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Power Naps, Meditation and Time Travel


“Temper Tantrums”
“Power Naps, Meditation and Time Travel”

Saturday, August 12, 2023 (Private/Phone)

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Paul (Paneus)

ELIAS: Good morning!

PAUL: Good morning, Elias. How are you?

ELIAS: As always, and yourself?

PAUL: Ah! Still exploring. (Elias laughs) I had a dream last night with my old dog Winnie in it, and it was like she showed up at my door, because we put her down a month ago. And she was injured and worse for wear, but she was happy to see me and stuff like that. Why did I…? What’s the imagery of that dream? Just reconnecting? Or is she waiting to be… no, waiting for me to do something for her to be reconfigured?

ELIAS: She hasn’t been reconfigured yet. And I would say that this is simply you giving yourself that imagery of you still being connected.

PAUL: Oh, okay. Okay, so that’s pretty simple. Basically, just that then?


PAUL: Okay. Okay. A few weeks back, I was laying down for a nap and had a, as I was laying down I heard like a, what sounded like a woman’s voice but a word that wasn’t in my language. I was wondering if that was my past focus of Ashanii or somebody else?

ELIAS: That would be correct.

PAUL: What, what was going on then?

ELIAS: I would say that also was simply you connecting, but it wasn’t anything actually significant.

PAUL: Oh, it was not like a specific communication?


PAUL: And she was objectively aware of it as well, right? Or not?


PAUL: Hm. Oh. Opan was talking to me the other day and he believes that I had a… I’ve been visited by E.T. by the Shanaya, or whatever that’s called, and I just don’t remember it. Is that true or not?

ELIAS: Extraterrestrials?

PAUL: Yes.

ELIAS: No. I have expressed many times that no one in your reality has been visited by extraterrestrials.

PAUL: Oh, I—

ELIAS: Aliens, yes.

PAUL: I should say—

ELIAS: Extraterrestrials, no.

PAUL: I should say like a remote connection, not a physical visit.

ELIAS: And how would you define that?

PAUL: Oh, I don’t know. He would, he would have to expound on that one. I don’t… He was just saying oh, you’ve been… You know, they have a way to remotely connect with folks to kind of test the water if you will.

Hm. Another thing he was wondering about was, did we have a past connection, both of us, in the Alamo, the battle of Alamo? And that’s the first question.


PAUL: Was I Davy Crockett?

ELIAS: That would be observing, but you did have another focus in which you were the directing essence.


ELIAS: And were killed very quickly.

PAUL: Was that a… what do you call that? An important individual at the battle, or just a regular soldier?

ELIAS: A soldier.

PAUL: My granddaughter, Lyla, often is disparaging in some of the things she says and throws things randomly. What is her thinking, why she does that? And what’s….? Why does she want to do that?

ELIAS: I would say it’s for the most part experimenting with what generates what type of reaction.

PAUL: So the best way to combat that is to not give any attention to the situation?

ELIAS: I would agree.

PAUL: Yeah.

ELIAS: If you don’t like the behavior, then the best direction in how to not encourage it is to not give it any attention whatsoever.

PAUL: And it’s counterproductive if I say “Okay, because you’re doing that I’m going to go to another room”?

ELIAS: Correct. That is counterproductive because you’re still giving it attention.

PAUL: But would it be appropriate to still even go to the other room? Or just stay there and just not give it any attention?

ELIAS: Yes. Yes. That would be appropriate. It’s simply a matter of not saying that, because in saying that you’re directly addressing to her, and in directly addressing to her, you’re actually paying attention. And you’re reacting. And that’s what she is looking for.

PAUL: Okay. Okay. That’s what I thought, just confirming.

Let’s talk about this issue about, although I haven’t had any that I can remember or that I (inaudible), but it seems like when we talked last you mentioned that a lot of times I’ll take a power nap, not meditate but go into a power nap, and I’ll feel real out of sorts when I get up. And you mentioned that in those situations I was actually doing a projection of consciousness, you know, time traveling.

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL: So my body is like… It goes on this time travel auto-pilot mode. And is it purely all the time that I power nap or just…?

ELIAS: No. No, no, no, no, no.

PAUL: Oh, okay.

ELIAS: Now; that, that is a very common misconception. Your body isn’t necessarily doing anything. You are projecting. And in that, when you return to your body, then you might experience being somewhat disoriented. Sometimes you can experience a heaviness. Sometimes you might even experience some form of paralysis momentarily. But it’s not that your body is doing something. You’re doing something.

PAUL: Yeah, but the… the topic really is, I didn’t have an intention when I did that power nap to do any projection, time travel projections. It was like—

ELIAS: Objectively. But then again, I would disagree with that also, because you always have an intention to do that. (Paul laughs) That is something that you want to be doing. And therefore in certain situations that would lend themselves to that action, you simply do it.

People project actually very frequently. They don’t necessarily objectively recall that, but they do it very frequently.

PAUL: So… Okay. So let me just expand on this. So there’ll be times when I’ll take a power nap and I might not say I want to project to wherever, and my body… I will, regardless, subjectively, and then I’ll notice the effects of it when I wake up objectively. Is that correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL: And—

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL: Okay. So it’s purely a matter of when I wake up in those states when I’m kind of a little bit out of sorts to start writing stuff down about what I was… Just write stuff down, the first things that come to mind?

ELIAS: Yes. Yes. (Pause)

Now; I would say you could actually engage a hypnotist or a hypnotherapist and you could actually unlock the recall of what you were doing in those projections in that manner.

PAUL: Oh, you mean they can—

ELIAS: You have, you have the memory. But those memories are generally not easily accessible and therefore you can access them through the help of an individual that can express hypnosis with you.

PAUL: But it’s unlocking just the door, not for an individual time travel projection but it unlocks a door for all those memories one time?

ELIAS: Not necessarily all of them. No. You can… Generally speaking, what will occur if you move in that direction is that you will likely access recall of the most recent projection.

Now; you can move in a direction of doing it repeatedly. And in that, you would be able to be generating recall of multiple projections. But generally speaking, you do that one at a time.

PAUL: Oh. Oh. I did not know that. Okay. Oh, so it would have to be potentially a lot of visits to the hypnotherapist?

ELIAS: If you wanted to engage multiple recall, yes.

PAUL: Well, but I can do that on my own. I don’t have to go to…

ELIAS: It’s more challenging to do that on your own. There are some things that you can generate recall with in doing hypnosis with yourself, such as recalling other focuses and the experiences of other focuses. But in relation to projections, that’s a little more difficult to actually access that type of recall by yourself. You can, but it’s more challenging.

PAUL: Okay. So this is why if you’re meditating, it would have a stronger… Mediating, and getting into that state would be easier for me to do a recall?

ELIAS: It could be.

PAUL: Okay. Then… Okay. Okay. Okay. So what is the… For every time I take a power nap, not the meditation but every time I take a power nap, roughly what is the percentage of times that my… I’m going into that projection of consciousness to some different time period? Roughly.

ELIAS: One moment. (Pause) I would say approximately (pause) a third of the time.

PAUL: So thirty percent roughly, okay.

ELIAS: Yes. Yes.

PAUL: Okay. Okay.

ELIAS: But I would say that it is possible for you to intentionally increase that, even though you don’t necessarily have an objective recall of it, by expressing that intention that you want to be doing that. And what I would say to you is, your indicator or your evidence that you are doing it will be how you awaken.

PAUL: Yeah. Yeah, that’s pretty clear to me. So I can achieve the same results whether or not I meditate with an intention to project in consciousness to a different time period, or if I do a power nap? Either way works the same?


PAUL: Oh! That’s excellent. I did not know that. (Elias laughs) So okay, that’s interesting. So I’m still progressing toward my ultimate goal of being able to physically time travel, right?

ELIAS: You are.

PAUL: Okay. Okay. That’s reassuring because (laughs) I really want to get to that plateau, because that’s a new horizon for me and I’m pretty excited about that. That’ll be future discussions.

Speaking of… I don’t know if I was laying down or meditating, but I had an intention to see this one past focus of mine that was a female sorceress on a hilltop-type rock formation in Romania, back in the day. And I had a glimpse of her climbing up to an area of the rock that was cleared out, where you could actually stand level. And that’s where they had like a little hut and stuff like that, there. Was that a correct tap into that focus’s environment?

ELIAS: (Pause) Yes.

PAUL: Okay. Okay. I want to talk about my job for a minute. How do you…? Right now, we’re going through a real tightening of the company’s financials. How do you see the…? And right now, there’s… I’m still well respected by many individuals of the company, but that strategy position that we talked about before, like the guy was, already had an offer out to another individual. I don’t think that’s going to… I don’t think it’s going to materialize for me as an offer, but I do work with the guy. Anyway, what would you say about my job in general?

ELIAS: In general, I would say that it’s secure.

PAUL: And no imminent plans for promotion, unless I kind of force the matter?

ELIAS: Not at this present moment, no.

PAUL: Yeah. Yeah, that’s kind of what I’m thinking. By the way, for Alamo, the Battle of Alamo, what was Opan’s focus there?

ELIAS: Also a soldier.

PAUL: Does he die as well? I assume he did.


PAUL: Okay.

ELIAS: Actually, I would say the two of you were friends.

PAUL: Okay. Makes sense to me.

Let’s see. I had a… (Pause) I had a… Did I…? You know, I’ve had a few dreams lately. Here’s one for you. I had a dream where I was with a small group of Germans and we were… in World War II, late in the war in like 1945 or whatever. Hold on a second. No, I don’t want to do that one.

(Rustling paper) Hold on. I don’t know what I want to ask about. I’m kind of out of questions. (Laughs) Do you have a topic for me, Elias, you want to chat about?

ELIAS: (Laughs) How are you proceeding with your family? Other than your granddaughter?

PAUL: Oh. Well, my daughter’s got a good boyfriend and they’ve kind of—

ELIAS: How is that proceeding?

PAUL: Very well. Very well. I’d say outstanding.

ELIAS: Excellent.

PAUL: Yeah. Yeah. They get along real well.

ELIAS: And how is that proceeding with the children?

PAUL: Oh, he likes doing stuff with the kids.

ELIAS: And do they like him?

PAUL: Yes.

ELIAS: Ah, excellent.

PAUL: Yeah.

ELIAS: Therefore she is more content?

PAUL: Yes. Yeah. Definitely more content. That is a good word to use. Yep.

ELIAS: Excellent.

PAUL: Hey, I’ve got a question for you—

ELIAS: And what about the situation of you considering a different living arrangement?

PAUL: Hm. That’s still… That’s still being looked at, by both of us.

ELIAS: Very well.

PAUL: That’s still something that’s being explored. Some days she’s more open to it and other days she’s less open to it, but they’ve actually looked at getting a place for themselves and the kids.


PAUL: And then I would have to get something, obviously, nearby so I can be supportive and still help out on occasion.

By the way, I hurt my back a while back and I was going through a chiropractor to help alleviate the pain and also get me back in alignment, I guess. Was that chiropractor really helping? Because it seemed like for the first week or so it was not doing much. Did that really have a positive effect on my back?

ELIAS: (Pause) To a degree.

PAUL: Or… Yeah. Well, so I’m, the reason I’m asking that is because it’s starting to… It’s getting better. I’m just worrying how much of it is getting better on its own versus how much it was getting better by his treatments.

ELIAS: It’s helping.

PAUL: Okay. Okay. Well, let’s see. Okay, we’ll go back to the time travel one. So, being that I get into, I do these intentional time travel efforts, if I start setting the intention when I take power naps as well as when I meditate, when…? Will that be enough to kind of move me, continue to move me toward that plateau of being able to physically time travel? And if so, what would be an estimated timeline for that, for when that would occur?

ELIAS: I can’t give you an estimated time. That’s up to you. But I can say that continuing to move in these directions in relation to your meditations and your projections, I would say that that definitely continues to move you in a positive direction in relation to that.

PAUL: (Pause) And the next stage—

ELIAS: I can’t give you an estimation, because that has to do with you.

PAUL: Well, I want it sooner versus later. (Both laugh) So the way to get that sooner, the next plateau would be really building on my recall, I would guess?

ELIAS: Yes. Yes. I would definitely agree with that, because that will actually build your confidence.

PAUL: Okay. Okay. I think I understand that. And then I’m thinking right now that… Okay. You mentioned the other time that it’s okay to focus on a… to time travel, project consciousness to another focus area? As long as you’re not doing it in a physical projection? Is that correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL: Yeah.


PAUL: Now will that other focus of mine know that I’m projecting into their—

ELIAS: Not necessarily.

PAUL: Oh, okay. So I’m not going to interfere or disturb what’s happening?

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL: Okay. That’s a good clarification.

ELIAS: That’s the reason that it would be entirely acceptable for you to move in that direction, because the other focus of yourself isn’t aware that you’re doing that.

PAUL: Okay. Okay.

ELIAS: As long as you’re not moving in a direction of intentionally interfering.

PAUL: No, I just want to be an observer.

ELIAS: Then I would say that that’s actually good practice.

PAUL: Okay. I will try that more often then. Elias, I just noticed—

ELIAS: Very well.

PAUL: — that our time is up. And I appreciate our interactions, as always. They’re highly beneficial. Oh! A real quick question. The hallway light has been acting a little flaky. Was that your energy? Or something else?

ELIAS: Yes. Congratulations!

PAUL: (Laughs) Okay.

ELIAS: In noticing. (Laughs)

PAUL: Yeah, well that was pretty easy to notice. I just forgot to ask you about it. (Elias laughs)

So thank you, Elias. I look forward to our next—

ELIAS: You are very welcome, my friend. I shall greatly be looking forward to our next conversation.

PAUL: Me too.

ELIAS: And I will be offering my energy in support in your endeavors with your projections.

PAUL: I would welcome that, Elias. Thank you.

ELIAS: (Laughs) In wondrous love to you my dear friend, as always, au revoir.

PAUL: Au revoir.

(Elias departs after 30 minutes)

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