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Instructing the Body Consciousness; Dietary Questions


“Instructing the Body Consciousness”
“Peanuts, Walnuts, Tree Nuts and the Human Body”
“Persistent Hunger”
“The Current Economic Situation”
“Sources of Disease”

Saturday, May 13, 2023 (Private/Phone)

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Nuno (Lystell)

ELIAS: Good morning!

NUNO: Yes, it’s a pleasure and an honor to speak with you, my friend.

ELIAS: (Laughs) And you also! And what have you been accomplishing?

NUNO: Ah, an excellent question. I’ve been instructing the body consciousness.

ELIAS: Ah! In what manner now?

NUNO: (Laughs) Yeah. I am basically directly expressing to it in thought, and—


NUNO: This is something I started doing quite honestly just out of desperation. I was in a very bad spot and I had to dig my way out of that, and everything I was trying was not working. And so I just did this out of desperation and I repeated and I repeated and I repeated, and I’m getting results.

ELIAS: Congratulations! And therefore what you are expressing is that it is affecting your body in the manner that you want?

NUNO: It is. Yeah, very definitely it is. There is kind of a balance to it. I mean, obviously you’re aware that this is about the blood pressure. There’s kind of a balance to it in that by expressing that repeatedly, I’m placing my attention on it and the attention itself, of course, is something that creates more. But overall, the effect is still to instruct the body consciousness and the body consciousness is responding in the desired way.

ELIAS: Yes. Excellent! I would say that, how are you noticing or how consistent is it with the blood pressure being altered?

NUNO: I’d say it’s pretty consistent. It sometimes requires more effort than at other times, but I would say yes, the results are consistent. It’s more a matter of duration, in that I would like to not have to repeat this so often, but I think I’m making progress with that too.

ELIAS: Meaning what? How often do you repeat the communication at this point?

NUNO: As necessary. In other words, when I feel that that is what I need to do to reduce the blood pressure, yes.

ELIAS: Very well. Therefore you at times feel the blood pressure increasing and you address to it.

Now; when you do that, does it affect it immediately?

NUNO: I would say within about ten minutes, fifteen minutes, something like that.

ELIAS: That’s very quick! (Pause)

NUNO: Well, that’s what I’ve been doing.

ELIAS: Congratulations.

NUNO: Thank you.

ELIAS: Excellent! I would say that is excellent accomplishment and progress, my friend. And in that, I would also say you should be proud of yourself, that you are accomplishing so well. How often do you repeat the communication? When you say as often as necessary, approximately how often would you say that you are repeating the communication?

NUNO: I would say these days, perhaps three or four times a day, maybe more.

ELIAS: Very well. I would say that continuing to move in that direction, it likely will soon begin to move in a direction in which you will see that be less and less and less frequent.

NUNO: Well that’s excellent. Thank you.

ELIAS: (Laughs) You are very welcome.

NUNO: I’d like to return to that topic actually, later in our discussion today. I want to cover a few simpler things at the beginning.

ELIAS: Very well.

NUNO: And so let’s start with peanuts and nuts, or walnuts in particular, are these beneficial to me?

ELIAS: (Pause) And why are you asking?

NUNO: Especially with the peanuts, I found myself being quite… or more the body consciousness perhaps being rather fond of them, and so I could easily go through a large amount of peanuts. And I don’t think that this necessarily is a good thing in large quantities, but perhaps in more moderate quantities it can be beneficial.

ELIAS: And what would you consider a large quantity?

NUNO: That’s a difficult question. Um… Okay, so we’re talking about peanuts in the shell, and I would say… Let’s say a large quantity would maybe be three cups, no, more like three or four cups of those a day, in the shell.

ELIAS: Which I would say that generally there are two peanuts in a shell?

NUNO: Yes.

ELIAS: Therefore if you are eliminating the shell, then the amount of peanuts that you’re actually consuming is approximately half of what it would be. Therefore if you are consuming let us say four cups of peanuts a day, it’s actually two cups of peanuts rather than four.

Now; in that, is that all at one sitting or throughout the day?

NUNO: Throughout the day.

ELIAS: Throughout the day, I would say that (pause) you might consider reducing that slightly, meaning that rather than two cups a day you might be consuming one and a half cups a day. And other than that, I would say that that is acceptable. Peanuts actually do provide a significant amount of protein relatively speaking, because they are small and therefore it’s a matter of recognizing that that small substance incorporates also a relatively small amount of protein in itself, but in quantities it does provide an ample amount of protein.

Now; in relation to walnuts, which provide less protein but they also do incorporate protein, how much of those would you say you are consuming?

NUNO: That would be considerably less. I would say a couple of handfuls a day or something like that.

ELIAS: Ah, that is entirely acceptable. I would say with walnuts, if you were consuming significant amounts, that might be something that you would want to reduce significantly because with any particular tree nut, consuming large amounts of them on a daily basis can actually create a situation in which the body then begins to react, because the nuts incorporate a considerable amount of oil, first of all, and they are a food source that although is somewhat natural to humans, it’s not something that you would consume in large quantities. The human body does have a tendency to react to tree nuts in large quantities and what happens is you will likely develop an allergy to them. In moderate or small amounts, it doesn’t matter. And in that, you can continue to consume small amounts for years, but with larger amounts it likely would move in a direction of the body reacting to that.

The body reacts to the (pause) inclusion of the energy and the actual, physical manifestation of the tree, which is the reason that people develop an allergy to it. The nuts are the fruit of the tree and in a manner of speaking, if you were to associate, let us say, a tree with the human body, there is an element of the tree that is similar to your blood – I’m not speaking about the sap – but there is an element of the tree that is similar to your blood that is incorporated into the fruit of the tree and therefore the tree is a part of its fruit that it bears. And what I would say in that is, you as humans don’t eat the fruit of trees whether they be nuts or actual fruits, you don’t eat that as your mainstay of your diet. It’s a part of your diet, but it’s not the main element in your diet as it would be with some primates or some other animals, that they DO incorporate the fruit of trees, whether they be fruit or nuts, in a manner that it is the mainstay of their diet. You as humans don’t do that and therefore when you DO move in that direction, it’s likely that the body will develop an allergy to whatever it is that you are consuming.

Peanuts are not a tree nut. They’re not actually a nut, but in that, they are something that humans can consume more in a capacity as being similar to a mainstay in their diet. Are you understanding?

NUNO: Yes.

ELIAS: Very well. Therefore tree nuts, I would say to you, are something that would be good to avoid as something that you consume a lot of.

NUNO: Okay. Thank you for the clarification on that.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

NUNO: And I have another question on nutrition. I seem to be fairly frequently hungry these days, which is kind of odd because I have been gaining some weight, which is something I’m not very happy about. So it’s not like I’m under-nourished, but I still often feel hungry. Basically the body consciousness is prompting me to eat and so I was wondering if you could comment on that.

ELIAS: Other than these sources of protein, what are you consuming?

NUNO: Mostly… Let’s see. I consume some fish, fairly frequently. I consume eggs. I try and consume, like usually I consume two, maybe three eggs a day. I consume starch. It’s really the thing that my body wants the most, is starch, usually in the form of bread. And then vegetables, usually in the form of a salad.

ELIAS: And your body is prompting you in the direction of bread?

NUNO: Yes. Starch generally, bread more specifically.

ELIAS: I’m asking specifically, not simply a generalization of starch.

NUNO: Well, I’d say it’d be equally satisfied with something like pasta for example.

ELIAS: Very well. I would say that I would suggest that you perhaps be consuming more cooked vegetables and in that also, I would say instead of pasta or not engaging pasta, but I would say allow yourself to be consuming bread, and you can also be incorporating brown rice.

NUNO: Okay. I actually do incorporate a brown rice and the bread, and the bread is, I try… I bake my own bread, so it has some content of whole wheat. And I also make soup, which is a vegetable soup, and generally that’s broccoli and potato and onion, and I sometimes put some cheese in it as well.

ELIAS: Excellent.

NUNO: And would that be suitable as a cooked vegetable?

ELIAS: Yes, but I would also express that consuming more individual cooked vegetables will also help in relation to satisfying the body in association with it wanting those carbohydrates.

NUNO: Okay. I understand that. Thank you for your advice on that.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

NUNO: So back on the question or rather the subject of my blood pressure challenges. Clearly I’m happy that I found a solution to this at this time. At one time, I asked you whether my challenges with that in terms of eliminating these incidents of high blood pressure, what did it require, the body, whether it was regeneration or healing, and you said both. And from that, what I read into it is that it isn’t just a matter that the body consciousness is being instructed to act in that manner, it is that the body consciousness is what I think of as hypersensitive to that subject. And even if a, let us say, a slight indication of excitement or stress or something like that, that with an ordinary person or someone else would not cause any great reaction. In my body consciousness it creates an extreme reaction. And I did as you suggested. As you know, I asked the essences to assist me with this, but I don’t get the sense that I’m making a lot of progress with this.

ELIAS: How so? Meaning what?

NUNO: Meaning… As an example, when I spoke to you some two months ago, whatever it was, about eliminating the blood pressure medication, you gave me some suggestions on how to do that and I didn’t actually do anything at the time. I simply started to contemplate what I was going to be doing. And that is what got me moving in this really bad situation in which I couldn’t shake the blood pressure off for four weeks. It took me four weeks to dig out of that, because the reaction was so intense and so continuous. (Pause)

ELIAS: But you’ve been making progress.

NUNO: I have since I… Yes, since I started instructing the body consciousness directly.

ELIAS: Correct. Correct. Therefore what precisely are you asking in relation to that?

NUNO: I am asking why is it… I mean, what is it that I am doing or not doing that is preventing a resolution to this? In particular, since I’m assuming the essences that are supporting me are contributing to that, to the elimination of it as I had asked. So I’m thinking maybe there is something that I am lacking in or I am not doing or…?

ELIAS: Mm. No. It’s not that you’re lacking or not doing. I would say that it’s a matter of first of all, time. You are moving in a direction of readjusting the body.

Now; understand that when the body creates high blood pressure, there are many things happening in the body that are creating that situation. It’s not simply one action or one manifestation that’s making that happen with your blood pressure. And therefore, what you’re doing now is you’re reinstructing the body and sometimes – actually, most of the time – when you actually begin doing that and you are being successful, you also release energy that actually in a manner of speaking, it makes the situation almost worse for a time. Which you’re not actually doing, which is interesting, that you’re not doing that.

But what happens is, you’re reinstructing the body. You’re communicating with the subjective awareness, and the subjective awareness is then instructing the body consciousness differently. And in that, what happens is all those different actions that are involved in, and all those manifestations that are involved with creating high blood pressure, the energy of all of those different things in your body, and all those different areas in your body, which are a lot of areas in your body, you have become accustomed to reinforcing that energy and holding that energy. And in that, you’ve also become very accustomed to holding a certain amount of energy in your body in relation to the blood pressure itself, the high blood pressure. You hold an energy, in a manner of speaking, to attempt to not be expressing that blood pressure or in anticipation of the effects of the blood pressure.

Are you understanding thus far?

NUNO: Yes.

ELIAS: Very well. Therefore, in holding that energy, you don’t even realize objectively where in your body you’re holding that energy OR that you ARE holding that energy. But in that, even the thoughts of addressing to this physical manifestation are enough that it affects your energy, what energy you’re projecting. I’m not speaking about projecting outwardly but what energy you’re projecting in relation to your body. And in that, even the thinking about addressing to it triggers that anticipation.

You’ve been expressing that anticipation of what happens in relation to your blood pressure and not wanting that to happen for years and years and years. Therefore your body is very accustomed to that energy of that anticipation, and therefore even moving in the direction of engaging a thought process in relation to doing something different with the body, it triggers that automatic anticipation.

Let me express to you also that this could be anything. If you have moved in any type of situation in your life in which you’re involved, let us say, in something that’s uncomfortable, and it’s consistent for years and years and years, you will develop an automatic anticipation of that and it creates tension in your body. And therefore in that, whenever you even think about a particular situation, your body will express attention.

Let us say you visit a dentist. This is an easy one because many, many, many people don’t like dentists. And let us say that every time you visit a dentist, you have an experience that is considerably uncomfortable and you don’t like it. Even thinking about going to a dentist, even if you’re not going, even thinking about going to a dentist will create an energy in your body of that anticipation, and it’s going to create an energy of tension.

It’s the same action with something such as this, even though you are expressing in your terms something positive, that you’re addressing to a physical manifestation and you’re wanting to heal it or change it, it doesn’t matter. You’re engaging it and your body automatically reacts.

Do you understand?

NUNO: Yeah, I understand very well what you’re saying. I’ve experienced this.

ELIAS: Precisely.

NUNO: Yes, and I was wondering in order to address to that, should I be incorporating—

ELIAS: You’re already doing that. You’re already doing that. And what I would say is, I would express that your energy work, your meditations and continuing to do what you’re already doing are all actions that are moving you and will continue to move you in a direction that is positive and that is healing and accomplishing what you want. I would say that it’s a matter of recognizing that it may require some time to not express that automatic energy and also to release any of the residual energy. Even if you’re not expressing any of that tension energy in anticipation, there’s still the residual energy that is being held in your body that you still require purging out. Therefore between those two actions and factors, it may require some time to accomplish all of that, but I would say that you’re already moving in that direction and simply continue to be acknowledging yourself and don’t move in a direction of becoming impatient.

NUNO: Okay. I understand. Usually impatience isn’t the direction I go, usually I go the direction of depression. But okay, for the release of the energy, I was wondering if rose quartz would be of assistance here?

ELIAS: Oh definitely. Yes.

NUNO: Okay. I will dust my rose quartz off.

ELIAS: I would also express that, as you already know, breathing exercises can be tremendously helpful.

NUNO: Yes. And what about my method of instructing the body consciousness? It seems a bit crude to me. Is there something more effective?

ELIAS: What? Meaning what, in relation to your method being crude?

NUNO: Well, in the sense it’s simply a repeated thought.

ELIAS: Have you engaged the inner landscape?

NUNO: (Sighs) The inner landscape is a major challenge for me. I have engaged it, yes, in the past. I have not had a lot of success with it. That’s why, as I mentioned to you previously, I went in other directions. I mean, I could definitely revisit that.

ELIAS: What I would suggest, what I would suggest is, attempt the inner landscape but don’t generate any expectations of yourself to be tremendously successful with it. What I would suggest is, create a landscape and then, as soon as anything moves, simply remember that and you can stop.

And in that, then what I would say is, you can include in your meditations or you can simply do a visualization on that one image. Whatever the image was that moved, it doesn’t matter what it is. It could be a leaf blowing. It doesn’t matter. Whatever the image is that moved, concentrate on that image alone, and that is enough.

NUNO: Okay. This sounds quite simple.


NUNO: Okay. But I should also continue with my instructions?

ELIAS: Yes. Yes.

NUNO: Okay. And using that method of repetition, can that also be used for other instructions?

ELIAS: Yes. It can.

Now; let me say to you, this is not something that I would express to everyone. This is something I am expressing specifically to you, because in relation to repetition in that capacity, that doesn’t move in a direction of being successful for everyone. Therefore for YOU, yes, because for you it’s, in a manner of speaking, very similar to a mantra. It helps you to concentrate and focus in a particular direction. For another individual, it could easily move in a direction of concentrating actually on what they don’t want, or it could easily be an action that they can do and they’re not actually focused. It simply becomes something that they’re not actually even concentrating on, they’re simply automatically expressing something by rote and that also is generally not successful. Therefore for YOU, yes. I would say that that would be a successful method.

NUNO: Okay. I think I’ve got quite a bit of information to work with on that subject for now. Thank you for all of that.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

NUNO: And switching subjects to something completely different, the body consciousness – this is referring once again to healing devices – so there are certain tones that are associated with certain parts of the body and each part has its own resonant frequency. And does the body continuously emit that tone or not? I’m thinking not.

ELIAS: You are correct.

NUNO: Okay. Now when it is stimulated externally with some source of energy, be it a sound or electromagnetically, and that creates that resonance within that part of the body consciousness, let us say that then the external energy is applied, the tone is applied for a short burst. After that short burst, will the body consciousness then maintain that resonance for a brief period after the burst discontinues? In other words, will—


NUNO: And that will be detectable?


NUNO: Ah, okay. This is very important. Okay. That’s what I wanted to clarify. Okay. Excellent.

Oh, okay, so I’ve got kind of a crystal ball question here but it’s kind of short-term, terms of weeks, so I was wondering if maybe the probabilities are a little more clear. I’d like to know what is most likely to happen with this economic – or it’s not so much, this political situation in this country having to do with a potential debt default. And both sides are very, being very inflexible on it. And can you speak to what is most likely going to happen?

ELIAS: (Pause) That is considerably difficult to address to, because (pause) this is a very volatile situation that you have developing in your country. Actually, it’s a volatile situation happening in several countries at this time, which simply lends to the energy of each of them. You’re incorporating a (pause)… a direction in which the mass energy is somewhat echoing each other in relation to different countries. But in YOUR country (chuckles) as your previous catalyst re-emerges again, that is creating a significant reaction on both sides, actually, and not all of it positive. Actually, more of it is negative than positive, even on the side that should be supportive of him.

And I would say that this is creating a very unstable energy in your country presently, and because of that, it’s creating a very volatile situation in association with financial expressions. And therefore, it was moving in a direction in which it seemed that it was possible that your financial situation might have somewhat stabilized. NOW it’s not appearing to move in that direction as much.

Therefore I would say it’s… It’s very difficult to express in one direction or the other. It’s very unstable. I can say that to you. But does that mean that in the next weeks, the financial situation will move in a very negative or downward slope? Mm… It could, but it might not. Because I would also say that there are many individuals that are paying attention to that and projecting energy to counter it.

Now; there are many individuals that actually want that to happen, meaning want that downward movement to happen, but they are not necessarily in the majority. Therefore it’s… It’s a very difficult situation and one that I would be very suspicious of ANY expression, ANY (pause) information that would actually be predicting, even in the very short term, anything about the financial situation in your country.

Because it’s not only your country. Everything IS interconnected, my friend. And in that, it’s not only your country financially that is being affected, and that your financial situation is affected by. The financial situation in your country is also being affected by other countries, and what they’re doing. And in that, it’s all very connected with what is happening in the political arena. (Pause)

Therefore what I would say to you is: watch what’s happening in the political arenas. Pay attention to what energy you’re projecting, meaning in relation to any type of anxiety or restlessness or any type of energy in association with right and wrong, because these are all energies that will lend to what you don’t want.

NUNO: Thank you for that.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

NUNO: I was considering… Actually, I was just talking with Michael about this. According to Michael, she said that there are a lot of people interested in what I’m doing with my energy exercises and things like that. And I was wondering if I was to offer some online discussions or something of that nature, whether there would be any interest in that?


NUNO: Okay. I will consider that then.

ELIAS: Very well. I would be very encouraging of you.

NUNO: Oh yeah, here is another question I had. So you’ve obviously talked quite a bit about viruses and how they get activated and people activate the virus and so on. I was wondering if the same is true of other kinds of infectious disease such as… you know, which is attributed to bacteria and germs. Is that also a case of the individual activating it or allowing it, or is that something different?

ELIAS: No, it would be the same. Anything that affects the body consciousness as an outside source is something that the individual is choosing to activate within their body. They’re choosing to accept the engagement of that virus or that bacteria and they are not only engaging it, but they’re choosing to activate it in their body and allowing it to grow.

Now; there are some dis-eases that are not generated by outside sources. Therefore, dis-eases such as cancer or heart dis-ease or many other dis-eases that you have in your reality that are already cells within your physical body, and therefore you’re simply activating actions in your body that are already a part of your body.

[The timer for the end of the session rings]

ELIAS: They’re not something that attacks you from outside of your body consciousness. And there are many different types of dis-eases that you already incorporate all those cells within your body consciousness. You’re simply choosing to awaken them because they’re dormant. And at some point, you move in a direction of activating them and that creates a dis-ease.

NUNO: Yes. But I mean essentially what you’re saying is that all disease is internally activated or generated in some form. Sometimes—


NUNO: Yes. Okay. Okay, I understand that. Thank you for that clarification.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

NUNO: And I think I’ve almost run out of questions, so we will end our discussions for today. And I want to thank you and the other essences which support me. As always, your assistance is greatly appreciated and I’m very grateful for it.

ELIAS: You are very welcome, my friend. And I shall tremendously be looking forward to our next conversation, and a stimulating one at that. (Laughs) In tremendous love and affection to you, and great congratulations in relation to what you are accomplishing, in dear friendship as always, au revoir.

NUNO: Au revoir.

(Elias departs after 59 minutes)

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