Session 219

Psychological Belief Systems


Psychological Belief Systems

Wednesday, September 17, 1997 © 1997 (Private)
Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), and Jan (Meude).
Elias arrives at 4:33 PM. (Time was twelve seconds)

ELIAS: Good afternoon. (Smiling)

JAN: Hello! Very interesting ... this is very interesting! (This is Jan's first encounter with Elias) Well, I'd like to thank you for taking the time to talk to me.

ELIAS: Acknowledged.

JAN: I guess my first question is ... I'll have a lot of questions about myself and where I'm at right now, but I'm interested to know what my essence name is. And also, I guess it would be called your essence family name. (Pause)

ELIAS: Meude, essence name. M-E-U-D-E. (Pronounced Mude)


ELIAS: Correct. Essence family, Sumafi; essence family alignment, Zuli.

JAN: Interesting. Okay, I think what I'll do ... I realize there are a lot of different traits through the family names that sort of go through the different people and I know they're in a lot of the other transcripts, so I'll ask Vicki and Mary later about that. I've been working hard in the last year or so, maybe too hard, I think, sometimes! I'm sort of looking at where I'm at and what the reason is, what I'm trying to do in life, and I was wondering if you'd have any thoughts on the roles and the way I'm putting things together, the different techniques I'm using to find some sense of balance to my life. (Pause)

ELIAS: You experience many of the same elements within your searching as other individuals also, and you are questioning your direction and your trustfulness of your own self and your own choices. Let me express to you that within each individual, they create confusion in themselves, for they are attempting to be listening to what you term to be your inner voice, but you become confused when you view more than one inner voice. Therefore, in this you express to yourself not knowing which inner voice to be listening to and which inner voice to be paying attention to, and therefore you battle back and forth, not knowing which is your most efficient direction to be moving within. In this situation, let me express to you that one inner voice is that which speaks to you from essence -- that intuitive voice which is your language to you -- and you shall understand its speaking to you. The other inner voice or voices are those which speak to you through your belief systems. Therefore, in evaluating which voice to be listening to and trusting and which direction to be moving in, evaluate these inner voices and examine which ones are stemming from your existing belief systems and which one is not. This requires trust, for individuals wish not to be following impressions, for these are suspect, for they are unfamiliar to you. In actualizing directions that are springing from impressions, individuals also question their validity and therefore question the efficiency of the direction that they are choosing to move into.

In this you may be expressing, as an example, "I am choosing a new project. I choose to be moving into areas of actualizing this new project. I feel this is a correct movement for myself, but perhaps this new project shall not work. Perhaps there are hidden elements that I am not observing. Perhaps I am being frivolous and I am not paying attention to all of the aspects." These are automatic responses, for you are questioning self. You are not trusting your own abilities and your own directions. Therefore, I express to you that as you are listening to this inner voice, not through your belief systems, that you shall be accomplishing and you shall be moving in your most efficient directions.

JAN: Okay. That makes a lot of sense. Then following that, there are certain belief systems, obviously, that are inhibiting my movement, or I'm listening to and confusing with my intuition. Are there specific belief systems within me that I should be working on? It seems that at times, it's hard to dig through the pile of belief systems to find what might be holding me back. Can you tell me if there's anything, any specific belief that I'm holding which is inhibiting my growth?

ELIAS: It is interesting that many individuals within what you would term to be recent time period are experiencing the same battling with the same belief systems, and have approached this essence for helpfulness. This may be viewed also as a wave of sorts in consciousness, for you offer yourselves, yourself included, more of an opening to your own abilities; but as you hold issues of duplicity within you, you challenge your own abilities and you hold them as suspect and you do not trust that you may be accomplishing, and also simultaneously you hold the fear that you SHALL be accomplishing ...

JAN: Yes!

ELIAS: ... and that you shall succeed!

JAN: No kidding! (Laughing) You're very right. ELIAS: In this, I express to you to be examining the belief systems of duplicity and that successfulness is not acceptable, that you may be accomplishing perfectly and you may be acknowledging of self that this is your ability and you hold the worth and the ability to be accomplishing and that successfulness in your endeavors is acceptable.

JAN: I see. Okay. Alright!

ELIAS: You may also look to this and express to yourself that successfulness shall not necessarily automatically bring you conflict, and that you may "keep up" with it.

JAN: So I'm my own worst enemy in doubting myself, I suppose.

ELIAS: You are within good company! (Jan and Vicki crack up) This is a quite common situation with physically-focused individuals. Lawrence is so very adept at trusting! (Grinning)

JAN: Yes. Very true. Very, very true! The path then that I'm taking ... in learning to trust myself more and learning not to be my own worst enemy, the path that I'm taking right now, do you see that as appropriate? Or are there other things I should be doing or bringing into my area to help me start to trust myself more? Was I clear?

ELIAS: You may be continuing within the direction that you have chosen and you may be addressing to these belief systems that I have offered you, and in this also be listening to self and not doubting of what you express to yourself. I may express to you also that you may draw support with your partner and [be] trusting of that support also.

JAN: Okay. My partner being my husband?

ELIAS: Correct.

JAN: Okay. Alright. I'm going to look at my questions quickly. Oh, I'm curious about my health -- the food I eat, the exercise I do. I've been worrying about the fact that I seem to eat for emotional reasons, which once again is something that a lot of people do, I suppose, but what ... I guess actually my first question is, how is my health? Can I ask that type of question? Is that a question to ask? Sometimes I wonder about certain things with my physical health.

ELIAS: I express to you that your physical body is functioning appropriately.

JAN: Appropriately ... it's my mind!

ELIAS: You may be causing certain dysfunctions or uncomfortableness at times, for you are directing energy in this manner for your own attention. As quite in line with your alignment to Zuli, you focus upon certain elements physically, but also filtered through your belief systems. This also is affecting in the area of the belief system of duplicity. In one element you hold satisfaction with self, but within another element you hold great dissatisfaction and are continuously attempting to be improving. It is unnecessary. As you hold this belief system of duplicity, you also do yourself disservice in exaggerating these elements and not allowing yourself your own self-worth. Therefore, you continually strive to be creating better. You have already created perfectly!

As to the issue of consumption, in this you hold belief systems also. You hold belief systems that create judgments upon yourself and you trap yourself within areas of psychological belief systems, that you may be consuming and this is a resultingness of psychological belief systems attached to pacifying your emotions. This is a belief system, but you are actualizing this belief system and perpetuating this by not recognizing that it is a belief system. In viewing that it is a reality and is what it is, you do not recognize that it merely is a filtration through your belief systems, and therefore you allow this much power.

As to the consumption of any substance as one being better than another in your foods, they hold different densities in energy, but they are all the same. Therefore, do not be creating more belief systems that you shall be creating more efficiently if you are choosing certain diet, for it matters not what you are consuming. Your physical form is quite capable of assimilating efficiently any element, and it shall continue to function perfectly.

JAN: Okay. Along the same lines I suppose with exercise, I didn't know if there was any specific type of thing that I should be doing to enhance my health. I suppose if you're looking after yourself and your belief systems are all in line, then everything's great!

ELIAS: Attempt yoga. This may be helpful to you in your balancing and in your quieting of self, but also in releasing energy and allowing you a discipline of thought.

JAN: Okay. Alright, let's see what other questions I have. This spring, I came through a lot of different issues, and I managed to get in a couple of car accidents and different things. Have I dealt with the unfocused state I was in? Have I come through that into ... I almost feel like I've come into another realm or another stage of things. Is this how things often happen? They go in stages? Have I come to another stage then?

ELIAS: You create, within your pool of probabilities in physical focus, actualizations of probabilities in sequence. You do this purposefully for your own attention and experience, that you may offer yourself information as to your progression, in your terms. So in this manner, yes, you are moving into another stage, so to speak, although it is not necessarily a stage, but a progression within your choice of probabilities.

JAN: Okay. I am also curious ... in this focus, there are certain people who seem to be dominant in my life, and I am understanding from talking to different people that there are in other focuses a lot of these same essences. I may be interrelating with other specific people in this focus that are particularly important, or there are issues in this focus with these people that I'm dealing with in other focuses?

ELIAS: Each individual manifests with many of the same essences in many focuses, this being for your experience and your choice within exploring different aspects of relationships and offering yourselves different angles of relationships for the experience. In this, essences manifest in groups and shall be experiencing many elements within different capacities.

All focuses are influencing of all other focuses. Therefore, they bleed through to each other in certain areas, areas that you choose to be experiencing and identifying with. Not all of your experiences that you choose may be comfortable, but you have chosen these experiences to be furthering your exploration of the angles of the relationships that you have chosen. Therefore, those individuals that you view to be most affecting within your focus presently have also occupied other focuses with you in similar or opposite capacities, and these bleed through to this focus presently and in some areas create confusion or even distressfulness; but if you are recognizing that these are merely experiences and if you are attempting to be accepting of other individuals' expressions, this may be helpful to you in not allowing so much affectingness.

JAN: Alright. Good. I will try to do this. Are there specific individuals or essences that I should pay particular attention to, or will I bring them into my world?

ELIAS: Those which are the most affecting of you, pay attention to. Some of these individuals are presenting themselves to you within certain situations as a mirroring action that you may be paying attention to, which shall allow you to identify elements within yourself that you wish to be addressing to.

JAN: Okay. My relationship with my father has been in some form of conflict. Is there anything specific in another focus that's happening that may be affecting what's happening in this focus? ELIAS: You have held counterpart action with this individual previously, and continue presently. This individual offers you the opportunity to be viewing a mirror action. Therefore, within the expressions of this individual, turn your attention to your periphery and view this individual within an alteration of your perception. Look to the expressions of this individual and evaluate where these expressions mirror self.

JAN: Okay. I'll try to do this.

ELIAS: This being a difficult situation for many physically-focused individuals to be accomplishing, for this requires great trust of self and acceptance of self without a judgment upon self, for you automatically view another individual and are not accepting of their expression, and in viewing a mirror action you automatically chastise yourself and are not accepting of self. Many individuals do not even view the mirror action, for they shall not allow themselves to delve into self to this degree. But recognize that.... (Here, Jan's tape recorder clicks off) Shall I be waiting?

JAN: If you would. Thank you. I appreciate it.

ELIAS: I am quite familiar with your equipment! (Grinning)

JAN: Obviously, you are! (Laughing) You probably think it's all very silly too!

ELIAS: I am understanding the purposefulness of these actions.

To be continuing: In viewing the mirror action and viewing these elements within self that are the same, not different, be acknowledging that this holds no wrong and be accepting of self, and in this you may hold greater understanding of the expressions of other individuals and this may offer you an avenue for acceptance of other individuals' expressions.

JAN: So this holds true for anyone, especially those closest to me -- my husband Jim or my mother or any other close friends that I have right now -- this holds true for all of them? Is there anything specific with a particular individual -- I guess perhaps I've already asked this really -- in another focus? Are there ever any essences that there's an extremely strong connection with in this focus? I'm really not sure how to ask what I'm saying. Sorry, Elias!

ELIAS: Certain individuals do hold very strong connections with each other dependent upon their interaction, and also at times dependent upon their fragmentation or their counterpart action with another individual and the amounts of counterpart actions that they choose to be creating with the same individual. Therefore, in this you hold very strong connections with both of your parents, but in different capacities; for within the role of the father, you hold the action of counterparts within many focuses. Therefore, this is influencing. Within the relationship of mother, you are fragmented of the same essence as your mother. Therefore, you hold very strong connection with this individual also. Within the direction of your partner, you have experienced several focuses with this individual; one focus presently not within this dimension, although this may be a little difficult for your partner to be accepting of! (Laughter) In this, as I have stated, bleed-throughs of other focuses are occurring, and you are now barely beginning to be allowing of this. As you are widening your awareness and allowing yourself an openness, this shall increase and you shall understand more clearly.

JAN: Good. Okay, that makes sense because I can already see how I am understanding as my openness increases. Okay. Is there anything specific that you could tell me concerning hypnotherapy? Do you feel that this is something which is beneficial for someone who's at my stage of learning ... or whatever you might call it?

ELIAS: I have advocated this area of endeavor previously, for this offers you the opportunity to view many more elements of self that you would not be allowing yourself to be connecting with objectively; for within this what you term to be altered state, you allow yourself more of an acceptance of self and trust, for you hold a trustfulness in the facilitator and that they are in control of the situation. Therefore, no harmfulness may come to you. But within your own objective exploration, you are not quite trusting your own abilities, and therefore you believe that you may be harmful to yourself or view an inner element of self that may not be very pleasant, and the facilitator shall not allow this to occur. In actuality, you shall view what you choose to view and what you allow yourself to be connecting with for your benefit.

JAN: I've been told through things like numerology that leadership is something that I should try to open to, but having listed these questions before I started speaking with you, I guess it would encompass trusting myself, and then everything else will come out.

ELIAS: Be understanding also that these are tools. Numerology, astrology, tarot, your Ouija Board, these are tools that individuals use to focus upon accessing first layer information within consciousness. In this, at times they may be connecting to correct information, but symbolizing it in words or images that may be distracting you from the actual direction. By using words such as leadership, the concept -- you are correct -- is to be offering you a strong word to obtain your attention in the direction of accepting and trusting self, but not necessarily a literal meaning of leadership with other individuals.

JAN: Okay. Alright, let's see what else I have here.

ELIAS: I shall express a break, and you may continue your questions.

JAN: Okay.

ELIAS: Very well.

BREAK 5:13 PM RESUME 5:45 PM (Time was five seconds)

ELIAS: Continuing.

JAN: Hi! Nice to have you back! During the break, I experienced a little bit more clarity with exactly some of the ways I'm asking my questions. I'd like to be more specific with you on some of the issues we've already discussed in order that I may, if you have the answers or wish to share them, have more specific answers ... say a specific belief system that I feel may be inhibiting me, although I may not know what the specific belief is for a certain thing. I would like to know some of those so that they can be brought into what I would call conscious awareness, so I can look at it and deal with it directly. If I may touch on the relationship with my father again, I am dissatisfied with the way that relationship is right now, and I've been frustrated thinking that maybe I'm not approaching this correctly or maybe there's something else I can do. Is there something else specific that I should be looking at, or is there a belief ... it seems that he can haunt me at certain times. Is there something that I'm not looking at directly that may help me?

ELIAS: (Grinning) I shall specifically answer you, (Jan and Vic crack up) in that I have already specifically answered you ...

JAN: Oh, no!

ELIAS: ... in this question, and the answer being that you have created a situation with this particular individual which is a mirror action. The individual expresses in certain manners, and you are not accepting of this. You are not noticing the mirror action, and in this you may be expressing and dealing with this situation more efficiently if you are observing the mirror action which is occurring.

JAN: Okay. Alright. I understand what you're saying. I think it's difficult to assimilate some of the things as I hear them directly from you, because as much as I am listening to what you're saying, I'm also trying to put that together in my head with the situation. So forgive me if I ask something twice!

ELIAS: This is acceptable. You ARE assimilating subjectively, and this shall become clear futurely. You shall be understanding objectively. This is very common within the interaction of this essence. I am connecting with you subjectively and also objectively offering you answers, but you receive subjectively first. Therefore, you do not quite objectively understand and assimilate all of the information presently ... but you will.

JAN: Good! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Have patience!

VICKI: I have something to interject here.

JAN: Yes!

VICKI: It might be helpful to offer a definition of what you mean by mirror action.

ELIAS: Very well. A mirror action may be identified in many cases when another individual is extremely affecting of you, not merely occasionally or unspecifically affecting of you; but when another individual is expressing in certain manners -- creating certain objective realities, interacting with you in certain directions -- and you continue to be affected extremely and this is creating conflict with you, it is most likely that you are experiencing a mirror action. The individual stands before you and is bothering you, or is bothering you continuously without being before you. It is the same action as looking at yourself within your glass mirror.

JAN: Okay. Yes, I do understand.

ELIAS: In this, if you are evaluating and identifying within yourself what action this individual is mirroring to you that you also do, but perhaps within a different expression -- for you shall camouflage your mirror action quite efficiently so that you do not view it -- in this, pay attention to the interaction and the response that you hold to this individual, and this shall offer you information of how this individual is mirroring actions within your own self that need to be addressed to.

JAN: Okay. Thank you. To touch on another thing that we have looked at, I feel as though I use food, as I said, for emotional reasons or for another reason, although I don't know if there's a certain belief that is inhibiting. It's something that I don't want to do anymore, and yet I seem to continue. I do! I don't seem to, I DO continue to do this and fight myself on this. During the break we were talking, as you probably know, about a woman who had a counterpart issue that had to do with her perception of her weight or something. Is there something that I'm not looking at here? ELIAS: This is not a counterpart action with yourself. This is also specifically ... (grinning, and we crack up). As I have stated to you earlier, this is an issue of dealing with your own personal self-worth, which is contrary to your intent within the family alignment of Zuli, which complicates and emphasizes this belief system that you do not feel worthy and you do not feel satisfaction with your creation. Therefore, you might be sabotaging your creation, for it is not "good enough" anyway. Therefore, why not sabotage this more, and be more unaccepting of your expression? Within your alignment to Zuli, you hold an intent of physical expression and the appreciation of physical expression; and therefore you manifest, in complete alignment with this family, with the design of physical beauty ... but you do not believe this! (Note that Jan is very attractive)

JAN: Yes.

ELIAS: As you look to yourself within your looking glass, you do not see how you have expressed your physical expression of form as being a beautiful creation, but you hold an intent in this area. Therefore, it is important to you; and in this, as you hold a belief system that you are not good and you hold belief systems that do not allow you your own recognition of worth, you sabotage yourself and perpetuate the action by creating belief systems that you are pacifying yourself by eating, Within psychological belief systems, your psychologists suggest to you that when you are unhappy, this shall be your excuse to be eating. When you are nervous or anxious, this shall be your excuse to be eating. This is a belief system. The belief system which perpetuates this psychological belief system is that you hold strong alignments with the belief system of duplicity, and do not view your own self-worth.

JAN: Okay. Alright, thank you. A couple of questions about my health. I've had problems with my menstrual cycle the last few months. Is there something specific that's causing this problem?

ELIAS: The same belief system. And also, within your creation of feminine expression, you shall be creating energy expressions of physical maladies in this area; for overall, within this physical focus, you are not accepting of this physical form that you have created. Therefore also, in the expression of female, you become more specific about how you shall be affecting of this individual expression to be gaining your own attention. The more that you continue in the area of non-acceptance of self, the more elements you shall be creating and developing to gain your attention that you are not paying attention to the belief systems that are creating this.

JAN: Accepting of self, of my feminine nature, my sexuality, and my physical being.

ELIAS: Correct. JAN: Would this have to do with all the physical things that I have, like hurting my big toe and it not being right ever since? When I come to accept myself more fully, will things like my crooked big toe straighten out?

ELIAS: If you are so choosing to be creating of this! The reason that your attention focuses so very much upon your physical expressions and this gains your attention very much is because of your alignment with the Zuli family.

JAN: Okay, okay. Alright, I do understand. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

JAN: I'd like to make an efficient choice to, might I say, unleash my creative expression. I feel somewhat blocked in that area. At times, I feel as though there's sort of a bubbling over ... there's something that wants to come out, and I don't know how to express it. Is there an efficient method, (Elias grins) as far as I've come at this point in time, of a way to express this? You're laughing at me!

ELIAS: I express to you that you are already aware of the direction of your creativity, are you not?

JAN: Do you mean what we in this focus consider a specific thing, like writing or hypnotherapy?

ELIAS: Correct. (Pause)

JAN: Maybe. I guess I must be, but I seem to be confused. I'm confused still, but I suppose if I listen to my intuition, yes, I guess I might....

ELIAS: Where is the direction of your desire? (Pause)

JAN: To write.

ELIAS: Quite.

JAN: Interesting.

ELIAS: Therefore, this be your creative expression, which we have already specifically addressed to (grinning, and we crack up) in the belief system which is blocking of this area; in that you also, as you do not hold the self-worth and you also do not acknowledge your own ability, you hold this as suspect. "I cannot accomplish this!" The underlying belief system is that of the fear of success that you may be accomplishing this, but you are fearful and not trusting of your own abilities. Therefore, you do not allow yourself a true expression of attempting. JAN: Okay, yes. As I have been pursuing writing, I have also been pursuing other things, such as the possibility of doing hypnotherapy. Are these viable things to follow as well?

ELIAS: Correct.

JAN: Okay. So to follow all of the urges that I may have, yet without doubting myself, but to definitely follow the writing, or at least at this time as we sit here today?

ELIAS: Correct; to be listening to that inner voice of your intuition, not the inner voice that filters through your belief systems.

JAN: Can you separate those for me? (We crack up again) I'm just kidding! I'm kidding ... no, I'm not kidding! Out of curiosity ... I guess, you know, all of it fits as you answered, but I'm thinking this through as we're talking. All of the things that I've manifest in my physical body have all been from the same thing then, haven't they? Every little injury or getting in a car accident or whatever, it was trying to get at that one thing.

ELIAS: Correct.

JAN: Well! Alright, with my relationship with my husband, I've been dissatisfied in the way that I've been dealing with that, and although I feel that I'm growing through the process, I feel as though it's the same thing with my father. It may well be that I am mirroring with Jim in some ways, but are there other things that I'm not looking at or other avenues I should be taking with my relationship or in dealing with my relationship?

ELIAS: This too, we have addressed to. I have expressed to you earlier to be accepting and acknowledging of your partner and trusting that the sincerity of the supportiveness is occurring. You are not accepting of self. Therefore, you are not accepting of your partner and you are not trusting the sincerity of your partner, for you are not trusting of yourself; and because you are unhappy with yourself and your battling with your intent, you also create blockings within your relationship to your partner. This also enters the area once again of sexuality, which you are holding issues in and therefore blocking your interaction with your partner.

JAN: Okay, okay. That's good to know! (Pause) Let me realign my thoughts.

ELIAS: Very well.

JAN: Let's see. Is it okay ... I said okay! I'll ask anyway! Is there some area that is.... (Elias chuckles) You know, my questions ... I can see now where it all comes down basically to self-worth and to the different beliefs that we've been talking about, and there are really only a couple of things that it all boils down to. Is there anything else that maybe I'm not even asking you that you could tell me about?

ELIAS: I shall offer to you that in your attempting to be dealing with the one relationship of your father and the imagery that is occurring within this relationship and the mirror action, do not be compiling another belief system atop of the ones you already hold by transferring this to your relationship with your partner, for they are not the same. In this, you hold a tendency to correlate certain actions and feelings and transfer one to the other.

JAN: Ah, do I!

ELIAS: Therefore, recognize that these are individuals and you hold different relationships with each of these individuals.

Another psychological belief system which is widely held en masse is that individuals shall be transferring from father to husband; that they shall be choosing a husband that shall mirror their father. Incorrect. This is a belief system, just as males do not choose a female partner that mirrors their mother. These are psychological belief systems. You are dealing with two different individuals, and their relationship to you is different from each other.

JAN: Okay. Alright. (Pause) I'll ask a couple of questions for other individuals, if I may?

ELIAS: Very well.

JAN: My mother is going through a lot of changes. Is there anything to do with some of her phobias that you might suggest to her that she should be doing? Is there anything to help her get over these or get by these ... or, I suppose, what is the cause of these?

ELIAS: Once again, psychological belief systems! And why do you feel it is necessary for this individual to be "getting over" the experience that she has chosen? For you view this to be unacceptable or bad or negative! The individual has chosen certain experiences in intensity for the experience of the emotion that it provides. Also, underlying, the individual holds the same fear that all of you hold within physical focus, that of life. You are much more afraid of life than you are of death, for life is unfamiliar. Therefore in this, the individual has chosen to be objectively expressing the intensity of this fear. In this, this also offers information to individuals around this individual of the reality that you DO fear physical focus and life much more than you fear death.

You may express that the focus is temporary and it is merely a sequence of experiences; and if you are wishing to be comforting, which is unnecessary, but if you are choosing within your own belief systems, you may offer to this individual that the return to natural state of essence shall be approaching within the blink of an eye, so to speak, and it matters not. There is no harmfulness about any of you. Each experience is created purposefully. Your most efficient expression in this is to merely be accepting and not attempting to change the other individual.

JAN: Okay. My husband would like to know why he caused the cancer.

ELIAS: This is an interesting creation. This individual has chosen to be manifesting a dis-ease which within mass belief systems is deadly and holds little possibilities for cure. These are your mass belief systems; but within an inner awareness of the reality of how you create your realities and that there is no dis-ease and that these are natural elements that are already within your physical form -- they are merely activated or not -- he has chosen to activate the element of this dis-ease for his own example to himself and to other individuals around him that you may be creating of any element and you may also be uncreating of that same element. You hold the ability to be healing yourself at all moments. This also expresses to you and to many other individuals the efficiency of your physical form.

JAN: Okay. The people I'm staying with, Michael and Victoria ... I don't know if it's too broad, but their question is their new direction they're taking here in LA. Is it something that you can comment on in any way? Is this a good direction that they're taking? Is this a good way for them to express themselves at this time?

ELIAS: It is efficient.

JAN: It is efficient. Are there any specific beliefs that are blocking them, or that may block them if they aren't aware of them?

ELIAS: Not presently.

JAN: Not presently. Okay, good! Let's see. I was talking with a friend about geographic location -- mountains, oceans -- and how that can affect a person or how it seems to affect a person. Is there a specific geographic location ... maybe not a place, but a scene that you see would fit my essence? Is there some place that I would thrive more than another?

ELIAS: You shall automatically draw yourself to physical locations that shall be in alignment with yourself and beneficial to yourself.

JAN: So it's not as though there are certain families that should ... perhaps not should, but are better off in one area than another? ELIAS: Quite, and this shall be automatic. You shall automatically magnate to your most beneficial location physically that aligns with you and your expressions, and if you are not, you shall immediately know and you shall be exceedingly unhappy and you shall identify that unhappiness with your physical location. Therefore, these are automatic actions that you all move in.

JAN: Alright. Now I'm just making sure that I asked everything that I was looking at. Vicki, is there anything to add from the break? If I may ask again ... I suppose you would have told me! But you gave me some good insights when I asked if there was anything I wasn't looking at or wasn't asking you. You gave me good insights of my relationship with my father. If I may ask that question again: Is there something that I'm not asking that I should be asking you?

ELIAS: You have asked. Now look to your answers!

JAN: Now look to my answers to see ... put them together. Okay. The Zuli family, or my essence ... am I also a nurturer of children, or good in that kind of thing, with my essence or my essence family? Or do you leave that to another family group to look after?

ELIAS: You hold elements of all of the essence families. Therefore, you may hold nurturing abilities, but this will not be your main focus. This would be the expression of the Borledim family.

JAN: I see. What family would my husband be from?

ELIAS: (Accessing) Sumafi aligned with Milumet. Therefore, you are complementing of each other in holding counterpart action of families.

JAN: I see. Okay. My mother and father, are they from the same ... they wouldn't be from the same family as I am? They would be from other families?

ELIAS: I challenge you to be looking to the descriptions of your essence families and investigating, and you may be expressing to this essence what you believe to be their alignments, and I shall be confirming or not. You must be attempting some work in this area!

JAN: Yes! Well, I think I have put in a lot of dutiful work! I've been very inquisitive, Elias, honestly ...

ELIAS: Quite! (Grinning)

JAN: ... in my life! (Elias chuckles) Oh, dear! (Pause) Well, I will put some thought into the essence families.

ELIAS: Very well. JAN: I will learn more about them from the other transcripts. Are there any other transcripts that you have done that you would suggest that I look at specifically, since I haven't had a chance to look at many of them? Are there any specific numbers that you think I may benefit from?

ELIAS: These individuals may be helpful in this area, in pointing you in your direction of different transcribings that may be helpful to you.

JAN: Okay, alright. Good! (Pause) There are so many things that I want to ask and I can't think of them right now!

ELIAS: I express to you that you assimilate what you have been offered, and you may be engaging this essence once again if you are so choosing.

JAN: Yes. Okay. Well, I guess one other thing ... and you can tell me I've already asked this if you want to, and I know you will if I have! (Elias chuckles) Sometimes I feel as though I'm being what we look at, I suppose, in this focus -- it's probably a belief system -- being too hard on myself or trying too hard to do these things. Am I trying too hard?

ELIAS: Yes. (Grinning)

JAN: That was easy! I hadn't asked that before, had I?!

ELIAS: No. (Laughter, and Elias chuckles)

JAN: Well, what about what I'm reading, the fabulous books? Or reading the transcripts that you've offered to us?

ELIAS: Allow a flow.

JAN: I'm pushing too hard, so I need to back off and allow a flow, if I'm reading this correctly?

ELIAS: You may be acquiring much information. This is quite acceptable, but don't be holding an expectation of self that you must be pushing and forcing yourself so very intensely to be assimilating all of these elements at once, and acting objectively upon them all!

JAN: Okay. Maybe a bit of perfectionism, perhaps?

ELIAS: Quite in alignment with your Zuli family!

JAN: Really? Wow! So that's where that comes from? It doesn't come from looking at another person and assimilating it from growing up with them? It comes from my actual essence? That's interesting! ELIAS: Yes!

JAN: Ah! I'd better figure out exactly what other traits the Zuli family has, I suppose.

ELIAS: Investigate!

VICKI: You know, I always kind of associated that particular trait of perfectionism with Sumafi also.

ELIAS: Quite!

VICKI: This is a Sumafi thing too, then.

ELIAS: But what have I expressed as the family and alignment? Sumafi and Zuli. This may be your double whammy! (Much laughter)

JAN: Wonderful! How good to hear! (Elias chuckles) Would meeting with you again ... I'm guessing ... oh, that's too futuristic to ask because probabilities change all the time ... to ask if meeting with you again would be of benefit, or if that's something that my essence should do to keep in some kind of alignment.

ELIAS: If you are expressing the questioning of beneficialness, yes. (Can you even believe that "beneficialness" is in the dictionary??)

JAN: Good! Then I guess we'll talk again.

ELIAS: Very well, and I shall express to you this evening much affection.

JAN: Thank you very much. In closing, with all these questions I've asked, will I come to that point in this particular focus where I feel as though I have found my way or I have clarified things?


JAN: That's wonderful! I appreciate everything that you've shared with me, Elias.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

JAN: I'll look forward to talking to you again!

ELIAS: Very well, and I express the same in return. To you both this evening, I express quite lovingly, adieu!

Elias departs at 6:29 PM. © 1997 Vicki Pendley/Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved

Copyright 1997 Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved.