manner that it is expressed. You may accept the energy and reconstruct this energy to be beneficial and lending to your own energy.

Now; I am quite understanding that this is a difficult task to be accomplishing within physical focus, for as another individual approaches you and appears to be hurtful, you move into automatic responses within you.

I express to you: what may be helpful to you, shall you choose to be engaging it, is to be allowing yourself to momentarily stop each time you are experiencing this type of action, and as you notice the experience of hurtfulness or guilt, allow yourself a moment to stop and question what YOU are creating. Recognize that the creation of these emotions are being created by yourself, not by another individual, and why you are accepting their expression — for it is mirroring an element within yourself that you are not accepting and are feeling unworthy within. Are you understanding?

ANONYMOUS: Yes. Well, I say I am, but it seems to me that I am not, because sometimes I am, but with my mother ... I indeed find it very difficult to respond. I wish to accept her as she is, but I find it very difficult to....

ELIAS: No, no, no, no, no! Let me repeat. Concentrate your attention upon self first — not projecting your concentration to be accepting of her, but to be accepting of self first — and in that action there shall be created an automatic byproduct, that you shall be accepting of her. But initially, address to self, recognizing that you are accepting of her energy to be reinforcing of areas that you are already not accepting within yourself.

Therefore, if you are wishing to be altering of this situation, your most efficient manner to be altering of this situation is to be addressing to the issue, and the issue is not the other individual! The issue is with the lack of acceptance of self, not the lack of acceptance of the other individual, for this shall automatically follow as an automatic byproduct. As you are not accepting of yourself, you are automatically, as a natural byproduct, also not accepting of her. But as you begin to be accepting of self and addressing to your own issues, you also shall automatically, as a byproduct, begin to be accepting of her. In this, it matters not that her expression alters or changes, for it may not, and this shall not matter, for you shall recognize that you hold the ability to be accepting regardless of her expression. Now are you understanding?

ANONYMOUS: Okay, but what is it exactly that I mirror towards her, that I don’t accept in her, that I don’t accept in myself, actually? What issue? Can you give it a name?

ELIAS: This would be the area of personal responsibility. As you project to yourself an inadequacy that you believe you hold within self, you hold this area of personal responsibility.

You hold an expectation of self that you SHOULD hold the ability to be interacting more efficiently, that you SHOULD hold the ability to be a better daughter, that you SHOULD hold the ability to be creating HER reality or influencing her reality to be more joyful, and if you ARE possessing of these abilities to be creating her reality for her more efficiently, you shall be expressing as a “better daughter.” Very incorrect!

You may not create another individual’s reality for them. They create their choices, and it is not your responsibility to be creating their reality. If they are experiencing discontentedness within their focus, this is their creation, not yours. It is their choice, and they hold the ability to alter that choice if they are unhappy with their choices. It is not your responsibility to be creating of their happiness, in your terms.

But within you underlyingly, you hold a very large issue in the area of personal responsibility, that you shall be providing of this individual’s happiness by your actions, and as this is not occurring, you are reinforcing your own issues in inadequacy and lack of worth by expressing to yourself guilt that you have not accomplished efficiently.

I express to you, focus your attention upon self and upon your own acceptance of self, and do not concern yourself with the expression of other individuals ... and be remembering that I hold an awareness of the difficulty in what I am expressing to you!

I am not expressing that I view this to be accomplished with much ease, for these are automatic actions that all of you have created within physical focus. These are very strong belief systems and they hold much energy. Therefore, they are also requiring of much energy and attention to be accepting of them and to be altering of your reality in these actions. I offer to you energy of myself, to be helpful in this area with you and to be encouraging of you.

I shall express to you this small exercise — which is not so very small — to be recognizing each time you are experiencing the first twinges of guilt, and in those moments express to yourself, “Stop!” Be accepting and recognizing that this expression is inefficient and unnecessary, and once you have expressed this to yourself, reinforce yourself by expressing, “I am a worthy, glorious creature!” (Pause)

ANONYMOUS: You’re falling away again. I can’t hear you right now.

ELIAS: You are a wondrous creature! Reinforce yourself with that affirmation!

ANONYMOUS: Okay, I will try that. My next question is about sleeping on Sunday nights. After the weekend, I have trouble sleeping from Sunday night to Monday morning. Can you enlighten me on this?

ELIAS: Quite. This also moves in conjunction with the subject matter of this particular session. You experience difficulty within your sleep pattern upon this particular time framework, for you are anticipating your engagement of your employment.

In this, you are blocking your own energy and creating of anxiety, for you view that you need be moving once again into your action of separation, moving into the role of the “worker,” which is separated from the playful spiritual explorations. But I have offered you within this session information that you may be practicing your spirituality and your playfulness within your mundane activities of your focus and within your employment.

Therefore, you may offer yourself an anticipation of participating in this action in the element of fun, and this may be affecting of your sleep state within that time period, in altering your perception from anxiety to anticipation.

ANONYMOUS: Okay, one last question. I have decided to take the training we have been discussing, the regression therapy. At first I wanted to start instantly, but now I think it’s best to start next year. The lady I talked to on the phone told me that there were more people who decided to take the training next year. I was curious about the reason for that. Is one of the reasons that the individuals want to do the training together as a group?

ELIAS: This also holds significance within time framework. In this, this time framework presently, within this final year of your century and your millennium, is a preparation for great movement. There shall be great movement within this time framework of this year, but this also is a time framework to be practicing and to be connecting with self and belief systems in preparation for movement that you shall be engaging subsequently. You enter into a new millennium with new perspectives, new perceptions, and shall hold much wider of an awareness, which shall lend more efficiently to your accomplishment in the direction that you engage. Therefore, your postponement of this action is quite purposeful, in allowing yourself to connect with the waves of energy that are moving presently and within this time framework of this year, and subsequently for you to be moving in harmony with the waves of energy that shall be moving within the onset of your new millennium.

ANONYMOUS: Okay. So it isn’t like a group of people that wants to meet or something?

ELIAS: This is an element of this action and the probabilities, which is also purposeful, but for the same reasoning.

ANONYMOUS: Okay. Well, it was a difficult session, in the disturbance in the technical sense, but I want to thank you very much anyway.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome, and I shall express to you also to be noticing of this imagery, for you have been participating in creating this objective imagery in its difficulty, for there is information within this session that you hold difficulty in connecting to, and are blocking with your energy the reception of some of this information. You have assimilated this information subjectively, but are not quite as willing to be assimilating or accepting of some of this information this day objectively. Therefore, it may be helpful to you to be recognizing of the very imagery that you are creating within this actual session, in blocking certain aspects of information that you wish to offer yourself, but you also continue to hold to certain aspects of your own issues.

In this, as I have expressed to you within this session, I shall be offering and lending energy to you to be helpful in your accomplishment in this area. I also offer to you great affection and encouragement, and I express to you that I anticipate much more of an ease within our next encounter. I anticipate our next meeting and that easement of energy. I offer to you this day much lovingness, and be remembering and noticing of the energy that I shall extend to you. Until our next meeting, I bid you a very fond adieu.

Elias departs at 1:47 PM.

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