Session 322

Adolescent Confusion and Lack of Motivation


“Adolescent Confusion and Lack of Motivation”
“I am not reading your mind!”

Tuesday, September 22, 1998  © 1999  (Private)
Participants:  Mary (Michael) and Joanne (Hariett). 
Elias arrives at 10:31 AM. (Arrival time is 26 seconds) 

ELIAS:  Good morning! (Grinning)

JOANNE:  Good morning!

ELIAS:  We meet again!

JOANNE:  Yes, we do, and I’m very excited to see you today, to talk to you today.  I have one quick question that I want to ask you.  I was wondering ... I woke up very early this morning and have been thinking about our session and taking notes about the inquiries that I wanted to make, and at the same time, in my imagination, visualizing you and our interaction, which almost made me wonder if part of it hadn’t already happened because I was creating it.  And then I wondered if you knew that I’d been chattering ... like we already had an encounter and I’d been chattering at you since five o’clock this morning!

ELIAS:  Correct.

JOANNE:  Correct?  So if that’s correct, then you already know everything that’s on my list! (Laughing)  You already know what I want to talk about, don’t you?

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  Let me express to you that individuals within physical focus move in the direction of their thought processes, and in this, this is your form of communication.  You think to yourselves that my interaction with you shall be moving in the direction of a telepathic exchange, or that I am “mind-reading.” (Grinning)

In actuality, we have engaged in an exchange this day, but not necessarily specifically in relation to the questions that you may pose within this session, for I am interactive with you in a subjective manner, and in this, I am not interactive with your thought process.  I am not reading your mind and interacting with you telepathically.  This is much too inefficient!

I am interactive with you within energy, which needs much less translation than your actual thoughts.  Therefore, as you are projecting and forming thought processes in questioning or merely in speaking to me, I am interactive with your ENERGY.

JOANNE:  Okay.  Would that be ... like in my interpretation, Elias, when I’m in a session with you, there’s a feeling.  My interpretation of this is the energy that I’m feeling, like I FEEL something.  And sometimes, when I’m just thinking ... sometimes it almost feels like anxiety, like it’s a lot of energy to handle.  I feel the energy sometimes, and I think that to me, I’m interpreting it as anxiety almost, and I’ve noticed a large increase in my energy, in physically what I’m capable of accomplishing, and almost like I’m trying to burn off the energy.  Like, you know, I’m more active, like trying to calm it down?  And sometimes at night I get ... well, I don’t know.  In my terms I call it an anxiety attack, where I feel almost like I can’t breathe, like there’s some overwhelming feeling, and I’m tired and I want to sleep.  And yet, I feel like almost this state of panic, and I get up and I pace the floors, and I’m pacing around and there’s like this energy, and it makes me feel anxious and I don’t know what to do with it.  So I engage in pharmaceuticals to make it calm down ‘cause I’m choosing to go back to sleep.  But what is going on there?  Why am I doing that?

ELIAS:  This is quite common in engaging this energy exchange, for many individuals receive the energy that I am projecting in this type of manner.  Many individuals experience quite a different type of feeling or action in which they may feel their physical energy and body energy becoming depressed, in a manner of speaking, not in the definition that you assign to depression, but in the manner that their body functions become slowed or depressed in a manner that they create an action of sleep state.  Individuals respond to this energy exchange very frequently within these two extremes, so to speak.

These are your methods, so to speak, of dealing or not dealing with the energy that you are allowing yourselves to be open to.  You hold a desire to be open to the energy, but the energy is unfamiliar, and in this you do not understand or hold an objective knowing of how to be assimilating this energy and manipulating this energy.  Therefore, you either move in the direction of creating sleep state to be, in a manner of speaking, escaping this energy, for it may physically feel oppressive, or there is an increase in physical agitation, and in this you feel anxious or that you are holding too much energy.

In either situation, the physical body is responding to added energy which is unfamiliar to it, and is interpreting this energy as too much energy.  Therefore, you create responses within yourself, and in this you may feel at times uncomfortable.

Now; I may also express to you that if allowing the energy to flow freely and if you are not moving in directions of restricting or attempting to be restraining of yourself within this energy, you may find more of an easement in your own dealing with this energy, and it shall dissipate subsequently.  It is a temporary affectingness.

Now; let me express to you that “temporary” varies with different individuals.  Some individuals’ temporary may be much longer than other individuals’ temporary!  But it is not what you would term in physical focus to be a permanent affectingness, and also, there is no harmfulness in this exchange.  It is merely unfamiliar to you.

It is quite amusing that we view individuals within physical focus, as you call out within yourselves for this interaction and you are receiving the response, but you are not wishing to be incorporating the energy that is accompanying the response! (Grinning)

JOANNE:  Okay.  That’s interesting!

ELIAS:  You may be moving in the direction of thinking to yourself that you are engaging in your imagination — which I have expressed is reality — and you may be within your mind speaking to me, and I shall be responsive to you and my energy shall be responsive to you, and you shall physically hold an awareness of this energy, as you do, but it is unfamiliar.  Therefore, it is also unacceptable.

And if you are wishing not to be engaging of this energy, then I shall be suggesting to you that you do not be calling to me! (Chuckling, and Joanne cracks up)

JOANNE:  But I want to be calling to you, and yet I do not, correct?

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  Correct.  You wish to be engaging, but you do not wish to be engaging the energy exchange.  It is not harmful to you, for there is a very different action which occurs with this energy and individuals within physical focus, in difference to the energy exchange that I engage with Michael.  This would be a very different type of action, which DOES carry an affectingness within physical terms.

But within the type of exchange of energy that is engaged with you and with other individuals, my energy may be merged to an extent with your physical energy, and therefore you may FEEL this energy, but you are not removing, in a manner of speaking, your subjective energy and communication with your physical focus.  Therefore, the affectingness is surface, so to speak.  It is not affecting in an ongoing manner.

JOANNE:  So it seems as though I’ve been spending a lot of time with you!  I want to try to word this right so you understand what I’m saying.  Like right now, to me, I’m interacting with you objectively in this focus.  This is very realistic to me, okay?  But then ... and I loved the last session when you said that what goes on in our imagination is also reality, ‘cause it gave me a whole new view on when I’m creating these things in my mind!  Now I’m looking at it differently ‘cause I remember what you said, and I’m thinking, “Wow!”
That was kind of like a link that I needed to understand, ‘cause now that I’m understanding that, I’m also understanding when we were discussing in a session about transition.  You were saying that we already do it, but not always objectively.  So I’m thinking that what’s going on in the imagination is a lot of this transitioning, but it’s happening subjectively.  And so subjectively, I think I’m engaging with you quite often, because I’m constantly thinking about what you’re saying and putting it together and thinking.

Now, I’m wondering if that’s why I have an audio tape of one of the sessions.  Now, if objectively I haven’t talked to you again, but then objectively I listen to the tape and I suddenly understand all these things that you’re saying that I didn’t understand the last time I listened to the tape, it must be because I’m getting more information subjectively?  Because the first time we met objectively, I didn’t understand anything you were saying.  Like parts of it, and it felt good, you know, and I loved the feeling of your energy, but I couldn’t make heads or tails out of it, and then with every session now I can just listen to you and I understand everything you’re saying!  So, is that why?

ELIAS:  This would be the situation of you drawing yourself to this information in very similar manner to very many other individuals.  Initially, there is a draw to this information and also to this energy exchange, but there is not always an objective understanding of the information presented.

I have expressed many times that I am very interactive with you all within a session period in a very intense, subjective manner, and in this you may not be entirely assimilating the information objectively initially, but you are receiving the information subjectively.  Subsequent to this, you allow yourself in increments more and more of your own opening and widening of your awareness, and in this action you understand the information more and more, for you allow yourself to assimilate the information more and more in an objective translation.

YOU are creating the action of opening and widening your awareness.  It is not the situation that each time you are listening to a recording or reading of a transcript that I am individually interacting with you and repeating the information, but that you are allowing yourself to be objectively opening and widening your awareness more, that you may assimilate the information more and more and therefore apply this to yourself and to your focus and create more of an easement within your focus.  This would be the point!

JOANNE:  Yes, this would be the point!  Because I am tiring of the conflict, and even though in some areas I’m more ... I’m better at avoiding it and understanding.
For example, with our discussions of duplicity: I taught some classes at a school last week and there were a few students there, some essences that were what we would term a little “fresh.”  Now, before I understood any of this information, I would have interpreted this as bad, and they would have frustrated me.  Instead, I found them so amusing, because I also could appreciate the fact that even school in itself, that whole system, is all a belief system!  And you can see the ones, the students that sit there perfectly, choosing to participate, and then I viewed the other ones as, “You know, they really don’t want to participate, but somehow they’re still here, but they don’t want to follow the rules.”  And you know what?  That’s okay, ‘cause really, there are no rules, and I just found it amusing!

So there, the situation was not stressful, but then in my dealings with my daughter Christine, I’m experiencing a lot of confusion and conflict as far as my role as a parent.

ELIAS:  Ah, for there are many aspects of the belief system in this area!

JOANNE:  Um-hmm!  Christine ... well, maybe you could tell me ... well, I would be curious to know if you would share with me Christine’s essence name and her family.

ELIAS:  Essence name, Rasheel; R-A-S-H-E-E-L.  Essence family, Sumafi; alignment, Vold.

JOANNE  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are welcome.

JOANNE:  Now, Christine is experiencing a great deal of conflict at this time.  A few days before school started, she indulged in a bottle of pharmaceuticals of mine, and told me that it was on her mind to disengage.  Now, this was interesting, Elias, because even though that’s not what I want her to do, if she had done it, it somehow would have been more okay than it would have been before I understood all of this.  So that helps with the conflict, ‘cause like I understand she’s choosing it.  I understand that I am not creating her problems or doing anything to her, and yet I do feel a responsibility for her and I’m wanting to help her, and I’m feeling that the doctors that she’s dealing with are just clueless!

I mean, I’m wondering if some of the conflict she’s experiencing is coming from bleed-throughs, because she tells me that she doesn’t know why she feels this way, and she feels no sense of control over what she feels.  I’m dragging this on, so just tell me what you’re thinking from what I’m saying, ‘cause I’m really confused with Christine!

ELIAS:  I shall express to you that I hold no thought process! (Chuckling, and Joanne laughs)

JOANNE:  Right!  But what is happening with her?

ELIAS:  Let me express to you that within the focuses of very many of what you term to be young individuals within physical focus, they have manifest into a time period physically of great movement within the action of this shift.  They have entered into physical focus holding more of a knowing in their own remembrances than individuals that have chosen to be manifesting within earlier time periods of this century and within the action of this shift.

In this, many of these small ones in certain age groups, so to speak, are experiencing frustrations and what you may term to be physically as anxieties, for they hold a knowing of this shift in consciousness, not only within a subjective manner, but also within an objective manner.  They have manifest into physical focus allowing themselves more of a remembrance from the onset of their focus.  Therefore, their restlessness is a byproduct of their knowing of actions which are occurring within consciousness, but also in relation to an impatience that they feel, that this shift is not accomplishing itself quickly enough.

Now; within the translation of physical focus — realizing that even these small ones continue to hold many, many belief systems, therefore they are quite influenced by their belief systems and by mass belief systems — they are responding in a fashion, so to speak, that is compliant in some manners with mass held belief systems, but also, they are defiant of these mass belief systems and of their OWN belief systems.

Their actions of engaging bleed-throughs, other focuses, remembrances, knowings, move more quickly and more intensely and more automatically than individuals holding more years in age, for they have entered into this physical focus with this allowance, knowing that they are entering within this time period, within this particular movement of this shift in consciousness.

I shall deviate briefly for one moment and express to you that within future-approaching years, young physical focuses moving into their years of acceptance of objective awareness — which occurs, generally speaking, within adolescent years — shall be experiencing more frustration, as they hold more of an objective knowing of what they have manifest into, which is not completed in objective terms yet.  Therefore, individuals of this age group, so to speak, within your next century, within a time framework of your 2020 and 2030, there shall be an intensity of frustration within these individuals, for their knowing shall be great and their anticipation great.

In this, let me also express to you that there is an element of frustration in this knowing and remembrance and bleed-though, which in alignment with the influences of belief systems creates what appears to be a lack of motivation, for they hold confusion.  They hold in one respect a knowing of what is occurring, but they view physically the continuation of what has been.

Therefore, within their frustration they begin to develop within themselves a lack of motivation temporarily, for they are caught, so to speak, in your terms, between movement and non-movement, and they hold confusion, and in this confusion, objectively they know not which direction to be moving in.

The influences of belief systems are very strong.  Look to your own situation and your own home, within your relationship and all the aspects of belief system in this area.  You are the mother, she is the daughter, and you are each responsive to the influences of this belief system and all of its aspects, and you are responsive to mass belief systems.  Therefore, the influence within belief systems, individually and en masse, with this individual as your daughter are continuously being reinforced to her.

Expectations, judgments, justifications; these are all projected energy that she allows to move towards her, but does not understand objectively how to not allow the penetration.  Therefore, the conflict becomes objectively apparent in the frustration, for the belief systems are quite obvious to yourself and to her also.

Individuals may not assign the terminology of belief systems, but this is not to say that they do not hold an understanding that this is not necessarily all of reality.  You may assign different terminology, and it matters not.  The meaning is the same.

You may be helpful in this situation by noticing the affectingness of your own belief systems, by noticing your own behaviors which are influenced by your own belief systems.  As you allow yourself more information and you allow yourself the opportunity to view these belief systems and all of the aspects of these belief systems, you also automatically move in the direction of altering aspects of your perception, as you are aware.  THIS is the action of this shift in consciousness.

I have expressed very many times that this shift in consciousness is and shall be producing much trauma, and the reason for the trauma is that individuals shall be moving in the direction of addressing to belief systems, recognizing these belief systems and their limitations and moving into unfamiliar areas, undiscovered countries, which is creating of fearfulness within physical focus.  You do not easily move into unfamiliar territory, for you create fear.

But as I express to all individuals and shall express to you within this present now, your most helpful action to other individuals is to be focusing upon self, to be creating of the situation within your own focus of being the straight little sapling, and in this you automatically are affecting and supporting and lending energy to other individuals, and you are NOT moving in the direction of expectation or judgment or justification.  These elements that you create in responsiveness to the influence of your belief systems may be very destructive, in your terms, and are quite limiting, and are very unnecessary within this present now.

You have moved within this direction for many, many, many centuries.  You have experienced all of these aspects of belief systems.  You have experienced playing with this dead mouse for long enough!  And now you move into new areas of adventure, in exploring your own creativities without these limitations and with new freedoms, for you shall be eliminating your judgments.  In this elimination of judgment, you not only offer yourself great freedom, but you offer all other essences physically focused great freedom.  You are all quite interconnected!

JOANNE:  Well, that was most helpful, because I knew the answer I was seeking did not lie behind the walls of a psychologist’s office, which is what was recommended to me!  Because the whole belief system of it is just ... it doesn’t work any more!  It just doesn’t work any more, Elias!  So, that definitely helped.

I also wanted to ask you ... after the last session at Aileen’s house, that evening I was thinking a lot about what we had discussed in the session about transitioning and viewing your other focuses, and you talked about an exercise where you could look in the mirror.  Well, that evening, I had a very intense dream state.  When I woke up, I remembered in my dream state that I had very clearly seen this woman.  She was living in a castle, she had a big dress on, more like medieval times or something, and I remember her face.  I could see it so clearly ... and Aileen was there!

Part of the dream was that I had asked ... well, I HAD asked Aileen if she would help me with the game and the mirror and the whole thing, ‘cause when I’m with her I’m less fearful, or when I’m with you I’m less fearful.  When I’m alone at home, I’m more fearful! (Elias chuckles)  So I had asked Aileen if she would sort of play with me, and she said, “Yes, I will play with you.”

So when I went home that evening and went into dream state, I was dreaming that I was already playing the game with Aileen, and I was viewing my other focuses, and I was expressing them to her, and we were laughing!  I was going, “Look!  I’m this, and I had this focus and this focus!”  We were laughing, and we were having so much fun!
I couldn’t remember any of the focuses that I had seen in the dream state except for this girl and this face.  I can see it right now in my mind.  So I want to ask you, is that girl in that big dress one of my focuses, or is this something that I just dreamed?  Is it reality?

ELIAS:  Yes.

JOANNE:  It is?  That’s so cool!

ELIAS:  Let me also express to you that although your dream state is a translation into objective imagery, what you have experienced in this is not dream imagery.  This is what you term to be an out-of-body experience, allowing yourself to move through consciousness and to view different focuses and offer yourself an objective remembrance for a beginning of movement into connecting with other focuses that you hold.

JOANNE:  It definitely helps with the fear to know that I’ve already objectively begun the process.  It’s like, “Okay, I did that,” so it lessens the fear, which obviously is going to make it easier.

ELIAS:  Quite.

JOANNE:  And I remember also waking up that night, Elias, to use the rest room, and when I walked into the bathroom, there was the mirror, and I can’t express how strong it was!  I knew at that moment that the way I was feeling and how open my energy was, that I could have looked right in that mirror at that moment and done that exercise with no problem.  I knew it!  And I looked at the mirror and I thought, and the fear ... I just bolted right back to my little bed and pulled the covers up! (Elias chuckles)  But I knew it was real.  It was validation that it was real, because I felt at that moment that I could’ve, and I knew I could’ve!

ELIAS:  And what great monster shall devour you from inside of your mirror as you gaze into it? (Grinning)

JOANNE:  There was a movie called “Defending Your Life.”  It was with Meryl Streep, and in this movie, it’s like you die and you go to heaven, and you went to this place called Judgment City, and you went to court.  You would have found it very amusing! (Elias chuckles)  You went to court to defend what you had done in your life, and then God would decide if he was sending you back or if you had learned enough to go on, like to be essence, I guess, would be the thing. (Elias chuckles again)  But there was this place called The Past Lives Pavilion, and you would go in the pavilion, and you could put your hand on this glass and look in the mirror.  But it’s interesting where you said, science fiction is not so science fiction!  In the movie, you put your hand on this box and looked at the screen, and it showed you all these other focuses, which is reality!
ELIAS:  Quite!

JOANNE:  But the way it was presented in the movie ... and I thought about that movie after the session, and I thought, “Oh, I want to go to The Past Lives Pavilion!”  You know, like I want to do this!

ELIAS:  And you may be creating of your own Past Life Pavilion if you are so choosing, and you may expand this and you may be creating of your Future Life Pavilion also! (Chuckling)

JOANNE:  Okay!  Now let me inquire of this.  In the last session, you had talked about that quite often in this objective physical focus, we’re interested in things that have to do with other focuses that we have.  Like you were talking about collecting things and so forth, which brought me to my often wondering fascination of the ocean and my collection of fish and shells, and my house is decorated like a beach, which is not common!  Most people’s homes, when you walk in, it’s not decorated in shells and palm trees!  So I was wondering if that’s where this was coming from?

ELIAS:  Quite.

JOANNE:  The only time I feel calm and peaceful is when I’m sitting on the beach and I’m watching the waves.  There seems to be some connectedness, unexplained objectively now.

Vic’s note:  Me too, Joanne!  The beach and the ocean elicit a response in me that I don’t feel in any other situation.

ELIAS:  Investigate a Polynesian focus.

JOANNE:  What do you mean?

ELIAS:  You may be allowing yourself to be connecting with yourself and investigating another focus that you hold which occupies the Polynesian Islands within a different time framework.

JOANNE:  Okay, okay.

ELIAS:  Clue! (Grinning)

JOANNE:  Interesting! (Elias chuckles)  Now ... I know what else I want to inquire about!  I could just ask you questions forever!  Michael told me to keep an eye on the time, but we have time. What about people that read tarot cards?  I had an encounter with a woman one time named Rita, and we called her “Rita the tea leaves lady,” and you would drink the tea, and she’d put ‘em in the cup, and she’d look in the cup, and this woman was sitting there telling me my life!  Where does this come from, Elias?  How does she do this?

ELIAS:  Individuals may move in the direction of using any object or material, so to speak, within physical focus as a focal point, and in this they may allow themselves to direct their attention into areas of consciousness that may access the first layer of consciousness to your physical focus, which essentially is defined as accessing your most immediate lines of probabilities: what you have been creating, what you are creating, and what you shall be creating, for they are all simultaneous.  Therefore, in actuality, what they are accessing is the area of consciousness that you do not objectively see but you are quite engaged in creating, within your most closely related layer of consciousness.

Many times individuals move into creating a belief system which they attach to these focal points, which we have also termed to be props, but I express to you that the focal points themselves do not offer information.  (Humorously) The tea leaves, the tarot cards, the crystals, the astrological charts, the numerology, the palmists, the aura readers, ALL of these individuals, and your psychics also, do not engage an activity with their props that their props are actually speaking to them, for their props or their focal points do not hold the information.  They are merely that, a focal point, which allows the individual to direct their attention and open their objective awareness to other areas of consciousness that shall allow them to access your lines of probabilities that you are creating.

JOANNE:  So, we must be in agreement that we’re going to allow them to access this ...

ELIAS:  Absolutely!

JOANNE:  ... ‘cause we’re sitting there and we chose it.

ELIAS:  Yes.

JOANNE:  And Rita must be very knowing for her to be able to do this!  I mean, you’d have to be very shed of a lot of belief systems and so forth to be able to do this!

ELIAS:  Not necessarily!  You hold the same ability, and these individuals hold many, many belief systems.  They merely THINK that they hold less belief systems and more of an openness or more of a “gift” than do you.

JOANNE:  Oh yeah, a gift!

ELIAS:  In actuality, they may hold different belief systems, but they do not necessarily hold less belief systems than do you.  They merely have allowed themselves to develop certain inner senses that you do not focus your attention upon. This is not to say that you may not develop these same inner senses.  You hold the same abilities as do these individuals.  They are no different from yourself, and they hold no difference in abilities than do you. As I have expressed, the only difference between yourself and this essence of myself is that I hold a remembrance and you do not, but you hold all of the same abilities as I possess!

JOANNE:  You’re right!  You always make so much sense!  It’s true that you just say things that I already know, ‘cause when you say them, it’s very comforting and I do know it.

ELIAS:  This be the reason that I am instructing of you all not to be deceiving yourselves and moving in the direction of following other individuals or other essences that may offer you information.  I do not engage an energy exchange within this physical focus to offer information to individuals, that they may become Elias disciples!

I do not solicit individuals to be following of Elias.  I am advocating and encouraging of you to NOT be following of ANY individual or essence but yourself.  I merely offer you information to facilitate your own opening to your own awareness, that you may offer yourself the opportunity to follow yourself and to be trusting of yourself, for you have forgotten how to be trusting and accepting of yourself. (Pause)

JOANNE:  With acquaintances, sometimes you meet an acquaintance and you feel comfortable with them right away, as if you’ve known them forever.  People say, “Oh, I met them and we just clicked.”  And then sometimes you meet people, and it just doesn’t work.  Where does that come from?  What is that, when you meet somebody and you just click?

ELIAS:  I have offered explanation previously in this direction.  This would be an action of counterparts.

Within physical focus, you may be engaging of another individual and hold an immediate objective acceptance of that individual, and you may move comfortably into interaction with that individual.

Now; I may express to you that within these situations, there is a great likelihood that you have also engaged other focuses with this individual.  This is not to say that the individuals that you are immediately repelling of, that you have not shared focuses with them also.  The difference is the action of counterpart.

As you move into an immediate liking of an individual, there is a great possibility that this individual shares counterpart action with you in some manner.
If you hold an immediate repelling of another individual, it is quite likely that you are engaging an opposite counterpart action with that individual, for opposite counterparts shall immediately repel each other as two magnets placed together which shall push each other apart. (Demonstrating with hands)

But with other types of counterpart action, you are as a magnet to metal and you shall move together, for you shall hold an instantaneous recognition of not only your similarities within your directions, but that you are creating within each of your focuses a similarity within your intents.

I have offered much information in this subject matter of counterparts, which you may be inquiring of Michael and he may be directing you in this area if you are so choosing.

JOANNE:  Very good!  But I appreciate that you validated for me that there is more there than meets the eye, and I appreciate it.  You know, I never thought I could be running out of questions, but.... (Elias chuckles)  ‘Cause somehow when I sit here, I suddenly know everything, and then the questions disappear!  ‘Cause I do already know, as we’ve discussed!

Aileen and I had a fun conversation at the last session.  We were amusing each other with the possibilities of what other focuses we might share, and we knew that there was something definitely connecting us, and I know that Aileen has much more of an ability to explore it than I’m capable of at this point....

ELIAS:  Ah!  Personal invalidation!

JOANNE:  Yeah, ‘cause I’m still holding to the fear and the belief systems!

ELIAS:  And as you continue to express this, you also continue to reinforce yourself in holding to this!  Therefore, I express to you to be noticing each time you are reinforcing of this action and each time that you are personally invalidating or discounting of yourself until our next meeting.  I shall instruct you within your homework, to be keeping count of how very often you are moving in this direction, and I shall not be forgetful at our next meeting, and shall be inquiring as to your progress!

JOANNE:  Very wise ... very wise! (Elias chuckles)  Well, we shared the thought that ... Aileen was discussing with me that there’s a physical focus where she is in an encounter with you, in a husband and wife situation in a European country, and she also expressed to me a wondering if I also shared that focus, possibly in the form of a parent, for some reason, she thought. (Pause)

ELIAS:  No; sibling.

JOANNE:  Sibling ... interesting!  That’s fun!  I find all of this so amusing, and that’s the idea, right?  To make it all more amusing?

ELIAS:  Quite!  I am VERY advocating of fun!

JOANNE:  And I am choosing to be engaging in more fun, Elias!

ELIAS:  Very good!

JOANNE:  My perception — or as we say, “paradigm” — is shifting, (Elias chuckles) and I am viewing things as ... which also, this is part belief systems, but these people are much too serious about what is going on!

ELIAS:  Ah, quite! (Chuckling)

JOANNE:  And when you choose to engage in that seriousness, you also create the conflict and the turmoil!

ELIAS:  And much thickness within your energy and within your focus, and you may move through your focus much more easily as you are engaging fun and moving in the direction of pleasure!

JOANNE:  Now, do you view me as having still much thickness, or is it getting thinner?  ‘Cause I’m working on it! (Elias starts laughing)

ELIAS:  I shall express to you that you are accomplishing, and that you are incorporating more of an easement into your focus, and allowing more of your conflict to be drifting away.  And is this not freedom?  Conflict may be quite confining!

JOANNE:  Um-hmm!  It’s very confining, and I’m tiring of it!  I want to be free and I want to play, ‘cause I am quite tired enough of it!  My earlier years in this focus were ... I chose them to be quite tough, and I want to be learning to move in another direction of freedom and to be experiencing less conflict, and the understanding that I’m choosing!

ELIAS:  Quite, and in this situation, it be your choice to be creating of conflict or to be creating of pleasure!

JOANNE:  Well, before we go, I would also like to ask you about my two sons, Brian and Billy.  I would like to know essence name and family, if you would choose to tell me. (Pause)

ELIAS:  Essence name, first son, Amin; A-M-I-N. (Pronounced a-meen’)  Essence family, Sumari; alignment, Tumold.

Second son, essence name, Kristof; K-R-I-S-T-O-F.  Essence family, Sumafi; alignment, Sumari.

JOANNE:  Interesting!  Well, I thank you very much for sharing this time.

ELIAS:  You are very welcome.

JOANNE:  I very much enjoyed it.  I have one question to ask you that I was too fearful to ask you in the last session, but I’m going to ask you this time.  I was sharing....

ELIAS:  Yes, you may! (Grinning)

JOANNE:  Oh, I may? (Here, Joanne leans forward, takes Elias’ hands, and gives him a kiss on the cheek)  Thank you so much!

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome.

JOANNE:  (Emotionally)  I love you so much, and I look forward to seeing you again.

ELIAS:  Let me express to you a great affection, and let me offer to you a comforting energy that you may bring with you to be helpful to you in your endeavor and interaction with your conflict with your daughter.  I shall be encouraging to you, and to your own movement in this area.  I am acknowledging that you are moving well.

JOANNE:  Thank you, Elias.

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome.  Feel blanketed with this energy.

JOANNE:  Thank you.

ELIAS:  And to you this day, I offer much lovingness and a very fond au revoir!

JOANNE:  Au revoir!

Elias departs at 11:48 AM.

© 1999  Vicki Pendley/Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved

Copyright 1998 Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved.