Session 243

Addressing to Underlying Belief Systems


"Addressing To Underlying Belief Systems"

Tuesday, November 25, 1997   © 1997 (Private)
Participants:  Mary (Michael) and Vicki (Lawrence).
Vic's note:  This is a long-distance private session.  Michael and Dawn sent their questions, and I asked them.  This is only the second time we've attempted this, and I'm not sure how efficient it is!
Elias arrives at 5:14 PM. (Time was fifteen seconds)

ELIAS:  Good evening.  (Grinning)

VICKI:  Good evening.  Okay, this is going to be a long-distance private session for Michael and Dawn, and so I'm just going to read what they've written, if that's acceptable.  (Elias nods)
MICHAEL & DAWN:  To begin, Elias probably doesn't need this, but to be courteous we thought we would remind him of our other names and affiliations.  (Elias chuckles)  Delal is Michael's essence name, Gramada and Sumafi are his essence affiliations, and Sumari is his focus alignment.  Dawn's essence name is Sarah.  Her essence alignment is Sumari, with her focus alignment Sumafi.

Introduction:  This is the second revision of our questions, and after speaking with Mary about the kinds of questions we really wanted answered, not merely the curious ones, these final ones here have changed dramatically from the first set.  Good questions seem to require a lot of good introspection.

VICKI:  The first question is for Michael.

MICHAEL:  For the past nine or so months, I have created intense changes in my life.  I got married.  I semi-renewed a faith in Judaism, then realized I did not need it.  I shifted into a self-employed mode, then back to full-time for someone else, and numerous other things all at the same time.  Since close to the time of my wedding in April, I have been experiencing a lot of stress and a resulting distrust in my body.  This manifests as pains in my stomach and muscular pains across my chest.  Also, an old back injury has flared up again recently.  I know these things are not life-threatening, but when my mind grabs hold of them, these small pains become mental heart attacks, gaping holes in my stomach, and fear and panic in general.  I have always had a great immune system and a solid trust in my body.  Now it seems that this trust is diminished.  I have worked for months -- almost daily -- trying to figure out the beliefs behind this.  My question is this:  Would you help me locate the source or core beliefs that are causing all this mental anguish so I can change it?  I really miss my old, secure self.  (Pause)

ELIAS:  Very well.

The base belief systems influencing of this situation are belief systems concerning change.  You are being presented with many changes within the focus which also are mirroring changes within the action of this shift.  Much change is occurring within the action of this shift, and many individuals mirror this within their individual personal focus within their choices of probabilities.

As I have expressed previously, change holds much fearfulness for many individuals, for it is unfamiliar.  Within your focus within this dimension, you magnate objectively to a lack of change, viewing this within your belief systems as being stability.  Therefore, change represents unstableness.  In this, it also holds fearfulness for you.  The base belief system is this, but is being challenged by the creation objectively of the mirror image of the shift, creating many changes within a small time framework.  This is a preparatory action, that the focus is choosing to be in line with the action of the shift and preparing for greater changes futurely.

These are changes presently that may be rationalized and objectively accepted.  Therefore, they are familiar and acceptable, although within a mirror action they are not quite entirely acceptable, and there is a recognition of the fearfulness which causes the body consciousness to be responding to the subjective movement in holding energy within itself that may be effecting discomfort.  Therefore, addressing to the belief system of change and its unfamiliarity and its fearfulness may be quite affecting.

Also, you may be addressing to the belief system underlying, of independence versus confinement within a committed relationship.  This IS a belief system.  There is in actuality no necessity for confinement within a committed relationship objectively, but you hold belief systems that suggest to you that you give up your independent freedom when entering into this type of relationship.  This be another core belief system.

VICKI:  Alrighty.  The next question is for Dawn.

DAWN:  I have worked for the same company for over four years despite being unhappy and frustrated there.  A few months ago I quit after a transfer to a different department that wasn't working out well.  Now I am working temporarily for my original department.  What is the underlying belief that is keeping me here?  Also, what is the underlying belief that causes me to accept a job where my supervisor or mentor leaves soon after I begin, or is frequently absent for one reason or another?  I have been stuck on these questions for a while, and would like to move forward from there.

ELIAS:  The underlying core belief system stems from a lack of trust and acceptance of self.  The individual does not believe within the depths of themself that they are worthy.  Therefore, you continue to move into areas of discomfort in these situations that reinforce this belief system.

The reason that there is a creation of placing the self in the position of being abandoned by the supervising element is that this also reinforces the unworthiness of the individual.  It also creates a situation that the individual feels lost and helpless, for they are creating a situation within imagery of symbolism of abandoned-ness, which creates a situation of helplessness and inadequacy and not feeling that you have the ability to be in control of your own situation and creating of your own reality.

Control within physical focus is a very large issue.  All individuals within physical focus hold areas that they feel they must be holding control within, and if feeling that they are out of control, this lends to a feeling of helplessness which perpetuates the belief systems of duplicity.

VICKI:  Out of my own curiosity, this imagery of feeling abandoned by authority figures, would this also be some sort of imagery as to the action of the shift in general?

ELIAS:  Absolutely, for you are dispelling with your authority figures and turning to self as your highest authority.  This is unfamiliar to you all, for this is not how you have created your reality to this present now.

VICKI:  Okay, the next question is for Michael.

MICHAEL:  I really deliberated over this next question.  For a time it was merely curiosity, but recent changes in my life have brought it into focus.  I may be incorrect, but I have always equated Sumari with Speakers.  If so, then I am a Speaker myself.  The thing is, I talk very quietly.  There are days I hate this, and days I like it.  With my essence aligned with Sumafi, I want to be a good communicator.  When I try to talk louder, then I become embarrassed and mess up with other communication errors.  Soft speaking seems contrary to a Speaker who communicates effectively.  I suppose my true effective communication is in my natural, soft-spoken, low-key and gentle nature, but this has been in question for a while now.  Gramada are soft-spoken, yes?  Could you again help me with the beliefs around which these seeming contradictions occur?

ELIAS:  Repeat for your transcribing, essence belonging and alignment.  This is purposeful.

VICKI:  Belonging to Gramada and Sumafi, aligned with Sumari.

ELIAS:  This is purposeful.  Now that you have been reminded of the essence families BELONGING to -- Sumafi and Gramada -- ALIGNING with Sumari, I may express that individuals BELONGING to the Sumari family may be Speakers.  Not all that are belonging to the Sumari family are Speakers, as not all that are belonging to the Sumafi family are Seers; but some focuses are Speakers or Seers, or hold the aspect of the Speakers and the Seers.  An individual ALIGNED with a family is not of that intent within essence.  Therefore, an individual ALIGNED with Sumafi would not be a Seer.  An individual ALIGNED with Sumari would not be a Speaker.  Therefore, the confusion.

Seers are not boisterous.  They may be within an individual focus according to their alignment within that particular focus, but within their natural inclination, they are not.

Therefore, I express:  You are not Speaker, and this be the reason for the confusion; but I shall express an aspect of Seer, which is accounting for the soft-spokenness.

VICKI:  Could you explain the concept of belonging to two families at the same time?

ELIAS:  It is unusual, but this is merely the choice of the essence.  It has chosen not to be merely belonging to one family, in your terms, in a feeling of great alignment to both of these particular families and a draw to incorporate the intents of both these families.  It is not a rule that you must be belonging merely to one family.  It is merely unusual that one essence shall be belonging to more than one family.

VICKI:  So the underlying intents of Sumafi and Gramada exist throughout Michael's physical focuses?

ELIAS:  Correct.

VICKI:  Okay.  The next question is for Dawn.

DAWN:  Please tell me the essence names and families and the families of the current physical focuses of my two friends.  The first is Michael M. from Canada.

ELIAS:  Essence name, Beht; B-E-H-T. Family, Sumafi; alignment, Vold.

DAWN:   And the second is Sanne K. from Germany.

ELIAS:  Essence name, Alex.  Family, Sumafi; alignment, Sumari.

VICKI:  We've encountered another Alex, haven't we?

ELIAS:  Yes.

VICKI:  Are these individuals focuses of the same essence, or is....

ELIAS:  Yes.

VICKI:  Yes.  Hmm!  Alright, the next question is for Michael.

MICHAEL:  I love helping people.  I tend to help others to the point where I injure myself.  Also, when Dawn asks for things, often I can be really stubborn, unhelpful, and irritable.  What beliefs would cause this kind of situation where I help everyone except myself and those closest to me?

ELIAS:  This would also be referring to involvements of the previous belief systems.  This is a discounting of self, and a partial recognition of discounting of self.

In accepting personal responsibility for other individuals, you are diverting your attention from self and placing your attention to others and assuming personal responsibility for other individuals and not assuming personal responsibility for self, although there is a partial recognition of this.  Therefore, in this situation, the individuals that are, so to speak, objectively closest to you are those individuals that you move away from, for you hold a trustfulness of those individuals that they shall be accepting of you regardless, and they shall hold acceptance and patience with you within your struggle to be accepting of self and holding responsibility for self.  But within individuals that you view objectively to be more removed, you wish to be impressive and reinforcing to self that you are an acceptable, good individual.

VICKI:  Alright.  The next question is for Dawn.

DAWN:   What is the underlying belief that causes Michael and I to form friendships with persons who are distant or rarely make contact with us?  (Pause)

ELIAS:  There is more than one underlying belief system within this situation.

One belief system is that of insecurity within the situation of the relationship; the commitment and the underlying belief system of a loss of independence and freedom.  Therefore, in an attempt to be moving in a direction to be thwarting this particular belief system, there is a draw to move into what you view to be the opposite direction and draw to each other more closely and block out other interaction, focusing upon each other much more intensely without interference; for in allowing interference, this also within the belief system allows for distraction, therefore may be creating a situation of lack of commitment to each other.
This moves in the direction that both individuals hold the same belief system that they have cut off their individual freedom and independence as sacrificed for the committed relationship which is adjoining, which no longer holds two individuals, but one.  This is incorrect, but it is the belief system.  Also, another belief system which parallels this belief system is that of wishing to be establishing a closeness that is uninterrupted; a closeness to one individual that is more special, that is different, more connected.  Therefore, in developing friendships or relationships with other individuals that are removed in location, they are safe.  (Grinning)

VICKI:  Okay, the next question is for Michael.

MICHAEL:  One of the biggest challenges I've created for myself is low self-confidence.  This repeatedly manifests itself throughout my belief systems, especially in the area of what is called psychic phenomena.  I feel that if I could achieve OOBS and lucid dreaming, I'd be special somehow and enjoy myself more.  (Elias grins)  I have not ever had either of those experiences, despite repeated attempts.  Perhaps I need to accept who I am as special before I let myself get there.  Would you help me with the core beliefs so I can try to break down these unwanted belief barriers?  (OOB is out-of-body)

ELIAS:  Once again, duplicity; and you are correct that moving into the area of trusting of self and acceptance of self FIRST shall be lending to the ability to be accomplishing within these areas.  If you are holding fearfulness and if you are not accepting of your own abilities, you shall not be accomplishing of the abilities that you hold.

VICKI:  The next question is for Dawn.  We're alternating here!

ELIAS:  I am aware!  (Grinning)

DAWN:   What underlying belief is preventing us from materializing the financial abundance and freedom that we have been trying to create in our lives?

ELIAS:  A very Sumari element, is it not?  (Grinning)

VICKI:  I would say!  (Laughing)

ELIAS:  That element of unworthiness, and lack of acceptance of worthiness within self that your ability is not good enough, which creates within the Sumari much of the same expression: a fearfulness of success, not a fearfulness of failure!  Failure is acceptable, for they are unworthy already!  But successfulness also denotes worthiness, and we shall not be creating of this, shall we?  We shall use our all-famous quotation, "God forbid!"  "Elias forbid!"

VICKI:  Uncapitalized, of course!

ELIAS:  (Chuckling)  Capitalization on Elias!

VICKI:  Well, naturally!

ELIAS:  For we are aware that I am the All-Knowing Elias!

VICKI:  Yes!

ELIAS:  The God of the Cosmos!

VICKI:  Absolutely!  (We're starting to crack each other up)

ELIAS:  You may bow now!

VICKI:  I have been, throughout the session!

ELIAS:  It is appreciated!  I shall bless you at the end of this session!

VICKI:  Thank you very much!  (Cracking up)

ELIAS:  You are welcome.  Es spiritus santos!

VICKI:  Maybe we should start having communion in our sessions!

ELIAS:  Excellent idea!

VICKI:  I'll set it up!

ELIAS:  Very good!  I shall be blessing of this also!  Or YOU shall be blessing of this, for you also are the All-Knowing God of Lawrence ... and Delal and Sarah!  (Elias really makes me laugh sometimes!)

VICKI:  Okay, back to Michael.

MICHAEL:  I liked the challenging aspect of a recent question Norm asked.  You gave him a challenge to help him better his ideas about a certain subject.  I have a similar question I would like to see take a similar route.  Over the last year, I've gained an intuitional ability to read people's moods, and sometimes have insight into their current circumstances with a single glance.  I'd like to expand this ability further.  Perhaps you can give some suggestions for exercises or clues as to how I can grow this ability?

ELIAS:  Be practicing the inner sense of empathic.  This shall be helpful. Be merging and allowing a free flow of the empathic ability.

VICKI:  Okay.  The next question is also for Michael.

MICHAEL:  Would you please give the entity names and essence and focus alignments for the following two people?  The first is David Friedman, my brother. My guess is that his focus alignment is Sumari.

ELIAS:  Sumafi, aligned with Sumari.  Essence name, Mele; M-E-L-E.

MICHAEL: The second is Patricia Toups, my best friend.  My guess is that her focus alignment is Sumafi or Tumold.

ELIAS:  Sumafi, alignment Milumet.  Essence name, Susan.

VICKI:  Okay, this is Michael's last question.  (Elias grins)

MICHAEL:  In keeping with my often silly and spontaneous nature, I'm keeping one of my curious questions in, knowing full well that it may not be answered.  If you are so inclined, I'd like my brother to have the first official Elias music review for his song Moonrise.  I'm curious to know what you hear, how you hear it, and how the song makes you feel.  I am banking on a past session where you commented on the beautiful quality of the night noises.

VICKI:  He has suggested that I play the song for you, which I'm....  (Michael had included a CD which I was going to play for Elias, but he cut me off)

ELIAS:  Interesting!  I am recalling of this session in question, and I may be clarifying of misunderstanding.  It was merely a noticing.

There is no feeling.  There is no emotion; for although, as I have stated many times, I am projecting to you objectively of emotional qualities, this is merely for your benefit that you may understand and identify with, for it is familiar to you.  But within the area of consciousness that I occupy my attention, there is no emotion and there is no feeling, and I do not HEAR any of you in the manner that you hear each other objectively.

The exchange is communicated objectively, for this is what you understand and what you identify with; just as in similar manner with the Ilda family, extraterrestrials may be presented to you as Dream Walkers, but they are not extraterrestrials.  They are an image to communicate with you in an area that is partially familiar to you and that you will be accepting of, but with this exchange also, their communication and their presentment of self to you as essence is presented only in an image objectively.

The communication is subjective.  The interaction is subjective.  YOU perceive the objectivity of the exchange, that you may notice and that this will obtain your attention, but they do not communicate within their awareness objectively.

The energy, which is filtered through many layers of consciousness, reorganizes to be presenting what you in this now may identify as a hologram, as is the same with this energy exchange.  The objective element of it would be comparable to a hologram.  It is real, but the projection is not what it appears to be.  In this, that which is projecting is not connecting in the manner that you perceive.  You are connecting within your objective and subjective awareness. This essence, Elias, as other essences engaging similar exchanges, are not communicating in the same manner.

In another manner of speaking, or example for your understanding:  You are receiving in one manner.  I am projecting in another manner.  I am understanding of your position in a very different manner than you are objectively projecting.

You objectively project through energy, thought, audible verbal communication; language, words, sounds.  You present yourselves with your creations, which are objective and material.  I receive through energy, which is translated much differently; not through sound, not through thought.  These are much denser.  They are thicker, and they are too slow.  The energy is converted and filters back through layers of consciousness and is accelerated tremendously, far beyond your comprehension objectively.  There is no sound.  There is no thought attached to this energy.  It is an instantaneous knowing within an energy exchange.  (Emphasizing the word exchange)

Therefore, your creations of your creativity are meaningful to me only in the capacity for an understanding of communication to you, but hold no meaning to me.  They are only meaningful within your dimension.  They are meaningful to YOU.  ALL of your reality is meaningful to you and holds great significance and is reality, and I am quite acknowledging of this.  It holds importance to me to be accessing elements of your reality, that I may be efficiently communicating with you within what you understand, that I may be helpful to you within this shift; but elements of your reality are not for Elias to judge.  They are your reality.  I am accepting of it all.

They are your creations.  They are wondrous and meaningful to you within this dimension, but they hold little meaning, if any, within other dimensions and other areas of consciousness.  This is not to be discounting of your creations, for they are reality.  They are merely singularly focused within one area of consciousness, and as you are viewing ten thousand aspects -- this is a very limited number -- on television stations simultaneously and interactive with them all, one element of one station holds little importance.

VICKI:  So when you view a whole group of people, you're seeing all aspects of each individual simultaneously?

ELIAS:  Correct.

VICKI:  Well, let me ask you:  Conceivably then, we could sit here in complete silence and ask our questions just by thinking about them?

ELIAS:  Yes, as I have expressed previously, but this would not be beneficial to you all.

VICKI:  It wouldn't be a matter of what we would all automatically assume, that you would be "reading our minds?"

ELIAS:  Absolutely not!

VICKI:  It's a matter of somehow you interpret energy ...

ELIAS:  Correct.

VICKI:  ... and it seems to interpret quite literally ...

ELIAS:  Absolutely!

VICKI:  ... which is interesting to me.

ELIAS:  It is quite proficient!

VICKI:  Hmm!  So this assumption we've been under for a long time, that when you talked to Cathy on the telephone once that Mary's ear worked, this was really not the way it was?

ELIAS:  Correct.  I am not operating through Michael's physical senses.

VICKI:  So, it just matters not.  It does not matter what Mary's condition is in any way, shape or form, basically ...

ELIAS:  Correct.

VICKI:  ... because it has nothing to do with that.

ELIAS:  Correct.  It is not affecting of the energy exchange, for the energy is not filtering through physical senses.

The body consciousness is affected, but this essence, Elias, as other essences, is not accessing information from you through the physical body consciousness or its functioning.  I do not process through the physical brain of Michael and through physical thought processes of Michael.  It is entirely a different action.

VICKI:  Well, I understand completely now!  (Cracking up)

ELIAS:  (Grinning)  I am quite sure!  Therefore, you may extend to Delal that it would be meaningless for Elias to be listening, so to speak, to your instrumentals within this dimension and focus, for I do not HEAR them.  I do not HEAR you!

VICKI:  Interesting.  In your focus, do you connect with anything that we would even equate to music?

ELIAS:  Not within your focus.  It is far removed, for there is no sound, although I may equate this to what you interpret as music, but it holds no sound.  It is an energy.  (Pause)

VICKI:  Okay.  I have one question regarding Michael's very first question and your answer to it, regarding the responses that he is having to these belief systems of fear of change.  It seems like quite often we all kind of do things at the same time here, and so I remember listening to that and wondering if partially, that part of the answer to his question we could also apply to some of the situations that have been going on around here lately, and some of the impressions or feelings that people are getting of something being not quite right.  Does this has something to do with these belief systems of fear of change?

ELIAS:  Not necessarily, although you also have been addressing to these issues of fearfulness and change.  This being not an immediate situation with Delal, as it has not been with all of you also.  It is an ongoing situation.

Presently, within what you are expressing, you are experiencing a slightly different situation.  You are attempting to be engaging your periphery, and you are straining within yourselves to be widening your awareness and engaging this periphery.  You are upon the very edge, so to speak, and you are moving into areas that you are allowing yourselves more noticing, that you may be opening your periphery a little wider.  This be the reason that you have these feelings that you are missing something or that you are not quite entirely connecting to the whole of the picture or that there is an element that is not quite right.  It is all the same imagery; a missing piece.  The missing piece is the motivational factor and the push that you offer yourselves to be opening your periphery a little more.  If you had not these feelings, you also would not have the motivation to be continuing.

VICKI:  This is true!

ELIAS:  Therefore, you offer yourself these feelings and imagery, and you ARE connecting with your imagery.  You are moving into areas of opening to your periphery.  You are noticing valid elements.  It is not your imagination ... although your imagination is reality!  But within your perceptions, you ARE connecting.
Therefore, do not be discounting of what you are feeling.  It is reality.  You merely have not connected entirely objectively and figured out all of that which is involved with your periphery.  I encourage your investigations to be continuing!

VICKI:  Okay, I guess that's it, unless there's something else you have to say to Michael and Dawn.

ELIAS:  To be trusting in self and acknowledging and paying attention to these belief systems, and in this to be attempting to be altering or changing in a movement towards acceptance.

I shall be dismissing of myself -- not you! -- and I shall offer to you all great affection within your physical focus.

VICKI:  Okay, thank you.

ELIAS:  You are quite welcome!  Much lovingness to you also, Lawrence.  I shall bid you all a very fond au revoir!

Elias departs at 6:09 PM.


(1)  Elias has talked on the telephone one time.  This was unplanned, and occurred on 1/21/96.  There is a record of this conversation in the transcript dated as such.  We realized later that Elias had been holding the phone up to Mary's deaf ear, and came to the conclusion that Mary's physical creations are only reality during objective waking consciousness.  I still think this is true, but the assumption that Elias "listens" to us seems to be incorrect now.

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Copyright 1997 Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved.