Session 262
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Creature Consciousness II


"Creature Consciousness II"
"Dragons and Unicorns and Bigfoot, Oh My!"

Sunday, January 25, 1998 © 1998 (Group)
Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Cathy (Shynla), Bobbi (Jale), Chris (Yan), Sue (Catherine), Kaan (Ian), Jo (Tyl), Paul (Caroll), Gail (William), Norm (Stephen), Reta (Dehl), and Drew (Matthew).
Elias arrives at 6:57 PM. (Arrival time was fifteen seconds)

ELIAS: Good evening! (Grinning)

GROUP: Good evening!

ELIAS: We shall begin with our game. (Here, several people start talking at once, and we all crack up)

DREW: I'll start! Inventions, video camera, Sumafi.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

RETA: Music, Adagio For Strings, Milumet.

ELIAS: Less probable. (Grinning, and then to Cathy) You are correct! (Meaning that Cathy's memory of Reta entering this previously was correct)

BOBBI: Letters of the alphabet, the letter B, Milumet.

ELIAS: Less probable.

JO: Newsmakers, Hugh Hefner, Borledim.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

NORM: Astronomical objects, the sun, Zuli.

ELIAS: One point.

GAIL: Fictional characters, Wendy of Peter Pan, Borledim.

ELIAS: One point.

PAUL: I have one. (Paul has some difficulty here with a catch in his throat and we all crack up, as Paul has received a few "less probables" recently) Quotes, Better Safe Than Sorry, Borledim.

ELIAS: Acceptable! (Laughing)

VICKI: Do you know you can go again, Reta?

RETA: Okay. Music, In This Very Room, Sumafi.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

RON: Anatomical features, eyes, Sumari.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: For Howard: Archangels, Metatron, Sumari.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

VICKI: For Margot: Archangels, Abaddon, Tumold.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

VICKI: For myself: Sports, Tumold, swimming.

ELIAS: Less probable. (This had been entered previously also, by me)

VICKI: Letters of the alphabet, the letter Z, Milumet.

ELIAS: Less probable. (Grinning)

VICKI: I have more pennies! (Laughter) Entertainers, George Burns, Sumafi.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

VICKI: For Mary: To enter the black tile with an octagon on it with the Sumari family, as being a world view information tile.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

BOBBI: I want to try one more letter: The letter R with Sumari.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

SUE: Music, Anarchy In The U.K., Vold.

ELIAS: One point.

CATHY: Roots and berries, brindle berry, Zuli. (The spelling of "brindle berry" could be incorrect)

ELIAS: One point. (Pause) Very well! Shall we continue our discussion as to your creatures?

RETA: I have something I'd like to contribute to creatures, just as an interesting point. A very dear friend of mine had to put her dog to sleep last week. She's had him seventeen years. Her little girl is maybe two-and-a-half or three years old, and she was trying to explain to her daughter that he was old and that it was necessary to put him to sleep, and she thought the daughter would be very upset. And the daughter turned to her mom and said, "Well, you know, you've made him wait so long to go." How intuitive for a little girl!

ELIAS: Also, how clear an example of belief systems that are transmitted within very early ages!

CATHY: I would like to know if dogs, or animals in general, have impulses.

ELIAS: Yes. They are interpreted differently than your impulses, for you filter your interpretation of impulses through thoughts and emotion. An animal does not filter through an emotion or a thought, but automatically responds to an impulse.

CATHY: Okay. Last week you said that I don't think that dogs think. Did I hear that correctly? Is this an underlying belief system that I'm not aware of?

ELIAS: You hold a belief system that they may hold a very limited thought process, but for the most part they respond to learned behavior.

CATHY: Okay. (Pause) Okay, I'll sit with that for a second! (Elias grins and nods)

KAAN: I have a question for my friend Cynthia, who is working with greenhouses. That's his job, his profession, and he said that as a part of his job he has to struggle with insects all the time. He's been putting lots of attention over the years to doing this from a level of consciousness where he doesn't invite them, and he'd like them to go without eradicating them in more violent ways. He believes that he understands that he does not have belief systems in terms of not inflicting them with something that he thinks is very terrible for them, but he also holds a belief that he has to respect all of consciousness. Therefore, he'd like to find a better way. He asks for your comments on this, on how he can deal with this problem.

ELIAS: This be a situation that many individuals may encounter in dealing with your vegetation within this dimension, for you create conflicting choices. You have created a choice to create these creatures and their natural habitat and their natural food source. Then you create a conflicting creation, that you wish them not to be interacting with their natural habitat! (Smiling)

In this, the individual creates conflict for themselves, although there are certain means within your vegetation that are naturally repelling of these creatures in themselves. In planting certain combinations of plant life, they act as natural repellents for these creatures, which accomplishes the individual's goal, so to speak, of not creating what he views to be harmfulness to the creatures, but also affects the outcome that he is desiring. Certain vegetation are natural repellents to these creatures, and they in turn shall move to another area and discover a new source for creating their own natural habitat. Express radishes! (Grinning)

RETA: Is not another one marigolds, to prevent tomato worms? Doesn't that keep the tomato bugs away?

ELIAS: This has become a mass belief system, although the creatures themselves do not always comply with this mass belief system!

CATHY: Okay. One of the base belief systems that I have with animals would be that I believe only certain dogs that are happy and have a good temperament and are willing to work are the ones that should be working in Hollywood, so to speak. Is that one of them?

ELIAS: This would be a strong belief system that you hold.

CATHY: I'm just checking! I'm just identifying here. And another one: Could it be that I go a lot by past experiences of what I've had with dogs, and I believe that the same experience is influencing of my reality that I'm creating right now?

ELIAS: Quite.

CATHY: So if I haven't had the experience of doing something ... I give myself more anxiety and stuff about doing things with animals if I haven't experienced it before?

ELIAS: For this is unfamiliar.

CATHY: Because it's unfamiliar. So that's probably one of the big ones, and I need to be more accepting of myself and trusting of myself when it comes to those situations?

ELIAS: Correct; and recognize how many times, within your relying on your past experiences, so to speak, you limit yourselves. In relying on merely your past experiences, you are also denying many of your choices, for you view things in absolutes.

CATHY: Yes, I do! But I am kind of wider in that area because I don't have the same attitude I used to have when new, non-experienced trainers come in and pull things off without the experience that I have. I'm a lot more accepting of those kinds of people now.

ELIAS: Correct.

CATHY: That's kind of a big deal for me! (Somebody applauds)

ELIAS: I am acknowledging! (Grinning)

RON: You ARE wide! (Laughter)

CATHY: Okay! Well, I could ask another one here. I have several! I'm interested in your comment about how animals' thought processes are different from ours, and this allows them a more vivid dream action. Could you elaborate on that?

ELIAS: You think within your thought process quite objectively. You think in terms of language, and you also think in terms of imagery. Your creatures' thought processes are more dream-like than are yours, although your dream imagery also is quite objective and is translated to you within imagery and language -- words -- for this is the process that you have chosen for thoughts. Thoughts are generally words. In this, creatures are more interactive subjectively. They do hold images as thought in similar manner to you -- not entirely, but similarly -- but without the same type of language. Therefore, their interpretation is different. Also be remembering that they do not hold the belief systems also which are influencing within your thought process.

All of your thoughts are influenced by the belief systems that you hold. Therefore, what you create within your interpretations of subjective activity -- what you objectively create -- is influenced and filtered through your belief systems, even within your dream state. Although your belief systems are relaxed within your dream state, they ARE interactive. Therefore, they are continuing to be influencing within your dream state also. For a creature, they are not filtering through belief systems . Therefore, they connect to their own type of thought process in a subjective imagery type of manner. The images do not change as being influenced by belief systems. In this manner, their awareness of consciousness is slightly clearer than yours.

CATHY: We always say that if we see a dog whimpering or their feet moving, that means they're dreaming. That is what they're doing right at that moment, when they're carrying on like that?

ELIAS: Correct, although creatures engage in sleep state throughout much of their focus and are interactive within dream state throughout this time. It is merely more obvious at certain times to you.

CATHY: Because of the noise and the movement they're making.

ELIAS: Correct.

CATHY: 'Cause I notice some do it more than others. I was wondering if animals manifest in groups repeatedly, like some of us do here.

ELIAS: At times, in certain situations; more so with what you term to be untamed or wild animals than with domestic animals.

CATHY: So do domestic animals have a tendency to remanifest with the same people? Like has Caleigh been my dog in another focus, or some other animal?

ELIAS: Many times creatures that you have drawn to yourself within domestic animals do remanifest in conjunction with individuals.

CATHY: Do they have more of a tendency to ... like is a dog going to remanifest as a dog a lot, a domestic dog?

ELIAS: Not necessarily.

CATHY: It'll be a cat or bird or whatever?

ELIAS: Correct.

SUE: Could I ask, are you aware of the cats as they move through this room during sessions, and are the cats aware of you?

ELIAS: They are aware of the energy. I am aware of their energy but hold little attention in this area, for it is unnecessary for my interaction with them; although at times I have interacted with them, and other creatures that have been presented within this forum.

DREW: If animals aren't of essence, how do they manifest? You've said they are projections of us, but how do they manifest and how do they remanifest if they are a projection of us?

ELIAS: They are consciousness.

DREW: So once projected and created, they then ...?

ELIAS: They hold choice. All of consciousness holds choice.

DREW: So when they disengage, the consciousness ... what's the unifying subjective ... hmm. When we disengage ... I'd better be careful with my words here. When we disengage, we are part of essence. When they disengage, what are they part of?

ELIAS: Consciousness.

DREW: That part of consciousness which is not essence.

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: Okay. Does their energy and consciousness disperse or does it hold a personality tone, for example, so that when it remanifests ... in other words, something must sort of -- excuse my language -- hold it together in a sense, so that if they do remanifest, it's not just dispersed energy. What's the unifying element that holds the consciousness together so that an animal could remanifest as that? Is it a personality tone?

ELIAS: No. I am understanding of your inquiry, although it is not the same as what you are thinking within the terms of essence. You look to a focus, or all of essence, and you may apply a personality tone. Therefore, you view within your thought process that there is a structure that binds a certain element of consciousness, that it shall configure itself in one manner and remain in this manner. I shall not dispute this thought process with you. Although it is distorted, it is efficient for your understanding presently.

With a creature, it is energy. Therefore, at the point of disengagement the energy IS dispersed and allowed to re-configure itself in whichever manner it chooses. This would be the choice of the links of consciousness. These links may rearrange themselves within agreement and form together again and create within agreement another creature, joining together with other links of consciousness, but it is not the same action as what you engage within essence.

DREW: Okay, that makes sense to me. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

KAAN: Within this context, I came across an idea that therefore a cat, within that energy range, could not turn into a dog in the next manifestation, so to speak; that there is still vibration or a quality that within our context pushes in some way for that creature to manifest with the same type of physiology.

ELIAS: No. This may be the reason that you may view one creature within your focus that shall disengage, and you may encounter another creature of another species that displays many qualities that you notice that seem to be the same as a different creature that you have witnessed and interacted with which has disengaged; for the energy, once dispersed within the links of consciousness, may choose to join in cooperation with other links of consciousness which have been engaged in the manifestation of a different species. Therefore, there is an intermingling.

CATHY: When animals disengage, can they remanifest immediately?


CATHY: I just want to be clear on this. Once a dog has chosen to be a dog, he's probably not going to choose to be a dog again, but he could?

ELIAS: Correct.

CATHY: So it's a possibility that he could?

ELIAS: Correct.

CATHY: Do they have final focuses?

ELIAS: Not in the manner that you hold a final focus, no.

CATHY: Well, how?

ELIAS: They continue within energy until you choose not to be engaging this dimension, with the exception of certain species choosing collectively to disengage from this particular dimension. This be the action of creating your extinction.

CATHY: So we'd have to uncreate this dimension, and then there wouldn't be anything left? We can't do that, can we?

ELIAS: If you choose.

CATHY: Really! Oh, it would like one of those trauma-shift things, right? I guess we could, huh!

ELIAS: You may collectively disengage this dimension if you are so choosing.

CATHY: So....

ELIAS: This particular physical dimension, as I have expressed to you previously, has blinked in and out many times. Therefore, in your physical terms it has existed, and it has not existed, and it has existed again.

DREW: Is that what you mean when you talk about what we call mythological animals having lived at one time? Is it within one of the blinkings of the dimension? Or Atlantis, or those kind of things? Those were in the other blinks of this dimension?

ELIAS: Those are OTHER dimensions, although I have expressed to you that you have created experimentations in forms within this dimension, within this particular blink.

DREW: Within THIS particular blink?

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL: Can I just ask a question about the blinking? Are you referring to the very quick ten-to-the-minus fifty-six?


PAUL: This is a different action?

ELIAS: Correct. You as focuses blink in and out very rapidly. Your dimension, your physical reality, your planet, blinks in and out of reality physically in very slow increments, what you would term to be billions of years at a time.

DREW: So in the past when you've referred to dragons having existed and unicorns and those kinds of things, those weren't other experimentations with this dimension? Those were other dimensions?

ELIAS: They were experimentations within this dimension.

DREW: During one of the other, if you will, blinks of this dimension?

ELIAS: Within THIS blink.

DREW: Oh, really!

ELIAS: Correct. They have been inserted into another dimension, for they have not been viewed as efficient within your choice within THIS dimension.

KAAN: So then extinction becomes only the extinction of the form that consciousness takes, that consciousness takes on within our dimension?

ELIAS: I have expressed previously that there are creations within creatures -- and also within cultures, within peoples -- that choose not to be engaging this dimension any longer. Therefore, they create a movement into another dimension and disengage this dimension completely. Their form continues the same in another dimension and they continue in similar action to what they have created within THIS dimension, but they move into a different dimension.

PAUL: Elias, is this different dimension in Regional Area 1, as we're describing it?

ELIAS: THIS is Regional Area 1.

PAUL: So this other dimension is ...?

ELIAS: Not! (Laughter)

PAUL: Which Regional Area does it fit within?

ELIAS: It would fit within its own Regional Area 1 of physical dimension, within an entirely different set of regional areas.

RETA: So let me ask you about extinction. When we're always talking about forms of species that are in extinction, and they're always saying it's our fault ... in other words, you're saying it was the choice of that particular creature to become extinct, not necessarily because of the way we behaved toward it?

ELIAS: It IS the choice of the species, yes.

RETA: And it just happens to be that we're shooting them all out of the area, but that was their choice to become extinct?

ELIAS: You are in cooperation and influencing of their choice, but it is their choice.

RETA: And then when we go to great lengths to get back a species, like the Black Swan, try to get them back, is that another agreement with the species, or are we interfering with their choice?

ELIAS: It is partially an agreement. If the species chooses to be continuing, then your efforts shall be acknowledged and what you term to be successful. But you within your species have attempted to prevent the extinction of certain creatures throughout your history unsuccessfully, for the creatures have chosen to be moving out of this particular physical dimension.

BOBBI: If as a species they decide to move into another dimension, does that mean species from other dimensions can come into this one? Would they?

ELIAS: Not necessarily, for what is presented within this particular dimension is of your creation.

BOBBI: I see. That's how we've created this dimension.

ELIAS: Correct.

BOBBI: I see. So when they find a new species of butterfly or something like that....

ELIAS: This is your creation.

BOBBI: Okay. They haven't come from somewhere else.

ELIAS: Correct; but once the energy and consciousness has been configured, you are the designer, but the consciousness that is designed and created then holds choice.

BOBBI: So it can ...

ELIAS: Correct.

BOBBI: ... do what it wants from that point. (Elias nods)

RETA: Would that be in the same manner as flowers or vegetation?

ELIAS: Correct.

SUE: If  unicorns and dragons once existed physically here, is it possible that someday we will discover unicorn skeletons? Or have all the physical traces of them left this dimension?

ELIAS: There are some artifacts remaining, but very few.

RETA: While we're talking about their time of existence, perhaps the unicorn, can you give us a time space? A billion years? How far ago in our dimension were they around? (Pause)

ELIAS: In roaming freely and being accepted as a temporary reality, before what you view to be the known age of this planet.

RETA: A long time.

ELIAS: But they also have had remnants which have continued infrequently as near within your history as to six hundred years previous.

RETA: Wow! That's interesting!

CATHY: Didn't you say something about artifacts like that, that if we're not putting energy into it, they're not going to be around?

ELIAS: Correct. This be why there is very little.

CATHY: Because the mass belief is that there's no such thing as a unicorn.

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL: So as soon as the mass belief were to change as to a unicorn, we would start to find artifacts, evidence of their existence?

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL: We would literally shift into those probabilities where that existed.

ELIAS: Correct.

RETA: Well, it's interesting that there is an actual concept of a unicorn. It's in all of our cultures. It had to be presented some place as a mass belief because it's so popular.

ELIAS: And a reality! I have expressed to you previously, you look to your mythology as imagination and it is not ... although imagination is reality also! (Grinning)

PAUL: Elias, I have one question. A recent Seth book came out called "The Way Toward Health," and in it, Jane was in her hospital bed and she watched a Leonard Nimoy hosted program, Ancient Mysteries or something, and Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti, was covered on that. Seth delivered a couple of pages of material stating that there were two bipedal mammals with us today, basically validating that what we conventionally call Sasquatch or Bigfoot is with us, and I wonder if you could comment on that. I believe they're out there. Does that mean that they do exist? And another question too: There's a famous piece of videotape footage showing a female looking at the camera and then walking off. Is that the real deal, or is that a fabrication?

ELIAS: Ah, the real deal! (Grinning and chuckling) More elements exist within your reality, within this dimension, than you realize! It is just merely not presenting itself to you continuously. Yes, these creatures do exist within your physical objective reality, and several other species exist also. Certain creatures that you view to be extinct have not entirely removed themselves from this particular dimension, just as with your creatures that you view to be mythological creatures. Although their reality and existence within this dimension was before the time of your known planet -- or what you view to be the known age of your planet -- as I have stated, in part they continued throughout your history to the time of about six hundred years ago. Also, within this present now there are continuing creatures that you would view to be prehistoric.

PAUL: Can you give an example of one? A dinosaur?

ELIAS: A mammoth.

DREW: Would the Loch Ness monster be another one?

ELIAS: This would be slightly different. You view this creature, which does exist, to be a remnant of a prehistoric, in your terms, creature, although it is in actuality another creation which would not be considered necessarily in the category of your prehistoric creatures. But the mammoth qualifies.

PAUL: So where is this mammoth roaming?

ELIAS: In your northern regions of your planet presently, nearing to what you presently term to be Iceland.

PAUL: Interesting!

KAAN: How about dragons and giants? They're still mentioned in very recent history in some cultures.

ELIAS: Quite; for as I have stated, they have existed within this particular dimension and reality.

KAAN: And continuing?

ELIAS: They continue presently within another dimension, for they have created extinction for themselves.

KAAN: Just like unicorns though, you said that they lived long ago, but their remnants are the way that they interact with more recent cultures. Would dragons sort of bleed through or whatever still in some cultures which accept this, and maybe even accept it as an auspicious phenomenon or something else, organizing some social events around it?

ELIAS: Certain individuals may tap into a viewing of the dimension that they have inserted themselves into, but they are not physically bleeding through into this dimension.

RETA: On a Discovery program not too long ago, there was a remote island on which they had found what they would consider to be the closest remnants to a dragon; their features, their body style. I guess they were five or six feet long and they called them dragons, but they had another word for it. But would this be the closest thing we have right now to a dragon? I don't even know the name of the island at this point.

ELIAS: These creatures that you term to be dragons were much larger than any of these creatures that are focused within your dimension presently.

RETA: When you're saying larger, are you saying ten or twelve feet?

ELIAS: Extending head to tail, the equivalency of one hundred to one hundred fifty feet.

RETA: Wow!

PAUL: Cool!

RETA: And color-wise, would it be the green, reptile look?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. They have manifest in different species in several different colors.

RETA: With reptile skin?

ELIAS: Some, not all.

JO: Do any of them breathe fire? (Laughter)

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Not actual fire, but have held gaseous masses within their organs internally which created a vaporous smoke, so to speak; not fire.

SUE: Did Saint George actually kill one? (Laughter)

PAUL: Did Saint George actually live? (Elias laughs)

ELIAS: (Humorously) Did Saint George actually live? Yes. And has he actually encountered one of these enormous creatures within what I describe to you as this species? No. But he has encountered a similar species which is not in actuality a dragon and not breathing fire! (Chuckles again)

NORM: The Chinese, the Emperors, considered the concept of the dragon to be imperial, and it's my understanding that the Chinese people consider the dragon to be good luck. Why is that?

ELIAS: These individuals hold a very strong action of story telling. I am not expressing fictional story, but they have created an art of relaying stories from generation to generation. In this they have taken information that they have witnessed within their reality and they have handed to each generation the stories of the events that they have participated within, unlike individuals within other areas of your planet which connect to the bleed-through ideas of these creatures or may visualize these creatures and view themselves to be creating your modern mythology in dealing with these creatures. They are unfamiliar with them. Therefore, they view them as fearsome and threatening. But this culture, and a few other cultures also, have held a remembrance, much in the fashion of the Milumet family and their intent. They have held this remembrance of interaction without the interference of fearfulness, of speculation. Therefore, their stories are more accurate than your myths within western cultures of these creatures. These creatures have roamed within a time frame that your species has been involved within your planet also.

NORM: So the Chinese people had a subjective remembrance, or objective?

ELIAS: Objective!

NORM: Three thousand BC, or ...?

ELIAS: They have continued, as I have stated, throughout your history to the time of six hundred years ago.

RETA: When you talk about this period of six hundred years ago, what was the big change at that time?

ELIAS: It was merely a choice to be moving into a different dimension.

RETA: But it just happened to be around six hundred years ago? There wasn't any special event?

ELIAS: You within your focuses began changing and moving into a new creation of your reality.

RETA: A mass event for our focuses at that time?

ELIAS: You began to move in the direction towards your shift now.

RETA: That many years ago. Hmm.

BOBBI: Was that the Renaissance period?

ELIAS: Not quite, but close to this time period, yes.

KAAN: How about the monkey-like species that are mentioned in the Vedic Ramayana scripts, that apparently lived alongside with humans at that time and interacted?

ELIAS: At different times within your history, you have created different creatures that you have interacted with quite intimately. Certain cultures have created interaction with creatures at times even more intimately than you understand within what you view to be your civilized cultures, understanding that these are creations of their own and projections within consciousness, therefore allowing an intimate relationship, knowing that this is of their own manipulation of consciousness and understanding their own ability for interaction with this.

KAAN: Would that be a subjective understanding, or objective?

ELIAS: Objective.

KAAN: So those creatures did not hold essence or were not of essence similar to us?


We shall break, and you may continue with your questioning.

RESUME 8:20 PM (Time was five seconds)

ELIAS: Continuing. (Ten-second pause)

RON: Or not! (Elias grins)

JO: I have a question. I had a dream last week that you were talking to me about focuses and I wondered if you could elaborate, if there is any point in elaboration on that?

ELIAS: This imagery was presented to you in encouragement to be connecting with your own intent within this focus by viewing two other focuses that you hold that you also chose the same alignment that you choose within this focus, and in offering yourself the opportunity to view these other focuses, you may be helpful to yourself in less blocking of your intent within this focus.

JO: I imagine that one of those focuses is the first century Judea focus.

ELIAS: Correct.

JO: Would you like to give me any information about the other focus?

ELIAS: The other focus is within the area of the pyramids as a slave, but with a specific purpose; aligning with the same intent, and much interaction with small ones.

JO: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

GAIL: I also have a question about dream imagery that I remember. I was standing on the edge of a cliff, and I remember just jumping backwards off of it. What was my purpose?

ELIAS: This is imagery that you have presented to yourself in creating the image of a cliff as symbolizing unfamiliar areas that you wish to be moving into, but there is a continued held fearfulness in moving into some of these areas. Therefore, you image yourself pulling back, but the cliff itself is not threatening. It is merely a symbol of areas that you are attempting to be moving into within this now, and these areas, being unfamiliar, are confusing. So, there is a holding.

GAIL: But I do remember the sensation of jumping.

ELIAS: This is the image of the fearfulness.

GAIL: Oh. Okay, thanks.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

KAAN: I have a question for my wife. She is interested in knowing what the probabilities are of successfully moving into the field of healing as she is considering and as she has found herself to be attracted to and talented in, although the essence family and the alignment does not seem to indicate anything in that direction.

ELIAS: The attraction is understandable, for she is viewing a new awareness of her own abilities and a new sensing of opening to the inner senses and the ability that she holds within these inner senses. You think very limitedly in the area of healing and that this action may only be accomplished if you hold an alignment to the Tumold family, but even within an alignment to the Tumold family, the thought process in the area of healing is quite limited, and in actuality the definition of healing is much more expansive than you realize. You may be acknowledging and encouraging of the individual to be investigating this area freely, for this shall offer more information in connecting to her own inner senses and abilities.

KAAN: Thank you. The thrust is that maybe in traditional healing forms or the way that we understand things she does not feel completely comfortable, but she still wants to move in that direction. Another question for myself then. Although in terms of my essence family and family alignment and how they manifest in this life in more philosophical and mystical searches and preoccupations, I have an attention with this career choice as a technical person, working in high-tech American corporations all along, at the same time. So, what is the probabilities that you see that this may come to an abrupt end or phase out gradually? And what makes this tension in this life so unsolvable to some degree, to be a strong conflict?

ELIAS: The conflict stems from the lack of understanding and acceptance of yourself within your own creations. You are not in conflict with your intent, but within your thought process and your belief systems concerning your intent, this is creating of conflict, for you view that you SHOULD be moving into a different direction which may be more efficient, although in allowing yourself a greater understanding of your creations and their affectingness, you may also be eliminating elements of your conflict. The probabilities are your choice as to what you choose to be creating, but I suggest to you that if you are allowing yourself an understanding of your affectingness within what you are creating presently and view this, you may also view that you are not in conflict with your intent.

KAAN: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

BOBBI: I have a question on acceptance of another person's creation. My sister has been diagnosed with an illness. Of course, she doesn't want this objectively. She expresses this to me. My first impulse is, I want to help her. I'm thinking, "Send her energy," and I'm visualizing white light and all this stuff. But in doing that, isn't that me not accepting what she has created?

ELIAS: You may be offering energy to another individual, and if you are not holding an expectation, this may be helpful to the individual AND accepting of the individual in their creation, for in this manner the energy is allowed a free flow to be constructed in whatever manner the individual chooses to be creating with.

BOBBI: Okay. I've been kind of sending it with that intent -- use this energy for whatever to get through this -- but I was thinking that just my thought process of me doing something is making a judgment that an action is needed. Do you know what I'm expressing?

ELIAS: I am understanding. This is not necessarily the situation. This be why I encourage you all to be empathically connecting with another individual, and this shall offer you information as to your response to the individual.

BOBBI: So each situation would be different?

ELIAS: Correct.

BOBBI: I see. So would this be correct in this situation?


BOBBI: Okay, thank you.

KAAN: Would the emphasis of certain religions such as Buddhism on compassion be understood in this light, or should it be understood in this light in terms of this type of empathy of connecting and helping, at that level?

ELIAS: In certain aspects, yes, although it is more of an action of exercising your inner senses. In this, an empathic experience is allowing yourself to merge with another individual or object. In this you allow yourself to experience what the other individual is experiencing, offering yourself a clearer understanding of their creation and also offering yourself information as to your own choices within your own actions.

KAAN: In the commonly understood health belief systems, would that be opened through the feeling of compassion or empathy, would that open that merger, or can we go around creating this in other ways?

ELIAS: It is unnecessary for the emotion, for the feeling, so to speak, of what you term to be compassion or empathy. You may accomplish this action with your inner senses, within your empathic sense, without the emotion , although many times within your focus you are motivated by these emotions to engage this sense.

CATHY: I'll do a dream question. All I really remember is that I was in a house, and then I was out in the front of the house, and a big, huge wave started to come over me. There were people off yelling at me to move out of the way, and instead I dove through the wave and ended up back inside the house, and I was dry. After I dove through the wave, I came out the other side and I was fine, but I wasn't wet. What's up with this?

ELIAS: This is your imagery to yourself in addressing in acknowledgment to yourself within the area of an issue held presently. The house is representative of individuals. The house itself is imagery of the individuals of Olivia and Lawrence. The wave is the imagery of the issue. Plunging yourself through the wave, you allow yourself the imagery of accomplishment and you image yourself within the house safe and dry, which is your symbol to yourself that you may accomplish moving through this issue and you shall be safe and it shall be accepted.

CHRIS: I had a dream. I think it was aliens, and they told me there would be an earthquake and it would ruin everything, it would wreck everything, and everyone was fine with it. We moved everything out of the house that was important, electronics and stuff, and we waited around till the next day when it was supposed to happen, and when it was supposed to happen a ship came down and three aliens came out with black trench coats and black glasses. I said hi to them, and I was happy that they were there. They were going to a bank and they were going to take money and do ... you know, get money and do bad stuff like that, and I didn't mind. I was just happy that they were there. I guess that's the dream, and I was wondering what that was.

ELIAS: This imagery is an identification of other focuses within other dimensions that you hold. Therefore, in one aspect of your imagery you are welcoming and you hold no fearfulness of these creatures, so to speak, recognizing that these are other aspects of your own essence. But you also image a threatening element, information that there shall be an event which may be damaging.
This is the imagery that you present in the unfamiliarity of connecting with these other aspects of your essence. Therefore, as they are unfamiliar, you also image that there is the possibility of threateningness, imaging to yourself a slight amount of fearfulness. Then you image that the event is not occurring, but these creatures are creating actions that you view as not good, in your terms, or unacceptable. This be the image that you present to yourself, that these aspects of you are not acceptable within this particular reality. They do not fit.

CHRIS: So I should be working on accepting what they were doing?

ELIAS: It matters not. It is merely a presentation to you in offering you information that you hold aspects of your essence which are presently focused within other dimensions, and that you need hold no fearfulness of these aspects of yourself.

CHRIS: Thank you.

PAUL: I'll try a dream, Elias. About two weeks ago I had a lucid dream in which I saw a female with almost crew-cut hair. Initially I was attracted to this female and approached her, and realized it was inappropriate to continue some sort of romantic advance. I pulled back and realized it was some aspect of myself. And once again, I got so excited to be lucid and connecting! (Elias grins) And those eyes! I remember the eyes and the compassion. They were just staring at me with the greatest compassion and love. Then I kind of lost the focus and zipped back into the dream state. Upon reflecting upon it, I believe that it's a future focus of mine. I could transpose my mental image of myself as a child over that face and it just fits, so that was some way of connecting with that. I'm just wondering if you could comment on the nature of that, and also why I lost the focus so quickly; why I couldn't be stable.

ELIAS: You are correct; this is a future focus. But you find yourself, in your excitement and your zeal, to be connecting to this focus, in your recognition of it, that you move into the area of intimacy; which within your subjective awareness, you automatically know that this is not acceptable. Therefore, you fade within the focus, which this is a natural action; for to be becoming intimate with another focus is also altering, and may not be beneficial to either you or the other focus.

PAUL: That was clear in that experience. (Pause)

ELIAS: Are you wishing of more questions this evening?

CATHY: Well, I have one little quick one here. This is from a new person that came over the computer a couple of days ago. His name is Nathan and he says, "I am unsure as to how to proceed, so I will simply ask for a boon from Elias. I have come to a crossroad in this existence. I have walked this road, giving until there is nothing left. The boon that I would ask is, where do I go from here?" (Pause) Field that one! (Laughter)
ELIAS: To be giving to self and concentrating upon self, and not upon personal responsibility for all others.

Vic's note: Here, there is a very strange sound on the tape, an electronic buzzing-type sound, which we cannot identify.

CATHY: That's where I would've went with it!

ELIAS: Very good, Shynla!

RETA: I had some imagery I'd just like to ask about. I have a very dear friend, a girlfriend, who is attempting to get into business for herself, and I keep seeing myself involved. So in helpfulness, I've been trying to concentrate on walking up the pathway to wherever this is. The location is the old circle of Orange, but I'd like to get closer on the street. Have you got any good suggestions for me?

ELIAS: (Shaking his head) Dehl, Dehl, Dehl! (Laughter)

RETA: You mean you won't be playing any parlor games again? (What? No fortune-telling??) Is she going to be able to do this?

ELIAS: (Grinning) This would be your choice, and this would be her choice!

RETA: Well, yes. Oh god. (Elias is laughing) But is it helpful to concentrate on that imagery to get to a place, or is she the person that has to do that?

ELIAS: If you are in cooperation and agreement with each other, you may cooperatively visualize and this may be influencing of your probabilities.

KAAN: Elias, may I have the essence names and family alignments of my children?

ELIAS: State name.

KAAN: Vadi.

ELIAS: Marris.

KAAN: What is the spelling for this?

ELIAS: M-A-R-R-I-S. Family, Sumafi; alignment, Vold.

KAAN: Nureddin.

ELIAS: Xiu; X-I-U. (Pronounced zoo) Family, Sumari; alignment, Zuli.

KAAN: Arif.

ELIAS: Pater; P-A-T-E-R. Family, Sumari; alignment, Sumafi.

KAAN: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

VICKI: I have a question about Cathy's dream. Last night or the night before last, I had very, very similar dream imagery. I went through a large body of water, and when I came to the other side I was dry, and I noticed that and thought it was interesting. That's pretty much all I remember of the dream, and I wouldn't bring it up except now I'm curious. I know that quite often imagery is different for different people even though appearing to be the same, and because she brought it up, now I'm curious about my imagery.

ELIAS: This would be different imagery that you suggest to yourself, for within your movement through water, it is suggestive of different elements. Your connection with this element is imagery of movement within dimensions. Therefore, you image a movement in allowance of yourself within coming closer to the action of connecting inter-dimensionally, and as you move into the area of being dry, this is your imagery presented to yourself that you are back to your original reality.

VICKI: Okay, thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

KAAN: I have another question. Do you see any recognizable intent in five of us coming together as a family, all with different alignments and pulling in different directions? Is there a family intent that you could see for us?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. You hold agreement to be creating of this unit within this focus, and also you hold agreement for shared experiences in some aspects. But as to a unit intent, no.

KAAN: And would that be the case with other people in other families, or is this generally?

ELIAS: Yes, although at times within certain families within the choices of the focuses manifest, they may be creating of a joint intent within the unit, but not always.

KAAN: Okay. One more question for my wife. She is challenged by having to control her weight, and so she was wondering whether to let that one go, because sometimes she chooses or feels that way. Or, how to control it, because of the beliefs that are in the mass.
ELIAS: (Smiling) They are belief systems. Be encouraging for her to be acknowledging of herself and her own impulses, and not binding herself to the mass belief systems. (Pause)

Very well. I shall discontinue for this evening, and I extend affection to you all, and we shall continue our discussion, Matthew, with your great curiosity! (Grinning) I am acknowledging, Shynla. You ARE moving!

CATHY: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome! I am anticipating our next meeting with you all. For this evening, I bid you all a fond adieu!

Elias departs at 8:55 PM.

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