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Living Artfully in A Shifting World


“Living Artfully in A Shifting World”
“Money is The Secondary Issue”
“What is Your Passion?”
“Engaging Your Own Magic”

Friday, 24 July, 2009 (Private/Phone)

Participants: Mary (Michael) and a new participant, Renae (Angelica)

(Elias’ arrival time is 17 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon!

RENAE: Good you!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha. And what shall we discuss?

RENAE: Well Elias, I’d first of all like to start off by saying how much I appreciate you and Mary and all the folks who have had sessions over the years that have been most helpful to me. So thank you to all of you in that regard.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

RENAE: The first thing I wanted start off with was jumping right into discuss with you the concept of “Living Artfully in A Shifting World”.

And I’d hoped to play with you a bit about the idea of creating consciously in what you describe as a self-directed manner because I’m finding that I’m getting a bit entangled with a few beliefs. And I was hoping that you might illuminate me or help me gain some clarity as [to] how I could become more empowered at some of my more challenging issues. And in particular the idea of exchange, work and money in the current milieu, in my current life, let me put it to you that way. So perhaps we could start off with that a bit.

ELIAS: Very well. And how would you describe the issue?

If you are setting forth the subject of money or exchange, in what capacity, and what would you define as the issue with this subject?

RENAE: Ah, this is very good. Thank you.

The idea.....I realize that money is a symbol. I recognize it intellectually and to a degree, experientially, I believe. And I believe it’s been a very powerful symbol for me personally. And I’ve been able to abundantly create this magical existence in many respects. But one respect that’s always remained a bit tangled, or maybe you would call it a shrine, has been the idea of money. And I think the idea of money is changing around me, but I have this desire to play with it abundantly. And I’m a bit confused in this regard. So I was hoping... Yeah, I was hoping to untangle this. I want it, but yet I realize the many implications and beliefs about it and I think I’m back-ing and forth-ing between... There’s some resistance there.

And the idea of exchange, maybe back-ing and forth-ing, I’m not able to fit into that paradigm or I don’t desire to perhaps? And yet it’s still very much a paradigm that’s operative around me. And I don’t know quite how to fit many of the concepts I’m very intuitively drawn to but yet experientially have yet to play out, so to speak.

ELIAS: Very well. First of all, let us begin with defining the reality that exists now, and therefore approaching your own situation or your own conflict in a realistic manner and how that fits into the action of shifting, that you may not confuse the present shifting with future shifting.

Presently within your world in your reality, although there is an element of shifting in relation to money, you do continue to engage a system, or a foundation, a structure of exchange.

Now; in that structure of exchange, actual physical money is becoming less and less of the actual physical exchange but the idea of money, or the representation of it, remains strong. In this, as I have expressed to other individuals, yes, there is an element of this shift that when this shift is completed or inserted entirely, exchange will not be one of your foundational structures. But, in order to change such an ingrained foundational structure of your reality, it will require considerable alterations and time.

Now; the time factor that is involved in this change, relatively speaking, will be very small and will occur very quickly. But when I express very quickly, that is a relative term in relation to millennia of that foundation of exchange which has been a structure throughout your history of your species of humans. This has been a very established structure that changing such a structure in the time framework of less than a century is a considerably quick alteration for such an established structure. But in this present time framework now, although steps are being implemented and movement is being engaged in that direction, you continue to exist and engage that structure of exchange which also includes the concept or the idea of money.

Now; the reason that I define it as a concept or an idea is that for the most part, throughout your world, most individuals now do not actually engage physical currency...

RENAE: Hmm....

ELIAS: the extent that you have throughout your history. And that, in itself, has been a significant change that has occurred in a relatively very short time framework.

I would express that within the time framework of your previous century you have moved from the actual engaging of physical currency to, for the most part, a lack of actual physical currency. You have moved into the concept of money, the idea of money, which is a significant step in the direction of this shift. But money has not become obsolete, yet. In this, rather than generating physical interaction with the actual physical currency, you interact with representations of physical currency. And even some of those representations are quickly being moved aside, such as in relation to what has been established in relation to your banks. Paper that you define as checks have been established as a familiar and accepted representation of actual physical currency.

In this century, which is very new for you have merely begun this century, you are already replacing that physical paper representation in checks, in other forms. Not even only in the representation of currency with your plastic cards, but in this time framework you are moving so quickly that it is in many situations and in many capacities not even necessary to physically incorporate a card for you engage your computers, which is rapidly eliminating even the necessity for a physical representation of the concept of money.

In this, although you are rapidly changing your involvement and your engagement with actual money, in this time framework it remains established as a means of exchange.

Now; as a recognition of that, what also is changing is how you generate it.

Now; acknowledging that exchange remains a very strong facet of your reality, but that your means of exchange are changing, they are not as rigid as they have been pastly. In this, if you wish to discuss the subject of money and generating that manifestation abundantly, and incorporating that into the concept, or actualizing the concept of Living Artfully, this is a broader subject than merely manifesting money or not. Money is the secondary issue.

RENAE: Hmm...

ELIAS: Most individuals view money as the primary issue and this is what creates the difficulties and this is what creates obstacles and challenges, for if money is the primary direction of manifestation it influences the individual to move in directions that are not genuine to themself. It influences individuals to move in expressions of compromise or acquiescing or moving themselves into expectations; expectations of themselves and expectations that they perceive from other individuals. Therefore, if money is the primary expression of a direction, it creates complications. And in this, the subject is more efficiently addressed to if money is the secondary direction - if the idea of engaging actions and explorations that are more genuine to yourself are the primary direction - and allowing money to be a by-product of that.

Therefore, in relation to implementing Living Artfully, the beginning subject would be, “What do you want?” and “What do you want to do?” Or, “What do you want to explore?” “What is important to you?” “What do you enjoy?” “What do you value?” and “In what is your passion expressed?” Those are the primary questions. And in answering those questions you begin to set in motion directions in which money can be a by-product of the answers to those questions.

Therefore, I pose the question to you, “What is your passion?”

RENAE: Hmm... Well I have many passions, but… not but… and I’m sure that they can be contained under one umbrella, perhaps, and that’s consciousness, the mechanics of consciousness. And to try to… not try… I’d like to create, because I feel things are moving so quickly, I’d like to create a foundation. And I mean this on many levels, even structurally, but I have the sense instinctively that many of the foundations that we’re familiar with are changing or in the process of change, and that I’m not quite sure, how the… the HOW of the particular foundation - and I mean a foundation, a non-for-profit foundation - could come into being in this changing foundational milieu.

ELIAS: Be more specific.

Let me express to you, this is another obstacle. Individuals move in generalities and if you are moving in generalities you create obstacles. And you incorporate more time and more energy in attempting to accomplish what you want for you are not being specific. Therefore, in what you are expressing, in what you view changing, or in what different avenues of consciousness you would enjoy exploring or interacting with, and being directing of yourself and expressing your passion, what would you express as an example? Knowing that you may incorporate many passions, but one example is enough to begin.

RENAE: Sure. Thank you.

The idea of health in the broadest sense, in physical health, as Mary and I were chatting about earlier; health physically, socially, financially. To be healthy in all facets, for myself and then being that example. Or, you know, living this. Feeling that I have a balanced, healthy existence. And I believe I do, in most facets. But in terms of the idea of exchange or finance, I’m wobbling a bit. I’m trying to… I haven’t quite figured out how to create… And this is very helpful for me to play with this with you because it’s not the money, per se, it’s the - that’s the by-product, I believe I realize that, but I don’t know quite how to…

I mean, for instance, the idea of volunteering or doing something without the expectation of exchange is very appealing to me and quite natural. But then when there’s this expectation… There’s something about exchange I feel instinctively that I’m hung up on or I’m entangled with. Perhaps that’s the issue, or maybe I’m seeing this a bit skewed?

ELIAS: Perhaps your idea or your definition of exchange may be more rigid or somewhat more narrow therefore that may be creating an obstacle.

Let us explore a hypothetical situation in which the element of exchange would continue to exist and be in play, but not necessarily in the capacity that you would think, such as you mentioned, that the idea of engaging some type of volunteer action is appealing to you. And let us say that you choose a particular avenue of volunteer action. The automatic associations are, “I can volunteer my action and interaction in a particular capacity which would be fulfilling and would allow me to express my passion, but as I am volunteering I am not generating money and therefore I cannot effectively and responsibly adhere to the demands of my reality in association with a home or different utilities or food or other manifestations that I view to be necessary for my existence in this reality.” That would be an example of viewing a situation and your passion in more of a narrow field and more rigidly; not engaging imagination and not allowing for the full extent of your creativity.

You can, conceivably, generate volunteer actions and included in those volunteer actions would be provisions for your housing, so to speak, and your food and what is necessary, in your terms, for your existence. It is a matter of exploring and availing yourself of different directions that you can incorporate by engaging your imagination rather than moving in familiar established directions.

There are also other types of actions that you can engage in which you can enlist the participation of other individuals or establishments to participate in cooperation with you. And you can develop your own voluntary direction in which you can engage in the encouragement and participation with other individuals in association with health in the manner that you are expressing and describing, not merely physical health, but the combination of physical health and financial health and emotional health and social health and all of these different capacities. You could establish your own direction of that.

And money being the secondary subject,…

RENAE: Hmm...

ELIAS: …not the primary subject, in engaging your imagination and your creativity you can enlist and encourage other individuals to engage with you in certain capacities that are the aside or the secondary - not the primary direction for the primary direction is your direction of your passion and engaging other individuals and being encouraging and creating some type of your own establishment in your passion to share with other individuals - and the aside is the interaction of other individuals that can be supportive of your direction, but perhaps not necessarily directly involved.

In this, it is genuinely a matter of first defining specifically what your passion is, how that would be implemented in action and what you want to do in relation to what you enjoy. In this, once you have specifically established what your passion is, what you want to do, what you enjoy doing, it is a matter of becoming creative and putting the puzzle together. Now this is not actually as encrypted as it may seem. (Elias chuckles)

I have offered an exercise to many individuals in recent time framework recognizing that most individuals are not actually clear in association with what their genuine passion is, what they genuinely enjoy - which is more difficult to define - and what they consider to be fun and fulfilling.

Now; let me express that in all of these most individuals would generate the ability in generalities to answer those questions somewhat, but very limited. When you actually begin to engage yourself in these directions you may be surprised at how many actions are enjoyable and how they are enjoyable.

Now; the exercise that I have offered in recent time framework is actually quite simple but very effective. The exercise is to list all of the actions that you genuinely enjoy regardless of what they are. They may be playing a game or they may be an action of holding or petting a creature or it may be incorporating a cup of tea or nurturing a plant or it may be generating mathematical figures. It matters not what the action is but genuinely allowing yourself to list all that you can identify of actions that you in some capacity enjoy doing.

Now; alongside of that list I have expressed to generate another list that correlates with the first list. Alongside of each action that you have listed that you enjoy, list what feeling that action generates. This requires more concentration for the automatic response to that is that most of the actions incorporate the same feeling. No, they actually do not. They may incorporate what you term to be good feelings, but they are not all the same. They are different. And acknowledging that some feelings that are enjoyable you may automatically dismiss for they are attached to certain words that you think may not necessarily be good, such as winning or competition. There are actions that you as human individuals engage such as a game or even a debate in which you may actually enjoy engaging the action and enjoy winning and enjoy the competition. And each of those actions produces a different feeling, which are not bad.

Once you have created the correlating list of the feelings that accompany the action list, I have expressed to generate a third list. This list is to incorporate each action and feeling that accompanies the action and to imagine what other actions could generate that same feeling. What could you imagine that would generate that same feeling? Or what combination, which is the fourth list, of actions that you have listed could you imaginatively place together to create an entirely new action that could generate a new exploration?

Now; let me offer a hypothetical, unusual example. Let us say that you are an individual that very much enjoys playing with a dog. Let us say that you enjoy playing the game of fetch with the dog. That is one action upon your list and your feeling that accompanies that action is the enjoyment of playfulness. It is fun. It is satisfying. It is playful. And perhaps further along your list there is another action that you enjoy which may be painting. And the feeling that accompanies the action of painting may be serenity, or directedness, a feeling of being focused. And another action that may be incorporated upon your list may be stargazing. You may very much enjoy astronomy and gazing at the stars and viewing the different configurations of the stars and how they change and the feeling that accompanies that may be wonder and curiosity.

Now; these three actions are very different, are they not?

RENAE: Indeed.

ELIAS: And surfacely it would appear that these three actions could not possibly be incorporated in any combination with each other to produce any viable action or direction. Correct?

RENAE: Unless you’re a dog-painting-stargazer! Yes!

ELIAS: Ah! But that is the key to the imagination. You are not the dog.

RENAE: No, no.

ELIAS: But you enjoy playing with the dog. And the game that you enjoy playing with the dog is fetch.

RENAE: Hmm...

ELIAS: You toss an object and the dog retrieves it.

Now; how can you incorporate the game of tossing an object and the dog retrieving it in association with painting? And how can you expand that and associate it with the stars? In this, perhaps you may invent the game of fetch with the dog that includes paint, in which the dog is retrieving paint, but in the process of retrieving paint may also be engaging the paint, and in relation to the dog retrieving and incorporating the paint, or perhaps the dog may retrieve a brush that is associated with the paint. And once it has retrieved and returned the brush, perhaps together you and the dog may incorporate an action of creating a display that simulates stars in your own configuration by allowing yourself to participate with the dog, painting.

Now; this incorporates imagination and the product may be an expression of art that has incorporated a passion, fun, and enjoyment, satisfaction and can be generated in a capacity of exchange to produce the by-product of the money.

This is the point of becoming clearly and specifically aware of what your passions are, what your enjoyment is, what your fun is and clearly defining all of those feelings that are involved in all of those actions. And therefore, offering yourself the implements and the instruments to engage your imagination in new and creative manners that can allow you to do what you want to do and create the by-product of the money.

Or, let us express that another of the hypothetical actions is an action of engaging other individuals with certain issues, be they physical issues or be they (pause) let us say intellectual issues, or mental issues. Therefore let us express that perhaps the action is engaging other individuals that may incorporate an illness or may incorporate a difference in perception in how they engage the world which you may define as some type of mental deficiency, but regardless, it is different.

Now; let us say the feeling that accompanies that is compassion and satisfaction in connecting with another individual and a genuine appreciation. Now how can you combine that with the other three actions? And you can. In that, you could generate your passion in being helpful and encouraging to other individuals in a healing manner by also involving the paint, the dog, and the stars. (pause)

Which do not necessarily address to a specific physical ailment, but encourage the individual to not focus upon what is malfunctioning or wrong, but rather encourages the individual to be engaged and focusing upon imagination, creativity, and magic.


ELIAS: It is a matter of engaging your own magic, my friend, and being specific in that magic and combining your own natural expressions, your own natural flow, your own passions, in manners that are inventive and creative and allow you to express in new directions that are not dependent upon other individuals or other directions. They are your own direction.

Let me express to you, my friend, throughout your history every individual that has allowed themselves to generate their own unique creativity in their own passion has allowed themselves to invent some expression that creates that automatic by-product of money, whether that was their intention or not. And many times it was not their intention.

You are wondrous creatures with tremendous abilities and a tremendous capacity for imagination. And imagination is merely the implementation of what can be discovered that has not necessarily been discovered before. And that is the nature of consciousness, the never ending expansion. And what is expansion but exploration and inventiveness?

I would be greatly encouraging of you, my friend, for you incorporate tremendous creativity. It is a merely a matter of unleashing that dragon and allowing it to soar. (Elias chuckles)

RENAE: Thank you for that Elias. That was beautiful. I’m going to go over this and take everything that you’ve said in because you’ve said quite a bit for me. You’ve given me many, many clues and I’m very appreciative of that.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. Let me express one small idea for you to view yourself as: you are an alchemist. Do you understand?

RENAE: I believe so.

ELIAS: Remind yourself that you are an alchemist. And that alchemy does exist. Perhaps not in the rigid sense of gold, but gold is also what you perceive it to be, is it not? You are the alchemist of treasure. And that is what an alchemist does; it creates treasure from the mundane.

RENAE: From the mundane.

May I ask you as we finish up here to confirm or validate my thoughts as to my families? And it may give me some clarity, too, as to some of these other things we discussed.

It is my intuitional belief, thought, that I’m of the Milumet family. I belong to that family.

ELIAS: Correct.

RENAE: Correct. Great.

And aligning, I believe I have a bit of Sumari?

ELIAS: I would express that you fluctuate between Sumari and Zuli.

RENAE: And Zuli. That’s a bit of a surprise.

ELIAS: Ha, ha, ha.

RENAE: And I’m soft. I’m a softie?


RENAE: And either emotionally or politically focused?

ELIAS: Political.

RENAE: Political. Okay.

And my name? Is there a connection with Giselle or Jeselle? Or is that something different?

ELIAS: That would be a focus name that is preferred. Therefore, you do incorporate many focuses with that physical naming of Giselle for that is a preferred name of your essence.

I would express that the essence name is Angelica.

RENAE: Angelica. A-N-G-L-I-C-A? (1)


RENAE: Yes, thank you for that. Thank you.

And another query for you, before Mary comes through, I have a great connection to the geographical location of the South Pacific. And I’m playing with the idea that I resonate deeply with that energy and it’s a bit different than the country of my physical birth. And I was wondering if we might - or you might - illuminate why I might have felt uncomfortable in the home, the country, of my birth, and yet feel drawn to a place that I’ve created challenges to inhabit?

ELIAS: I would express that it is quite understandable that you generate this affinity. You do incorporate a strong resonance with these locations. And not merely in one, but in many locations that would be deemed to be the Southern Pacific. In that, you resonate with the energy, that it is more flexible.


ELIAS: It is less conventional. It is less structured. There is enough structure to be comfortable but there is considerable flexibility to encourage that creativity and freedom in that respect.

I would express to you that it is not impossible to align yourself with the physical location that is one you resonate with strongly. And in this, remember, you resonate with many, many physical locations in that region of what you identify as the South Pacific. Therefore, there are many different options, so to speak. Ha, ha, ha.

RENAE: Thank you very much for this chat, this experience, Elias. I greatly appreciate it and I look forward to the opportunity to see both you and Mary again. And Marta sends her regards.

ELIAS: You may express my greetings and my lovingness. And I would express to you that I shall be anticipating our next meeting.

And remember: What better to be an alchemist than an angel? (2)

RENAE: To be an alchemist? I’m sorry, what was that last comment?

ELIAS: What better to be an alchemist than an angel?

RENAE: Than an angel?

ELIAS: Correct.


ELIAS: I shall leave you with that thought, Angelica.

RENAE: That’s a good one. Thank you.

ELIAS: Ha, ha, ha. You are very welcome, my Angelica.

To you in tremendous encouragement and in great lovingness, my friend, au revoir.

RENAE: Au revoir.

Elias departs after 62 minutes.

(1) No letter “e” was offered, but as it was pronounced with an “e” and referenced later in relation to “angel” (2), I have left it as Angelica.

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Copyright 2009 Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved.