Session 315
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The Belief System of Protection


“The Belief System of Protection”
“Chakras/Energy Centers”

Saturday, September 12, 1998-2    © 1998 (Private/Phone)
Participants:  Mary (Michael) and Rodney (Zacharie).
Elias arrives at 12:46 PM. (Arrival time is 15 seconds) 

ELIAS:  Good afternoon!

RODNEY:  Good afternoon, Elias.  Can you hear me well?

ELIAS:  Quite!

RODNEY:  Thank you.  How are you today?

ELIAS:  As always. (Grinning)

RODNEY:  (Laughing)  I have a few questions!

ELIAS:  And you may proceed.

RODNEY:  Thank you.  I remember reading on two occasions in your material the desirability of entering into a vulnerable state as a way of opening into subjective states.  I’m also aware of your remarks about using a Ouija board, when you talked about it not being the best of all vehicles; that one might want to be protected, in a sense, from some of the energies that might be picked up that way.

ELIAS:  Let me interject before you are continuing in this direction, that I may clarify to you and for the benefit of other individuals that may be misinterpreting this statement that you have set forth.

I am not expressing, in the direction of engaging a Ouija board, that you need be engaging what you term to be protection, merely that you allow yourself the awareness of what you are engaging and allow yourself a preparedness in this area, for the focuses of essence that may be interactive with you through this particular medium may be quite mischievous and this may be invoking responses within yourselves that you may view to be as unpleasant or undesirable, but there is no harmfulness and there is no intent for harmfulness.

Therefore, I express to you that within your belief systems, which are quite strong in this area, it is unnecessary to be expressing or invoking what you term to be protection, for there is no thing to be protected from.  Therefore, be clear in this interpretation, and not misunderstanding what I have expressed to you in this direction.  Are you understanding?

RODNEY:  Yes I am, and I thank you very much for that answer.  That perfectly answers my question.

ELIAS:  You are welcome.

RODNEY:  I am associated with a group of individuals who are engaged in the study — not only the study but the practice — of getting information through inward messages.  I would term them psychic, or through subjective channels as opposed to outward channels.  I feel it encourages me to further my own abilities in this area, but I’m also aware there’s a great many belief systems around such things as protection which I have to ignore, or allow them in other people but not necessarily adhere to them myself.

ELIAS:  Correct.  This is an awareness that you are offering to yourself in the direction of acceptance, that other individuals may continue to hold to certain belief systems in the area of protection, and it matters not.  It is merely an expression of a belief system, and in this it is unnecessary for you to be adhering to this same expression, but it is also unnecessary for you to be moving in the direction of expressing to other individuals that they are wrong in their expression, for they are merely moving into directions of adherence to belief systems that allow them a comfort area within their expression.

In certain situations, this may lend energy to them in the direction of offering them a focal point, and their own opening to their own awarenesses and other elements of consciousness that they may not necessarily allow themselves to be open to if not invoking certain elements of what they think of as protection.  It is merely another prop which may be facilitating within their own belief systems, and therefore it is unnecessary to place a judgment upon this.

I merely am stating to you that in actuality, there is no element that you need be holding fearfulness of.  You merely hold the fearfulness, for you enter into areas that are unfamiliar, and unfamiliarity invokes fearfulness within you.

RODNEY:  Thank you again.

ELIAS:  You are welcome.

RODNEY:  My next question concerns chakras.  I just read in one of your transcripts that you spoke of them as holding great power, and that you would discuss them at some other time.  I unfortunately have not had the privilege of reading that other material as yet.  I engage in an acupressure exercise every morning after I get out of the shower.  I understand it’s an ancient exercise.  I’ve been doing this for at least two years.

One touches the top of one’s head, and then holds a finger, say, on the so-called sixth chakra in the middle of the forehead and holds it there for a period of time, and then moves down to the so-called throat chakra, the heart chakra, and on down to the navel.

I’ve been doing this for a couple of years for a couple of reasons.  One, the introduction of it coincided with a dream that I received regarding these points, and I utter sounds when I do this.  Some of them are Oms; some of them vibrate certain areas of my body.

My question to you: in my particular case of this particular exercise that I’m doing for myself, do you have any ... and let me also say, I feel that it impacts my health, but I’m not sure.  I would like to ask you, one, what impact does this have on me, and two, is there anything I can do to improve on the exercise which I’m currently doing?

ELIAS:  What you are accomplishing within this exercise is moving your attention to addressing your energy centers, and in this exercise you are allowing yourself to be aligning these energy centers.  In this, you objectively set forth more efficiently within energy for your individual time framework of your day, so to speak.

I am quite encouraging of individuals to be attentive to these energy centers, and noticing their alignment and when these energy centers are not in alignment and balance, for these energy centers within your physical form are barometers, so to speak, and they are quite indicating to you of how you are manipulating your own energy within any given moment, for they shall be physically responding to the energy that you are creating and projecting.

They are also quite influencing and creating of your energy field which surrounds you.  Therefore, if certain energy centers are not in alignment with the other energy centers and are not rotating in a balanced manner, this shall be affecting of your energy field, which shall also be affecting of your interaction with other individuals.

It is quite similar in physical terms to an analogy of a vehicle which holds four or more wheels.  If one of these wheels is rotating out of balance, it shall also be affecting of the movement of the entire vehicle.  If one of the wheels of the vehicle is wobbly, you shall be experiencing a shaking within the entire vehicle.

In like manner, if your energy centers are not in balance and are not in alignment with each other, they shall be affecting of the movement of your entire focus, your interaction with other individuals, and quite affecting of your perception of situations and events that you are creating.

Therefore, I am encouraging of your exercise to be aligning these energy centers each day and holding your attention in awareness to these energy centers.  This is another element of allowing yourself to be aware of yourself.

RODNEY:  Thank you.  There is supposedly an energy center that resides or is spaced 12 inches over the top of one’s head.  That’s not part of my exercise, and I’m wondering if that is one that should be incorporated into my exercise.

ELIAS:  It is unnecessary.  There are energy centers, that I have expressed explanation in conjunction with, that occupy space arrangements outside of your physical form, but these energy centers are not as affecting of your physical form and of the workings of your physical form.  These energy centers are connected to other areas of consciousness that are subjective areas of consciousness, and although they ARE affecting and interactive/intermingled with your physical energy centers, they are more interactive with you in subjective manners than in objective, physical terms.

RODNEY:  Thank you.  There is a person by the name of Caroline Myss, who has written a book called Anatomy of the Spirit, who is an intuitive, a medical intuitive, and she’s doing a great deal of work in this area of the energy centers called chakras.  Would you comment on her work?

ELIAS:  Let me express to you that individuals within this time period move more into the areas of allowing themselves to tap into information concerning these energy centers, for they are widening their awarenesses in conjunction with this shift in consciousness.  Therefore, as with this individual, they shall be offering more objective information in the areas of energy and consciousness than you have held an awareness of previously.

Let me also express to you that within these situations, I caution you to be remembering of the belief systems that may be entering into certain areas of research and study in conjunction with these subject matters.

Individuals also move in the direction of scientifically exploring energy projections in what you term to be out-of-body experiences, for your sciences in certain areas attempt to move into the exploration of consciousness and offering themselves information into directions of your natural abilities, but they also incorporate many of their own belief systems and many of your newly established metaphysical belief systems.  Although they view themselves to be conducting their scientific experiments and their research in what they term to be an unbiased, objective manner, these belief systems are underlying and therefore are also influencing.

This is not to say that they do not offer valuable information that all of you may be benefiting from in allowing yourselves more information in the areas of energy and consciousness.  Therefore, as I have stated previously with regard to other information that is offered by other individuals and other essences, all of the information which is offered within this time period may be helpful within certain manners.  It is merely a question of recognizing the belief systems that are also influencing in some of these directions, but I am quite acknowledging of all of the information which is being created to be available to you, for it is all moving in conjunction with this shift in consciousness.

RODNEY:  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are welcome.

RODNEY:  There is an exercise which you have termed the clarity exercise, and you spoke of it to me previously with regard to my cold showers.  The exercise, as I read it, speaks of bringing into greater awareness our physical senses as we perceive our objective reality.  I’m wondering, is this an exercise which you would highly recommend to me particularly, or might I better pursue more subjective meditations, or do I need to do both on a continuous basis?

ELIAS:  Let me express to you that for yourself, it may be quite helpful for you to be practicing in the area of this exercise in clarity for a time framework, for this offers you the opportunity to develop your abilities in manipulating energy that you hold, and offers you also the opportunity to validate your own abilities, for as you allow yourself to view your own abilities in manipulating your outer senses, this validates you in the area of accepting and trusting yourself in the area of manipulating your inner senses.

I have expressed to individuals previously, you look to yourselves within your desires and are wishing to be engaging your inner senses more efficiently and more fully, but you do not manipulate your outer senses which you engage and are using and paying attention to continuously throughout your focus!

Your inner senses are much more subtle, for the most part, and much easier to be discounting and ignoring.  If you are already ignoring those obvious outer senses, how much more shall you be ignoring of your inner senses and not allowing yourselves the ability to be efficiently manipulating these inner senses?

Also, I am expressing to you that within energy and within consciousness there is no separation.  Therefore, your subjective and objective move within harmony of each other, and in this, ALL of your senses are all incorporated into what you term to be spirituality.

But within your developed belief systems, you separate and you view your spirituality to be removed from your objective awareness and your physical senses or experiences.  You move in the direction of viewing your inner senses as more spiritual and mystical, and in this you separate your physical experiences and discount the importance and the value of your physical experiences, and you create more belief systems and reinforcement of your belief system of duplicity by counting the physical aspects of your focus as less valuable, as bad, and as a hindrance to your growth.

I express to you that the concept of spirituality within physical focus is to be incorporating the entirety of your focus and accepting and harmonizing and balancing all of your focus, and not to be discounting of one aspect of it or another aspect of it and elevating one aspect as being more important than another aspect, for they are all within harmony of each other.

Therefore, I AM encouraging of you to be practicing with this exercise in clarity with your physical outer senses, and this shall offer you more of an ease to be moving into the area of manipulating and connecting to your inner senses.

RODNEY:  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are welcome.

RODNEY:  I’m going to pause for a second to change my tape.

ELIAS:  Very well. (Pause)

RODNEY:  I notice that I have a constant high-pitched hum in my ears, (Elias chuckles) which I am not aware of until I am intently listening, for instance, to your voice, or I am meditating.  Could you comment on my particular hum?  Is it common?  Is there anything I can do about it?

Vic’s note:  This has also been called a “ringing” in the ears.

ELIAS:  I shall express to you in response, yes, this is a quite common action as you allow yourself to be opening your awareness.  What you are engaging, as I have expressed to other individuals, is the beginnings of the allowance of your objective self to be connecting with other aspects of yourself.

This particular action is quite common in the area of connecting with other-dimensional focuses.  It is almost an introduction, so to speak, to other-dimensional focuses.  I am aware that many individuals find this action to be annoying within certain time frameworks, but it is also a temporary interaction that occurs.
Some individuals choose to be connecting in this area for much longer time frameworks than other individuals, but as you allow yourself more and more of your own widening of your own awareness, and you open to connecting to other focuses in what you may view to be other dimensions, this element of sound shall dissipate to an extent and you shall allow yourself to move into other experiences.

In this, this buzzing or humming that you audibly connect to is an element of communication.  You are allowing yourself within this dimension to be connecting to the energy, which is translated within your dimension into a hum.  In another dimension, it shall translate back, so to speak, into its own form or configuration of energy, which shall appear to be a language.  But within your objective connecting to it, it appears to merely be a sound within the translation of energy into this particular dimension.

RODNEY:  Thank you.  I have engaged myself for some years in the use of the Book of Changes called the I Ching, and in the use of tarot.  More recently, I am beginning to use tarot for myself more effectively.  I’ve rarely, rarely, rarely used these two tools to assist anyone else.  I’ve always used them to assist myself.  I’ve always felt that it was myself talking to me through the medium of the cards or though the medium of the book.  I’d like you to comment, if you would, on the accuracy of that feeling, and comment on whether or not there are any other entities involved in my using these tools.

ELIAS:  These are focal points that allow you to direct your attention in the area of opening your own awareness to more of your own information in an objective manner.

Within dream state, you offer yourself the communication between the focus and essence, so to speak, and this is translated into imagery which is presented in what you term to be dreams.  This is a subjective interaction of awarenesses.

In waking state, you engage certain focal points, or props, so to speak, which allow you to direct your attention — your objective attention — in a more accepting manner, and allows you the opportunity to be connecting to this same type of information that you may be receiving within your dream imagery.

In this, there is also a translation occurring, but it is a translation within objective terms that you may more easily be understanding, for you do not view this translation to be quite so abstract.  In this, you may offer yourself much information of self, although many times you do interject influences of your own belief systems, for these are translations into your objective awareness.  Therefore, there is an element of your own distortion through your own belief systems.
This is not to say that this may not be quite helpful and valuable information that you offer to yourself, for it may be.  It may also be helpful at times for other individuals.

I am not discouraging of this action, and I am also not expressing to you that you need be fearful of engaging this action with other individuals also.  Merely be recognizing that in this action, you are engaging a tool that operates as a focal point to be directing your attention, and that you shall be allowing yourself to be connecting to information with another individual within the first layer of consciousness, which you view to be removed from your objective waking state.  You may be tapping into the line of probabilities that they are presently creating, and there is no judgment upon this action.

I merely caution you to not be entering areas of absolutes with other individuals OR with yourself in engaging these focal points and the information that they provide you.

RODNEY:  Could you be more clear about what you mean by absolutes?

ELIAS:  Individuals lean in the direction very many times of accepting information that they may receive in opening themselves to these focal points, and they accept the information in absolute, literal terms, which it may NOT BE literal terms which are being expressed to you or that you are connecting to.

Be remembering that all you create is within the realm of imagery, and all of the information that you access through these focal points holds translation and therefore an element of distortion as filtered through your belief system, and in this should not be considered to be literal or absolute.

If you are receiving a vision in engaging your tarot cards and you hold a very strong impression that an event shall be occurring, I am expressing to you to not be moving in the direction of creating a belief within yourself that you have offered yourself this vision and therefore it absolutely shall occur, for this is not always the case or the situation.  It is imagery.

At times you may be creating what you have allowed yourself to visualize, but this is not set in stone, so to speak.  ALL is within the realm of probabilities and therefore there are no absolutes, and your movement into directions of absolutes is a movement into areas of belief systems and limitations.

RODNEY:  Thank you very much for that answer.

ELIAS:  You are welcome.

RODNEY:  I’m looking forward to engaging myself in other areas of work sometime in the future, and I’m curious to know, is it possible for you to comment on my own particular talents in working with others in the areas of reading tarot cards or other psychic readings, or even entering into the area of teaching people about the particular work that you are doing and that you talk about?  Could you comment on my aptitude (Elias grins) and skill levels for doing this kind of thing? (Elias chuckles)  Leaving myself wide open here!

ELIAS:  Ah!  Your aptitudes and skills in these areas!  Quite interesting and quite amusing as an inquiry!

Let me express to you that you hold efficient abilities in all of these areas.  It is merely a question of your own allowances for your own abilities, and as you are accepting and trusting of self, you shall also allow yourself to be tapping more information within consciousness, and as you tap more information within consciousness, you may offer more information to other individuals.

Let me also express to you that within this direction, you move into the area of desire in not only focusing upon your own intent and abilities and your own interaction with self, but you also move in the direction of recognizing your desire of interaction objectively in lending energy to this shift in consciousness.  You hold a desire to be expressing yourself objectively in conjunction with this shift in consciousness and to be offering helpfulness to other individuals, that they may not be experiencing trauma within this shift.

In this, as you continue to widen your own awareness of self, you shall also reinforce yourself in your abilities to be helpful in objective manners, and if you are choosing to be moving in the direction of engaging and incorporating your focal points to be allowing you to access information with other individuals, you may be offering much information to yourself and to other individuals in this area.

Let me also be suggestive to you that you be remembering to be incorporating your empathic sense when engaging these focal points with other individuals, for if you are engaging your empathic sense, this also shall be quite helpful to you in this area, in expressing information to other individuals.

Your focal point merely is helpful to you individually, to be directing your attention specifically in certain areas.  The focal points themselves hold no innate power or mystical qualities.  They are merely objects that allow you an aspect of comfortableness, that you may view these to be familiar, and in this familiarity you may allow yourself more of an openness to be connecting with energy within consciousness.

I am encouraging of you in this area, for your desire is great, and in this it shall be quite motivating for you, and you may be developing of your skills, so to speak, (chuckling) which are in actuality your natural abilities!

RODNEY:  Thank you.  I will be thankful for all the assistance that you’ve already given me, and any more that you can. (Elias chuckles)  We have a little time left.  In the discussion that you just gave me, you spoke of the focal point as referring to the actual tarot cards themselves.  Is that not correct?

ELIAS:  Correct.

RODNEY:  Thank you.  I have felt that my becoming more familiar with the skill called hypnosis, especially auto-hypnosis, would be of great benefit to me, and there’s a particular person in the group in which I’m associated who’s going to be doing some teaching of this skill.  Would you comment on my interest in this particular area?

ELIAS:  This also may be quite helpful, not only to yourself in the direction of allowing you to be connecting with other aspects of yourself and other focuses of your essence, but also in the direction of being helpful to other individuals, within your desire to be helpful within the action of this shift in consciousness.

I am quite encouraging of this particular action, for many individuals within physical focus hold very tightly to their singularity of their attention in their individual focus, and in this hold they find great difficulty in loosening their grip, so to speak, upon this ONE focused attention, and limit their own abilities to be connecting with other aspects of themselves and offering themselves more information of self and of essence.

In this, this particular action is quite easily facilitating of individuals and their ability to be connecting with self.  I have been quite encouraging of many individuals in this particular area and shall be encouraging of you also, for it may quite helpful.

RODNEY:  Thank you.  I had a dream image since we last talked.  I have a long dream which I’d like to discuss with you, but at some other time.  I awoke with a dream image of my being in some kind of a building, and the building was filled with forms, and the only thing that I can sense is that these forms were like made of light.  There were many, many rods, and I think there were other shapes, and it was filled with them, and if you took one of these outside of the building, it turned into something.  I think, in particular, the one that I took outside turned into a goblet.  I was wondering if you might comment on this vision, and perhaps comment on the dream that it was a part of, because that’s all I recall.

ELIAS:  Very well.  This imagery that you have presented to yourself is imagery of transition.  You have offered yourself a visualization, in imagery, of an action of transition.

The building is that of essence, and the beams within the building are the aspects of energy which are the focuses of essence, which may all be viewed simultaneously within the action of transition and within the area of consciousness in which you accomplish the action of transition.

Your imagery of presentment to yourself, that you remove an element from this building and you place it outside and it becomes an object, is the imagery that once projected to another area of consciousness, these elements of essence may become a focus of essence which shall physically materialize within a particular dimension.  Therefore, there is a transformation, so to speak, of energy which creates a solidity in what you term to be matter in physical dimensions.

This be the action that you have viewed within your imagery of your dream state: an offering of imagery to yourself of the difference in quality of energy in a transitional non-physical state, in comparison to the solidity and thickness of an objective physical state of consciousness.

RODNEY:  I thank you very much.

ELIAS:  You are welcome.

RODNEY:  We have only about a minute left, and I don’t think I’ll ask any more questions because we’ll go way beyond our time.  So I will say good-bye, and thank you for everything you’ve given me here today, and I look forward to talking to you sometime in the future.

ELIAS:  Quite, and I shall be anticipating our next meeting, and I offer to you this day great encouragement to be continuing in your endeavors and your investigations, and I offer you much encouragement in your practicing of your exercises and your continuation in your attentiveness to your energy centers, for this shall be quite helpful to you within your daily interactions and engagements.  I offer much affection to you in all of this encouragement, and I express to you this day much lovingness and a very fond adieu.

Elias departs at 1:46 PM.

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