Session 207

Healing/Ghost Aspects


"Healing/Ghost Aspects"

Friday, August 15, 1997 © 1997 (Private)
Participants: Mary (Michael), Vicki (Lawrence), and Jim (Yarr).
Elias arrives at 4:35 P.M. (Time was seventeen seconds)

ELIAS: Good afternoon. (Smiling)

JIM: Good afternoon. Thank you. I have a few questions; mainly, I guess, points of clarification. For quite some time, almost after the inception of our physical meeting here, I've had discussions with myself, and then I hear your dialect coming into my mind. That is you? (Elias nods) Okay, thank you.

ELIAS: I have expressed to you Yarr, that I am in continuous communication with you, as with many other individuals also.

JIM: Yes. We've had some great conversations! I guess I just had to hear that objectively. Thank you. You gave an explanation to a person recently who was noticing her sight, being unable to focus. The explanation you gave, is that what I'm experiencing, along those same lines? Or is this the DNA belief system of my family heritage?

ELIAS: This is an alignment with your choice of your heritage. You may alter this if you are so choosing, as I have expressed in previous sessions that your DNA is not absolute and unchangeable. It is your choice as to what you wish to be altering, but within the probabilities that you have already chosen, you have accepted certain heritages and align with the creation of certain physical aspects in relation to what you have chosen within your family history. Therefore, you align your DNA structure to be complying with your lineage.

JIM: And in correcting ... it wouldn't be correcting but choosing another alignment of clear sight, that would be accepting of that alignment and then neutralizing that action subjectively?

ELIAS: It would be recognizing that you have chosen this probability and you have chosen this physical structure within your encoding, and then altering of probabilities and choosing to be not aligning with family lineage.

JIM: So it's not necessarily a healing action within myself?

ELIAS: No. It would be an alteration in choice of probabilities having to do with alignments of family history.

JIM: All I'm needing to do then is express my choice in altering probabilities and accept it, and that will occur.

ELIAS: Quite ... "all you need do!" (Grinning at Jim)

JIM: You had mentioned at one time that the essence of Jesus shall remanifest within our shift. Do any of the other leaders -- Siddhartha, Lao Tse, or any of the other leaders of religions as we see them -- have plans to remanifest within our shift as well?

ELIAS: No; this being a specialized action within this one essence; and only one aspect of that essence, one focus which is one facet of that essence, is choosing to be merging and has already merged with the essence manifesting within nine physical focuses presently. As I have expressed to you, the one aspect of that essence -- that which manifests physically as Paul, Saul of Tarsus -- that is the aspect or the focus of the essence which has now merged with Rose and is remanifest within these nine physical focuses of Rose presently; the reason for this being a continuation of the manifestation which was agreed upon initially, in knowing within essence that THAT essence would be instrumental in altering the reality of your religious element upon your planet and initiating a stronger alignment with religious belief systems throughout the next centuries, and also holding a knowing within essence that this aspect would be instrumental in closing out your religious era and being helpful in ushering in your shift in consciousness.

JIM: A number of years ago, I had a situation where a tiger leapt on me and bit me in the neck. I told the tiger "No," and all of a sudden he got off me and went back and laid down and looked at me. I've often felt that there was something, someone else or something else or something there that occurred that was influencing. This occurrence has come to my mind quite a bit here lately. I'd like to get some insight on that if I could. It was back in 1980. (Pause)

ELIAS: This being the onset of the action which you engage presently; this being a response within the consciousness of this creature to be gaining your attention, and an exchange in energy initially within physical contact more so than average, so to speak; in an extreme. This would be to be gaining your attention of your initial connection to creatures, in their helpfulness in practicing within the area that you engage presently. You focus in the direction of healing within your attention. You have offered yourself much time framework of practicing with creatures; and they, in compliance in consciousness, offer situations to you within helpfulness, that you may practice and learn to be accepting and trusting of self and gaining a greater understanding of the workings of consciousness and how you may not be pushing elements in consciousness. This creature did what? Pushed you!

JIM: Yes, it knocked me down!

ELIAS: This being its communication to you at the onset of your choice within probabilities, which has led you to this point in this time framework within this present now. Therefore, the reason this comes to mind, so to speak, is a recognition of what you view to be a past communication, in offering you instruction that you must hold an allowance of energy and an acceptance and not be pushing or forcing energy to be moving in the direction that you wish it to be moving into, for it shall not. It shall merely intrude and be hurtful. Therefore, within the expression offered, the action was taken to be pushing at you and initially to be hurtful, but then to also be expressing to you of the subsequent acceptance and calmness that is required. This was symbolic and offered to you much time ago, as this would be the initiating action which you offered to yourself of probabilities that have followed subsequently and have moved you into the area that you are presently engaging, and will be engaging futurely.

These are also symbolic examples to you presented within a familiar area of creatures initially, but I have expressed to you for some time period now that you shall be moving into areas within your own species, not concentrating upon creatures. You have not chosen an intent to be a veterinarian! You have chosen within your intent to be focusing upon other individuals, but initially you have offered yourself the opportunity to be practicing within safe areas. Therefore, if you are engaging your healing abilities and you view that you have created a failure for the energy has not been accepted in the manner that you expect, you may feel temporarily a loss or upset, but you shall not hold tremendous guilt as you would within individuals of your same kind. This offers you the opportunity to build your trust in self and your acceptance of self, without discounting of self to the point of giving up.

JIM: So in this instance, when this creature a few months later became very ill and offered helpfulness and then he came around and became healthy, then that was part of the exchange?

ELIAS: A response; this being your initiation into the area that you presently focus upon with your attention.

JIM: Cool! Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome; this being also, I shall suggest to you, the reason that you -- and also in lending energy, Borloh -- continue similar imagery in symbolism with these large cats in viewing projections.

JIM: She saw that again recently, the large cat.

ELIAS: This is a connection to the initial action, to be reminding you of this instruction and connection which initiated this action that you engage yourself with presently.

JIM: So it's not over yet!

ELIAS: Not quite!

JIM: Okay. In your explanation regarding the pyramid and the five points, within my family intent of Sumafi I have the aspect of Seer, correct? (Pause)

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: And is that in alignment with the five points of the pyramid, with that action?

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: Okay. That explains that. The energy session that I went to last night -- we've spoken of this briefly before -- there seemed to be a lot of similarities to what he was expressing and what I am feeling in communicating with the body energetically, and seeing how a mergence can occur and the thought process being influencing. Am I viewing a truthful area, a more correct area with little distortion, or am I....

ELIAS: I express to you that presently within the motion of this shift, many different areas shall be accessed within what you view to be the element of healing. Many methods are accurate; one not necessarily being more effective than another. It is a time period presently when you all allow yourselves a widening in awareness which opens you to the vast avenues of creativity that are available to you. Therefore, you may view many more aspects of actions creatively to be accessing the same information and to be manipulating energy efficiently, only in different ways. Many other individuals access new information within creativity also in the area of sound and thought waves, to be affecting of energy and to be lending energy and manipulating energy for helpfulness in this area of healing. Therefore, you also allow yourself new, creative information that you may be connecting with. You need merely be trusting self and listening to your inner intuition in knowing what is ringing true, and that you may incorporate many avenues of creativity and not limit yourself to merely one. (Pause)

JIM: The age-old issue -- shoulder -- seems more times than not to feel comfortable, but there still seems to be part of it there. Last night in the energy session I participated in, I felt relief. Am I still dealing with that self-worth issue with my father? How can one disengage truly from a counterpart or from that agreement?

ELIAS: You shall, as you allow yourself to be moving more into the direction that you have chosen within probabilities presently. As you move into the area of your true intent of engaging your abilities and your creativity with other individuals and you move away from your practice with your creatures, you are offering yourself more acceptance; and as this continues, you also let go of more and more of this shrine that you have created and hold energy within your physical form. Eventually, if so continuing in your direction with your intent, you shall eliminate this physical manifestation and the counterpart action as you choose to be trusting and accepting you and your abilities. You may look to yourself and view quite honestly that you have not yet "all the way" moved into the area of trusting self and accepting self enough to be practicing with humans within a continual basis. Therefore, you magnate to the familiar with your creatures, in recognition of less responsibility personally. As you learn to be accepting of self, you shall also offer yourself information that you need not fear responsibility of self; for if you are trusting yourself, you shall not betray yourself.

JIM: I've heard that!

ELIAS: Somewhere! (Grinning)

JIM: Yes! Christie expressed in her session a few months back that everything that we go through, everything that is presented to us is ... in accepting everything that comes to us, it is ...

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: ... trusting of self, no matter what.

ELIAS: This be your basis. This be the basis of the action of this shift; to be accepting and trusting of self and therefore widening your awareness as a natural byproduct, and offering yourself tremendous new avenues in creativity that you may now explore, and increasing your ability; for you engage your periphery and no longer hold to your blinders. In this, you may not engage your periphery and you may not move in the action of this shift without accepting and trusting self.

You are moving into a new area of consciousness. Other individuals, other essences, shall not be expressing your direction for you any longer. You shall be directing of yourselves, individually and collectively, and this is unfamiliar to you. You are quite familiar with your officially accepted reality of being instructed by a select few in how to create your reality in the direction that they wish you to create your reality. Now you may create your reality in the direction that you choose independently, within your own creativity and for yourself.

You have always created your realities for yourselves. You have NOT always understood HOW you create your reality. You have also aligned within mass belief systems, within your societies throughout your entire globe, in agreement to be following instruction of select few individuals that you designate to be "the leaders." Now you may each be your own leaders.

JIM: So those being physical leaders that we look to for guidance, whether they be doctors or religious or political or whoever.

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: One question for another individual -- Jill, Borloh's sister. Her alignment -- is she Sumafi aligned with Milumet, as Borloh?

ELIAS: (Accessing) No.

JIM: Zuli?

ELIAS: Sumafi, aligned with Sumari; this being also the reason this individual holds difficulty in completing projects!

JIM: Okay, I'll pass that on. I thank you, and I'm sure she will too. From our discussion the other night on the transmission of Searcheron ... search-is-on?

ELIAS: Very good.

JIM: So Searcher, futurely....

ELIAS: Is on, which suggests to you what message?

JIM: Is on the trail, or on the search for this focus?

ELIAS: No. Is on -- has connected.

JIM: Is turned on! This being a future focus?

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: Cool!

ELIAS: Therefore, you may more easily access this individual and your connection to this individual, for from the future focus, the connection has been made. The light is on.

JIM: And connecting with that through dreams, through meditation, through bleed-throughs, through intuition....

ELIAS: Quite.

JIM: All of the above. The dream that I was expressing before our session here with Mary last night, the woman that I felt that I knew in that dream was very familiar. Was that this connection, or who was that? Was that another facet of me?

ELIAS: This being a visitation. I have expressed to you previously, to you all previously, to be noticing of strangers within your dream state, that you may be encountering Seer; this being why you hold recognition, but not quite within identification. You shall recognize as you intersect with another Seer, but you may not hold a recognition of identity. This shall also increase with you all that hold the aspect of Seer, as this shift increases in motion.

JIM: So this was another Seer? Not a facet or an aspect, but another essence?

ELIAS: Correct; of Seer.

JIM: That's connected as well. And the appearance of Mary being different-looking .. another focus?

ELIAS: This being merely imagery, in symbolism of a noticing and a recognition of movement presently being engaged within changes.

JIM: Okay. In terminology -- I know we've talked about this a lot in the last three or four weeks -- of acceptance and accepting and accept, is it all the same? Accept, accepting, acceptance is all the same?


JIM: Accepting neutralizing the action? Am I understanding this correctly?

ELIAS: This is a byproduct of the action of accepting.

JIM: The neutralization?


JIM: Okay.

ELIAS: Within your acceptance of belief systems, you neutralize their power. This is a byproduct of your action. It is automatic.

JIM: So in the term "accepting of self," in doing that, you're not giving power to the belief system of duplicity?

ELIAS: Correct. Yes.

JIM: One last question, and I think maybe you've just answered it. When an individual has thoughts of worrying that something could have happened to somebody, and you begin to think of these scenarios or even say something to someone in anger ... being that thought is reality and then perhaps having this thought and then thinking, "Gee, that's a terrible thought," or "I know that's a belief," but is there a way of negating that thought? Sometimes I'll take those thoughts and put them into a black hole and maybe they'll reorganize or something, but is that even necessary?


JIM: Because you're looking at the good and bad thing, and their own creation of their own probabilities?

ELIAS: Quite. I shall express to you Yarr, that many individuals hold belief systems of good and bad and positive and negative energies and expressing within certain directions, for they wish not to be expelling negative energy and they wish not to be presenting negativity with the cosmos and within consciousness and ... ludicrous! Energy is energy. It is not positive; it is not negative. You may hold belief systems of negative thought processes, but within blocking of these or not accepting of these, you also block impulses and create geysers. Therefore, I suggest to you that you may be expressing of thought processes that you may view to be negative. Example: "I dislike you very much!" You may not be expressing this outwardly, but you may be thinking within your brain these thoughts. And then you are expressing within your brain, "I am a very bad person! I have expelled this energy, and thought is reality, and I have been expressing negatively. This is very bad!" Incorrect!

Thought is reality, and it shall be expressed within energy; but in your directing of your energy within acceptance of self, you shall place this energy into probable ghost areas which shall allow this to re-form within its own expression, and it shall move into any manifestation that these links of consciousness choose to be placing themselves within. The energy shall automatically rearrange itself and be expressed, and it shall not necessarily be expressed in creating your great monsters within consciousness!

JIM: Okay. So what we view as a violent or negative thought could remanifest as a flower within energy.

ELIAS: Quite. This is another element of acceptance of self, and that the energy that you project and that you hold is not negative. This is a belief system, and as you begin to be accepting of belief systems and of self, you shall also offer yourself the opportunity to discontinue all of this self-chastisement that you are continuously offering to yourselves as a natural occurrence!

VICKI: Can I ask a question? (Elias, as usual, agrees. This is the dumbest question -- "Can I ask a question!") Are you saying that rather than express that verbalization, you can project the thought within energy and allow it to be re-formed?

ELIAS: Yes. This being, in your widening of awareness and your acceptance, a recognition of your ability to manipulate energy and also express within the direction of essence. It is unnecessary for you to be creating physical chemical reactions in expressing verbally all of your thought processes, and as you are recognizing that it is acceptable for you to be discontented within certain elements -- it is acceptable for you to be agitated within certain expressions -- you may redirect this energy in accepting your own expression and not necessarily directing this outwardly, in acceptance also of another individual's expression; but you may also respond, and you may, in thought, project this energy into ghost aspects in probabilities, and it shall re-form.

JIM: Within that terminology, that would be the ghost aspects?

ELIAS: Quite. Example: Yarr is approaching of Lawrence. Yarr is expressing of an action that he is engaging. Lawrence is thinking, "You, Yarr, are an idiot!" (To Jim) Lawrence may be accepting of Yarr's expression in recognition that this is your reality and this be your perception and your expression, (to Vic) and may also be accepting of your own perception and your own thought process and not express verbally, which knowingly this shall be hurtful. Therefore, within acceptance of the other individual's perception and creation of reality, and acceptance of self and your own creation in reality, you may redirect the thought process, recognizing that this also is reality and energy and is not wrong, and you may project this energy into ghost aspects of probabilities where it shall then reform within energy. This needs no thought process. You need not be expressing within your thinking, "You are an idiot! Now I must think, and send this energy away into a ghost aspect of probabilities, for this is bad!" Incorrect. You need merely be accepting that your perception is reality and that the other individual's perception is also reality, and in this acceptance you automatically project the energy of the thought process into these ghost aspects of probabilities.

VICKI: What if later on I express to Olivia, "Yarr is an idiot!"

ELIAS: You may also be inserting this expression into the same area of consciousness, although it is dependent upon your intent within your expression. If your intent is to be hurtful intentionally, you shall be affecting within consciousness, and you shall within some aspect be hurtful to Yarr. If you are not expressing within this intent, if your intent is playful, this automatically moves also into the area of ghost aspects of probabilities in energy, and re-forms.

JIM: But if a person is intending to be hurtful, then it's up to the other person if they are choosing to incorporate that within their reality and believe it in some way or see it in some way?

ELIAS: Within direct contact, yes; but as I have expressed, Lawrence may express this within the intent of being hurtful not within physical contact to Yarr, and the energy shall move in this direction of intent. You hold the option to block this energy, but you do not always block this energy for you are not always objectively aware that it is approaching you; just as your asteroid approaching your planet, and as you are not aware for you are not paying attention, it may hit you. It may be quite small within action or affectingness, but within your lack of attention you may allow yourself to be accepting of this projection in energy, and then you within physical focus may stub your foot and it may be hurtful and you may become angry, this being the connections within consciousness; but you have accepted the action and the energy which has been projected, for you were not paying attention.

JIM: So the energy at that point has played its role, so to speak.


JIM: Then you may say, "God, I'm such an idiot for doing that!"

ELIAS: It is all intertwined within an exceedingly intricate web of consciousness, which is all affecting of all else; this being why I express to you over and over again to be accepting of self, and this shall be widening your awareness and engaging your periphery and allowing you more information and awareness of your reality and of consciousness. And this is the action of your shift. (Long pause)

JIM: That's about it. That's great! I'll end on that note.

ELIAS: Very well.

JIM: Thank you so much.

ELIAS: If you are wishing of more interaction and information futurely, you may call upon me. I shall be accessible.

JIM: You always are, more so than I think sometimes! Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. I express great love and affection for these essences present within this day, and to you both quite affectionately, au revoir!

Elias departs at 5:29 P.M.

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