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Interpreting Dream Imagery; Pyramid Energy


“Dream Imagery”
“Visit to Egypt”
“An Essence Friend”
“Progress in Time Traveling”
“Pyramid Energy”

Monday, October 9, 2023 (Private/Phone)

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Paul (Paneus)

ELIAS: Good morning!

PAUL: Good morning, Elias.

ELIAS: (Laughs) My friend! And how shall we begin?

PAUL: Oh, I’ll start on an easy one. So I… Last night I had a dream where I was… Well, one of my dreams. There were a few dreams, but in one of my dreams I was, a person was, they looked, their face, their body, looked like this tennis player that I know, a professional tennis player. And… but they were associated in my dream with work, and how they had an event where they had to stay overnight at my place and shared a bed with me. And you know, we didn’t do anything, but she kissed me on the cheek in the morning and, you know, went about to get ready and showered for work and stuff like that. I’m trying to understand the imagery of that particular dream. Was that tied to maybe that tennis player, or is this a work motif type of imagery? I was just figuring you could shed some perspective on that.

ELIAS: And you don’t have any impressions?

PAUL: Hm. Yeah. Yes, I do. I have two. One was that maybe there is some type of correlation with the tennis player that I’m not aware, that she’s, I don’t know, interested in me? And I don’t know. I just… And the other one is that maybe there is somebody at work who has a similar resemblance to the tennis player that I associate with this situation. I don’t know. So it’s one of the two, and I just don’t know which one.

ELIAS: Now; what I would say is you’re being too literal. Remember: dreams are symbolic.

PAUL: Yeah. I’m aware of that. So… (Sighs) Well, of the two, is this one tied to the actual tennis player or is it tied to somebody in work that resembles the tennis player?

ELIAS: Neither.

PAUL: Oh. Wow, then I’m way off base.

ELIAS: That would be being too literal. That would be being too literal. That’s what I’m saying.

Now; think about it in a symbolic capacity.

PAUL: (Pause) Maybe it’s just recognition that I have romantic interests in some folks at work? But I keep my distance because we’re not supposed to have romantic relationships with people at work?

ELIAS: (Pause) No.

PAUL: Ah! Okay.

ELIAS: The romantic aspect of it, or what you’re interpreting as the romantic aspect of it, is simply an expression of intimacy. That doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s associated with a relationship. (Pause)

In that, what I would say to you is, this is associated with you expressing in a more intimate capacity in relation to things that are important to you. Intimacy doesn’t necessarily mean relationships. It means closeness. Therefore, what I’m saying is, this dream is symbolic in relation to things that are important to you and that you feel an intimacy with, that you express an intimacy with. Not necessarily in relation to actual other people. That is part of the symbology in the dream.

PAUL: Wow. I—

ELIAS: And in that, it’s not about work and it’s not about relationships. It’s about you and your intimate expressions in relation to things that are important to you, such as time travel and other focuses and other expressions of extraterrestrials and other dimensions. And in that, that’s the reason there wasn’t actually anything alluding to an actual relationship with people, but rather that there’s an affection that is being expressed. And that’s about your affection in relation to subjects that are intimately important to you.

PAUL: Okay. I—Thanks for the clarification. I would have not picked up on that.

Hey, when I was in Egypt, I was trying to connect with one of my focuses there, Ashanii. And I got some impressions. One was her… I don’t… She had direct objective connecting with me, or just purely subjective but I got a couple things. One, that her… She lived during the Pharaoh Menes, M-E-N-E-S, also called Narmer.

ELIAS: That would be a fact. That would be (chuckles) congratulations.

PAUL: Oh, okay. Good. And then she often wore an armband, a wristband or armband, but it was like a… metal. It had a snake on it and she also had a gold box, inside a gold box had two link onks symbols on it.

ELIAS: (Pause) That is also correct.

PAUL: Then I got one where—

ELIAS: Congratulations.

PAUL: Thank you. I got one where it might not have been me. It may have been me just connecting with what she was doing, but I got a scene where she was putting lotus water on my lips. But it could have been somebody else.

ELIAS: (Pause) It was another individual, but I would also express an acknowledgment to you in how clear you presented the imagery to yourself.

PAUL: Well, thank you. That’s… I think that goes back to your comment the other day about wanting me to… I haven’t done it yet, but connect with like a psychologist or somebody like that to improve my recall approach. Is this one, when I talk to, when I talk to, if I talk to a psychologist – I’m sure I can find one – but should I tell them I want to get improved recall for, you know, past lives? Or just say hey, just my recall in general?

ELIAS: You don’t have to engage a psychologist. You can engage a hypnotherapist.

PAUL: Oh, that’s right. I’m sorry. Hypnotherapist. Yeah. Yeah. And you think that would be a real positive way for me to help spur my recollections?


PAUL: And I should do this in a general… say “Hey, I’d like to just improve my past-life and future-life recollections?”


PAUL: Okay. Okay. I will… Um.

ELIAS: And how was your trip otherwise?

PAUL: It was very interesting. I’m not… I wouldn’t say it would be fun the whole time, but I did have some enjoyable moments. I met some good people on my trip. The tour group I was in, I met some good people, that we still talk on occasion. Um… I was disappointed in the amount of litter over there, in that country, and I was—


PAUL: Yeah. And the people that were hawking their wares were very, very aggressive all the time and that was disappointing. So, but I enjoyed the sites. I enjoyed going into the Great Pyramid. I kind of was also—

ELIAS: What did you experience in that, with that?

PAUL: Uh, the physical approach. I did not get any… uh… strong impressions of other stuff, which I was kind of hoping I would, but that the… The set inside the Great Pyramid, you go through the passageway that was hacked by the ancient tomb robbers, and then so many people were in there, Elias, that it was very claustrophobic and very, very humid.


PAUL: And I also bumped my head on one of the (laughs) tight spaces making the ascent. So I did not get any other impressions that were objectively—

ELIAS: I wasn’t actually inquiring about impressions, but rather what you felt, if you felt anything.

PAUL: I was surprised. I didn’t feel anything, but I do know when I was in Egypt the whole time, I had a lot more energy.

ELIAS: Ah. Very well.

PAUL: Yeah. (Pause) So… So I… Yeah, I didn’t feel anything else that I’d noticed, Elias, but it may have been the fact I was so busy with other activities I didn’t have my focus on it. I don’t know.

ELIAS: Very well.

PAUL: Was there something I should have, I might have experienced that you could give me a hint on?

ELIAS: Pyramids have very distinctive energy associated with them. And in that, if you are allowing yourself an openness when you are in physical proximity to them, you can actually feel that energy and you can experience that in a manner in which you can take that energy with you.

PAUL: Oh. Well, maybe I did it and was not aware of it. (Laughs)

ELIAS: And that is also a possibility.

PAUL: Oh. Okay. Hey, wasn’t the Great Pyramid built by a previous culture? I think I nicknamed them the Arcans. Is that the case? I can’t remember, but I know the Sphinx was built by a previous culture. But wasn’t the Great Pyramid also built by a different culture?

ELIAS: Other than the Egyptians? No.

PAUL: Well, was it built in the time period of… where they currently say it is? Because I thought it was built by predynastic, one of the predynastic cultures.

ELIAS: It’s… It was… They were not built precisely in the time that it is assumed that they were built. There were built earlier than established time. But they were not built by different cultures than the Egyptian cultures.

PAUL: Well, I meant that there might have been a culture that was very prevalent before the Old Kingdom and before the Kemet. The Kemet were before the Old Kingdom. And so it was—

ELIAS: I understand. (Pause)

PAUL: Okay. Um… Okay, I don’t want… Can I get back to doing some light jogging each week, Elias? I’m getting improvement from my achilles, but it’s not, they’re not 100% yet. Or should I be waiting another like month or two?

ELIAS: How does it feel?

PAUL: Well, right now the left one’s a little sore. I wouldn’t (laughs)… I wouldn’t do it today, but there are some days where I feel like I could start doing it. My… I’ve a meeting with the physical therapist the end of the week to talk about that topic as well.

ELIAS: I would definitely suggest that you discuss it with your physical therapist. I would not necessarily encourage you to be jogging if it is still bothersome to you.

PAUL: Okay. My back is much better but I still get occasional soreness. I’m assuming it’ll eventually be back to 100%, just over time. I don’t have to do anything unique for that?

ELIAS: (Pause) And you are exercising with that also?

PAUL: Ah. I didn’t do it in Egypt. I didn’t really do it since I got back yet, so I’m a bit behind on that. But you’re saying keep up the exercises and I should be fine?


PAUL: Okay. Is my boss intent to propose me for promotion this month? When he does his review – because he has to do all of the ratings for all of his direct reports, and in those ratings you can flag somebody for promotion.

ELIAS: One moment. (Pause) It is a possibility. It’s not definite, but it is a possibility.

PAUL: Okay. Well, it sounds like I need to hold his feet to the fire, because he had a discussion with me last week and he basically said he was of that mind, to do so. So…

Hey, my… Interesting sync or something like that, but I had a dream a week or so ago with a skier acquaintance of mine. And in that dream, she was talking to me like, “Well, I’d like to see some of your pictures of Egypt.” And I said, “Well, I can’t. You’ve got my number blocked.” And then she said, “Well, I’d still like to see them.” (Elias laughs) So I sent her just a text message the following morning, and I saw it got delivered and wasn’t showing up as a blocked number. Did she purposely unblock my number? And if so, why?

ELIAS: (Pause) What I would say is, she can’t accidentally unblock it. Therefore, that would be the answer to that question. And I would say that (pause) curiosity.

PAUL: Okay, so the best way to keep that line of communication open, maybe send her an occasional – occasional as being like every week or two weeks – a short message or a ping.

ELIAS: Not every week. No. Not every week.

PAUL: Okay.

ELIAS: I would suggest if you don’t want her to move in the direction of blocking you again, to not move in a direction of onslaughting her, and every week would be interpreted by her as being an onslaught.

PAUL: Okay. So maybe like once or twice a month?


PAUL: Okay. Okay. That’s kind of interesting. My granddaughter – this is probably nothing, but I’m just very curious – my granddaughter recently put up a bunch of… She drew a bunch of pictures of this, you know, person, you know, and she spelled out their name as Kebaa, K-E-B-A-A. And she put them around the house and taped them up on the door, her door, front door, back door. And I asked her, like “What is this about? Is this kind of like a friend?” I’m like, “Well, is this a pretend friend or is this…?” And she was giving me this real inconsistent answer. What or who is that?

ELIAS: (Chuckles) Not necessarily a friend, but it is an essence that she is aware of, that she sees. She doesn’t consider it an essence. She sees it as a person, and in that, she’s not necessarily identifying this as a friend yet. She’s somewhat skeptical at this point, but it’s someone she is entertaining, let us say.

PAUL: So this an essence that has good intentions with her or not?

ELIAS: There are no essences that have bad intentions.

PAUL: Oh, okay. So this is an essence that she sees in her waking state or her dreaming state or…?

ELIAS: Yes. Waking state.

PAUL: Wow. (Pause)

ELIAS: (Chuckles) Children do that actually somewhat frequently.

Now; I would say that for her, this is someone that she views as a stranger and therefore she’s somewhat skeptical and cautious, but it’s not obviously threatening. And in that, I would say that she’s recognizing that this is not someone that is threatening to her.

PAUL: Should I be encouraging this communication with her?

ELIAS: I would say leave it. Meaning allow her to make her own decision. That she can allow that or she can choose not to, and it’s important that you leave it until she moves in a direction of expressing that she’s comfortable with that.

PAUL: Okay.

ELIAS: Once she moves in that type of direction, if she does, then you can be encouraging and you can be engaging with her about it. But I would definitely encourage you to wait. And you can express that if she wants to talk about it, that you would be open to listening, and you can also express to her that you like her pictures. Therefore, you can be encouraging in that manner.

PAUL: Okay. Okay. Interesting, very.

ELIAS: It (inaudible) she knows that you are supportive of her.

PAUL: Okay. Yeah. Yeah. I’m supportive of her all the time except for when she’s doing her temper tantrums. (Both chuckle) Which are unfortunately pretty consistent. (Sighs)

My projections of consciousness for time travel, I think you said… I’m trying to just get confirmation because I forgot. Is it…? Am I making equal progress whether or not I just take a 15-minute power nap versus meditating for 15 minutes? Is it equally effective?

ELIAS: Yes. Yes.

PAUL: Okay. Okay. Sometimes it’s easier to do a power nap instead of meditating. Equal.

ELIAS: I understand.

PAUL: Yeah. And you said I’m still making progress in this category, it’s just a matter of remembering more often?

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL: Yeah. (Pause) Boy, I tell you, I’m kind of out of my questions already and I’ve still got like four minutes. (Sighs) Oh! That Crestor I’m taking, you mentioned I should… 10 milligrams is okay, but I should consider doing some brain exercises for memory.


PAUL: Would it be… You know, like does that mean brain puzzles? Like doing brain puzzles on my phone? Or memory puzzles on my phone?

ELIAS: Yes. Yes. Yes.

PAUL: Okay. Is it more memory puzzles or brain teaser type?

ELIAS: I would say both.

PAUL: Okay. And then—

ELIAS: The memory puzzles I would say may also be helpful to you in addition to the hypnotherapy.

PAUL: Yeah. Yeah, my first thing, getting home, find a therapist in this area. And you said the 10 milligrams a day is not going to be harmful, right? I think you said that’s still within the range of being okay?


PAUL: Okay. Because I can go back to 5 milligrams. Right now I’ve kind of—

ELIAS: No. It’s acceptable.

PAUL: Okay. Okay. It’s acceptable. So right now I’m kind of splitting the difference, Elias. I’m… Weekends I’m taking the 10 milligrams and on weekdays I’m taking the 5 milligrams.

ELIAS: Very well.

PAUL: Okay. Well, we have another two minutes left. What do you want to say?

ELIAS: (Chuckles) I would say I would encourage you, now that you’re home, to feel into your body in relation to what energy you may have picked up while you were in proximity to the pyramids. Most pyramids, including those in Egypt, have strong healing energy. Therefore, I would definitely encourage you to feel into that because you can use that in relation to your body and perhaps your ankle.

PAUL: Wow. That sounds like an interesting exercise. So I could also ponder that during meditation or even during my power naps, right?

ELIAS: Yes, you can.

PAUL: Okay. Elias, I see we just crossed our time limit so I appreciate your sage words of wisdom (Elias chuckles) and I look forward to our next interaction soon. So…

ELIAS: As do I, thoroughly, and I am tremendously encouraging of you, my friend.

PAUL: Thank you.

ELIAS: Pay attention to that energy.

PAUL: I wrote it down. I will, I will focus on it.

ELIAS: Excellent.

PAUL: Thank you.

ELIAS: Excellent.

PAUL: Thank you, Elias.

ELIAS: And will be offering my energy to you in tremendous support. Very well, my friend. Until our next meeting, in dear love to you and in great friendship as always, au revoir.

PAUL: Thanks, Elias. Bye.

(Elias departs after 31 minutes)

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