Session 247
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Dream Walker Interaction/Zuli


"Dream Walker Interaction / Zuli & Borledim"
"Transition / Dispersed Essences"

Sunday, December 7, 1997   © 1997 (Group)
Participants:  Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Cathy (Shynla), Drew (Matthew), Nicky (Candace), Gail (William), Bobbi (Jale), Sue (Alex), Norm (Stephen), and Lisa (Behal).
Elias arrives at 7:00 PM. (Time was twelve seconds)

ELIAS:  Good evening!  We shall begin with our game.

CATHY:  For David:  Milumet, astrological signs, Capricorn.

ELIAS:  Again, less probable.

CATHY:  Okay.  Borledim, astrological signs, Cancer. (Also for David)

ELIAS:  Less probable.

CATHY:  Okay.  For myself:  Milumet, TV shows, The Sentinel.

ELIAS:  Acceptable.

BOBBI:  Ilda, letters of the alphabet, the letter E.

ELIAS:  One point.

GAIL:   I'll try one.  Milumet, rituals, the mating of wild turkeys.

CATHY:  Huh??  (Laughter)

ELIAS:  Acceptable!  (We all crack up)

CATHY:  Shut up!

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  Investigate, Shynla!

CATHY:  Shut up!

ELIAS:  This may be interesting to you with your issue of family!

CATHY:  Okay!

VICKI:  For Jo:  Ilda, leisure time activities, being entertained by others of Ilda.

ELIAS:  (Grinning)  Less probable!  (Laughter)

VICKI:  Ilda, rock bands, Steely Dan.  (Also for Jo)

ELIAS:  Acceptable.

VICKI:  For Mary:  Sumari, fictional characters, Captain Marvel.

ELIAS:  Acceptable.

VICKI:  For myself:  Essence family connections with Tumold and Ilda, occupations, interpreter.

ELIAS:  One point.  (Pause)  Very well.  I am greatly encouraging other individuals within this forum to be engaging within our game!  It is not that difficult.  It merely requires trusting yourselves and your impressions, which you all have!

Very well.  We shall continue our investigation of the essence families and the Dream Walkers, and move to the essence families of Zuli and Borledim.  I am quite aware that I am skipping Tumold!

In comparison of this energy exchange, the family of Zuli connects and offers information to individuals physically-focused physically, as you would assume.  The individual may acquire inspirations to themselves as information from a Dream Walker in the area of viewing physical form, which shall speak to them and offer them information of their reality.  This may seem difficult to many of you, but as belonging to the Zuli family, these individuals are quite involved with physical form and its creation and its expression.  Therefore, within the expression of physical form, not only of human physical form but of all creatures and also of your vegetation, they may see elements within the expression of the physical form that shall offer them information. In this, they view physical forms -- even a rock -- and they may view the expression of these forms, and they shall acquire thoughts that shall be expressing information of their reality to them that they may not be connecting to in other manners.

Just as an extraterrestrial may offer information to an individual of Ilda, an element or a tree or a dance of an individual may offer information to those that are belonging to the Zuli family, for they are quite attuned to the expression of forms and acquire much more information merely by viewing these forms than would other individuals of other families.  An expression of dance and the movements within the dance may speak volumes to an individual belonging to the family of Zuli.  Rituals of creatures, as mating rituals ... (grinning at Cathy)

LISA:   Of turkeys?  (Laughter)

ELIAS:  ... may also speak volumes to these individuals and offer them information that they may not be acquiring in other manners.
Within the Borledim family, these individuals are attuned to small ones.  They are attuned to all individuals, but they are VERY attuned to little ones.  Therefore, within the expressions of small ones that you may view as humorous, an individual belonging to the Borledim family views as reality and listens carefully.  Within child's games and what you view to be imagination, those individuals belonging to the Borledim family recognize their expressions as subjective reality.  They understand the reality of transition into physical focus, and in this they are attuned to the expressions of small ones, knowing that they are following their impulses and listening to their own language of essence, also knowing that small ones view what you do not allow yourselves to view -- imaginary friends, which speak to them, which are not imaginary!  They view essences that you explain as ghosts.  They view activity of consciousness all about them.  They read individuals as adults, (to Vic) as you have experienced. (  They view many more elements of reality beyond what you view as reality, for their attention is not so very singularly focused, for they have not completed their transition into physical, objective reality.  Therefore, they incorporate much more subjective awareness than you allow yourselves.  In this, the Borledim are quite attuned to this action.  They understand that this is reality.  They listen to these small ones, and acknowledge their reality as reality.  They also acquire much information in listening to these small ones.  In the same respect that you listen to this energy exchange, they are listening to little ones and receiving the same information.

Many of you may be attempting to be paying attention more carefully to little ones, but in not belonging to the family of Borledim, you shall not hear what they are expressing in the same manner that these individuals of Borledim shall hear.  A small one may approach you and express, "My imaginary friend is seated within this chair.  Please do not sit there."  You shall hear "Do not sit there," and you shall excuse yourself and allow for the child's continued imagination and play.  An individual of Borledim shall be viewing the imaginary friend and expressing, "May I speak with this friend?  What shall your friend offer to us as it sits within our chair?" This individual shall listen carefully and shall gain much information from what you view to be the nonsense of child's play.  As the child may express, "My friend is seated here and is requesting of food and drink," you shall express, "Very well, dear.  We shall offer cookies and liquid."  The individual of Borledim shall understand the statement which has been offered.  There is desire being acknowledged, and a request for nurturing.  The nourishment of the form is the imagery of the nourishment of the self; the nurturing which is desired.  Your interpretation shall be to place cookies and liquid upon your table, but the individuals of the Borledim family understand the imagery which is offered by the small one in recognition that this is not imagination, in your terms, but in actuality a communication of another essence to the small one that actually views it.
We shall be offering information of Tumold at our next meeting.  I shall offer also, in addition to our last meeting:  In the area of Sumari, they are quite fond of seances, which is in alignment with the tools that they use to be gaining information.  Seances are quite fascinating to the individuals of Sumari, for they are interactive and offer excitement, and Sumari are quite enamored with excitement!

You may ask your questions.

LISA:   Well, I'd like to know which family I'm in.  The funny thing is, I feel like I can relate to about four of them.  As far as impressions, I have it narrowed down to two:  Milumet and Sumari.

ELIAS:  Very good! You are belonging to Sumafi, aligned with Milumet.

LISA:   So it's Sumafi, not Sumari?

ELIAS:  Correct.  You align within this focus to the family of Milumet.

LISA:   Great.  Thank you.

VICKI:  I have a question.  The subject matter of this evening reminded me of a conversation I had this morning with the mother of the baby that is of the Borledim family.  She briefly mentioned to me that this baby quite often wakes up with nightmares and is always mumbling something about not wanting to see, and I'm curious if you could comment on that.  (Pause)

ELIAS:  This is an expression of the small one, of viewing within dream imagery probabilities in conjunction with this shift that are not necessary; those probabilities which we have discussed previously which have not yet been inserted into your official reality which you are attempting to be avoiding, those actions that you have lent much energy to within this physical focus, of destructiveness and trauma.  In this, there is a viewing of these actions and a desire to be diverting of this, which would be in conjunction with this particular focused individual within the intent of its focus; a desire to be diverting this energy and creating of that which we speak within this forum in like manner to yourselves, creating the least amount of trauma within this particular shift.

I have expressed to you previously, these small ones are VERY attuned to the action of this shift, to all aspects of it.  This be the intent of their manifestation.  Therefore, throughout their focus they shall be quite involved, and all aspects of themselves shall be reflecting the aspects of this shift also.  It wishes not to see, for it wishes that these probabilities not be inserted into your official reality.

VICKI:  I think I understand.  Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome.

BOBBI:  I have a question, actually from my son Chris who was here last week, who was very anxious to come back tonight and woke up with almost complete laryngitis this morning. He was wondering, admittedly with my encouragement, why he created this?

ELIAS:  The desire is great, but the apprehension is great also.  (Humorously)  I cannot imagine why I shall be so intimidating to individuals, for I am quite amiable!  (Much laughter)  And I do not bite, although individuals strangely hold this response to myself many times, that they hold fearfulness that the MONSTER from beyond may be connecting with them and reading their deepest thoughts and impressions and secrets!  You may express to him, there are no secrets!  I know them all!  (We're all cracking up)

BOBBI:  Okay, I certainly will!

ELIAS:  It matters not.  All of you are acceptable regardless of your secrets!

BOBBI:  I'll tell him that as well!
ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  And you may extend my invitation.

BOBBI:  I will.  He intends to come back.  Could I ask one more question about Chris?

ELIAS:  You may.

BOBBI:  Is he also fragmented of Rose?


BOBBI:  No.  Thanks.

ELIAS:  You are welcome.  (Pause)

VICKI:  Well, I have a couple of questions.  Just briefly for a few people, essence names.  One, for Johann.

ELIAS:  Johann!  (Grinning)

VICKI:  I kind of thought that too!  That's funny.

ELIAS:  Very good, Lawrence!

VICKI:  Well, I figured I was wrong, you know.

ELIAS:  Of course!  (Laughter)  We are quite accomplished at personal invalidation!

VICKI:  And the other, also an essence name for a gal in Sweden.  Her name is Gunilla, although I don't know if I'm pronouncing that right.

ELIAS:  (Accessing)  Marriette.



VICKI:  Okay.  The other thing that I wanted to bring up tonight if there was time -- which it seems to be a pretty quiet group -- is about transition.  There seems to be a lot of distortion within this concept of transition.  A lot of people seem to equate the idea of transition with dying, and if somebody is in transition, that means that they're dying, in a lot of people's interpretations.  I think it's created a lot of ... I don't know ... misinterpretations of what's being said within the context of the information.  I have two questions about this actually, but first, I wonder if maybe you would redefine transition briefly at this point, for people that are new readers of transcripts.

ELIAS:  There are several actions of transition.  There is transition from non-physical into physical, which is not connected with dying!  (Grinning)  This would be the transitioning, the movement from non-physical areas into physical form, which may not necessarily be THIS particular dimension, but any physical dimension.  There is an acclimation which is made into a physical dimension, for it is unfamiliar.  Therefore, you allow yourselves a time framework to be acclimating yourselves into the reality of a physical dimension.  Within this particular physical dimension, this may be moved into within six to twelve years.  An individual may fully acclimate themselves into the official objective accepted reality as young as six years.  At times, they may not be acclimating for twelve years, or any between.

Some individuals do not fully acclimate within this transition to your officially accepted objective reality.  Some individuals choose to be holding to more of their subjective reality.  These individuals you view as unstable and expressing lunacy, for they do not comply with your officially accepted reality and hold to much of their subjective reality.  Therefore, these individuals do not complete, so to speak, the transition action of acclimating into your physical focus, and continue transitioning throughout their focus.  Other individuals transition into physical focus, acclimate, continue within your officially accepted reality, and choose to be transitioning into non-physical focus while they are continuing within their physical focus.

Moving from physical focus into non-physical focus ALWAYS involves a transition, for you hold belief systems within physical focus and your attention is focused singularly in one area.  Therefore, it is necessary for you to transition into non-physical focus again, for non-physical focus does not hold belief systems and your attention is not singularly focused.  Therefore, you may not move instantaneously from physical focus into non-physical focus without a transition period.  This would be an action of explosion, so to speak, for your attention is singularly focused within any physical reality.  Therefore, your attention only understands that reality.  If moving instantaneously into non-physical simultaneous time, viewing all focuses and the vastness of essence, the focus would not comprehend.  We are speaking of the focuses, not the entirety of essence!  Therefore, the focus must be shedding the belief systems of the physical reality and widening its awareness and its attention to encompass all of essence.  This may be accomplished partially within a physical focus.

Many individuals choose not to be engaging this action within physical focus, and in this they shall continue until the moment of their so-called death and then enter into the area of transition.  Many individuals, though, ARE choosing to be engaging this action of transition while they are continuing within their physical focus.  They may begin this action of transition at any moment.  This is not to say that if they are engaging within the action of transition that they shall die, or that they are leading to their inevitable death!  Although you are all leading to your inevitable death!  (Laughter)  But the action of transition is not the onset of your downward motion into the "depths of death."  It is merely an action chosen to be addressing to your belief systems, expanding your awareness of your reality, re-engaging yourself with essence, and the action of remembrance while in physical focus; therefore allowing you less of a transitional state once you are entering non-physical.

This is difficult to explain to you, for you think within time frameworks.  Therefore, you automatically magnate to the thought process that if you are engaging transition within physical focus, you shall engage ten years of transition and you shall eliminate ten years of transition within non-physical.  This is not the case, for there is no "years" in non-physical!  You are merely allowing yourself the opportunity to be addressing to belief systems within physical focus, and therefore as you move into non-physical focus this need not be as greatly a concern or action, which allows you an increased freedom to be addressing to OTHER actions within transition within non-physical areas, actions that you may not address within physical focus.

You may not accomplish the entirety of transition within physical focus, for you occupy your attention within a time framework.  You also are occupied within a reality that holds belief systems.

I have expressed to you many times:  You shall not be within this particular physical dimension without belief systems.  You may accept belief systems; you may alter belief systems; but you shall always hold belief systems within this particular dimension, for this is how you have created this particular dimension.  If you are not wishing to be holding belief systems, you may focus your attention within another physical dimension which may not hold belief systems.  Within THIS particular physical dimension and very many others, you DO hold belief systems, which do not fit into a vaster area of consciousness.  It is merely a choice of experience within one dimension.
Within the action of transition within physical focus, you allow yourself remembrances. You allow yourself the opportunity to remember self and essence. You offer yourselves examples, viewings, actions -- of consciousness, of essence, of more than your singular attention within an individual focus.  You allow yourselves to reconnect with yourselves and the vastness of self.  You may be choosing to engage this action for very few of your years within a time framework, or you may be engaging this action for very many of your years within your time framework. If you are accomplishing this within an expanded time framework, you shall confuse yourself less, for you slow your action.  You allow yourself your time to be viewing singularly.  You allow yourself your time framework to be viewing events one-by-one.  If you are choosing to be engaging this action within a small time framework, you create your senility and you confuse yourself, for you enter simultaneous time.  You do this also if affording yourself a longer time framework, but it is not quite as confusing to you, for it is momentary.  Therefore, you excuse the experiences away: "I have lost time. My time is moving very slowly. I am experiencing deja vu."  If you are experiencing senility, the experiences are all happening at once and may not be excused away and you may be viewed as exhibiting lunacy, for you have become confused with your time element.  If you are allowing yourself the longer time framework, as a parent you may view a child and momentarily see that child at a different age.  You express to yourselves that this is memory, reminiscing, and imagination.  If you are entering the action of senility, you view the child at a different age and many different ages and you speak to them at that age, for you have eliminated your time framework to an extent; not entirely, but to an extent.  Therefore, you view your child, which is an adult within officially accepted reality of this dimension, and you speak to this child as a small one, for you view this child as a small one, for you have pierced the veil of your time framework.  The child does not understand, for within officially accepted reality of this dimension, it is an adult.  It does not view all of the aspects of self, but you do.  Therefore, you are labeled as experiencing lunacy.  In actuality you are experiencing partial elements in preparation of simultaneous time within a particular focus, allowing you the preparation of moving into non-physical focus and not experiencing as much confusion initially.
The choice to be entering into the action of transition from physical into non-physical is not related to death in the manner that your thought processes proceed.  ALL is related to death, for this is what you create -- a movement through physical focus to be accomplishing death!  From the moment that you enter physical focus, you continue upon a sojourn to be accomplishing death!  But transition is not a disease.  It is not the action of causing your inevitable death.

VICKI:  It doesn't really have anything to do with how you choose to disengage, correct?


VICKI:  So you could choose a debilitating, fatal disease, and die very slowly physically over a period of six months, and this would have nothing to do with a choice of engaging transition.

ELIAS:  No.  You may never choose to engage transition and you may choose a disease that shall be creating of your death and engage transition after your death, or you may choose excellent health and you may choose to be engaging transition for thirty or fifty years.

VICKI:  You said that people always go through a transitional period from physical to non-physical focus.

ELIAS:  Correct.

VICKI:  When people are born into physical focus, there are people that are born and live for a very short period of time -- five minutes, a day.  Are those people not necessarily choosing that then?

ELIAS:  They also shall be engaging an action of transition to non-physical.

VICKI:  I'm talking about from non-physical to physical.

ELIAS:  Correct.  The exception of the transition state is only in such cases that the essence has not entered a focus.  The essence may enter the focus at conception, or it may enter the focus after physical birth.  If not entering into the focus, there is no transition; but if in your terms one minute is experienced within physical focus of the essence entering the focus into the physical dimension, a transition occurs at disengagement.  A transition occurs at entering.  They may be simultaneous within your time framework, but it shall occur.

We shall break, and you may continue with your questions.

VICKI:  Thank you.

BREAK   7:56 PM
RESUME  8:20 PM  (Time was six seconds)

ELIAS:  Continuing.

CATHY:  Okay!  So are those babies all of the family they're aligned with?  (Referring to the nine physical focuses of Rose)

ELIAS:  Correct.

CATHY:  Oh, okay.  And is Rob aligned with the Ilda family?

ELIAS:  Correct.

CATHY:  Okay.

VICKI:  I have one more question about transition, just from some communication I've had with Margot and Stella.  Margot's thought is:  "I'm thinking that the choice to enter into transition might be what some of us do at the end of a painful period filled with intense longings to die because that seems to be the only way out.  That was my case in 1974, and from what Stella describes, it was the same for her."  Well, when they sent me that, I thought to myself, there's only one time in my life I ever really wanted to die.  It was in the mid-eighties when I hurt my back really bad, and it's the only time I can relate to that feeling of wanting to die.  Is there any connection between something traumatic or that feeling of wanting to die, and entering into the action of transition?

ELIAS:  At times.

VICKI:  But not always.

ELIAS:  Correct.

VICKI:  Was this the case with the three of us?

ELIAS:  Correct, and Michael also.

CATHY:  Eeww!

VICKI:  At which point in time?

ELIAS:  (To Cathy)  Very strong belief systems in this area, Shynla!

CATHY:  Thank you!

ELIAS:  (To Vic)  This would be within a time period of what you term to be years ago.

VICKI:  Okay.  One other question on the transition deal.  The action of the shift is very similar to the action of transition, it appears.  When the shift is completed, so to speak, will we be engaging transition all the time, kind of?

ELIAS:  No.  Your choice shall remain the same.  You may be choosing to be engaging transition within physical focus, or you may not.  It shall be the individual choice.  You shall continue to hold belief systems.  You shall merely accept the belief systems that you hold.  Therefore, the action of transition shall still be necessary.

VICKI:  Well, I guess the reason I have the question is because partially I'm under the impression that if you engage transition and you intend to remanifest, you don't necessarily engage an action of getting rid of belief systems, but of accepting them?

ELIAS: Correct; but be remembering that each focus is a new creation.  Therefore, you as Lawrence may be choosing remanifestation -- which is a very inadequate term, for you are not remanifesting, for you are manifest already -- but an aspect of your focus shall be that which is another focus.  You as Lawrence shall attend to your belief systems and be moving into other areas.  You continue always as you.  (Elias pauses, shaking his head and looking exasperated)

This is the area that enters you into your belief systems of reincarnation, which there is no reincarnation. You do not enter into a focus and disengage and continue by entering into another focus.  This is linear thought process, which is also a belief system.  It is a reality within this dimension, for you have created it as such; but within the reality of consciousness, all action is simultaneous.  Therefore, there is no linear succession.  It is almost -- underline almost -- an illusion.  It is a reality within this dimension.  I am not expressing to you to be diminishing the reality of your time element within this dimension or your succession of time in this dimension, but within all of consciousness it is all simultaneous, and within consciousness this IS possible.  (Grinning)

NICKY:  I've got a question for you.  I had a dream earlier in this week.  I won't go through the whole thing, but a head-butt was the end result that I woke up with.  Someone really banged me in the head.  I was in the washroom where I get my best ideas, so it was very significant to me.  Friday a real traumatic thing happened.  Then I learned that something traumatic happened to Rudy earlier in the week, all having to do with the head.  Meanwhile, I came to think that I saw you in my dream.  Then I'm wondering if it happened the same way with Rudy, and now I'm getting the impression that it's all interconnected with acceptance of self.  I'd like to know how, in what manner for each one of us, because I feel it's connected.  So I think one straight across-the-line answer would be connecting us.  It's the same thing, the same issue.

ELIAS:  Correct.

NICKY:  That's what I thought, but in what way?  This was traumatic stuff!  What are we being hit in the head with?

ELIAS:  And belief systems are "traumatic stuff" also!  (Grinning)

NICKY:  They are!  But which ones?  What?

ELIAS:  All.

NICKY:  So that's what it was?  That's why it was so traumatic?

ELIAS:  Correct.

NICKY:  And that's with both of us. We've had no verbal communication with each other, but I know it has to do with the same thing with both of us, doesn't it?

ELIAS:  Correct.  You are merely imaging similarly.

NICKY:  Okay.  And it has to do with belief systems on the whole?

ELIAS:  Correct.

NICKY:  And I'm to investigate from there on, right?

ELIAS:  Correct.  (Grinning)

NICKY:  That's what I thought!  Okay.  Going to the information you gave earlier, twenty-some-odd years ago my daughter used to have an imaginary friend, which has been on my mind the past week.  What was she viewing then?

ELIAS:  Another essence.

NICKY:  Another essence?  What was that essence's name? (Elias grins)  I can't remember it!  She had a name for it!

ELIAS:  The small ones create a name for the essence that is acceptable to themselves.  This is not necessarily the name or the tone of the essence.

NICKY:  Okay.  What was it she used to call it?  I can't remember.  She can't remember.

ELIAS:  Initially, attempt to be connecting with this within your dream state, and if you are unsuccessful, I shall offer.  But you may connect within your dream state!

NICKY:  Okay.  And it was you that I saw in my dream then, wasn't it?

ELIAS:  Correct.

NICKY:  You were the one who gave me the head-butt!  Am I right?

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  I am quite good at (banging on the chair)!

NICKY:  Yes, you are!  It was a big knocking!

SUE:    I have a question.  Could you tell me which family I'm of and which family I'm aligned with?  I feel I may be aligned with Milumet.

ELIAS:  (Grinning at Cathy)  Another connection!  You are correct; of Sumari. (Sue must have said "Thank you" here)  You are welcome.

LISA:   I have a question.  Okay, let's see.  A lot of people check the clock throughout the day, and I know you've covered this in other sessions but I wasn't around, and I wonder if there's a personal significance.  When I look at digital clocks -- it happens a number of times during the month -- I'll see the time 11:11, but I'll never see anything else, like 2:22 or 3:33.  I've always wanted to know, what's the significance of that 11:11?  I associate it with November 11 as being a significant day some day in the future in my life here on earth, but of course I could be wrong.  Maybe there's no personal significance.  I just kind of wondered.  It's been going on for like two or three years.  I keep seeing those numbers.  I know Ron knows it has some kind of significance, like with Hale-Bopp people and Ashtar Command, but I have no association with that.  I have no idea.

ELIAS:  Individuals have created many explanations and belief systems around this particular number.  This has been presented as an other-dimensional bleed-through, which has created within certain individuals new belief systems.  In actuality, individuals that find themselves drawn to this particular symbol are allowing for an objective connection with other-dimensional realities.  There are belief systems within another dimensional reality that have bled through into this dimension, in that individuals connected with this particular other dimension have allowed an opening of awareness to this but have misinterpreted and inserted these belief systems into THIS reality and now view these to be real, or speaking to them of great truths.  In actuality, they are bleed-through belief systems from another dimension.  Individuals that are drawn to this symbol of this 11:11 are also allowing themselves a partial objective connection with this other dimension -- your extraterrestrials, once again!  (Grinning)  Therefore, in noticing these types of imagery, you are offering yourself a partial awareness that you hold another focus within this other dimension.  (Lisa is looking at Elias with a complete look of confusion on her face, and we all finally crack up)
LISA:   Speak to me in a way that I can understand! (Laughter)

ELIAS:  Within another dimension, you are an alien!

LISA:   Oh, okay!  That's why I keep seeing the 11:11?

ELIAS:  Correct.  (Here, everybody starts making weird noises)

ELIAS:  This is quite clear!  (Grinning)

LISA:   Sorry?  Huh?  Well, that's kind of fun!  But I bet everybody here is also probably an alien in another dimension.  That's very common, isn't it?

ELIAS:  Correct, although not necessarily this particular dimension.  There are endless physical dimensions.  This one particular physical dimension has bled through to this dimension.  Therefore, all of the individuals within THIS dimension that hold focuses within THAT dimension also experience a draw to the same imagery of this 11:11.

LISA:   So this 11:11 has some meaning in that other alien dimension?

ELIAS:  It holds meaning within their belief systems.

LISA:   Right.  But it's not important for me to know what that is?

NORM:   What would that mean in their belief system?

ELIAS:  It has nothing to do with numbers!  (Much laughter)

NORM:   But ... I'm curious!

ELIAS:  In actuality, it is a reconstruction of energy and imagery into this dimension which expresses itself in numbers.  In that dimension, it holds significance within their belief systems of the energy which is manifest in the area of reproduction.

NORM:   Do they give birth the same way we do?


NORM:   Which way?  (Laughter)  Spontaneous?

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  You would not be understanding ...

NORM:   Try me!

ELIAS:  ... the reproductive process of the individuals within this particular dimension, which may be requiring only one individual or may be requiring several individuals.

NORM:   Well, that's interesting!

ELIAS:  It is dependent upon the choice of the individual reproducing and the energy which is chosen to be reproducing what you would term to be an offspring, which shall not be a child as you view small ones within your dimension, but you may view the offspring in your thought process to be almost a clone.

LISA:   Clone! I knew it!  I got the energy thing and the clone thing right before you said it, but I didn't want to say it out loud.

ELIAS:  Although it is not a clone, for it is offered energy not necessarily from one individual, but at times from several individuals.

NORM:   Do they have DNA equivalent?

ELIAS:  Not to your understanding, no.  (Pause)

LISA:   Can I ask you a question?  The scientists on our planet think that various diseases or mental illnesses, etcetera, that a lot of things are passed genetically through DNA.  So is that a belief system or is that really the truth?  Do you know what I'm saying?  Is that a cosmic reality or whatever?


LISA:   It's all a belief system??

ELIAS:  Correct.

LISA:   No!

CATHY:  Just what you wanted to hear!  (Much laughter)

LISA:   Does that mean everything I think and see and feel is a belief system??  Where's the truth?

ELIAS:  You would not understand truth ...

LISA:   I wouldn't?

ELIAS:  ... if it was presented to you.  It holds little meaning within your dimension presently.

LISA:   The truth holds little meaning within our dimension?

ELIAS:  For your belief systems are your truths!

LISA:   So science is all a farce??  It's just a belief system??  I won't go there because I've sure you've been there a million times in other sessions, so....

ELIAS:  It is not a farce.  It is your reality.  All that you create within this dimension are reality within this dimension.  They may not hold significance within another dimension, but they are reality within this dimension.  All that you create within ALL dimensions and all of consciousness is reality.  It merely may not hold significance to another reality, but that does not diminish its significance within this reality.

LISA:   So there is significance to DNA?

ELIAS:  Within this reality.

LISA:   So things CAN be passed genetically?

ELIAS:  Within your creations and your alignment with what you have created, but it is not a rule, for you may deviate from the officially accepted reality at any moment.

LISA:   Yeah, you can overcome your genetics.

ELIAS:  You may ALTER your genetics.

LISA:   A mind over matter kind of thing?  Meaning mind over matter?  (Elias grins, and we all crack up)  Okay, I'll just shut up!

ELIAS:  Not necessarily mind over matter, for mind and matter are one.  Therefore, there is no "one over the other."  They are in harmony.  In this, it is merely a question of choice.

You hold endless choices within probabilities.  Therefore, you merely create a choice and you actualize that choice.  If you are choosing to align with your officially accepted reality, you shall create within the confines and direction of your genetics.  If you are choosing not to be aligning with your officially accepted reality, you may move outside of the direction of your genetics.  It is merely a choice.

You are not bound by what you believe to be your officially accepted reality.  You may alter this reality at any moment.  You choose -- en masse, not you -- for you have chosen to be creating of this officially accepted reality, for you hold countless other realities in which you may be creating other choices, and you choose to be engaging this reality for its particular experiences.  Therefore, it is unnecessary, for the most part, to be stepping outside of this officially accepted reality.

Even individuals that choose to not be entirely aligning with the officially accepted reality DO align with many aspects of it.  Individuals that you view to be insane are choosing not to be aligning with the entirety of officially accepted reality, but their physical form functions the same as does yours, for they DO align with certain aspects of the officially accepted reality. They breathe air, as do you breathe air.  They do not swim like a fish underneath your water and breathe water!  They walk upon your earth, as do you.  They function the same as do you.  Their hair grows, as does yours.  They walk, as do you.  Their form creates the same as yours creates.  They speak in the same language, with words, as do you.  But they do not entirely align with your officially accepted reality.  Therefore, partially they move outside of the bounds of this particular reality, but continue to experience elements of this particular reality.

You may accomplish the same in many different aspects.  You may choose to be regenerating of tissue if you are so inclined, which is outside of your officially accepted reality and belief systems.  You may choose to be altering your DNA, which is outside of your officially accepted reality.  It is merely a choice.  But this is not to discount your reality, for it is reality and you have chosen to be aligning with it.  Therefore, if you are acquiring a genetic disease, you are choosing to align with your official reality.  This is merely not to say that you hold no options to alter this reality.  It is placing no right or wrong or good or bad to your choices.  They are merely your choices for experience.

LISA:   Thank you.

ELIAS:  You are welcome.

NICKY:  I've got another question.  Is one always aware in the here-and-now -- I mean as we deal with things now -- when we're lending energy or exchanging energy with someone?

ELIAS:  No, not objectively.  Subjectively, yes; but objectively....

NICKY:  Always subjectively?

ELIAS:  Yes.

NICKY:  Okay, and then only periodically objectively?

ELIAS:  You may be aware if you are widening your awareness, and as you are moving into the action of your shift continuously.

NICKY:  Okay.  And could you expound on what you said earlier when you were giving information about the Sumari and one of the characteristics being dealing with the senses?  (Elias is staring at Nicky)  I think that's what you said ... something with senses?

DREW:   Seances!

NICKY:  Seances?  Is that what he said, seances??

ELIAS:  Correct.  (Grinning)

NICKY:  You said seances??

ELIAS:  Correct.  (Much laughter)

NICKY:  Holy shit!  Okay!  Well, would you expound on that?

ELIAS:  This is merely another action that the Sumari engage to be acquiring of their information, in comparison to this energy exchange that you view presently.

NICKY:  Okay.  All this time I've been trying to think, what was he talking about with senses?  Okay, seances.

ELIAS:  Thank you, Matthew!

DREW:   Any time!

ELIAS:  My very personal interpreter!  (Laughter)

NORM:   A Sumafi.

ELIAS:  A Sumari!

CATHY:  I have a question for Sarah.  "Would you agree with my impressions of having counterparts in Ireland, a woman writer, and in Australia?  Have I ever met a counterpart before?  If so, who?  And if not, is there a future agreement to do so?"  That was four!

ELIAS:  Yes, yes, yes, and yes!  (Laughter)

CATHY:  Oh, so the person she met is "Yes?"  (We all crack up)

ELIAS:  (Grinning) Yes, for the impressions of Ireland and Australia.  Yes, she has met a counterpart.  Yes, there is an agreement futurely to meet another counterpart.

CATHY:  You're just not answering the "who" part??

ELIAS:  In actuality, she has met several counterparts, one being a parent; and also, she has held two intimate friendships that she shall be recognizing of which are also counterparts.

CATHY:  She'll be very pleased!  Thank you very much!

ELIAS:  And if paying attention, she may be recognizing other counterparts which she is encountering.

VICKI:  The people that I asked about essence names for earlier this evening, they also would like to know their family information, and I neglected to ask you that.

ELIAS:  (Accessing)  First one; Sumafi, aligned Sumari. (Johann)  Second; Tumold, aligned Zuli. (Gunilla)

VICKI:  Thank you.  (Pause)

ELIAS:  Are you wishing of more questions this evening?

BOBBI:  I have a question.  In a dream several weeks ago, I had the name Norene, so I was assuming maybe that was another focus.  I had another dream impression where that name seemed to -- it was either Noren or Norris or something -- take more of a masculine ... anyway, I associated the two names.  Is that another focus?

ELIAS:  (Grinning at Cathy)  Another dispersed essence!  (To Bobbi)  You hold a dispersed essence!  (Laughter)  This would not be another focus of yourself but of your daughter, that you have allowed yourself to be connecting with; which within dispersed essences, this is more easily accomplished than with other essences.  You may be connecting with Shynla!  (Wild laughter)

(To Cathy)  For I am quite sure ...

CATHY:  Oh, yeah!

ELIAS:  ... that you may be explaining ...

CATHY:  Oh!  Piece of cake!

ELIAS:  ... quite adequately this situation of dispersed essences!  I am quite fond of your little analogy of the dispersed essence!

CATHY:  I was hoping she could tell me something about it! (Laughter)

BOBBI:  And I was hoping for ... what does that mean, exactly?

ELIAS:  Shynla??  (Grinning)

CATHY:  Oh god!  Well, it's somewhere in the transcripts!  (Everybody is losing it)

ELIAS:  (Grinning at Cathy)  Continue!

CATHY:  I'll look it up for you!

ELIAS:  Oh, I am so disappointed!  (Very humorously)

LISA:   I want to hear about that analogy!

ELIAS:  Quite!

CATHY:  I was wondering what that was myself!  (To Vic)  Do I have an analogy that you're aware of?  (Cathy is dying here)

VICKI:  The clouds and the wind analogy.

CATHY:  Oh, THAT one!  Oh.  It's all coming back to me now!

BOBBI:  I think I heard that analogy, but....  (Elias is laughing)

CATHY:  It's like if you're a dispersed essence, there's all these little clouds in the sky, and we're like the wind that blows through them, so we can like experience everybody else's everything in this room! (Elias is staring at Cathy with a very amused look on his face, and we all crack up again)


ELIAS:  This is quite an interesting distortion!

CATHY:  Now you'll get your explanation!

ELIAS:  And so shall you!

CATHY:  I can go look it up and read it again, and then forget it!

Vic's note:  The reason that this was so funny is that Cathy HATES being put on the spot in any situation, and most especially in the sessions.  She will do ANYTHING to avoid being in the spotlight!

ELIAS:  Essences, although not confined or encased in any THING, also create a type of boundary of energy to them.  This is not a boundary in the sense that you think of, for it is not an enclosement of energy; but within your terms, in your language, it is a type of boundary to the tone or the personality of the essence; its identity.

I express this in terms that you may understand.  You may understand that this is figuratively speaking, not literally.  It is an offering of an explanation that you may visualize, for you already visualize essence as a thing.  Therefore, in your visualization of essence as a thing, many essences are creating a personality identity boundary, distinguishing themselves from other essences.  Dispersed essences do not create the personality identity boundary.  Dispersed essences intertwine themselves with all other essences.

In this, within consciousness, an essence shall not be intrusive to another essence and be invading another essence, so to speak.  These are quite figurative terms, only for the purpose of explanation.

Dispersed essences do not concern themselves in essence -- not within the focus, but in essence -- with being intrusive, for they are intermingled with all other essences.  Therefore, they are not intrusive.  They are a part of all other essences.  (Elias starts shaking his head in exasperation again)

It is not possible for you to be understanding of which I am speaking within physical language terms.  You may conceptualize and you may allow yourself a closer understanding objectively, although within objective understanding you shall not be understanding entirely of this concept; which is a concept to you, although it is reality within essence.

BOBBI:  Okay....  (We all crack up)

CATHY:  (Clapping)  Good job, Elias!!  (Quite sarcastically)

ELIAS:  Your little clouds and your wind are more visual!

BOBBI:  What does that mean in practical, objective terms?

ELIAS:  Within objective terms, this affords you an ability more easily to be connecting with other individuals, with other essences, and experiencing other essences' experiences.  You may be connecting much more easily with another essence's focuses and you also may be experiencing your inner senses of empathic and telepathic much more easily than other physically focused individuals, for your essence affords you this ability to be connecting within all of your focuses objectively more easily, (to Cathy) which you do also.  You hold little difficulty connecting with other individuals empathically and not holding to the empathic situation ...

CATHY:  I believe that!

ELIAS:  (to Bobbi) ... as you may also.  You also may exercise your telepathic abilities more easily than other individuals, for you are part of other essences.  Therefore, you may access your connection with all different focuses as an element of yourself.

BOBBI:  I can always see everybody's viewpoint all the time.  Would this be part of that?

ELIAS:  Correct.

BOBBI:  Hmm!  Okay.

SUE:    I'm relating to that too.  Would that have to do with being overly compassionate, being able to feel for other people?

ELIAS:  This is an emotion.  An empathic experience, or exercising your empathic sense, is experiencing another individual's experience; BEING another individual momentarily.  (Pause)

You may also connect to individuals expressing the statement that you are a mind-reader. How are you aware of another individual's thoughts and actions if they are not speaking to you?  You play with these abilities and you do not place stock in your own abilities, but they are real.

BOBBI:  So that would be something I could work with, and ...

ELIAS:  And develop, yes.

BOBBI:  ... develop.  Interesting!

ELIAS:  This be the objective aspect or benefit of a dispersed essence.  This is not to say that all other essences do not hold the same ability and that you may not develop the same inner senses to their fullest extent.  It is merely to say that you each (Cathy and Bobbi) hold an ease in this direction.  You may be accomplishing more effortlessly within physical focus these abilities ... if you are trusting yourself and acknowledging your accomplishments!  (Grinning)

BOBBI:  Well, that's something new to think about!

CATHY:  You can think about it all the time!  I do!  (Much laughter)

ELIAS:  And do not be following Shynla's example of not accepting self!  Continue in your direction of acknowledging yourself and trusting your impressions, for you are accomplishing well ... and you may also, Shynla!

BOBBI:  This will take some work then, distinguishing what's my essence and then other people's, though.

ELIAS:  At times, correct.

BOBBI:  Since this is all relatively new.

ELIAS:  It is merely a question of tuning to yourself, looking to yourself and allowing yourself to be accepting and trusting of yourself, and as you accomplish this more, you shall also identify the differences in tone of your essence and another essence within your encounters.

BOBBI:  So, practice.

ELIAS:  It is a practice.

CATHY:  She's such a good little tree!  (Laughter)

ELIAS:  And so are you ... although you do not believe yourself to be!  Merely a few branches twisted!  (Chuckling)

Very well.  We shall be discontinuing this evening.  I am encouraging you all to be good little saplings and untwisting your branches!  I shall be anticipating our next meeting, and we shall be offering information of the Tumold, for I am aware that there are many Tumold alignments that are desperately anticipating the information of their precious family, all of their healing elements!  (Humorously)

CATHY:  I'm calling Jim!  (Cracking up)

ELIAS:  And Cindel!  They may choose to be present.  (Chuckling)  I shall be quite amused with this!

NORM:   Ah, you're showing emotion!

ELIAS:  Quite!  It is an invention for your dimension and your viewing pleasure!  (Grinning, and much laughter)

NORM:   That's why I'm emotional!

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  I shall engage you all soon within your time framework ... or now!  To you all quite affectionately this evening, I bid you all a fond adieu!

Elias departs at 9:14 PM.


(1)  This is in reference to a question asked in a previous session about some strange experiences I had while running errands one day.  At three different times and in three different locations, three different babies looked at me and became hysterical, pointing and laughing, which made me (and their parents) uncomfortable. Elias said that the babies were viewing my "strange experiences" and recognizing that I was in a state of mind, so to speak, that they are in most of the time, and that they found my confusion in this to be very funny.

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Copyright 1997 Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved.