Session 329

There Is No Separation


“There Is No Separation”

Sunday, October 11, 1998-1   © 1999 (Private/Phone)
Participants:  Mary (Michael), Norm (Stephen), and Reta (Dehl).
Elias arrives at 11:10 AM. (Arrival time is 24 seconds) 

ELIAS:  Good morning.

NORM:  Good morning, Elias.  How are you?  This is Stephen and Dehl, and we again appreciate an opportunity to talk to you.  Do you want to say hello, Reta?

RETA:  Yes.  Hi! (Elias chuckles)  Are you there?

NORM:  Hello?

RETA:  Have to wait.

ELIAS:  Mmmmmm....  (Another case of speakerphone inefficiency!)

RETA:  Sorry.

ELIAS:  And greetings to you both!

NORM:  Well, thank you!  I have been trying to distill my ideas in regard to everything, all that is, into one or two simple statements, and I’d like to run this by you to see what your comments are.

It appears that the primal element of the universe is the links of consciousness, and that the action of everything is the organization of links of consciousness.  The organizations of links of consciousness include everything, such as essences, and the sum total of all of this organization of links of consciousness is everything, is all that is.  So there are two primary things in the universe, links of consciousness and organizations of consciousness, and the action by certain organizations of links of consciousness creates further organizations of links of consciousness. (Whew!)

Organizations of links of consciousness can be of course materialized via the time thing or equivalent activities, or objectified, and it appears that everything is recorded.  All action is recorded, such that the organizations of links of consciousness have recorded within them the intent of why they were created and how they were created, perhaps, and maybe many other things that I as yet do not know.  But it appears that this organization of links of consciousness is an infinite set, and the classification of these organizations of links of consciousness is probably continually being added to by essences.

And if this is all true, then I have a little bit of difficulty in understanding how the form, the pattern or the blueprint for the organization of every organization of links of consciousness, how that is different than the actual form itself, or if it is contained within the form.  Are you following me?

ELIAS:  Yes, I am understanding.

NORM:  In a sense, the existence, my existence, amounts to a creation, a continual creation of organizations of links of consciousness.  Is that a fairly accurate statement?

ELIAS:  Correct.

NORM:  And that action is the action that is described earlier, where we are continually creating?

ELIAS:  Yes, you are correct.

NORM:  Is there somewhere, in every organization of links of consciousness ... and by the way, can we call those LC’s?  Because it turns out to be a mouthful, and it’s probably easier to say LC’s.

RETA:  Instead of consciousness units?  CU’s?

NORM:  Well, no, links I think are more descriptive, and I agree with Elias and the description of links, where they really form organizations, and links implies organization.

In the human body, we have a DNA molecule.  Is there an equivalent DNA molecule in every organization of links of consciousness?

ELIAS:  Not necessarily.  This is a creation of this particular dimension.

Now; let me express to you that within other physical dimensions, there are similar types of molecules which encode all of their genetic information, in your terms, but this would be limited to physical manifestations, and not necessarily with non-physical areas of consciousness.

I shall express to you that within your summary of what you assess to be the basic elements of consciousness, so to speak — for we shall not incorporate the word of universe, for this would be quite limiting and too small — but in regard to consciousness and all that is within consciousness, you are correct in your assessment that the basic elements of consciousness are built from these links of consciousness and the action of organization of these links of consciousness, which I express as energy.

You have listened to my offering of information for much time period, in which I have expressed to you the terminologies of energy and consciousness.  In this, the term of energy is used in the form of action.  It is the motion of the links of consciousness, the direction.  Energy is not a thing in itself.  It is a description of the motion that is applied to these links of consciousness, or the choice of motion that the links of consciousness engage to be creating of different types of organizations within consciousness.

You are also correct in your assessment that it is all contained, so to speak, for all of the organizations of these links of consciousness are contained within the all of consciousness.  This is not to say that consciousness is limited, for it is not, for there are no boundaries or limitations upon consciousness.  The links of consciousness are infinite, in your terms, and the possibilities and the explorations of consciousness are also infinite.  Therefore, the creative action or energy of consciousness is infinite.

The word “universe” applies to each particular dimension.  This be the reason that I am not incorporating this terminology to be referring to all of consciousness.  Your universe encompasses all that you know and view within your particular physical dimension, but there are countless physical dimensions which each hold their own universe or expanse of consciousness within a given space arrangement, and within this, the organization of aspects of consciousness are structured in a fashion to be creating of physical matter within the construct of a given time thickness.

Time itself is a construct of the links of consciousness.  You think to yourselves in terminology of objects or things, for this is what you are accustomed to viewing within physical focuses.  Therefore, your identification of all of the cosmos, or all of your universe as you know it, is translated into physical terms, which may be translated into elements of matter.

You think of energy as a physical thing.  Therefore, you also think of time as a physical thing.  In actuality, these are merely constructs of links of consciousness which are not physical, and although they may translate and organize into physical matter, they themselves are NOT physical elements and hold no thickness, so to speak.  It is merely the construct of certain organizations of links of consciousness that form together to be creating of the aspect of time which lends to the creation of actual physical thickness, and this is creating of physical dimensions as differentiated from non-physical areas of consciousness.  But in actuality, all of the areas of consciousness are comprised of the same elements.  They are merely constructed in different fashions to be creating of different appearances, just as your physical molecules may construct themselves in different manners to be forming different types of objects.

A rock appears quite differently from a leaf, but they are both made up of the same elements in physical matter.  They both are conglomerations of atoms.  They are configured differently, and therefore they appear differently to you within physical focus.

In this same manner, links of consciousness may join together in different manners to be forming of different types of organizations which shall be classified in different manners, some being classified in physical dimensions with thicker qualities to them, for the energy is denser than the energy within non-physical areas of consciousness.

Be remembering that the word “energy” is used in the context of motion.  Therefore, it is not an actual thing, but an action, a movement of these links of consciousness, and as these links of consciousness move in a denser fashion they are creating of more thickness, and in this thickness there is more solidity, and this is creating of physical elements, physical dimensions.

Within non-physical areas of consciousness, the energy or the movement is not quite so densely held and there is much less separation in the organizational qualities of these links of consciousness.  They are merged and intermingled with each other much more freely within non-physical areas of consciousness.  Therefore, they do not appear to be solid as they do within your physical dimensions.  Are you understanding?

NORM:  Yes.  So the action in non-physical areas of all that is, there’s not an equivalent energy idea, or do the links of consciousness themselves always ... they always have motion.  So the organizations of links of consciousness, they have the capability or are imbued with the capability of motion, so to speak.  I had the idea at the beginning of the session here that energy in the physical world is also composed of links of consciousness.

ELIAS:  This would be your translation within physical focus, for you identify energy as a thing in itself, and in this your translation is that energy is composed of links of consciousness. I am expressing to you that energy is the ACTION of the links of consciousness.

As to your questioning, no, there is no comparable translation within physical focus to these links of consciousness, for within physical focuses in physical dimensions, you translate into physical terms and into imagery that you may understand.  This be the reason that these concepts or this information of these links of consciousness is so very difficult to be offering to you to your understanding within physical dimensions, for they hold no physical properties in themselves.  Energy is not a thing in itself, separate and apart from the links of consciousness.  It is the action that they hold, the motion that they hold.  Therefore, it is an element of their being.

Even the terminology that I am offering you presently lends to the idea that these links of consciousness are things, which they are not. But within physical terms, you do not hold elements within your language or within your thought processes that may adequately explain to you what these links of consciousness are in actuality.

They hold no actual form within themselves, and hold no thickness.  They also do not hold boundaries, in a manner of speaking.  Therefore, they may not be compared to your tiny building blocks of physical dimensions that you classify as atoms or sub-atomic particles, for even those elements hold some type of form within the thickness of time.

But within consciousness, links of consciousness are unbounded.  Therefore, they do not hold what you would term to be any thickness or any form.  There are no constraints, so to speak.  They are unlimited, and in this, they are also beyond what you understand as separation....

NORM:  Okay, I’m going to try to explain this in the best possible way that I believe that I could do it, and that would be that the links of consciousness have functionality everywhere in all that is.  They have functionality everywhere, and they can be everywhere, and they can decide what to do at any time in our material world, and they evidently have knowledge somehow of everything that goes on, and they have qualities that are unbounded.

ELIAS:  You are correct in this assessment....

NORM:  Okay.  To me, they are the ultimate and most beautiful creativity that has ever, ever been done, so to speak, because it is the primal element of all that is. (Here, Elias gets ready to say something, but stops)  And when they synergistically get together, forming literally infinite types of organizations and numbers, the organization can become an infinite set of just numbers of links of consciousness, and then the qualities of the links of consciousness are infinite, so that the quality of the organization of links of consciousness is also infinite.  So we are looking at a set of infinities that certainly won’t get boring for any essence!  Am I saying that correctly?

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  You are correct in this statement also.

Let me express to you that the most difficult concept for you within physical focus is the idea that these links of consciousness hold no separation.  This appears to be contradictory, for you think in terms of absolutes and boundaries, and in this these links of consciousness do not hold what you may term to be absolutes or boundaries.  They are ever-changing and continuously within a state of becoming.

This be the reason that you as essence are continuously within a state of becoming, for you are comprised of these links of consciousness, for all that is and may be is links of consciousness within different configurations of organizations to be creating different types of structures that function in different manners, creating different types of explorations of consciousness, of itself.  It is not an exploration of what may be beyond, but all that is, for all that is is infinitely exploring within itself.

NORM:  Um-hmm.  Okay, I’m willing to correct my ideas to the point where I think I cannot go any further, in saying that the links of consciousness are totally overlapping everywhere.  Each one overlaps each other everywhere.  I have a question in regard to the creativity imbuing the new qualities in a link of consciousness.  Are you saying that the links of consciousness actually are continually created with more qualities?

ELIAS:  Yes.

NORM:  They are!  Imagine THAT!  I’m getting a philosophy where I think that I can almost intuitively guess which way the correct answer is.  There is nothing static.  Action is occurring all the time, all the time!  It’s continually occurring.

ELIAS:  You are correct.  I have expressed this many times within our sessions, that there is no element within consciousness that is static.  All is within motion continuously.  This be the terminology of energy, and all is continuously creating and discovering and exploring.

Contrary to how you view exploration and discovery within physical focus, the discovery of links of consciousness is the creation of NEW elements, not to be finding what has already been created.

Within physical focus, if you look to your explorers and your pioneers, their discoveries and their explorations are of elements that are unknown to them, but have been pre-existing before their actual discovery of them.  In difference to this type of exploration and discovery, the exploration and discovery that links of consciousness engage is a continual action or movement of creating NEW elements of itself, elements that have not pre-existed, elements that are new expressions, which are their new discoveries of self.

Just as I have expressed to you many times in the area of probabilities:  Probabilities are not elements or things that lie before you and that you may pick from an assortment of things that are in front of you, so to speak.  But probabilities are choices that you create within the moment that have not been pre-existing previous to your choice.

This seems, within the slowness of your time element, to be contradictory, for your thought process may move in the direction of creating of a certain probability, and it seems to you that the probability then materializes subsequent to your thought process.  But in actuality, you have already created certain probabilities as you have created the energy of thought and have projected that particular motion within yourself.  It merely appears to be materializing slowly, for you are creating within a time thickness and you are incorporating physical elements.

In this, probabilities are the closest concept to the action of energy which is created within these links of consciousness, of the continual discovery and exploration.  Consciousness is continuously exploring and creating consciousness.  It is continuously in motion and it is continuously becoming, but not exploring what has already been created.  In exploration, it is continuously discovering its own NEW creations of itself, so to speak.

NORM:  Okay.  Elias, as an essence, though, you have the capability of acquiring knowledge of everything that has been created, though, do you not?

ELIAS:  It is not a question of acquiring all of this knowledge, for all of the knowledge, in your terms, that has been is already contained within essence.  Just as....

NORM:  It is?!

ELIAS:  Just as you enter into a physical focus within this particular physical dimension and you hold your DNA molecules which already contain all of your genetic information, in similar manner, essence already contains all of the information of consciousness.

NORM:  That is incredible.  That’s incredible!  Okay, now that puts me straight in regard to that part of my questioning.  So you have this capability that you are totally operational with everything that has been created before, and so you have choices of new creations all the time, in a manner of speaking.  So I guess I’ve kind of gone from the smallest of things or the basal element of everything, which is the LC’s, to the totality of everything, including all of the previous history.  There are more families of essence than the nine families.  I want to make sure that I am saying that correctly.  Is that true?

ELIAS:  Yes, you are correct.  These families of essence are designations of intents that are directly involved with physical focuses, with physical dimensions.  They are organizations of essences that are directing of the creation of each different physical dimension.

Now; within consciousness and non-physical areas of consciousness with respect to essences, there are different groupings, so to speak, of essences within non-physical areas of consciousness also, but their distinction is not quite so defined and therefore would not fall into the same type of category as the families of essences, which are designated for physical dimensions.

Let me express also to you in this discussion that I have stated very many times that there is no separation within consciousness, which I am understanding, this is quite a difficult statement for individuals within physical focus to be assimilating and comprehending, for there are, as you have stated, different organizations of links of consciousness which implies different types of separations, in a manner of speaking.

But in actuality, there are no separations.  There are designations of the configurations of links of consciousness, which we may designate in categories such as essences, and in this, I have stated that these links of consciousness may be organized in a fashion to be creating of a personality energy tone.

Be remembering that the term “energy” is used synonymously with movement, and is not a thing in itself.

Vic’s note:  The following information was delivered quite intently.

Therefore, we are designating that certain links of consciousness are organizing themselves in a configuration to be creating of a movement of tone that holds a specific action or function which you may classify as personality.

In this, the purpose or the reason that links of consciousness organize themselves in this particular manner is to be creating of a specific type of movement that may be translated into focuses that may be creating physical elements.

Were you to not be incorporating physical manifestations, there would be no necessity for any type of configuration of these links of consciousness to be creating of personality tone, for this is a specific type of creation, a designation of consciousness to be creating of a specific type of diversification that may be translated into physical elements.

NORM:  I see.  So truly, essence is like smeared together.  All essences are intermingled and overlapping, and the information that’s available is available to all.

ELIAS:  Absolutely!  Yes, you are correct.  This is what I have expressed to you very many times, that there is no....

NORM:  I guess I just ... the distinction between dimensional reality and non-dimensional reality, I didn’t get that as well as I should have, and that’s critical.

ELIAS:  There....

NORM:  The creation of the organization in physical dimensions, then, is the thing that is the separation, and the movement or the action is the work.  I hesitate to say work, but there must be, in terms of the essence world, a propensity and a desire for continual creation.  It’s almost like a need to have motion.  Maybe I’m trying to ascribe physical reality with non-physical reality, and maybe that isn’t working there.  But is there some sort of a desire on your part to do things, and if so, why?

ELIAS:  Let me address initially to your terminology of need, for this would not be the correct assessment in a description of consciousness.  It merely is.  This is the action of consciousness, to be continuously becoming, continuously discovering and exploring, as you are also continuously fragmenting as essence, for this is merely the action that you engage.  It merely is.  It is not necessarily a desire or a need.  It merely IS.

In this, I may also express to you, as you are creating a differentiation between yourself and myself, I shall express to you that I have also expressed many times that we are the same.  You are links of consciousness configured in the organization of essence and so am I, and in this, our actions are essentially the same.  It is merely the differences in choices that we create that are creating of different types of motions.

You focus your attention presently within physical experiences and have drawn a veil between the focus of attention and all that is within consciousness, to be offering yourself the singularity and purity of the physical experience that you choose to be exploring.  I have chosen this type of experience also, and choose to be non-manifesting within physical dimensions and continuing within exploration of non-physical creation.

This is not to say that I engage in the action of exploring that which is already known, for within non-physical areas of consciousness, all that you think of as past or history or origins or ANY of these types of designations are all known within non-physical areas.  Therefore, it is unnecessary to be exploring of this information.  It is already held....

NORM:  So the creation is a continual now, and everything in the past is known by all of essence.  All of essence overlaps and intermingles anyway, so I think I’m getting a much better picture.

Elias, in the few minutes that I have left, I have some questions in regard to the interaction between the time thing and also the living thing called Earth, and the mass consciousness and the focuses here on this earth, and the interaction within all of that; the interaction of the focuses, the mass consciousness, this earth, and the time thing.  Is it truly directed by the probabilities — the summation of the probabilities of the focuses here on this earth — the direction that the earth is taking?  Am I interpreting the motion or the action correctly there?  The mass unconsciousness continually changes due to the ideas of the focuses, and I mean by that, the essences that are associated with the focuses and the direction of the motion that is occurring here on this earth.

Vic’s note:  The following information was delivered quite intently.

ELIAS:  Your planet is also comprised of links of consciousness.  Therefore, it IS consciousness.  Therefore, it is essentially no different from yourself in that it is comprised of the same elements.  The difference is that you as essence are directing of the configuration of these links of consciousness that comprise this dimension, this planet, and this particular physical universe.

In a manner of speaking, figuratively, you may view essence as a sphere that projects outward from within its being many different elements, and these element are creating of many other spheres, but they have sprung from the energy of the initial sphere, which is the essence.  This is quite figuratively speaking.

In this, THERE IS NO SEPARATION of yourselves and what you have created physically.  Therefore, you are continuously influencing and creating the affectingness of all that you have created.  This be the reason that your weather patterns, that your natural occurrences within your atmosphere, within your planet, within all of your reality, is created and responsive to YOU.

In this, it is the collective energy, the collective movement of essences within this particular dimension that are affecting and creating of all of the motion within your physical universe.  This also incorporates your physical planet: its rhythms, its breath, its movement, its configuration, its shiftings, its re-creation of itself, its movements in all directions.

These are all expressions of your creations, and as you collectively continue to be creating of different probabilities within the moment, you also are affecting of all of the energy of your entire universe, which is also affecting of your planet.  As you are creating of certain desires within your physical dimension, you also express these in physical terms, and your planet reflects as a mirror image your collective desire in its creation.

Therefore, you may look to your physical planet, and your sciences may look at different occurrences and events that are created throughout what you term to be the history of your planet, and all of these alterations and changes that occur within the physical manifestation of your planet and its atmosphere are all direct creations of yourselves as essence collectively.  Your planet reflects your desires and your emotion and all that you create within this physical dimension.

You are continuously affecting of all of the physical elements within this particular physical dimension.  This be the reason that I have expressed to you over and over that you are quite affecting of probabilities and their insertion into this particular dimension in the area of your prophecies and your predictions, in their materialization or the lack of their materialization within this particular creation of physical elements.

As I have stated previously, all of your probabilities are manifest, but this is not to say that they shall all be manifest within THIS particular physical probable dimension.  In this, you hold choices, just as you hold choices continuously within every area of consciousness.  Physical dimensions are no different in this respect.  You hold choices, and you may be altering of all of your creations.

You have created your seasons and your atmosphere to be configuring itself in a certain manner for thousands and thousands and thousands of years, and presently you begin to alter this particular creation.  Your atmosphere experiences changes presently.  YOU are creating of this.  It does not create this independently of you!

NORM:  Okay.  From some areas of the previous essence energy exchange with Jane, the idea of the mass consciousness ... if that is just a natural thing that occurs anyway, it’s not really a thing by itself.  It is just there.  Am I saying that correctly?

ELIAS:  Yes, you are correct in this assessment, for there is no separation, and all essences, all consciousness is intermingled and merged.  Therefore, there is the collective, so to speak, which is a natural element of consciousness.

NORM:  Um-hmm.  Well, I am trying to absorb all of this, and it’s been wonderful.  I appreciate everything, and....

RETA:  But just for other people’s information, Elias, Norman needs to enlighten others that might read this transcript on his methodology of thinking.  His thinking patterns and his assimilation patterns are completely different than mine, and I thought that if he told people again his manner of thinking, it might help others to understand where he’s coming from.

NORM:  Elias, I’m not terribly sure about this, but apparently I emphasize different areas of methods of thinking than others, in that I try to become physically operational.  You’ve indicated before that I have an emotional pattern, and also that I have a visualization.  Now, a visualization evidently works well for operationally thinking here in physical dimension, and that’s perhaps my reason why I cannot fathom as well as I should the concepts of the non-physical world.  But it seems that in my teaching of various things, I appear to have an emphasis on operational thinking with emotions and visualization that is different, and perhaps that’s due to the families that I am emphasizing during this focus.  Perhaps the Gramada family is primarily that way?  I’m of the Sumafi family, but focused in the Gramada family during this focus.  Am I saying that correctly?

ELIAS:  You are moving within your intent, as I have expressed previously, and in this, your influence which is expressed is in the direction of these essence families, which are quite influencing of the manner in which you express yourself ... although I may also express to you that this is not to say that you individually necessarily express yourself or move in directions that are so very contrary or different from other individuals within physical focus.

I may express that you do move within your influences quite in the direction of the Gramada family and their intent and how they are expressive of themselves within physical focus, but this is not to say that you have created an expression within physical focus that is so very removed from other individuals within physical focus.

You each hold differences, for you each are creating of your own unique expression within physical focus, but you also hold very many similarities within your expressions in physical focus within this dimension, for you have created a physical dimension with commonalities and with an officially accepted reality, which you adhere to.  In this, do not be invalidating yourself in a manner of separating yourself from other individuals, that you are so very different, for many individuals within physical focus are expressive in a very similar manner.

NORM:  Okay.  Well, thank you.  Does the Gramada family tend to be more emotional in their thinking?

ELIAS:  Not necessarily.  Let me express to you that emotional focus or thought focus is not characteristic of any particular essence family.  This is a choice of an individual focus.  Each manifestation chooses its own direction and its own expression within its own choice of experience.  Therefore, it is not a situation that certain essence families magnate more to an emotional or thought focus than other essence families.  This is quite individual and the choice of each particular focus, not the essence family alignments.

Also, certain essences lean in directions of certain types of experiences that they may be repeating, in a manner of speaking ... although it is not necessarily repeating, for it is all simultaneous.  But in this, essences choose to be manifesting within physical focuses with certain designations of thought or emotional focus.

Be also remembering that this designation of thought focus and emotional focus is limited to this particular dimension, for this element of emotion is a creation of this particular dimension and the choice of experience within this particular physical dimension.

This is not to say that emotion is not incorporated into other physical dimensions, but it may not be the main focus of experience within other physical dimensions, whereas in this particular physical dimension, the two elements which I have stated to you previously that are focused upon for physical experience are those of sexuality and emotion, and in this, your creation of experience in this particular dimension shall be involving both of these elements throughout all of your expressions.

Once again, the choice of thought focus or emotional focus is purely a choice of essence and the individual focus which is manifest, but not necessarily an expression of the essence family.

NORM:  Well, my next questions would go into some things that are more particular in regard to this particular dimension, and perhaps I would like to have a complete session on that.  My questions are going to be around the area of certain types of energy, primarily magnetism, and I would be interested in that and its influence on other than the five physical senses.  So the next time, I would like to discuss the additional senses in regard to the upcoming shift, and perhaps some of the energy that is available to us.

Unless you would want to make a few short statements, I will, so to speak, sign off here.  I certainly appreciate this discussion, which certainly has helped me align all of my thought processes much more than I had previously, and I want to thank you very much for that.

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome.  We shall reserve this discussion for another session within itself, for these types of questionings are requiring of more lengthy responses and may be requiring much addressing to.

I may be expressing to you both this day great affection, and encouragement to be continuing within your inquiries and your investigation in this manner, for you are not only offering much information to yourselves, but you are also offering information to many other individuals that hold many similar questionings within physical focus.

I am acknowledging of you both and offering to you much lovingness this day, and anticipating our next meeting.  In this, I express to you both a very fond au revoir.

NORM:  Au revoir!  Thank you very much.

Elias departs at 12:28 PM.


(1)  I have removed the word “yes” from this sentence: This would be your translation within physical focus, yes, for you identify energy as a thing in itself, and in this your translation is that energy is composed of links of consciousness.

(2)  I have removed the word “within” from this sentence: Even within the terminology that I am offering you presently lends to the idea that these links of consciousness are things, which they are not.

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