Session 252
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Oh When the Saints Came Marching In!


"Oh When The Saints Came Marching In!"
"Jesus Help Me!"

Sunday, December 21, 1997          © 1997 (Group)
Participants:  Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), David (Mylo), Drew (Matthew), Norm (Stephen), Reta (Dehl), Bobbi (Jale), Helen (Jsenne), Sue (Catherine), Gail (William), Stella (Cindel), and Lisa (Behal).
Vic's note:  The first eight pages of this transcript is a record of what transpired before the session began.  I'm including it because it's integral to the session itself, although nobody thought it would be, least of all myself.  This is what happened:
A few days before this session, I went grocery shopping.  As I was walking down an aisle, a large display of religious candles caught my eye.  They had pictures on the front and prayers on the back.  The prayers were written in both English and Spanish.  I picked one up, read it, and thought to myself, "Ron."  I picked another one up, read it, and thought to myself, "Drew."  Pretty soon, I had 14 candles in my shopping basket.  My thinking was that the way each prayer related to each individual was mostly humorous, but there was also something poignantly related in each one.  I decided that these candles would be my Christmas present to the group, being quite pleased with myself because I hadn't done any Christmas shopping yet, and also thinking that everybody would get a kick out of how the prayers related to each person in an amusing way.
I presented the candles before the session, asking each person to read their prayer out loud.  This is where the transcription begins:

RON:    "In every need let me come to you with humble trust, saying: Jesus!!  Help me!!"

MARY:   RON!!  (Wild laughter)

RON:    "In all my doubts, perplexities and temptations:  Jesus, help me!  In hours of loneliness, weariness and trials:  Jesus, help me!  In the failure of my plans and hopes, in disappointments, troubles and sorrows:  Jesus, help me!  When others fail me and your grace alone can assist me:  Jesus, help me!  When I throw myself on your tender love as a father and savior:  Jesus, help me!  When my heart is cast down by failure at seeing no good come from my efforts:  Jesus, help me!  When I feel impatient and my cross irritates me:  Jesus, help me!"  Jesus, help me READ this thing!  (We all crack up)  I've got the longest one!  "When I am ill and my head and hands cannot work and I am lonely:  Jesus, help me!  Always, always, in spite of weakness, falls and shortcomings of every kind:  Jesus help me and never forsake me!"

DREW:   Who is yours?  (Meaning the picture on the front)

RON:    Who?  Jesus Help Me!  (Much laughter)

MARY:   Look at the picture!

RON:    "Jesus en Ti confio."  It's just Jesus Help Me!  (Everybody is losing it) (The picture is of Jesus, with blue and orange lights radiating from his heart)

MARY:   Do I get to go next?

VICKI:  Yeah, sure!  You go next, Mare!

MARY:   Jesus, help him!!  (Laughter)  Okay.

"Holy judge Jesus, son of blessed Mary, don't let me be harmed or my blood spilled.  Let not my enemies see me, nor their armies hurt me.  With the robe that covered our Lord, cover my body so that I ..."  This is really going to choke me f#&king up.  I hate your guts!  I hate you that you had to do this right now!  (Much laughter)  "... so that I will never be attacked by these enemies.  With the blessing of the father, the son and the holy spirit.  Amen."  And I hate you!  I'm going to kill you!  You had to do this embarrassing thing, didn't you?  (Yes, folks, this is how Mary REALLY feels about me)

I got Jesus!  Help Ron!!  (Showing everybody the picture, which is of the crucifixion, and we all crack up)  Thank you.  That was a very good one for me.

VICKI:  You're welcome.  Next?

GAIL:   I'll go next.  Okay, it's "Prayer To Saint Michael."  (And we all lose it again)

MARY:   Oh no!  Your brain was working overtime!

GAIL:   "Holy Michael the archangel, defend us in the battle.  Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil.  May God rebuke him, we humbly pray.  And do you, oh prince of the heavenly host, by the divine power thrust into hell Satan and all the other evil spirits who wander through the world seeking the ruin of souls?  Amen."  (The picture is of a winged St. Michael slaying the devil)

MARY:   Cool!

DREW:   I guess I'll go, and we can continue around.  Um ... I can't even get out the first four words!  (Laughter)

MARY:   Oh no!

DREW:   "Dear Virgin of Guadalupe ..."  (Wild laughter)

VICKI:  I already heard you read this the other day in my bedroom!  (And I did -- I "heard" Drew audibly read the entire prayer)

DREW:   "... mother and help of all Christians since you appeared to Juan Diego in the mountains of Mexico, the problem that torments me I place in your blessed hands.  Remember, oh blessed mother, that never has it been known that anyone who sought your help was left unaided.  With confidence, humble and repentant, full of love and hope, this favor I implore.  Mention petition and pray a Hail Mary.  Amen."  (The picture is of the Virgin of Guadalupe)

GAIL:   Say it!  "Hail Mary, full of grace ..."

DREW:   I don't know it!

VICKI:  Reta's candle can probably help you out with that!

HELEN:  Jesus, help Drew!!  (Much laughter)

DREW:   I am done!

STELLA: I got the one on the trinity.  Isn't this interesting?

MARY:   Isn't this interesting!

DAVID:  Are you going to read it in Spanish?

Vic's note:  There was one candle that was done entirely in Spanish, with no English translation.  I gave this one to Stella because she's the only person in the group that speaks Spanish.

STELLA: This one is about the trinity.  This surprises me -- it's three people in one.  Okay, fine.  It says at the bottom to open my lips, God.  To enunciate your ... whatever.  Attend to me and without ... (saying a Spanish word that I can't decipher).  That means like right now?  Which is what I've always liked -- right now!

VICKI:  I have no idea what it means!

STELLA: Give me your help right now, is what it's saying!  (Laughter)  No, it's very appropriate.  As it has been from the beginning, should be today and always.  And the siglos ... siglos is like what?  Siglos, siglos....

MARY:   I don't know why you're looking at us!  None of us know!

STELLA: Amen.  Thank you very much.  That's interesting!  (The picture is of Jesus and God, with three angels beneath them)

BOBBI:  Okay, this is "Heavenly Power."  "Oh my Jesus, possessor of heavenly powers, splendor of the eternal father, heed to my weakness and my needs.  You are the greatest and most powerful of all born, and the joy of angels.  Listen to my prayer and grant my request.  I trust in your heavenly power and in the knowledge that for you, all this is possible.  Jesus of the heavenly power, pray for us.  Amen."  (The picture is of Jesus with a crown of thorns)

VICKI:  Very nicely read!


BOBBI:  All that Sunday school!

Vic's note:  Here, Helen sits straight up, leans forward, and begins reading.  Helen is a very funny lady.  It's hard to explain why her delivery of the first sentence was so funny, but it was!

HELEN:  "The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want."  (Much laughter)  "He maketh me to lie down in green pastures; he leadeth me beside the still waters.  He restoreth my soul; he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake.  Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for thou art with me.  Thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me.  Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies.  Thou annointest my head with oil; my cup overflows.  Surely, goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life, and I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever."  (The picture is a classic portrait of Jesus)

SUE:    What was that one called?

HELEN:  The Lord's Prayer. (Actually, this isn't The Lord's Prayer -- it's the 23rd psalm)

DAVID:  Well, mine's called "The Powerful Hand."  (We all lose it)

HELEN:  Something you're familiar with!

DAVID:  Well, I haven't been lately, but anyway....  (Much laughter)

MARY:   I was just about to get serious!

DAVID:  "Powerful hand of God, I become before you in faith to seek comfort in this difficult time.  May your powerful hand be my guide as I search for peace and tranquility.  Before you at your feet, I place my need and my prayer.  Powerful hand of God, help me, shelter me and sustain me, for without your strength I shall perish.  Powerful hand, supply me with ... glasses!  Amen."  (Much laughter)

MARY:   What's the picture on the front of that?

SUE:    It's a hand!

DAVID:  Four fingers and a thumb!  (Laughter)  I guess I'm the thumb!  (The picture is of a large hand with four people standing on each finger, and a child standing on the thumb)

SUE:   I've got "The Guardian Angel."  "Let us with confident trust invoke his aid and protection.  Oh glorious guardian angel, watch over us during life, defend us against the assaults of the demon, assist us especially at the hour of death, obtain for us a favorable judgment.  Amen."  I need help with that demon, too!  (Laughter) (The picture is of a guardian angel watching over two children)

LISA:   I have "Saint Judas Tadeo."  "Most holy apostle Saint Jude, faithful servant and friend of Jesus, I am so helpless and alone.  I implore you to bring visible and speedy help.  Come to my assistance in this great need.  I will be ever mindful of this great favor, to always honor you as my special and powerful patron.  Amen."  (The picture is of St. Judas)

DAVID:  Shall we light them?

DREW:   Wait!  Were not done!

VICKI:  No, Norm and Reta are back there!

NORM:   This is "The Sacred Heart of Mary."  "Oh most holy one, oh most lowly one, loving virgin, Maria!  Mother, maid of fairest love, lady, queen of all above, ora ora pro nobis."  Whatever that means in Latin!  "Virgin ever fair, mother hear our prayer.  Look upon us, Maria.  Bring us to your treasure, grace beyond all measure, ora ora pro nobis."  (The picture is of Mary holding a child)

VICKI:  I gave that one to you 'cause I thought you would know what that meant, Norm!  (Ora ora pro nobis means "pray for us")

NORM:   Well, I have had Latin.  I don't want to guess, though.

RETA:  Mine is "Maria Milagrosa," which I think is miraculous mother, and I want to accept this gift in behalf of the love that you gave it with.  I really appreciate it!  "Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee.  Blessed art thou amongst women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.  Holy Mary, mother of God, pray for us sinnees, now and at the hour of our death.  Amen."  Thank you!  (Yes, it said "sinnees")  (The picture is of Mary)

VICKI:  You're welcome.  I would like to thank everybody for participating.

GROUP:  Thank you!

HELEN:  Shall we light them now?

VICKI:  Sure!

MARY:   Oh, god!  We're going to have a holocaust!  (Laughter)  We're all going to light the candles!  Oh my!  We'll like all put them up here, and then they can all like be glittering during the session.  We'll have a glitter session!

VICKI:  Our first session by candlelight!

MARY:   Go ahead, light 'em!  Fire 'em up, Drew!  I want to see all the pictures!  Where's Drew's?

DREW:   Wow, this is really going to be like a church in here!

MARY:   Gee, I feel so spiritual!

RETA:   I want to know if you people believe that even ninety percent of them even existed, really, really existed, or were they were figments of people's imaginations?

SUE:    The different saints, you mean?  That's a good question!

MARY:   I have to say though, Vic, that it was quite intuitive of you to give each person the specific candle that you gave them.

VICKI:  Thank you.

LISA:   Did you pick them for the message to go with each person?

VICKI:  There was something in each one....

MARY:   Each one sounded like each person. It was pretty interesting.

VICKI:  Yeah, I didn't just randomly select them.

MARY:   Each one did sound like each person.

RON:    How was mine like me??

MARY:   Because you're a geek, that's why!  Connect with that other focus!  (Laughter)

SUE:    Vicki, which one did you have picked out for Cathy?  Can we at least see it?

DREW:   Read it out loud!  Let's hear Cathy's.

MARY:   Where's Cathy's?  Yeah, I want to hear Cathy's!

SUE:    "Saint Martin de Porras:  Oh glorious Saint Martin de Porras, compassionate and affectionate father of the poor, the sick and needy, pray for us.  We invoke you with absolute confidence in your power and generosity.  Intercede for us, that we may be blessed with deeper faith, greater love of God, and the graces we need.  We trust that through your intercession and the merits of Jesus Christ our Lord, our petitions will be granted.  Amen."  (The picture is of St. Martin with a cat, a dog, a mouse, and a bird)

MARY:   Cool!

VICKI:  Would you like to read Jim's?

MARY:   Oh, this is Jim's?  Yeah, that looks like Jim!  (Laughter)  It does!  He's all beat up!  Wait, it's all in Spanish.  Oh, here.  Lazaro??  Prayer to Saint Lazaro? I never heard of him!  Gee, I thought I knew all the saints.

SUE:    It's not Lazarus?

MARY:   No, it's not Lazarus.

STELLA: Yeah, Lazaro is Lazarus.

MARY:   Is it?  Well then, why did they put it as Lazaro?

STELLA: In Spanish, it's Lazaro.

MARY:   Oh, that's the Spanish name for it.  That's REAL appropriate!  Raising the dead!  Oh, shit!  Oh no!  Okay, let's see.

"Oh blessed Saint Lazaro, patron of the poor and sick, humbly I ask you to listen to our prayers, in the name of the father, the son, and the holy spirit.  I trust in your infinite goodness to intercede for me to Jesus Christ our Lord and grant this petition.  Amen.  And he went about all Galilee, healing every disease and every infirmity among the people."  (Laughing)  Quite appropriate!  (The picture is of St. Lazaro with two dogs, one of which is licking his wounds)

VICKI:  It's the healing guy!

MARY:   Yes, it is.  It's quite appropriate for Jim.

VICKI:  Maybe he'll show up later and I can give it to him.

MARY:   That would be cool!  That would be very appropriate for Jim.

SUE:   My personal favorite saint was Saint Dynphma, the patron saint of mental illness.

MARY:   The patron saint of mental illness??

SUE:    Yeah, she was some Irish martyr or something like that.

VICKI:  I've never heard of her.

SUE:    D-Y-N-P-H-M-A.  Years ago, I sent money to the Franciscan brothers, when I was thirteen, and they sent me the Saint Dynphma saint's card that you get with a prayer on it, and I thought, "Why did they pick this for me?"  (Much laughter)

MARY:  The patron saint of mental illness?  This is what they picked?  Maybe they were trying to tell you something!

Here, Ron turned the camera off.  And now, the session:

Elias arrives at 7:24 PM. (Time was fifteen seconds)

ELIAS:  Good evening.  (Smiling)

GROUP:  Good evening.

ELIAS:  We shall begin with our game.

BOBBI:  I'll start.  Roots and berries, cranberries, Tumold.

ELIAS:  One point.

DREW:   I'll open a new category:  Entertainers, Lenny Bruce, Vold.

ELIAS:  Acceptable.

HELEN:  I have one.  Personalities, Christopher Reeves, Tumold.

ELIAS:  Which personalities?

HELEN:  Don't we have a category of personalities?

VICKI:  There's expressions or types.

HELEN:  Oh.  I don't know.  Expressions or types?

VICKI:  Personality expressions or personality types.

HELEN:  I guess, expressions.

ELIAS:  Acceptable.

NORM:   Astronomical objects, Milky Way, Milumet.  (How poetic!)

ELIAS:  One point.

DAVID:  Okay.  Astrological signs, Capricorn, Sumafi.

ELIAS:  Acceptable.  (Everybody congratulates David)

GAIL:   I'll try one.  Clichés, "What will be will be," Sumafi.

ELIAS:  One point.  Ah, these emotionally-focused individuals that NEVER receive a point, for they do not recognize their impressions as well as thought-focused individuals!  (Laughter)

DAVID:  You were listening, weren't you?

ELIAS:  I am always listening!  Continue.

VICKI:  For Mary:  TV and movie characters, Ripley, Ilda.

ELIAS:  One point.

VICKI:  For Susan:  Authors, Robert Heinlein, Sumari.

ELIAS:  One point.

VICKI:  For Cathy:  Gemstones, tanzanite, Milumet.

ELIAS:  One point.

VICKI:  For Paul:  The Greek muses, Polyhymnia with Milumet.

ELIAS:  Less probable.

VICKI:  Terpsichore with Zuli.  (Also for Paul)

ELIAS:  Less probable.

VICKI:  Thalia with Ilda.  (Also for Paul)

ELIAS:  One point.

VICKI:  Oh, good!  For Jo:  Seeds, walnuts, Borledim.

ELIAS:  Acceptable.

VICKI:  I'm going to suggest a new category of subdivisions of the essence families, and enter Sumatra under Sumari.

ELIAS:  Correct.
RON:    Inventions, the printing press, Sumafi.

ELIAS:  One point.  (Pause)  So!  We are beginning to be connecting with our game!  Very good!  This shall be helpful in your widening of your awareness, as you are practicing with your impressions and your identification of these impressions.

Within the spirit, so to speak, of your season -- not your cold season (laughter) but your Christmas season -- this evening we shall address to all of you, and you shall address to each other.  You have been presented this evening an interaction with each other, which I shall be acknowledging of following impulse and offering an adequate introduction to this evening's session.  As we have completed one phase of our discussions of essence families and Dream Walkers, this session we shall break and we shall interrupt our discussions of your Dream Walkers, and we shall move in the direction of yourselves.  As you have been presented this eve with certain quotations or prayers, I wish you now to be interpreting the significance of each of these prayers to yourselves.  (Silent pause)  No volunteers?

RETA:   I'll go first.  The one that I had, miraculous mother -- I'm very highly oriented as a family person, and I believe families are singular, and I believe they're monogamous, and I believe there's a lot of joy and love in them, and I believe also you have to spend your time doing the same thing, giving them joy and love.  I thought that was indeed appropriate.

ELIAS:  Quite appropriate with your alignment, is it not?

RETA:   Right.  (Pause)

STELLA: Mine was interesting.  It's the holy trinity.  So somehow, being cold -- I'm feeling quite cold tonight -- I healed myself.  Thank you very much, but I healed myself.  No, Elias, thank you so much.  I know you've helped me quite tremendously.  I have gone to hell and come back from the dead, and so I am reborn!  God, what an ordeal!  It will never happen to me again ... right?

ELIAS:  Understood.

STELLA: Good!  (Sighing)  Let me ask you something about that.  What happens when I dance?  What happened to the spinning when I danced?  It wasn't there, and it was there all the other times.

ELIAS:  You are focused upon yourself.

STELLA: Is that it?  So it was a very healing thing.  It has always been very healing, so now I see the importance of it.  Okay, one more thing: my connection with Marta.  I thought I had attained the connection.  After that, I called upon you and I saw you.  I see the colors, and always the blue I associate with you.  You said to me that I had accomplished.  I feel that I did.  Yeah?

ELIAS:  Correct.

STELLA: Thank you.  I see the significance of now very much, how important it is.  I think that was very healing.

ELIAS:  And what be the significance to your gift and its message?

STELLA: What be the significance of this gift?  It's quite significant, because it's sort of like everything is right now.  Instead of dwelling in the past and the future and god knows where else I was, it's like right now that counts.  As I was talking to Bobbi, it seemed like my focus was in the right now even though there was all these people around me, and I was able to just focus on whatever it was we were interacting about.  I'm seeing things very different.  I feel like I've been dead.  I feel like I've been there.  It was horrendous, Elias!  I'm a little afraid about going into any altered state.  Should I be not afraid of being and going into any altered state when I go into meditation?  I'm afraid of this stuff.

ELIAS:  There is no need for fearfulness.  Look to your gift and the significance.  What be your prayer of the trinity?

STELLA: I see the trinity as whole.

ELIAS:  Quite.  The psyche, the soul and the physical; they are all one.  Therefore, as you are not separating them, you shall also be whole and not be creating of such traumatic conflict.

STELLA: Good!  I feel pretty whole today.  I spoke to my ex today.  It was very nice.  It was very good.  It was like he was able to feel better about himself, which has been my intent.  So, a lot of good, wonderful things have happened, and I thank you very much.  And I thank everybody who sent me their energy.  There was a lot of people involved that sent me a lot of energy, and so I appreciate it.  And I'm back!  And I have no desire to disengage quite that soon!

ELIAS:  Very good.  (Pause, as Elias stares at Bobbi)

BOBBI:  Um ... can you come back to me?  (Laughter)

ELIAS:  Another Shynla!  (Grinning)  Very well!  (Looking at Helen)

HELEN:  When I saw that it was the Lord's Prayer, to me the Lord's Prayer represents a faith in my essence and a faith that I need not have fear, and that there is something I'm connected to that can give me peace, and that I need not have fear and I need not despair.

ELIAS:  And merely trust within yourself; for that which you look to as the Lord, that leads you through the valley of the shadow of death, is yourself!

HELEN:  Yes, that's exactly what I thought.  It's me that I need to trust, my intuitions and my feelings, and that's what I want.  That's what I desire, and I'm moving in that direction.  (Elias nods, and then looks at David)

DAVID:  Well, for me it's kind of similar.  The powerful hand of God, I read as the powerful hand of Mylo; and therefore as I pray, or as I trust more in my whole essence, I turn to myself and my whole essence for all that I ask ... in a sense, I guess.

ELIAS:  Very good.  (Looking at Sue)

SUE:    Well, the guardian angel reminds me of when I was a kid and learning about having a guardian angel.  The idea of somebody always watching over you is comforting, and a feeling of safety.  I guess I like the idea that it's not a saint or a being that's separate from me.  I guess the guardian angel is really just the higher self or the essence or whatever, and realizing that I can turn to myself rather than outside sources.  Not that you aren't helpful, but ...!  (Elias nods and chuckles, and then looks at Lisa)

LISA:   Okay.  I guess a lot of my life I've felt ... well no, not a lot, but some of my life I've felt helpless and alone, and there's maybe some big changes coming.  I've been feeling like that lately.  Speedy help, I think, has come, or more is coming from you and people in the group ... and that's all I have to say.

ELIAS:  And fear not.  You are not alone!  (Looking at Gail)

GAIL:   This is Michael the archangel. I think I've kind of seen both sides, a good world and an evil world, and I want to bring knowing to myself that I can bring both together and they're not evil.

ELIAS:  And there is no evil; merely a different expression. (Looking at Drew)

DREW:   Well, basically I listen to all of these prayers and just reinterpret them in terms of the information.  All of them basically just represent imagery to me of all of the things we've been talking about so far.  Mine, which refers to asking for help from the virgin Guadalupe, I interpret as looking to self.  All of these represent imagery to me, and also push certain buttons about acceptance of this type of imagery that some people build their entire lives around.  So there's that aspect of it that rings for me whenever I hear about asking Jesus for help and all of those kinds of things. So basically, within the context of the information and kind of interpreting the imagery, and then also being okay with the imagery even though it's different from the way I'm making an attempt to see things.

ELIAS:  And how do you image your particular prayer?

DREW:   How do I image it?

ELIAS:  As relating to yourself.

DREW:   Well, as I understand the prayer, it's a plea to the virgin for help and affirmation that's she always been there every time anyone ever needed the help.  I interpret it as self always being there for self, has always been there, will always be there; and I turn the virgin, as an outside image, to an image of self as opposed to an outside source for help.

ELIAS:  And in helpfulness to your fear.

DREW:   Oh, really!  Hmm.

ELIAS:  They are not quite so general as you make them seem!

DREW:  The interpretation of helpfulness in terms of fear is something that stands out in this particular prayer and this particular imagery?  (Elias nods)  Hmm!

ELIAS:  Each gift speaks to each individual individually, to their individual issues, as does yours also.

DREW:   Hmm!  Is there something in the imagery that had I been more aware, I would have seen?  Or is it just an intuitive kind of a sense that had I been wider, I would have picked up on?

ELIAS:  It is not a question of wider.  It is merely a question of allowing yourself to be open to the imagery.

DREW:   Hmm. Interesting.  Then there are probably many layers to the imagery.

ELIAS:  Quite, that you may all be connecting to.  (Looking at Bobbi)

BOBBI:  Alrighty.  I think this speaks to my need or desire to change things, especially the line "all things are possible," meaning ... all things are possible!  You know, to look to myself.  Also, this picture, which I'm not real fond of; sort of martyrdom, putting other people's needs before my own.  But I'm much better about that than I have been!

Vic's note:  Interestingly enough, I remember liking the picture on Bobbi's candle more than any other.  It was the picture of Jesus with a crown of thorns on his head.  Hmm....

ELIAS:  It also speaks of your desire in accomplishment, and your trustfulness in this.  (Looking at Norm)  Stephen!

NORM:   Mine was the sacred heart.  I can read several things into this: that separateness is certainly a big issue with me, and it has been since I was a small child; of total independence from anything or anyone, and of course my marriage and so on and so forth I'm sure was an issue of togetherness, and I see this forum as an additional togetherness that I've never experienced before.  It even happened Friday evening at a company party, which was different!  I enjoyed that more than I ever have before because of this feeling, and I thank you for it.

ELIAS:  Thank yourself!

NORM:   Of course!  I will.  (Elias turns to Ron)

ELIAS:  And Jesus!  (We all crack up)  Shall you expound your words of wisdom upon us all?

RON:    Well, HELP ME!  (Wild laughter)

ELIAS:  Help yourself!

RON:   I think that since Vicki didn't get a present, she should explain mine!  (Chicken!)


RON:    She is much more intuitive about it than I am anyway.

ELIAS:  Ah!  There is no need for explanation from The Almighty!  Your very presence graces us!  (Much laughter)  You may offer your blessing to the entire forum!

RON:    I think that goes without saying.  We ARE connected.

ELIAS:  Quite!  The crucifixion shall be occurring within a few months!  (Laughter)

RON:    I'm having my nails done!  (Big grin from Elias here)

ELIAS:  (Laughing)  Keep them polished!

Many of you hold belief systems of religious rites and rituals.  Some hold favorable belief systems, some hold disfavorable; but this has been your reality for much of your existence within this particular dimension.  It has, as I have stated many times previously, served you well.  It has allowed your growth and your exploration in many areas.  I express to you that this is an area that you may practice acceptance within also, for it is not as negative as you view it to be.
You have learned much within the exploration of this focus, this dimension, through your religious belief systems, and you hold to them still.  You may not acknowledge to yourselves that you hold to them, but you do, and as YOU are not bad, THEY are not bad either, for they serve to make up what you are.

In this, within this exchanging to each other and appreciating of each other and acknowledging your lack of separation from each other, acknowledge that also your belief systems are you, and you are glorious beings!  There is no bad within any of you.  Therefore, be appreciating of yourselves also, and attempt to be as accepting of yourselves and each other as I am of you!  A very good exercise to be practicing, for you are all wondrous!

We shall break, and you may continue with your questions.

BREAK   7:53 PM
RESUME  8:17 PM (Time was five seconds)

ELIAS:  Continuing.

RETA:   Would you like more about the religious part of this season, or the use of, or not?

ELIAS:  And what be your direction?

RETA:   Well, how it has been useful.  It's a growing thing.  In this time of the season, I'm involved with a lot of things, and I look at the work being done between people because of the season -- maybe they could think about that all year, but because of the season.  One of the associates I have, for instance, she's just put about twenty-eight hours a week in for the last five weeks in preparing for these different concerts, and then a lot of the folks that I deal with in the professional choir put in so many parts of their lives to do this.  Why?  Well, they enjoy it, but it's for the enjoyment of others.  And the presentation of the children, to encourage them to grow with family and with friends and to teach them that they're okay.  Some of these children who are so bashful, when they get involved with something like that they will sing by themselves and they will perform, and most of the time you can't even get them to stop wiggling.  So I think it's ... well, in my religion anyway, there's such an involvement with each other.  There's such an involvement in the family and the children.  There's the push for, "Do it yourself, but we'll help you."  I just think it's a thing that most of us don't do all year 'round, and I think if it has to be because it's Christmas, it's okay.  And there was such an awfully lot of good things that came out of this particular season for me!  Like for instance, we went to Tijuana and we sang for a group down there, and the effort that they put forth just to get us down there was tremendous!  The shower of love, you just couldn't help but feel it!  What they had to go through to even allow us to come down there!  We were singing for them, but we were just eating up that shower of love that they gave to us.  I think it's just a wonderful thing ... my religion is for me.  I know there are some religions out there that preach hellfire and damnation and sin, and you're always sinning and so on.  Well, I don't happen to belong to one like that.  Ours is the development of love and compassion and service and togetherness and family and understanding, so it's been very nice for me.

ELIAS:  This be your creation en masse of an annual mass event which is observed throughout most of your globe, not merely within this particular country that you presently occupy.  You have allowed yourselves en masse a time framework that you allow yourselves to move into natural expression.  A natural expression of essence is to be expressing, in THIS particular physical focus, within giving and compassion and lovingness to each other.  Therefore, you allow yourselves what you term to be a season for this.  You allow yourself a mass expression each of your years to be celebrating those natural expressions of yourselves, to be connecting, to be allowing less separation, to be identifying within your belief systems all that you hold to be beauteous and good.

As with other expressions of yourselves, you allow yourselves areas or time frameworks that you may be connecting with in natural elements.  You have designed your area of your planet that you term to be your Bermuda Triangle to be your window for other dimensions.  You also allow yourself a brief expression each of your years to be expressing from essence and allowing, as I have stated, less of a separation.  The reason that you feel good in giving to each other is that this is a natural expression for you, but you also hold many belief systems that you must have a reason to be giving.  Therefore, you create a season to allow yourselves this expression.  Even those that balk against your giving season find joy in giving, for this is your natural expression and it is a beneficial belief system.

This be the meaning that is expressed when I express to you that your religious belief systems have served you well in many aspects.  They have limited you in some aspects, but in many aspects they have also allowed you great exploration and allowance for expression of yourselves and with each other, and have allowed you the opportunity at times to be less separated from each other and to allow yourselves an interconnectedness with each other.

NORM:   I've often had the idea that when you say that religions have served you well, that you have the opportunity -- and perhaps we will at some time here in this focus -- of really studying comparative, dimensional probabilities; meaning that you can see other close dimensions or close probable worlds to ours that perhaps do not have a religious movement, a religious era, and that they don't have the freedom of action that we have had.  Is that true?

ELIAS:  In some respects.

NORM:   There are probable worlds that do not have a religious era?

ELIAS:  Correct.

NORM:   Have any of those worlds had freedom of action as great as ours?

ELIAS:  I would not term this to be "freedom," but there is less of an awareness of self and abilities.  They are more limited.

NORM:   They are constrained by their social belief systems, then.

ELIAS:  Correct.

NORM:   Interesting.

RETA:   So then when you talk about these saints we've just reviewed, and you talk about Jesus, all of these people didn't have the giving sense just for Christmas.  They spent their entire lives trying to show goodness and loving and bringing people together, and of course that's how they become "saints," quote, is because they spent their whole life trying to show us that there is a way to do this.

ELIAS:  This be your myth.  (Smiling)

NORM:   I have another question.  In a hundred years, or maybe in a hundred and fifty or two hundred years, we could then have a comparable, probable, dimensional religion -- religious studies -- if we wanted to.  That could be an area of interest.  Then we would look at other probable worlds close to our world, or within the veil of our world ...

ELIAS:  Correct.

NORM:  ... and really have a wonderful study in comparative religious ideas?

ELIAS:  Now you begin to view the windows that may be opened to your curiosity and for your exploration within the action of this shift.

NORM:   It's going to be great!  How soon can I do that??

ELIAS:  Now!

NORM:   I know!  (Laughing)  I've got to get going!

ELIAS:  It is not merely a viewing of extraterrestrials, but of ALL of your reality that you create within this dimension.

NORM:   Fabulous!

HELEN:  I thought ... my understanding when I read the literature  was ... well, it's a personal belief system, I'm sure ... that religions have always separated us.

Margot's note:  Gawd, I love you, Helen!

ELIAS:  In a respect they serve to separate you within the focus from essence -- which is the purpose of your creation within your religious era -- for the purity of experiencing your physical focus.  Therefore, you have developed many belief systems in this area.  But also, just as you allow yourself your window for traveling outside of this dimension within this one particular area of your planet, you also allow yourselves windows within your religious expressions to allow your natural expressions.

HELEN:  So what you're saying is that there is a thread that connects the religions, which is that the basic nature of our essence to be giving and loving?

ELIAS:  Correct.

HELEN:  And that most of them come from that place?

ELIAS:  I have expressed many times that all of your religions hold truths.  (Pause)

HELEN:  They also hold prejudices and falseness and belief systems that bring us pain.

ELIAS:  Correct; for this is what you have created.

HELEN:  I had a question about prayer because I'm very confused about prayer.  I want to speak to Jsenne when I pray now, my essence.

ELIAS:  Then do!  It matters not.  I have expressed previously ... another individual has inquired of prayer and speaking to that which they believe to be God.  It is all the same.  Therefore, it matters not to whom you address.  You are merely speaking and communicating with essence and consciousness.

HELEN:  That's why I thought it felt better to address my higher power or God as Jsenne, because now I am moving in the direction that my essence is where I get my knowledge and my peace and the things that I desire in this focus.  Therefore, I'd like to address it by that name.

ELIAS:  This is your choice.  If this brings you pleasure, then I am acknowledging of this.

HELEN:  But there's no right or wrong.  It doesn't matter if I say "God."  It doesn't matter.  That's what you said.

ELIAS:  Quite.

HELEN:  Because those thoughts or prayers are going to the same place anyway.

ELIAS:  Correct.

HELEN:  No matter what label we put on them.

ELIAS:  Correct.

HELEN:  Okay.  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are welcome.

DAVID:  Why do so many prayers go unanswered?

HELEN:  You're such the martyr!  (Laughter)

DAVID:  Not just my prayers, but people in my family have prayed until their deathbed and never got any answers!

ELIAS:  It is not that they are not receiving answers.  They are not NOTICING.

DAVID:  Well, I don't think they saw any changes in their lives in the prayers that they asked.

ELIAS:  That is for the reason that they are not noticing.  They are not paying attention.  There is no question that remains unanswered.  It is merely a question of your own opening to the answer.

DAVID:  It just doesn't necessarily come the way that you expect it.

ELIAS:  Absolutely.

DAVID:  You mentioned, too, that we in physical focus experience love differently than say, where you're at, the area that you're at.  Two things:  One, do all essences in their whole essences, like Mylo, do we all have a beloved?  And two, what attracted you to your beloved?  (Elias has referred to the essence of Patel/Paul as "my beloved."  This is what David is referring to)

ELIAS:  (After a ten second pause)  We are the same.

DAVID:  "We" being?

ELIAS:  All essences are interconnected.  Some essences hold very similar tone.  Some essences within common fragmentation also choose through desire to be fragmented in the same desire, therefore also holding very similar tone.  In this, in what YOU interpret within your physical focus, you may view a stronger attraction to a certain essence.

DAVID:  And that would be Mylo's beloved ... in their whole essence?

ELIAS:  It may be termed this way, but this is merely my expression.

DAVID:  Your expression.  So what I think I'm trying to say is, do all essences have a beloved, as you do with Paul?

ELIAS:  If they are so choosing.  (Smiling)

DAVID:  Well ... okay.

HELEN:  I have another question.  From what I've read about the shift ... it's kind of back to this religious thing. From what I understand from what I read is that our world has relied on religious factions for a long time, I guess to move us places and to let us explore, as you said, and needing to widen our focuses ... widen our knowing, I guess.  Are you saying that when the veils are lifted from our other focuses that we will then be able to incorporate religious beliefs from other focuses in addition to the ones that we have now?  And is that one of the purposes of the shift?

ELIAS:  The purpose of the shift is not to be incorporating more religious belief systems.

HELEN:  Less?

ELIAS:  The purpose of the shift is to be widening your awareness, and in this allowing you greater creativity and a greater knowledge of your own abilities that you may be accomplishing within.  This allows you less limitations and more accessibility to exploration of your reality within this dimension.  It is also the action of this shift to be accepting those belief systems which you hold, that they may not be quite so limiting of your abilities and your creativity, and allowing you a freer expression of essence and less separation from essence.  (Pause)

HELEN:  But during this widening ... I mean, the image I get is that we're cramped in a space.  It's like we've done all we can in a space and we need to be widened, obviously.  But is it because what we've created is not serving us well?  Or is it just for the expanse of our experience and creativity?

ELIAS:  It HAS served you well to this now.  It is not serving you any longer, for it is limiting.  You hold a desire to be expressing more expansively, to be aware of your reality in many more aspects than you allow yourselves presently.

HELEN:  Okay.  I understand that.  Thank you.

SUE:    I've got a question about -- since we've been talking about saints -- stories that I've been told about Catholic saints, Buddhist saints, all different kinds of saints performing miracles, healing the sick, levitating, things like that.  My assumption is that these things actually have happened physically, and that the reason they don't generally happen now is because we don't allow them to.  Is that correct?

ELIAS:  Ah, but they DO continue to be happening within your present now!

SUE:    I guess so, in some places ... not usually around here!  But if we allowed them to, they would happen here?

ELIAS:  Correct. "Not usually" around many places upon your planet or within many time periods!  This be the reason that you create belief systems and you place significance to these individuals who have developed their inner senses and have loosened the veils between the physical focus and essence, and hold a knowledge and a knowing of their own abilities and therefore allow themselves to be expressing of these.  You create belief systems that these individuals hold differences from yourselves, and therefore you create saints.

SUE:    We think that they're special and have powers that we don't.

ELIAS:  Correct.

SUE:    When actually....

ELIAS:  You hold the same abilities.  Within the action of the shift, there shall be no need for saints, for you shall ALL be saints.

SUE:    Okay, thank you.

DAVID:  So does that mean then that all the saints that are put up on plaques and looked upon, they'll all be pulled down?  (Laughter)

ELIAS:  You shall merely recognize that they hold no differences to yourselves.

DAVID:  So they will be looked upon differently than how they are now then, as we view them?

ELIAS:  They shall continue within your history.

DAVID:  Right, but viewed differently than we do now?

ELIAS:  Correct.

VICKI:  Isn't sainthood a choice of experience also?

ELIAS:  Absolutely.

VICKI:  Wouldn't it stand to reason that this particular choice of experience would continue?

ELIAS:  It will be unnecessary, for it has been experienced within the context of your belief systems.  You are loosening your belief systems and moving toward acceptance of belief systems.  You would not be holding saints without the belief systems that motivate the actions.

VICKI:  So after the completion of the shift, so to speak, we won't view individuals that we think have miraculous abilities or more powers than we do, or that are....

ELIAS:  You shall ALL hold these miraculous abilities and more powers.

VICKI:  Well, I understand that, but it just seems like there isn't an end to it, you know?  I mean, as far as a widening of awareness and a development of abilities, it just ... I don't know.  I guess my question is, won't there be individuals that choose a slightly different experience, as what we call saints now, that we will view as different from ourselves?

ELIAS:  Individuals shall be choosing different experiences, but they shall not be viewed in the same manner that you view saints.

VICKI:  Hmm.  Alright....

DAVID:  So you're also saying, too, that we will have the ability to communicate with our so-called "presently dearly-departed dead?"

ELIAS:  Correct.

DAVID:  Will we learn much from these conversations with them, wherever they are, in the exchange of communicating with them?

ELIAS:  It shall offer you more information of transition.

DAVID:  That they've experienced?

ELIAS:  Correct.

DAVID:  Therefore preventing us from going through a bad experience?  Or not?

ELIAS:  No.  (Grinning)

HELEN:  David!  Is there a softer way for Mylo??  (Laughter)

DAVID:  Well, I thought once they gave us the information it would ease the experience, 'cause we'll know what we're experiencing!

ELIAS:  Correct; but you shall continue to experience!

DAVID:  Right, but it won't be as traumatic as for those who had no idea what was happening to them.

ELIAS:  Not necessarily.

DAVID:  Give me an example.  (Laughter)

ELIAS:  Within some individuals, they experience LESS trauma if they are not holding previous knowledge of the experience that they engage within transition.

NORM:   Is my assumption true that you have previously stated that we cannot accept too much of essence?  We could not be in this physical body; we could not handle the totality of essence.  But will we, in the shift ... are we going to be able to handle more than what we are now?  Like a 200 megahertz pentium chip versus a 66 megahertz?  We'll be able to go at greater and greater capabilities?

ELIAS:  Correct.

NORM:   We will be able to handle multiple talents ... good talents in multiple fields?  Whoops!  Why do you smile like that?

ELIAS:  (Grinning)  And what shall be a bad talent??  (Laughter)

NORM:   (Laughing)  Well, I mean ... okay.  I want to be just a whole bunch of things!

RETA:   I was thinking while she was talking about why there are no more miracles ... I hear from people on a daily basis that have very unusual things happen to them, and they expect to be able to use those.  And sometimes, even in business, I see a person who has the foresight to do something.  Everybody follows him because he's right.  His mind is able to handle that.  And on the religious side, when I go to church I hear people all the time talking about something that was put in their way so they had to handle it, and they expect that.  They're learning how now.  I see them all the time.  They expect to use these talents that they have, or these inner senses, and they do use them.  My daughter has a very spiritual sense.  When the phone rings at my house or at work, I know it's her.  That's just a thing between her and I, I guess, but she expects me to be at a phone, too.  But I see this all the time.  I don't think the saintly things are gone.  I think we just maybe aren't watching for them like we should be.  I think there are achievements being made today by people that are just tremendous: inventors, musicians, people with psychology that can help others understand themselves.  I think there's a great deal of awareness today.  Of course, it'll be nice when it's bigger.

ELIAS:  You are all widening your awareness.  The difference is that you have created many belief systems, which create your saints.  In allowing an acceptance of belief systems, saints become unnecessary.  You ALL hold these abilities.  There is no saint that has created any miracle that YOU may not create also, and that within the action of your shift you may not also be creating.

The title of sainthood is placed merely in response to your belief systems that another individual is greater than the whole; that one individual holds an ability greater than do you all.  Within the action of your shift, you shall hold a working awareness, a knowing objectively, that there is no other individual that holds an ability greater than yourselves.  It is merely a choice of direction of what you shall be creating or exploring.  There shall not be miracles, for you all may be accomplishing.  A miracle is merely an action that is uncommonly accomplished, an action that you believe may not be accomplished.  Therefore, it is miraculous if it IS accomplished.  But you shall hold a knowing that there are no miracles, for there are no actions that may not be accomplished.

You express, "It is a miracle!" to be raising an individual from the dead. It is no miracle. It is a choice and agreement.  Any individual may choose to reinstate themselves within physical focus within any moment.  You move to areas within your present now of what you term to be actions of near-death experiences.  These are no different from your Lazarus, but Lazarus is viewed to be a miracle.  You do not view your near-death experiences as miracles, do you?  For they become commonplace.  They are accepted.  They are a reality.  Therefore, in the same manner, actions that have been created previously throughout your history that were uncommon become common, for you recognize your own abilities, that you may be accomplishing the same actions.

Previously within your history, an individual may have contracted a disease, and another individual may pray over them and they miraculously are healed.  I have spoken with individuals within this forum that have uncreated disease.  You do not view these as miracles.  Within your history you view this action to be miraculous, for it was uncommon.  It becomes more common within your present now.  Therefore, it is not viewed as miraculous.  You do not express to an individual uncreating a disastrous disease within them that they have created a miracle.  You express that they have uncreated their disease in a knowing that they are creating their reality.  They are creating the disease and they are uncreating the disease.  Therefore, where be your saints futurely if you are all saints?  There is no need for distinction. Where be your miracles if they are commonplace?

NORM:   For example, if we wanted to interact with nature -- this is a very large movement that has occurred in the last fifty years or so -- we could handle that in a miraculous manner if we so choose to clean up our act, so to speak, or our defamation of this earth.  I can see that we could create new animals, new birds, new flowers, new trees.  We could interact with the consciousness of this earth....

ELIAS:  You do already!

NORM:   We do all these things, huh?

ELIAS:  You are merely not objectively aware.

NORM:   And we are, as a mass consciousness, controlling all of this?  We control the weather, we control....


NORM:   We create it. (Pause)  If we wanted to, we could recreate the dinosaurs in a special park?

ELIAS:  This would require an agreement ...

NORM:   A very large agreement!  (Laughter)

ELIAS:  ... not only with yourselves, but with the creatures.  They have moved into another dimension.

NORM:   Oh!  Well, maybe we can get some creature from another dimension to come here!

ELIAS:  This is not the point.  I have expressed many times, other dimensions are not involved with this particular shift in consciousness.  It is merely a shift in consciousness that is relative to THIS dimension and THIS planet.

DREW:   I have a few questions, if I may, if you aren't planning a break shortly?  I have a follow-up question to a discussion that we had last week about body consciousness.  Is there consciousness other than essence?

ELIAS:  Yes.

DREW:   Okay.  And the purpose of consciousness is to become and experience.  Is that correct?

ELIAS:  Yes.

DREW:   So if there is consciousness that is not essence, what is it that is doing the experiencing and the becoming?  Is it just purely consciousness?

ELIAS:  Yes.

DREW:   Okay.  So the difference between consciousness and essence is that essence involves tone?

ELIAS:  Personality tone.

DREW:   And consciousness does not?

ELIAS:  Correct.

DREW:   And there are dimensions that are purely consciousness with no essence?  Is that correct?

ELIAS:  Correct.

VICKI:  Created by essence?

ELIAS:  No; created by consciousness.

VICKI:  So there are dimensions that are comprised of what we call consciousness with no interaction or ... they have nothing to do with essence?

ELIAS:  Correct.  This be the expression that I have offered to you within the onset of our sessions, offering you a term that may be understood in your language by you, in creating a distinction between essence and what I offered to you as The Creating Universal One And Whole.


ELIAS:  Which is not god, which is more than the sum of the parts; the whole of consciousness; although this is difficult to be expressed within your language and your understanding within physical focus, for essence is intermingled with all of consciousness and there is no separation.  Within physical focus, it is not possible to express to you the reality of this concept, for it is as we have expressed within the analogy of the air:  You may capture a glass of air, but it is indistinguishable once released.

VICKI:  Well, that being the case, why am I capitalizing those words?

ELIAS:  This is for emphasis and distinctions.  You function within your belief systems and you function within language.  Language within physical focus is important to your communication.  Therefore, within your language, I make distinctions for your understanding.  You are not the only individual that acquires this information or reads your transcribing.

VICKI:  Well, I'm aware of that.  It's just that if The Creating Universal One And Whole is comprised of consciousness ...

ELIAS:  Correct.

VICKI:  ... I don't get it.

ELIAS:  It is ALL of consciousness; the totality.

VICKI:  So there's a totality of consciousness??

ELIAS:  In a manner of speaking ... which is boundless!

VICKI:  Right, so it ain't making sense to me. It doesn't make sense.

ELIAS:  It is my choice.

VICKI:  I understand that, and I do it, but I don't get it.

DREW:   Within the limitations of our language and our ability to understand, I'll ask you a question again using terms that will help make it easier for us to understand.  I understand there are no divisions.  That notwithstanding, there is essence, and there is consciousness separate from essence.  Are there other categories of consciousness, if you will, other than essence that are separate from consciousness?

ELIAS:  In a manner of speaking.

DREW:   Any that we would be even close to understanding?


DREW:   It's just enough to know that there are.  (Elias nods)  Okay.  Limitless numbers?

ELIAS:  Yes.

DREW:   Okay.  That clarifies for me some of what we talked about last week in terms of body consciousness once essence leaves, and that makes sense to me now.
A couple of questions on personal notes quickly, if I might.  I've had recurring imagery that I wanted to ask you about.  It's just kind of interesting.  I was at a friend's and we had only a few minutes -- we were going out -- but in those few minutes while I was waiting for her to get ready, I flipped on the TV and caught a small fragment of a movie called "Christmas Story."  And in that movie, there are a bunch of kids daring each other to touch their tongue to a frozen flagpole.  The words they use are, "I dare you.  I double-dog dare you.  I triple-dog dare you!"  That's the scene that I saw, and that was all I saw because then we had to leave.  On the way to where we were going, we drove by a pet store that's called Double-Dog Dare You.  A few days later, I was looking through the L.A. Weekly and I saw an ad for this place called Double-Dog Dare You.  Then I was driving up the 14 and passed a street called Red Rover Mine Road, which brought to mind another street that I'll never forget that I saw in Arizona called Devil Dog Road.  AND I have a friend who wants me to take care of a dog for a couple of days!  (Laughter)

ELIAS:  Much creature imagery!

DREW:   Yeah, all built around dog stuff, if you will forgive the expression.  I have no idea what this imagery ... or maybe I do, but maybe you can help me to understand what all this imagery is about.

ELIAS:  Partially, this imagery is a connecting with information that is futurely to be delivered.

DREW:   By you?

ELIAS:  Correct.

DREW:   Is it related in any way to animals?  (Elias nods)  It is.

ELIAS:  Correct; for we shall be, within a small time framework futurely, entering the area of consciousness related to creatures, which is NOT essence.

DREW:   Understood.  Other than this connection with what we're going to be talking about futurely, there is no other significance to me personally?  It's just a bleed-through, if you will, for future activity?

ELIAS:  Correct.

DREW:   Okay.  Lastly, are we at other ages aspects of ourselves?

ELIAS:  Yes.

DREW:   So if I have an experience where I've connected with myself as a child, I'm connecting with another aspect of myself?

ELIAS:  Yes.

DREW:   A month or so ago, you said I would be connecting with another aspect of myself, and within the past week I've been very strongly connecting with myself as a child, which I am going to take a wild guess and assume that's what you were talking about.

ELIAS:  Correct.

DREW:   It's been pretty powerful and I will explore on my own, but I'm wondering if there's any direction or anything I should be looking for or anything in particular that would be helpful for me to know in terms of this experience and this action?

ELIAS:  Merely be noticing.

DREW:   Noticing my own impressions and intuitions within the action?

ELIAS:  Correct.

HELEN:  I have a question.  When I had my private session with you, you said that you would come to me in my dreams, and I don't remember that you have, but I desire it very much.  And I wanted to know if there was anything that I was doing that was preventing that, or if there's anything that I can do to make that more possible?

ELIAS:  Merely be anticipating ... and open.

BOBBI:  I have a question on a dream I had recently.  It was very short.  I was at some kind of a trade show looking at cookie cutters, and in the background there was this cowboy stuff, a scene of cowboys riding horses.  I went around the corner and there was a huge wall with enormous goldfish, and then that was the end of the dream.  I woke up, and the name Monty Roberts was quite clear.  So that was interesting, and it turns out that's a real person who has written a book -- Vicki knows -- on training horses.  So I'm connecting this name with my husband because of the cowboy imagery.  Is that correct?

ELIAS:  Correct.

BOBBI:  Would that be a counterpart of his?

ELIAS:  Correct.

BOBBI:  Okay, great.  Also, today I woke up without any memory of a dream, but with a name of a person on Sethworks who I really haven't ever corresponded with.  As I woke up, I was thinking that actually this was a friend of my daughter's, and then it occurred to me who it was.  Would this be a counterpart of hers?

ELIAS:  Correct.

BOBBI:  Okay, great.  While I'm on my husband, is he Milumet/Tumold?

ELIAS:  Aligned Milumet, not Tumold.

BOBBI:  Aligned with Milumet.  Well, what essence family?  This is just driving me crazy!

ELIAS:  And you may not be investigating and expressing to me?  You are moving so very well!

BOBBI:  I've tried to fit this guy!  It's like he's the square peg in the round hole!  He's not fitting in anywhere!  Okay, okay....

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  He shall be fitting!

BOBBI:  He will?  Okay....  Okay, one guess:  Vold.

ELIAS:  Very good!

BOBBI:  Whew!  I can stop thinking about that!  Thank you.

VICKI:  Speaking of essence families, I have two people that would like to know their essence names and their essence families, two new people.  Is this an okay time to ask that?  (Elias nods)  One is a person named Bernt from Sweden.

ELIAS:  Leto; L-E-T-O.  These individuals may be investigating for their essence families.  (Interestingly, Bernt says that Leta is the Swedish word for "search")

VICKI:  Okay.  The other one is a gentleman named George from Canada.

ELIAS:  George!

VICKI:  Really!

GAIL:   I have a question on a dream memory.  I saw a bunch of shapes and circles.  The circles are mostly the ones that I remember, but I know there were a bunch of shapes and colors, and I was wondering what that was.

ELIAS:  This would be a viewing of other-dimensional qualities.

GAIL:   Does that have anything to do with my tile?

ELIAS:  No.  It is merely an initial allowance of a partial viewing of qualities within another dimension.

GAIL:   Hmm.  Thank you.

ELIAS:  (To Vic)  Yes, you are correct.

VICKI:  Really!

Vic's note:  I'm assuming that this is in reference to my impression at that moment, which was that George is somehow connected to the essence of Tomkin, possibly through fragmentation.  Tomkin is one of twelve essences that are interactive in this forum, and represents the family of Milumet in our game.

NORM:   I have a question in regard to my thoughts on the second law of thermal dynamics ... that you could restate that instead of a degradation as far as a homogeneity of all matter, that it could be maximizing the action for all of consciousness.

ELIAS:  Very good, Stephen!

NORM:   Thank you.

ELIAS:  We shall be discontinuing this evening, and we shall continue with subject matter at our next meeting.  To you all this day, I express to you your merriment of your season, and express to you also that you be joyful within your natural expressions!  To you all this evening, quite lovingly, I bid you all au revoir.

Elias departs at 9:18 PM.

Vic's note:  A few weeks after this session, Sue brought me a candle.  She said she'd had it for a few years, and thought it was appropriate for me to have it.  The picture on the front is of an alien praying.  The prayer is titled Powerful Protection from Alien Abduction:

"I dedicate this candle to you that you grant my desires and aid in my miseries over nightly alien abduction.  Banish radiation burn rings from my lawn; spare me from power surges that blow out my electric appliances; and provide me sleep without worry of nosebleeds due to levitation.  Amen."

Thanks, Sue!

Also, I'd like to thank everybody that participated in this session, and humbly apologize to those of you that were uncomfortable and felt "put on the spot."  It wasn't my intention!  Love, Vic

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Copyright 1997 Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved.