Session 211
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Elias Bodreaux


"Elias Bodreaux"

Saturday, August 30, 1997 © 1997 (Public 6)
Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Cathy (Shynla), Gail (William), Drew (Matthew), Bobbi (Jale), Christie (Oliver), Stella (Cindel), Letty (Castille), Linda (Mareau), Valerie (Meah), and two new participants, Mario (Wilbur), and Kim (?).
This session was held at Angel's Corner in Valencia, California.
Elias arrives at 3:17 PM. (Time was five seconds)

ELIAS: Good afternoon. I shall approach you slightly differently this day, and introduce myself as Elias Bodreaux. Born, Michelle, France, 1774. Upon adolescence, move to Paris. Quite handsome! (Laughter) Die 1821, Paris. Killed with a bullet.

I shall also introduce myself to you as what may be translated in your sound as Knar, from the planet which translates in sound -- although this is not its name, but translates into sound -- in your language as Tüle. This would be located outside of your present known galaxy, but also within this present now; for simultaneously, I am these focuses, although I also hold no focuses in any physical dimension. And you are this also.

Vic's note: This was an interesting introduction to a session, as Elias has rarely talked about his physical focuses. Also, another interesting note is that this focus of Elias Bodreaux would be the one which the name Elias comes from, as this was not the name that Elias initially used to introduce himself. (

ELIAS: I offer you two examples of two physical focuses which I have manifest within. I also express to you that I am non-physically focused, holding no focuses in any physical dimension presently. These are both true, but they are seeming to be contradictory. You also hold many focuses in this dimension and in many other dimensions, and you also are non-physically focused within essence. This is the beginning of your shift.

You now allow yourselves the action of bleed-through information which appears to you as strange occurrences and strange tales, and in this, as you may view this essence as being manifest speaking to you presently but not manifest and holding physical manifestations but not holding physical manifestations, you also are these things; for you are essence, and you are all of consciousness in essence. Therefore, within the beginning actions of your shift as you are experiencing presently, you may present yourself with you in many, many different manners.

Many individuals presently are experiencing very unusual occurrences and actions within their focus. These are very confusing many times. Individuals express a wishing for the action of this shift. I express to you, it is accomplished already. You need only open your eyes and allow yourselves the opportunity to view what you are, for it is within you already. Therefore, as individuals approach this essence and express questioning of probabilities for future and shall these predictions of future come to pass, this be your choice. You may choose this moment to alter these predictions or these prophecies and they shall be altered presently, and you shall not experience within this reality those elements which you wish not to be experiencing; for it is already done, for all things are now.

I have expressed these concepts many times, but I am also quite aware that the individuals that listen to these concepts do not understand these concepts! But you shall, for this action of this shift is occurring now. Therefore, you need not be waiting for your future to be viewing the wonders that lie before you within the action of this shift, for it is within you presently. (Pause, smiling at everybody)

You may question.

LETTY: I have a question on the conflict that we all have and we continue having, although we're still learning, and that the conflict is a resistance to belief systems.

ELIAS: Absolutely.

LETTY: But sometimes I have conflict and I don't know what belief systems I should be being aware of so that I can understand them and not produce these conflicts ... or how to alter them.

ELIAS: Present a conflict.

LETTY: What we would call in this focus my romantic relationship right now, just the fact that I have a hard time communicating. And you go back to what the belief systems may be, but I don't know what belief systems there would be to cause conflict -- in me, not in him.

ELIAS: As I have expressed many times, as you are viewing an action, a conflict, you may also view what seems to be triggering this conflict. In this, you may also look to yourself and question the belief systems within religious elements and also within societal elements. There are many times that you do not view that you align with mass belief systems, but you do. Underlying, if you venture with yourself to identify a belief system that you do not even believe you hold, you may also offer yourself more information, and you may view alterations in your behavior automatically with merely the identification of the belief systems.

Underlying, you, as many other individuals, hold an alignment with mass belief systems of roles of individuals. You have created this system in your societies for much of your time framework. Therefore, the belief systems are quite strong; and although an individual woman within this time framework may view themselves to be independent and strong and the same as men within your focus, you also underlyingly hold the mass belief systems of differences and your proper role. Therefore, this creates conflict, and this creates conflict within relationships also; for you view yourself objectively within your thought process to be the same, and subjectively you view yourselves to be different.

Also be remembering that within this physical dimension, you have created differences in sexual orientation purposefully. This is a basic element of this particular physical focus and dimension. Therefore, you also create alignments based on sexual orientation. You DO create differences purposefully. Men are men, and the intellect representation. Women are women, and the intuitive representation. You divide all things in your focus into male and female parts. You identify even your physical form as being divided into male half and female half. Therefore, you do hold purposeful differences. This also creates conflict, for you create a new belief system that you hold no differences! (Laughter) But you do hold differences. Therefore, you attempt to be fitting yourself into a box that is too small for you to be within. (Pause, smiling) Is this helpful?

LETTY: Yes. Thank you, Elias, very much.

STELLA: Elias, I have a question.

ELIAS: I am so very surprised! (Laughter)

STELLA: Actually, it's more than one, right? I mean, yeah, right! Well, first I want to say thank you for your suggestion the last time. I don't even know if it was the last time I was at a session, but I got my message with regard to my ex-boss, the one that died. I got my message in a dream and so I left him alone, and now I bother you! Because I call you all the time! So I don't know how you can be here, there and everywhere, but anyway, I'm bothering you all the time! (Laughter, and Elias begins chuckling) But I got my answer, which I thank you very much for that. And also, the other thing, I think I saw you in my dream, where you were in my dream. Wherein yes, okay, great! Except you had white hair, and then I realized that the white hair had to do with the light. You were illuminated with light, and I realized that afterwards, that it was the light that was coming through, so I didn't really see your face, but it was the light that I saw, and I thought I saw white hair. Anyway....

ELIAS: How very disappointing! (Grinning)

STELLA: Yeah, right! Okay, and now the question, another question, but I don't know how to explain it. Yesterday I had an experience, and maybe you can help me with it. I had an experience with Letty which I've never had before. I usually can connect with people. I'm very good at that. But yesterday, I had an experience. Somehow, we were talking. We were talking about ... basically, it was her asthma. (To Letty) Was it your asthma? And we were talking about abandonment, the abandonment issue came up. And for a moment there, I was able to merge with her or into her or something, and I saw ... I mean, this was really, really neat! I saw and I felt where the abandonment started. And all of a sudden she started feeling ...

LETTY: Tight chest.

STELLA: Yeah, her chest got tight, and I was experiencing the whole thing! It was very interesting because I saw what it did. I saw the issue of the abandonment, and then I saw ... for a moment, I saw the healing. I saw she had nothing. I saw she was free from the asthma because something happened, and then we started sweating. We started perspiring heavily. We were engulfed in like heat, and I don't know how long it lasted. It seemed like it lasted just for a little while. But we were both ... something very strange was happening. But I realized that it was almost like if Letty would say right now, "I don't have any asthma." It was like I saw that moment where she would have no asthma, and it was wonderful. It was incredible! Anyway, I've been having little things like this happen with different people in other areas, but how do you determine all this stuff? How do you....

LETTY: What does it mean? (Pause)

ELIAS: And may I inquire to you, how have I begun this session? By introducing other aspects of self to you and suggesting to you that you have much greater abilities, for you ARE greater than you realize. In our terms, this is quite normal! In your terms, this is quite unusual!

I have expressed to individuals many times, there is no thing that you may not accomplish. As you have created this shift in consciousness, you allow an opening of your own abilities and your own creativity. This has offered you, within experience -- which is your best teacher! -- the opportunity to view your own abilities, which are no different from all other individuals. It is merely a question of allowance; and as you are accepting of your abilities, you open yourself more to your abilities. You may merge with another individual at any moment. You all hold this ability. You may be completely merged into another physical form, if you are so choosing. You may also merge into another focus temporarily. This offers you information. You have offered yourself the opportunity to view the probability of disengaging the action of the discomfort. The probability is not completely chosen and actualized, for it is also connected with a held issue. Therefore, as the issue is addressed and allowed to be accepted and let go, then also shall the probability actualize of removing the discomfort. You have offered to your friend the opportunity to view the possibility of freedom. Previous to this action, the belief system was held much more strongly that there is no freedom from this discomfort within your physical focus. Now you view that there may be a possibility! (Laughter)

STELLA: Oh, that's wonderful!

ELIAS: In this, you offer yourselves a lessening on your hold of your belief systems. This moves you into a wider awareness and more of an area closer to acceptance within belief systems. As I have expressed to you, the point is not to eliminate the belief systems but to be accepting of these belief systems, and therefore neutralize their power.

STELLA: Wonderful. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

GAIL: I have a question. I'm not sure how to get to the question, but I want to be able to kind of describe what's happening to get to the question. I've been facing fears in this focus of Gail, and bringing objective images and symbols to myself to face these fears. But I'm also connecting with a different focus, and it seems that this person had similar experiences to me. When I face fears in this focus, am I also simultaneously resolving issues in that focus?

ELIAS: Yes. I have expressed to you previously that all action that you engage within the present now is affecting of all of your focuses, but at times you may be presenting yourself with specific actions that are specifically connected to individual other focuses of your essence; and in choosing to be addressing to the issues and the belief systems connected, you may be helpful in altering the other focus ... and altering your own. (To Vic, grinning) This being the action of the extraterrestrial focuses also, in direct connection with affectingness of this focus! (To Gail) Your allowance to be connecting with the other focus offers you information to be moving through issues within this present now, which is altering of all else. You are always -- always -- affecting within consciousness.

GAIL: In this focus of myself, I'm affecting of that focus, but am I also affecting of other focuses that may have had....


GAIL: So it's like a chain reaction through simultaneous time, that once I face this fear, that all fears will be altered in that vein?

ELIAS: Correct, and futurely also. (Pause)

CHRIS: Okay, so we've spoken before about my fear of spiders.

ELIAS: Ah, once again! (Laughter)

CHRIS: Once again! So simultaneously in another focus, I was killed by a poisonous spider. And in this focus, I go into my little house and find nothing but spiders, okay?

ELIAS: Interesting presentment of imagery, would you not agree?

CHRIS: I think it's very interesting, but I'm getting really tired of it! I'm not sure that I'm working through this because the fear is still there, and nothing that I seem to be doing is dissipating it. I can kill them, but I still ... I saw a tarantula! I mean, not only do I have spiders in this house, I have big ones and little ones and just a variety of them! What is going on???

ELIAS: Quite creative! (Laughter) I suggest to you that if you are choosing to present yourself with an issue, you shall be presenting yourself with imagery to reinforce your attention to the issue! Therefore, if you are not addressing to the issue and the belief systems attached to the issue, you may be presenting yourself with even larger spider creatures!

Within certain issues, it is not always enough that you objectively present yourself with a reason. At times you may hold to a certain issue, especially within the area of fearfulness, which is the strongest stronghold of issues within physical focus in this dimension. The issue and the fear element may be held so very strongly that you have created a shrine with this particular issue. Therefore, merely knowing that within a simultaneous focus you have been bitten by one of these creatures and it has ended your physical focus, this is not enough to move you through this fear. You are not addressing the belief system beneath the issue, which is the belief system of death. (Pause)

There is no death, Oliver. Therefore, it matters not that another focus has chosen to disengage physically with the cooperation of a creature, and it matters not if you within this focus choose the same action; for disengagement is merely a moving to a new country within consciousness. Therefore, this is the belief system underlying the fearful issue, and if you may address to this and allow yourself movement into acceptance of this, then you shall hold no fearfulness of the action of death. And therefore, this very small creature shall also not appear so fearful.

CHRIS: This makes sense to me.

ELIAS: Thank you very much! (Laughter)

VICKI: Would that be the same belief system that causes me to be more afraid of a dead mouse than a live one?

ELIAS: Quite, for if you are presenting yourself with what you term to be death, it reinforces your fearfulness of it. A dead creature does not move objectively. Therefore, it must surely be gone, and it must surely be nothing. This also is your belief system of how you separate and view the physical manifestation form as a vessel, which it is not!

I shall express a break, and you may continue with your questions.

BREAK 3:50 PM RESUME 4:07 PM (Time was four seconds)

ELIAS: Continuing.

VICKI: I have a question. It could have to do with aspects. It certainly has to do with affectingness. Recently I went to see an individual perform musically. This individual is very affecting of me emotionally and in some other ways too, and has been for some time, and I can't really identify it.

ELIAS: (Accessing) The individual does not hold direct counterpart to yourself within this present focus, but to you within another focus other-dimensionally.

VICKI: There's counterpart action there?

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: And that's what I'm responding to?

ELIAS: Correct; for this be the same focus that is related to your own personal issue.

KIM: I have a question, Elias. My physical name in this focus and my essence name throughout my focuses ... it's important for me, I believe, to know, through my actualization, my attainment, and then therefore my ascension, what my main purpose is ... what the basis of my name moving through the cycles will help me with in this present focus. Does that make sense?

Vic's note: The above question was very difficult to hear, as this person is very soft-spoken. I'm kind of guessing at not only the identity of the person, but also at the actual question.

ELIAS: Your name is a translation into language. It is the representation of a vibrational tone which is held within essence identity. Therefore, the essence name is the same for all of your focuses within all dimensions, for it is the designation of the tone; which this is the identification of you as essence. The physical naming within any physical focus is a chosen tone of identity of the individual focus of essence. Therefore, each focus of your essence holds a different name, knowing that each focus has the ability and potential to be fragmented into its own new essence. Therefore, each element, each aspect, each focus holds its own individuality, but also holds all of essence simultaneously.

Therefore, although you hold your own individual tone within the focus, I have expressed to other individuals previously, this would be likened to your musical notes; and you may play upon an instrument a chord which holds many, many, many tones, although it may hold only three physical notes. In this, each tone is individual but also contained, so to speak, within the chord, which would be the overall tone describing the essence; but each tone may also be singled out, in your terms, to be creating of its own new tones. Therefore, as you are connecting with your tone of essence, you also may, within conceptualization, connect with all of the aspects, all of the facets and focuses that are contained within the overall tone of the essence, allowing yourself the ability to be connecting with any chosen aspect of essence.

Many individuals focus quite objectively upon intersecting or connecting with other aspects of essence objectively. In this, I am meaning that they choose to be visualizing another focus, or they choose to be meditating and connecting with a visual of another focus within this dimension or another dimension or within non-physical focus. They choose to be engaging actions of hypnosis, that they may visualize another focus or another aspect of essence and reality. This is not always necessary. You may also accomplish the same by connecting with the tone, as you are expressing.

KIM: I want to connect to the tone. I desire to connect to it. I guess my question is, I know bits and pieces of it, but I want to connect to the whole of it. How do I go about doing that?

ELIAS: You shall be allowing yourself in increments to be accomplishing this, and I shall express to you that be recognizing that within this shift in consciousness, these things shall be accomplished. I am quite understanding that all of you hold a very common element within this present now of being very impatient (laughter) and being wishing to be moving into all of your areas of consciousness all within this present moment, and I also very lovingly express to you that you shall quite overwhelm yourself if you are moving all at once into the vastness of what you truly are! Therefore, I suggest to you all quite sincerely that although you hold this impatience that you wish to be viewing all within this present moment, be acknowledging of yourselves and your movements in increments and be pleased with your movement, for you also afford yourself the ability to continue within your physical focus and not experiencing lunacy! Your essence, your self, is ultimately multidimensional. It is vaster than you may possibly imagine within this present now. Therefore, it is quite overwhelming to be viewing the whole.

I shall express to you that even within your shift and even within the accomplishment of your shift, certain aspects of essence shall not be revealed to you within physical focus; for just as source events may not be actualized into any physical focus entirely, you as essence may not be actualized into any one physical focus. The vastness of essence is all of consciousness, and may not be squeezed into this very small area of consciousness that you view to be your reality presently. Your universe, as I have stated previously, dwarfs in comparison to you.

Therefore, look to your physical elements, and within physically speaking, may you physically gather all of the elements of the entirety of your universe that you see physically and place them within your body? You may not! I wager that any one planet in your universe will not fit within your body! (Laughter) Therefore, it is the same idea. How may you fit the all of consciousness into one physical universe? (Pause) But you may view great amounts of your reality and of yourself and of your abilities within physical focus. As you choose to disengage from physical focus and move into non-physical areas of consciousness, then you shall grasp the whole of you.

KIM: In order to do that, then you mean to step out? If you desire to step out, you must quietly sit and step out within meditation and things like that where your mind is clear?

ELIAS: I express to you that temporarily, very temporarily, you may access information and viewing of other aspects of yourself within this reality, but to be viewing all of essence -- all of essence --

KIM: ... is impossible.

ELIAS: -- is not impossible, but not possible within physical focus. You would be needing to be within non-physical focus, which would be placing you within the area of this essence; to which you express, you would be becoming a "brain-dead dead guy!" (Laughter) And then, in being brain dead and being a dead guy, you may view all of essence! (Grinning, as we all crack up)

KIM: Okay, so the glimpses that I'm seeing at the present, take them on as what is non-physical reality and incorporate them ...

ELIAS: Correct.

KIM: ... as much as I can in my physical.

ELIAS: Correct; and be accepting and not fearful and recognizing that great wonders lie before you, for you shall allow an increase in your connecting.

KIM: Thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

CHRIS: Elias, if we're so vast and our essences are so ... no wonder we're so restless in the body, you know? I mean, no wonder we want to see it all now and do it all now! If we're that vast, if we're more than the universe and then we're compiled of this body....

ELIAS: But this be only one focus! You hold countless, countless focuses simultaneously.

CHRIS: Oh okay, so this is just a piece of the essence. We're here, and there's other pieces simultaneously doing their thing.

ELIAS: (Grinning) Although there are no pieces, for there are no orange sections and there are no parts! (Laughter) Even you are not a piece within what you view to be your physical body, for it is not separated either. You merely view that you are separated from another individual or any other element of physical focus. But as you have expressed, you may also merge. And if you are so separated, how may you merge?

CHRIS: Then we're not separated at all. It's just a belief system that we're separating ourselves from others.

ELIAS: Quite, but this is what you do! You create belief systems and you create actions and you create perceptions based upon your belief systems, and this is not "bad!" It merely is. It is your choice for experience within this particular dimension and this particular physical focus.

KIM: I have a question then. If you've been told by your higher self, the knowing you, that this is your last time to get this right ... I understand that this is my last physical time, or is this just one manifestation of it? Obviously I've got more things going on past this, but is this my last physical time that I will be experiencing this?

ELIAS: Individuals hold a knowing of final manifestation. The designated focus of a final manifestation shall know that they are the final manifestation. In this, at the moment of disengagement of that particular focus, all other focuses shall choose within that moment whether to be disengaging and moving into the area of non-physical focus in cooperation, or whether to be fragmenting and creating a new essence which may continue within physical focuses. Your identification of the final focus is correct. Therefore, at the moment within your physical time framework that you choose to be disengaging from this physical focus and are creating of the non-existent death, (laughter) all other focuses of this essence that you are shall also disengage physically, or choose to be fragmenting.

KIM: Is that why my dreams of giving birth ... is it this change?

ELIAS: Quite adequate and creative imagery!

KIM: Well, it can't happen in this physical form. But the change, I feel that it is an indication of a rebirth.

ELIAS: I have expressed to many of these individuals also that you all are moving into an emergence, a new birth. In actuality, it has already occurred.

KIM: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

VALERIE: I have a question. I'm a special education nurse and profoundly involved with physically and mentally disabled children, and I wonder about them and what they have ... if they've chosen to be as they are in this focus? Some of them were born normal and had illnesses ... but I wonder about them.

ELIAS: All individuals choose their own experiences. No thing is thrust upon any individual. All focuses choose all of their own probabilities and all of their own experiences. Therefore, you hold belief systems concerning individuals' choices of what they are choosing to be creating if it is manifest outside of your officially-accepted reality. You lose sight within your belief systems that each focus is one choice of probabilities, one choice of a pool of probabilities which creates experiences, but there are countless focuses of each essence. Therefore, all experiences are being actualized simultaneously. Why shall you not choose to be creating one focus, at the very least, where you shall be creating outside of the officially-accepted reality merely for the experience? It is another creative expression. It is not bad.

VALERIE: So even though I'm their nurse, which implies there's something wrong ...

ELIAS: Correct.

VALERIE: ... in fact, there's nothing wrong!

ELIAS: Correct.

VALERIE: They're fine! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Absolutely. They have chosen this experience, and this is quite creative! In actuality, you shall be quite surprised to be understanding that many, many of these individuals hold greater understanding objectively of all of their subjective activity, for they do not cloud themselves with the belief systems in such multitude as do you and they do not choose to play the game in the officially-accepted manner, therefore offering themselves more of an ability to play the game!

VALERIE: So my perception of them as being more my teachers than anything is ... right? (Laughter)

ELIAS: Quite! This being also why you, Lawrence, hold this response to this other individual, for this individual chooses to operate or function outside of the officially-accepted reality, therefore allowing himself to view what you do not allow yourself to view!

VICKI: I do have one other question about that question for Mary and for Melinda, who engage counterpart action. They're both curious why they're slightly repelled by this individual.

ELIAS: For they do not hold the same attraction within the issue that you hold. It is unimportant to those individuals to be connecting with other-dimensionally focused aspects of their essence. They accomplish this already. Therefore, it is unnecessary. You identify and are drawn very strongly to individuals that may accomplish what you seek to accomplish. You also hold, as I have stated, a counterpart action indirectly with this individual, as this individual is counterpart to your other focus. Therefore, this being even more affecting, for you present yourself with imagery and you draw to you what shall be reminding you of what you wish to find and what you wish to address.

STELLA: Elias, talking about counterparts, how can I disengage from my big fat counterpart? I need to! (We all crack up, including Elias) And can you tell me who it is? Is it here? Maybe I'll be more compassionate! No, I have learned what I needed to learn. I am very compassionate. I am very empathetic. I'm very much of those things, and I suffer with them! I do all this stuff. I've gone beyond it. I don't want it anymore. Please, how can I disengage?

ELIAS: (Grinning) You shall disengage when this is not an issue!

STELLA: Yeah, but I have already gone through the whole thing!

ELIAS: But as you move to the area that it becomes unimportant, then you have accepted and then you shall disengage.

STELLA: (Sighing) Oh, gosh. Wait a minute....

LETTY: You should not care.

STELLA: Not care? (Much laughter) Every time I go to the store, I buy clothes that are so big! I'm still doing it! (Elias chuckles) And I am bigger than anybody! I mean everybody here....

ELIAS: Therefore, you are continuing to be affected! And when this is not affecting you, then you shall know you have moved through this issue and you shall disengage.

STELLA: Okay, so can I meet the person, do you think? Can you tell me, so that I can meet the person?

ELIAS: (Humorously) You may ... if you are choosing to be engaging your so very highly developed empathic sense and project to this individual and introduce yourself! Or you may board your flying apparatus and you may travel to an area in Turkey ...

STELLA: Oh dear!

ELIAS: ... and you may find this individual! And what shall you be accomplishing in this? Expressing to this individual, "You may not eat ever again?" (Much laughter)

MARIO: I'll be in Turkey at the end of October. I'll meet her for you.

STELLA: So you're going to go to Turkey for me. (Elias chuckles) Oh, okay, so it's nothing I ... okay, I understand. I have another one. With Letty, in our focuses, in our past focus, have we been ...

LETTY: Within our relationship.

STELLA: ... within our relationship. Like this morning, you know what came up? I was in the toilet, and you know what came up?

ELIAS: Please, do tell! (Grinning, and much laughter)

STELLA: That probably we were like married, husband and wife or something like that! And I thought, "Oh Stella, please!"

LETTY: Sisters, cousins, or just friends?

ELIAS: Quite close; not married!

STELLA: Quite close?

ELIAS: Not married!

STELLA: So we were lovers?

ELIAS: Quite!

STELLA: Oh, okay. Was she the male or was I the male?

ELIAS: Now you may be engaging more belief systems!

LETTY: Oh no! Don't give me more! (Elias chuckles)

RON: Quite kinky, huh? (Lots o' laughs here)

STELLA: Thank you, Elias.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

MARIO: I have a question. What is my essence name?

ELIAS: (Laughing) I am quite sure, within this present now, you may not quite be appreciating of its tone ... Wilbur!

MARIO: Wilbur! Wow! I've always wanted a name like Wilbur! (Laughter) Also, if I may ... the lady nurse, I guess? If I could just understand for myself, because I didn't quite make the connection. There's many of us that have called it soul-mates all over the world, all over the universe, all over wherever they are, but we choose to encapsulate in our present form. And when we choose this, we choose all our pains, we choose all our love, we choose all our feelings. And a question that I have, why do we try to escape all this stuff that we choose?

ELIAS: I shall pose the question back to you!

MARIO: Okay....

ELIAS: I know not. You have chosen to experience. Therefore, experience!

MARIO: So the pain, the illness, the sickness, the trauma, we chose to experience?

ELIAS: Correct.

MARIO: We should be happy and experience it?

ELIAS: I do not express that you attach another belief system that you "should be happy" within elements that you choose to experience that you are not happy with. There are different reasons why you present yourself with these emotions. You have created, firstly, an emotional focus within this dimension. The basic elements of this dimension are sexual orientation and emotional experience. Therefore, you create to be experiencing all aspects of these. It is your belief systems that influence so heavily HOW you view your experiences. Without the influence of the belief systems, without the hold of the belief systems, it matters not what you choose to create.

MARIO: So you're telling me that pain is not pain if I let go of my original beliefs?

ELIAS: Correct.

MARIO: Okay. You're telling me also that having chosen this ... all of us, I guess, we chose this. How could we ... we probably chose it way back when, and we feel it when we are one day old until we're a hundred days old, in this body, in this format.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARIO: So a little child that cannot speak or cannot say anything, whether he's hurting, he's chosen that.

ELIAS: Correct. I also express to you though, that you may draw yourself to another individual's creation. You may not necessarily be creating of the reality, but you have chosen to draw yourself to another individual's imagery.

MARIO: Hmm. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. Be remembering, there is no action within your focus, within your reality, that you do not choose. You always hold choices. You ALWAYS hold choices. You may not believe you hold choices, but this be also a belief system. You DO always hold choices. Therefore, within your belief systems, if you are disliking of what you have created, you also hold the choice to alter this. You may choose within every moment to change anything, even your reality ... provided you believe that you create a reality! (Murmur murmur)

GAIL: I have a question about a dream that I had. I don't actually remember the details, but I remember the feeling of sort of being in one place, but being in two other places at the same time. It was a real weird sensation. Can you tell me what my subjective self was telling me?

ELIAS: This be imagery in addressing to the same situation that you have inquired of earlier this day. You shall present yourself with imagery. If you are choosing to be addressing to issues, you shall inundate yourself with your own imagery. This shall appear within your dream state, within your waking state, within any state of consciousness that you are choosing to be engaging, for you are so very highly efficient at gaining your own attention when you are holding determination to be moving through issues.

GAIL: Okay. I have another one that I had probably about three weeks ago. It was just a visual viewing of Seth. Can you tell me why I viewed that?

ELIAS: I may express to you that within one layer of consciousness, you view merely for you choose to view. Within another layer of consciousness, you present yourself with this imagery in a knowing of the interaction of this essence to that essence. I am merely being playful! (Laughter)

VALERIE: Elias, are you a spiritual guide for Michael? I mean, Michael is not aware of what you're saying right now. In Michael's life, do you act as a spirit guide for her?

ELIAS: My capacity is to be helpful. All essences are guiding to all essences. Therefore, within one aspect of your thinking I may express to you, yes. But I may also express to you that no essence holds any more greatness than any other essence. Therefore, no essence is in actuality guiding you, for your essence holds the same ability and is guiding itself.

VALERIE: But it is helpful for us to have somebody like you.

ELIAS: Objectively, correct. Within physical focus, correct. Modesty is not a quality pertaining to essence! It is a belief system! (Grinning) I shall express to you that within your desire for information within physical focus, you ask and it is presented to you. You draw yourself to the information that shall speak to you. In this, individuals that draw themselves to this forum do so for this speaks to them objectively within physical focus, and is helpful for your objective understanding of information that you shall present yourself with anyway. I merely provide a physically-focused time framework of allowing you information before you are experiencing the bleed-throughs that you shall allow anyway. I also provide for you explanations of those experiences that you hold that you may not explain to yourselves objectively; although subjectively, which works within harmony to the objective consciousness, you DO know, for you hold the same qualities as essence as does this essence. And as I have stated previously, the only difference between yourselves and this essence is that I remember, and you do not ... but you are beginning!

KIM: Is that why, when the information comes to you as you have requested to come forward to you and you take that information as a semi-belief, you're not quite sure how much of it you hold and how much of it you dismiss? And then finally, when you decide, "Okay this is what I wish to keep," that information keeps changing. You cannot hold on to it. Just as you glean something new, it in essence is no longer true. You feel like, "Oh my gosh, I really don't know where I'm standing, except that I'm standing."

ELIAS: Quite. You are in a continual state of becoming, and all is merely experience within the exploration of becoming, and so also is every other essence and all of consciousness.

KIM: So basically, there is no "moving to." There actually just is.

ELIAS: Absolutely, yes.

KIM: So everything you think you're moving into or you're getting as new really isn't new. It just is.

ELIAS: Quite. It just is.

KIM: So, why worry? (Laughter)

ELIAS: Exactly! I question all of you the same. Why worry? It matters not! It merely is. This be one of your most difficult concepts for most individuals to be accepting of; for within your belief systems, you create belief systems of every action and every element of your entire existence within this dimension physically. Therefore, you must hold a reason for all, and I offer you your reason is in becoming and experience, but this is quite not adequate enough as an answer ... but it is truth.

LINDA: Elias, I have a question. I feel drawn to or connected to an entity called Japoo that works through one in Thailand. Can you tell me anything about that connection? (Not sure of spelling of Japoo)

ELIAS: (Accessing) This be a connection also within fragmentation. Therefore, you feel the draw to the original, so to speak, essence of fragmenting. In the action of fragmentation, if you draw yourself to a manifestation of the non-physical aspect of the fragmenting essence, you shall experience more extremely, for you identify that this is an aspect of you, for you hold all aspects of the fragmenting essence.

LINDA: I'm not quite sure I understand. So I was a part of this essence at one time?

ELIAS: Correct.

LINDA: So this essence is fragmenting and dissipating its energy, or is fragmenting in order to spread its energy farther afield?

ELIAS: All essences fragment. It is a natural byproduct of the action of consciousness. It is a continuous action within essence in becoming; expanding, in your terms.

LINDA: So in connecting with this physical manifestation of the Japoo entity, which comes through basically as you do, as a trance channel, can I expect to have any remembering from past experiences, or is it all going to be new?

ELIAS: If you are choosing, you may allow yourself to be connecting with what you view to be past experiences, or you may be choosing to be focusing upon future experiences. They are the same. (Smiling)

LINDA: Okay. No time and space, right?

ELIAS: Absolutely.

LINDA: What essence was there within me that was connected to or still is connected to this essence that I can draw forth again?


LINDA: Yeah. (Pause) Okay. I'll ask another question like his. What is my essence name?

MARIO: Wilbur! (Laughter)

ELIAS: This be taken! (Chuckling) This would be the tone of Mareau.

LINDA: Mareau? Why do you say "tone of Mareau?"

ELIAS: This be what your essence name is, a tone. It is merely a translation into a word.

LINDA: Okay. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. Are you wishing of more questions this day?

BOBBI: I have a question. Do I have past life focuses with the two women I work with?

ELIAS: I shall suggest to you that you investigate! You hold the ability.

BOBBI: I have the impression that I do.

ELIAS: Therefore, discover!

BOBBI: I'd just like it confirmed.

ELIAS: You hold the confirmation presently.

BOBBI: Thank you.

ELIAS: Now you may investigate and discover! And you may, through your experience, express to me, for you do hold the ability.

BOBBI: Okay. I was impressed with myself that I had an impression! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Acknowledge self! And we shall be expressing a point for your acknowledgment of yourself and your accomplishment! Very good!

VICKI: Would Mareau be spelled similar to Rameau?

ELIAS: Yes. Very good connecting, Lawrence.

KIM: When the ultimate source of All That Is had an expectation to discover that it is, to know itself better other than just being as is, it had an expectation of experience, and that experience then became an essence, and that essence then fragments because of the expectations?

ELIAS: The desire.

KIM: The desire?

ELIAS: Desire creates fragmentation. There is continual desire within essence, within all aspects of essence, to be becoming and exploring.

KIM: But that's a perception of a need that may not exist.

ELIAS: It merely is.

KIM: It just merely is.

ELIAS: It merely is the action of becoming and exploring.

KIM: But my question then is, if everything already is, then why the expectation that you need to do anything else?

ELIAS: This is a perception within your thought processes. You are attaching a thought process within what you know, what you understand objectively, to an action that holds no explanation, for it merely is.

KIM: Right. It merely is, but merely is expects....

ELIAS: It holds no expectation; it merely does. It merely is; it merely does.

KIM: Okay, it merely does, but does creates a desire.

ELIAS: Only within physical focus. This be an interpretation. In actuality, within consciousness there is no separation, and consciousness is energy, and energy is continually in motion. It is. It does. (Pause)

KIM: If the source is in continual motion and decides to create a physical form, my question is, why does it choose to do that?

ELIAS: This does not....

KIM: (Inaudible)

ELIAS: Correct. This does not translate into your belief systems and your thought processes within this physical focus or any physical focus ... except your crystalline focus, which accepts that action is action merely for the sake of action. It needs no reason. It merely is.

KIM: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

LINDA: On the subject of energy in motion, there are those that say that we need to activate our merkabah fields in order to make our transition with the earth easier as we go in different dimensions. Can you tell us anything about that?

ELIAS: This is a belief system. I express to you, be wary of collecting more and new belief systems, for these are unnecessary. You shall be offering yourselves much to occupy your attention in looking to your existing belief systems, which shall be enough to be focusing upon! (Laughter)

LINDA: Is there any benefit at all to be working on the merkabah?

ELIAS: The merkabah is a focal point which has been translated into a new belief system. I express to you, you may avoid this and look directly to yourself.

CHRIS: Elias, I was sitting here and I had a flash of this death thing that we spoke of before ...

ELIAS: Correct.

CHRIS: ... and I have a feeling that it's a lot bigger than I think.

ELIAS: This be why you hold such great fear. This is also reinforced by mass belief systems. Be remembering of this, for the fear of the "all-looming death" is held en masse throughout your planet.

CHRIS: But within myself, I can remember, and this is what I remembered sitting here. I'm kind of a disorganized person, and I can remember just years ago thinking that if I was organized, if I got myself organized, that I would die. That would be it! That would be all I would have to do! (We all crack up) And so therefore, I never got organized!

ELIAS: This would be your choice, Oliver! (Grinning)

MARIO: A hell of an excuse!

CHRIS: So then I'm sitting here thinking, "Wow, this is bigger than I thought," and I'm wondering if my weight and other problems ... it's just kind of like the whole thing is on this death thing 'cause it looks to be bigger than what I initially thought it was. When I was a child and my grandmother died or my aunts, I just wigged out, where they wouldn't let me go to any funerals because I was just overwhelmed by the whole thing. And as I got older, I had a good friend die, and my belief system was, "What's he doing dying, this perfect person? And I'm not!" And it's just all through my life. It's just kind of....

ELIAS: This also carries other belief systems, of 'who shall engage death at what age?' You hold mass religious belief systems that if you are a "good" individual, you shall disengage or die young. If you are a "bad" individual, you shall most probably live a very long, drawn, unhappy life! (Laughter)

CHRIS: Exactly!

ELIAS: I may suggest to you, Oliver, investigate your belief systems in this area and listen to this statement: In actuality, you all are more fearful of life than you are of death. (Pause) Even within your subjective consciousness connected with physical focus, you are more afraid of living, as you term it, than of dying.

CHRIS: That makes more sense!

ELIAS: For physical life is unfamiliar to you, but non-physical essence is quite familiar to you. You are merely temporarily engaged in an experiment to experience within an unfamiliar area of consciousness, that being physical focus.

CHRIS: Well, the statement that I made about getting organized and dying, I didn't really physically mean dying. What I meant was, the part of me that was me would not be there anymore, not necessarily that I would, you know. So what you say about living makes more sense than that, in that that part of me would not be living any longer, but that I would be living something else, and that is scary, okay? So I understand that.

ELIAS: Correct.

CHRIS: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. I shall be disengaging -- Oh no! Death to the dead guy! (laughter) -- with you this afternoon, and I shall express to you all very lovingly, a very fond au revoir.

Elias departs at 5:14 PM.


(1) Elias first introduced himself as Rastin, or "Raz." Mary was uncomfortable with this name and insisted on calling him Elias, as she had "remembered" an individual named Elias during a past-life regression a few years prior. She was very comfortable with this particular memory, as she had remembered Elias as a very close friend. Recently, Elias told us that we had altered probabilities (whatever that means!) and that his "essence tone" is now Elias.

© 1997 Mary Ennis/Vicki Pendley, All Rights Reserved

Copyright 1997 Mary Ennis, All Rights Reserved.