Session 325
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Look to Self FIRST!


”Look to Self FIRST!”
”Changing vs. Accepting Beliefs”

Sunday, September 27, 1998  © 1999 (Private/Phone)
Participants:  Mary (Michael) and Jim (Yarr).
Vic’s note:  TOO FUNNY to see Elias with leaves in his hair, Mary!
Elias arrives at 12:23 PM. (Arrival time is 24 seconds)   

ELIAS:  Good afternoon!

JIM:  Good afternoon, Elias!  How are you?  As always?

ELIAS:  As always!

JIM:  (Laughing)  I’m finding that’s a good way to be — be as you’ve always been! (Elias chuckles)  I have some inquiries.  I appreciate you stopping by, and if you would help me with a few little insights, I’d appreciate it.

ELIAS:  Very well.  You may proceed with your questioning.

JIM:  Thank you.  I guess first of all, what Michael and I were just talking about, just previously before you stopped by, in regard to my last question on energy centers and their connections with emotions in our game.  I’ve searched that out, and I’m curious as to the alignment with red and with the emotion of desire, in an area that this would be affecting.  Would desire be affecting of the energy center and the change in bringing on discomfort or injury or disease or whatever?

ELIAS:  At times, yes, you may be correct in this assumption, for it is dependent upon the individual’s creation, but at times they may be choosing to be affecting of physical aspects of their body by holding energy or manipulating energy within this energy center in conjunction with their desire to be expressing that reminder to them in the area that they are blocking.

JIM:  Okay, that’s understood.  So these desires and emotions work in conjunction with the physical body, in its expression of a malady?

ELIAS:  Yes, very often this would be the situation, for as you are aware, you have created this reality, and within its design you direct your attention in the area of creating emotion and experiencing this element within physical form.  Therefore, it is quite affecting of your creations within what you may term to be maladies.
JIM:  Yes, with what we may term to be maladies.  Okay, I think I’m going to work on some of that a little bit, and I’ve found a lot of information from some past sessions that I’m going to review as well.

Borloh has been seeing some images in our living space, and a door’s been knocking and there’s no one there and so forth.  I was wondering if you give me some insight on the essence that she’s seeing.

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  The essence that is being presented is the essence of Borloh and the different focuses of this essence which are attempting to be gaining her attention in this area, to be connecting with information which is affecting of this focus with regard to other focuses.

JIM:  Okay, so that would be Malta?

ELIAS:  Not necessarily.  This is a....

JIM:  Okay, that says a lot.

ELIAS:  (Grinning)  Mmmmmm....

Vic’s note:  This is another case of speakerphone inefficiency.  I would encourage folks to not use a speakerphone in phone sessions.

JIM:  Also, she’s had experiences of blinking out and viewing the previous night’s dream in its entirety, and she found it very interesting, very weird, and I’m wondering if can you help me understand what that might be all about.

ELIAS:  Very well.  But in continuation of your previous question, let me offer additional information in regard to these focuses bleeding through, that it is not limited to one focus but to several different focuses of essence, and the reason that these focuses are bleeding through in this manner is to be gaining attention in the area of merely viewing other focuses in general, so to speak, for several of these focuses are lending energy to this particular focus that is being accepted by this focus in the same manner that it is being expressed by another focus.

As to the dream imagery, I shall express to you that this individual has been privy in part, so to speak, to much of this information which has been offered, although the choice is not to be engaging objectively within interaction of myself or other individuals that involve themselves with this information.  This is an example of how other individuals may be affected by this information regardless of whether they choose to involve themselves within this forum or not.  In this, you offer yourselves the opportunity to view the movement of other individuals quite in alignment with your own movements.

In this situation, what she is presenting to herself is the opportunity to view more of her own dream activity and offer to herself the validation of her own ability to be manipulating much more within dream state than she holds an objective awareness of.  She may offer herself much more freedom in movement within this dream state and allow herself to incorporate many more activities.

In this pulling of a dream into a replay, so to speak, or a re-experiencing of the dream interaction, there is offered different aspects of information, one being more of a reality of simultaneous time and the closeness that your dream imagery resembles this simultaneous time ... although it is not actually simultaneous, but less linear than your objective perception of time.

It also offers the opportunity to view pulling dream information, that you may look at this imagery and reconstruct other dream imagery to be offering yourself comparisons in this area, that you may understand the action of dream imagery more fully.  Are you understanding?

JIM:  Yes, very much so.  That’s fascinating!  That’s really fascinating.  She does have quite extensive dream imagery.  I enjoy listening to her dreams every morning.

In our last session we were speaking about the aspect of Seer, and you began to say, ”In this same manner, the Seers ...”, and I interrupted.  I’m sorry!  Was there anything else that you wanted to add to that discussion?

ELIAS:  This discussion of Seers may be quite lengthy and may be an entire subject matter in and of itself.  There is much information which may be offered in the direction of the Dream Walkers and their interactions.  Therefore, the direction that I may move into with you shall be directed by your attention and inquiries in this area, until such a time framework that I shall be offering entire sessions devoted to merely these specific subject matters of these Dream Walkers as aligned with the individual families.

JIM:  Okay.  A statement that I saw recently that I ran across, and I believe you just answered it, says, ”All disease is one.”  That’s a statement that rings true.  In a way, that is true, isn’t it?

ELIAS:  Correct, for dis-ease is merely an action of altering energy into a manner of disrupting the natural flow of your physical function.

JIM:  In our last Castaic session together, Shynla asked a question about manipulating energy centers, and you expressed that some of us in the group do.  I feel I do, don’t I?  Within myself? (Elias grins)

ELIAS:  (Chuckling) Yes, you are allowing yourself more of a mobility in this area.  I shall express to you that the manipulation of energy centers is not quite so very difficult as you perceive, for you need merely be focusing your attention upon any given one of these energy centers or all of these energy centers or any combination of these energy centers, and you may be allowing yourself to quite efficiently manipulate them.  What I offer to you is that you be recognizing that as you allow these energy centers to be aligned and to be rotating within balance and harmony to each other, you also more efficiently are manipulating the energy field that surrounds your physical form, and in this you may be automatically harmonizing many elements within your physical form and not necessarily move in the direction of focusing your attention so intently upon some area that you view to be mis-functioning, for the energy center shall be reflective of any energy that you are holding or that you are manipulating in the area of discomfort or dis-ease, and in this, as you realign this energy center, you also shall be affecting of the energy which is held in blocking in certain areas of your physical form.

Now; I may also express to you that although I have stated that this action is easier than you perceive, at times your energy centers may present themselves as being quite stubborn and not necessarily being very compliant with your objective directions, for you ARE holding energy in certain areas which may be connected with certain movements or with issues that you hold, and in this your energy centers may be stubbornly holding to their wobbling in their movement! (Chuckling)

JIM:  Yes, which brings me to my next age-old issue of my shoulder!  Lately, it’s become much more intense.  Am I correct in interpreting that along with my job at Craft Service, I am still not fulfilling my desire or self-worth?  Would that be held in my blue energy center?

ELIAS:  This is affecting, and I shall return to the issue of self acceptance and of the belief system of duplicity and its affectingness, for as you move yourselves in the direction of acceptance of self, how you present yourself within your activities matters less and less.  The belief systems or the aspects of the belief systems that are so very affecting of you in these areas become less and less affecting of you.

I am expressing to you quite often to be addressing to belief systems, but I have consistently expressed to you all that the first action that shall be addressed with you all is to be looking in the direction of self and acceptance and trust of self FIRST, for in this action there are many automatic byproducts that lend themselves to the easement of all of the other directions that you may choose to be moving into, and this shall also lend much to the easement of your movement within the action of this shift, in acceptance of belief systems and the acceptance of other individuals and of all of your situations.
The acceptance of many, many, many aspects of your reality hinges upon your acceptance of self, but you automatically move in the reverse direction, for this is the type of creating that you are accustomed to.  You are familiar with creating in relation to all aspects that you view to be outside of yourself first, and looking to self last, so to speak.

This be the reason that these concepts are so very difficult for you within physical focus, for I have presented them in reverse, and although they seem to be within your language quite simplified, they hold extreme difficulty, for you automatically move in the reverse direction: in looking outside of yourselves or looking to other aspects of your reality first, before looking to self.

Within the very context of this information, you automatically focus your attention upon your belief systems and all of the aspects of the belief systems first, and attempt to be altering of your belief systems or manipulating them in EVERY direction that you may think of and NOT addressing to your own issues in duplicity and addressing to self and your self-acceptance and your self-trust, which in looking to THIS element FIRST, you automatically create byproducts of accepting many aspects of the belief systems that you hold, and you automatically move in the direction of elements of acceptance of other individuals.

But you are QUITE insistent upon the continuation of playing with this dead mouse and moving in the direction of the reversal of my information to you! (Jim cracks up)

Therefore, I move in the direction of becoming quite redundant, expressing to you over and over and over again: look to self and the acceptance and trust of self, and this shall automatically lend itself to your other accomplishments, and in this repeated statement I hold great hopefulness that eventually, within your linear time framework, you shall HEAR these words and you shall heed them also and offer yourself a slight turn in your perception within your focus, and in this slight turn you shall allow yourself the ability to view the ease in which you may be accomplishing, as in difference to the difficulty that you create that is unnecessary! (Chuckling)

JIM:  Um-hmm!  I heard something different that time too!  Thank you for your patience.  So, a lot of this is accepting every spot or every action that you move into, that you bring before you — in this case, what I was referring to with my job — accepting that as an action of self.

ELIAS:  Correct.

JIM:  And then always in alignment with the action of self.

ELIAS:  Correct, and not to be moving into the expression of discounting of self, which you ARE creating that expression of discounting of self!  Were you not moving into the expression of discounting self, it would matter not what you choose to be accomplishing within the area of your employment, for you shall place no judgment upon the action that you have chosen.  One form of employment or action is no greater or better than another.  They all serve a function, and it matters not which direction you choose to be moving in.  It is merely an expression of aspects of your belief system in the area of duplicity, of what is good and what is bad and what is better!

JIM:  Yes, indeed.  Understood.  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are very welcome.

JIM:  I’ve been getting in my mind a lot lately, in your tone, ”Do not be discounting of your actions.  Do not be discounting of your affectingness.”  This is you, kind of, in a remembrance for me?  In helpfulness?

ELIAS:  Very much so, for within the addressing to these belief systems, as individuals move more and more into the action of noticing their belief systems, noticing all of the aspects of each belief system and noticing their own movement and behaviors, they also — as do YOU — move in the direction automatically of duplicity, and [you] are discounting of yourselves, expressing to yourselves impatience and that you are not accomplishing within the time framework that you wish to be accomplishing within, or that you are not accomplishing very efficiently at all!  I express to you that you ARE accomplishing and that you be acknowledging of yourselves, for within your very expression of your own acknowledgments, you lend energy to yourselves of lessening the energy which you hold in the belief system of duplicity.

JIM:  Good.  That’s comforting! (Elias chuckles)  Let’s see.  The women that I saw since we last spoke and took our dog Gracie to, they expressed that Gracie needed a new agreement, a new contract, and that she wasn’t really content with her present ... well, not content, but not in alignment with her present situation.  This creature seems to be very, very content here lately, within her environment.  We have elected to take her to an acupuncturist, and I was wondering, I’ve got a feeling about this, that it’s in alignment with Gracie’s present owner’s belief in possibly doing something for this creature, which everyone seems to feel we have to do something!  I was wondering what the probabilities were on that.  I know there’s a lot of shrines in there for me, that I’m trying to look at and view, and I was wondering if you could offer some more insight into that experience for us.

ELIAS:  This offers you another opportunity to view aspects of belief systems from a different angle.  Individuals move in certain directions with aspects of belief systems in mass expressions and lend much energy to them.

Let me express to you that within belief systems of healing, which shall encompass ALL of the aspects of healing in the areas of your species and every other species upon your planet, even vegetation, there are very many massly-held belief systems, and as you move into a fuller viewing of this information, you move yourselves into a direction of attaching your attention to other aspects of this belief system. You do not move in the direction of accepting the belief system or moving away from aspects of the belief system.  You merely move your attention to different birds!

Let me offer you an example that may be applied in this very situation of which you are expressing.

An individual offers themself an objective alignment with this information that we have been presenting.  Therefore, they begin to view their belief systems — they begin to recognize their own bird cages — and as they move more into this information, they also begin to view some of the birds within these bird cages.  Within the area of healing, they look to the belief system that involves itself with healing and they view this particular bird cage.  Subsequently, they look to their own expressions and the aspects of this belief system which have been affecting of them throughout their physical focus.

Let us express an example that an individual may have moved in the direction of aligning with your medical profession for much of their time framework within physical focus.  As they offer themselves a connection with this information, they view this to be a bird within the bird cage, an aspect of the belief system that they have aligned with and have expressed as being influenced by this particular bird.

Now; in viewing this, they move into the direction of expressing to themselves and to other individuals, they choose no longer to be in alignment with this particular expression.  In that choice, they turn their attention NOT outside of the cage.  They do not open the door of the cage and allow this bird to fly free.  They merely turn their attention to view a different bird, and the different bird expresses that the bird of the medical profession is bad!  Therefore, do not move in the direction of the medical profession!  Do not approach that bird, for it shall swallow you!  BUT, I shall entice you as this very colorful bird of new, metaphysical, alternative healing aspects!

As you move in the direction of this bird, eventually you also begin to view that this is merely another bird within the cage.  Therefore, you turn once again and you view ANOTHER bird!
You continue not to open the cage of this particular belief system.  You continue to hold these birds within it.  You merely turn your attention to a different bird.  Now you move in the direction of another bird which expresses to you, ”Oh no!  Do not be deceived by this colorful bird of alternative healing, but look to me, for I am the bird of manipulating energy for other individuals, and I am the more spiritual bird of this cage!”

You are merely replacing one bird with another, and each bird that you replace you have not allowed to fly free, for you continue to hold these birds by placing a judgment upon them, by expressing that they are bad — they are inefficient, they are bad, they are not helpful.  You are not accepting of these birds, and therefore they remain contained within the cage.

Now; I express to you that in acceptance of these birds, you may move in the direction of confrontation of each of these birds and you may express, ”You hold quite brilliant colors!  I view the tremendous affectingness that you hold within this cage and I am acknowledging of all of your affectingness, and within myself, it matters not if I am playing with you or if I am playing not with you.”  And in this expression, you open the door to the cage and you allow this bird to fly free, for it matters not and there is no judgment placed.

But you are continuing within the direction of expressing to yourself judgments in these areas!  As you move from one to another, you are not neutral in your thought process or your feelings with regard to these birds.  Each of these aspects is still affecting of you, are they not?

JIM:  Yes!  Yes, I’ve been viewing a lot of the same thing in viewing the medical profession, the alternative profession, and the different birds and their affectingness.

ELIAS:  And placing a judgment upon them and merely turning your attention to new aspects, but holding a continued judgment upon the previous birds that you have viewed, and as you continue to hold a judgment upon these birds, the door to the cage remains tightly shut and locked!

But this that you present yourself with, in the direction of this acupuncture with this creature, presents you with the opportunity not only to view another bird within the bird cage, but also to view the responsiveness of the mass belief systems within this area.  For I shall wager to you that if you are moving in the direction of surveying your populace about you within your town and are expressing inquiry of their opinion of this type of action with this creature, they shall be expressing in the negative to you, and they shall be viewing YOUR movement in this area as quite odd!
Therefore, you offer yourself the opportunity to view the mass belief system, the aspect which is expressed through the mass belief system, the expressions of yourself and individuals that you surround yourself with, and the influence of all of these aspects within this one belief system, and in this you may also offer yourself the opportunity to view your ability to be accepting of these aspects, not placing a judgment upon ANY of their expressions — within yourself, within the mass belief systems, within ANY of the expressions.  Are you understanding?

JIM:  Yes, I am ... and I do all of this effortlessly, right? (Elias chuckles)  That’s a tall order, but yes, I can see exactly what you’re talking about.  This has been a very unique experience.  I’m just going to keep going kind of the way that we’ve been going with this dog, and learn from her and learn from this experience.  In my discussion with Lawrence some time back, in our discussion about euthanasia and consciousness and the creature’s ability and so forth, a lot of that hit home, and I had to definitely look at what she had to say.

ELIAS:  And be remembering that it matters not what you are choosing to be creating within agreement and your expressions.  What you need be viewing and addressing to is your response to these expressions and the judgments that you place upon them.

As you move in the direction of engaging or not engaging this action of acupuncture, it is not the action itself which is affecting.  It is the belief system or the aspect of the belief system that you are influenced by, and the judgment that you place upon the action in either an area of good or bad.

JIM:  Is this creature Gracie, since my in-laws are her present owners, is she being more influenced by their belief systems in this area?

ELIAS:  The creature is offering an expression to you all in allowing you each to view different aspects of your own individual belief systems.  Yes, this creature is quite affected by the belief systems and the energy of the individuals that it aligns itself with, that which you express as the owners ... although you may not be owning energy and consciousness!

But in this physical term, the creature holds an awareness of this agreement and which individuals it aligns with more and accepts energy in compliance with more than other individuals.  This is not to say that it is not offering the opportunity for information to other individuals also, for it is, and in this I shall also express to you that each of you shall gain information with regard to this creature in different manners.

Therefore, YOU may be gaining information in the area of your intent and in alignment with Tumold and with healing, and offering yourself more of an understanding of energy and of belief systems.  Other individuals may be gaining information also, but within a very different expression and a very different manner, and in this, it offers you the opportunity to open yourself once again to view how energy is affecting of other individuals that do not necessarily align with the same PATH (humorously), so to speak, as you have chosen! (Chuckling)

JIM:  Yes, my path! (They both laugh)  Thank you!  I shall continue to investigate.

I’ve had a lot of interactions with horses, and I’ve experienced much lately and read a lot, and I’d like your insight as to how they relate to us.  There seems to be a very intuitive, almost telepathic link there, and I’d like to understand more of their expression and their relationship with humans, and what’s been created there.

ELIAS:  Their energy is translated within an expression of what you may closely consider to be telepathic, for they do not experience emotion in the same manner that you experience emotion and they also do not create thought processes as do you create thought processes, but they have adapted their energy to be radiating their physical impulses within their energy in a manner of their own frequency, so to speak, that may be easily translated in impulses into what YOU may interpret as telepathic.

There are energy waves, and in these energy waves, they are expressed from impulses, energy impulses that the creature holds, which are their expression of their communication.

You hold energy impulses also, and in this, you do not always move in the direction of listening to your own energy impulses, which are your own communication to yourselves.  But these particular creatures have adapted themselves within your physical focus, engaging the ability to translate their energy impulses to a frequency that shall be in alignment with you and your impulse frequencies, that you may translate subsequently their energy into an area that you may understand, that seems more familiar to you within objective terms, and your translation of this would be in the area of telepathic communication.  Are you understanding this concept?

JIM:  Yes, I am.  That’s fascinating!  I can relate to that.

ELIAS:  For they are not in actuality transmitting telepathic thoughts, but you are translating the impulse energy in this manner.

JIM:  That’s fascinating!  I’m going to continue to look at that.

Seth had commented — I read a passage recently — about the ”complete physician.”  Can you elaborate on that a little bit?  Is that where I’m moving within my desire and my alignment, in trying to understand my alignment?

ELIAS:  This would be the direction of your desire.

Now; let me express to you that this is a term which is designating an action and a wholeness in movement of inner senses in conjunction with outer senses.  It is a mergence of objective and subjective awarenesses and information, the allowance of what you term to be your psychic awareness in its fullness, although I am using of this term quite loosely.  But to your understanding, you may be expressing in this term to be encompassing all of your inner senses.

Now; if you are moving in the direction of polishing, so to speak, all of your inner senses and developing all of your inner senses and balancing those senses with your outer senses and offering yourself an awareness of the reality of your intent to be returning elements to their natural state within physical focus — not merely moving in the direction of this concept, but offering yourself the reality of this concept — then you shall be actualizing this term of this type of physician, so to speak.

JIM:  Okay, that’s understood.  We’ve spoken a little bit about this before, that when I seem to write, particularly presently on my book Earth Sojourn, I feel other presences there with me.  I feel one is Twylah.  Are other essences usually kind of hanging around?  In my writing, is that a connection with subjective awareness and the essence of Yarr?

ELIAS:  Yes.

JIM:  Okay, and I’ve felt your presence.  Are the other essences that are involved in our game ... they’re all accessible and we can talk to any of them at any point in time, I suppose, correct?

ELIAS:  Correct, and you are also correct in your assessment of our presence.

JIM:  Yes.  Okay, that’s fun!  Thank you.  Everyone’s always welcome! (Elias chuckles)  I’m curious to know how many physical focuses I’ve had and how many I will continue to have in this dimension, and what time frame area did I first fragment and become essence from Twylah?

ELIAS:  Time framework within linear expression of fragmentation.... (Here, there is a 10-second pause, and then Elias starts chuckling)

JIM:  Oh, yeah?  (Laughing)

ELIAS:  (Still chuckling)  Twenty-three seven. (2307)

JIM:  Okay.  I’ve been here a lot, huh?

ELIAS:  One moment!  You are not understanding.  Year within linear time framework of fragmentation, twenty-three seven.

JIM:  A.D.?  B.C.?


JIM:  Cool! (Elias chuckles)

ELIAS:  As to number of focuses within linear terms that you have held past, sixteen; that you shall hold future — in those terms, which are quite figuratively speaking — twelve.

JIM:  Cool!  Do I have any physically focused aspects, other aspects of my essence, presently on this planet? (Pause)

ELIAS:  Yes.

JIM:  Is that individual in New Zealand?

ELIAS:  Yes, and three others.

JIM:  And three others?

ELIAS:  Correct.

JIM:  They’re not all male focuses either, are they?


JIM:  Okay.  Well, I’m going to do some investigating and we’ll get back to that, okay?

ELIAS:  Very well!  I am encouraging of this action!

JIM:  Yes.  Lastly, I have a few questions for another individual, Katie, if I may.  She was inquiring if this is her final focus. (Pause)

ELIAS:  Yes.

JIM:  Okay, and she would like to know the essence names of her children: Elizabeth, Anthony, and Aldo.

ELIAS:  Elizabeth: essence name, Dikto; D-I-K-T-O.

Aldo: essence name, Nissah; N-I-S-S-A-H.

Anthony: Hillary; H-I-L-L-A-R-Y.

JIM:  Wonderful, thank you.  And she was curious as to Elizabeth’s family belonging and aligning to.

ELIAS:  Essence family, Sumari; alignment, Milumet.

JIM:  That’s great.  I’m sure she’ll appreciate that.  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are very welcome.

JIM:  Gee, I think you’ve given me much to digest here.  I think that’s about all the questions I have for the moment.  I appreciate and thank you dearly for your friendship and your compassion ... and your patience!  Thank you.

ELIAS:  I express great fondness to you, Yarr, and I am anticipating of our continued interaction, and be assured within your objective perception that I am interactive with you regardless of our objective expressions with each other, and I shall continue to be encouraging with you and helpful to you and offer my energy in assistance to you at any time framework that you may choose to be calling upon this.  I am offering to you freely, and greatly encouraging of your movement.

Let me also offer one more bit of information to you this day that you may also be sharing with Michael and Lawrence, for I have offered information in the area of this within individual expressions, as you have inquired of your physical energy and your physical expression within your physical body, and Lawrence has inquired in this area also, and although Michael has not inquired personally, I shall offer information to you all which is also affecting other individuals, and other individuals are creating in similar manner also.

There is another aspect of this particular creation that is affecting within this time period presently which creates more of an intensity in this physical experience than you may be experiencing at other time frameworks.  In this, it is very directly related to this shift in consciousness and the expression of this shift in consciousness.

Now; let me express to you that you designate your energy and your expressions of energy within this physical focus in alignment with gender, as I have expressed to you many times.  As thought focused individuals, this moves in the direction of the male gender, which is designated by the left side of your physical form.  Emotionally focused individuals are designated in the gender of female expression, which is designated as the right side of your physical form.

Now; I express to you that an action which is occurring presently within many individuals is that they are moving in the direction of merging the energy of thought and emotionally focused expressions.

In this, the energy which has been expressed as that designation of the focus — being either thought focused as an individual or emotionally focused as an individual — shall be the side that the energy shall be held and affecting, and it shall be affecting within the area of the blue energy center, which is affecting of shoulders.

In this, you are not moving in the direction of altering your expression as thought or emotionally focused.  You are merely moving into the area of a balance.  You are allowing yourselves to more move in the direction of balancing your emotional and thought focused expressions, incorporating more of the other expression and not so extremely expressing yourselves in either of these expressions of thought focus or emotional focus.

You shall continue to hold your emotional focus, and Michael and Lawrence shall continue to hold as thought focused, but you are beginning to move in the direction of incorporating more of a balance, and therefore are physically manipulating and moving energy which is creating of physical imagery in the area of this expression of painfulness within this area of your physical bodies.

JIM:  Hmm!  That makes a lot of sense.  Lawrence and I had spoken a little bit about that.  It’s nice to know that I’m not alone!

ELIAS:  Ah, and you are not!  And this day I offer you great affection and I express much lovingness to you, and I express much encouragement and acknowledgment, and also much lovingness to Borloh also.  And within my expression of our meeting this day, I extend to you much energy that you may surround yourself with.

I offer to you a very fond au revoir!

JIM:  Au revoir!  Thank you, my friend.

Elias departs at 1:38 PM.


(1)  Gracie had four acupuncture treatments over a period of about three weeks.  According to Jim, this didn’t affect her physically, but it did seem to affect her attitude in a positive way.  Gracie continued to decline physically, which began to create major conflict for her owners.  Finally, a decision was made to euthanize Gracie.  Jim says he has no conflict with the decision, and feels that this experience has been very helpful to him.

(2)  This is in reference to Jim’s pain in the right shoulder, which began a few years ago, and pain in the left shoulder that Mary and I both created recently.  Mine was quite intense and lasted for a few months.  The day it ”mysteriously” disappeared was the same day that Mary’s began, although hers only lasted a few weeks.  (Mary usually moves through stuff faster than I do!)  The ”coincidences” of these events inspired an investigation.

We discovered that we both went to the chiropractor, which didn’t ”work” for either one of us, and that both chiropractors made the same diagnosis — that the first rib was out of place.  This inspired a discussion about gender-related issues, and we finally came to the conclusion that our shoulder pain was related to moving towards some sort of a balance.  Hey Mare!  We did pretty good!

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