Session 276

Slippery Situations


"Slippery Situations"

Saturday, April 25, 1998   © 1998 (Private/Phone)
Participants:  Mary (Michael), Forrest (Ellius), Marcos (Marta), and Marissa (Isabel).
Vic's note:  Marissa is thirteen years old, and Marcos is her father.  I think this session was conducted long-distance from Mexico City.
Elias arrives at 11:43 AM. (Arrival time was twenty seconds)

ELIAS:  Good morning!

MARCOS:  Good morning, Elias.  How are you?

ELIAS:  As always, and yourself?

MARCOS:  We're doing very well.  Isabel is here with me, and as you know, we're using this telephone system, so we'll try to do our best to come very clear across to you, but we can hear you fine.  It really, really is good to hear you!

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  And how be the little Isabel?

MARISSA:  Fine, thank you.

ELIAS:  Good day, Isabel.  How goes your investigation?

MARISSA:  Very good.  I've gotten better at it!

ELIAS:  Have you!  And have you connected with which of the twins you are?

MARISSA:  Well, I've kind of had a feeling that I could be Maya.

ELIAS:  Ah, very good!  You are correct.  So, you ARE investigating of this other focus!  And are you engaging fun in this action?


ELIAS:  Very good!  (Chuckling)  And I express my extreme loss at our NOT meeting at our last session.

MARISSA:  I have a question about the same focus.  I was feeling that we, me and my twin, that when we live in Peru, we don't have that much money.  We're okay, but we're not....

ELIAS:  Correct.

MARISSA:  And then I have this friend who is anorexic, but she seems okay and she feels good.  She's always happy, but how can I help her or why is she doing this?  (Pause)

ELIAS:  There are choices that individuals create for themselves, even as children, that seem to you and to other individuals to be quite extreme and unacceptable, for they are creating what you view to be hurtfulness to themselves.  At times, an individual may enter a physical focus and hold such a very grave lack of trust of self that even as a child, they shall manifest certain elements physically within themselves that mirror the inner turmoil that they are experiencing.  (Pause)

MARISSA:  Thank you.

ELIAS:  The method, so to speak, of which you may be helpful to your friend is to be supportive and to be accepting, for at times individuals within physical focus may be connecting to and accepting within themselves the acceptance of another individual and allowing that to become a substitute temporarily for their own acceptance.

Let me explain that this may be exhibited in a similar manner to an individual who has created a physical injury in which they may create difficulty for themselves in the activity of walking.  Let us express that you may have a friend that is involved in what you would term to be an accident, and within this accident, physically they injure one of their legs, causing themselves to not hold the ability temporarily of walking.  You as the friend would have no difficulty or confusion in recognizing how you may be helpful to your friend.  You may physically support them and walk with them, and in this encourage them to walk themselves alone eventually, correct?  (Pause)

MARISSA:  Okay, thank you.

ELIAS:  I shall continue.  In this same manner, you may be supportive of your friend in being accepting of your friend and acknowledging to this friend that they shall accomplish eventually, and in your acceptance this shall be encouraging of their own trustfulness of themself, and this shall be helpful.  You need only recognize that your friend is experiencing fearfulness and a lack of trust and acceptance within self, and in this seeks outside of self to be gaining that trust and acceptance which they are blocking within themselves.  Therefore, I express to you that in this situation, it is quite possible for you to be helpful to your friend.

MARISSA:  Okay.  Thank you very much.

ELIAS:  You are welcome.

MARCOS:  Elias, on something sort of related, I wanted to ask you about two nephews that I have.  One is my youngest sister's son.  His name is Luis -- he's actually not the youngest, but it's my youngest sister -- and another nephew whose name is Diego, who both seem to have somewhat similar but unrelated difficulties, let's say, from our point of view.  They've been to many doctors all over the place, and some doctors say that they are autistic.  Nobody really knows.  Isabel and I have talked about this a lot.  We know that they are creating their experience, seeing some things.  Sometimes it's very frustrating for us because my sister and my other relatives, it's hard for them to accept it.  Of course, Castille does.  So we were just wondering ... I think what you just said about Isabel's friend is probably the same answer, is it not?

ELIAS:  Not entirely.  To these small ones, the choice is different.  This would not be a situation of fearfulness and a lack of trust within self at young ages.  This is a choice in a particular manifestation.  These two small ones are focuses of the same essence, which has chosen to be manifesting two focuses closely related in the same genetic pool and the same heritage and also the same time framework.  This would be a choice for the enhancement of the experience which has been chosen within these particular focuses.  Within the pool of probabilities of these small ones, there are probabilities that the action of this creation may alter futurely and discontinue in the manner that it is being manifest presently.  This essence has chosen a particular type of experience, but is choosing two focuses to be experiencing; for one focus, in your terms, is not enough for the fullness of this particular experience or experiment.

MARCOS:  That's fascinating!  Now, does this mean that they would be not continuing futurely with this experiment, in our terms?  In other words, being around a longer time?

ELIAS:  No.  Do not misunderstand.  I am not speaking of disengagement.  I am speaking of the choice of experience as temporary -- that within the pool of probabilities holds the most probable probability of altering this choice, changing this choice and manifesting the display of different behavior -- for the experiment in this choice of experience is not necessary to hold throughout the entirety of the focus.

MARCOS:  Okay, that's very clear.  I understand now.  Thank you for clearing that up.

ELIAS:  You are welcome.

MARCOS:  On another slightly different subject, when you were answering Isabel's question about the example of someone having an accident, I have a question here about something that happened to me very recently, and I've been trying to figure out why, but I haven't.  I was getting into the shower -- I was at a friend's house -- and I fell in the shower just as I was getting in, and I hit myself face-first on the floor and scraped my face, and there was some injury to different parts of my body.  I know that for some reason I wanted to call attention to myself or something, but I haven't quite figured it out.  Can you help on this?

ELIAS:  Quite extreme imagery, is it not?  I shall be suggesting to you that futurely, if you are choosing to slap yourself in the face, that you may choose a less offensive method!  (Chuckling, and Marcos laughs)

You are correct that you have been attempting to gain your own attention.  Now be observing your own imagery.  You place yourself in the situation of covering yourself with an element, water, which is outwardly covering the entirety of your form.  You step and you create the imagery of slipping.  In this slipping -- for the ground beneath you is slippery -- you stumble and you fall, and in this fall you damage yourself partially.

Look with me at this imagery.  You have created a situation within your experience recently of covering yourself, allowing your camouflage to be that which is projected instead of baring yourself to other individuals.  In this, in creating partially an illusion for others to view, you place yourself upon slippery ground.  In placing yourself upon slippery ground, you also create within your focus the possibility of stumbling.

Think to your relationships: the covering partially pulling back, so to speak -- partially, not entirely -- and in this action also creating of the slippery ground, for this is influencing of other individuals which interpret within their perception of a lack of understanding, or concern, or suspect.  In this, you are setting yourself up, so to speak, for your stumble, and this not only may be damaging to yourself, which it is most of all, but also partially to others.  Are you understanding?

MARCOS:  Perfectly.  I think that I felt, as I have reflected upon this, that it was based on fear.  And as you mentioned, the positioning of myself on slippery ground and stumbling ... it makes perfect sense now.  It makes perfect sense, not only for me, but for the other individuals that you were referring to.  It's absolutely very clear.  Thank you very much.

ELIAS:  You are welcome.

MARCOS:  I WILL be observing myself!

ELIAS:  Very good.

MARCOS:  A slightly different question now, Elias, if I may.  I was speaking with Cindel, as I always do just about every day, and she has been visualizing with a lot of imagery the all-elusive Vincent.  She now places him in the vicinity of Houston, and Houston has been coming up very much in my creation as well.  My job has been leading me to Houston very much.  There are people involved in my company that are moving to Houston.  We're doing a lot of things in Houston.  So, she wanted to know if there was a relationship in all of this.

ELIAS:  It is the continuation of the probabilities that you are pulling together.  This be the reason that you draw yourselves to certain areas.

MARCOS:  This makes sense.  We've been, as you know, dwelling upon and lending energy to the situation with Vincent, and I think things have evolved.  Yes, they are starting to be clearer in a way, or being created in a more familiar place, no?

ELIAS:  In an area that you come together collectively, as opposed to the scatteredness that you have been experiencing previously.  You are drawing your energies to a central location.

MARCOS:  That's great.  Cindel will be very happy to hear that!  Okay, I'm going to let Isabel ask a couple of questions.

MARISSA:  My mom ... I was wondering what her essence name was?

ELIAS:  Yanise-ya; Y-A-N-I-S-E-hyphen-Y-A.  (-ya pronounced yae)

MARCOS:  Can you give me the first three letters again?


MARISSA:  Okay, I have another question having to do with a focus.   I have another friend, and we are very similar.  We feel the same way about many things, and I had like a weird feeling, I don't know, but that she might be my brother in another focus?

ELIAS:  Very good, Isabel!  You are correct.

MARISSA:  Thanks!

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  I extend my acknowledgment to you.  You are accomplishing very well!

MARISSA:  Thank you!

MARCOS:  Moving to a dream imagery, Elias, I had a dream a couple of weeks ago whereby ... first of all, let me say I've been dreaming much more lucidly since our encounters than I used to ever before.  Even in some meditations, and you know this better than I do, I have heard you.  I have spoken with you and I've heard you.  You've probably talked to me much more than I have listened, but I have heard you, especially in very difficult moments that I've had where you have helped me tremendously, and I want to thank you for that very, very much.

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome.  I have expressed to you each many times that I am present with you always.  It is merely the situation of allowing yourselves to be noticing and opening to the offering of energy that is presented.

MARCOS:  Thank you very much.  Let me ask you about this dream then.  I had a dream which was a very exciting dream to me.  Within this dream, I was asked to move away from what I'm doing now, which is working in a bank in the financial industry, and I moved to a very different, completely unrelated activity which made me very happy.  It surprised me at the same time, but it made me very, very happy.  I was surrounded by individuals who were very good at what they did.  This could have been in the academic or social or political field, I'm not sure, but it was completely unrelated to the financial aspect, yet I was very fulfilled.  I felt exhilarated.  I felt free, which is a little bit puzzling because I like what I do very much, yet sometimes I do feel the constraints of working within an institution.  I have thought, as I've mentioned before too, about sometimes moving, but I don't give it that much importance.  Yet in this dream, everything seemed to come together, and I just felt terrific.  I felt wonderful!

ELIAS:  This is imagery that you are presenting to yourself.  Be remembering of this.  Within this dream, what you are presenting yourself is the familiar versus, so to speak, the unfamiliar, and that if allowing yourself to move into the unfamiliar, you may discover the fulfillment that you seek within your focus.  This dream imagery is not necessarily suggestive of absolutes in the area of discontinuing a certain type of employ and moving physically into the area of a different employ, but to suggest to you that the imagery of your work presently is that of the familiar, the comfortable.  The imagery of altering your choice for your work and moving into a different area of working is that of the unfamiliar.

This particular dream is quite symbolic, so to speak.  The job that you hold presently is your imagery or your symbol within your dream, not representing that which it is in itself, but representing the familiar elements within your focus, the comfortable areas within your focus that you hold to and you feel no desire to be altering or changing, which is acceptable.  But you also view other aspects, other elements of reality which are imaged in the dream as being a different job with new, different individuals.
What this dream imagery is suggesting to you is that you may allow yourself to loosen your hold on areas of fearfulness that you hold and recognize that these areas of unfamiliarity, in widening your awareness and also with other individuals objectively in the direction of widening your awareness, may appear to you as different and new and unfamiliar, but is fulfilling and joyful, and therefore there is no necessity for fearfulness in this.

MARCOS:  This is great!  Thank you very much.  Thank you for clearing it up.  It makes a lot of sense!

ELIAS:  You are welcome.

MARCOS:  Thank you.  One more.  This is perhaps regarding the shift, I'm not quite sure, but there are things happening throughout the world that I think -- and correct me if I'm wrong -- are part of the shift that could be catastrophic in a sense.  What I'm talking about, for example, is as we come to our year 2000, the millennium and all that, there is a very, very large, serious problem with computers throughout the world because they have not been programmed properly.  As the year 2000 comes, there could be a huge crisis, especially within the financial sector, but also with governments and companies.  Is this part of the shift, and is this something that we can alter probabilities and do something about?

ELIAS:  Yes, it is an action which is being created within probabilities of the shift.  Yes, you may alter this if you are so choosing, but I am suggesting to you that in widening your awareness, notice the imagery that you are collectively throughout your globe creating.

You have developed an interconnectedness through your technology.  You have allowed yourselves the ability to create objective imagery in creating your computers, which connect you to each other throughout your globe.  You also create a situation within this creation of the possibility and also the probability of its complications and malfunction as you move into your new millennium, and as you move into your new millennium, the action of this shift moves more swiftly and more intensely, and as I have expressed to you, the entirety of your reality shall be altered.  I have also expressed that the systems that you have held to within what you term to be government, societies, monetary exchange, shall alter also.  Therefore, you create imagery that is suggestive of this in the areas of government, societies, monetary systems.  You are creating probabilities to be "crashing them down" to make way for your new systems, so to speak.

MARCOS:  Yes, that's becoming more evident to me in everything that you've said -- governments and society, the monetary system, which seems to be changing very rapidly.

I have a question on something very related.  I have chosen, at least I've objectively chosen, to stay around, to live and experience the shift in this focus, and that means I would have to be about a hundred and fifty years old, but I know that I can!  But one thing has created some doubt in my mind.  I read a book by another essence -- Conversations With God.  This essence seems to be suggesting that certain foods, like animal foods, are not good for you.  He also suggests -- I think, the way I read it -- that wine or alcohol is also damaging.  I thought those were belief systems that could be changed somewhat, because on the one hand, I do enjoy a good bottle of wine and I don't want to give it up!  But I want to be around for the shift, so that's created a little bit of conflict.  I know you've talked about that we could survive on rocks and things like that, so there seems to be some contradiction there, huh?

ELIAS:  These are influenced by belief systems, as I have expressed.  Your belief systems may be very influencing, and as I have expressed to you and within this forum, in themselves these elements or substances that you may consume hold no harmfulness.  It is merely your belief systems that create this type of action.  Therefore, in one sense another essence may express to you, recognizing of mass and individual belief systems, that certain elements may be harmful to you.  In actuality, they are merely harmful to you as your belief systems dictate they shall be harmful to you, but if you are moving into the area of accepting these types of belief systems and their affectingness, you shall not manifest this.

Vic's note:  I have changed the last sentence in the above paragraph because it is contradictory as originally stated, which is possibly a prelude to what occurs next.  Here is the sentence as it was delivered: "In actuality, they are merely harmful to you as your belief systems dictate they shall be harmful to you, but if you are not moving into the area of accepting these types of belief systems and their affectingness, you shall not manifest this." ()

ELIAS:  This is the reason that I express to you that in one respect, certain elements may be affecting of you, but this is in conjunction with your belief systems.  In not holding....

Vic's note:  Here, Elias starts coughing uncontrollably, at which point Mary pops back in and continues coughing.  I'm not sure exactly what happened next because the tape was turned off at this point,  but the subject of the affectingness of substances isn't readdressed in this session.  Normally, Elias returns to the subject matter without missing a beat, which has always amazed me, but this wasn't the case in this situation.

BREAK   12:24 PM
RESUME  12:30 PM (Arrival time was six seconds)

ELIAS:  Continuing.  As I was expressing, as to your societies and your governments and your monetary systems, this is not to say that these events shall be occurring instantaneously at the onset of your new millennium.  They shall be, in your terms, gradual in some areas, although they shall be rapid enough that you shall hold an objective awareness all around you that these events are occurring and leading you farther into the action of this shift.

MARCOS:  Okay, yes.  That's very clear.  I understand.  You have confirmed many of the things that I've been reading about or seeing and feeling and even dreaming about in conjunction with the millennium and the shift, and I guess my intent in a way is to continue to lend energy to get more individuals to understand why this is happening and hopefully to lessen the shock or the trauma, no?

ELIAS:  Absolutely, and you shall be noticing more and more intensity in the movement which is being objectified within the action of this shift.

MARCOS:  Okay.  Thank you, Elias.  Moving to another subject.  This is a subject which is near and dear to my heart, because she's sitting right here!  Yesterday we were driving together, Isabel and myself.  Music is a very strong bond for us, and we were listening to a couple of songs which we both like very much and we were not talking at all, yet we felt ... and we haven't discussed this, but I think this is right.  We felt a very, very strong, intense bond/relationship that I think, just to me anyway, goes beyond anything that I have felt, just a very different feeling, and it's just a wonderful, wonderful feeling.  I often dream about her, and coincidentally, last night I dreamt of playing golf with Isabel in a tournament.  So I guess it's just a comment, but since she's here, maybe you can tell us a little bit of this strong bond that we feel, because it's just wonderful.

ELIAS:  You are developing, within this particular focus, more of an intensity within objective relationship.  You have held focuses in different capacities of relationships in other focuses, and in this particular focus you are choosing the experience of intimacy in a manner that may be shared only in the relationship that you have created with each other.

Many times individuals inquire of myself of their connection and relation to other individuals in other focuses, and as they do not hold a specific type of closeness with a certain individual within THIS particular focus, they look to another focus and inquire as to the intensity within that focus.  Many individuals move in this direction concerning "soul mates," but they do not inquire of which focus was creating of the intensity of that specific bond.

Recognizing that all of your focuses are simultaneous, one shall be creating of the very intimate bond which shall be influencing of the other focuses, which these other focuses then recognize the relationship and they inquire, "Is this my soul mate? For I feel this relationship."  But they look to only romantic relationships as being creating of this situation.  In certain areas within the focuses of essence, you create a deep and lasting bonding and intensity of interconnectedness with another essence in experiencing a focus together and allowing yourselves to merge and be interconnected.  Therefore, in these types of situations, as is the case with yourself and Isabel presently, you are influencing and lending energy to all of your other focuses in different capacities of relationships.

MARCUS:  Thank you.  That was very good.  That was it for me.  I think Isabel has one more question to ask of you.

ELIAS:  Very well.

MARISSA:  I have, in my right foot ... it's been about three months or something.  It's been hurting a lot, my toe.  I've gone to the doctor and they've checked me and I don't have anything, but I don't know.  Am I doing this to myself, or why is this happening?

ELIAS:  Look your yourself and look to your action.  What is the action of your foot?  What do you do with your foot?  You walk upon your foot and you stand upon your foot.  You hold and you move as you choose to move your foot.  This is your objective imagery to yourself of certain elements of your own movement which you view to be slightly painful.  In moving in certain directions in compliance with this information and interaction with this information and widening your awareness, at times this may be creating of uncomfortableness with other individuals.  You feel that you must be silent of this information, and you must be guarded and protective of your movement in your widening of your awareness.  In this you create a painfulness within your foot, for your foot is your symbol to yourself of holding to what you believe, which is standing, and movement or walking in widening your awareness, but that this may not be entirely accepted by other individuals, for you view them to be authorities older than yourself and that they may be discounting of you, for you are small.  But be remembering that it matters not your smallness within your focus presently, for you hold an awareness regardless, and you may hold to your actions and to your movement and to your trust of self, and it matters not that other individuals may not entirely understand, although they be of more years than yourself.  You choose....

MARCOS:  I have nothing to do with that foot ailment, Elias!  (Marcos and Marissa both crack up)

ELIAS:  I am quite aware, and there is no accusation projected!

MARCOS:  Alright!

ELIAS:  This is an inward feeling that you, Isabel, feel in regard to other individuals -- and you are aware of who these other individuals are -- that you may not feel comfortable in expressing yourself with or feel that they shall [not] be entirely accepting of what you are expressing, for they discount elements of your expression in the belief system that you are small and that you do not know.  But you do know!  One of these individuals presently is the individual that you have asked for essence name this day, is it not?


ELIAS:  I am aware.  Let me express to you that you are perfect in what you are, and you may hold the acceptance within you that it matters not that another individual be discounting of parts of your expressions, for you hold the knowing within yourself.  In this, it is unnecessary for you to be holding energy within your foot and creating uncomfortableness, although I shall express to you also that in this physical expression that you have created, you allow yourself the continuation of your movement within your widening of awareness and merely project energy that may be blocking into your foot, and therefore do not allow yourself to be blocked within your movement subjectively and objectively in your widening of your awareness.  In this respect, I am acknowledging of your creation, that you are not blocking your movement, but I am also expressing to you that it is unnecessary for you to be causing yourself discomfort in your movement merely in response to the lack of total acceptance of other individuals.

MARISSA:  Thank you.  You've been very helpful.

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome.

MARCOS:  Thank you, Elias.  You know, last night Isabel and I were watching a movie, and it was a wonderful, wonderful movie with one of our favorite actors, Robin Williams, and there was a phrase that I heard and we thought about you, and we just want to say thank you, oh, captain, my captain!

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  And I express to you also, carpe diem!

MARCOS:  Ha!  Thank you so much.  It's been wonderful, as always.

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  And I shall be expressing to you both, to Marta much affection and to little Isabel much lovingness, and I shall be anticipating our next meeting and encouraging you, Isabel, to be continuing on your adventure in Peru!  To you both this day, I offer much affection.

MARCOS:  Likewise.  Thank you!

ELIAS:  And a very fond au revoir.

Elias departs at 12:47 PM.


(1)  I changed this sentence to align with Elias' definition of accepting belief systems.  In transcribing these sessions, I rarely change Elias' words.  When I do, I always offer the original words and an explanation.  This is in the interest of the least distortion, as I know full well that I could be misinterpreting, and also in an effort to present the phenomenon as it is.   Vic

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