Session 275
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Thursday, April 23, 1998 © 1998 (Group)

Participants: Mary (Michael), Forrest (Ellius), Nathan (Robertt), Richard (Zephel), Laura (Lynya), Erik (Mosten), Robin (Pierre), and two new participants, Margot (Banth) and Jennifer (Margarite).

Vic's note: This is the second group session held in Vermont. I would like to thank the participants for identifying themselves when asking questions. It was very helpful! Also, the name of Robert in the previous transcript is incorrect. The correct name is Robin.

Elias arrives at 3:28 PM. (Time was twenty-five seconds)

ELIAS: Good afternoon. We meet again! (The group responds, still appearing to be a bit hesitant) This day, I shall open to your questions and present you with open forum. Subsequently, we shall be entering into ongoing discussions of continuing subject matter. But for this day, you shall hold the floor! (Smiling, and a pause)

ROBIN: Okay. I'd like to know more about using essence names as tools, and also if there's a possible way we can come about discerning essence names for places or other things on our own. Is there a process we can go through to do that?

ELIAS: An essence name is a tone. What I have offered to you is a translation of this tone in part, which translates into your language that you may identify with. You may identify components of your own tone if you are allowing yourself to be tuning to your essence. I have expressed previously that this tone may be used as a tool to be accessing information which is contained within your essence. Your essence is much vaster than you may imagine, and in this it holds endless information. You may access any of this information. You may choose to be meditating upon your individual tone, that which has been offered in part to you of the name, and in this you may allow yourself the opportunity to tap other areas of your consciousness, of your awareness, which shall offer you information in the direction that you are so choosing.

Let me express to you all that within this particular culture that you occupy, you are not brought up, so to speak, practicing meditation. Therefore, it does not flow with you as easily as it may with other individuals in other cultures. You may find that in practicing your idea of meditation -- which in actually moves more into the area of visualization than actual meditation -- but in this practicing, it is helpful that you offer yourselves a direction, for you do not hold the discipline that individuals within other cultures afford themselves. In this, if you are offering yourself a direction, your attention will remain focused.

I may also offer you an exercise that you may practice together in addition to contemplating your essence name and accessing information in this manner. You may also collectively choose a direction for a meditation. In this, you may choose to access another focus that you all share. This offers you the direction. Then you may engage in your meditation, and subsequent to your meditation you may share the images that you each receive, and you shall surprise yourselves at how much information you offer to yourselves and to each other in connection to each other. You may also find myself in one of your focuses that you share together. This offers you also the opportunity to be engaging yourselves, your own abilities, and validating to yourselves what you may accomplish if you are allowing yourself your own openness in awareness.

Essence names are powerful tools. I offer you only a portion of the entirety of your tone, but as you become familiar with your own tone you may also access more of your own tone, and you may also find that it may be used as a manipulating tool through consciousness in a similar manner to using dream triggers.

Dream triggers are elements which present themselves within your dream state repeatedly, consistently, continuously, although you may not hold an awareness objectively of this particular trigger. But within each of your dream imagery time frameworks you shall image a thing, an image, consistently that is your individual dream trigger. This is a window, and once you allow yourself the ability to manipulate within your dream state, you may access this trigger and you may use this trigger as a window into other areas of consciousness ... and it literally is as a window! It shall open and allow you to move through your imagery of your dream into other areas of consciousness and access other essences and other areas of your own essence. A dream trigger may be as mundane as a book that goes unnoticed within your dream imagery, but is consistently an object which appears in your dream. Or, it may be a leaf. It may be a windowpane. It may be a creature. It may be an article of clothing. It appears so very mundanely that it escapes your noticing. It is as if it were a background prop within your imagery of your dreamscape. Therefore, you pay little attention, but it consistently appears and in this is consistently available for your access into other areas of your own consciousness.

In this similar manner, you may also manipulate with your tone and may be allowing yourself the opportunity to use this tone as a window into other areas of essence. This is slightly different than your dream trigger, for this tone allows you to access you. It does not necessarily allow you to access other essences, but it does allow you to access all areas of your essence that you occupy. You may practice with this.

ROBIN: Thank you. (Pause)

ERIK: I have a question. Going along the same lines as what you were talking about before with essence families or tones, how do colors come into our reality? Are they or can they be a part of certain essence families that we encounter?

ELIAS: Very good! Now I shall offer to you an introduction also to our game, which you may begin engaging at our next meeting.

Color is a truth. You shall become aware that I speak of truths seldom, for truths are constants and absolutes throughout all of consciousness, which within any particular dimension, they are not recognized. They are distorted and not completely understood, and the importance placed on them is little. You search for truths within your beliefs and you look to philosophical areas or religious areas. Truths, within consciousness, are those elements of consciousness that are within ALL dimensions and that hold an element of significance within ALL areas of consciousness, physical and non-physical. Their translation may be different, but they are constants. Color is one. Tone is another. As to color and essence families, as you will notice futurely as we begin to engage our game, which is FUN, (grinning, and laughter) you will observe that each essence family is aligned with a color.

The quality of color is a specific quality of consciousness. It is a vibrational quality. Within this dimension, you have created many belief systems surrounding color. You have created belief systems in the area of what you term to be chakras, which I term to be energy centers, which are actual physical energy centers within your physical forms which project energy around your physical form which you term to be an aura, which is your energy field. These are very real elements, but you have also developed many belief systems in these areas. Each one of these energy centers holds the quality of consciousness of specific colors which function in different manners. Each essence family within this dimension also aligns with a certain vibrational quality which is also identified as a color. Therefore, it is significant that these families are identified by color.

You, as I have expressed to you at our last meeting, are all belonging to -- not aligning with but belonging to -- the family of Sumafi. The color for Sumafi is black. This is inclusive of all color tones. This is necessary for the intent of the Sumafi; the holders of the knowledge, the teachers. Therefore, within this intent, the color vibrational quality is in alignment with this intent, for it is encompassing of all of the other colors, all of the other vibrational qualities throughout the color spectrum. This enables within consciousness the free-flowing movement ininterconnection with all other essence families. Therefore, you hold the ability to be intermingling and interconnecting with any other individual within consciousness, objectively AND subjectively, to be accomplishing the intent of teaching. This allows you this ability.

Within your belief systems you view the color red to be your lowest vibration. Therefore, you place "lowly beliefs" (grinning) upon this color quality. Incorrect! You shall find within our game that the color red is associated/aligned with the essence family of Milumet. The essence family of Milumet are the spiritualists; those which you would view to be of the "higher" vibrational quality, in physical terms, of purple. Let me express to you that the vibrational quality of purple aligns with the essence family of Zuli, which is the physical family; that which is creating of physical form and beauty. Quite the opposite of your belief systems! But these are the tones that allow the most efficient movement within tone, within intent, and within vibrational quality for the accomplishment of the specific intents of each of these essence families. (Pause)

You shall be offered more information also in regard to these essence families, for this holds importance, that you allow yourself an understanding of these essence families.

You seek now, within the action of this shift, a new consciousness; to widen your awareness and to hold an objective understanding of HOW you create your reality. You DO create your reality, but much of that doing is veiled from you. You do not allow yourselves, within your singularity of attention, the viewing of how you are creating your reality within the creation of your line of probabilities in every action that you choose. This is the action of this shift, to be objectively aware of your creation of your reality, and therefore allowing you a fuller expression of your creativity and more of free movement through consciousness.

In this, it is also important that you understand these essence families, for you are not only aligned with them but are a part, so speak, of them; for you have chosen to manifest within this dimension and therefore you are a part of these particular groupings of essences which we term to be essence families, and this is an element of how you create your reality. These essence families offer you much information; therefore the importance to understanding them and also the importance to understanding yourselves, for they offer you validation and explanation and insight to yourselves and the expansiveness of yourselves.

You have been offered, as I am aware, the overview of these essence families, and I shall inquire of you, which essence family would you align yourselves with? (To Nathan) And you think what? (Pause) Which essence family would you align yourself with?

NATHAN: I thought about it when I was reading it, but it was tough for me. Maybe purple?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Very well. (To Erik) And? (Pause)

ERIK: I was a little confused, actually. I'd have to look at it again, but I was thinking black was there.

ELIAS: This be your underlying intent, for you are belonging to the Sumafi. But within each focus -- which you occupy presently a focus of essence -- within this particular focus you align with another essence family. And have you ideas of which essence family you shall align with? (Grinning at Richard)


ELIAS: Let me offer to you:

(To Nathan) Green, Ilda, communicators.

(To Jennifer) Let me offer to you: Red, Milumet.

(To Erik) To you: Purple, Zuli.

(To Laura) Yellow, Vold, revolutionaries! (Grinning)

(To Richard) Blue, artists, pot-stirrers! (Chuckling)

(To Robin) Orange, initiators; this would be the Gramada.

(To Margot) Orange, Gramada also; those behind the scene, but those that possess the intellect and the initiating force in inventiveness.

(To Richard) Sumari is the blue.

(To Nathan) You are familiar with this term Sumari; quite creative!

You ALL belong to Sumafi. Therefore, within this individual focus you express your creativity, your gifts, so to speak ... although they are not gifts, for they have not been given TO you. They are merely possessed BY you. Your intent within this individual focus magnates to that of the family that you align with. You express yourselves in this manner. As you review the events of your focus to this present now, you shall offer yourself the understanding of these alignments. You may objectively view the demonstrations within your own creations of this alignment.

(To Richard) You express yourself creatively within artistic qualities throughout your focus. This is the alignment of the Sumari, but the attention to detail and the sharing in expressiveness in the least amount of distortion is the underlying intent of Sumafi.

(To Nathan) You initiate groupings of individuals who communicate, and you pull individuals together for exchange. This is the alignment of the Ilda, those that exchange information, but you also hold attention to detail and the desire for the least amount of distortion. This is the underlying Sumafi.

(To Erik) The outdoorsman; that which is appreciative of aesthetic beauty, physical form, be it within your own species or another or within what you call nature. This be the expression of the Zuli alignment; those which are expressive in arts to be creating of beauty ... within PHYSICAL arts.

(To Laura) The revolutionary, the questioner, the Vold; very emotional individuals, exceedingly sensitive psychically and also within physical expressions, moving into directions continuously of pushing limits and discovering new adventures; also holding, if allowed development, quite telepathic abilities, but as with all of you, holding attention to detail and perfectionism -- the Sumafi.

(To Jennifer) The quietness, the inner reflection, the recognition of elements of consciousness that are more expansive than merely this one reality; the knowing of the more. This be the Milumet; those of the spiritualists and the drawing to natural elements -- stones, crystals, gems -- beauty in what you have created, and also the underlying perfectionism.

(To Robin and Margot) The initiators. This be our initiator corner, occupied presently! (Laughter) Powerful individuals, very self-confident, very assured, and also very knowing within yourselves that you hold the ability to make manifest into your reality that which is known and that you hold the ability to offer this information to other individuals, but do not require the forefront position. It is unnecessary for you to be the teachers in the front of the class. You shall be the teachers WITHIN the class. And also being, in like manner, quite concerned with the least amount of distortion; the reality of reality.

This be what you are, and you may look to your focuses within yourselves and you may view that this is accurate, for it is what you are! It is quite simple, actually. It requires no psychic reading. It is merely what you are! (Smiling) Quite amazing, are you not??

ROBIN: I've got a quick question. I can relate to that. I have had, a couple of times in dream imagery, a type of smoke. I describe it as ether-like smoke, very thick; a kind of "living smoke." (Interesting description!) It always creates kind of like a definite feeling. I'm not sure exactly what it is, but it's a very powerful feeling. One time it was yellow smoke, and most recently, within the last week, it was orange. One time I was up at the top of an icy mountain with a wolf, and had yellow smoke. This is very living smoke. It came out of this pipe. Then recently a little spaceship, a miniature spaceship, landed where I was in the dream, (Elias chuckles) and spewed forth this orange smoke.

ELIAS: Quite appropriate imagery! (Chuckling) Let me express to you that within this imagery to yourself, what you are expressing is a recognition and an attempt to be connecting with another focus which does not occupy this dimension in consciousness physically. I shall express to you once again that you all within essence hold focuses outside of merely this one physical dimension. There are countless physical dimensions, and there are focuses of your essence within these other dimensions.

This shall present itself as interest[ing] to other individuals also that hold fascination in the area of what you term to be in this dimension as extraterrestrials. They are merely EXTRAterrestrials, for you view yourselves to be terrestrial! (Grinning) But within your "terrestrialness," your extraterrestrials appear quite differently from yourselves. Their form is much removed, and as I have stated, they are not "little gray squashy guys!" (Laughter) You merely image them in this manner, that you may present a familiar appearance to yourself. These are aspects of YOU. These are not other beings upon other planets in other universes. They are other you's!

In this, as you allow yourself to open to your awareness, your dream state is your easiest, most efficient area for accessing other information. It is efficient for you to access much of your information within your dream state, for you allow yourself a natural ability in this area. Also, as I have expressed, your dream interaction is your communication to yourself through essence. Essence, the you of you, is communicating information to you, which is then interpreted objectively and created into images, which is what you term to be a "dream." It is a communication from all of you to this focus of you.

Therefore, in this smoke you are offering yourself imagery of other focuses which do not occupy this particular dimension, and you also include imagery of your little spaceship to be offering yourself more clear information that this aspect of you does not occupy this particular physical dimension but another, and you are allowing yourself to be connecting with that aspect of you. You may allow yourself, within your next meeting of this smoke, to be greeting this smoke and expressing that you hold the knowledge that this is another aspect of you, and this shall open another window in allowing its communication to you.

ROBIN: Thank you. (Pause)

FORREST: I have a quick question. In referring to color as a truth, tonality as a truth, is the truth from which those are derived the same? (Twelve-second pause)

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking.

FORREST: Would that be the same truth which is referenced by, in my language, the modal aspect of qualition of an energy signature?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. In one respect you may express that they are expressions of the same source, for all is an expression of the same source, for all is consciousness. But in another respect they are creations of that source in different areas of intent, and therefore hold different qualities of consciousness which are unique to themselves. (Pause)

MARGOT: I have a quick question about a symbol which seems to act as both a passport and a window for me in traveling out of my current state. It's a sort of spiral maze. It looks like this. I'm just interested in the meaning of it and the function of it or whether I could be using anything ... why this particular thing seems to allow me to go places I would not be allowed to go otherwise.

Vic's note: It's often interesting to compare symbols. If you send me a description of this symbol, I'll include it in the next script.

ELIAS: It is your focal point -- a possible not so very quick answer to your very quick questions! (Humorously)

You each allow yourselves to creatively invent, so to speak, in your language of the Gramada, your own individual focal point. This is unique and individualized to yourself. This allows you the trust to enter into areas that your attention would otherwise not incline itself to allow. Therefore, as you have created this officially accepted reality, you also allow yourselves windows; your personal escape routes!

You also allow yourself mass escape routes. You have created your Bermuda Triangle, which is quite in working order for your purposes and may be accessed to be exiting one dimension and entering another dimension, if you are so choosing. This be your physical window that you have placed here upon location of your planet, but individually you offer yourselves your own focal point, that symbol to yourself which is your personalized "button" that you may push at will and allow yourself the freedom of movement within consciousness. This is quite similar to your dream triggers, although objectively you have allowed yourself the creation of this focal point. Therefore, you need not search for it as you need be searching within dream imagery to be finding your dream trigger.

Not all individuals allow themselves a focal point. All individuals hold the ability to be creating of a focal point and to be using and manipulating through consciousness with this focal point, but not all individuals have moved into an area of trust and acceptance within self to allow themselves a focal point. As you move more into your own trust and acceptance of self, you shall find it is unnecessary for your focal point. You may allow this to fly away also, and you may move within consciousness at will without your prop! (Chuckling)

MARGOT: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

RICHARD: I've got a question about pyramids as tools and what you know of them, specifically the Egyptian versus the Mayan and the significance of the angles, if there is any there.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) It is quite interesting that you occupy your attentions with fascinations of your own creativity, and you assign to your own creativity in those areas that you marvel at yourselves and your accomplishments!

Outside significances: I express to you that your pyramids hold whatever energy and power, so to speak, that you assign to them, that you project to them. They do hold energy and they do hold powerfulness, for you all collectively throughout generations have placed this energy in these physical forms.

I express to you, there is a difference between elements that you yourselves wondrously create within this dimension and elements that appear within your physical dimension that you have not created, in a manner of speaking, for another aspect of you HAS created, but the aspect that you are aware of within THIS dimension has not created. In this, I may express to you that physical forms such as your pyramids, YOU have created wondrously. You have created a dynamic within the creation of these forms to be holders and manipulators of your energy in the direction that you choose to be directing it.

There are other elements that appear within your dimension, those which you term to be designs --crop circles -- that are not created by you. These are bleed-throughs from other dimensions; signposts, street signs, so to speak, that bleed through from other dimensions and imprint themselves within your dimension. These are not your creations, but they appear within your dimension.

These other creations are not deposits from other dimensions. They are your creations and wondrous displays of your creativity, for even within a small pyramid that you may create within your hand, you may project wondrous energy into this form, for it is a pleasingly dynamic form to you all collectively, and in this you may allow this form of pyramid to be manipulating energy in quite creative manners.

The energy that is manipulated within these pyramids may be generating of abilities to access information. It may allow you the ability to access tone. It may also allow you, in connection with its energy -- which is your energy deposited, but we shall express "its" energy -- to be allowing you more fullness within the expression of your individual intents.

Many individuals belonging to and also aligning with the Tumold family, the healers, magnate to these areas of these pyramids, for they allow themselves an accessing of that energy which is held within these pyramids which enhances the expression of their particular intents. But you are also magnated to these structures, for you hold tremendous wonderment that your species may be creating of such magnificence! It is a testament to your creativity.

RICHARD: What color was the group you just mentioned, the healers?

ELIAS: Indigo.

RICHARD: Thank you.

ELIAS: We shall break briefly, and you may continue with your questioning if you are so choosing.


RESUME The tape begins at 4:43 PM, but Elias has already arrived and is grinning. It doesn't appear that any dialog was lost.

FORREST: We seem to be rolling again. (Elias chuckles)

Insofar as we would be correcting our definition of love to define it as that which enables choice in abstract terms, would we be moving closer to a physical translation from the English language, the nature of that essential truth?


FORREST: Why not? What would be the closest physical translation in that case?

ELIAS: There is no physical translation.

FORREST: Within the English language?

ELIAS: No. (Pause) It is not an enabling. It is not an emotion. It is a quality of consciousness. It is an action.

FORREST: How would you describe the characteristics of that action?

ELIAS: Becoming.

FORREST: Wouldn't we regard the process of becoming as the process of choice?

ELIAS: It merely is.

FORREST: Wouldn't you say that choice merely is?

ELIAS: Choice is a different action.

FORREST: How is the action of choice different from the action of being?

ELIAS: Choice implies differences. Becoming IS.

FORREST: It has been my understanding that choice does not just imply differences, but also implies sameness.

ELIAS: It may.

FORREST: So in that sense, wouldn't we be viewing "beingness" as an aspect of choice?

ELIAS: No. Being, becoming, IS.

FORREST: But choice isn't, necessarily.

ELIAS: Correct. You are viewing within the belief systems of this particular dimension and within your physical knowledge.

FORREST: So what would you be offering as a correction to this?

ELIAS: That beyond merely individual physical dimensions there are elements that you have not dreamt of, but that you hold the ability to access this within your remembrance. This be the point of this shift in consciousness, that you liberate yourselves from the confines and limitations of your physical belief systems and move into the wider awareness of essence and consciousness, which shall allow you a more expansive expression of your creativity which is a more expansive expression of your thought processes and of your knowing, and also frees you from this hamster wheel (smiling) that you continuously run upon in a circle, asking your same questions and receiving non-answers.

In allowing yourselves the ability to widen your awareness, you also free yourselves from much of the confinement of your belief systems, which are merely creating of new and more creative religions, of which your sciences are another and of which your sciences are very limited. They provide you with exceedingly limiting information of your reality and of how you create your reality and of your universe that you occupy, and in your expansion of your awareness you offer yourselves the ability to access more than your sciences may EVER provide you with.

FORREST: Moving on to another topic. It's been my interest to ask of you why, on Tuesday, two, maybe three weeks ago, just prior to Michael becoming very sick, you were not ... my first question I guess at this point is, were you aware that this was a possibility or a likelihood at that time?


FORREST: Why were you not, at the time of that session or in the process of that session, mentioning to us of that likelihood?

ELIAS: It is not for myself to be mentioning. This would be intrusive. This is Michael's choice. He holds the ability for awareness within himself. He is also in agreement to this energy exchange. I have expressed much information to him within what you term to be past, and his choice is his choice, and within essence, I am not interrupting or preventive of his choices.

FORREST: While I acknowledge that you would not be intrusive to his choices, his objective statement as to his choices is that he would wish to remain healthy and not to become sick. His objective statement, as I understood it myself being with him, is that he did not anticipate that affectingness.

ELIAS: Objectively.

FORREST: Objectively, yes. But if there's going to be a difference of choice objectively and subjectively, then it becomes very hard to say which choice is to be the one that would be more honored than the other, both being a choice.

ELIAS: They are within harmony to each other. They are not within opposition.

FORREST: So you're basically stating that although Michael was stating objectively that he would rather remain healthy and not get sick in these sessions, that subjectively he chose to become sick?


FORREST: Then I may be misunderstanding you here.

Vic's note: I've misunderstood this for a long time now! To clarify, Mary's body consciousness responds to Elias' energy because it is unfamiliar, similar to how a physical body may respond to an organ transplant. It is Mary's choice as to what form this response takes.

ELIAS: Michael has created a choice to be engaged within this energy exchange and holds an awareness of the affectingness of this energy exchange objectively, physically, within body consciousness. Michael also holds an awareness objectively AND subjectively, in harmony, that this is a choice of one focus, and that although your belief systems magnate in the area of hurtfulness or discomfort or good and bad, there are none of these within essence, and also may not be any of these elements within your objective physical expression. It is merely the dictates of your belief systems that you comply with that create these situations, for your perception within the belief systems creates what you view to be uncomfortable or bad or unacceptable or hurtful. Within essence, there is no hurtfulness, and Michael holds an awareness of this.

He also holds the awareness that in this CHOICE of energy exchange, that subjectively and objectively he is within harmony in that choice; although as for many of you within physical focus, momentarily in certain time frameworks you move into areas of allowing yourselves to be consumed by your own belief systems and the creation of that within them, and you may express judgments upon your own creations, for this also moves into the area of your belief systems within duplicity. These are his choices, and knowing that the choice for physical affectingness is not bad and is not good, it merely IS, and even moving into the area of disengagement is not good or bad. It merely is a choice. It merely is an action.

FORREST: I may understand. You're saying that in ultimate terms, we may not be assigning classifications of good or bad to specific outcomes or choices. There nonetheless remains that as far as Michael's objective statement has been concerned, he has stated the will to live and the will to be healthy, and insofar as those are objective choices and insofar as I care for Michael and I care for his choices as objectively stated, being unaware of what his subjective choices are, I can choose to be in agreement with his subjective choices without evaluating them as being good or bad. Insofar as all of that, which has been to my objective awareness the case, then there seems to be a subtle contradiction between what is being stated as his subjective choice and what has been stated as his objective choice.

ELIAS: Not necessarily. Let me express to you that within your creations of probabilities within physical focus, you do not view before you a multitude of probabilities hanging upon a probability tree, that you may pick whichever probability that appears to you to be the ripe, succulent one. What you create within probabilities is a line. You purposefully create this line of probabilities in the same manner that you may engage your writing implement, your pencil, and as you draw a line upon your paper, the lead is creating of the line as you move the pencil. The line does not extend beyond before the pencil is moved to draw it. In this same manner you create probabilities, and in your creation of probabilities within each moment, you create those probabilities which are the most efficient for your attention. You do not create mistakes. You BELIEVE you create mistakes, but you do not create mistakes within your creations of your lines of probabilities. You create each choice, each probability, in the manner that it shall gain your attention most efficiently.

Now; in this creation of these probabilities, not all of your probabilities that you create appear to you to be comfortable or appear to you to be good in your belief systems, but they are beneficial, for they attain your attention and they offer you information in the direction of your intent.

You may not hold an entire awareness objectively in understanding of what you are creating and how your probabilities fit together immaculately -- you may underline this word -- but they do fit together immaculately, and they are not mistakes. They are the most efficient choices and actions for each of your creations in each of your individual attentions. Therefore, you may place belief systems upon these actions. You may question. But this also is the point of this shift in consciousness, that you may view objectively and understand and KNOW of your creations within your probabilities, within your line of probabilities, what you are creating and how you are creating of all of these choices, which also offers you more efficient choices within your belief systems.

FORREST: I'm understanding in the sense that you began with this future potential. Probabilities are created out of the present in the same way that the past is created out of the present. If I'm understanding you correctly, I also feel that you've expressed that efficiency of experience, intensity and intention within experience, may be enhanced by uncomfortable events.

ELIAS: Quite. This attains your attention quite efficiently!

FORREST: I agree with that. Uncomfortable events are very drawing of the attention. However, with respect to the purpose of remaining healthy, then such action would be less efficient. Efficiency is defined in terms of purpose, efficiency with respect to some sort of outcome, some sort of goal. If Michael were to be disengaging in this dimension, in the weak sense of the word, it would seem that it would be less efficient in both senses; less efficient in terms of his objectively stated purposes, and even less efficient in terms of his subjective experiences.

ELIAS: Not necessarily, but I shall assure you that within present probabilities, he is not engaging a choice, which it IS a choice, to be disengaging of this physical dimension within this present time framework, and I shall also express to you that within his creation of engaging this energy exchange to the point of physical malady, he has gained his attention and has efficiently offered himself information to not be repeating of this action. (!) Therefore, the information has been accessed and the action has been accomplished.

NATHAN: Can that be accomplished in the dream state?

ELIAS: Absolutely. This is not to say that within your belief systems, in WHATEVER direction they may move, that you may not be choosing of ANY type of action to be offering yourselves the same type of information. It is each individual's choice of what attains their attention the most powerfully. Michael attains his attention in becoming uncomfortable. He is disliking of this action, and therefore he pays attention. It is powerful imagery within him.

FORREST: All of this may be true at a subjective level.

ELIAS: It is also held in awareness objectively.

FORREST: At the time of the events? Insofar as I am able to determine, Michael is not in objective awareness of that, of that sequence of choice....

ELIAS: Of what you term to be outcome, as is the case with you all. You are creating of certain probabilities that may be creating uncomfortableness, and subsequent to your creation you may hold an awareness of what you have created, but within the process or previous to its creation, you do not always hold an objective awareness. Once again, this is the point of your shift in consciousness.

FORREST: Having stated all of that, are we not then able to rely upon the dynamics of this process, of this forum, to be anticipating of those sorts of events of which we have spoken?

ELIAS: You are seeking a scapegoat!

FORREST: Not necessarily! I'm trying ...

ELIAS: You are seeking an area....

FORREST: ... to determine the level at which I can engage you.

ELIAS: You are seeking an area which moves in the direction of your belief systems of placing blame.

FORREST: Not necessarily. I'm not interested in ...

ELIAS: There is no blame.

FORREST: ... placing blame. This isn't about blame. This is about the level at which we can engage, and the kinds of interactions and the kinds of thought processes serving as context to this engagement.

ELIAS: These are your choices. (Seventeen-second pause)

NATHAN: On a lighter note, I'm wondering what tools I could use to help gather people, or other ways that are more efficient to gather people. I'd like to learn more about my color. Can you help me out?

ELIAS: I shall offer to you initially to be NOTICING. This one word is very important. Notice not only what you create yourself, but what you draw yourself to, and notice the qualities of other individuals.

In this noticing, you may also recognize your drawing to other individuals within a similar family alignment, although be remembering that individuals aligning with this particular family, their intent is to be the exchangers; those individuals that draw other individuals to other individuals, not necessarily drawing individuals within the same family alignment to themselves, although you shall hold an awareness if you are creating of a drawing to another individual that is aligned with the Ilda family, but within your intent you more move in the direction of facilitating connections between other individuals.

You within your intent are the in-between -- that which brings this one here, that one there, these to this forum, these others to another forum -- for this is what you accomplish, an exchange of ideas. Within the description offered of these individuals, recall what is offered; jesters that move from court to court, merchants that move from seaport to seaport, pirates, extraterrestrials that move from dimension to dimension. It is an allowance, a bridge for differences in information to be communicated between individuals, between cultures, between peoples, between dimensions. This be your intent. Therefore, be noticing your own movement, your own actions.

You also may allow yourself an ability to recognize other individual's family alignments. Ilda alignments are quite accomplished at this, in identifying other individuals and the alignment to family that they hold. This allows you, as aligned with Ilda, the green, to more efficiently assess other individuals and what they shall accept in information and what you may accomplish in your exchanging, and as you draw yourself to other individuals that facilitate this exchanging also, you may engage them and may be interactive with them also, in exchanging notes with yourselves in your accomplishment of your intent.

JENNIFER: Is that very much ... I hate to use the word "goals," and sometimes I find myself at a lack for words in general, but to facilitate this shift in consciousness, it seems that we each bring some different pieces to the table.

ELIAS: Absolutely.

JENNIFER: I'm curious as to how we can create our energy to enhance this facilitation.

ELIAS: You are already accomplishing of this. This be the reason that I express to you to be aware of self and to be accepting of self, (intently) for in this you are lending more energy to the action of this shift than you may accomplish by standing upon your mountain top and shouting to your world, "The shift has arrived!"

But within your acceptance of self and within your awareness and your accomplishments of self and your acceptance of others ... for they are no different from you. They are inseparable from you, for there is no separation within consciousness. Therefore, although they all hold their own individuality, there is no separation. Therefore, the judgment that is placed upon another is also mirrored back to yourself.

JENNIFER: Is that also an imposition of belief systems or an imposition of ego, or what we define as ego?

ELIAS: What YOU define as ego, correct; for this is another belief system. (Twelve-second pause)

LAURA: I have a question about what you said the last time, that we manifest in this reality at least three times?


LAURA: Who is this agreement with?

ELIAS: Yourselves! You have created this reality with a specific action for experience. Therefore, collectively you have agreed upon the reason, so to speak, that you have chosen to create this reality, the specific experiences that you wish to be creating. Therefore, any essence that draws itself into a desire of experiencing this particular dimension within certain focuses shall also enter into an agreement that it experience this particular dimension within its fullness. Therefore, the agreement is that it shall experience at least three manifestations or focuses which all occur simultaneously, for all of your focuses are occurring simultaneously.

And this is not to say that you need be following "rules" of how long you choose to be manifest within each focus! This is your choice. You may be creating of a focus for a few minutes or for hundreds of years, in your terms. It matters not. It is the choice for the fullness of the experience that this particular physical dimension provides, and that being emotional and sexual, the fullness of these experiences is to be experiencing in these three modems of sexuality. But this is merely one physical dimension. There are countless physical dimensions of which you occupy. Therefore, the vastness of your experiences.

JENNIFER: Can we be knowing that we might be leaving this physical dimension?

ELIAS: Absolutely. Disengagement from any physical focus is a choice, and you shall know when you are creating of that choice.

All individuals within physical focuses hold an awareness of their choice to be disengaging. Some individuals hold an awareness within a time framework, and some hold an awareness momentarily prior to their disengagement. This also is a choice, of which awareness you shall allow yourself within any particular focus.

You also shall hold an awareness within each focus within physical dimensions of whether you are a beginning focus, a final focus, or a continuing focus. Although all focuses are simultaneous, you create a reality which is officially accepted that you view to be moving in a linear motion within time. Therefore, you designate one focus of essence to be entering or beginning, one focus to be final, and all others to be continuing focuses. In this, all individuals within physical focus hold an awareness that this may be their last focus or what you term to be lifetime, or their first focus, or that they shall be reincarnating ... although you do not reincarnate! They shall hold an awareness. "I shall be returning." You are not returning, but this is the belief system that is perpetuated. Or, "I shall not be returning. I am finished." Or, "I am merely beginning. The adventure stands before me!"

JENNIFER: It's still an adventure though, even if you're feeling that you're finished.

ELIAS: Absolutely, but a new adventure; not within the cycle of this particular dimension.

JENNIFER: I'd love to know more about that, perhaps at a later date.

ELIAS: Very well. (Twelve-second pause) Essence names: (To Margot) Banth, B-A-N-T-H. (To Jennifer) Margarite, M-A-R-G-A-R-I-T-E. (Another twelve-second pause) Are you wishing of more questions this evening?

RICHARD: I guess I have a little one. Since we had planned in about two or three minutes to convene in another physical location and join with others in a group meditation which is going on around our globe, and considering that we are not going to make it out there, I might as well ask a question! Since we have this belief in linear time, and we're gathering all these essences together around the world at a particular time believing that this is a linear focus, is that a useful tool?


RICHARD: For the shift?

ELIAS: Yes, for it does generate energy specifically in certain directions. It focuses your energy and your attention collectively, and it IS lending of energy to the action of this shift.

You have created certain physical dates, so to speak, which individuals have inquired of previously as to their significance, believing that these dates have either been prophesied or that they are universal creations outside of themselves, one being your alignment of your planets futurely. YOU are creating this event as your symbol to yourselves of the coming together of energy collectively and in harmony in supportiveness of this shift in consciousness, and you objectively express this in physical terms. You align your planets and you create a magnificent spectacle as a testament to your unison in what you are creating in this shift in consciousness, recognizing that this shift shall allow you the ability to view beyond merely this particular dimension, and you objectify this by projecting out what you view to be your physical universe and aligning it with your particular system.

FORREST: As far as objective alignments and time are concerned, it's raining outside and you might not have wanted to go out anyway, in which case I make this space available to people who are wishing to engage in that way. I've got fifteen minutes left on the tape. It's your choice as to what you wish to do.

RICHARD: So does it make a difference that we are not in our intended location and are in a different location?

ELIAS: Absolutely not.

RICHARD: It doesn't matter where we are.

ELIAS: No. The only difference is objective. You may allow yourselves objectively an awareness more physically of energy if you are engaging within large groups of individuals which are focusing their energy within the same direction, but you may accomplish that within yourselves. You hold enough of you, so to speak, that you may engage this same action in alignment with the same direction and be lending energy and be accomplishing the same directedness. Physical location is not necessary. A time framework in actuality is unnecessary, for all is simultaneous! But as you have stated, within your belief systems and your creation of linear time, yes, it is helpful for you to be connecting within energy within designated time frameworks.

RICHARD: Now, are you aware of this objective communion right now?

ELIAS: Quite, and you may enter if you are so choosing. I shall disengage this evening and allow you to be engaging in your meditation and your lending of energy to this shift in consciousness. To you all this evening, much affection and a fond au revoir!

Elias departs at 5:33 PM.

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