Session 280
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The Connective Tissue of Consciousness


"The Connective Tissue of Consciousness"

Thursday, May 14, 1998    © 1998 (Group)
Participants:  Mary (Michael), Forrest (Ellius), Robin (Pierre), Erik (Mosten), Margo (Banth), Nathan (Robertt), Jennifer (Margarite), and a new participant, Darin (Kethay).
Elias arrives at 5:49 PM. (Arrival time was twenty-five seconds)

ELIAS:  Good evening! (Smiling, and the group responds)  This evening we shall be discussing the connective tissue of consciousness; that element of consciousness that provides communication through different dimensions and through different time dimensions, with particular respect to this dimension throughout its time periods and alternate realities that are connected to this particular dimension.

Many individuals hold many questions as to what you view to be mythology within this particular dimension.  I have mentioned previously in these sessions that your mythology is reality, although all of your mythology is not necessarily reality which has been inserted into this particular officially accepted reality within this dimension.  Some of this mythology stems from a knowing of parallel dimensions to this particular dimension, which this knowledge is passed through generations in your particular dimension.

One in particular is your mythology concerning your "lost continent" of Atlantis.  This has invoked many questions with individuals throughout your ages.  You continue to pursue archeological endeavors to be uncovering evidence of this so-called "lost civilization."  There are other elements in conjunction with this civilization that also enter into your stories of mythology.

I shall express to you that this civilization is a reality.  It is NOT inserted into this particular physical dimension.  It occupies a parallel dimension.  Therefore, you may continue to be searching for your ages for evidences of this particular civilization -- which you view to be "lost" -- and you shall not be uncovering the ruins of this civilization, for it is not occupying physical space within this particular dimension.  It is within a parallel dimension to yourselves.
Within this particular dimension, THIS physical dimension, I have stated many times: you hold countless other dimensions within this dimension.  You hold time dimensions and you hold alternate dimensions.  These are not probable dimensions.  That would be a different subject matter entirely, for probable realities are those realities which you within this dimension create and insert elsewhere in consciousness.  These of which I speak this evening are dimensions in themselves.

Now; let us move back to what I term to be "before the beginning."  Before the beginning of what you know of your species presently, in the creation of this particular physical dimension were those essences representative of each of the nine essence families, which we term to be Dream Walkers.  These were essences not entirely physically focused.  They inserted themselves into this dimension to be creating of this particular dimension, but were not choosing to be entirely physically focused.  Therefore, your physical view of these individuals would be more of a translucent form.  Some essences chose to be entirely physically manifesting.  This was the beginning of your creation of this particular dimension.

Now; in this also, these Dream Walkers have been interactive in parallel dimensions to your own.  In this, there have been civilizations created such as your civilization of Atlantis, and these continue within your present now.

As to the connective tissue of consciousness, this particular subject holds importance, for it is affecting of you and it may offer you answers to many of your questions that you have held throughout your ages.  Within this same dimension that your Atlanteans exist, other civilizations continue their existence, as they have moved out of this particular dimension and into that particular dimension; just as I have expressed to you previously that creatures upon your planet, when exhibiting the choice of what you term to be extinction, they merely move from one dimension to another dimension.  They are not non-existent any longer.  They are merely not existent within your officially accepted reality.  In this same manner, cultures also have moved in what you may term to be extinction into another dimension, and continue.

There are many myths surrounding your civilization of Atlantis.  Many of these stories are more accurate than you realize.  There are stories surrounding this particular civilization, of essences that appeared initially in the form similar to what I have expressed to you as the Dream Walkers.  These essences were those that religiously have been classified as "the sons of light" or "the supreme beings" or many other terminologies that set them apart as "the creators."

Be remembering that these terminologies and these stories are influenced by belief systems, and are handed to generations and MORE influenced by belief systems, especially in the areas of religious belief systems.  Therefore, you shall find much material upon this subject which shall express to you many religious overtones.

Within the dimension that these individuals occupy, they have been interactive with the Dream Walkers, as have you also, and these Dream Walkers continue their interaction to this present now, as they do also with you.

I have spoken previously of experiments within physical forms.  Your evolutionary process that you are taught is incorrect.  You have not evolved in the manner that you believe yourselves to have evolved.  Your sciences look for what they term to be "missing links" within your evolutionary process, for there are gaps in their findings of artifacts that do not explain certain changes and what they view to be "jumps" in the evolutionary chain of developments for your species, and also for some other species.  The reason there are "missing links" is that you have developed new belief systems in the area of your sciences.  In this, you have accepted this reality that you have evolved through a certain time framework.

Let me express to you, you as individuals blink in and out continuously.  You blink so quickly that your "in" time, which you are aware of, seems completely uninterrupted.  You are unaware objectively of your "out" time.  As you blink out, you are interactive with other dimensions, but your attention moves to this dimension.  I mention this to you, for your planet and your existence upon this planet also blinks in and out.

Your sciences express that your world holds a definite age.  Your sciences do not allow for much information within consciousness that they may not hold evidence physically of, although as your time progresses they discover more and more physical evidences that are inconsistent with their original beliefs.  Your particular planet is much, much older than your sciences believe.  It has blinked in and blinked out many times.  In this, you as a species have occupied this particular "blink in" for much longer than you realize.  In this, I have expressed previously that even within what you now term to be your Americas, your existence of your species extends beyond fifty thousand years previous to this present now.  Your sciences shall be recovering evidences of this, and are in the process of these discoveries presently.

Another myth which is in conjunction with your Atlantean culture is that your Atlantis was sunk into the depths of your seas, but not before its inhabitants would be fleeing their native land and scattering to different areas of your globe, establishing new cultures, creating what you may term the origins of new civilizations.

I express to you that within the knowledge of this parallel dimension, you use information that you hold within consciousness to be explaining to yourselves your own existence and your own civilizations, and answering questions to yourselves that your sciences and your religions are inadequate for answering.  I express to you that this concept, this story of these Atlanteans escaping and repopulating in different areas of your globe, is closer to truthfulness than what your sciences express to you.
Atlantis has not occupied this dimension.  It did not sink into your ocean and its inhabitants did not scatter, creating new cultures throughout your globe; but the element of the story that IS correct is that you have originated your species within each of your main continents upon your globe.  You did not originate your species singularly in one area upon one continent and populate and then migrate northerly to what you term to be Europe and Asia, and you did not migrate across a strait and populate downward into what you view to be your Americas presently.  These Dream Walkers -- which you are a part of, make no mistake of that -- have created the existence of your species in each of your continents simultaneously.  Therefore, you view differences in appearances.  These also are elements of the experimentations within physical form of these Dream Walkers.

You have experimented with physical form in many manners.  You have chosen to be experimenting with different types of forms, which also shows itself within your mythology.  Now, these HAVE been inserted into this particular dimension and this officially accepted reality.  Your paintings and your sculptures of creatures that appear to be partially man and partially creature are not projections of imagination.  They are re-creations of that which you know has been within existence upon your particular planet within this officially accepted reality in this dimension, and have existed as experimental forms which were not continued and were not adopted as your final officially accepted form, for they were inefficient.  This is not to say that they were "bad"; merely inefficient for what you have been choosing to be creating within your civilizations.

Therefore, I express to you that each of your continents has also held its own experimentations in forms, of your species and of other species.  You have chosen to be creating of different types of appearances within different locations of your planet to be offering yourselves a wondrous variety.  Your basic form and its functioning is the same, but your coloration, your expression of these forms, is slightly different.  This offers you variety visually, and also offers you the opportunity to assign differences in cultures to these differences in appearances.

The mythology of your Atlantean civilization also suggests connections between these individuals scattered throughout your planet and certain creations that you as a species have created upon your planet.  This offers you the explanation for your pyramids and their appearance within different areas of your planet.  I express to you, this be the area of your connective tissue of consciousness.

You hold much more awareness and knowledge than you THINK you hold.  You are continually tapping into what I have termed to be Regional Area 3 of consciousness, which is a collective conscious.  In this collective, you may access very much information and you may cross dimensions to be accessing information.

In this crossing of dimensions, you allow yourselves as individuals and as cultures to be connecting with other cultures and other individuals within your dimension and expressing yourselves in like kind.  This offers you an objective connection that you may objectively view, that no matter that you be upon what you term to be opposite sides of your planet or that you do not hold communication within the technology that you hold in this present now, you continue to be connected and not separated within consciousness, and you continue to offer each other information and the confirmation of this through your objective expressions.

Atlanteans did not teach Egyptians or South Americans or Central Americans to build pyramids.  You within this dimension have built these marvels yourselves and have tapped into the collective consciousness to be sharing of information, that you may validate yourselves and also remind yourselves that there is no separation in consciousness, that although you manifest yourselves encased in a form and you view yourselves to be separated from each other and from all that you create, you are not, and there are very strong elements within consciousness that bind you all together, and that you share the same creativity and the same direction within this dimension.

I express these subjects to you, that you may look to your history within this dimension and you may view the interconnectedness of all of yourselves, and you may also look to your present now and your future in conjunction with this shift in consciousness and recognize that as all before you has not been separated, all that is presently is not separated, and as you have moved in like expression and creations in what you term to be past, you continue to move in like expressions and creations presently and futurely.

Therefore, although objectively you may view what you think of as very slow or a lack or movement and involvement of individuals within this shift in consciousness, be assured that it escalates and it IS within great movement within this present now.  Just as individuals within your Americas built pyramids and held no objective knowledge that these similar structures occupy lands halfway across your globe and that other individuals have created these same structures, it matters not that you hold an objective awareness of the vastness of movement.  You move in your spheres, so to speak, presently, within this present now within your location, and the movement within consciousness accelerates and is occurring throughout your globe.  This also offers you elements within consciousness, that you may tap into information that shall be helpful to yourselves in your sojourn in this action of this shift, and you may be also helpful to other individuals.

We shall break, and you may continue and I shall allow for questions, and we may be attempting our game!  (Grinning)

BREAK   6:28 PM
RESUME  6:58 PM (Time was ten seconds)

ELIAS:  Continuing.  (Pause)  Have you no inquiries?  (Smiling)

MARGO:  I recently read something about studies of mitochondrial DNA indicating that the mitochondrial DNA of all humans that were non-African was identifiable as a subset of the mitochondrial DNA of people of African descent, and I was wondering how that fits in with the arising of the human species in entirely separate places.

ELIAS:  I have offered information previously in the area of genetics and your DNA and RNA.  In this, you choose upon entering into this physical focus what elements of DNA that you shall manifest within you physically.  You also choose elements of your DNA to not be manifesting.  This be the reason that there appears to be inconsistencies within certain genetic lines, so to speak, in which some individuals do not fit within the genetic heritage that they are within.

I may also express to you that it matters not that you have created different expressions throughout your globe, or what you may term to be separate origins of your species, for you are all intermingled regardless.  Therefore, you also may be sharing of your DNA qualities, and it matters not.  It is not suggestive that all of your species has sprung from this one particular area and the manifestations of that particular area.  Certain individuals, and also en masse, choose to be adopting different qualities genetically which may be beneficial to them within their physical expression.  This is not an indication of their lineage in what you think of as an evolutionary process.

As I have expressed, you have not moved through an evolutionary process upon your planet.  You have created different separate expressions of forms throughout your ages, but you have not in actuality moved in the direction of an evolutionary process.  In this, though, you also lend energy to the perpetuation of your scientific belief systems by offering yourselves information that shall be supportive of what you believe.

MARGO:  So are you saying that the interpretation that's been made of this, all the same mitochondrial DNA everywhere else except for Africans, the interpretation has been wrong?

ELIAS:  Correct.  This is quite common within physical focus.  You may be offered much information and you shall selectively view what you choose to view, which shall be supportive of your own thought processes and your own belief systems, and you will deny the information that is not supportive of these belief systems.

You are quite adept at focusing your attention singularly within the areas of your belief systems; and those element that are in agreement with these belief systems and supportive of these belief systems you accept, and those elements that are not, you do not allow yourselves to even view.  You ignore.  This be the reason also why there may be expressed trauma within this shift in consciousness, for individuals are continuing within the direction of their belief systems, and more elements of consciousness are becoming known to them, but as surprise, unexpectedly.  Therefore, it is information outside of their officially accepted reality and belief systems.

This be also the reason that I speak with you, that you may hold the information and that you may offer this information to other individuals, and thereby lessen the amount of trauma that individuals shall be experiencing in regard to this shift in consciousness.

You offer yourselves many opportunities to view the limitedness of your explorations and your discoveries.  You view that certain discoveries are wondrously amazing, but they are merely a small piece, and only that which supports what you already accept within your belief systems.

For much time framework, you have accepted that your origins spring from one location.  Your sciences and your religions support this, that you hold your origins of your species upon one continent and that you have branched from there.  Therefore, in this you also allow yourselves discoveries limitedly that shall support this belief system, but in widening your awareness and offering yourselves more information, opening to your consciousness and recognizing that there is much more available to you than you allow yourselves, you may also be noticing of much more information which is much more supportive of the vaster picture than merely the small picture that you allow yourselves to view presently.

FORREST:  Speaking of science, you have indicated comments to the effect of science as it currently stands being inadequate.  May you be offering suggestions as to what sort of directions would be most effective in correcting that?

ELIAS:  The most efficient manner to be addressing to this situation would be for your sciences to be incorporating the acceptance of consciousness and that which is beyond their limited capabilities of measurement within physical elements.  There are more elements within your reality than may be measured physically, but may be explaining to you of many of your physical experiments.  Your sciences deny the existence of consciousness, which is creating of all that is.  They view that you are creating of all that is, that physical elements are creating of all that is, and from this questionably may spring consciousness in certain areas.  In actually, no thing is created without consciousness first.  (Pause)

NATHAN:  Elias, I'd like to talk a little bit about birth visions.  Could you go into that a little bit?

ELIAS:  And what be your inquiry in this area?

NATHAN:  Could you explain to us how maybe we could use some sort of technique to attain that vision again, and to check the path that we're on?  (A crooked smile from Elias here)

ELIAS:  Be remembering that although you enter a physical focus with what we may term to be a pool of probabilities, this is not set.  You are not destined to be moving in a certain direction, and in this, although you hold the potential for this particular pool of probabilities, this may be altered at any moment within your physical focus.  Therefore, you may easily confuse yourselves in some areas, in looking to certain concepts and placing too much importance in these particular areas.

I may express to you that you hold the ability to offer yourself the remembrance of essence before manifesting into the physical form, which offers you the viewing of the potential of the direction of the pool of probabilities that you may choose for that particular focus.

Let me qualify.  An essence may choose to be focusing the personality energy into an individual focus at the moment of conception or at any moment until a small one is of a year old.  Therefore, this vision of which you speak may be tapped within any of that time framework, recognizing that each essence chooses its own entry time into the physical form.  It has created the physical form from conception.  It has developed the growth of that physical form, but the personality energy of essence may not be merged with that particular physical form that it has created immediately.  Therefore, you may view that you may tap into a remembrance of what you may term to be before your mergence with the body form, and this shall offer you that original choice of direction within your pool of probabilities.

I caution you, though, not to be viewing this as absolute and too rigidly, for many of the pools of probabilities which are adopted initially are also changed or altered within early years of the individual, and they may be adding to their pool of probabilities to be allowing for a greater expression of their own creativity and experiences.  Within this particular time period, this action has become much more common, for individuals are becoming more aware of this shift and therefore allowing more of an expansiveness of their own consciousness and openness to their awareness, therefore adding to their pool of probabilities, expanding their creativity.  All of you present have altered your pools of probabilities within this particular focus to be encompassing more of your own creativity and expansiveness within consciousness.

But if you are so choosing, you may allow yourself the opportunity to be engaging this viewing, and I shall be suggesting to you that within this particular culture that you hold presently, your most efficient manner of movement initially into these areas would be to allow yourself to enter an altered state.  This may be facilitated with another individual in that which you term to be hypnosis, which may offer you initially more of an ease into an altered state.  You may also acquire an objective realization that you hold the ability to place yourself in this type of altered state at will yourself, and thereby offer yourself much information in many areas that you seek.

NATHAN:  I'd like to ask one more question about the colors of the essence families.  Are these actually the colors that we radiate?  Are these the colors that would be the color of our aura?

ELIAS:  No.  Let me clarify.

You hold energy centers within your physical form.  These energy centers move in vibrational quality to colors.  They are in harmony with the vibrational quality of each of the colors within your color spectrum.  In this, what you term to be your aura, your energy field, the colors within that energy field are the radiation of those physical energy centers within your physical body radiating outwardly and surrounding you in what becomes an energy field around you, which is equally physical and part of your physical form as that which you may touch (slapping Mary's leg) and see.

You may also train yourselves to visually perceive energy fields.  In this, you may also offer yourselves and other individuals information as to your conditions, for your energy centers within your physical form respond to you.  They respond to your subjective direction.  Therefore, as in example, if you are experiencing an intensely emotional moment, your energy field shall be reflecting the energy center which is affected, which will be your yellow, your solar plexus.  This energy center is directing of your emotion, and it is very affected and is affecting of your energy field around you.  Therefore, if you are viewing an individual within a moment of extreme emotional expression and you are allowing yourself to view their energy field around them, it shall appear to you for the most part to be yellow.

Your energy field changes within the dominant color in alignment with what you are creating.  You do not hold the color basically within your energy field of the essence family that you are belonging to or that you are aligning with.  These are vibrational tones that you align with and that you magnate to, but this is not your individual expression which shall be projected within your physical energy field.

NATHAN:  Thank you.

ROBIN:  I have a brief question about our alignments with essence families and other alignments in the game.  I know you said color is a truth, but are most of these associations representative of our time and space and group within the moment?  Basically, I'm asking if they can change.  Say, if I was in a different group or a different area, would I take on different elements of essence families?  Is it a function of everything, or is it a truth that is consistent?

ELIAS:  As I have expressed to you previously, truths are those elements within consciousness that are consistent and unchanging within all dimensions.  As to these essence families, I express to you that these essence families are groupings of essences within like tone to each other which magnate to this particular dimension and the creation of it, the continual creation of it.  Therefore, they are not necessarily relative to all other areas of consciousness.

Now; within tone, these groupings or families of essences align with certain vibrational qualities within consciousness.  Therefore, they are, in this dimension, assigned certain colors.  Those colors are representative of the vibrational quality that that particular grouping or family is the most aligned with within consciousness, but it is also relative to this dimension, therefore would not be qualified as a truth.  Although essence is a truth, the families would not be qualified as a truth, for they are merely grouped for this dimension.  Within other dimensions there are other groupings, other numbers, other essences that group together within tone to be creating of those particular dimensions.  These nine are interconnected with this particular dimension.  (Pause)

Shall we on to our game, (grinning) and shall you attempt? (The group responds enthusiastically)

NATHAN:  Mary had a category that she wanted to present.  Prehistoric animals, the color red, brontosaurus.  (Milumet)

ELIAS:  One point.

FORREST:  Category of political affiliations, Libertarian, Sumafi.

ELIAS:  Acceptable.

ROBIN:  How about in planets, Chiron with Tumold.

ELIAS:  One point.

MARGO:  Countries, family of Borledim, Armenia.

ELIAS:  Acceptable.  Borledim.  (Correcting pronunciation)

MARGO:  Thank you.  (Twenty-five second pause)

NATHAN:  Aspect personalities, green, Gandhi. (Ilda)

ELIAS:  Acceptable.

ROBIN:  How about animals, jaguar, Zuli.

ELIAS:  Ah!  Now I shall offer you the rules of the game!  (Laughter)  You may save this entry for our next engagement, for the agreement has been made that you each may offer one entry for one point per our engagements.  Therefore, as this stands presently, you may hold this memory and enter at our next meeting!  (Chuckling)

JENNIFER:  How about red, movies, Kundun.  (Milumet)

ELIAS:  One point.

ERIK:  How about plants, rose, green/Ilda.

ELIAS:  Less probable.  (Grinning)

Vic's note:  This was entered previously, in the category of flowers.

DARIN:  Will you tell me what essence family I am?

ELIAS:  Essence name, Kethay; K-E-T-H-A-Y.  Essence family, Sumafi; alignment, Tumold.  (Eighteen second pause)

And are you wishing of more questions this evening?

JENNIFER:  I have a question.  It's kind of a random one, though.  I think in our belief systems we have something called "the evil eye."  I know that comes from belief systems, but there's also looking at people intently to ascertain something, but I'm not quite sure what one is to ascertain.

ELIAS:  Within physical focus, you hold the ability to hold to your energy and not be allowing another individual to objectively penetrate, and therefore not allow a sharing of information.

Example:  You may engage what you term to be a psychic.  This individual may look to you and may express to you that they see nothing, for you hold the ability to offer within consciousness permission that they may access your most probable probabilities within one layer of consciousness or not.  For the most part though, individuals automatically allow an openness, to a certain degree.  Most individuals hold to certain elements of their energy, for you hold belief systems that express to you that there are some areas of your expression of your existence that are unacceptable, and therefore shall be hidden.

In essence, there are no secrets.  In essence, there is no thing hidden, but within your objective expressions within physical focus, you may be holding to certain elements and not allowing another individual to be connecting with this, for you hold to your own energy very tightly.  As I have expressed, for the most part individuals DO allow a degree of openness.  Therefore, it is not difficult for another individual to approach you, and if so applying themselves they may look to you, and you may experience what you may term to be their piercing through you.

You have created sayings to yourselves within this dimension that "the eyes are the window to the soul," for you may look to another individual and be visually connecting with them, and they may pierce to you in most parts of you if you are allowing this action, but they may not if you are not allowing.

(Intently)  Essences are not intrusive.  Therefore, what you do not allow shall not be.  There is no action that an essence may protrude or intrude to you without your permission.  Only within agreement may a mergence or an intersection be occurring.  This be the reason that there is no thing, as is dictated by your belief systems, as walk-ins.  Another essence shall not occupy your form and be taking over, so to speak, your expression.  This is intrusive, and essences are not intrusive.  Consciousness is not intrusive.

JENNIFER:  So you ask them to come in.  (Elias nods)

ELIAS:  Many times you are creating of situations yourselves as projections of your own energy.  You may project your own energy and you may physically manifest many things with your own energy.  You are quite powerful and quite adept at projecting energy and creating physical elements with your own energy!  This would be the situation of what your belief systems dictate as "possessions."  There is no essence that would be so intrusive as to be possessing of another essence, but through the expression of your own fearfulness, YOU may create your own demons for yourselves, and you may even physically manifest them before you, that you may view them.  Many individuals create these situations, and do physically view an entity.  It is a projection of their own energy, which also shall be validating to you of how wondrously powerful you are, and creative!

FORREST:  I have a question.  Would you be interested to comment on the Philadelphia experiment in terms of what actually happened there?  This is an area of interest of mine that hasn't been addressed to.

Vic's note:  This has been partially addressed in an early session, as I have an interest in this area also.  I find it interesting that it is being brought up again now.  I will include an excerpt from the early session at the end of this transcript.  See footnote ().

ELIAS:  I will express to you that within your experimentations within your sciences, you have approached times, so to speak, that you have moved close to an understanding of the workings of consciousness and the manipulation of elements of consciousness within physical dimensions.  This one experiment is one of those.  It is not the only one.  You have experimented many times throughout your history.  In this, you attempt to be experimenting with elements of consciousness in a physical manner.

The knowledge is held of the ability to be accomplishing certain actions in consciousness.  This knowledge is attempted to be translated into physical manipulations.  Miscalculations are made in these areas, for there is not enough of an allowance of the knowledge of consciousness and too much emphasis upon the scientific belief systems, which interferes with the natural flow.  In this interference of the natural flow, there is a partial accomplishment, but as it is partial, the physical aspects are damaged.

This is the agreement of those within participation, recognizing that the body consciousness within one particular focus of essence may be allowed to be "sacrificed," so to speak, in the endeavor, within the agreement of participation of the experiment.  The area that the experiment goes awry is that those individuals participating are relying upon the physical elements, and misinterpreting within their interpretation and translation of the information.

Let me express to you clearly.  You may engage a vision or a dream or information that shall filter through to you in a number of manners.  The information that you receive, you then translate into what you may understand.  In an attempt to be expanding their awareness, the individuals participating within this experiment attempted to incorporate information acquired through consciousness, but "stuffed" the information into too small of a container.  The information that is received for interdimensional travel is much too vast to be contained into the smallness of the calculations that these individuals attempted to be engaging.

I shall deviate briefly and express to you that as I have stated previously, within the relative midpoint of your approaching century, your sciences shall be moving into areas of discovery to be projecting you into much more efficient modes of travel, and within the action of this shift you shall also allow yourselves much more of a realistic understanding of interdimensional travel, but you shall also understand the mistakes, so to speak -- although there are no mistakes -- of those individuals that have preceded and have attempted to be crossing a dimension, which was successful, but upon return, the sacrifice was the physical distortion which entered back into this particular dimension.

There is a reconstruction of form that occurs in moving from one dimension to another dimension.  You may physically appear the same, but structurally, the cooperation of the links of consciousness that make up your form must reconfigure themselves to be adapting to the quality of another physical dimension, and in re-entering into this dimension must reconstruct again to be conforming with the design of this particular dimension.  This is the element that was not accounted for, for it was not calculated, the element of consciousness, but the element of physical matter.  (In other words, the element of physical matter was calculated, but the element of consciousness was not taken into account.  Poor sentence, Elias!)

Each cell, each molecule, each atom is made up of links of consciousness.  Those links are that which reconfigure themselves to allow you the adaptation from one dimension to another dimension, which is entirely possible and you may be accomplishing within the action of this shift, but this shall not be accomplished without the recognition that these links of consciousness exist and THEY are the elements that need be reconfigured to be adapting to the environment, so to speak, of another dimension, and then reconfigure themselves to be re-entering into this dimension.

These are not merely mathematical equations, and in limiting yourselves to your sciences and your mathematical equations, you also create your scientific "blunders."  (Smiling)  But as I expressed, this is not a mistake, for is has been purposefully executed for your information, that you may view.  (Pause)

Very well.  Are you wishing of more questions this evening?

NATHAN:  I have one more question.  Are you in any way connected with Seth?

ELIAS:  (Smiling)  In a manner of speaking, but also not.  (Laughter)  This has been my teacher also within other areas of consciousness, but within this present now, that essence of which you speak has moved into another area of consciousness in a different direction than that which I occupy presently.  But the information which has been offered by that teacher has served as the prelude for this information and therefore has been purposefully delivered and executed, and has been in cooperation with this essence of Elias in agreement of offering information to you all to be in preparation of this shift in consciousness.

Initially, what has been important to be offered is information of yourselves, for if you do not know yourselves, you shall not be prepared for what you are creating.  This teacher has offered you information of yourselves, and now within this present time frame, I offer you information of what you create.

ROBIN:  I have a quick question.  I've recently had a series of dreams over the past few weeks that are definitely on a different level than most of my dreams.  They're all focusing on initiations, either solving puzzles or riddles or going through some sort of process of initiation, as if on another level.  It definitely seems to be building up.  I don't wake up with actual answers to the riddles or anything, but it seems to be a continuing process that's been enhanced over the last few weeks, and I was wondering if it's part of a connection with what I've been doing here, as far as assimilating information.

ELIAS:  This is imagery that you are offering to yourself that is connected to this movement and your involvement within this forum.  What you are projecting to yourself is an awareness of what you term to be a process.  In this -- I am not expressing "you" singularly, for you all term this to be a process -- what you have offered yourself in imagery is the recognition of this process, the puzzle pieces that come together to form the picture, and the picture is much vaster than you have viewed previously, and as you are offering yourself dream imagery, recognize that this is expressing the enormity of this movement and also the reality of this interaction.  This is not imagination.  This IS reality, and you are a participant in this reality, and in this dream imagery you also offer yourself clarity.  Even within the imagery itself, it becomes more clear than other dream imagery.

This is imagery also in itself, expressing to you that you are becoming more clear in your vision of what you are participating within and what you are engaging and that this IS reality, and you shall be engaging the process of addressing to your own belief systems and allow yourself to be learning to accept these belief systems, that you may be helpful to other individuals also within the action of this shift.  (Smiling)

ROBIN:  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are welcome.

FORREST:  We've got like five minutes left on the tape.

ELIAS:  Very well.  I shall be disengaging this evening and expressing to you each and to you all much fondness.  I express to you a great affection this evening, and an anticipation for our next meeting, and we shall be engaging our game!  (Grinning)

To you all this evening ... (somebody says something inaudible here, and Elias smiles and nods)  To you, I extend au revoir!

Elias departs at 8:10 PM.

Vic's note:  Here, Forrest pans the camera around the room, giving each person an opportunity to say hi to me, and giving me an opportunity to connect visually with everybody.  What a great idea!  Very cool!  Here's some quick impressions backatcha.

To Robin:  I see an expansive aura, very light in color, perhaps indicating an ease in being open in many situations.

To Margo:  Counterpart to Margot/Jeselle.  This has nothing to do with your name!  Also, see note below about the square spiral.

To Erik:  Very kind, and VERY familiar to me.  Interesting!

To Nathan:  Very friendly and comfortable with the group, and holds qualities of being both introverted and extroverted.

To Jennifer:  Not too comfortable in a group situation, but allowing an awareness of connections within consciousness; perhaps dispersed?

To Darin:  You have specific information to offer in some area that will be helpful to the group, but I'm not sure what it is.

To Forrest:  Great shot of your beard!

To Mary:  Oh, shut up!

Regarding the square spiral:  This is the third group session in Vermont.  At the second session, Margo asked about a symbol that enables her to access altered states of consciousness.  She described this as a "spiral maze," and has further clarified this to be a square spiral.  This is very similar to the memory tile, which is circular rather than square, both spirals beginning in the center and spiraling outward in a clockwise direction.  I would like to attempt to connect with you, Margo, within a shared focus on this symbol.


(1)  The actual exchange appeared slightly different to me both at the beginning of this session and after the break, although it's difficult to say exactly how.  I am referring to the period of time that begins when Mary closes her eyes and ends when Elias starts speaking, which is usually less than thirty seconds.

(2)  For the most part, I edit the game entries to category, entry, and family.

(3)  Regarding the Philadelphia experiment, here's an excerpt from session #6 dated 5/14/95: (WOW!  I just noticed that both of these scripts are dated 5/14.  Now what are the odds of THAT??)

VICKI:  Concerning the concept of time, in OUR terms ... (laughter)

ELIAS:  Thank you! (Grinning)

VICKI:  ... would you please comment on the Philadelphia experiment?

ELIAS:  You wish to know if it is possible?

VICKI:  I wish to know if it happened!

ELIAS:  There are many more facts involved, but it IS possible for you all to supersede time and space.  These are relative terms and concepts.  They in actuality do not exist.  This is why it can be accomplished.  You do not need fancy experiments to do this!  There are many scientific people who do not believe they can accomplish this without much measuring of everything!  They "accidentally happen upon" very natural states, and then they feel they have discovered something wonderful!  They try to keep this information to themselves, not because it would be harmful but because they wish to hoard it and they do not wish to share, and they also do not understand.  You in your focus have the ability to accomplish the same things as they do.  They only BELIEVE that these things must be accomplished in specific environments.  Their problem is that they do not understand what they have done.  If they were to shift their focus, they would not know what to do!  Their measuring instruments would not be necessary.  This unnerves the scientific community.

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