Session 208
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Essence Family Intents/Creation of Physical Realit


"Essence Family Intents/Creation Of Physical Reality"

Sunday, August 17, 1997 © 1997 (Group)
Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), Ron (Olivia), Cathy (Shynla), David (Mylo), Gail (William), Tom (James), Jeri (Fromasch), Bobbi (Jale), Sue (Catherine), Drew (Matthew), Norm (Stephen), and Reta (Dehl).
Margot's note: This was a fascinating session! I loved it!
Elias arrives at 6:36 PM. (Time was ten seconds)

ELIAS: Good evening. We shall begin this evening with our game, and then we shall engage our discussion on essence family intents ... "as planned." (Elias appeared quite amused here, making us all laugh)

CATHY: I'll go. Gramada, source events, all sciences from before the beginning.

ELIAS: One point.

CATHY: Cool! (Cathy was pretty excited here!)

ELIAS: We shall request a standing ovation for Shynla! (Everybody applauds, cracking up as Cathy turns red as a beet!)

VICKI: For Joanne: Ilda, wars, The Workers Revolution in a probable future.

ELIAS: Acceptable. Very good!

VICKI: For Paul: Sumari, gems, garnet.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

VICKI: For Mary: Zuli, spiritual leaders, Paramahansa Yogananda.

ELIAS: (Chuckling, as I stumble over my tongue) Acceptable.

VICKI: For myself: Borledim, amusement park rides, the teacups.

ELIAS: One point.

RON: Sumari, personality types, Abraham Lincoln.

ELIAS: Acceptable.

GAIL: Sumafi, poets, Jack Spicer.

ELIAS: Acceptable. (Pause) Very well. We shall continue with our subject matter. (See footnote ( for a list of family intents)

"Before the beginning," pools of consciousness arranged within cooperation and intent in choosing to be creating yet another physical focus within another dimension -- that being this dimension. In this, nine pools of consciousness, that you designate now as the nine essence families, formed together in conjunction with this physical reality, to be directing of it and creating it. A physical, linear, sequential time framework was chosen to be inserted into this reality. The essences within these nine pools of consciousness chose, for what you may view to be a time period, to be functioning outside of the physical time framework, but inserting objects that you view as physical matter into the time framework. In this, it was organized and chosen that there be designations of intent within these nine pools, to be carrying out specialized actions sequentially and psychically. Also it was chosen that these nine pools of consciousness, within their sequences, would also cycle in these sequences, therefore rotating within their functions.

Initially, the pool of consciousness designated within the intent of the Formers, which has been designated as the Gramada family, initiated; inserting into your physical reality the ideas which gathered energy and formed matter.

This shall not proceed along the lines of your religious belief systems or your scientific knowledge to this moment in your present time framework, for each holds belief systems of how your focus has been formed, and each are misinformed.

The Gramada family initiates the formation of the focus, the dimension, the direction of the time framework, and the instruction to the links of consciousness to be forming physical matter. In response to this action, the Hearers (Vold) respond, this being the second pool of consciousness that inserts into your physical reality, this being a response in creating elements not necessarily having to do with your physical matter; inserting into this dimensional reality the emotional focus which is directing of your planetary conditions.

As you move into the creation of creatures, or what you view to be life-bearing elements, you move into the action of the Bearers, (Borledim) which insert the energy into your dimension which shall be creating of all of what you view to be life. This is not limited to you and your species, but to all elements of what you view as holding life -- vegetation and creatures also. They are responsible for organizing the links of consciousness which shall form into this element of living things, within the construct of matter in conjunction with your Formers, and also in conjunction with the emotional aspect which is inserted.

Each family, each pool of consciousness is in complete harmony with the other pools of consciousness in forming the whole; but in designing a time framework which operates sequentially within the workings of moments, it has been chosen to also sequentially be creating of each element that is inserted into your physical reality.

In response to the Bearers that insert the energy to be creating of physical life, the Zuli family or pool of consciousness (Imagers) enters their intent to the design of the forms within experimentation throughout your known history from what you view to be your beginning of time. Therefore, this pool of consciousness is responsible for all experimentations of all forms and the design of all forms within each era of your physical history -- all plant life, all creatures, and all of the designs that have been chosen within experimentation of your species -- not as evolution, but in separate, individual designs of each species, and the removal of those and the insertion of different designs.

As each species continues and chooses to continue within this physical dimension, not choosing extinction, each species may alter its physical appearance within your time framework. In this, a new experiment is offered within physical form. It is not an evolution. It is a new creation. You have not evolved from your apes. You are unique within your species, and you have experimented with different forms throughout your history. So also have other creatures, each expression being new.

As you move on within the action of your Dream Walkers and their creations, you have inserted your life. Now you move to your initiators within thought and creativity, and subsequently into communication. This would be the action of the Sumari family; the pool of consciousness of the Speakers. This pool inserts the creativity and the action of this creativity. The Ilda follows in response within the action of communication; the intent of the Tellers.

You move now to your family of Milumet, which follows the communicators within the intent of the Watchers. They are the holders of the truth. They are your spiritualists. They insert into your physical reality that element of essence and the knowledge of essence and consciousness, that this may continue within your reality and not entirely be forgotten, even within your forgetfulness for the purity of your experience.

In response to this pool of consciousness is inserted the intent of the Sumafi; to be the Seers, to be overseeing the information within truth that it remains undistorted and that essence is not compromised within a physical dimension. Although you hold belief systems that essence may be compromised within physical focuses, it is not. And lastly follows what you view on your game as your indigo, your Readers; the family of Tumold. These choose to move lastly, to be reminding you in instruction to be returning to natural states. The intent within the Tumold is not healing in the idea that you hold. It is to be directing of energy within your physical focus to be continuing to return elements to their natural state within physical focus.

There you have the sequence of the Dream Walkers within the actions of their intents, which they insert into this physical dimension in creating your reality. In this, these Dream Walkers experienced what you would term to be in physical focus much time period, millenniums, of being not completely physically focused. Within this, physical time elements continue, but the essences partially manifesting as the Dream Walkers did not experience time within the same manner that you experience time. The allowance for manipulation of time elements within their own individual consciousness was such to be altering time in many directions, and also allowing its freedom of movement more quickly or more slowly, dependent upon the action of their choosing.

The physical form of many, but not all, of these essences of the Dream Walkers would be quite different from what you recognize as yourselves within your species. There was not the solidity that you hold presently, for they have chosen not to be inserting themselves completely into this physical dimension. Therefore, they are partially manifest, holding the ability to create physical form that appears solid temporarily, but also holding the ability to not physically manifest solidly within matter; this being what you may term to be "ghost images" at times. These essences also retained the choice to be altering of form throughout the entirety of your existence within this dimension, choosing not to be physically manifest completely ever within this dimension.

Therefore, I express to you that throughout your history, you may hold encounters with these Dream Walkers within different forms. I have expressed mainly in the direction of the Seers, simply for the reason that most of the individuals attending this forum are Sumafi. Therefore, you identify with the Seers. This is the manifestation of the family that you belong to.

Also within this forum, some individuals hold an aspect of Seer. I make a distinction in this which I shall explain presently. (To Vic) Excuse! (Vic is cracking up) Such seriousness! A true Seer within the aspect of the scribe, in always noticing! And you may continue!

Vic's note: When Elias said the word "explain," he started to say "express." As a result, it came out sounding pretty funny. This has kind of turned into a joke between myself and Elias, as I find the phenomenon itself fascinating, and therefore observe very carefully.

"Before the beginning," these essences choosing to be the Dream Walkers were initiating of your physical dimension, but held no intent to be physically experiencing within this physical dimension. Therefore, they may be considered your initiators, but they are only a part of the whole. They are elements within pools of consciousness similar to your points of your pyramid, merely directing energy within certain intents. Within consciousness, which is unlimited -- underline -- many, many other essences were choosing to physically manifest within this dimension. These essences may be belonging to the same families or aligned with the same families, but not a Dream Walker; therefore physically inserting themselves within actual matter into this dimension for the experience of this physical dimension. These essences hold a difference from the Dream Walkers, choosing to be completely physically manifest within this dimension within focuses. In this, as the Dream Walkers did not hold and do not hold to your time framework and did not create the separation for experience within physical focus, knowledge of essence and probabilities that are simultaneous, but you view to be future, was continued to be held. Therefore, knowledge of your shift, as it is simultaneous, was understood and also provided for.

Knowing within simultaneous time -- I am understanding that this is a very difficult concept -- but knowing within simultaneous time that the action of the shift is an experimentation in consciousness that has not occurred otherwise, aspects of the Dream Walkers merged with focuses of other essences which were not Dream Walkers. Therefore, I may express to you that the Seers or the Speakers or the Watchers have never been entirely physically manifest, and I may also express to you that you are Seers; for you hold the aspect within you of these Dream Walkers, as provided within mergence of essences, in recognition of the shift within consciousness that you are accomplishing presently. These individuals within consciousness, not necessarily objectively but within consciousness, provide the same action as the Dream Walkers "before the beginning," in being the directing points of energy to be connecting with all of your physical reality to accomplish this shift in consciousness. (Pause, smiling)

We shall break, and you may be assimilating this information, and you may ask your questions as we return.

BREAK: 7:08 PM RESUME: 7:29 PM (Time was three seconds)

ELIAS: Continuing. You may ask your questions.

RETA: May I clear up one thing? You said that some of the Dream Walkers, in order to work with the shift, have merged with our present focuses, and you said that some in here have a mergence with the Dream Walkers?

ELIAS: Correct.

RETA: All of us, or just a few of us, or one or two?

ELIAS: (Pause) Each present, within this present forum within this present now, hold an aspect of the Dream Walkers ... not all within Sumafi as Seer.

RETA: So would that be for the purpose of being here, for Elias to speak to them to remind them to help expand? Or is that because they would know inside that they're supposed to be in this forum?

ELIAS: Correct. You draw yourselves to this forum.

RETA: And partly because of the mergence of the Dream Walkers?

ELIAS: Correct.

RON: So when these pools of consciousness got together back there "before the beginning" and decided they were going to create this new thing, I'm assuming that they had full intention of creating what they would consider a perfect reality, or a ... I'll just cut to the question. As the Dream Walkers began to become more physical, is that when things that we would consider to be not so perfect and not so ideal began to happen, or was that something that was built into the ideal or the plan or the concept?

ELIAS: (Grinning) Your physical reality has continued from its inception perfectly!

RON: So that was the plan to begin with, was the way it is now. I mean, this is just the way it has always been.

ELIAS: Correct. You have created this reality within the design that it has taken. There have been no mistakes. It has been created perfectly within simultaneous time, allowing for the actualization of all probabilities within this dimension ... accounting also for the belief systems which would be created within probabilities, this being also a perfect creation.

RON: Well, did they start out with no belief systems, though?

ELIAS: Within the focus of the Dream Walkers, belief systems were not what you would term to be an invention; although within simultaneous time, all of your reality occurs now. Therefore, the belief systems have always been, for they are always now, and this is also a design of this particular physical dimension.

RON: So there was actually not really an inception of any kind, because it's all happening now.

ELIAS: Correct.

RON: Okay. It's just a little confusing when you put it into a linear framework.

ELIAS: I am understanding of this, this being why I have expressed this shall be a difficult concept; for the Dream Walkers are also now, and the mergence of the aspect of the Dream Walkers is now, for the shift is now.

RON: So do the Dream Walkers hold belief systems?


DREW: Isn't every dimension perfect?

ELIAS: Yes, within the intent of its design.

DREW: But there are no mistakes in any dimension.


NORM: It's just that we would make a new set of intents the next time we do it, which would be perfect.

ELIAS: Why? You are creating all of your experiences and intents presently within every dimension!

NORM: Well, maybe I think I could do it better!

ELIAS: There is no "better!" (Laughter)

RETA: In other dimensions, would they have the workings and still be with the same sort of nine essence families?

ELIAS: Each dimension is created within a different focus. Therefore, each dimension does not necessarily hold nine essence families to be directing of their particular dimension. It varies, depending upon the design of the physical dimension.

NORM: Does that imply that there are more than the nine families? Out of all the pools, are there more than nine different families of those pools?

ELIAS: Within other dimensions, yes; not within this dimension.

NORM: Within all of reality.

ELIAS: Within all of reality, there are numberless pools of consciousness directing numberless realities.

NORM: Will we have the opportunity, as the links can flip from one to the other, can we as an essence go from one to others?

ELIAS: You do! (Staring at Norm)

NORM: Wonderful!

DAVID: So in all our experiencing, in all our experiences, there is nothing to learn from them?

ELIAS: You are continually within the state of becoming. You are endless explorers, for all of consciousness is continuously exploring and becoming.

DAVID: So then we learn from our experiences!

ELIAS: In the terms that you are expressing, it is irrelevant. You are experiencing. You are becoming.

DAVID: So why do we use the word learning? Why do we even bother with that word?

ELIAS: For this is your belief system! (Smiling)

DAVID: So I can't say, out of a bad experience, which I DO say, "I learned something from that! Boy, I'll never do that again!" It became a learning experience!

ELIAS: Or it becomes an experience that you choose to alter within what you view to be futurely. It is merely a term within your belief systems. You are continuously choosing within probabilities and experiences. In actuality, no experience is right or wrong, and it is merely your choice to alter your experiences for whatever reasons you choose within your belief systems. (Staring at David)

DAVID: I'll work on that. I'll chew on that one!

VICKI: I have a question, but I'm not really sure what the question is. You were talking about the Seers being initiating something, and you also grouped the Seers and the Watchers together within a combined intent and their contributions to the creating of this physical focus, correct? And I remember, I think, that the Sumafi family is counterpart to the Gramada family, and so I would imagine that there's counterpart action in there within the initiating?

ELIAS: No. I have expressed to you that this is not an example of counterpart action. This is sequential creation within intent and within the design of your physical time framework.

VICKI: What was it that you said that the Seers were initiating of?

ELIAS: The Seers follow the Watchers, who hold the information, continued, of essence; and the Seers, in conjunction with the Watchers, offer the least distortion in the knowledge of essence and consciousness. This is their contribution to the creation of your physical focus; that within consciousness, there is held the continuation throughout your physical history of the action of the least distortion. There be your teachers and your philosophers and your scribes; holding the information within consciousness within the least amount of distortion, holding the integrity of essence within your physical manifestation.

NORM: In your description, I'm trying to relate this to some of the things that we've been taught about the age of our galaxy, being in the neighborhood of four-and-a-half to five-and-a-half billion years old. I believe you were talking about how the rate of time could have changed with respect to what we experience today as the rate of change of time. I'm trying to relate that with creation. Are you saying that the creation of this portion of the galaxy could have occurred very rapidly, and made to appear that it was really four-and-a-half billion years old? I'm trying to correlate that. (Pause)

ELIAS: Time is elastic; it is not absolute. Therefore, you may view that time eludes you within your belief systems of what you view it to be. As I expressed to you of the manipulation of a time framework and the movement outside of the accepted time framework within this dimension, I was referring to the experience of the Dream Walkers allowing themselves the ability to move outside of the framework of your time element as it has been established sequentially in this dimension. The insertion of matter from these pools of consciousness exists within a time framework which has been established in this dimension. It is relative only to this dimension, and your understanding of the framework of the time element is quite limited; but if you are viewing in limited terms, your planet and your universe, as you view it, holds an age. It is different from what you view it to be. I suggest to you that if you are thinking in your physical linear terms, it is much older than you realize, for you recognize only what you may conceive of as physical evidence. There are elements of your universe and your planet also that do not fall within the confines of your physical evidence; for just as I have expressed previously, your planet also has blinked.

NORM: Continuously.

ELIAS: It blinks at a different rate of speed, so to speak, than do you, for its design is different. You blink continuously within consciousness. Your planet blinks within a much slower rate within time frameworks. Therefore, it blinks in what you may term to be millions of your years. Its time framework is different from what you view as your time framework.

NORM: A difference in consciousness?

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: Creating that or influencing that, correct?

ELIAS: Correct. The consciousness is not different. The action of the direction of consciousness within a time framework is different.

NORM: Isn't the gestalt of consciousness units ... that association of the links creates that difference.

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: And that association can create.

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: So are these essence families working together, so to speak, in the same manner now in the shift?

ELIAS: Correct. As I have expressed, as they have chosen to be moving sequentially, they also cycle. Therefore, as the cycle of creation within one area which has been chosen completes its manifestation, the cycle continues with the Formers initiating once again in a new area, and so on.

NORM: May I clarify one thing? "Before the beginning" is before the creation of this physical dimension. That's how you're terming it. That's what you mean by that term?

ELIAS: Correct; for you view a beginning with your physical elements and your physical planet and your physical selves, although there is no beginning, for all is simultaneous.

RETA: What would you call it, going back to before the formation of the pools of essence, back to intents that were gathering, or....

ELIAS: Essence has always been, for consciousness has always been, for there is no element other than the continual now. Therefore, I express to you "before the beginning" only for your own understanding within your terminology and your language. There is no "before the beginning."

RETA: I know you've said that, but I'm trying to see. So there's a gestalt that gets together for this dimension and another dimension and another dimension. I know it's not sequential, but I'm trying to figure out how that gestalt gets together and forms the nine essence families ... or whatever dimension they're in. That's links of consciousness. They would magnate together. I understand that too, but ... (sighing) Oh dear! There's not a before the beginning, yes! But I'm trying to put it in my head in sequence, of course, so that I can say, "Well, I could have been one of those links of consciousness up there who decided to go with this dimension or that dimension." Or did I decide to do them all?

ELIAS: You are not a link of consciousness "up there," for there is no "up there!" (Laughter, as Reta expresses exasperation!)

NORM: Can I re-phrase this? How do the nine consciousnesses, or the nine pools that are the families that are associated with this physical dimension, how do they look at it? The initiators said, "Let's try this experiment?"

ELIAS: It is an action of continuous becoming. Within each moment, a new physical reality or area of non-physical reality is being formed, for it is continuously becoming. There is no process! I offer to you only information which seems as a process, for your understanding of your own physical creation. In actuality, all is occurring presently within an immense action of becoming and exploring of consciousness, which all of you are, and may not be separated from any other aspect of consciousness, for there is no division. It is merely your perception within the choice to be entering a physical dimension, but you are also occupying non-physical dimensions simultaneously, and other physical dimensions simultaneously.

NORM: I got the concept from some of the Seth books, and the idea of Seth Two to Seth to Jane, that Seth Two was really a higher level, but you're saying that is not the way to think of it?

ELIAS: Correct. This is merely an allowance of a bleed-through of a wider awareness of Seth.

NORM: I see. Interesting.

ELIAS: But is the same within essence.

NORM: And you hold as wide an awareness as Seth?

ELIAS: Presently, correct; and also hold other aspects of this essence which hold wider awarenesses, in which this particular aspect of essence that you recognize as Elias does not focus its attention within those areas of consciousness, but is not separated from.

NORM: Do Lawrence and Stephen and Dehl have as great an awareness?

ELIAS: ALL essences are the same. You merely, in focusing your attention within this particular area of consciousness, are not remembering what this essence is remembering.

NORM: We have to have the experience.

ELIAS: This be the action of your shift, and the reason that you move into this shift.

VICKI: I have one other question related to my last question. So if the families are basically working together presently within the shift in the manner that you described tonight, in a logical thought process in my mind, it doesn't go along with the Vold family and the Borledim family being so instrumental and active presently.

ELIAS: You are thinking singularly, and you are attempting to categorize. This is not a counterpart situation that I have presented to you. It is merely a designation in explanation of action within the direction of creating. This is not limiting the actions that each family may choose to be creating, and it does not limit the creation of source events which are created within non-physical areas of reality and inserted into mass events within your Regional Area 1. Therefore, independently of this sequential action or cycling of creation, essence families may choose in cooperation with each other to be initiating and creating source events also simultaneously. This is a different action, as their counterpart action is also different. You may be accomplishing many more than merely one action simultaneously.

NORM: The blinking rate of me is very much faster than the blinking rate of the earth. Does that relate to the probable selves that we have? Can we still experience this earth? What is the relationship between the slower blinking of the earth and the faster blinking of us and our probable selves?

ELIAS: Probable selves are different from focuses. You are a focus. A probable self is a projection of the focus into a probable reality, which is chosen in action for many, many, many different reasons. This is a creation of you. It is an aspect of you as the focus. Therefore, you within consciousness dictate the speed of the probable self, for you are creating of the probable reality. The blinking of your planet is the design collectively chosen of the essences which have created it, which is also you.

NORM: We had discussed it once before that when I was sixteen, I had a probable self that became a vase artist. Now, I created the world that he went into?

ELIAS: You design this, for this is a projection of self.

NORM: But he was not alone in that design. There were all kinds of other people there!

ELIAS: You may design whatever you may imagine, and you shall create a probable reality! (Staring at Norm)

NORM: Wow! I designed other people to be with him?

ELIAS: You may design an entire planet to be cooperating with the individual, if you are so choosing. You are not limited in your ability within numbers to be creating of anything within a probable reality, and it shall be reality, but it shall be a probable reality.

NORM: And it's not quite as physical as ...

ELIAS: Correct. This would hold less solidity to your thinking than does this reality that you view physically, although within the probable reality, it holds equal solidity; but to you, it shall be a ghost aspect of yourself.

NORM: And then that ghost aspect can have another ghost aspect?

ELIAS: If so choosing, yes.

NORM: And I can continue on....

ELIAS: There is no limitation!

NORM: I have to change my belief systems! (Elias and Norm laugh)

BOBBI: I have a question on that. Would the artist or probable self look at themselves as a focus personality, and see this focus as a probable version of self?

ELIAS: If allowing itself the awareness, yes. If not, it will hold no awareness of the individual which has created the probable focus, and it shall not question. But if informed, which may occur.... Within intersection of a focus, not necessarily Stephen's focus, and informed, the probable focus is then altered and then becomes directing of its own focus, and shall view Stephen as a probable focus also.

Example: You (Norm) may project and create a probable focus. You may create a probable you, and you may insert into this probable reality any element that you wish. In this, Jale may choose to intersect this probable reality, knowing that you have created this probable reality. Within the intersection, you may choose to be expressing to this probable focus or projection that another exists which has created it; and if this probable reality is accepting of your information, its reality shall alter and it shall be view you also as a probable focus, and it shall become another focus of essence.

NORM: Which essence?

ELIAS: The essence of Stephen.

NORM: Say it again?

ELIAS: Of your essence.

BOBBI: (To Norm) You would have two focuses, in your case.

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: So that's one way that probable projections become a focus of essence?

ELIAS: Correct.

RETA: Would a probable self ever, in discovering that he is a probable self, go back and rejoin the focus of the original? Intersect with himself, more or less?

ELIAS: It may, if so choosing, although it would not necessarily merge. It has been projected, and now holds choice of its own.

NORM: Well, within the next thirty-six months or so, I want to do two different things, so I can do them both if I want to.

ELIAS: If you are so choosing. It is not necessary to be limiting yourself, as I have expressed to Lawrence. You may be creating of more than one element within your time framework.

NORM: That would be fun, to really know the experiences!

ELIAS: You hold the ability to view this action, and to intersect with an alternate or a probable self.

NORM: And that would be lucid dreaming, or ... ?

ELIAS: You may do this within your waking state. You may do this within your dreaming state. You may do this within a meditative state. You may choose any "method" -- that you are so fond of -- that you are wishing, and you may intersect with an alternate or a probable self.

VICKI: I'd like to ask a personal question, a brief one. In the last few weeks, I've had a picture in my head of a woman. It's very clear, and the only thing I could connect it with was Jeri. I wondered then, going on with a rational thought process, if it had something to do with her mother. So my curiosity is really up now, because I've discussed it with her and the picture doesn't seem to have anything to do with her mother. But it's very clear, and it's right in front of me all the time, this older woman. I just wonder if you can tell me what it is? (Pause)

ELIAS: Another example of your coincidental timing in your subject matter. This is very clear to you and is misinterpreted as the mother, although this also would be a connection and intersection with a projection of a probable self which is Fromasch.

You do not necessarily create the image of the focus. An alternate self shall appear within intersection to be the mirror image of the focus, for it is an aspect of the focus. A probable self may hold any design within form. It is a projection of consciousness of the focus. In this, the reason for the projection is to be connecting and allowing a greater understanding of the experience of the parent. Therefore, Fromasch has created a projection of a probable self to be connecting with this action. In this, you recognize this projection as a probable self.

Now; within this, you may offer to yourself the same example that I have offered within the direction of Stephen and Jale, that you may choose to be intersecting with this probable self and expressing information to this probable self, and if accepted, it shall alter its reality and become a focus. (Pause) If you are figuring out how! (Laughter) I offer you the challenge!

NORM: This afternoon, early in the afternoon, I had an experience that I kind of dipped into some kind of different reality and came back because of fear, I believe, and then I dipped again and I came back, and I was trying to place it in time and space. I've had this before, and I sure would love to know what I'm doing!

ELIAS: As you allow yourself to slip out of your recognition in your attention of your physical time framework, you may experience these elements of what our twins were expressing much time ago as "fuzzing out." This being an offering to yourself, briefly and temporarily, of recognizing the action of blinking.

NORM: What do I get to see?

ELIAS: As you allow yourself to be experiencing this with more acceptance, you shall experience more of your blinking. If you are choosing, you may blink and momentarily view another focus of essence, which may not necessarily be held within this dimension.

NORM: But I could have the feeling that it's not too far away.

ELIAS: Quite.

NORM: It could be within a half mile of where I live.

ELIAS: You are holding to your thought process of physical!

NORM: But ... okay.

ELIAS: Allow yourself the experience and the trust, and allow yourself within acceptance to access. The reason that you feel a physical closeness of energy is that there is no difference within space arrangement. All of your focuses within all of the dimensions occupy the same space arrangement.

NORM: Incredible!

ELIAS: They are merely within different dimensions.

I shall be discontinuing this evening, and I shall be continuing with this information at our next meeting, for this shall be ongoing and requiring of much of your time framework to be expressing of these concepts to you, and I am quite sure that you may also be holding many more questions within our future discussions in this area.

I express to you all this evening very affectionately, a very good evening and au revoir!

Elias departs at 8:17 PM.


(1) For reference, here is a list of essence family intents:

Watchers -- Milumet Formers -- Gramada Hearers -- Vold Tellers -- Ilda Speakers -- Sumari Readers -- Tumold Imagers -- Zuli Bearers -- Borledim Seers -- Sumafi

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