Session 2715

Does Elias Know Everything About Everybody?


“Does Elias Know Everything About Everybody?”
“Does Elias Have Preferences?”
“Recognizing, Assessing and Buffering Other Energies”
“Gossip Isn’t Necessarily a Negative Action”
“Allowing Easier Relationships”
“Time, Manifestations and Attention”

Sunday, February 1, 2009 (Private/Phone)

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Ann (Vivette)

ELIAS: Good morning!

ANN: Well, good morning, Elias!

ELIAS: (Laughs) And what shall we discuss?

ANN: Well, a couple things. It’s twice when I heard you say to people, “Don't just have a conversation,” so that idea intrigued me. In preparing for this session, I basically did not prepare (both laugh), and it makes me nervous on one hand because I feel like there are so many questions I have for you, and I feel like okay, I'm taking this time, and to me it seems like to be able to talk to you in this way is a rare thing and it's such a great opportunity that I don't want to waste it. Which, also that I noticed that comes up a lot in different things in my life where I don't want to waste something, so then I'm playing with the idea of nothing is really ever wasted (Elias laughs) and just letting everything unfold. I'm not quite sure how it's all going to turn out, but I think I just want to talk.

ELIAS: Very well, we can engage conversation. And how would you engage conversation with myself? What would you discuss?

ANN: That's interesting, because then back when I was thinking that very question, a curiosity came up and I guess that’s just me, I'm just curious so I'm going to be curious. I was wondering, it seems like from my end there’s so much that I don't know that I could ask you things, and I just think I could converse with you for a long time, but then like in an interchange, I'm just curious if, from your point of view, where you're focused, is there anything about me that you don't know? Or do you know everything already about me, so would you have even have any curiosities about me?

ELIAS: This is an interesting question.

ANN: I thought so too (laughs).

ELIAS: In actuality, (pause) it would not be possible to know everything about you, for in every moment you are changing and you are engaging choices. And although I may be able to recognize potentials for directions or choices that you may engage, I cannot actually predict that, for they are your choices to engage. And in this, as essence or as a human being, you are so diverse in your construction, so to speak, that there are actually many, many, many actions that are continuously occurring within you, even without you being objectively aware of them. Even in your thought processes there are overlying thought processes, but there are recessed thought processes also that are occurring underneath what is obvious to you in thinking, and energy is continuously fluctuating.

Therefore, no, I do not know everything about you, and in this, what I choose to connect with is the energy that you are expressing and projecting now – which is also the reason that in many conversations with individuals, they may be expressing a question or they may express a question in relation to a situation that occurred pastly, and I will engage questions with them and ask them what the experience was.

Now; it is not that I cannot tap into that information, for that has already been experienced and therefore, that information is stored in the individual's body consciousness, but that also requires much more energy from my part, and it is more efficient and easier to direct the other individual to recount a situation, for in doing so, they themself focus their energy in a different direction. Therefore, it is not a matter of me generating more or extra energy to, in a manner of speaking, search through different aspects of their energy and their memory to access what they are referring to; they pull that energy to the surface very quickly, and therefore in their recalling of a situation, they are accessing that energy also of the experience, which thusly I can tap into very easily, for it is very present. But, there are choices that I also engage to conserve energy as much as possible in relation to the energy exchange

ANN: And that all makes sense. What you're saying I understand and actually answered a lot of other questions I may have. If there is an endless amount of energy, why would you need to conserve energy? Or want to conserve energy?

ELIAS: For this is an energy exchange, and in an energy exchange, it is required to filter energy through layers of consciousness and to connect that energy somewhat in a streamlined manner, to be connecting with Michael's energy but not to be disrupting, or to be disrupting as little as possible of Michael’s energy. Although Michael’s awareness is removed, the body consciousness is not; and in that, the body consciousness responds, or reacts, to foreign energy, which I have explained pastly. And in that, introducing a volume of energy, which is already introduced in relation to the body consciousness that actually can create disruptions with the functioning of the body consciousness as it attempts to reject the foreign energy – which, as I have expressed pastly, is very similar to what your physical body consciousness does in relation to transplanted materials.

Your body consciousness knows the energy of you, and it knows the energy that is not you, and it automatically attempts to push away or reject any energy that it views to be foreign. My energy would be considered foreign; therefore, it is important to conserve energy in the energy exchange and not increase the volume of energy that I expend in this exchange in any unnecessary manners that would increase the reaction of the body consciousness to be malfunctioning.

ANN: Wow. You always have a good answer for everything, I must say. (Elias laughs) This makes perfect sense. (Both laugh)

ELIAS: This is also the reason that I do not physically manipulate the body consciousness much. I do not incorporate much movement. It is not that I CANNOT manipulate the body consciousness; I can, but I minimize that as much as possible to not be disrupting the natural function of the body consciousness.

ANN: So when you’re focused as you are now – well, the energy I’m talking to – do you have preferences?

ELIAS: Do I incorporate preferences? (Pause, then slowly) I suppose I would express yes. My preferences may be somewhat different from your own, for they are not influenced by beliefs, but yes, I would express that you could accurately express that I do incorporate preferences.

ANN: Could you give me an example of a preference?

ELIAS: (Pause) One example could be that I do incorporate a preference in relation to certain essences. I could also express that it could be deemed as a preference that I choose to engage the energy exchange in the manner that I do. It may also be viewed as a preference that I choose to engage information in the manner that I engage it in relation to presenting information with the least possible amount of distortion. That could also be viewed as a preference. It could also be viewed as a preference that I choose to involve myself in the movement of this Shift.

ANN: Like, every single person you talk to through Michael, is it someone you WANT to talk to? Or, I don’t know if “want” is the right word. Do you want to talk to them, or would there be somebody that you would not want to talk to and it just would not manifest? [Inaudible] Would that be more of a judgment, or more of a preference?

ELIAS: I would express that that is more associated with all of you. I would not necessarily move in the direction of wanting or not wanting to converse with any particular individual. I have chosen to engage conversation and information with any individual that chooses to present themself, and it matters not with myself what direction that individual may present or who the individual is or what their beliefs are or what their direction is.

ANN: Okay.

ELIAS: If an individual is seeking information, I am willing and available to offer it.

ANN: Okay. Well, that again makes perfect sense. (Both laugh)

Okay, so now I guess I'm going to ask you about, in a couple of our last conversations you had said some things that I didn't follow up on, and I’m just kind of curious so I want to ask about those. I noticed one time when I was talking about how I was at a Civil War shop and I met this man and I didn't feel good, I didn't like him, he kind of gave me the creeps, and you said it's because we are of different energy. I was just curious what you meant by “different energy.”

ELIAS: At times, you may encounter another individual who projects a very different type of energy than yourself.

Now; that energy may be very influenced by that individual's beliefs and their associations and their directions and their personality, and that may not resonate with you and your energy. Therefore, in a manner of speaking your energies clash. And when that occurs, the individual will either feel suspicious, or they will feel uncomfortable, or they will feel uneasy. You may even feel frightened. These are all signals that you are encountering an individual that your energy is automatically repelling, that you are expressing to yourself an alert, a warning. You immediately recognize an energy, and whether you can objectively evaluate what that is or why you feel strange, or why you feel it is necessary for you to retreat from that energy, it matters not. Your intuition is recognizing and assessing the other energy and is signaling you that you do not resonate with this energy and therefore it is advisable for you to not engage it.

Now; this is not necessarily to say that some dangerous situation would present itself, for that may not occur. But were you to move in the direction of engaging the other individual regardless of your own alerts, you would quickly begin to recognize that there are many factors with the other individual that you do not like, or that you do not agree with, and they would become obvious in manners that would be very difficult for you to engage.

ANN: Okay. And then another time I asked you, I said that I could not read energy, I thought I could not read energy as well as other people, and you told me that I can but you offered that it's because the energy is always present and if it was an absence of the energy then I would notice that. And I guess when I was thinking recognizing energy… Like your energy, let’s say, it seems like some people will say, “I felt Elias” or “I talked to Elias,” and it seems to be like not all the time, but sometimes you’re there and sometimes you're not. Or they can recognize – maybe that's the thing, recognize different energies around. So I guess I was just kind of confused with “the energy is always present,” because I'm thinking of it as – and I know it's not individual, but I'm thinking of it as individual energies that maybe come and go, you can recognize them when they're there and when they're not there, and…

ELIAS: Let me express to you that yes, many individuals can recognize my energy, or do recognize my energy, but there are also many individuals that do not. And in this, it is a matter of what you are paying attention to. There are countless energies around you continuously, and you, for the most part, generally speaking, are very effective at buffering them out to not overwhelm yourselves. This is an action that you do not necessarily think of but you automatically do. Therefore, it may be somewhat of a challenge, although quite definitely not impossible, to readjust yourself to allow yourself an openness to other energies, for you are engaging many, many, many energies continuously that surround you immediately, and even in your community. Therefore, allowing additional energies and being aware of them may be a matter of paying attention, allowing yourself to generate more openness and to being watchful, in a manner of speaking.

My energy is presented in many different expressions. It is received by an individual in however they configure it. My energy is present, and it is always available, but it is a matter of how each individual configures that.

Now; generally speaking, my energy filtered into your physical reality is generated with somewhat of an electric quality.

Now; that can be configured in electrical manifestations, OR it can be configured in somewhat of electrical sensations with an individual's body consciousness.

ANN: Like goosebumps?

ELIAS: At times, or it may be a physical sensation. It may be generated in a vibrational quality that an individual may experience in a sound or in a fluctuation in a particular area of their body consciousness. But in this, it is not always expressed with an obvious electrical quality. I do choose many times to engage particular physical imagery to attach my energy to as an expression that individuals can see, physically. Generally speaking, I choose butterflies, for butterflies create an action in flying with their wings that create a fluctuation in the energy field in their physical surroundings. And in that, if an individual is paying attention and is generally open to energy, they will feel a fluctuation in the energy – so to speak in the air, when they encounter the butterflies, especially if a butterfly is very close to them in proximity, which generally does not occur with this particular creature. Therefore, it is also more of a physical sign or imagery to individuals when they DO move close, that if they are paying attention they will feel my energy present, for it is not usual for this type of creature to approach very closely to a human intentionally.

ANN: So have you been a butterfly around me? Ever?


ANN: Oh, I’ll have to pay attention to see if I see any butterflies! (Elias laughs)

ELIAS: I am quite fond of butterflies.

ANN: Then I was also curious about, you say the energy is always present. So taking your energy, it’s always present around me if I should ever want to access it, correct?


ANN: And then you said if the energy was removed, I would notice it. Like, would you ever remove your energy from me so I could not access it, and then I would notice that?

ELIAS: Generally speaking, I do not.

ANN: But have you ever for me?


ANN: What would cause you to remove your energy from an individual?

ELIAS: I have expressed pastly that I would remove my energy from Michael were he to be engaging a situation of another energy exchange. It would be temporary, but that would be a situation in which I would remove my energy.

ANN: So as not to interfere?

ELIAS: Correct.

ANN: And is that the way it is… That actually may be a little more than I understand. I want to just digress a little bit because I don't run out of time. There's two things that I wanted to ask you, one about my boyfriend’s son Brian. I was curious about his essence name.

ELIAS: Essence name: Leo.

ANN: Leo. L-E-O?


ANN: That’s a nice name. And then Rose – you know the Rose I'm talking about, right?

ELIAS: What is your question?

ANN: With her walking, she just wanted me to ask you. You had given her exercises to help her walk, and she has stopped doing exercises – and I'm paraphrasing from memory her question. She has stopped doing the exercises but she feels okay about that and is just wondering… I guess my translation of this question is, by just following her own desires, even if it means not engaging in the exercises, is she progressing, is she helping herself regarding the walking?


ANN: And as you perceive her now, is she… I guess the question would be, I guess it’s yes, she says she is progressing on her desire to walk?


ANN: Okay.

So those were my two quick questions. Now back to my questions that I don’t really have planned out! (Both laugh) Hm.

ELIAS: What would you converse with a friend about?

ANN: Oh, I would like to gossip, probably. Do you ever gossip? (Both laugh)

ELIAS: And what would you gossip about?

ANN: Oh, guys. For some reason gossiping with you just seems like gossiping with, you know, with the saints or something. It seems like a lightning bolt would come down and strike me. (Elias laughs)

Well, let’s gossip about… Well, gosh, what WOULD I gossip about with you? I guess… (Both laugh)

ELIAS: Let me express to you, I am aware that most of you express a negative association with gossiping.

ANN: Yeah.

ELIAS: But let me also express to you that in actuality, the reason that most of you are drawn to engaging the action, and regardless of whether you view it as negative or not, the reason that you enjoy it, and that you actually many times view it as fun and stimulating, is that this is actually an action that allows you each to release energy in a manner that is not necessarily harmful. It allows you to express yourself, it allows you to express your opinions, it allows you to express your evaluations, your guidelines and express your own judgments in a manner that is not necessarily harmful to another individual, and therefore releasing energy. And in that release of energy, generally speaking you choose individuals to gossip with that will agree with you and that will engage you in the same action, and therefore that validates your guidelines and your opinions in a safe manner, and it allows you a camaraderie and an encouragement that you are not necessarily wrong in your assessment.

Now; in that, many times when individuals allow themselves to engage in gossiping in association with other individuals, you will notice, or you will find, that when you actually encounter the individual that you have been gossiping about, you can engage them more easily.

ANN: Yeah!

ELIAS: For you have already allowed yourself to express yourself in your opinions, you've already allowed yourself to release that energy, and therefore, the very qualities or expressions that you are gossiping about that you view in the other individual can be expressed by the other individual, and they are less bothersome to you.

ANN: Hm. You know, I have to say, one really wonderful thing about talking to you (laughs) is a couple of… Like the last time I talked about my PMS – and this is things that I see as bad, which is a judgment, you know, da da da – and actually it can be quite helpful. And it's just reiterating to me just to track everything that I'm doing and everything that I'm in, and it definitely feels releasing. So, thank you for that!

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. (Chuckles)

ANN: Which kind of leads me to… I wasn't gonna go here, but I guess I'll go here. I’m just kind of curious: It has been said that you could have a relationship with any individual that you so chose. And then, like for instance we'll talk about my boyfriend and my relationship with him. I've been playing around with my relationship with him with what I'm projecting to what I'm receiving, and I notice a difference. I mean, even with children or whatever, since I’ve learned about all this I'm aware that what I'm projecting affects what I receive.

So my question is, like sometimes with my boyfriend I'm in a place where I think, “Yes, I can do this,” but it seems like I'm doing all this work to get this relationship in a manner in which I want it. It seems that I always have to be thinking about projecting, and then I guess my little fantasy would be well, I would like him to come meet me halfway, maybe sometimes he could do projecting. I feel like I have to do all the work, and the work is associated with like feeling good and just in living, you know, this enjoyable, fun life. So one half of me will say, “Well, this is a nice exercise , you create your life with him and it’s just making your creative juices stronger or whatever, being more aware of them and that will affect him, and the other side of me says, “Oh, just let go of it and find somebody that would be easier to create this with.” I would love to hear your wonderful, wise thoughts on this. (Both laugh)

ELIAS: And my wise comment would be, “It is your choice.”

ANN: Arrgh! (Laughs) Yeah, I guess it is – well, I KNOW it’s my choice. Okay, so let me see if I can focus on my question a little bit better. It is my choice, …

ELIAS: Let me express to you, my friend, yes, you are correct. You can create the relationship that you want with any individual. That is an accurate statement, and it is possible.

Now; individuals many times become fixed in their attention upon one particular individual and wanting to create a particular type of relationship with that one individual, and therefore they incorporate that information and they express to themselves, “I can create the type of relationship that I want regardless of what the other individual wants or what the other individual is doing, for I create all of my reality.” Yes, in actuality that is correct, but – there are other factors, and this is the point of it being your choice.

I have expressed many times with many individuals, yes, you can create what you want with this particular individual, but it will require much more energy. It will incorporate much more time and much more effort, but this is not to say that it is not possible. And in that, it may BE much easier to generate a relationship with a different individual. But, dependent upon the direction of the individual in any particular time framework, they may or may not be ready to accept that possibility.

ANN: Okay, so let me interrupt here for a second. This is kind of like my quote-unquote “strategy,” or this is the choice that I am making at the moment, and I know. I have decided… because for some reason I don't want to just break it off with this individual for whatever reasons, and I guess I can investigate that. I have decided that I am just going to concentrate on being me and focusing on what I like to do and doing what I want to do, and kind of letting the relationship fall where it may. On one hand I think, “Okay, if I just be me and do what I want to do, and that works in the relationship, it will stay together, and if I be me and do what I want to do and that doesn't work in…” I guess one way I feel like maybe I'm taking the coward's way out to break up, but he would have to do the breaking up, or… I don’t know, I just, I just…

ELIAS: I would not necessarily express that that is a cowardly choice. I would express that that is an efficient choice.

ANN: Oh, I love to hear you say that!

ELIAS: For you are not generating an expectation of whether the relationship will continue or will not continue. You are not, in a matter of speaking, forcing the situation. You are not generating considerable expectations of the other individual. You are merely choosing to pay attention to you, which is the point, and to create what YOU want to create. And I would also be acknowledging of you that you are implementing allowance. You are allowing the situation to unfold in whatever manner it may.

ANN: Oh, I love that!

ELIAS: That is to be acknowledged, not to be discounted.

ANN: Ohh, I love that! (Both laugh) I just can't tell you how happy that makes me.

ELIAS: Therefore I would express congratulations to you.

ANN: Well, thank you! (Both laugh) This is very interesting, this life stuff, how we all… It’s all very interesting. (Elias laughs)

Oh, I know, I have another question for you. And this is something that I've been trying to figure out, but maybe it's as simple as someone said, it’s the dream state is how I figure it out. But I've been trying to figure out this thing on time. I know time obviously is required for physical manifestation. I'm not sure if these questions will get me to where I want to be, but I'm gonna try anyway. One question is, I know that you say you no longer have any focuses physical at this point. Is that correct?


ANN: Okay. So my question is, if everything is happening right now at once and there's no other time than now, how is it possible that they’re still not focused physically?

ELIAS: They are.

ANN: (Laughs) Is that one of these wonderful paradoxes?

ELIAS: I would express, they are physically manifest in the simultaneousness of time. They are physically manifest in relation to the ever-present now and outside of linear time, but the attention in this reality is removed, which is the reason that there would be no more manifestations generated.

ANN: So could you choose to place attention on one of those focuses and, quote-unquote, “make it manifest” again?

ELIAS: It already is manifest.

ANN: Oh lord, okay.

ELIAS: It IS manifest, they all ARE manifest, but the attention is removed. And in that, were I to project the attention back into one focus, it would be in all.

ANN: How many physical focuses do you have in this reality?

ELIAS: I have responded to that question, and I have expressed that I incorporate more than 5,000.

ANN: Okay, and then also in trying to get my head around this time thing – and I know once I asked you if everything that has ever been created has not been created and you said no. In my head, for something to be created you need a now and then you need a future, which would be time, so I was kind of trying to figure that out. And I guess it would be like a dream, right? Like when you're dreaming there is no time and it goes back and forth. Is that what it's like about time, it's like a dream?

ELIAS: No, for even in a dream there is time. It is more flexible, but there is time in a dream.

ANN: Is there time where your attention is right now?

ELIAS: No. But there is also no manifestation.

ANN: So wherever there's manifestation of any kind, there's time.

ELIAS: Yes. But without manifestation, time is not necessary. Therefore, as I have expressed previously, consciousness is not a thing; it is an action. It does not require space or time, for it is not a thing. In this, physical manifestations require space and time to occupy, for physical manifestations are things. But without things, time and space is not necessary.

ANN: You had told me my essence name is Vivette, so would she – I said “she” because it’s a female name – I’m not sure how to do this question. Would she be not in time – like you, kind of? Does that make sense?

ELIAS: In some aspects. But you ARE that essence; therefore –

ANN: I’m in time.


ANN: Interesting. Oh, I kind of get this. Sometimes I think this is how – and maybe you've explained it like this, or I don't know if I’m off, but it’s like if essence were a ball, although it’s not, then our focuses would be like little points on that ball, little points of attention? Have you ever said that?

ELIAS: I have incorporated a similar analogy, but yes, that –

ANN: And obviously… Anyhow, I guess I'm not gonna go too further because I'm not quite sure. (Elias laughs) And my daughter is sitting here and she's wanting my attention. I think she's had enough of this conversation.

[To her daughter] Do you have any questions for Elias?


ANN: She has no questions for you. (Elias laughs) My children think I'm crazy. (Elias laughs)

ELIAS: Well, perhaps you can blissfully be experiencing lunacy. (Laughs)

ANN: Yes! Yes, you can.

ELIAS: If you are content and you are comfortable, it matters not. (Both laugh)

ANN: Well, Elias, this has been a wonderful conversation, and I so am glad that we had this chance to talk.

ELIAS: I am also. And I shall be anticipating our next meeting and another interesting conversation. (Chuckles)

ANN: Thank you.

ELIAS: I express tremendous encouragement to you, my friend. You ARE accomplishing.

ANN: Thank you.

ELIAS: In this, I shall be offering my energy to you as always, and expressing my dear friendship and great lovingness to you. Au revoir.

ANN: Au revoir. Thank you.

(Elias departs after 58 minutes)

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