Session 2281

Reevaluating your Preferences


"Reevaluating your Preferences"

Friday, June 1, 2007 (Private/Vienna)

Participants: Mary (Michael), Eric (Yuki)

ELIAS: Good morning!

ERIC: Good morning Elias. And how are you?

ELIAS: As always, and yourself?

ERIC: Very well, thank you. I’ve got a lot of questions today, I hope we can deal with the first [part] within the first half hour, and then perhaps go on with more talk on the second part.

So first, I’d like to focus on the... focus treasure hunt. Last time you suggested [to investigate a] focus in Finnish royalty and I’ve got the impression of Erik XIV as a focus and, [with him] his father Gustav as a focus of Ezdale [the name you gave me last time].


ERIC: OK. Just for clarification, you said ”Finnish” instead of ”Swedish”...

ELIAS: (nodding and smiling during the whole delivery) Yes.

ERIC: was not incorrect, but it was quite strange, and that puzzled me for a moment, so I have investigated a bit Finnish literature, and then I got some impression about Elias Lönnrot [who] was a writer and compiler of Kalevala a Finnish epic which inspired Tolkien, for example, and I’ve got that perhaps it might be a focus of you?

ELIAS: (smiling) Not of me!

ERIC: Not of... Oh... Of myself ?


ERIC: Okay. Interesting...
And then, continuing this thread of the Lord of the Rings, I’ve got a dream interaction with Mary, which was very interesting because she told me about one of the essences I’ve fragmented from, and told me his name was Sméagol, which in the dream did not make much sense, but after the dream... I’ve got... ”this must be Gollum!”, from the Lord of the Rings dimension, so I’ve connected that with a focus of Rashine.


ERIC: OK. And I sensed a while ago with that essence of Rashine some connection; perhaps with a kind of theme of exploration having to do with madness or dissociation [...] as a counterpart of psychic powers in physical dimensions. (Elias nods) And I also got the impression of a focus of Rashine as being Alia Atreides in the Dune dimension.


ERIC: And I also got a connection with color for this essence, like navy blue, or very dark blue...

ELIAS: Indigo, yes.

ERIC: Indigo? OK.
I also noticed the similarity of tone of Rashine with Rastin and, is it only a coincidence, or is there more...

ELIAS: There is a similarity in tone, yes, therefore there is similarity in energy. You are correct.

ERIC: You told me about the third essence I fragmented from, and I misheard it initially. Could you confirm that it is spelled Li (L-I)?


ERIC: OK. And, is its color like a light yellowish green?


ERIC: Just perhaps to finish with these colors and essences, you said that teal color was my essence color, and I forgot to ask about my focus color, and when I wrote this question down, I heard your voice telling me ”apricot”, is this correct?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

ERIC: Then, I investigated a bit more with the name of Yuki, and I got strange synchronicities with this name, with further investigations on the Surrealists, [about] which you talked to me at great length, and... is Youki, the lover and the muse of Surrealist poet Robert Desnos, a focus of mine?


ERIC: OK. There was also a clarification about a question I asked last time..., because I mixed two questions, and asked you about a portrait I made and you told me it was another focus. And recently I discovered a very strong recognition as a translation of the focus of Arren (Lebannen) in the Earthsea dimension.


ERIC: OK... And the translation of the name I superimposed on this picture which was not this focus name, was from a dream where I was reading a session. And in this dream,... the name was not really like mine, but then I discovered a strikingly similar name which was connected with the Japanese writer Yukio Mishima. The name is Eikoh Hosoe, [a Japanese photographer]. So my impression now, is that... perhaps you gave me a hint on my connection with this photographer, but the focus really was the focus of Mishima?

ELIAS: There is also a counterpart action.


ELIAS: And yes, your impression is correct.

ERIC: [barely audible] OK. And a counterpart action with the photographer... (Elias nods) OK.

Another connexion with Mishima is with French writer Marguerite Yourcenar, and she wrote about him, and my impression is that I’m observing essence of her.


ERIC: OK. And also, lately I’ve got a very strong and unexpected connection with the pianist Erik Satie,... so, is it another focus of mine?

ELIAS: That would also be observing.

ERIC: Observing. OK.
Perhaps other focuses impressions. I’ve got a name out of the blue at one time, like ”Blondin”, so is the stuntman Blondin a focus of mine?

ELIAS: That would also be observing AND counterpart.

ERIC: OK. And I also got repeatedly the name ”Masamune”, so is that the focus Masamune Okazaki, the Japanese swordsmith, this focus?


ERIC: OK. And then, more funny perhaps, I’ve got an impression of having a tengu focus. A tengu —I don’t know if you’re familiar with this mythical personality— I’ve got the impression of the mountain hermit-kind, probably the King Sojobo, [who] is a kind of hermit, depicted with a long nose and mastery in sword[sman]ship and this kind of thing...

ELIAS: This would also be other dimensional.

ERIC: Yes, of course...

ELIAS: Yes, correct.

ERIC: And am I observing essence of Chinese philosopher Zhuang Zi?


ERIC: And, in this dimension manifestations, do I lean more to a gender or to another, or is it balanced?

ELIAS: You incorporate more female focuses than male, BUT not...

ERIC: ...not to a great extent...

ELIAS: Correct.

ERIC: OK, because that’s funny, [...] when I try to connect with focuses I mostly connect with male focuses, but when I write about [them], and this might have to do with my orientation, I lean more to writing in a female perspective... That’s why I asked this question...

ELIAS: But it is not unusual that you would initially be connecting with more male focuses for this is the gender that you have chosen in this focus, and therefore that would be easier for you to connect with other male focuses. Eventually you may begin generating more impressions as to female focuses; but it is not unusual that you are generating this direction presently.

ERIC: The next questions will have to deal more with connections with other essences.
I’ve got some words which struck me at the time as very strange, and lately I’ve been reading about huafuas that you talked about, so my questions is... are these words like ”huibuo” a kind of huafua? (Elias nods slowly) Because, I translated them loosely as a kind a parting words, or [meaning] ”and so you are”.


ERIC: And was that an offering from Patel, when I got these words?



ELIAS: Quite playful. (laughs)

ERIC: Yeah!

Early April, I got several different appearances of bright yellow energy. And I got two impressions linked to that, and perhaps the two of them are correct, but I would like your clarification about that.

The first one was that it was an offering of encouragement from Ayla, and another was a connection with my nephew before he was born, because I also got a connection at the same time with him.

ELIAS: Yes. You are correct in both. And... they are connected...

ERIC: ... Yeah, I thought there might be a fragmentation involved between the two.

ELIAS: Yes. You are quite correct.

ERIC: And, is his essence name... I [actually] got two names that were kind of mixed up, I don’t know if it’s Axel or Alix?

ELIAS: Interesting... These are both focus names, but one is quite close... (pause) Axeli (ak-se-LEE).

ERIC: Could you spell it?


ERIC: Another thing, perhaps more ancient one. I was a child and I perceived a red manifestation into the TV-set, and I was alone. The thing was quite spooky at the time, and it was even more unsettling for my mum because the TV-set was black and white. (laughs)

ELIAS: Ah ah ah ah ah...

ERIC: So... I don’t really have a clue on what happened at that time, except that I was really convinced that there had been this [red] thing on the screen, and even if my mother was telling me that it was impossible, I was sure of what had happened...

ELIAS: Which was quite real.

ERIC: Yes, of course! And I don’t know, what kind of energy there was a connection with... Was that another focus energy?

ELIAS: No. This would be... another essence energy, that you translated into that equipment. It was another essence presence. And, to allow yourself to visually view it, you translated this energy to the equipment.

ERIC: And this essence was known to me, or?

ELIAS: The essence was... Tomkin.

ERIC: [barely audible] Oh... Tomkin, of course... red...

ELIAS: Ah ah ah ah.

ERIC: As for future focuses, I’ve got an impression that I don’t have many of them. How many would you say I have?

ELIAS: Presently, 68.

ERIC: And I’ve got an impression about a female one, named Janice, or something close, around 2237.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

ERIC: And perhaps she is aware of me, because there was a kind of email, or ”dream email” exchange at one time, and I don’t remember much of it.


ERIC: Is there a kind of intent in this exchange?

ELIAS: In this present time framework, this is not unusual. For, as all of you are widening your awareness, you are becoming more open to these types of exchanges. Future focuses are already aware of their abilities to project and to be interactive with other focuses, and in that, they do not incorporate the threat to their identity individually that many individuals now do.
But, in that, many of them are curious, in association with what many of you are doing in relation to this Shift. And therefore they incorporate a curiosity to be investigating and contacting for you are open enough to allow that.
And in that, many times, it is beneficial to you also, for you can glean information from them in furthering your own movement in your own shifting.

ERIC: There are also two essences whom I encounter in many occasions in my dreams who always give me a very elating feeling of being reunited. One is often appearing in the form of a childhood girlfriend; for example in an amazing dream, she was on a long journey of remembrance with me, back to the ”Land of the Seers”... So my question is: is she representing myself or is she representing herself as an essence?

ELIAS: (10 s. pause) This would be... a twin. An essence twin.

ERIC: Could you give me the essence name?

ELIAS: (10 s. pause) (softly) Seluki (see-LU-kee)

ERIC: (laughs, waiting for a spelling)

ELIAS: (softly) S-E-L-U-K-I.

ERIC: Is her color a kind of fuchsia, or somewhat close?


ERIC: OK. And with the Earthsea dimension, I also got her focus as a translation of Tehanu?


ERIC: And, the other one is like a child, or a woman, with really clear pale blue eyes, with golden flecks, really amazing eyes, but [appearing] less frequently. Would it be also another essence?

ELIAS: This... would be you.

ERIC: OK, I’m done with the questions of all these connections. Perhaps now more objective stuff. (laughs)

ELIAS: Ah ah ah.

ERIC: I had a lot of questions, and I wrote them down, and had lots of them answered. But there remain some foggy areas on my current movement, on which I would appreciate your clarification.

Perhaps to explain a bit more: these passing months, I had a quite intense feeling of being at the end of my rope, like everything I had done before was coming to an end somewhat, and I was no longer drawing all the fulfillment from what I am doing, like I had before.

So I quit my job, but that would not be much of a concern if all the things that used to be fulfilling, like arts, or languages, computers, everything... it was like there was no longer the thrill of discovery, like everything had [already been done before]; so I thought of that as a way to be focusing more on myself, and not projecting outwardly; and there was a kind of movement I’ve seen with this Shift that may have to do with it, and I reacted quite strongly at times...

ELIAS: In what manner?

ERIC: ... so I would like to know in what manner it is related to the Shift, and how can I perhaps make it more easy.

ELIAS: And in what manner have you responded quite strongly?

ERIC: Hmmm, I mean, having like quite intense dream imageries... and for instance when I’ve tried to create other jobs for me, in different, sometimes very different prospectives, I’ve got this sometimes intense [dream] imagery like I am really creating it, and it’s like nothing reality [actually] happens. Everything kind of disappears or [fades away]. So I’ve been wondering, perhaps that’s not what I really want to do, and it seems as if I don’t really know what I want to do now...
Perhaps, linked to that, if I try to look more at [my] intent, I thought [for a long time] perhaps of being here, during this Shift I was aware of, [...] to have these experi[ence]s beforehand, to be like at the forefront, and then bring it back to other people; and even this kind of... ”mission” so to speak has faded. It is not really the point now.
So, I’m still trying to find, as I said, a thrill of discovery, perhaps.

ELIAS: Perhaps you’re moving into a time framework in which you can be focusing more inwardly. And in that, what is presented outwardly seems less satisfying. And, in this time framework, it may be beneficial for you to be reevaluating your preferences.
Remember, preferences change. Therefore, regardless of how strongly you may express a preference in one time framework, it may fade, and it may change, and you may incorporate new preferences. And when that occurs, it may seem somewhat disorienting...

ERIC: Yes, it’s like I’m reshaping, perhaps like a dying process somewhat.

ELIAS: It is shifting. And it is redefining. And in redefining, you generate significant changes. When in this time framework, it may be significant for you to be paying attention to your perception of your world, so to speak. And in that, allowing yourself to genuinely reevaluate and notice what you are redefining. As some preferences fade, they are always replaced with new preferences.

It is merely a matter to be allowing to be paying attention and to discover what the new preferences are. And in that, it may be easier than you think.

It is merely a matter of genuinely paying attention to what you do within your day, and which actions offer you pleasure, for that leads you to what you think of as more significant preferences. But, the significant preferences are also expressed in many mundane actions that you incorporate within your day; it is merely a matter of genuinely paying attention to what you are doing. And in this time framework also, I would express also as a recognition of your energy, it may be a time framework to be paying attention to your energy. And allowing yourself to become more familiar with it. And not merely familiar, but familiar with how you manipulate it, for this may be very beneficial to you, as you move into new preferences and you move into new directions in which that may incorporate new types of employment, so to speak, or creating your own business, so to speak.

But, being aware of how you are manipulating energy and how it is affecting of whatever you encounter may be very beneficial to you, for it may be a very important factor.

I would suggest that you also be practicing more in visually seeing energy. That may also be very beneficial, in the direction that you are moving into.

ERIC: There was this session that you had with Anjuli (Myranda) I guess, [discussing this matter] and it was interesting...

ELIAS: It is in actuality quite easy and you can practice in any moment, no other individual needs know (smiling) that you are even engaging the action. And you can practice with many other manifestations, not merely other individuals, but with creatures, with plants. And you can generate this action as a game, it can be fun. You can also watch your own energy as it extends from your body consciousness which will allow to view visually how you actually manipulate it with your body consciousness, and how it connects with other manifestations within your environment. This may be valuable to you in your future direction.

ERIC: In terms of future direction, there is something about physical location. I’m not sure, but when I came back to Paris, actually, I don’t feel like I was in the kind of flux I was in before, when I was abroad. So, my question, is: is it also a matter of physical location that perhaps I should... or I mean would that be facilitating this movement, [being] in other physical locations?

ELIAS: That is a strong potential, yes. So it would be beneficial for you to incorporate a physical location that you resonate with more strongly.

ERIC: Yes. There are some of these, but the thing is not only of what physical location, but also a question of what do I create it there. Maybe it’s West or East or... it’s like I’m torn in between! (laughs)

ELIAS: Allow yourself to genuinely listen to your intuition and your impressions and pay attention to how much you resonate with certain locations. And in that, allow yourself to engage imagination.
When I express the suggestion to engage imagination, I am not expressing that an individual incorporates imagination in association with business or with practicalities, to to speak, but in what you identify or you define as fantasies. For that type of imagining becomes inspiring, and it can allow you to be more open to unconventional directions that will allow you to be more expressive in more creativity.

ERIC: (laughs) Yes. And I recognized that recently, because perhaps the thing is not that I’m not imaginative, perhaps it’s that I’m too much. So sometimes, I try to make things out of this imagination. Recently, it was like ”So, OK, I could do [that with] it”, but ”what else?”... so the ”objectification” of it has been quite hindered somewhat. So, there is a kind of difficulty to find a balance between what to allow and perhaps what to let go of.

ELIAS: I would express to you: it is not always necessary to incorporate an objective knowing of what you may do futurely. It is not always necessary to incorporate a plan. And it is not always necessary to incorporate a goal.

What is important is that you allow yourself to pay attention to your process, but also BE OPEN to what you may draw to yourself. Incorporate an allowance for spontaneity. And in that, the reason that I am expressing this encouragement for you to pay attention to your energy is that, that will allow you to be more aware and pay more attention to what you DRAW to yourself.

When you are not DRAWING to yourself, you’re generating a type of flat energy. And therefore, it is not attracting.

ERIC: And the thing is recently I have been drawing a lot to myself, but not things I really want to do (laughing with Elias) mostly, things I’m trying to let go of.

ELIAS: This is also the reason why I am expressing to you to be engaging imagination, for that will offer you more freedom in not continuing to be expressing an energy that draws to you what you do not want and that attracts what is familiar, but not what you want.

ERIC: Perhaps in relation to ”intent”, which was no longer a kind of ”mission”, I got this dream where I was working on a kind of blue/pink mosaic or pattern on the floor of a big library. I felt really fulfilled by my working on it, a mixing of [restoring] and expanding it. There was no real management to report to. And there was this freedom and this fulfillment. Is that related to this intent in this physical focus?


ERIC: Because I can sense something, but I don’t really know how to [apply] it ; because I’ve been interested in so many things, doing many things; many different things, [that] I try to integrate in a balanced manner, but... yes, what’s next now? (laughs)

ELIAS: (laughs) This is precisely the point. It is not a matter of anticipating ”now what shall I do”, but more so generating the allowance. Then, in that allowing yourself to attract what you DO want. But before you can attract what you do want, you have to...

ERIC: (laughs)... be clear about [what you want]

ELIAS: Correct. It is significant that you reevaluate your preferences, and discover what you DO want.

ERIC: Yes. But the thing is, in this physical dimension, you are supposed to do one thing and not another one, so you have to be practical somehow, and perhaps do the other things, but not in a business or whatever ; so it’s kind of how to live outwardly...

ELIAS: (interrupting) Aaaah.... And,... I would fit into that... picture?

ERIC: (laughs)

ELIAS: (chuckles) I would express that your conversation with myself is prime example to you that you can incorporate ANY action.

ERIC: I am aware, because that’s a direction that I really appreciated and liked to explore... this ”ghost material”, or whatever...

ELIAS: Ahahahaha! And there are many avenues in which you can be creative and be exploring, and also be supportive of yourself.

ERIC: Yes. And with this overall feeling we’ve been discussing, there was also a feeling like it was the same things playing all over again. And I also tend to think of it also as a mass movement, along with this Shift, and this is very funny, because I don’t know how it will work out...

ELIAS: Ahahah! And therefore you will surprise yourself.

ERIC: Yes! I hope so! (laughs)

ELIAS: (laughs) But generating that openness for the unexpected is important.

ERIC: (checking time) We have some time left.
You told me that I had a Dream Walker aspect, and... I connected with the tone of Eleleth...

ELIAS: Yes. Congratulations.

ERIC: Because this is a quite known name [in Gnostic literature] linked to this ”essence” of Sophia, who is involved in the creation of this whole dimension and bringing wisdom [and truth] within the overall physical dimension, and I don’t know if it’s related to that?

ELIAS: In association with the Dream Walker?

ERIC: Yes.

ELIAS: It is a type of overview of the Dream Walker’s involvement in the blueprints of your reality. It is not specific but it is a type of generalization of the action of that Dream Walker in generating what you term to be the introduction of the sense of importance.

ERIC: Mmmh mmmh... What is meaningful...

ELIAS: Correct. In many many many different expressions.

ERIC: I also have a question, that I’ve got the impression, quite funny, of having a focus in the TV series Gargoyles, like being the focus Puck.

ELIAS: (10s pause) Similar.

ERIC: Yes, a translation somewhat.


ERIC: Because it’s interesting he has this projection in the physical world of a seemingly stern-looking man, while he is actually quite puckish.

ELIAS: (chuckles)

ERIC: I also got a question about last time. I thought I had asked something about the Seers, and it branched off on the ”fear”. And this was quite interesting because the answer was quite valuable. But actually I was quite disturbed by this, especially when I heard the record: I heard, thrice, ”fear”. My question here is: was it more related to the energy at that time?

ELIAS: Yes. Yes. At times, an individual may be expressing a question, and my response may seem...

ERIC: ... off the mark, but it’s just responding to the energy.

ELIAS: Correct. But, regardless of what the individuals are actually speaking, their energy is speaking volumes that may be different from what they are speaking verbally. And in that, I can evaluate whether the individual is actually open in receiving the information I will offer in relation to their energy or not. And if they are, I can offer that information which, as you are aware, when you reincorporate this into the conversation, the information that you received becomes valuable — although you may not have thought to inquire verbally in that manner you received the information that you wanted. (chuckles)

ERIC: (laughs) May I ask how many focuses do we share?

ELIAS: 107.

ERIC: Quite a lot.

ELIAS: (chuckles)

ERIC: I won’t promise to investigate them all! (laughs)

ELIAS: Ah ah ah ah! I may express we are quite familiar.

ERIC: I also have had some symbols, some of them appearing in my dreams, and then I read about the tiles material. So I thought some of them might have been tiles. The first one is a figure of an orange triangle on a gray background. It seemed like a kind of portal. Is there more than you can share?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct. In actuality, both of these colors are dream triggers. And, you have configured them into a symbol to allow yourself to generate a physical expression that you can connect with as a dream trigger, as a portal. Rather than generating the generality of each color, you have configured that into a shape.

ERIC: And there is another one, more complex. I’m not even sure of what it looks like, but it’s a kind of mix between a Chinese character and the ankh Egyptian symbol; the only thing I remember vividly was that it was like silvery and the overall dream imagery was within a kind of Egyptian background. Is there something more to this symbol?

ELIAS: I would express to you to continue to investigate this symbol, for this is a tile. And in that, if you allow yourself to re-image that, you can actually generate a picture of it, and you can insert it.

ERIC: Okay. And is it linked to a special family?

ELIAS: Yes. And that, I would also encourage you to continue to investigate. (chuckles)

ERIC: About present focuses, how many would I have?

ELIAS: Five.

ERIC: There was also a transcript where Steve’s essence name was Yuki as well, and I don’t know, I’m not really sure about that. There is a kind of similarity, but the best way I can describe it is when I look up ”Yuki”, one part of it is linked to Japanese names and words, and another one is linked to the name of a [Native American] tribe. It’s like there is a similarity, but perhaps not the same essence. So I would like to know if this is the same essence or not?


ERIC: So, I was correct.
(pause) Perhaps other focuses names that I had. A name like Orwyn Mc Mannus, a male Irish US early settler?


ERIC: Also a name like Veena, in India. Don’t know in what kind of time she is in.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

ERIC: Would it be in the past?


ERIC: Also a name ”Cantien” [Cantianus in Latin], who lived in Rome during the [Christian] persecutions by Diocletian?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

ERIC: Another one in Greece, named ”Chrysaor”


ERIC: This would be Ancient Greece?


ERIC: About my current focuses, one may be in New Zealand?


ERIC: Because I had some interesting imageries with New Zealand...
Another thing which was very funny, was when you said you likened my energy to a rabbit. I remembered afterwards, when I was a child, there was this picture that was taken of me as a child and there was this really... mean-looking rabbit...

ELIAS: (laughs) Ah ah ah ah...

ERIC: ... with this really rabid-looking eye, I don’t know because it was really really spooky. Was there something more to it?

ELIAS: Ah ah ah! I would express to you that rabbit are not always... fuzzy and cute. They can also be aggressive.

ERIC: Yes! I also saw this fun movie clip with a rabbit attacking, literally attacking a snake... So that was also a nice imagery...

ELIAS: (laughs) They also do incorporate their own strength. Therefore the energy of a rabbit is not always necessary docile, and weak. Although it may be a prey animal, it also incorporate its own strength.

ERIC: In some tales it also presents itself as an offering, so it’s very interesting... There are many layers...

ELIAS: (chuckles) Yes!

ERIC: So perhaps to finish, do you have any more advice, assessing my overall energy, or potentials or whatever (laughs)

ELIAS: Ahahahah. I would offer a suggestion my friend, that you allow yourself to relax, first of all. THAT would be very beneficial to you.
And remember to incorporate spontaneity.

ERIC: Yes...


ERIC: I do not do that always, but most of the time, I am... (laughs) Might be that Patel energy...

ELIAS: Ahahaha. I would be VERY encouraging of that.

ERIC: OK, I think I’m over with the questions, so thank you for your... for your time.

ELIAS: You are VERY welcome, and I express tremendous appreciation to you. Great encouragement also. You will discover your preferences.

ERIC: Oh, did you like my picture, the panorama I made exploring the Surrealist theme?

ELIAS: (5 s. pause) Quite interesting. (chuckles) I would continue to be encouraging (chuckles).
To you, my dear friend, in great lovingness, au revoir.

ERIC: Au revoir.

Elias departs after 57 min.


Eric’s note: This is how I wrote them, when I was experiencing with automatic writing, and I first thought they were Chinese (pronounced with ”h” like Spanish jota [x]), but they do not seem to mean anything in this language...

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