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Healing a Kidney; The Identity of Essence


“Healing a Kidney”
“The Identity of Essence”
“Self-Awareness and the Equality of the Subjective and the Objective Awarenesses”
“Longevity and Interaction”
“Accessing New and Old Unused Neurological Pathways of the Brain”
“Bookshelf Exercise for the Brain”
“Formula for Flow”

Monday, October 16, 2023 (Private/Phone)

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Nuno (Lystell)

ELIAS: Good morning!

NUNO: Hello, my friend! (Chuckles)

ELIAS: And shall we begin?

NUNO: Yes, we shall begin. How shall we begin? I’d like to start by asking, or talking about some questions I have concerning my body consciousness.

ELIAS: Very well.

NUNO: Last Tuesday I had some pains in my left kidney and I was very, very disturbed by this. And I asked you for assistance with that. I’d like to just start by confirming that I got the information correct. At the time, I believe you expressed to me to drink water. Did I receive that correctly?

ELIAS: Yes, you did.

NUNO: Okay. So I did that, and things have cleared up, actually quite quickly after that. I also received information from another essence that what the difficulty was, was that there was a blockage in the kidney and the body consciousness was now clearing it out, and that’s the information I got. Was that correct?

ELIAS: That was correct.

NUNO: I’m feeling much better. I haven’t had any recurrence of this. I’d like to ask you first if this is a situation that needs further attention or is the body consciousness already in the process of healing?

ELIAS: The latter.

NUNO: Okay. Good. One thing I noticed subsequent to that experience was that my blood pressure seems to have decreased somewhat and it’s less of an issue. So I was wondering if this blockage was something that was there for some time?

ELIAS: Yes. That is correct.

NUNO: Do you have anything else to say concerning this?

ELIAS: I would say that I acknowledge you that you have noticed the connection with your blood pressure. And you are correct, that this has also been alleviating some of that, in that your body has generated an elevated blood pressure in relation to that pressure with the kidney.

NUNO: How long was this blockage present?

ELIAS: It was accumulating. Therefore I would say it began (pause) approximately about twelve years prior.

NUNO: Ah. So this has been something ongoing for quite some time then?

ELIAS: Yes. It’s been accumulating slowly and in that, it’s been moving in that direction of creating, you could term it to be a clog, a blockage in relation to how the kidney was functioning and how it was engaging with blood flow. And in that, it was accumulating in relation to the pressure and the block in relation to how the blood flow was being engaged. And in this, in a manner of speaking, the dam broke.

NUNO: And was that a result of a healing process? Or is it simply that it broke because the pressure had built up?

ELIAS: Actually, it broke because of all of the energy work that you’ve been doing and therefore that created that healing process. I would say also in relation to you generating that concentration on your blood pressure and moving in the direction of specifically healing that, that also has definitely had an effect. And remember: because everything is interconnected, you don’t have to know all of the parts that are involved in a particular physical manifestation, but in moving in the direction of healing a particular manifestation, it will address to anything and everything that is involved in the creation of that manifestation.

This is also the reason that the inner landscape is so effective. Because it is not simply addressing to one thing, it’s addressing to everything in the whole of your body that connects with whatever the manifestation is that you have set the intention about. Because the subjective awareness knows what aspects of the body to address to and to move in the direction of healing.

NUNO: I haven’t actually been using the inner landscape recently.

ELIAS: I understand. I’m simply expressing to you why it is a beneficial thing to use.

NUNO: Ah. I understand. I’m… I don’t doubt that it is beneficial. I’ve been working with my energy in other ways, but anyways we’ve—

ELIAS: I know.

NUNO: Okay. All right. Anyways, it sounds like it’s a positive development overall, so I can just move on from there.

ELIAS: I agree.

NUNO: And one other thing connected to body consciousness I’d like to know. I’ve been, as you know, taking my blood pressure medication for a long time, like over twenty years now. And for most of that time, one of the side effects has been that I get swollen feet. And it’s been like that for a long time. However, I noticed perhaps – I’m not really sure exactly – maybe two months ago or something in the recent past, that my feet are no longer swollen, or not swollen as much. And I wonder if—

ELIAS: Congratulations.

NUNO: Sorry, could you repeat that please?

ELIAS: I expressed congratulations.

NUNO: Thank you. I was just wondering though if that is because the body consciousness is not assimilating the medication as it did before, or it’s just not producing that effect?

ELIAS: I would say that this also is connected with the kidneys and the bladder, in that in relation to the blood and the pressure with the kidney and also not necessarily processing all of the water in your body correctly. Water is a part of your body that should be in constant flow. But in relation to certain manifestations and medications, that can interrupt that flow of water, which then can be exhibited in different manifestations with the body, and one of them is swollen feet or ankles or both. And in alleviating that pressure with the kidneys, it also has aided with the bladder and therefore aided in relation to that reinstatement, in a manner of speaking, or reconfiguration of the flow of water with the body. That was also a contributant in relation to what you ultimately did in breaking the dam with the kidneys.

NUNO: Okay. Thank you for the information. I believe that this time I am on a good path forward to continue with my regeneration and healing.

ELIAS: I definitely agree. I would say you are being significantly successful, my friend.

NUNO: Yes, I do feel that myself. Thank you.

Okay, we can move on to more fun topics. I was quite intrigued by your discussions with Ann recently about the identity of a focus, and how you decide which essence to signify the focus I guess. So that that was actually very interesting to me. What I’d like to ask about that to begin with is the essence names, are they significant to essence as well or are they only significant to focus?

ELIAS: (Pause) They are significant to essence because they are significant to focus.

NUNO: But does that mean that the essence name is largely for the benefit of the focus?

ELIAS: (Pause) As I have said, it’s a tone and the name is a partial translation of the tone. And therefore in that, I would say as to the identification of the name, yes, that it’s largely for the benefit of the focus.

NUNO: And I was wondering if essence is in fact all that is. In other words, does anything exist outside of essence? Or does anything exist that is not essence?

ELIAS: (Pause) I could say yes and no. I would say no because there is no separation outside of physical realities, because all physical realities incorporate varying degrees of separation because physical in itself creates separation. But outside of physical realities, there is no separation. And therefore yes, you could say that essence is all that is. You could say that there is nothing that exists outside of essence, because essence is consciousness. And in that, there is no separation in consciousness and therefore you would be correct in expressing that there is nothing outside of essence as consciousness.

But then I would say you could also express that there is definitions that create some differences, which is what you express as essence. And therefore, that would be the reason that I could actually say yes and no.

NUNO: (Pause) Okay. I will ponder that. I think I understand that.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) Very well.

NUNO: And sometime ago, I asked you what the experience of a focus was at the moment that it transcends, in a sense, back and transcends and sheds its beliefs, exits Regional Area Two. So with the question of identity then, what does the focus at that moment experience in terms of its identity?

ELIAS: First, it does not become absorbed into anything. Second, you don’t lose your identity but the identity, but the identity expands to include the whole. Therefore the identity of the individual, the focus, continues and then it is a matter of what direction it moves in, in relation to how that identity might be expressed. But what is significant is that there is that expansion at that moment in which the objective awareness, the perception and the beliefs associated with a particular physical reality are shed. There is an entire expansion in which that individual becomes aware of all the identities and therefore incorporates that awareness as its experience.

NUNO: Okay. I think I understand that in some capacity. I’d like to ask you now, for desire, is desire something that a focus actually achieves or is it simply a direction? Or is that dependent upon the individual? And if the individual does achieve the desire, what occurs then?

ELIAS: It’s not necessarily a matter of achieving. Desire is an innate part of you and it is always a direction, and therefore is always being expressed in some capacity. It’s not something that you develop. It’s not something that you attain to. It’s not something that you achieve, because it’s an innate part of you. But it’s an innate part of you as a focus.

NUNO: The question that I have in the context of what you’ve just said – this perhaps is somewhat incorrect, but I’ll ask the question anyways. The question is: in what way am I most likely to achieve or satisfy my desire presently? In other words, taking into consideration the directions I am moving in and what I am doing, what energy I’m expressing, what am I most likely going to achieve with that?

ELIAS: (Pause) That’s not an incorrect question. (Pause) I would say for you, what you’re most likely going to achieve more than you already are, because you already are expressing and in those terms achieving your desire, in a capacity of or I would say what is likely that you would attain would be a complete rebalancing of the body in a capacity to accept a significant amount of energy more than it is at present, in a capacity that your body consciousness now wouldn’t actually recognize.

But that requires moving in a direction of generating a reconfiguration of the body to be wholly balanced, which you might term that to be wholly healed. They’re synomous. And therefore able to accommodate (pause) that type of infusion of energy. That’s the direction that you’re moving in. That’s the direction you’ve been moving in for a time now, and therefore in that, that would be what you would be moving into achieving, in your terms. In that, I would also say that that automatically expresses a much greater expression of self-awareness.

NUNO: Which is the direction I’ve been moving in as well, I think?

ELIAS: Oh definitely. Most definitely. And I would say in that, the more self-aware you become, the more you lessen the expression of separation in this physical reality. You’ll always have some degree of separation because you have a body, because you are an individual in your reality. But I would say that you can achieve a significant degree of awareness that actually creates such an expression of interconnectedness and the awareness of that, that what you do is you create, in a manner of speaking, an equality of the subjective and objective awareness. Not that they’re not equal, but an equality of them in relation to the lack of separation between that, between those awarenesses. Therefore the objective awareness becomes, in a manner of speaking, the same as the subjective.

NUNO: That’s actually something that I’ve been thinking about. I didn’t express it to myself in quite those terms, but it was something… not only thinking about it, but a direction I wanted to move in was to, I guess I thought of it in terms of incorporating more of the subjective awareness and shifting myself more towards the subjective awareness, so that I’m not so exclusively experiencing and focusing on the objective aspects. I don’t think I expressed that very well, but the point—

ELIAS: I understand.

NUNO: Good. Thank you. And I feel that in achieving that, what you just expressed, it’s something that will considerably facilitate me functioning more effectively in the physical reality, because of that reduction in separation.

ELIAS: Yes. I agree.

NUNO: Okay.

ELIAS: Most definitely.

NUNO: I guess I would ask now, what kind of timeframes am I looking at here, to reach that point?

ELIAS: Now; THAT is a much more difficult question to answer, because there are so many variables in relation to you being human, and living and existing in a human world and reality. And therefore, that would be difficult to actually attempt to predict. I could say that you could achieve that fully in approximately ten years, but then that also could be significantly off and you could do it much sooner or you could do it much later.

NUNO: Okay. That’s fine. I’ve got lots of time. (Elias laughs) How am I doing, by the way, with extending my longevity?

ELIAS: I would say you’ve given yourself some excellent evidence recently in relation to that, and that you are moving very well in association with regeneration and longevity. That the more you move in the direction of healing, the more you move in the direction of that longevity automatically. Because the healing is the regeneration. It isn’t only regeneration in relation to healing. It’s also regeneration in relation to all self, and that also creates considerable movement in association with longevity.

But there is one piece that I have expressed is essential to that expression of longevity, that you actually could improve. And that would be interaction. That is a significantly important piece in relation to longevity. Not in relation to regeneration, but in relation to longevity it is a significant piece.

NUNO: Okay. I hear you. It’s not like I don’t recognize this. I just didn’t think it was—

ELIAS: I know.

NUNO: — all that important.

ELIAS: But it is.

NUNO: And how many people do I need to engage for this to be effective?

ELIAS: First of all (chuckles), it’s not a matter of scoring. It’s (chuckles) a matter of moving naturally. And in that, it’s not a matter of being engaged with a tremendous amount of people. That’s not necessarily what is important. The numbers are not what is important. I would say that in relation to numbers, it would be more than two. But I would say that it’s more a matter of the frequency in which you are engaging and the ease and the flow. Those are the important factors.

NUNO: For these interactions to be effective in that manner, does it require physical presence of the other individual?

ELIAS: (Pause) Yes. Because there is an interaction that occurs, actually chemically in the body, when you are in physical proximity with other individuals.

NUNO: Okay. This is kind of a big challenge.

ELIAS: But you have faced big challenges previously and have definitely overcome.

NUNO: Okay. At least this one’s not life-threatening.


NUNO: Not yet anyways.

ELIAS: (Laughs) Very well.

NUNO: Is my brain capacity utilization still increasing? I don’t get my brain aches anymore, which is somewhat disturbing.

ELIAS: I would say that shouldn’t be disturbing, because in that, actually that can be very encouraging. That you’re not creating difficulty in generating more neurological pathways and you’re not creating difficulty in accessing those that are already created. You all have many, many, many, many, many neurological pathways that you’re not using, and in that what I would say is, if you’re not creating discomfort then it’s likely that you are moving more with ease in relation to your physical brain. Which is good.

NUNO: Yes. Definitely. And so where I am I today with my brain utilization percentage?

ELIAS: (Pause) Actually I would say it’s about the same.

NUNO: Aw, that’s so disappointing! (Both laugh)

ELIAS: I would say that shouldn’t be disappointing. It takes time to be moving in a direction of accessing. You must understand that the brain is very much like any other organ. It is accustomed to functioning in a certain capacity. It’s not accustomed to functioning with parts of it that it’s never accessed before. Therefore in that, it’s a matter of realizing that you’ve been creating new grooves, new neurological pathways that it has been accessing, but it’s also a matter of the brain accessing all of those pathways, all of those grooves that it already had, that it’s never used.

In that, I would say that all of your action in relation to regeneration and movement in association with healing and energy work that you’ve been doing will all help in encouraging the brain to move in these directions. This is also the reason that I have encouraged people to be doing brain exercises. Because that encourages the brain, in a manner of speaking, to stretch, and therefore use different pathways and different grooves that exist that it hasn’t used before.

NUNO: Okay. Is there a specific brain activity that you could suggest for myself?

ELIAS: (Pause) I would say a combination of eye movements and (pause) recognition and cognitive expression in quick succession. Meaning generating eye movements such as not blinking but closing your eyes and then opening them rapidly and focusing on something specific.

Now; when I say something specific, something complicated such as a bookshelf. And in that, looking at a bookshelf in which there are perhaps a row of books and focusing on that bookshelf with all of the books, and focusing on all of the titles quickly, generating that cognitive action in which you are recognizing the titles of the books in rapid succession. Then close your eyes. Then open your eyes quickly to some other complicated visual. Something that will allow you to do something very similar to what you were doing with the bookshelf. It could be a curio cabinet, in which there are figurines, and looking at the whole of the cabinet and very quickly in rapid succession identifying the different figurines and expressing in thought what each of them are, what the names of them are, or what positions they are in, or what type of figurine it is.

It could be anything. It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as it’s something that is complicated. You can use your tablet also. And in that, create a picture of a bookshelf or a picture of something similar to that. And in that, whatever it may be – it could be numbers, it doesn’t matter. It could be boxes with numbers on them. And in that, you’re looking at something as a whole picture, but picking out the identifications of everything in that picture.

NUNO: Okay. Sounds like a fun exercise.

ELIAS: I agree.

NUNO: Okay. I’ve got one more question for you here. You’re going to hate this question, but I’m going to ask it anyways. (Both laugh) What can I do to move more effectively in a direction of greater wealth?

ELIAS: Ha! Greater wealth. And I would say that I don’t hate this question. I would say that this is part of what I likely will be addressing to in our upcoming group interaction. No accident that you would ask. I would say: flow. Create flow.

This is part of your expansion. And in that, I would say if you can achieve that as a constant state of being – because that’s what flow is, it’s a state of being. It’s not simply an act. And in that, if you can create a constant state of being of flow, you can successfully also create wealth, if that’s what you are focused on. Because that is the point of flow, is the intense and very strongly directed focus of attention in association with creativity. And remember: creativity can be expressed in anything. ANYTHING.

And in that, what is important to remember is the formula of flow is highly-focused attention in creativity, in the state of being of creativity, to generate conductivity to productivity. That is the formula of flow. And when you can be in that state of being, even if you don’t achieve it constantly, but if you can intentionally create that state of being, put yourself in that state of being in relation to any specific subject – it doesn’t matter what the subject is – you can achieve tremendous success. And you can achieve whatever you choose.

That would be actually, as I will be expressing, the next step in not only self-awareness but the next step in moving in the direction of creating intentionally. Living intentionally. Choosing intentionally. We’ve been discussing that concept for many, many, many years, many of your years. And it has always been somewhat of a future concept. NOW is the time that it can be present and a reality, not a concept.

NUNO: Okay. I will await with great anticipation what you express at your group session.

ELIAS: Very well.

NUNO: And I will most likely have lots of questions on this.

ELIAS: (Laughs) I shall be tremendously looking forward to that. (Laughs)

NUNO: Okay. So, do you have any questions for me?

ELIAS: (Pause) Other than your challenge with social interaction, how are you faring with your family?

NUNO: Hm. That’s kind of a complicated question. I think in terms of how I’m faring, not much has changed. I mean my immediate family is just my partner, and I have my three children which are, as you know, not living with me any longer. I’d say the relationship is somewhat detached, to be honest about it. That’s just the way I am, I guess.

The challenge with me interacting with other people comes, really comes down to that. It’s that I find it difficult to be engaged with people who don’t have a lot in common with me, in terms of my interests. And that’s the challenge.

ELIAS: (Pause) Very well. I would say that flow would be helpful in that also. But I would also express that you don’t have to have much in common with someone else to satisfactorily engage them, meaning have a satisfying interaction with them. In that, it’s simply a matter of either you expressing yourself in relation to whatever is interesting to you, and not concerning yourself with whether it’s interesting to them or not, or (chuckles)… or choose something that you know about the other individual, or choose to ask them to share something with you that you don’t know already.

(The timer for the end of the session rings)

If you choose something that you do know already, choose something about the other individual that you like. There must be something that you like about your children, regardless of how insignificant it might seem. And in that, simply engage them in relation to that. But I would say it would likely be more interesting to you to simply ask them to share something with you that you don’t already know.

NUNO: I’ll give that a try and see how that goes. I don’t usually—

ELIAS: Then it becomes something for you to puzzle out.

NUNO: Okay. Sounds good. Just one very quick question here. Do temporary states of euphoria, are they beneficial?


NUNO: Okay. Thank you. Well my friend, I have thoroughly enjoyed our conversation today. It’s been a pleasure, as always, interacting with you. And I’m looking forward to our next encounter.

ELIAS: I would say that that is all quite mutual. (Chuckles) And I would express a tremendous appreciation of your friendship. In great love and affection as always, and of course tremendous support, au revoir.

NUNO: Au revoir.

(Elias departs after 59 minutes)

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