Session 313
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Empathic vs. Empathy


“Empathic vs. Empathy”
“Connecting with Focuses of Essence”
“Probable/Alternate Selves”

Friday, September 11, 1998  © 1998 (Group/Connecticut)
Participants:  Mary (Michael), Betsy (Mary), Carole (Aileen), Joanne (Hariett), Sally (Bissell), and a new participant, John (Concepcion).
Elias arrives at 8:26 PM. (Arrival time is 25 seconds) 

ELIAS:  Good evening! (Grinning)

GROUP:  Good evening, Elias!

ELIAS:  We meet once again, and this evening we shall open to your questions, and we shall break from our subject matter of belief systems.  You may offer your inquiries.

JOANNE:  I have a question, Elias.  I was wondering if you could tell me ... well, I know you CAN tell me, if you WILL tell me!  My daughter Christine: I’ve been experiencing a lot of conflict with ... well, Christine’s been experiencing a lot of conflict and I’ve been experiencing a great deal of conflict, and it seemed as though I could just really feel what was going on inside of her, which made me curious if Christine was a focus of the same essence as myself.

ELIAS:  No.  What you are experiencing many times is quite common in what you would term to be intimate relationships, but it may be experienced within any type of relationship.  What you are tapping into is your own empathic sense, and allowing yourself to be connecting with another individual in this manner.

When you tap into your empathic sense, you are NOT experiencing empathy.  This is a very different terminology. What you are experiencing within your empathic sense is a mergence with another individual and allowing yourself to be experiencing their experience.  Therefore, you shall feel their feelings physically, emotionally.  You shall allow yourself to tap into their thoughts, and you shall offer yourself the entirety of their experience.

You may be developing this inner sense, this empathic sense, which I have encouraged previously with many individuals, for this offers you much more information as to your interaction with other individuals and with all of your environment, your world.  For all that exists physically within your world within this dimension holds consciousness, and therefore you may empathically connect with all elements within this dimension and offer yourself the experience of any element or any other individual.

At times, another individual may be aware of your attempting to be connecting empathically and may block this action, for this is their choice.  But generally speaking, you all within physical focus are naturally open to this action, and there is no intrusiveness in moving in this direction.  You offer yourselves this experience, that you may be connecting to information, that you may understand more clearly the experience of another individual; therefore offering yourself the opportunity to be more helpful in certain situations, not only to them, but also to yourself.  Therefore, this be the action that you have created in this situation.

JOANNE:  Okay, that helps me to understand it a little better.  The other question I wanted to ask you is, I was reading a transcript the other day of a session that you had with a young man, and now I can’t think of his name.  I was very curious reading the material, which made me want to ask you if we also share another focus, you and I.

ELIAS:  Yes.  Let me express to you that many, many of the individuals that draw themselves to this forum and to this information have held interaction within different focuses with myself.  This essence (Elias) has held many physical focuses.  Therefore, there is much opportunity to be interacting with very many other individuals, other focuses of other essences.  In this, it is not so very unusual that individuals shall draw themselves together in what you term to be once again, although it is not once again, for it is simultaneous to all of our other interactions! (Grinning)

I am quite encouraging of individuals to be investigating of other focuses and exploring other focuses that they hold, for this offers you much information as to your creations within this focus, for your other focuses are all influencing of this focus also, just as you are influencing of all of your other focuses.  But at times, individuals within a particular physical focus may question themselves and inquire as to why they may be creating of certain situations or why they may be moving in the direction of certain fears or even compulsions, and these may be directly influenced by other physical focuses that you hold that are bleeding through into this focus.

Also, particularly within this present focus in which you hold your attention, it is of significant importance to be investigating of your other focuses.  For within this focus, within the action of this shift in consciousness, you are addressing to belief systems, and your other focuses hold very many of the same belief systems that you hold within this focus and lend energy to the perpetuation of these belief systems.  Therefore, in addressing to other focuses and allowing yourselves to be connecting with these other focuses and understanding their perceptions, you also allow yourself to reconstruct the energy which is directed to you within this focus and not to be perpetuating of the very belief systems that you are attempting to be accepting.

JOANNE:  So is it my belief systems that I hold in this focus that keeps me from investigating my other focuses, or seeing or knowing what they are?  Like I listen to what you’re telling me, and the session that we did about ... what do you call it, projecting?  But I can’t get past this focus.  Like I understand that you’re telling me that I have other focuses, but I can’t ... it’s not ... I don’t know how to say it, except it’s like I know it, and yet it’s not real.

ELIAS:  It eludes you.

JOANNE:  Yes, it eludes me!  Good choice of words!

ELIAS:  The reason for this situation is fear.

JOANNE:  I had a feeling you were going to say that.

ELIAS:  Fear blocks much of your actions.  Fear is quite influencing in blocking your ability to objectify projection in what you term to be out-of-body experiences.  It also is quite influencing in your allowance of yourself to be entering altered states.  This be the reason that I am quite encouraging of individuals engaging our new game, for this offers you the opportunity, within what you view to be a structure, to allow yourselves to loose your hold upon your objective attention and also to move around your fear elements.

With some individuals, this may be accomplished slightly more difficultly, for some individuals hold much more tightly to their fear and to this attention.  It is the fear of the unfamiliar that holds you to this one focus of attention.  You are unfamiliar with what you may encounter if allowing yourselves to view another focus.

It also is contradictory to very strongly held belief systems: that you are you, you are one focus, you are one individual.  You are born, you live, and you die.  You are not reincarnated, you are not remanifest.  You are one lifetime, in your terms.  This is an underlying belief system which is very strongly held.  Although you may move objectively in the direction of thought processes and curiosities of reincarnation, underlying you have chosen to be manifest within a society that subscribes to specific religious belief systems which do NOT comply with reincarnation.

I also am NOT expressing to you that you reincarnate, for you do not!

You are not remanifesting in the manner of reincarnation.  You do not emerge into physical focus, live and die, and create being born again, live and die, born, live, die.  This is not the process.  All of your focuses are simultaneous.  They are all occurring presently at once.  Therefore, you may not be moving in the direction of reincarnation.

This is another belief system, although this belief system is closer to the actual action which is occurring within focuses of essence.  But reincarnation moves within the belief system of linear time, which is a creation of perception within your dimension and is limited in the framework in which it is experienced to this particular dimension.

Do not be misunderstanding.  I am not expressing that linear time does not exist within other dimensions, for it does, but it may be quite different from your experience within this dimension of linear time frameworks.  In this, there is also questioning within your rationale as to the validity of holding other focuses, but you offer yourselves evidences, even without information, as to the validity of other focuses.  You merely do not recognize the evidences that you offer to yourself.

Many individuals hold great fascinations with other countries.  Many individuals move in directions of compulsively — so to speak, in your vernacular — collecting objects from different time periods or of different locations of your planet.  Many individuals hold tremendous fascinations with extraterrestrials.  Many individuals hold tremendous fascinations with what you term to be science fiction, for they view this to be future.

These are not coincidences!  They are drawn to these elements, for they KNOW these elements, for these elements are aspects of their own essences and these elements are those that are the most objectively bleeding through and influencing in a recognizable manner. Therefore, they view and express to themselves that they merely hold a fascination, and do not question where this fascination springs from.

Many individuals experience repeating dream states of other locations and other time frameworks.  Many individuals experience interaction within their dream state of strangers repeatedly, the same strangers again and again.  This is their subjective activity bleeding through into their objective awareness, of individuals and other locations in which they occupy, in which they themselves hold focuses.

Within the action of your new game, individuals engage this activity with your psychologists in alleviation of recurring dream states, and as they are connecting with another focus, these re-emerging dream images dissipate, for they have obtained their objective in attaining your attention.  Therefore, it is no longer necessary to be repeating the action any longer, and it shall float away.

Many individuals hold what you term to be irrational fears.  I have spoken at several time periods to one individual within this physical focus, of what they term to be an irrational fear of small creature of spiders. (This is in reference to Christie, essence name Oliver)

This individual holds another focus in which that individual is experiencing trauma in relation to an encounter with these small creatures.  This bleeds through to this focus, and although this particular individual holds no interaction with these small creatures and has no objective, rational — in your terms — reasoning for this uncontrollable fearfulness of these small creatures, nevertheless there is a tremendous amount of trauma which is experienced at each encounter of these small creatures.  This is not irrational at all.  It is a responsiveness to energy which is projected and influenced by another focus in alignment with that focus’ experience, which is a part of you.

All of your focuses are aspects of you.  Therefore, they are all influencing of you.  They are not creating of your choices.  They are not controlling you.  But they ARE lending energy to you and they ARE influencing of you, and as you do not offer yourself information and understanding of energy and of other focuses, you allow the energy to be influencing and to be projected in the manner that it is being experienced, and you do not exercise your choice to re-configure this energy and apply this energy to yourselves in your most beneficial direction.  You merely accept the energy projected in the manner that it is experienced.

In some situations, this may be in itself quite beneficial in sparking your curiosity in certain areas, which shall spark your desires in certain areas and motivate you to be investigating of very beneficial areas to your own focus, which may be in alignment with your own intent.  But in other situations, you may find that the energy lent which is influencing may not be quite so acceptable to you.  Therefore, I am quite encouraging of individuals to be investigating of other focuses and offering themselves information for this reason.

Now; as I have expressed, if you are experiencing difficulties in the areas of allowing yourselves to be connecting with your other focuses, I am offering the suggestion that you engage in activities such as your new game; which you may inquiring, if you are questioning in this area, of Aileen and of Michael, and they shall be offering you information in this direction for helpfulness.

JOANNE:  Well, I do have to tell you, Elias, that while I’m sitting here listening to you, it finally ... like the first time I asked you a question a few sessions ago about disengaging, you talked about reincarnation, but you know what?  You were telling me that it wasn’t what I thought — you’re born, you live, you die, you’re born, you live, you die — and I sort of understood what you were saying, but I didn’t really.  But tonight, when you were just explaining this, all of a sudden it was like I picked up all the pieces and put it together, and I really understand what you’re saying!

So maybe now, because I’m understanding what you’re saying, I have a picture in my mind of how it’s going on simultaneously, and there’s these ... I don’t know.  It just clicked in my head just now!  So maybe now it will be easier for me because I’m understanding it.

ELIAS:  You may also offer yourselves two other exercises that may be helpful to you in initiating your connecting with other focuses, which I have offered previously to other individuals in this forum.

You may be connecting in what we express to be our mirror exercise.  In this, you may place yourself before a mirror, and you may gaze within a relaxed state at your image within this mirror, and await the change of your own features.  You shall present yourself with the visualization of other physical focuses that shall superimpose themselves upon your own image in this very simple exercise.

You may also engage this similar type of interaction with another individual.  In this exercise, you may sit within close proximity to another individual and relax your vision and gaze at the other individual continuous, and in this action — not breaking your gaze — you shall view their form altering and becoming another form superimposed upon them, and they also shall view you.  And in this action, you may share within your interaction the descriptions of each other, which shall be helpful to you in offering you a visualization of the physical appearance of another focus that you hold, for in connecting with the physical appearance of another focus, many times this may be helpful to you in allowing you to enter into the action of connecting with another focus, for it lends an element of familiarity.

Your fear stems from the unfamiliar.  Therefore, if you offer yourselves elements of familiarity in any direction, this dissipates certain elements of your fearfulness and allows you to move in these directions slightly more easily.

JOANNE:  Thank you very much.

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome. (Smiling)

BETSY:  Elias, continuing with this thought, is it possible for an individual to view themselves ... I don’t know exactly how to put it into words.  But if you’re in this current ... this physical essence, and crossed over to the other side, could you view yourself in this essence? (Elias chuckles)  Are you understanding my question?

ELIAS:  And where be the other side? (Laughter)  I am understanding your question, although there is no other side!  You are not separated by this great chasm of division.  It is ALL your essence.  There are merely different focuses of attention of your essence.

Now; in response to your questioning — if you are disengaged from this particular focus and are occupying an area non-physically, may you view physical focuses?  May you view this particular physical focus? — this is dependent upon the area of non-physical focus that you are occupying.

If you are occupying the area of transition, yes, you may be viewing this particular physical focus and all of your other focuses, although you shall not be so very distinguishing as to each focus.

As I have expressed previously within this forum, within the action of non-physical transition, you may be the room and all of your focuses may be hundreds or thousands of television screens, all upon different channels playing programs of their own, all simultaneously.  Therefore, no ONE shall gain your attention more than another.  You shall occupy your attention with them all equally, and in this, no one shall seem more significant to you than another.

In other areas of consciousness, you may be directing your attention more focused and more specifically to be viewing certain focuses in certain manners for certain purposes, so to speak, and as they are all occurring simultaneously, you may be occupying the area of non-physical focus and you may view this focus simultaneously.

We have spoken previously of a book — which I shall express that I have been influential in helpfulness in the accomplishment of its presentment — and in this story, there is what is termed to be an oversoul. ()  In this, you may view the action of this oversoul and how he holds the ability to be himself and occupy non-physical areas of consciousness, and simultaneously he may tune his attention in specific directions to be viewing certain focuses engaging specific interactions and events.  In like manner, you also may be tuning your attention in these areas of consciousness.

These areas of consciousness extend beyond Regional Area 3, which is the area of consciousness which holds the action of transition.

Now; you may also engage this action within the area of Regional Area 3, within the collective consciousness and if you have chosen to be occupying that specific regional area of consciousness, to be more closely interactive with physical focus.

Therefore, there are several different areas and actions that you may engage, that you may be accomplishing this action of viewing physical focuses within an area of non-physical focus.  This action, generally speaking, is engaged within specific intents and not necessarily as an action of automatic events within essence, but as a directed action of directed energy within a specific purpose which aligns with a specific intent to be accomplished.

Therefore, generally speaking, if you are inquiring as to the action of what shall be occurring once you have moved through the action of transition and are engaging non-physical areas of consciousness, unless your attention and your intent are specifically directed in certain elements concerning interactions of physical focuses, your attention shall move into areas concerning non-physical actions and non-physical focuses, and you shall not necessarily concern yourself with the actions and interactions of physical focuses, for you have already offered yourself that experience. Therefore, you hold that experience, and it is unnecessary to be focusing your attention continued in that direction.

BETSY:  One more question.  So if you are in the process of holding attention in the physical focus after you’ve passed through that transition, is that because of the fear?

ELIAS:  No, for within areas of non-physical focus, you do not hold belief systems.  Belief systems are that which are creating of your fears, which this is limited to physical focuses.  There is no aspect of essence that is creating of fearfulness within essence in non-physical areas of consciousness.

Also, fear is a responsiveness, an emotion.  Within essence, you do not hold emotion.  It is an expression of physical focuses for specific experiences.  Therefore, it is not an experience which is created within essence in non-physical areas of consciousness.  It shall not be a motivation in your directing of your attention in viewing physical focuses from non-physical areas of consciousness.

BETSY:  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome. (Pause)

(Here, there is conversation about who will ask the next question)

SALLY:  Okay.  Elias, four weeks ago I noticed a lump on the side of my neck.  It just kind of appeared out of nowhere, and I got an ultrasound done and it said that it is a nodule on my thyroid with fluid in it.  And after sitting in a few sessions with you, I’m thinking I created this, and I would like to know how I can uncreate it! (Laughter)  And if you can tell by looking at me whether this is benign or malignant.  And any other information you can help me with this, I would be very grateful! (Laughter)

ELIAS:  Ah!  And now we move into the area of the physician!

SALLY:  Yes!

JOANNE:  Doctor Elias!

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  Let me express to you that within this present now — and Michael shall be quite objecting to this information! — what you have created is not threatening to you.  (This is in reference to Mary taking issue with Elias offering medical “advice”)

SALLY:  (Whispering)  Yes!  Thank you!

ELIAS:  This is not to say that you may not create that if you are choosing, but within this present now, it is not threatening to you.

SALLY:  Okay.

ELIAS:  You have created this within this time period for your own noticing.  Think to yourself of your own dealings with your own situations and your own belief systems and your own issues which are creating of conflict with you.  One of these issues that you hold is that of expressing yourself ... and NOT expressing yourself!

SALLY:  Right on the nose!

ELIAS:  And in this, you create a blocking of energy within the physical area of your throat.

SALLY:  Sounds perfect.  But if I ever express some of the things I feel, like for instance at work, I’ll probably get fired! (Laughter)

ELIAS:  Ah, and we return to the fear aspect and the lack of acceptance of self!  Let me be offering to you that expression is a very interesting game, for you move in directions of very black and white terms.

You think to yourselves that you must be expressing in one direction or another.  You look to a situation and you evaluate, and you look to yourself and your thought process or your feeling with regard to a certain situation and you evaluate in very either/or terms, and you eliminate all of the mist in between, and you also eliminate all of the other choices that are available to you, for you express, “If I express myself in what I am truly thinking and feeling, I shall be discharged!”  You may be expressing of yourself in what you are truly thinking and feeling, but not in the manner that is expected, and in this you offer yourself the opportunity to be expressing of self, acknowledging of self, accepting of self, and also not creating drama and conflict.

Look to your leaders within your physical focus that you hold great admiration for.  Look to your enlightened ones, as you term them to be, and are they expressing of themselves?  Yes, but they are also expressing of themselves in what you shall term to be a very flowery manner, and you are accepting of this.

Think to yourselves of individuals that you may encounter within your physical focus that are quite expressive of themselves in all that they feel and think, and are accepting of themselves, but are expressing of themselves in the element of humor.  And you are quite accepting of this, and you are not reactive to this, and neither shall other individuals be.

It is merely your choice of expression, and this is not discounting of yourself.  It is opening your perception to the many more choices that you hold to be accepting of yourself and not blocking of your own energy and not creating conflict, but also being expressive of you, for you ARE worthy.

You may be quite irritated with another individual.  This is not to say that the only choice that you hold in expression of yourself and acceptance of yourself is to be projecting negative energy to this other individual.  You may be quite expressive and your point shall be taken, but it needs not be projected in what you term to be anger and negativity, for these are expressions of fear.

As you move in the direction of justification, of judgment, of defensiveness, you are expressing from fear and you are expressing from a discounting of self.  Were you not discounting of self, you would express no necessity to be expressing in these manners, for no other individual may penetrate you.  This is an allowance that you create based and influenced by your belief systems, which are VERY strongly held, in the directions of which we have tapped previously in this very forum with you — these very individuals present within this very room — as I have expressed to you the introduction to be viewing your belief systems in the areas of looking to self and how other individuals may be “hurting” you.  How may another individual hurt you?  Even within a physical action, it is an agreement.  Another individual may not be engaging any action with you without your agreement.

I have offered a recent session in the area of projection and penetration of energy, and in this I express to you that you are quite efficient at the very, very, very LARGE bird of justification, and feeding this bird into the area of obesity!  This bird shall never fly! (Everybody cracks up)  And if you are allowing to be opening the cage for this particular bird to be exiting the bird cage, it shall waddle out of the cage, for it has been fed quite a bit! (Grinning)

For you are continuously moving in the direction of justifying self, for of course you need be justifying of yourself, for who shall justify you if not you? (Chuckling)  And why shall you justify you?  For another individuals has devalued you.  And how shall another individual devalue you?  What is to be devalued?

Look at your physical elements.  A tree is a tree.  Is it less of a tree merely for the reason that you express it is not a tree?  It continues to be a tree, regardless that you express it is not a tree!  Therefore, you have devalued the tree and you have expressed, “You are not a tree.”  It matters not.  It is not affecting of the tree and its integrity in what it is.

Therefore, it matters not that another individual project to you in what you may term to be a negative expression, for shall this be devaluing of you?  You remain to be you!  You have not diminished in your form.  You continue to be expressing your creation of you.  YOU may devalue you, for you may be creating of elements that may be, in what you term to be, destructive of you.  Another individual is NOT destructive to you.  You are accomplishing this quite efficiently yourselves! (Laughter)

Even within the area of another individual approaching you and expressing to you, “You shall comply with my order to you or I shall slay you upon this spot!” you continue to hold choices.  You may express to this individual, “It is not possible for you to be devaluing of me, and I may choose regardless.”  It is not another individual’s choice to create your reality.  It is YOUR choice.

And when you are blocking of your own impulses and your own energy, you create affectingnesses within your own energy and you hold this energy in areas that shall gain your attention, and one of your most effective areas for your attention is to be creating some element that shall be creating physical pain and emotional pain, for you are disliking of painfulness.  Therefore, you shall pay attention!

CAROLE:  You got that right!

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  We shall break, and you may continue briefly with your questioning.

BREAK    9:29 PM.
RESUME  10:12 PM. (Arrival time is 15 seconds)

ELIAS:  Continuing.  (Pause, and then whispering)  Such little mice!

CAROLE:  I’ll tell you about something that happened to me when I was Italy, which I’m not totally certain exactly what was taking place.  I sort of know, but I’m sure there are areas that I’m not clear on.

I was on bus most of the day.  It was extremely hot, it was about 112 degrees, and I was traveling with a group.  There were about 45 of us.  We ended up getting off the bus in a little town called Assisi, and it was very, very hot, and we had all been physically debilitated from the heat and not eating and all of that.

When we got off the bus ... I have to tell you what I was wearing first ‘cause it’s pertinent to the story.  I had on a pair of shorts, I had an aqua-colored tank top, and I had on a scarf that was from India, which was about eight feet long and sort of purple with like gold swirls and stars on it.  On my head, I had my hair in braids up on top of my head, and a baseball cap with a wooden boat emblem on the front of it which was blue.  And I had on Roman sandals.  An unusual outfit, to say the least.  And a backpack.

Well, I got off the bus, as did everybody else from the tour, and a gentleman from the tour who would be ... we would consider him somebody who would be very straight.  In other words, not someone who would be likely to see unusual or unofficial information.  He walked up to me and he stood in front of me and he said, “Carole!”  I said, “What?”  I didn’t even know he knew my name, but apparently he did.  He said, “You’re not going to believe what just happened!”  I said, “What?”  He said, “I just saw somebody who looked exactly, exactly like you!  She even had her hair like you.  She had on exactly, exactly what you’re wearing,” — you have to remember what I was wearing — “except that she went down the hill and you came in here.”

And I smiled, and I didn’t want to get into a big talk or explanation with him, and I could see he was exhausted and hot.  And I said, “Oh!  Isn’t that interesting!”  And then he just sort of wandered away and sat down.  And I sat down and I started smiling to myself and I thought, “Isn’t that interesting that he saw a probable reality, and he saw it in a way that it was clothed in the same things that I had on even.”  Apparently that’s how it came through to his vision.  And I thought, “So I’m right now still living in Assisi obviously, in Italy, or was even before that.”

And I’m trying to put all this together, and as I try to put it together, more and more my understanding of probabilities and simultaneous time is beginning to expand, and what I’ve sort of come up with, and it’s really hard to grab it with words, is that it seems like there are literally limitless numbers of probabilities, and my reality that I’m creating is only the one that I keep my stream of consciousness in.

It’s really hard for me to say exactly the understanding that I’m starting to come to, but just that there’s all these probabilities, and me creating my own reality is simply me choosing whichever one I’m keeping my consciousness in, ‘cause they’re all really being created.  Is that right?  I don’t know if I’m explaining it.

ELIAS:  Which one you are holding your ATTENTION in.  Your consciousness is within them all.

CAROLE:  Okay, my attention, yeah.

ELIAS:  But your objective attention is focused in a singular direction.  Therefore, to your objective attention there appears to be only one reality, but as I have stated many times to you all, you hold countless aspects of yourselves.  You are not one individual.  You are not one entity walking about your planet.  You are countless aspects of one focus.  But your objective attention, in what you recognize as you, moves in one singular direction.

Therefore, you are correct that there are also countless potentials for probabilities that you may create, and ONE is objectified in the direction of YOUR attention, but all are created and are realized within all of your other aspects of yourself.  These aspects of yourself may physically be viewed by other individuals.  They may move in the direction of an explanation to themselves that they are delusional or that they are viewing within fantasy or hallucinating, but in reality they are merely viewing another aspect which temporarily appears to their physical vision, or they allow themselves temporarily to be physically viewing another aspect of you.

Each choice that you create creates another line of probabilities, and each line of probabilities that you create also creates countless other lines of probabilities, which are all actualized by other aspects of yourself.  These are all within your consciousness.  You merely view only one line, for this is your objective attention, which has been created specifically, that you do not confuse yourself within a physical dimension.  You offer yourself a singular viewing, a slowing of time, that you may experience more fully each event that may occur.

You are not viewing another focus, and this other individual is not viewing another focus.  He is viewing another aspect of you within this present now.  Therefore, he views you to appear identical, for it IS you.

If you held the ability within your objective awareness to view all of the aspects of you, all of the you’s of you within this one physical focus within this physical dimension, you would hold no room for any other individual to be occupying space arrangement around you, for you would occupy ALL of the space arrangement around you physically.  There would be no physical room for other essences to be physically manifest!


ELIAS:  For you within each focus hold countless aspects of yourself, which you may view to be identical you’s that are exchanging and interchanging with you continuously.  These are what you may term to be alternate selves; not probable selves, but alternate selves.

Probable selves are projections of yourself that you project outwardly from yourself, so to speak, in a manner of speaking, into a probable reality which occupies this same physical dimension, within a dimension of this dimension.  In this, these probable selves are not you.  They are projections of elements of your energy that you project away from you, so to speak, and these create probable selves, which hold their own integrity and are creating of their own reality.  You are not creating their reality for them.

They occupy what you may term to be a parallel reality, although their focus may not necessarily parallel yours.  But within dimensional terms, their reality parallels this reality.  The objectification of their creations parallels the objectification of your creations within this reality.  They occupy a similar space-type arrangement — they hold the same dwellings, the same furniture, the same physical forms, the same environments — but they are creating of their reality in the direction that they are choosing.

Alternate selves are different.  They are YOU.  They are all of the you’s of you, all of the aspects of you.  Just as you may within your imagining create a whole other you from each cell within your physical form, this would be another aspect of you.  It would be another form of you if you were creating a whole other form from one cell of your body, and how very many forms of you may you create merely by disassembling all of your physical cells and creating another you from each cell!

You hold more aspects, more you’s of you, than all of your cells could create in physical you’s, for you hold countless you’s.  And in each moment, any one of these aspects of you may be viewed by yourself or by another individual.  This is not commonly enacted within physical focus, although at times individuals move in the direction of discounting their viewing of other aspects of themselves or of another individual, expressing that they have seen a flash or a very quick motion that appeared to be you, but they must have been mistaken, for there you are!

CAROLE:  Hmm!  He was definite, though.  That’s what was so amazing to me, ‘cause he was definite, and he said, “She was walking right down the hill and you were getting off the bus going into the hotel.”  I know that he was physically debilitated and that sort of probably put him into that other state where he was able to access that, and he was absolutely positive about it.

ELIAS:  Relaxing the focus.  And you may each gain information from this experience in example, that as you allow yourself to relax your focus and your hold upon your objective attention, you shall amaze yourselves with what you may view!

I have expressed to you previously many times, you may confront yourself with yourself, objectively physically before you, and how amazing shall this be?  This is quite possible!  It is merely your hold upon your objective attention that blocks your viewing of all of these different aspects.

Reality is much more vast than you perceive!

CAROLE:  I’ve seen fleetings of myself coming at me in another car, and it’s like I look at the person and I’m wondering if I start to imagine it a little bit, but then it’s like I just look and it’s just like myself driving toward me, and me driving in the other direction.  It’s a very strange feeling!

ELIAS:  And what have I expressed to you of imagination?

CAROLE:  That it’s reality.

ELIAS:  Very good! (Chuckling)  All that you perceive within your imagination is not what you perceive to be imagination.  It is reality!  Therefore, offer yourselves the information of how great is your reality, and how expansive.  And you may ponder THIS for a time!  (Grinning at everybody)

JOANNE:  So when my son Billy in California tells me ... when he was younger, he used to describe it as a picture of me in his mind.  He used to say, “I have a picture of you in my mind, Mommy,” and he would tell me what I was doing and what he was seeing.  So that isn’t just his ... well, he called it his “magic nation” because he couldn’t say imagination.  But that could actually ... that’s real?

ELIAS:  Correct.

JOANNE:  So, how did I get there?  Is it him putting me there or me being there?

ELIAS:  It is a cooperation.  It is a viewing of an alternate self.  This may be connected to and expressed merely through desire.  As the desire exists for objective connection within physical proximity, the individuals may be in agreement merely by desire, and in this you create a projection quite in similar manner to your out-of-body experiences that shall appear to another individual, and they shall hold the ability to view and be connecting with this projection through their desire, which opens their awareness to the allowance to objectively view and be connecting.

And you express this to be imagination and fantasy.  And what are you expressing in your expression of fantasy and imagination?  “I have created this!”  And so you have! (Grinning)

SALLY:  Elias, I’d like to ask you ... you know, ever since you said that, you know, this world is ... like we’re here for experiences and sex. (Elias starts laughing)  I think it’s absolutely incredible that we now have a president of the United States on trial for his sex life, basically. (Much laughter)  I was just wondering, could you see in the future?  Is he going to be impeached or thrown out of office?

CAROLE:  Who killed Kennedy? ()

ELIAS:  Quite!

SALLY:  What is ... what does that mean?

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  YOU hold the ability to be connecting to this information, and I shall not move in the direction of predictions in this area! (Laughter)

I SHALL address to your statement as to the quoting of myself as for your purpose, so to speak, within this dimension, which is NOT to be experiencing sex! (Laughing, and everybody cracks up)  This, let me qualify, may be a misinterpretation! (Much laughter)  Allow me to be clear in this area, that you have created this dimension to be experiencing emotion and sexual orientation, but you have NOT created this physical dimension to be experiencing sex!

Now that we have moved in the direction of holding clarity in this area ... although you may be expressing that you are creating your reality to be experiencing sex! (Laughing, and everybody loses it)

SALLY:  I’ve done that already!

ELIAS:  This would be quite acceptable! (Still laughing)

JOANNE:  Don’t you find it amusing, Elias, that there’s so many people in the country who are just mortified by the behavior of our president?  And now I just laugh and think, “Well, he’s just having fun,” and I don’t care!  ‘Cause I guess that’s part of the belief systems that I’m letting go of.

ELIAS:  You are beginning to view the limitations of belief systems and the areas in which belief systems may be not only limiting, but also hurtful.  And therefore, you move through the judgment in many of these areas, which lends energy to your own action of acceptance in your own belief systems.  And in this, notice that you do not become complacent, but you allow yourselves to let go of your own conflict in these areas.

JOANNE:  ‘Cause it’s causing a lot of conflict for other people who are holding onto, “This is wrong.”  It’s causing huge conflict!

ELIAS:  But you shall also be noticing that this conflict dissipates more and more, and there are more and more individuals that move into the area of expressing, “It matters not.”  And you may view this attitude, so to speak, which grows within this time framework, in comparison to your society at its mid-point within this century.  Within the mid-point of this century, this would not be the attitude that was officially accepted, and individuals would not be expressing “it matters not” and would not be moving into the area of expressing humorously! (Grinning)  But this offers you more objective evidences of this shift in consciousness and the alteration of your perceptions, which extend not only individually, but en masse.

I shall offer essence name this evening, in welcoming to new essence within this forum, of Concepcion; C-O-N-C-E-P-C-I-O-N.  Essence family of Sumafi, alignment within this focus, Zuli.

And I shall accept one more inquiry for this evening, and we shall disengage.

SALLY:  I’d like to ask you a quick question, Elias.  Vicki e-mailed me about my essence name.  I understood you to say it was B-I-S-S-E-L-L, and when the transcript came through from Vic, she typed it B-I-S-T-E-L-L.  And so I’m wondering, which is the correct name?

ELIAS:  Bissell; B-I-S-S.

SALLY:  Okay, thank you.  Got that, Vic? (Yeah, I got it, Sal!) ()

CAROLE:  I’ve got one little quickie that I’ve been wondering about a little bit lately.  Sally mentioned something about the growth on her neck, and the answer that you gave as to what that was bringing to her attention was basically her inability to express when she should and wanted to.  And I’m wondering, is it always like an obvious correlation between the physical part of our body that’s affected and what it’s trying to tell us?  Such as, there’s a person right now in my life that has something called pericarditis, which means the sac around the heart has become enflamed.  And this person, to me, has a hard time expressing the emotion of love.  And then I’m thinking, is that almost like too obvious?  Or is there always that correlation between the way it manifests and what it is that we’re trying to make ourselves notice?

ELIAS:  It is not always so very obvious, but I shall express to you that the obvious areas are not to be discounted, for very often you do, within alignment of your belief systems — which are quite influencing of your thought processes and of how you are creating within your reality — you do many times move in the directions of creating the obvious ... although the obvious is not always so very obvious to the individual that is creating of the obvious!

CAROLE:  Yeah!

ELIAS:  It may be quite obvious to another individual to view what one is creating objectively in blocking energy, but to the individual that is in actuality creating this, they may not be so obviously viewing what they are creating, and were they so obviously viewing what they are creating, they would not necessarily be creating of it!

CAROLE:  That makes sense, yeah!

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  Individuals may, upon the creation and upon attaining their attention, recognize what and why they have created in their individual situation, but within their process of creating, they may not be so very objectively aware.

CAROLE:  Thank you, Elias.

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome.

SALLY:  Elias, why did I pick on my neck?  I mean, if I blocked this energy, why did it settle in my thyroid, or why my neck?  Why isn’t it in my foot?

ELIAS:  Your foot is not expressive of yourself! (Laughter)  You are not communicating with your foot!

CAROLE:  You don’t talk with your toes, Sal.

SALLY:  Oh!! (Laughter)

ELIAS:  Unless you are engaging your foot to be kicking another individual!  Then you may be expressing with your foot! (Grinning)

But generally speaking, individuals within your physical focus that hold the ability to be verbally communicating are expressing themselves within language and voice.  Therefore, you hold energy in the area of throat and are affecting of that energy center, which expresses in the area of communication.

SALLY:  I see.  What would a lump in a breast express?  In what area?

ELIAS:  It is dependent upon the individual and what they are creating for what reasoning, within gaining their own attention.

SALLY:  I see.

ELIAS:  Not every individual is creating of the same situations.

SALLY:  I see.  Thank you.

BETSY:  Can I interrupt at this point, please, since I am the individual that’s creating this in the breast?  In the private session, Elias, you had said to me that I’m desiring of nurturing.  Part of the question is, at this point in time and in creation of possibilities, is it that I want nurturing for myself, or am I trying to let go of the nurturing of other people?

ELIAS:  As I have expressed to you previously, you move in the direction of both, allowing yourself to be accepting nurturing from other individuals and not expressing the obligation aspect of belief system in your own expression of nurturing to other individuals, and allowing for the tapping into the nurturing that you may offer to yourself also.

BETSY:  You had stated that previously.  I’m feeling a sense of disappointment to a degree around nurturing from others, because the desire is that I’d like to receive that without asking for it.

ELIAS:  Ah, and now we move into the area of telepathy! (Laughter)  And other individuals have not developed this inner sense as very well and accomplished as have you!  For I am aware that you are so very accomplished in this area yourself, are you not? (Grinning)

BETSY:  (Laughing) To a degree ... I love your sense of humor! (Elias chuckles)  I will say one thing, Elias, that the more I learn and the more I understand about reality, the more humorous it becomes!

ELIAS:  Quite!  And I am quite advocating of fun and pleasure, as you are well aware! (Chuckling)

CAROLE:  And sex, Sally!

ELIAS:  Quite!  (Much laughter)

CAROLE:  He told me that already!

ELIAS:  Very well.  For this evening I shall be departing and leaving you to your sexual expressions and experiences, (laughter) and your fun!  And you may practice your telepathy with each other, and in this practicing, you may also be noticing your great expectations! (Laughing along with the group)

To you each this evening I offer great affection, and I anticipate our next meeting.  To you all, I offer a very fond adieu.

Elias departs at 10:53 PM.

Vic’s note:  Mostly, Margot and I have guessed at the identification of who asked the questions.  Let us know how we did!


(1)  When Elias refers to “our new game,” he is talking about what is commonly called a “past-life regression.”  When people in the group refer to a TFE, they are talking about the same thing.

(2)  The word “difficultly” is actually in the dictionary!

(3)  The name of this book is The Oversoul Seven Trilogy, by Jane Roberts.

(4)  “Who killed President Kennedy?” has become a standing joke with Elias.  This question was asked in session #6, May 14, 1995.  Here is the transcription:

JOHN:  Who killed President Kennedy? (We all crack up)

ELIAS:  John is being very silly!  This question is, underline, inconsequential! (Laughing)

We all found this to be pretty funny, but the person who asked the question didn’t think it was very funny at all.  Elias stated early on that he wouldn’t answer “questions of no consequence,” but this is the only time I remember him actually calling somebody on it.

(5)  In actuality, Elias did initially offer the essence name of Bistell, which Sally will confirm, as now she has listened to the tape.  There will be more info on this in a future transcript.

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Copyright 1998 Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved.