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Reconfiguring a Deceased Pet; Concentration on Negative Subjects


“Interacting with People”
“Reconfiguring a Deceased Creature”
“Healing a Kidney and High Blood Pressure”
“Why the Inner Landscape Exercise Works”
“Concentration versus Attention”

Sunday, December 17, 2023 (Private/Phone)

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Nuno (Lystell)

ELIAS: Good morning!

NUNO: Hello, my friend.

ELIAS: (Laughs) And what have you been accomplishing?

NUNO: I’ve been doing my homework assignments that you gave me.

ELIAS: Ah! And?

NUNO: And to that end I’ve been putting considerable effort into interacting with more people. So that’s kind of a continuing thing. And I’ve been reconnecting with my children, in a better, in a better manner, more… more interactive with them as well. So that’s what I’ve been doing.

ELIAS: And how has all of that been proceeding?

NUNO: Actually, it’s been proceeding quite well. And—

ELIAS: And— Yes, and what have you been thinking and feeling?

NUNO: Please continue.

ELIAS: I’m simply asking you what have you been thinking and feeling, in relation to that.

NUNO: I’ve noticed that it’s actually a lot easier than I thought, especially interacting with other people that I have little or nothing in common with. I thought that was going to be very challenging, and as it turns out it’s very easy for me to just engage them in conversation and just, you know, go in that direction without too much effort. It’s actually surprised me.

ELIAS: Congratulations!

NUNO: Thank you. I guess I’d like to ask you, how am I proceeding with that? Am I doing enough to satisfy whatever this requirement is that I be interacting with people, otherwise I die prematurely?

ELIAS: Yes. And are you enjoying yourself?

NUNO: Yes, I am actually. To a point, I am. I find it a little bit demanding on my time, but it’s not terribly so and overall yes, it is enjoyable.

ELIAS: Excellent. I would say congratulations, my friend.

NUNO: Thank you. So I haven’t actually prepared very much for today’s discussion. I had just a couple of significant topics. I’ll start with my cat that died. I did start kind of looking around for him. Let me start by asking this question first of all: has he reconfigured already?

ELIAS: (Pause) That’s an interesting question, because you would think that it would have a black and white answer, but it doesn’t. That actually what happens, you are the one that reconfigures it. And therefore what happens is that when you’re ready and when you find a cat that you have recognized as a reconfiguration of your previous cat, what you do is depending on the age of the cat or the animal, if it’s not let us say a kitten, then what you do is you generally create that animal almost (inaudible) existence. If it’s a young animal, such as a kitten, then what you do is you actually generate this action of in a manner of speaking reversing time, to insert the small one into your physical reality. And in that, then you have inserted them into their existence in their birth in physical reality, and you do that by reversing time. Therefore what I would say to you is, the cat will be reconfigured in your reality when you present it to yourself.

NUNO: Okay. When you were referring to the older cat, there was a dropout and then there was a word missing. Would you mind repeating that sentence, please?

ELIAS: I would say that you understand the gist of what I’m expressing.

NUNO: I do. Yes, with respect to the younger cat. It’s actually not important, because I’m—

ELIAS: Actually, it’s a matter of even with an older cat, you would basically pop them into existence. You wouldn’t necessarily be reversing time and inserting them into your physical reality. You simply would pop them into existence in which, depending on where you find the cat, you may have created reverse insertion of them for a limited time framework but for the most part you are still popping them into existence. You’re not generating that from the time they are physically born into your reality. Are you understanding?

NUNO: Yes. So in objective terms, what I was considering my direction would be would be is that there is an animal shelter, which there actually aren’t too many around but this one was one where I got another cat from many years ago so I’ve kind of a little bit of familiarity. And they post pictures of the cats and so on and so forth online. So from what you said, it would seem that all I really have to do is to go to the shelter and find one which has the best energy match and just simply go with that one?

ELIAS: You’ll know, because you will be drawn to one specifically. And in that, that will be the one that you have reconfigured.

Now; yes, in relation to a cat that is in a shelter, then depending on the age of the cat, that cat will have come to them at a particular time and that’s how far you will have reversed time to.

NUNO: Yeah. At this particular shelter, the young cats are all at least five months old. The reason being that they have to wait that long. They have a policy to neuter the cats before they make them available, so they wait five months until they have the operation on the cat and then they make the cats available.

ELIAS: Very well.

NUNO: So that shouldn’t be a problem, should it?


NUNO: Okay. Very good. All right. I think that that’s… clarifies quite a bit for me on that. Thank you for the information.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

NUNO: The other important subject I want to discuss with you is my kidney, and the progress I’ve made.

ELIAS: Ah, yes.

NUNO: And my assessment is that I’ve actually made excellent progress with that, but that’s just my assessment so I would like to have yours as well, please.

ELIAS: One moment. (Pause) Very well. I’d say that you’ve definitely been generating some significant healing and reversing the situation, and in addition to that I would say that at this point beyond healing, you’re somewhat in the process of reinforcing or strengthening your kidneys, both of them. Which is excellent, and isn’t something that people generally do. They generally simply move in a direction of creating a healing, but then they leave it. They don’t necessarily move in a direction of reinforcing and strengthening whatever they have healed. I would say that’s impressive.

NUNO: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

NUNO: I’m still continuing with the treatment that you prescribed, in that particularly the cranberry concentrate. I’m taking approximately the equivalent… Well, I’m taking approximately 9 grams of concentrated cranberry each day, equally divided between two times a day. And I’m also trying to maintain high levels of hydration as well, as much as I can.

ELIAS: Excellent. I would say also, if you tolerate Vitamin C, that you can be incorporating Vitamin C in addition to the cranberry and that will help in the boosting or the building in relation to your kidneys in beyond healing.

NUNO: Okay. Very well. I can do that. I don’t think Vitamin C is any trouble to me. Therefore you say I should continue with the cranberry, is that correct?


NUNO: I’ve also been taking for a long time now magnesium supplements, because you suggested it to me a very long time ago in connection with my blood pressure. Is that still a benefit to me?


NUNO: Okay. Then I will continue with that. The only other question really I have is a much more general question. It would be, what else am I manifesting? What other manifestations do I have that I am not aware of that may need attention?

ELIAS: I would say presently you’re not.

NUNO: Okay. So there’s nothing else that needs…?


NUNO: Well, that’s a relief!

ELIAS: (Laughs) Were you worried?

NUNO: Ah, yes actually. I was… worried may be too strong of a word, but more very concerned about, yeah, anything to do with the internal organs is quite… troublesome to me. I mean, worrisome to me, I guess it would be. Yeah.

ELIAS: And what were you concerned about, other than your kidney?

NUNO: Prostrate, for one thing.

ELIAS: That I would definitely express to you not to worry about.

NUNO: Okay, I won’t. Excellent. Other than that, I think my heart did have and probably still has some more healing to do, from the effects of high blood pressure and parts of my circulatory system are… They need to heal some more as well. But all of that is pretty much contingent on me reducing the blood pressure more effectively. Which I’ve been working on yet another method to use for that, so… which seems to be having a good effect.

ELIAS: And what have you been engaging with that now?

NUNO: Well, it’s actually something you suggested to me some time ago, in that it’s a breathing exercise to calm and relax the body consciousness. I found that the… what appears to be the root cause of the high blood pressure is the body consciousness becomes not excited exactly, but it becomes anxious. It’s like a feeling of anxiety, I think. And the action is to calm and relax the body consciousness, and that seems to have a positive effect.

ELIAS: Congratulations. I would say that will definitely be helpful and effective.

NUNO: Yes, along with everything else. Not the least of which is asking you for assistance. (Chuckles)

ELIAS: (Laughs) Or not simply asking but then perhaps implementing. (Laughs)

NUNO: I don’t just take this information you offer and then just throw it in the corner. No. I’ve tried everything. It is that sometimes I’m just not in a position to be able to actually use it effectively or something like that. It might be the case with this now. I think it’s not just that I am directing the body consciousness to relax. It’s also I’m also directing energy with that intent as well, I think.

ELIAS: Yes. And I would also say that sometimes when you’re engaging an action and it isn’t necessarily producing what you want quickly enough, there’s a tendency to lose interest.

NUNO: Yeah. That’s very much true for me. I think what happens is that with the blood pressure, these things tend to kind of go in a direction of crisis proportions so I need something at that time to very quickly address to it as best I can, so… I don’t really have the luxury of being, trying twenty different things and all that, so… If you understand what I’m saying.

ELIAS: Yes. Yes.

NUNO: So I do, I have been rather frequently in the past few weeks, been calling on you to… for your energy to assist me with this, and so that’s been very helpful. Thank you.

ELIAS: And you are very welcome, and it is always freely given.

NUNO: And I thank you for that. That’s… I think I already expressed that. I expressed to you great appreciation and gratitude for everything you do, and the other essences as well.

ELIAS: You are very welcome, my friend.

NUNO: I would like to ask you some questions regarding the subjective awareness again. And we can start with the inner landscape exercise. So let me see if I get this right. The inner landscape exercise is one in which the subjective awareness presents symbolically what the objective awareness is doing regarding the subject of the exercise. Did I get that correct?


NUNO: So my question in that is, it would seem then that the subjective awareness is therefore aware already of what the objective awareness is doing. And I would assume that the subjective awareness is also aware of what the objective awareness wants to accomplish. Let’s say, for example, healing. So given that the subjective awareness already has this information, it knows that the objective awareness wants to heal the body consciousness. It knows that. It knows what is required of the body consciousness to accomplish that. Why is it, the exercise, even necessary? Why doesn’t the objective awareness simply take that information and act upon it?

ELIAS: Because it’s not that black and white. Because neither the objective or the subjective are machines. It’s you.

Now; the subjective awareness is more directed in relation to more mechanical expressions, but in relation to the objective awareness, what have I expressed about the objective awareness, time and time again? It’s very abstract. And in that, your expression of your objective awareness is the part of you that thinks and (inaudible) and plans and deciphers. And in that, you are not necessarily so concrete. You meaning all of you, as people. That I would say that many times you move in very black and white directions, but I’d also say that at any given time, you’re paying attention to multiple things at the same time. And therefore, even in relation to what you’re doing objectively, you may in one direction want something to be healed, but then you may also be concentrating on it in a capacity that keeps perpetuating it.

Therefore although many of you if not most of you have a tendency to think in somewhat black and white terms (chuckles), what you do is not necessarily so black and white and not so definite. To the point that you create things that you don’t necessarily like and that you don’t necessarily want, but you’ve created them nonetheless. And in that, once you’ve created something, let’s simply express in the manner of something simple that you have some physical manifestation that you are uncomfortable with and that you don’t like and want that to be healed. But then again, whatever was the motivation was for creating it in the first place, you might still be doing. Therefore the expression of healing is at odds with what you’re doing.

In that, it’s not so clear, let us say. That the subjective awareness can be deciphering what you’re doing, but then you can be setting an intention to give the subjective awareness an instruction to be healing, but if you’re continuing to do whatever it is that’s creating the situation that requires being healed, it’s somewhat at odds with that intention.

Therefore you’re not giving the subjective awareness a clear message. And in that, I would say that it’s not always that clear what you want to be doing. I would say… Here’s an example that is very common. An individual may be expressing anxiety, and in that, they may also be expressing depression and they may say that genuinely want to be free of this (inaudible) and that they don’t want to be expressing anxiety or depression and they don’t want to be incorporating medication for those expressions either. And in that, they may continue to move in a direction of not engaging actions that support not expressing anxiety or depression. They may be expressing what is habitual to them. And even if they receive information in relation to what would be helpful, if they’re not doing it, if they’re not actively engaged in actions that will be helpful to themself in relation to alleviating that anxiety or that depression, if they keep engaging the same actions that create those anxieties or that expression of depression, then even though they’re saying and thinking that they want to heal that and that they don’t want that to be the situation any longer, they’re moving in a direction of creating the same thing.
And in that, it’s not so clear as to what is the actual instruction.

You might have a clear expression of an intention, but even if you have an intention, if you’re not moving in a direction of supporting that intention, then you’re likely not going to be successful. In that, remember: the subjective and the objective are two facets of one thing, which is your awareness in physical focus.

Now; in that, they complement each other and they move together. They don’t move at odds with each other. Even though you might think they do, they don’t. And in that, if one is expressing in one direction, the other will complement that and move in that direction also. Therefore if you are objectively expressing in a direction that continues to perpetuate some physical manifestation, the subjective awareness is not going to move in a direction that is at odds with that. That’s why the inner landscape is effective, because what it does is it brings halves of your awareness into alignment with each other. The subjective emphasizes to you what the objective is already doing, in case you aren’t necessarily entirely aware. And people aren’t always aware of what they’re doing. They may not necessarily realize that they’re perpetuating something that they don’t actually want and that they don’t actually like and that they’re not comfortable with. They might not realize how they are actually continuing to perpetuate that.

And when you do the inner landscape, the first thing that it does is it symbolically shows you that you’re objectively doing something that’s perpetuating what you don’t want. Many times people think that they’re not doing anything that would perpetuate what they don’t want. Therefore in that, that’s the first piece that is helpful in relation to the inner landscape.

The other piece that is very helpful is that it is actively involving both halves of your awareness. It’s moving you in a direction in which you can actively see what you’re doing. It gives the individual also a sense that they are actively physically involved with whatever process they’re engaging, whatever subject they’re engaging in a process.

Therefore in simple terms it’s not so simple, because most of you have a tendency to complicate things. (Pause)

NUNO: Thank you very much for that. That was very clear and illuminating.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

NUNO: It does give me a different perspective on this.

ELIAS: Excellent. And perhaps then that can be helpful to you when you are engaging that inner landscape and allow you to be more empowering yourself with that action. It is actually a tremendously powerful exercise. It can be a tremendous avenue in generating directions that otherwise you might be somewhat stumped about. And you don’t have to know all of the mechanics to be successful. (Pause)

NUNO: Okay. I understand that. And I still have difficulty with that exercise, but I do attempt it.

ELIAS: I would express, ask Michael in relation to that and perhaps you can connect with Ulra about this particular exercise because he has been tremendously successful with it, in relation to prostate, in relation to (inaudible). I would say he has used it in different capacities, not simply in physical healing, although in relation to physical healing he’s actually moved in a direction of eradicating prostate cancer. Therefore I would say that that may be encouraging to you, to be engaging with someone that has actually generated significant success with it.

NUNO: Okay. I’ll follow up on that and ask Michael about that.

ELIAS: Very well.

NUNO: I’ve given a higher importance to eradicating this high blood pressure thing from me, because I’ve come to the realization this gets in the way of everything I want to do. It just… There isn’t any facet of my life where that doesn’t interfere with in some capacity. I was wondering, somebody suggested to me that low dosages of psilocybin actually can be helpful in that respect. They had an experience with another person, which was using so-called micro doses of psilocybin and their blood pressure dropped to the point where they had to make a choice to either cut back on their medication or stop using the psilocybin. This is something actually that I’ve noticed. My blood pressure does drop considerably when I engage that substance. So I wanted to know what your opinion is on that, would that be something that would potentially be beneficial to me or is it not really appropriate?

ELIAS: I would say yes. And part of what makes that more successful, it isn’t only the physical effect but it’s also a matter of it changes your concentration. This is an excellent example of what I was expressing to you in relation to the objective and the subjective awarenesses and why the inner landscape is so beneficial. In this, I would say that YOU are an excellent example of what I was expressing. You want this to be changed. You want this to be healed, but you keep moving in the same direction. You keep generating a concentration on what? On how disruptive it is, how much you dislike it, how irritated you are with it. And in that, that doesn’t change. And because that doesn’t change, it has been something that has been ongoing for years and years and years. Regardless that you genuinely do want it to be healed, you continue to express directions that are contrary to that healing process.

Now; I would say that moving in the direction of the breathing does generate relaxing, which is one thing that is a step in a correct direction because the concentration of how much you dislike this and how much you maintain this negative perception of it and how it’s affecting and interrupting everything in your life and you definitely are not thinking or perceiving that in a positive (chuckles) direction. And in that, that does what? It creates tension automatically. And therefore I would say that moving in the direction of relaxing is definitely a positive step. It’s not necessarily going to be enough, but it’s a step and that’s definitely something to be acknowledged. I would also say that incorporating the substance does actually help to lessen your concentration on the negative. Therefore that’s also very helpful. And I would say that over time, that can be tremendously helpful because it does affect your perception. It affects your concentration on what you don’t like.

Now; I would also say that if you were doing that and the breathing and the inner landscape exercise, you might actually move in a direction of affecting this situation much more so. But there is always that one pesky piece, which is the piece about the concentration on the negative. I’m not saying that you move in a direction in which you are looking at it from a positive perspective, but that you can let go of how much you perceive it as limiting. You’re giving it a tremendous amount of power, and you keep giving it a tremendous amount of power. And as long as you keep giving it importance and power, you’ll continue to create that with your body. But when you can move in a direction in which you can let go of how much it disturbs you, when you can make it less and less and less important, then you will likely be more and more and more successful. And in that, I can say to you that it’s simple. It’s not easy. (Pause)

NUNO: Well, I do understand everything you’ve said and I do recognize that piece of concentration. I would just say one thing, is that usually what draws the concentration is not because I actively look for it, or I’m not… It is when the body consciousness begins to generate that expression and I get sensations that the body consciousness is basically being self-destructive. And that is what draws my concentration to it. If it wasn’t for that, this would—

ELIAS: Let me correct that. That’s not your concentration. That’s your attention. You’re not always paying attention to it. That’s not your concentration. Your concentration is always there. You don’t have to be paying attention to something to have a concentration on it. And as I’ve said many times pastly, you all have a concentration on what you perceive as a factor of cycles of the sun and the moon. You don’t have to see it or pay attention to it to maintain that concentration on it. In that, it doesn’t matter whether you’re paying attention to something or not. You pay attention to something when you’re prompted to pay attention to it. But your concentration doesn’t require being prompted. It’s something that you maintain. That’s why it IS a concentration.

That’s the difficult part, because that’s not something that you’re always paying attention to. And therefore it’s more difficult and you have to be diligent about changing that by intention. In that, it’s a matter of recognizing that this isn’t something that you’re always paying attention to, but that regardless of whether you’re paying attention to it, it’s something that you are paying attention to the limitations of and therefore it’s a matter of recognizing what you ARE paying attention to that reinforces that concentration, and changing that. (Pause)

NUNO: Okay. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

NUNO: I will pursue that.

ELIAS: That is what can be more challenging, because it’s something that you have to actively be engaging intentionally, and matching what you automatically are expressing, regardless. Therefore recognizing all of the manners in which you generate a negative perception and then moving in a direction intentionally of generating a different perception. Which that’s the reason that things such as this substance can be helpful, or/ and the inner landscape. Because these are things that you are intentionally doing and that they are actions that, in a manner of speaking, combat that automatic negative perception.

[The timer for the end of the session rings]

NUNO: And with the inner landscape, do have any feedback for me on how effectively I’m using that exercise?

ELIAS: (Pause) I’d say you’re being effective. I would say that once again, this is also a matter of perhaps giving yourself some expression of bolstering yourself that you are being effective and not necessarily generating a perception that you’re not, or that it’s not working.

NUNO: Okay. I think I was somewhere in between there. (Elias laughs) All right. Well, thank you for all the information you presented. It’s quite extensive and no doubt very valuable. And so I guess that brings our discussion to a close. And again, I express to you and the other essences great appreciation and gratitude.

ELIAS: Very well, my friend. I shall greatly be looking forward to our next meeting. And I will be offering my energy to you in help in relation to all that we have discussed.

NUNO: Thank you.

ELIAS: In great love and affection, and of course dear friendship as always, my friend, au revoir.

NUNO: Au revoir.

(Elias departs after 1 hour 1 minute)

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