Session 2897

Why Did I Move So Much Out of Balance?


“Why did I move so much out of balance?”
“The domino effect of triggering your beliefs and foundations too much”
“The foundation of Liking is not easily broken”

Thuesday, December 15, 2009 (Private/Phone)

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Rose (Quillan)

ELIAS: Good afternoon.

ROSE: (Sighs) Good Afternoon. Hello Elias. I am happy to talk to you, and with you again.

ELIAS: And you also.

ROSE: Thank you. Uhm, I am prepared as always. Uhm. I will start with quick questions. I would like to know, do I have a focus as a Massai?


ROSE: Yeah. That’s what I thought.
You said you superimposed your energy. Where did you do it? When?

ELIAS: And ... what did you notice?

ROSE: (Sighs) Well, I understood superimpose, like you put your energy in a way unto another person. I don’t know, then I have no idea. (Elias chuckles) Tell me! (Elias laughs)

ELIAS: Briefly, momentarily with another individual at your work.

ROSE: At my work?


ROSE: Wow! WHO is it?

ELIAS: Now it is your turn to be paying attention and to determine what you may notice, briefly, as a slight difference with another individual that you have interacted with?

ROSE: God! God, this is exciting! Is it a female or a male?

ELIAS: A male.

ROSE: Male ... And how do I recognize you, what is this, that I have to look out for?

ELIAS: Merely a slight difference that you may notice, that in a moment the individual does not seem entirely as themselves.

ROSE: But there not something like there is some shade of blue, or whatever?

ELIAS: That can occur, but that would be you, translating.

ROSE: Ok. Ok. Ok and ... do you have something to do with the butterfly that showed up here recently.

ELIAS: Yes (in a seducing voice). Not in a usual season either. (It is winter here) (Elias chuckles)

ROSE: Right. I mean, it has been in the house a long time, but I couldn’t help it. (due to my limitations based on the handicap). But then just a few days ago it was crawling on the carpet, and (both chuckle a little) I gave it a little food and it sat there and didn’t vanish. Right now I don’t know where it is. Because if I find it and disturb it I will waste a lot of energy, so I leave it alone. (Elias chuckles) I love butterflies. Ok, then another quick question.

You said: I dissapeared it, the information, that I have a focus as an American writer, and I believe I was even close with finding the name, but I couldn’t find it again, and now .... will you reveal it.

ELIAS: Aaah, you are cheating.

ROSE: I am what? (didn’t understand the term)

ELIAS: You are cheating!

ROSE: I am cheating? No! I am inquiring. (both laugh)

ELIAS: (chuckles) For this is YOUR investigation and now you are cheating and instigating me to offer you your answer.

ROSE: Yes! Why not! (Laughs)

ELIAS: For that ends your game. You can do this! You can discover it.

ROSE: (Sighs) I don’t know! I just would like to have a name, once. This is something special with the focus hunting in general. I get snapshots, but I don’t get any longer movies, and uhm, I also more or less I get past time focuses but not future focusses and I was thinking about ... how do you find a future focus. I mean, something where you don’t have a picture about it. You know, when you look about an old Indian Sadhu, you know pictures about them.


ROSE: You know Massai pictures and everything. But future pictures you don’t have yet.

ELIAS: Ah! But this is the avenue in which your imagination comes into play. Remember! Imagination is real. And in this it is merely a matter of allowing yourself to play with that, and to offer yourself images of what you may present to yourself in relation to future. I will offer you one concession, that you do incorporate a present focus which you have added, which is also a writer - presently - shall I offer that to you?

ROSE: Yes.

ELIAS: And perhaps that will be an inspiration in your quest to discover past and future focusses, knowing one of your present focuses. This individual is a writer and I will offer the name. The name of this individual is Lisa Smith and you can investigate this individual and you can research this individual as a present focus.

ROSE: Thank you!

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. This individual is what you would term to be a novellist.

ROSE: Ok. Interesting, interesting. Do I have a Plejadian Focus?


ROSE: Ok. Ok. Ok. Uhm. (Sighs) Do I have, or what are my common, or mutual focusses with Alexander from Vienna? Have we been married?

ELIAS: Yes, several times.

ROSE: How many focusses do we share?


ROSE: Oh my! Elias, Elias, oh God! (laughs) Elias! Uhm, how many focusses in this dimension do I have currently?

ELIAS: Currently - all together or in this time framework?

ROSE: Oh God, both. All together AND in this time framework.

ELIAS: Very well. In this time framework: seven.


ELIAS: With the addition of that one. It was six, now it was seven. All together: 2461

ROSE: It seems to go up and down, up and down.

ELIAS: Which is not unusal.

ROSE: Yes. Yeah. Ok. How many do I currently share with my husband.

ELIAS: And your impression?

ROSE: That they have increased, compared to the last time.

ELIAS: To what?

ROSE: Pardon

ELIAS: And what is your impression as to the increase.

ROSE: I know when I asked you the very first time, and I had no idea about anything, that it was about, I think seven or eight. You gave me this answer. And with the other man I shared nine, and I thought - this is pretty much. (chuckles) And I learned different things later on. (both chuckle) But ... I don’t know, I would think, about 30 or so.

ELIAS: More!

ROSE: More?

ELIAS: Attempt! More!

ROSE: More? Oh God, More! I don’t know, Elias. I just would pick a number.


ROSE: 60what?


ROSE: Wow! The number I was about to pick was 65

ELIAS: Ah! Very close (Elias chuckles)

ROSE: This is interesting! Elias! This is a fun question. How do I, how would I ... Uhm ... people talk about (that) they have been seeing UFO’s. And I always want to see a UFO, my husband always says there are NO UFO’s, and I say there ARE UFO’s and I want to see one. (Both chuckle) It is fun. I mean it is not BIG serious and so. BUT, what do I have to do to see an UFO?

ELIAS: That would be a matter of tapping into another dimensional focus that you incorporate, one that travels. This is what individuals are actually doing, when they encounter Extraterrestials, when they view a UFO in your terms, what they are doing, is, they are tapping into that energy of other focusses that are not of this dimension and in that it creates a bleedthrough or an allowance for a bleedthrough. I would express that this happens quite frequently, but that individuals do not always notice and therefore they do not always SEE them, not that this action isn’t occuring, it is, but it is a matter of whether you are actually allowing yourself an openness knowing that that is another aspect of yourself, that you are participating in other dimensions and therefore you can access THEM as much as you can access other focusses in THIS dimension.

ROSE: Ok. I’ll read about this a little more, and come back to it perhaps, it is quite interesting, but I would not want to spend a lot of time on this, if there is already a lot of material about it in the given material. So I’ll put this question back.

And I want to go now back to my spine topic. Uhm. I am still investigating and thinking about it, exploring. One question I have is: Why did I move into this out of balance state so deeply. I mean, what happend was I met this other man, and I met him when I was really wanting to spread the limits, and go really further, to reach somewhere. I was really wanting to experience something like a break through and then I met this person, and there was this love story. And it was beautiful, that’s not the point. But - why did it bring it me out of balance so much? I mean, this happens to people so often and not everybody falls so much out of balance like I did. So this is the first question: Why did it bring me so out of balance?

ELIAS: You are correct, that this does not occur in the extreme, with all individuals, that it did with you, BUT I would express that for the most part, not in EVERY situation, but for the most part that these types of actions DO generate imbalances with most individuals in varying degrees. And in varying degrees can be somewhat destructive, for the reason that it moves you out of balance and that it moves you into extremes, or into these types of directions that are conflicting and are more devastating, or are destructive, is, that it is very much so associated with the beliefs that the individual incorporates, as strongly expressed beliefs, in any particular time framework.

Now when it is a situation such as involving relationships that conflict in a manner of speaking with already established relationships the individual may move in this direction and as did you temporarily for what you are doing is following feelings. And allowing those feelings to in a manner of speaking, be guiding you, and that what occurs is many times your own individual guidelines become compromised and that generates certain beliefs surfacing that haven’t been necessarily challenged previously. But they become challenged and in there becomes this inner struggle. You continue to move in a direction associated with your feelings, but are not necessarily objectively aware or incorporate enough information to consider your individual guidelines and what you have already established in relation to your own expressed beliefs.

And therefore you’re not necessarily objectively aware of how you are beginning to challenge those expressed beliefs and in that it triggers many different expressions, many associations, many influences and what begins to occur is a type of domino effect in which one begins to collide with another and another and another and it creates this entanglement that is very imbalances and that creates considerable conflict and difficulties.

Now also what generally occurs which did occur with you also, is that the individual with these beliefs surfacing and different associations becoming more apparent, the individual begins to discount themselves and that leads into guilt and leads into more conflict and the individual begins to discount themselves more and more in more directions.

For whether you incorporate information that allows you to recognise that all that you do and all that you interact with is all interconnected whether you realise that objectively, or not, the ACTION of it all being interconnected DOES begin to interplay and begins to surface in more obvious manners when you begin to trigger certain associations and beliefs and in many situations the manner in which they become exposed as interconnected, are in manners that you discount yourself with, or that you do devalue yourself with, or that you feel guilty in.

It becomes not merely ONE direction but you begin to feel guilty and discount yourself and devalue yourself in MANY directions for they are all interconnected and in that the dependend upon the individual and depending upon how strongly they trigger whatever they have already established in their own foundations, the degree of how extreme the individual may respond to their own triggers can be very diverse.

You triggered some beliefs and associations within yourself that became overwhelming, for what you triggered involved aspects that were very important to you. Let me express to you a hypothetical example. Another individual could engage the same or a similar type of direction, that you did and could be engaging a similar action, following their feelings and not necessarily being aware of what they were triggering, BUT this hypothetical individual may be engaging that action and may not necessarily incorporate a tremendous importance anylonger, in what they had already established. And what they had already created in a foundation. Let us say that this individual incorporates a familiy and chooses to engage a similiar action that you did, BUT that individual yes has established a foundation and a structure in their experience with their family and therefore does also incorporate certain roles, as a parent, as a spouse and in that perhaps this individual has moved into another direction in which those roles do not hold as much importance to them anylonger and therefore that changes the foundation. The foundation is no longer important to them, anylonger. The structure is no longer important to them. Therefore that individual may not necessarily incorporate the extreme of the triggers that you did, for the factor of their roles in relation family members may not necessarily as important to them them anylonger. And therefore it may be a situation in which it matters not to that individual if that particular situation crumbles.

In this that was NOT the situation with you. You DID incorporate certain factors that remained important to you. Your relationship with your daughter remained important to you. Your role as a mother remained important to you. Your relationship with your partner remained important to you. It may have been placed aside temporarily, but it was NOT less important, and therefore with those factors remaining important, the foundations of those factors also remained intact and remained important.

Therefore, what occured was you disrupted that and doing so that created this type of domino effect in a negative manner of you discounting yourself and feeling guilty and devaluing yourself in relation to those foundations that were already established and that remained important to you and continue to be important to you. That is not changed.

In this is challenges your own guidelines. Now if you incorporated more information in relation to yourself, were more aware of yourself, were more aware of acknowledging the significance and the importance of the foundations and the established roles that you had already incorporated and were already set in place with you; if you had incorporated more information and could have acknowledged that importance and also moved in a direction in which you were genuinely NOT deminishing those roles, not deminishing those interaction, not deminishing those foundations but also allowing yourself to incorporate an additional new direction it would be very likely that you would NOT have created what you did. But that is a MUTE point for that is NOT what has occured.

And you did not incorporate that type of information. And I would express to you, even now in offering yourself tremdendously more information than you incorporated then, and even now understanding yourself MUCH more and much more clearly and understanding your movement and your beliefs much more clearly, I would express that given another situation in which perhaps you would hypothetically create another individual and create anther similar type of situation those foundations would still be challenged. Not to the degree that they were previously, but given the strength of your guidelines and your foundations and how important your relationships ARE to you, and how you value other individuals that are close to, whether you chose to continue to express the role with them, that you do now, or not, that also would be a mute point.
Even if you chose not to continue to express the present roles that you do, with these other individuals, you would still generate some triggers with yourself and it would still automatically generate the initial expressions of discounting yourself, or devaluing yourself for you are moving in opposition to your own foundations. Not that it would be as extreme as it was pastly, and also I can express to you, it would not be a situation in which you could not move through that and alter that, now - at this point, there is a strong likelyhood that you could, BUT I would also express that there is another very strong likelyhood that you would perceive that action as action as generating some aspect of sacrifice. That you would not perceive it entirely freely. In the manner that you would not be sacrificing at all. You would continue to generate some degree of a perception that in some capacity you would be sacrifycing some aspect of what is important to you for some other aspect.

This is the reason that for you it was so strong and so out of balance in your terms and why it generated an extreme in which you may view that with another individual it may not have generated such an extreme. But this my friend I would also express to you and caution you is a very strong example of why it is destructive to compare. For there is no comparison. Another individual was not experiencing the situation in the manner that YOU were

Rose: Yes

ELIAS: and in that you cannot compare any other situation.

ROSE: I agree. Elias, when I am listening to you, I am a little bit surprised in a way. Uhm, I am wondering if I am an ultra conservative person with lots of blind spots, not noticing about these blind spots ...?

ELIAS: (Elias interrupts vividly) NO, no, no, no, no! NO! Perhaps you are misunderstanding. I would not, in your terms, express that of type of identification that you are a significantly conservative individual. No. I would not generate that assessment with you. This is not what I am expressing. What I am expressing is - that there are certain manifestation, there are certain expressions in your life, in your experiences that are important to you. You partner as an individual, is important to you. Not necessarily as a partner, but your a partner as a person, is important to you.

ROSE: Yes.

ELIAS: His feelings, his perceptions, his actions, his life is important to you. Your daughter is important to you.

ROSE: Right. To me it sounds a little bit like this is something, uhm, hindering me, uhm, I am not thinking in terms of this is wrong and I should change myself on this, but there is something in how you say it, or how I hear it, this makes some kind of alarm bells ring in myself, like: is there something that I am not noticing which is in a way hindering me in my movement, uhm, and ...?

ELIAS: I am understanding

ROSE: Are you pointing to something like that?

ELIAS: Not entirely. But yes there is a factor in that. For I am addressing to your actual question and offering you an explanation.


ELIAS: But, yes there is another aspect in that. There is another layer in the understanding, which you may be ready to be moving into now, that the role that you engage with other individuals that are important to you is not sacrificied, if you choose new directions that do not entirely include them. And what is a significant factor in that, is, you in like many manner to many, many individuals generate a distincition between like and love.

And in this there are individuals that you love and that you recognise or that you know they love you. And you trust that, but there is another factor which is somewhat more insedious, not as obvious, or not as clearly viewed from the surface. That when you engage certain actions, it triggers an automatic question of whether those individuals that love you, will continue to LIKE you. That you may not necessarily question that they love you, or that they will continue to love you, but dependend on what choices you engage and how they involve or do not involve the other individuals, there is a question as to whether those individuals will continue to like you.

ROSE: I agree. I understand. This goes along with my definitions. And yes! I can agree with you.

ELIAS: Yes. And in that that is not always a factor that you entertain in thinking.

ROSE: Right

ELIAS: But it is definetely present.

ROSE: Right.

ELIAS: Now in this, as you furthered your question, and you expressed: could it be that there possibly is some factor that may be hindering me, that is present; that would be it.


ELIAS: It is a factor that you are aware of, but it is also a factor that you are not always engaging in thinking and can be influencing in relation to your choices without thinking

ROSE: Right.

ELIAS: without you actually being objectively clearly aware of, in every scenario.

ROSE: mhm.

ELIAS: BUT will influence what your choices are. And how you proceed for you will protect that aspect, not wanting to generate the possibility of the other individuals not liking you.

Now let me also include, in this factor is, that for the most part with the relationships that you have established and that you generate a genuine love with, the factor of the other individual not LIKING you is SO VERY SMALL that it is almost non existent and not worthy on your concern. Other individuals may not like choices you engage, or they may disagree with some choices, or some behaviours that you express BUT that is not enough to generate them not liking you.

ROSE: OK. Elias?


ROSE: Uhm. How does my father tie into all this? He seems to have a role, I feel he has a role in all this. Uhm. We never talked about my father. He has had a very impressive role in my life and uhm, when, when, when you didn’t do what he liked, then he would cut you out of his life. And when I was in this out of balance time, a lot of the struggle, I had with him (and I had in mind the struggle of the past, mainly of the time while I lived with him under one roof) was partially coming up again and why did I choose this father? How does he tie in into all this?

ELIAS: Very well. How this individual ties in is actually very significant. For although you do not perceive that you view your reality in terms of black and white, or in absolutes, there are some areas in which you do.

And this would be one. Which I would express to you at this point, this is VERY common! All of you do this in some capacity. In this situation with your father, based upon experiences and your own perception of those experiences, you have generated a very strong association an evaluation of your father. And what he does and in addition to what he does, what his motivation is! Which you may not necessarily have defined it in that manner. But that is what you have done. In this you have generated evaluations that when your father does not agree with a particular behaviour or choice or action, that he cuts off from the individual and that is his expression of: I do NOT like you. Which is incorrect. That is not his perception. But it is what is being translated, for that is the assessment that is generated by other individuals which is not unusual for this is a very common association with individuals.

You place significant importance upon this action or this word of like or dislike and dependend upon certain behaviours those become indicators to you, that an individual likes you, or does not like you. If an individual withdraws and will not interact with you, and is expressive in relation to what they disagree with. It is easy to generate a perception that the individual does not like you. Which is not always entirely correct. I would express that with this individual it is not correct. It is not a matter of whether he likes any other individual or dislikes them, it is more a matter of his perception and his own issues, in what he perceives he can not address to. And that he incorporates his own difficulties in his own issues with differences. If he does not agree, it threatens him to an extend that he cannot engage what he disagrees with. It is too threatening. And therefore his protection of himself is to turn away and to ignore and to override it, and to move in a direction of non-acknowledgment. For if there is any acknowledgement that creates the situation that he disagrees with, it as being real. And he cannot express that it is real. For if it is real, then he must engage it. And he can not. Therefore it can not be real. And the manner that is not real is he will not acknowledge it.
He will ignore it and turn away. And in that what he is doing is protecting he own shrine with own issue, but not necessarily that he likes or dislike the individual. It is not that dislikes the individual - it is that he cannot address to, and he cannot engage situations that he disagrees with for they are too threatening.

ROSE: I agree.

ELIAS: Therefore this does play into this subject, for this is a challenge that you have presented to yourself. Not a negative necessarily, but a challenge. In allowing yourself to realise your own abilities to move beyond certain established associations and to recognise that these associations, yes, are yours and yes at this point or another point, have been valid for you and are definetly connected with your own perception, but that they are also not absolut and that they are not necessarily correct in relation to what is being expressed outside of you, or by other individuals. Which also very much relates to yourself, for that allows you to more in depth and more clearly explore subjects such as liking and disliking. And in that recognising that this subject of liking and disliking is not as quite as fragile as it may initially appear. That the expression of liking an individual is very strong. And is not easily broken. Regardless of what is agreed upon, or what is agreed with, or what is accepted. Or not. The expression of like is a very strong expression. And it can weather considerable obstacles and not necessarily change.


ELIAS: Which is a tremendous expansion upon your part, in presenting this to yourself and generating allowing your own ability to see that and to express it. To acknowledge within yourself in relation to yourself and within other individuals that regardless of how they express in certain capacities, does not necessarily express that they are generating a dislike, in general, for an individual.

ROSE: Ja with him it was like, ah if you do not do what I like then I cut off, and so you had no choice but to be like he wanted you to be and otherwise he would cut off. And he is circling in repetition since I don’t know, 30 or 35 years, and if you are not interested, there is no way to connect. With the time you get fed up of this control of what is allowed and what not.

ELIAS: But you see also my dear friend, that a part of his control and his payoff and his continuation in all of this, is that it is bothersome to other individuals. That it does bother individuals and therefore they perceive that their only choices are either to match that energy and ignore him, or to compromise themselves and to comply. Therfore in either situation he maintains his protection and his control and he maintains his payoff. Because in either situation you are bothered.

ROSE: But it’s not fun.

ELIAS: Correct. But the point is to allow yourself to expand and to recognise and to not be bothered by what he expresses. When YOU are not bothered he is not generating his control.

ROSE: And you mean a connection is still possible?

ELIAS: Yes! Very much so!

ROSE: And more fun?


ROSE: Ok. We’ll continue on that. Sounds interesting. (chuckles)

ELIAS: Very well.

ROSE: For today we have to end.

ELIAS: Very well my friend. I shall be anticipating our next meeting, very soon I am aware.

ROSE: Right! (both laugh) I spend all my money on Elias.

ELIAS: Very well. I’ll be greatly anticipating and I shall be encouraging you in your expansion and fun. Ha ha ha

ROSE: Thank you Elias, `til the next time.

ELIAS: In tremendous affection to you, my dear friend in great lovingness as always, a tremendous energy blanket to you my friend. Au revoir.

ROSE: Thank you. Au revoir.

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