Session 2738

Connecting to a Deceased Loved One


“Connecting to a Deceased Loved One”
“Creating a Repetition of a Number Imagery”
“The Mysterious Physical Sensations are Part of My Empathic Sense”
“Recognizing Elias Playful Energy”

Tuesday, March 10, 2009 (Private/Phone)

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Magda (Rashti)

ELIAS: Good afternoon.

MAGDA: Good afternoon Elias.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha. Yes and what shall we discuss?

MAGDA: Alright, um, I just have the first 3 questions that are not for me, so I hope we can go through them as briefly as possible hopefully. The first question is about my friend F. and she wants to know about her orientation, essence families and focus type.

ELIAS: And the impressions?

MAGDA: Um, her impression, not mine, that she is Sumafi, maybe Vold or Sumari, thought focus, soft orientation?

ELIAS: Correct, the alignment would be Vold.

MAGDA: Alright, the second question is about my father and he wants to know if he has any connections to Jesus because he has had Stigmata and unexplainable physical markings on his body that appear during his sleep. Are these related to Jesus?

ELIAS: Yes and you may express to him that he is an observing essence of that individual.

MAGDA: And that’s why he gets these markings to tell him that he is an observing essence?

ELIAS: And his connection. Yes.

MAGDA: And to reveal this connection… and to let him pay attention to the spiritual path?

ELIAS: Yes. I would express that he incorporates a strong sense of spirituality and this is a very important aspect of himself and it is worthy of his attention and in that to honor this spirituality in himself. It may be expressed somewhat differently but it is strong.

MAGDA: Alright. The third question is about my friend D. and she wants to know if she and her BF are focuses of the same essence or if it’s just counterpart action.

ELIAS: They are not focuses of the same essence but they do incorporate counterpart action and have shared many focuses together which generate a strong familiarity.

MAGDA: Like how many?

ELIAS: 113.

MAGDA: Oh my god! And her next question would be how she can deal with the addiction to this abusive relationship.

ELIAS: It is a matter of her paying attention to her and empowering herself. It is very important to pay attention to self and to be expressing her own empowerment in what she wants rather than allowing another individual to dictate her choices to her.

Perhaps I suggest that she incorporate a list of all of the actions that are comfortable for her or that she enjoys and in this it matters not what the actions are. Any action at all. But to recognize that they are each actions that allow her to feel comfortable and to begin concentrating her attention more upon what is comfortable for her rather than what is not and to begin acknowledging her own accomplishments in each day.

For when individuals allow themselves to be in situations that are abusive or distressing or very uncomfortable they are not valuing themselves and in this they look to the other individual to approve of them and this is what creates the situation. For the more the individual looks for approval outside themselves the more they repel other individuals or the individual they are closely associated with and in that it creates this energy of opposition. Therefore it is important for her to begin to actually acknowledge her own accomplishments and appreciate herself and therefore change that energy in which she does not require outside approval any longer.

You may also offer my invitation if you are so choosing.

MAGDA: Offer your invitation what?

ELIAS: To your friend to engage a conversation with myself.

MAGDA: Alright, I will tell her.

ELIAS: Thank you.

MAGDA: You are welcome.

I have another question for myself. I have been creating a number imagery of 44 and it lasted for, you know, longer than a year and it’s crazy the way it comes up and I’ve tried every possible explanation and interpretation and nothing makes sense and I don’t know, it’ comes up crazy and I think maybe you subjectively know it or maybe you are part of it. It’s related to you or our sessions?

ELIAS: I would express that you are presenting this number to yourself in relation to myself. It is a number that you present to yourself to remind you, first of all, of my presence and it is in those moments a reminder for you to be paying attention to what you are doing.

MAGDA: With my energy?

ELIAS: Yes, it is a number of balance. It is an even number of balance therefore it is being presented to you to remind you of balance.

Note: I think that maybe Elias means that I tend to create in extremes sometimes.

MAGDA: And it’s related to you even before I discovered the Elias website and before knowing about you?

ELIAS: Yes you are correct. For many times before an individual actually presents this information to themselves I am already interactive with them.

MAGDA: So do we share focuses together? If any?


MAGDA: Really? So how many?

ELIAS: 56.

MAGDA: 56?


MAGDA: Were we close or acquaintances?

ELIAS: Both.

MAGDA: Both? Like how?

ELIAS: In some focuses we have generated relationships, in others acquaintances, in some we are related in family and in some there are romantic relationships.

MAGDA: Some of them are romantic?


MAGDA: That’s why I love you, ha ha ha.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha.

MAGDA: What is my strongest inner sense? And is it also my physical sensations? You know sometimes I get these physical sensations like tapping, tingling, pressure and sometimes I feel needles, like somebody is, somebody is touching me! Maybe sometimes you do that and sometimes it’s my essence doing that?

ELIAS: Correct.

MAGDA: Oh my, you were doing this an hour ago, you were doing this to my shoulder?

ELIAS: Ha ha ha, correct.

MAGDA: Ha ha ha, okay, ha ha ha, I like that. And when I said no, you stopped but then I said okay go back and do it again, you did!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha.

MAGDA: Please keep doing it, I like it.. and have you been doing something with my TV? A couple of weeks ago the screen went off but the sound was still on and when I get up to fix it, it comes back on?

ELIAS: Ha ha ha, yes.

MAGDA: Ha ha ha okay.. I’m sure there are many other things but I can’t put them all together now.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha, I do enjoy being playful.

MAGDA: I like that.

Have I been listening to your music? I mean listening to Beethoven’s music, is it because you’re connecting to me in these moments?


MAGDA: I’m hooked now.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha.

MAGDA: Did I share focuses with you in the Beethoven focus?


MAGDA: No? Okay, I’m not so disappointed, or maybe a little.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha.

MAGDA: Alright, I’ll move to a question about my deceased grandma. Which regional area is she now?


MAGDA: 3? That’s great.. so she’s good yeah?

ELIAS: Yes, Ha ha ha.

MAGDA: Ha ha ha, I’m sure she is… is there anything she wants to tell me?

ELIAS: Not necessarily, I would express that you can connect directly with her, if you are so choosing in visualizations or in dreams and you also can communicate with her if are so choosing and perhaps be aware of her presence at times, it is merely a matter of paying attention to unusual disturbances in your environment.

MAGDA: Yeah, like when she puts the lights off? Ha ha ha.


MAGDA: And when she touched my feet last week? I was thinking about her and she touched my feet like, oh my god, it was real (chuckles).

ELIAS: Ha ha ha, I would express you generate a significant sensitivity to other energies that are not necessarily physically present.

MAGDA: Aha, I’m so happy with it. I am proud of myself now (both chuckle).

MAGDA: So I would love to connect to her and I hope I could understand objectively what she wants to express through the interaction.

ELIAS: It’s not necessarily that she incorporates a message but merely is expressing her energy with you, for she is aware that you incorporate an openness and a sensitivity to receive it, therefore she is merely allowing herself to connect with you to confirm in a manner of speaking that she’s not actually gone and that you can interact regardless of whether she is actually physically present or not.

MAGDA: So my strongest inner sense is these physical sensations or something else?

ELIAS: It is your empathic sense which allows you that sensitivity to other energies

MAGDA: Alright, but I am greedy, is that all?

ELIAS: Ha ha ha, in what capacity?

MAGDA: I don’t know, something else, like more inner senses? Like Clairvoyance? I don’t have it because I can not see. I’m jealous of these people who could see your blue energy, I’m not being jealous really but I wish I could see your energy. I can’t but…

ELIAS: But each individual generates different sensitivities. You all incorporate the same abilities but you engage different abilities. Just as some individuals may engage a visualization but they do not actually visualize pictures. They sense images, they know what the images are but they do not actually see. That is not to say that they are not engaging the action of visualization, but they are not necessarily actually seeing images. Other individuals may generate an action of visualization and they may not necessarily sense the images or see the images but they may connect with smells that they can identify and that offers them what the image is. In this you all connect in your own unique manner, in what you allow yourself and what is efficient for you. It is easy for you to connect with energies and therefore you do and you engage that often and you become more and more successful with it.

MAGDA: umm, correct.. err, I mean you are the one who says "correct" all the time not me (both chuckle).

ELIAS: It is no less valid or significant than an individual that actually sees images, It is merely a different method.

MAGDA: Actually, sorry I remembered something, I had a dream that you were talking and I asked you about actors and channeling energy. Was that you?

ELIAS: That was your translation of me. Yes. My energy was present.

MAGDA: Yes, okay, so I don’t need to ask you that question now (both chuckle).

{Since the forum readers are not mind readers, one of the questions I was preparing myself to ask Elias was about Actors and the energy exchange phenomenon, I didn’t feel the need to ask that question in the actual session anymore because Elias already answered it in a dream I had prior to this session. My question was whether truly talented character actors engage some sort of energy exchange while performing or not and Elias’s response in the dream was "yes" but then I asked "but are they aware of it?" he said: "yes and they do it purposely". This is very interesting because I didn’t think they were aware that they were doing it on purpose. I felt that an actor like Sean Penn was engaging that energy exchange with Harvey Milk, and Marion Cotillard did the same with Edith Piaf, it may be different from the type of energy exchange that Elias engages with Mary but still there is some sort of energy exchange that takes place}

MAGDA: Alright. I will move to another question now, actually two questions.

Recently I have been feeling like I am being not me, I don’t know how to describe this but the easiest thing that I could interpret objectively that I feel that I am penetrated with other energies or that somehow I…, well, sometimes something feels wrong and I don’t know what it is. What is your interpretation of that?

ELIAS: Actually it is not wrong but I understand what you are expressing, it is different, what you are doing in actuality is quite understandable as you are open to other energies you are also becoming more open to many different aspects of your own energy. Some of those may feel unfamiliar. This is you allowing yourself to expand and to become more aware of the different aspects of yourself.

You incorporate many many aspects of yourself. Every individual does but generally speaking you are familiar with one which is what we term to be your primary aspect which that is what you recognize as you. But you incorporate many many many other aspecst of yourself, some of which do not feel very familiar and do not feel as you for you are accustomed to perceiving yourself in a particular manner and feeling yourself and feeling your identity in a particular manner, and when you move into different aspects of yourself it feels different almost as if you were another individual.

MAGDA: Oh yes (affirming) it does feel that way.

ELIAS: It is not a wrong expression and it is not that there is any intrusiveness occurring or that any other essence is intruding upon you or within you but rather you exploring more of yourself. This is actually an expansion and allows you to recognize that you are much more than you think you are.

MAGDA: Yeah, okay, can I move to the next question?


MAGDA: I need some tips on, I’ve read some tips on the different sessions with people wanting to work on their self-confidence and self validation, and I am constantly and extremely invalidating myself and not trusting myself and doubting myself which interferes with my dealings with people and my acting and everything. My confidence shifts so easily….

ELIAS: I would express the suggestion to you that you incorporate the exercises of appreciating yourself, choosing some aspect of yourself to appreciate at least 5 times within your day and also incorporate the exercise of acknowledging your own accomplishments. This changes your energy and it reinforces your confidence and your trust in yourself by acknowledging yourself in that you are accomplishing actions. It matters not what the action is but to actually stop momentarily and credit yourself and acknowledge that in the action that you did, you actually accomplished. For what you are doing is moving through the motions within your day and you are accomplishing many different tasks within your day but you are not crediting yourself for them. You are not acknowledging yourself in those accomplishments and that is very important for that allows you to reinforce your trust of yourself and to build your confidence in your own work.

I can also suggest to you that perhaps for the time framework of one week engage a type of game in which you pretend, so to speak, that you are two individuals. You are you and you are also another version of you, the other version of you is all of your feelings. Therefore from the period of one week you will hypothetically divide yourself into the feeling you and the thinking you. The thinking you is charged with the caring for the feeling you. The thinking you incorporates the job during this week, of taking care of the feeling you and in this it will allow you to experience your feelings but also to generate your own compassion and nurturing in that just as you would for a friend.

MAGDA: I need to do this.

ELIAS: Very well.

MAGDA: Can I have one more tiny question, like numbers only?


MAGDA: Like how many focuses I shared with my boyfriend and that’s it.

ELIAS: Very well. Shared focuses 71.

MAGDA: Oh my God, too much… that’s why he’s driving me crazy (both chuckle) and I am driving him crazy.

ELIAS: Perhaps incorporating a slight amount of bleed through from a sibling focus (chuckles).

MAGDA: Siblings, ha? I also think he was a parent too.


MAGDA: Because sometimes he acts like a parent (both laugh) and I guess my father was my partner in other focuses because sometimes I have dreams where I am having sex with my father and then in the middle of the dream I realize that "oh my god I am having sex with my father?" (Both chuckle).

ELIAS: This is not unusual my friend (chuckles).

MAGDA: Are you leaving?


MAGDA: Okay, I will miss you.

ELIAS: It is not necessary to be missing me, for I am always present (chuckles).
But I shall be anticipating our next meeting my dear friend and I shall continue to be playful with you.

MAGDA: Alright, thank you.

ELIAS: In great affection and in dear friendship to you, au revoir.

MAGDA: Au revoir. Same to you.

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