Session 3081

Interruption of Sleep


”Interruption of Sleep”
”Holding Emotional Energy”
”Becoming Self Directing”
”Seeing Energy”
”Exposure to Self”

Monday, October 24, 2011 (Private/In Person)

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Ben (Sumarian)

ELIAS: Good morning!

BEN: Hey Elias. Nice to be here. Nice to see you. Wow!

ELIAS: And you also.

BEN: I had a really good time in the group session. A lot of interesting information. I was wondering, when I was driving up here to Vermont my car turned off, my engine turned off and I couldn’t start it maybe two times. I was wondering if you were playing around with my car, with my electricity?

ELIAS: That was you.

BEN: That was me? And what was going on with the light in my living room for the past couple of months. It’s been going on in the middle of the night. It almost feels like that was my energy too. It’s like... what is that? Is that an excess of energy that just sort of gets released?

ELIAS: Yes it can be. It is not entirely common, but with some individuals you do affect your environment with the energy that you release, and some individuals express that affectingness slightly more extreme than others.

BEN: Oh. I know my energy is strong sometimes, very strong. And you know lately... this is something new too. I’ve been waking up in the middle of the night for the past couple of months at 3am, 4am, almost like not wanting to sleep. And I sort of try to extend that. And it’s either things are happening during sleep state, during dream state. I don’t know what it is that wakes me up. Or the body is just communicating that it requires less sleep time.

ELIAS: With you I would express that it is a combination of elements. Yes, you do require less sleep than you think you do. But I would also express that contrary to what most individuals think, that when you are sleeping you are definitely resting, and that is not always accurate. It is dependent upon your energy and the consistency of it and what you are doing when you are awake. And in relation to that, it is not uncommon for sleep state to be interrupted in relation to the energy that an individual is churning within themself, and not allowing themself to genuinely rest. For even in sleep state, that is not to say that you are allowing yourself to disengage your objective awareness.

BEN: Yeah. I know it’s present. It’s watching.

ELIAS: That is a yes and no. For if you are genuinely allowing yourself to relax within sleep state, you will in a manner of speaking put aside the objective awareness for a temporary time framework, a few of your hours. It is not an extended time framework. For once you begin being active subjectively the objective awareness is automatically alerted and begins to participate again. And this is what creates dream imagery, is the objective awareness. But there are brief or temporary time frameworks in which most individuals do set aside the objective awareness in that restful state and allow themselves to regenerate, and in that allow the expression of the subjective activity without the objective inclusion.

But there is also the situation in which an individual is not allowing themselves that time framework in which the objective is shut off so to speak. And therefore there continues to be some aspect of agitation within the sleep state. And depending upon how consistent that is or if it increases within the sleep state, the objective awareness will become entirely active and you will awaken.

BEN: And the reasons for all this slight agitation could be any issues that I’m dealing with in that time framework. It could be a lot of changes that I’m going through. So it’s not something to worry about. It’s maybe just temporary.

ELIAS: It is very much dependent upon each individual. At times it can be ongoing underlying issues that are not being addressed to, but that are ever present and that are interruptive of an individuals sleep state. And other times with other individuals it may be that within a certain time framework as you expressed, a few months perhaps, or less, that you may be generating more agitation, or perhaps not even agitation, but more activity in your energy than you are accustomed to. And being consistent in that for a time framework, it would likely interrupt your sleep.

BEN: There was something I was always wondering about my body in terms of how the energy circulates. There’s a few things. First of all this really cold climate in the United States, where I am right now. I always had issues where the ends of my fingers become really numb. It’s like my energy doesn’t circulate to the ends of my hands, which becomes sometimes really uncomfortable. And another thing is I think there is something from the top part of my body, from the waist up. It’s always a little bit thicker, a little bit heavier. And in comparison to the bottom part, my legs, which are really quick and swift. I was wondering first of all what these are reflective of in my energy, these two things.

ELIAS: First of all I would express that in relation to climate, you do not necessarily resonate with colder climates and therefore your body consciousness is automatically readjusting your circulation to conserve energy. You generate a significant output of energy consistently and therefore the body consciousness compensates. It retracts energy from areas of the body that it views are unnecessary, and therefore containing it more inwardly towards the center.

BEN: Toward areas that are more critical and more important at the moment.

ELIAS: Yes. And in that which areas of your body that will be utilizing that energy more so, and therefore are more requiring of it.

BEN: All right. And what about the top part of my body? I always connected it with communication because the bottom part is usually more related to physical movement and change and the top part with the hands and with the energy centers always seems to be more... Is this thickness that I feel... It doesn’t bother me but it’s just interesting that the top part is always a little more heavy than I would like it to be even though I’ve lost a lot of weight and my body has changed quite considerably. Is there something that I can correlate between these expressions and my energy?

ELIAS: Yes. I would express that you are more aware of the thickness of energy in this area of your torso, for it is the seat of emotional energy. And therefore you have contained all that energy in that physical area of your body consciousness. What you can do are exercises in relation to your energy centers to radiate them outwardly and to release energy outwardly, which will allow them to flow more easily, not be so contained and will allow you less thickness in that area of your body consciousness. It is not unusual for individuals to hold significant amounts or expressions of energy within different parts of the body consciousness. Parts of their body consciousness that they are familiar with in carrying that energy, so to speak. Many individuals do this in their shoulders, in their back, some even in their legs. But...

BEN: But that would create tension wouldn’t it? I don’t feel any tension in my body. My body feels very nice and calm. It’s not like what other individuals have where they have aches and pains and...

ELIAS: It is not necessarily an action that would create tension or pain. It is dependent upon the individual. It is dependent upon if they are generating that with tension and if they were generating that action in relation to some issue, and holding the energy in a particular area of their body consciousness. If not, that is not to say the you cannot hold energy in a particular area of your body consciousness, and it may not be painful or actually even uncomfortable, but it may be noticeable that it is thicker.

BEN: So when you say exercises to release that energy what kind... I mean I know physical exercises but this not what you’re talking about.

ELIAS: Correct.

BEN: It’s not aligning them either.

ELIAS: No. This would be an exercise to allow yourself to visualize each energy center. And in visualizing each energy center, rather than concerning yourself with aligning them or spinning them or how they are moving in conjunction with each other, to merely focus upon each one individually. And as you visualize and focus upon them, allow them to radiate outwardly and therefore release energy. In the visualization the core of the energy center, let us say that it would be approximately the size of a softball. And in that that remains solid and spinning. But from that expands what you could visualize as that color of the core expanding into a mist. The closer it is to the core the thicker the mist is, but as it moves outward it becomes thinner and thinner and dissipates more and more.

BEN: Sort of like the sun, if I imagine the sun having a solid core and then sort of a mist of rays.


BEN: Oh. And that would be an exercise to sort of allow the energy...

ELIAS: Yes. To release.

BEN: But that energy gets contained in those areas because of who I am, because of myself, because of the way my energy moves? Because of the intensity of my energy? Or just...

ELIAS: It is familiar to you. As I expressed that is the seat of emotional energy. And you may be allowing yourself to be flexible and flowing and not generating tension but I would also express that you automatically generate a type of guard in relation to emotional energy. Not entirely always trusting how that can be expressed, which is in association with past experiences. And therefore you’ve developed a type of automatic containment of that to in a manner of speaking keep it in check, or that you can always be aware of it, that it is not generating in expressions that are unexpected so to speak, or that you feel less control with.

BEN: Right. Or unacceptable to me.

ELIAS: And that too.

BEN: Right. It is a kind of shield at times probably. Oh, so that has to be noticed a bit. Okay. Oh, I was wondering... I got this really nice shirt that has a crimson color and it has a cobra on it, and I really like it. I was wondering if cobra happens to be my essence animal?


BEN: It does. Because a cobra has a very strong presence and strength and it’s an animal that you really can’t disregard or dismiss easily even though he’s just there. It’s just his beingness. And I know that my energy is usually very hard to dismiss or forget wherever I am. It’s very present and it’s usually unforgettable. So that’s actually a really nice reflection of my energy. Wow.

You know somebody gave me a tiger’s-eye stone. We found it... my brothers wife found it on the ground. And I’ve never had stones. I’m not a Milumet so I really have no connection to stones. And I took it and I just read about it, the qualities of the stone. It’s connected to strength and to patience, a lot of the qualities that a tiger has. I was wondering if it’s just symbolic as a sort of confirmation of qualities that I am experiencing lately of strength and confidence and power and trust?

ELIAS: Yes. A validation.

BEN: It’s a validation. Because I really don’t know what else to do with it. I don’t use stones as a... huh. (Elias chuckles). It’s really nice. Umm... the dark flashes that I get in my inner vision that I’ve been getting for a long time, these flashes. Is that still neurological pathways being opened?

ELIAS: To an extent yes.

BEN: This just goes on... it’s been going on for years. At times more consistently and then it disappears. So the brain is actually really physically changing.


BEN: Now I had a few things... I used to see this really really small blue key type figure in my inner vision for a long time, and I always said ”This is a key, this is a key” and I don’t know a key to what. It was a really light bluish kind of object. And I said once maybe something with the city but that didn’t feel right so... what was that? I always called it the key.

ELIAS: And any other impressions?

BEN: The only other impression is that... I connected the color with you at first but I couldn’t get any farther than that. So I said what could be the key with Elias’ energy. Than I said maybe it’s the key to something that I’ve been looking for, some solution for something. That’s as far as I got.

ELIAS: You are correct. It is associated with my energy. And in that the subject changes. It is an expression of energy that you allowed yourself to connect to and therefore see, and in that there has been projections in moments in which you are engaging a key in the moment. And at times you recognize them and at times you do not. But I would express to you that you very consistently never connect them with the key, even though they are the key. (Elias chuckles)

BEN: But what is the key? I still don’t understand what that...

ELIAS: It is all different. It is dependent upon each moment. It could be in one moment that you are recognizing an aspect of your energy that is changing or that is opening. And in that moment that is a key to new movement. It is always associated with some type of new movement.

BEN: Something that’s important to notice and to note for myself. So that was sort of ”Oh here’s the key”.


BEN: Oh. So this is sort of like a validation or a connection with you.


BEN: Oh. You know that I think that sometimes when I play my musical instruments I’ve had instances where I actually played entirely different. I sort of let go of everything. Instead of trying to play I just let it out. Sometimes I thought that I felt your energy and I said this is entirely possible and probably probable that I can incorporate Elias’ energy and just have it come through me and mingle it together and play. That is... it has happened.


BEN: And in those moments my playing becomes entirely different. Rather than being rigid and thought provoked it’s just almost a natural expression. It’s almost like I bypass some of my elements inside and I let it out.

ELIAS: And flowing.

BEN: And flowing. Huh. Wait so... I saw for a little while this green octagon (I meant to say hexagon) shape and the first thing I said was it is some other dimensional shape. I don’t know why I thought of Bashar but I’m not sure it was. It appeared for only a few days and it would sort of float in my inner vision. And that’s the only thing that came to me, that it’s some other dimensional element. Was that accurate?


BEN: Did it have to do with Bashar’s dimension?

ELIAS: A symbol of. Yes.

BEN: A symbol. And what was... there was something else that I associated with other dimensions. I had for a while cars driving behind me with one headlight bright and with one headlight dimmed. Almost like somebody was winking at me and that became really hilarious. And one day for a fraction of a second I saw this almost being that had the same appearance and I said okay this is an other dimensional communication. Somebody that looks just strange either winking at me or trying to get my attention. How close was I in that assessment?

ELIAS: Accurate. As you widen your awareness and as you open yourself, you are not only opening yourself to this reality and yourselves and this dimension, but you are also thinning those veils between dimensions and between different areas of consciousness. Therefore you are opening yourself to other dimensional manifestations. You are also allowing yourself to open to that veil that separates life and death. Therefore you thin that veil between yourself and individuals that have been within your reality and are no longer. There are many different aspects of separation that you are thinning consistently and considerably that allow you these other experiences and interplay with other aspects of reality or consciousness that are not necessarily a part of your physical reality. And in that let me express to you, there is no message per se that is being expressed in those interplays or intersections.

BEN: It almost feels like just a connection...


BEN: ...which is really nice. Just sort of feel that there is more than what I know.

ELIAS: Yes. That is the point.

BEN: Which is a lot simpler than analyzing and finding a meaning because the meaning is just there. It’s being there.


BEN: So the elements that I see sometimes... I can still see when I slightly defocus on the left side of my head. I always see movement. It never gets closer than that. And I figure that was other dimensional...


BEN: ...activity. And so is all the ringing in my ears that sometimes gets really loud.


BEN: Do I have actually more... oh... wait. It’s a lot of other dimensional activity.


BEN: Sometimes I think I have more interest in other dimensions than I have in this dimension, but maybe it’s just because I’m temporarily a little bit bored and restless. Sometimes when I try to feel, I feel like my interest would be in other dimensions a lot more than it would be here.

ELIAS: And at times it is. I would not express that generally consistently it is but at times, yes it is.

BEN: And it’s not an indicator that I want to disengage or move on? Or it is.


BEN: It’s not. It’s just a temporary curiosity that moves more in...


BEN: ...relation to...because sometimes when I look out into the format of this dimension, I’m totally bored with what it is, with what I’m used to, of getting up and doing things and I know that I play around with disengagement as an idea. I don’t think it’s an actual genuine...


BEN: ...wanting to disengage. It’s just a temporary boredom to sort of move me, motivate me and just look for new things.


BEN: How about the... I had black VW imagery for a little while and first thing I said was counterpart action with Gerhard in Austria or something, I don’t why I connected that. That was again very short lived, two or three weeks. But it doesn’t sound like it was with Gerhard because I didn’t really feel like it was.

ELIAS: No. What other impressions did you offer yourself?

BEN: The only other impression is something to do with the color black. There is something with black that I really like in many capacities. And I know it didn’t have to do with the specific German maker of the car VW. It was more something with the color black because I know that I connect good with colors.

ELIAS: Black is very expansive in like manner to white. But black creates an expansiveness in a different manner. White is an expressing color. White is an expanding color outward. Black is an expanding color inward.

BEN: Oh. So both colors allow for expansion. One outwardly and one inwardly.


BEN: So that is actually an indicator of a lot expansion that I’m doing inwardly...


BEN: ... which would be quite obvious.

ELIAS: Yes. Black would be the magnetic. White would be the electric.

BEN: And together they create the complement of the in and out, the receiving and outputting.


BEN: Huh. I think I projected one day to a friend of mine in Eilat, that was having two female guests, almost unintentionally on the sofa. And I actually picked up one of the names of the guests and I actually saw her build. I validated that with him on the phone. First of all I think it was a real projection.


BEN: Is there any way to gauge how much in percent? Was that like a fifty percent projection of my awareness? Or was it slightly more?

ELIAS: More.

BEN: More. Because I wasn’t there solidly but I was enough to...

ELIAS: Correct. That is an excellent practice for when you are projecting and you are doing that in conjunction with some aspect of your physical world now, it is very easy to validate your accomplishment, which reinforces your recognition that you are accomplishing and that you did do it.

BEN: Wow. It’s so funny how easy it happens. It’s almost without any effort. When you don’t intend, it almost happens just like that.

ELIAS: Correct.

BEN: And when you sit and try... nothing. It’s almost a contradiction.

ELIAS: That is what I have been expressing for an ongoing time framework my friend. You complicate tremendously and it is not necessary. It is in the simplicities that you generate your greatest movement, your greatest accomplishments and your greatest vistas.

BEN: It’s nice to get used to simplicity. You know I’ve been noticing ever since you mentioned this state of being of calmness. I’ve reflected back on the last half a year or something and I noticed a very very strong sense of calm. And if that calm is actually a reflection of trust then I must be expressing a very strong sense of trust. And if I look at the actions of the last year which is quitting my job, and generating money in all kinds of different manners, relocating myself to the United States temporarily. All with a very strong sense of directedness, with very little opposition. So there is a very strong indicator that my energy is focused and I am expressing a lot of trust. Even though my sense of self is very strange now because all the opposing energy I had has disappeared. All the reactionary energy has disappeared. For a while I didn’t even know what was left. And something is left and something is moving me from moment to moment. I feel almost consistently present for the most part. And life has become sort of a movement from moment to moment even though it seems very strange and very freaky. Because how can you be doing this and not even looking... And on the other hand it just feels right because it’s so simple and I feel the calm. So is that assessment... I feel that assessment is quite accurate.

ELIAS: Yes. Which is moving in that direction of expressing more from genuine self rather than from attachments. And in that your motivation lies in moment to moment rather then necessarily in goals, or projecting within future time frameworks and anticipation.

BEN: That’s what we talked about in the group session. That’s exactly it.


BEN: So this is no reason to actually worry when I see that I really don’t have any goals, even for the day.


BEN: And sometimes you may have moments where you’re just stuck because I don’t know exactly what I’m going to do, where I’m going. But I just stop and eventually something comes up.

ELIAS: Correct.

BEN: It does require some adjustment, some...

ELIAS: Yes. It is different. And this is the reason that we discussed this in this group interaction, for it is significantly different. It is not what you are accustomed to and it is focusing yourself in a very different capacity then you are accustomed to. And therefore for many individuals it is not only a matter of transitioning and readjusting themself and their perception, but it can also be for some individuals somewhat overwhelming and even frightening. For you are so very accustomed to holding on to those attachments and moving in conjunction with them.

BEN: It creates a type of safety and comfort.


BEN: Letting go of that is like "Okay, I have nothing under my feet. Okay, trust."

ELIAS: Yes. It is the readjustment from that safety and that aspect of comfort in the attachments supporting you, but more that supporting you, dictating to you and therefore very much influencing the choices that you generate. In that capacity it is very similar to being told what to do in every step, in every direction, which...

BEN: Like being in prison in a sense.

ELIAS: It is. But in another capacity, for many individuals being accustomed to that, that also feels safe. It does not require them to be responsible for their own choices.

BEN: Yeah. You don’t have to be self directing because there are other elements that are doing the work for you.

ELIAS: Yes. And therefore this transition and this change for many individuals may be somewhat frightening and uncomfortable. But in actuality the point is that this is where your power lies, this is where your freedom lies. For you incorporate the choice to engage whatever you choose, whatever you want, in any moment, in any direction. There is no dictating to you.

BEN: That’s what everybody dreams about. That’s that word freedom freedom freedom. Everybody wants it.

ELIAS: But the actualization of it is very unfamiliar and unknown and therefore can also be frightening and unnerving.

BEN: So that sense of trust is a very nice element to have. Because I noticed that regardless of the circumstances, as long as that calm state is there so I know that everything is fine. And it reinforces itself every moment, and pretty soon you’re just moving along and just trusting. You pay a little bit less attention to the imagery. You just know that it’s abstract and it will translate itself in the most beneficial manner, and you just pay attention more to your energy, which becomes a simpler way to move...


BEN: ...rather than concerning yourself with a million different things outside of you seemingly that you have seemingly no control over, which is not correct.

ELIAS: Correct. Congratulations. That is a significant step. Perhaps rather than a toe in the water you have actually placed the entire foot in the water. (Elias laughs).

BEN: Getting used to the water. Elias, did I meet my... I went to Hawaii two years ago to sense the energy. Did I meet... the flight attendant on one of the flights, was that another focus of mine? It’s a guy called Dale and the resemblance physically was very very strong. And I actually felt a lot of similarities and I stared at him the whole flight. I was wondering... I know I have one focus contemporary in the Hawaiian Islands. Is that him?


BEN: It was. I sensed a little bit of sadness in his expression. He was trying to humor all the passengers and nobody really took to it. I really felt some compassion for him. I know the feeling. (Elias laughs).

There was something about energy... a few questions that I wanted to ask. Sometimes when I defocus my visual or my attention, especially at night, I see this translucent haze everywhere in front of my visual. And I always said that I’m seeing energy but it sounded too general to me. What is that that I see. It’s almost like a movement. I can’t make any shapes or objects from it. It’s just presence, a kind of mist.

ELIAS: That is seeing energy.

BEN: That is energy. And I see it sometimes during the day if I slightly defocus.

ELIAS: Yes. That is seeing energy. And the reason that it does not take form or generate into shapes so to speak, is that energy is not actually a thing. It is a movement. And therefore what you are doing is you are overlaying the motion with a type of lens to allow you to see it with some consistency, but not much. Perhaps the consistency of smoke.

BEN: Right. That’s what it would look like. And I noticed that when I breath out I can actually see a stream of energy.


BEN: So that’s the energy that actually contributes to...

ELIAS: Quite definitely so. Yes. If you were paying attention frequently and consistently you could actually watch the energy that you project from yourself. The main bulk or core of it would be from that central area of your body consciousness and it would dissipate in thickness as it moves outwardly. But you could actually see and watch it begin and extend out from your body consciousness, and watch how far it moves out from your body consciousness. And dependent upon what type of energy you are projecting, if you are paying attention, you could actually see different colors in that energy, which are different indicators of different types of energy. For each color incorporates a vibrational quality which translates to some action that you are doing in projecting each type of energy. And in that you would notice differences in configuration and differences in colors.

BEN: Colors would be nice to see. Okay but I’ll have to practice that. There is something that I notice also when I visualize. I used to visualize myself walking in the street. And I noticed that I can during walking make left turns, counterclockwise turns, quite easily. When it comes to making clockwise turns it becomes really difficult. And I was wondering why is it more difficult for me to visualize clockwise turns in my imagination, in my visualizations?

ELIAS: For it appears that both are generating the same action merely in reverse of each other, but in actuality they are not.

BEN: I know that clockwise is more creative and counterclockwise we mentioned once is counter.

ELIAS: Clockwise is more moving in the inward circle. Projecting out and pulling back to, and therefore is more indicative of inward. Counterclockwise is more indicative of outward, extending outward and flowing from that.

BEN: So that’s expressing a slight difficulty or temporary expressing that inward motion?

ELIAS: Or a slight difficulty not necessarily expressing inward motion, but expressing the motion of projecting out and pulling back in. Not necessarily difficulty with the existing inward motions, but connecting the two of the inner and the outer, and expressing slightly more difficulty in making that circle of pulling the energy back to yourself rather than merely projecting it outward and allowing it to flow in whatever direction you do choose.

BEN: I was wondering with fifty three imagery that I’ve had for a while. Once I used to say that fifty three could be a strong potential for me to be fully shifted. That’s the only impression I had. Is that realistic? I mean is that a potential with that number which is coming up in a few years?

ELIAS: Is it possible? Yes. Is it likely in entire completion? Less so. But it is possible. I would express that what is more likely is if you continue in the manner that you are now and in the direction that you are now, that by that time framework you would be considerably comfortable in what you have accomplished thus far in shifting, and that you would be significantly shifted and aware of that.

BEN: Okay. So it’s a nice potential.


BEN: We have a few minutes left. I still have a question for somebody else that I’m going to ask in a second. I want to talk a few minutes about my mother. My mother has been going through a very painful episode for the past three years, with various aches in her body. She’s tried to battle it and to change it. It’s affected her moods really dramatically. She is going to have an operation in a few days and we’ve all been very supportive. I actually let her read some of your sessions. I was wondering if there is anything that I could relay to her that she could assimilate that would benefit her in her movement, in her choices, which have been quite uncomfortable for the past few years.

ELIAS: Before I respond, what would your assessment be of the situation and what she is doing? Let us see how accurate you’ve become.

BEN: At first I connected the onset of this whole episode with what I was going through three years ago, with my sudden change, with my sudden shift, with my trauma. And then I said that she is addressing to things that she has been holding on to and not addressing to, for most of her life. So I did think it was a connection with my movement that was influencing her...

ELIAS: A trigger.

BEN: ...a trigger, to begin to address to things that... and I noticed it about the other members of my family too. And what issues they are for her I really don’t know. It’s things that she’s been carrying along for many years and some of them have already begun to be dismantled. I notice changes in her display of emotions, in her ability to share what she feels. These are very strong issues I think with her.

ELIAS: I would agree. I would also agree and validate that that timing factor is accurate. That you, in your movement, she used as a trigger for her own movement, and to begin addressing and moving in somewhat of a different direction. But let me express to you, it is not unusual for individuals to trigger themselves and to somewhat begin to address to issues but not fully, and in that begin to generate physical manifestations and symptoms to emphasize the importance of moving in that direction, of addressing to certain issues that they have incorporated for a considerable time framework. The physical expressions are their energy and their communication to themself of the degree of importance that certain issues hold, and how they can be, and to a degree they can be damaging of the individual by generating a physical display of that damaging aspect.

Now, in that I would also express, that it is not as much for her the issues themselves, that she perceives to be issues. It is more the exposure to herself in relation to those issues. Exposing to herself and confusing that somewhat with the idea that exposure also means that there should be an outward exposure, which actually is not necessary. I would express that for many individuals, many, it is helpful to reinforce themself and to solidify an expression of value of themself. And what is meant by that is, when an individual expresses a significant issue and that is accompanied by an issue with exposing, generally speaking they generate judgments of themself that incorporate blame and guilt and in that many comparisons. Comparisons within themself, comparisons to other individuals, comparisons even to ideas. And it can be very difficult to generate that exposure to self. At times allowing yourself to share that exposure creates an allowance of interconnection with other individuals that allows a reception of other energy that is supportive, which can be very helpful. But some individuals, such as your mother, cannot entirely conceive of that idea of sharing, for the exposure to self alone is tremendous enough, and beyond that is too tremendous to even entertain.

I would express that she incorporates some significant judgments with herself. More so with herself than any other individual. And with that there is an element that she blames herself in different capacities. I am intentionally not sharing what, for that is for her, but I can offer the information that she does express, and she is aware of this aspect of the blame and the guilt, which are both unnecessary expressions. But also understandable in relation to her perception, her beliefs, her experiences her associations which have created this mixture of blame and guilt that she expresses with herself. But she also holds it very dear to herself. Not in a dearness of liking that or appreciating it, but a dearness in the manner of that you would protect a valuable jewel. That that jewel may actually be expressing destructive qualities to you but nonetheless it is to be protected.

BEN: It’s precious.

ELIAS: Yes. And in that she holds that blame and guilt in that capacity of being very dear and at this point I would express, that presently it is unlikely that she will soon engage a point of sharing that exposure. What is more important though is whether she actually continues to pursue it and expose to herself, and therefore allow herself to release that blame and guilt, for it is not necessary.

BEN: And that would alleviate some of the physical symptoms.

ELIAS: Quite definitely so, yes. Very much so. The physical symptoms are manifestations, as I expressed, of the body consciousness reflecting the intensity and the importance of this issue.

BEN: I’m going to ask one more question for my sisters husband.

ELIAS: Very well.

BEN: And I’m going to read it in the first person. The question is: "Since I was nineteen, I have been able to open up something that allows huge currents of energy into my system. It can lead to shaking and convolutions at which point I ”close up the dam”. I’m not sure if this energy is real or imagined. It also seems that if I allow it, it could completely overwhelm my system. My question is, what is it? Should I continue exploring it? Can it harm my body?"

ELIAS: To the last or third question, yes it can, if undirected. To the second question, yes it would be advisable to explore it, to become more aware of how to be directing of it, to avoid the third question. To the first question, it is his own energy that is undirected and in a manner of speaking undisciplined. He incorporates an aspect of his own energy that is somewhat wild in a manner of speaking, that to an extent he attempts to ignore for he is not quite sure how to direct it. But that wild energy very easily connects with outside energies and therefore gains momentum.

BEN: It gets amplified.

ELIAS: Yes. This is the reason that he experiences it in the manner that he does. For it connects with outside energies, becomes amplified and increased, and thusly he is interacting with and noticing a greater volume than he initially projected. Therefore to the first question, what is it? It is partially his own energy which is the initiating aspect of the energy, but ultimately it is a combination of energies that create a much greater volume. And yes, it would be beneficial for him to pay attention and explore it to allow him to become familiar with how to be directing it. For eventually without being directing of it, yes it could be dangerous or harmful.

BEN: So why did you mention wildness?

ELIAS: The reason I chose that word is that it is for the most part an aspect of his energy that he ignores and therefore it is uncontained. Not that it should be contained but that it is an aspect of his energy that is unfocused.

BEN: But powerful.

ELIAS: Yes. Powerful. But it incorporates no direction. I would hesitate to incorporate the term chaotic but that would be somewhat accurate. It is an energy that is undirected and uncontained and in many situations ignored, and therefore I would express wild would be the most accurate term for it. (Elias laughs). But to in a manner of speaking embrace that and incorporate it into his natural expression. He can use that in a manner to enhance his own, or develop his own expression of adventuresome and exploring and an outlet for curiosity, which he somewhat contains.

BEN: We’re going to wrap it up in a minute because we are overtime. I was just wondering... my core belief... you always mention that people have a core belief. I was always wondering if my core belief is the belief of image or is it a different one. I don’t think it’s image.

ELIAS: Roles.

BEN: Roles? In what... what does that mean?

ELIAS: You’ve done different roles for different situations. And that roles are a significant core belief in how you project yourself, and what you do and how you filter information through different roles. And how you view your world and the roles that other individuals play, and what they should play or what they should not play.

BEN: Oh. That’s why sometimes I have judgments on friendships or how friendships should be displayed and what is a friend and what is not.


BEN: I can explore that and see the attachments to it too.

ELIAS: Yes you can. Figuratively speaking it is your play, but every player has a role. (Elias laughs).

BEN: All right.

ELIAS: Very well my friend. I shall greatly be anticipating our next meeting. I offer tremendous acknowledgment to you in your accomplishments. Congratulations.

BEN: I’m really satisfied.

ELIAS: And I express tremendous affection and encouragement to you. Know that my energy is always with you.

BEN: Yeah. I have to remind myself of that. I’ll pay attention.

ELIAS: And it is.

BEN: I know.

ELIAS: To you my dear friend, au revoir.

BEN: Au revoir.

Copyright 2011 Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved.