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Health, Regeneration and Natural Degeneration; Expressing More As Essence


“Using Breathing to Increase Energy in Daily Expression and For Healing”
“Identifying Importances”
“Degeneration, Regeneration, Beliefs, Influences and Constructs”
“Natural Actions That Aid the Regeneration Process”
“Stretch Yourself to Be More, to Experience More”
“A Very Good Example of Shifting”

Saturday, March 25, 2023 (Private/Phone)

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Nuno (Lystell)

ELIAS: Good morning!

NUNO: Good morning.

ELIAS: (Laughs) And how are you proceeding, my friend?

NUNO: I am proceeding quite well.

ELIAS: Excellent. Do tell. What have you been engaging?

NUNO: Well, some of these things are not all that new, but they are developing. And one of the things that I wanted to mention was that, as we had discussed previously, I am wanting to incorporate more of my energy into the focus, on a more continuous and consistent basis, and one of the things I did was I made an association between my breath and higher volumes of energy. And I just started doing this as kind of a meditation, but I found that it’s actually quite effective and that by creating that association, I can access higher volumes of energy very quickly now and because the breathing is automatic, it more or less helps me to achieve that consistency. What I’ve noticed is that I am definitely incorporating more of my energy at higher volumes throughout the day, and I believe a part of that is this association that I made with the breath, or perhaps I’m simply using the breath as a kind of modality.

ELIAS: I would say congratulations. And yes, I would agree that that is something that is tremendously useful. Actually, you can use breathing for many different directions and expressions. You can use breathing to increase energy. You can use breathing to alter your perception. You can use it to alter your attention. You can use it in healing. You can use it in many, many different capacities.

Breathing is your life source, in a manner of speaking, and therefore it is something that is useful in many different capacities. Depending upon what you’re doing or what your intention is, you can use that act of breathing in any different capacity that you choose. It’s very powerful. And yes, you can use it precisely in what you are expressing, in increasing the volume of energy that you are expressing in your daily expression, and it’s an easy and automatic expression.

NUNO: It is, yes. And I’ve used it also frequently in the past as a means to direct energy, particularly to my body consciousness. If I want to direct energy to a particular location, for example for healing, I find that breathing can be quite effective in that manner.

ELIAS: I agree. Congratulations.

NUNO: Thank you. So the other thing that I did… Actually, let me back up a little bit. The other thing that I noticed is that I continue to reduce my incidence of elevated blood pressure, and I believe to a large extent this is likely because of the assistance that the essences have provided me. But it’s quite noticeable now, and it’s not entirely absent but I find that it’s much more easy to address to, in that if it occurs I can very quickly and effectively reduce it by simply directing my energy in that direction, to reduce it.

ELIAS: This is also an expression of how breathing can be very effective in relation to a physical manifestation. (Pause)

NUNO: Yes. Yes. That is a piece of that.

ELIAS: I would say congratulations, because you are actually being quite effective.

NUNO: Oh, thank you. Yes, I believe it is quite effective. It is significant progress for me on that. I’m going to return to this topic a little bit later, in connection with my medication, my blood pressure medication.

The other thing that I’ve been doing or I did recently was I made an assessment of what my importances are.


NUNO: So I came up with a list of five things that are most important to me, and naturally the importances shift somewhat depending upon what is going on at the time. But I would say that my first, highest importance is to maintain the health of the body consciousness and to not manifest disease for any reason or purpose. And that is, I think, what is most important to me simply because the body consciousness is my presence in objective reality. It is my representation in objective reality and therefore, without that, without… without… I just feel very uncomfortable when I am not… when I am not feeling well or I have some manifestation going on.

ELIAS: I understand. And I actually would not only agree with you, but I would applaud you, in that you are making that a genuine importance and a priority in importance. Because you are correct, this is your representation of yourself in physical focus. It IS very important, and maintaining it is tremendously important because not maintaining it doesn’t necessarily mean death, but it does mean discomfort.

NUNO: Yes. Definitely. And for me, it’s something that has always been very important to me and very… almost sacred, I would say, in the integrity of the body consciousness.

ELIAS: I understand.

NUNO: So moving onto my second importance. It’s kind of related to the first. It is to stop degenerating and to regenerate what has degenerated. (Pause)

ELIAS: Very well.

NUNO: And I don’t know where I am with that, so maybe you have something to add to it?

ELIAS: Meaning what, that you don’t know where you’re at with that?

NUNO: Well, I would like some clarification on that actually in terms of degeneration. The degeneration, is that something that simply occurs because of a belief in degeneration. For example, degeneration with age is a very prevalent belief. Or is it something that occurs naturally to some extent, and therefore the body requires continuous regeneration and at some level to maintain itself?

ELIAS: Yes, and yes.

Now; what I would say is in relation to the natural function of the body, remember what I have expressed previously, that within every seven years approximately, all of the cells in your body are different, are new. That is a natural process. That each cell in your body, in a manner of speaking, has a lifetime also and in that, each cell expresses its lifetime and then dies, therefore degenerates. Degenerates not in the capacity of deteriorating, but degenerates in the capacity that it has a particular lifespan and that when that lifespan is complete, it will die. And in that, it is then replaced with a new cell and this happens with every cell in your body. Every single cell in your body moves in this process.

Therefore, the regeneration process is important in relation to the other factor, the first one that you mentioned in association with your belief system that aging degenerates the body.

Now; how that happens or how that is intertwined in this natural process that the body engages is the body naturally has this process of cells that live and die and are replaced. But in relation to the belief that aging degenerates the body consciousness, what that does is it stops the natural process of certain cells being replaced.

Now; let me give you an example that’s very obvious. As you age, for most of you, you will notice that your body in certain areas begins to sag. The elasticity of your skin is being lost. In this, that’s not a natural function. Certain cells that generate that elasticity are not being replaced. Therefore, that part of your skin is not regenerating.

Now; that also is in combination with certain muscles, in which you might notice that there are certain muscles in your body that seem more also sagging, or that seem to have lost their elasticity or their tautness. In that, it’s also a piece in which certain types of cells aren’t regenerating. It’s not that all of the cells aren’t regenerating. Obviously, they are. But certain cells are not regenerating. They stop regenerating because you have that belief in aging and in that, that aging is your direction that leads you to death.

Now; if you aren’t moving in the direction of that influence – remember: you’re not eliminating belief systems, you’re not changing them, but you can be moving in the direction of different influences of beliefs. That has to do with constructs, and that’s the reason that I introduced constructs to all of you and emphasized the importance of them. Because THOSE you CAN change, and you can actually eliminate some of them. Not all of them, but some of them.

Now; in that, with changing some of the constructs – remember: the constructs are your reasons why, therefore the reason why your skin loses its elasticity or the reason why certain muscles seem to lose their tautness, the reason why your body seems to sag or seems to be taking on a particular appearance as you age.

Now; this is not an overall, changing everything in relation to your appearance. Remember, I have expressed many times: you’re not reversing the aging process. Therefore you’re not moving backwards. You’re not going to create an expression in which your appearance at eighty years of age looks the same as you did when you were thirty years of age. That’s not going to happen. The reason being is that there are certain actions that you do consistently that do create certain expressions with the body. Therefore, lines or grooves in your skin and in your muscles, especially in your facial muscles, that happens because of constant, repeated expressions. If you never smile, if you never frown in your entire life, you likely will not generate lines and wrinkles in your face. But that’s very unlikely, because you are creatures that incorporate emotional expressions and therefore you do smile and you do frown and you do laugh and you do cry. And these actions create facial expressions and repeatedly those facial expressions actually create grooves in your muscles, not only in your skin.

But other than that, as to more directly your question, yes, your belief in aging does affect that natural process of cells living and dying. That with some of those cells, they die and they’re not replaced with other cells because you’re not replacing them, because you have this belief in aging that takes on a particular expression or appearance.

In this, some people change that in choosing a different influence. And this is merely an example, I’m not saying to you that this is the only direction that will be effective. It’s simply an example. Some people move in a direction of the belief in the aging process choosing a different influence, that if they are continuously exercising, that they will continue to regenerate certain cells and therefore the appearance of that aging process will not be the same.

Some people move in a direction of choosing a different influence of the aging process in relation to diet, and what they consume, and that moves them in a direction also of regenerating naturally and not creating the same expression of appearance of the degeneration process.

Now; some people move in a direction in which neither of those things are valid to them, and they may be generating a longer life. They may be choosing regeneration of the cells that are inward, therefore cells in relation to organs and muscles and bones, but not necessarily the outward regeneration of appearance. But they may actually generate more longevity.

It simply depends on what you’re doing and what you’re focusing on.

Now; for you, I understand that you want to be expressing that regeneration as a whole, with the entire body consciousness, therefore all of the inner workings of your body consciousness AND your appearance, and therefore the entirety of the body consciousness – which I very much encourage. And in that, it is simply a matter of focusing on the regeneration of all cells.

Now; you can help that in natural capacities, therefore moving in natural manners. Which means, you are humans. Humans are not entirely nomadic, but they are close. And in that, what does that mean? Humans walk, run, swim, climb. These are all natural functions that humans do. Therefore if you are moving in those manners – and climbing doesn’t mean you have to be climbing a mountain or climbing a tree. You could be moving up and down stairs. That would be a similar action to climbing. Walking, running, swimming: these are all natural actions that aid the regeneration process.

Your physical diet, what you consume. It doesn’t mean that you have to be tremendously strict about that, but paying attention to what your body responds to, what your body prompts you to be consuming, what is nourishing to your particular body consciousness. Hydration is a tremendous key. More than anything else, besides moving, I would say that inward and outward hydration, therefore inward hydration by obviously consuming a significant amount of water. Outward hydration is something that humans have been doing naturally for millennia, but you don’t necessarily do it much now in your present day, which is to generate some type of outward hydration for your entire body, which would be some type of lotion or oil that hydrates your skin, in addition to what you consume in water.

Humans have been naturally hydrating their skin outwardly with different types of oils for thousands and thousands and thousands of years, recognizing that your skin is something that is easily dried out, in relation to what you place against it. Fabric leaches moisture from your body. Therefore, wearing clothes leaches moisture from your body. What you handle leaches moisture from your skin. You see that in relation to your body being dry in different places.

In this, not hydrating the outside of your body contributes tremendously to the loss of elasticity. Which most people don’t actually recognize. But this is something that can be easily changed, if you are consistent and you are outwardly hydrating your skin, in addition to the water intake.

Therefore I would say in conclusion that if you are concentrating on the encouragement of your body to be naturally regenerating and not stopping that process at all, that will allow you to move in a direction that I would say for you would be tremendously satisfying.

NUNO: I agree. And perhaps I should restate my importance as being continuous regeneration, which is actually how I’ve been thinking of it in the past.

ELIAS: I agree. And I would say that in that, knowing some cells live longer than other cells, and this is the reason that within seven years all of the cells in your body will be different and new. But in that, you want them to continuously be new, that you don’t want most of your cells to be new and different and some of your cells to not continue.

And let me express to you, this is also what occurs inwardly as you degenerate with age. This is the reason that eventually your organs begin to fail, because they are not regenerating those cells. And therefore, in not regenerating new cells to replace the ones that have died, it eventually creates a situation in which those organs are not strong enough to continue to function properly, and they begin to fail.

Let me also offer one more point, in relation to inward cells. There is one piece with inward cells that you also want to avoid. That is the regeneration of unwanted cells. And that is also a part of degeneration, believe it or not. (Laughs) That there are some cells, such as plaque cells that accumulate within your physical arteries, and these cells are very good at regenerating and accumulating, and that also is a part of the degeneration process, because what they do is they multiply and multiply and multiply, and the more they multiply, the narrower your arteries become. And in that, that causes them to also stop functioning properly.

Therefore, in this, as you expressed initially that your importance and your concentration is to be promoting health and not to be promoting anything that would influence in the direction of not expressing health, that is excellent. Because there are certain things that you don’t want to include in your regeneration. There are certain cells that you don’t want to regenerate.

Therefore, you don’t have to know what all of those cells are in your body. It’s simply a matter of expressing that you want all of your healthy, functioning cells to regenerate and that anything that is in opposition to your health in regeneration, you don’t want to express.

NUNO: Thank you for that. That is quite comprehensive.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

NUNO: Just continuing on then with my list of importances, I would say the next one is incorporating as much of myself as possible into the focus.

ELIAS: Excellent. That is tremendous, my friend. And I would say I very much acknowledge how you expressed that, that you didn’t say, “incorporating as much of essence” into your focus, but that you said your “self.” That is excellent. Very exquisite, because that is more realistic and not generating that separation that is so prevalent and common in your reality. I very much acknowledge you in that.

NUNO: Thank you. Then that is an importance, to reduce that separation and to position myself as essence first and foremost.

ELIAS: I would agree. And I would say that that is excellent, that you are acknowledging that that’s you. That’s who and what you are. And that it is a matter of being who and what you are, in this physical focus. I would say that is tremendous.

NUNO: Thank you. On that subject then, of what I call essence perspective, I attempt at times to imagine existence as essence, as opposed to essence engaged in a focus. And this is something that is a little challenging for me in that I don’t really have a reference point for that. But I was wondering if you could make some suggestions by way of how to generate that kind of imagery?

ELIAS: I would say you could think about it in the manner of latent properties or qualities, that you possess all of these qualities, but that you’re not necessarily aware of them objectively, or you’re not necessarily expressing them objectively. Therefore, it may be a matter of simply moving in a direction each day of stretching yourself, in a manner of speaking.

Whatever you’re doing, whatever movement you’re expressing, whatever direction you’re engaging, somewhat stretch yourself farther to be more, to do more, to express more. Just as you use your breathing to increase the volume of your energy, in a similar capacity you can stretch yourself and you can use your breathing in this also, to be more, to do more, to experience more, to know more. Therefore you can use your breathing in a capacity in which you breathe in more awareness, more knowledge; you breath out any inflexibility or any aspect of you that is not willing to stretch, that is being rigid. Therefore each time you exhale, you’re releasing that rigidity and you can actually feel in your body more flexibility, more openness, more allowance. And in that, then breathe in that awareness, that knowledge, that information.

And in that, don’t expect that you’ll necessarily have some new awareness of some amazing information in each moment, but that you are open to whatever you present to yourself. Therefore what you’re doing is you’re expanding your senses. Therefore you could be looking at a table and suddenly you have a revelation of some sort, that what’s happening is you’re expanding the use of your physical expression.

That’s what you want to be doing. You want to incorporate a greater, expansive awareness objectively in your physical focus. Therefore you’re already pulling in the energy. Now it’s a matter of expanding your physical expression. People don’t think about the expansion of what they have, the expansion of their awareness, the expansion of their body, because that’s what objectively expresses your perception, your awareness objectively in relation to your focus, is how you use your physical expression, how you use your senses. And if you are expanding them, then you’re allowing greater input. Therefore what you see, what you hear, what you touch, what you smell, what you taste can give you a tremendous increase in awareness, in information, in knowledge. Therefore also in strength and power. The greater your awareness, the greater your knowledge, the greater your strength and power.

NUNO: Thank you. That sounds like a very interesting avenue of exploration.

ELIAS: And something that you can pay attention to, in a physical capacity, and watch yourself develop and increase. Just as you would with anything. If you are engaging a musical instrument, the more you practice, the more proficient you become. If you are a mathematician, you express that direction with mathematics more and more and more. You are constantly moving in a direction of expressing more. And it’s the same in relation to awareness, which is what you are doing by expressing more of you in your physical expression and your physical existence. In that, what is it that increases your awareness? Therefore, how do you increase your awareness? You’re already increasing the energy. Now you want more awareness, because THAT gives you more knowledge. It gives you more information. And the more information you have, the more abilities you have.

It is somewhat pointless to increase your energy tremendously if you have nothing to do with it. Therefore, that’s what you do with it: you increase your awareness, and then you can do with it whatever you choose.

NUNO: Yes. I seem to have reached kind of a point where I need to express that energy in some directions, rather than simply increase the volume of it indefinitely. That’s kind of pointless.

ELIAS: Precisely. Because it has to be expressed. It WILL be expressed, and if you aren’t directing how it’s being expressed, you might not like how it is expressed.

NUNO: Oh, a quick question here then. Is weightlifting a beneficial form of exercise?

ELIAS: Repeat.

NUNO: Is weightlifting a beneficial form of exercise for myself?


NUNO: And so returning to the blood pressure, I feel that I’m much better positioned now to begin eliminating the medication. And I know we’ve talked about this a little bit in the past, but I was wondering if you could give me some guidance in how to proceed with this? The reason I want to eliminate it is twofold. One is that I don’t think they’re really very good for the body consciousness; for example, it creates swelling in my feet and ankles, which I don’t like. And in addition, I just want to disconnect from the medical system, and that’s the only thing that has me tied to it presently.

ELIAS: Very well. What I would say is, as you are already aware, I would encourage you to reduce your intake somewhat slowly. Not tremendously slowly, but somewhat slowly. And pay attention to your body as you’re doing it. And in that, pay attention to whether your body reacts.

Now; understand: your body WILL react initially in varying degrees, because it’s accustomed to this substance. Therefore removing the substance is going to influence your body to react. But it’s a matter of, in a manner of speaking, creating a type of seesaw action with it. You decrease. When the body reacts, you increase slightly, very slightly, simply enough to stop the body from reacting. Then you decrease again. And you continue to decrease, and when the body reacts, then you increase slightly again. And you move in that direction until you have discontinued entirely.

Now; I would also express, in this process it’s tremendously important that you are consuming a significant volume of water and that you are constantly generating movement. What that will do is that will help to dislodge and break up any of the unwanted accumulation of cells. And in that, it will help to encourage the body to be not continuing to create them and to create healthy cells instead.

NUNO: And in terms of the rate at which I cut back, can you give me some indication of what might be appropriate?

ELIAS: That’s what I was expressing, to pay attention to how your body is responding or reacting. Therefore I would suggest that you begin with perhaps decreasing by a quarter of the dosage and then increase to half, and then increase to three-quarters, and then increase to the full amount. Are you understanding?

(The timer for the end of the session rings)

NUNO: Yes.

ELIAS: In that though, each time you are increasing the amount that you are not taking, give yourself a period of time, I would say at least two weeks each time you decrease, because you want to give your body time to react or not. You don’t want to move in a direction of ignoring a potential reaction.

NUNO: I was thinking also that in connection with this process, I could utilize my energy to guide the body consciousness in a sense, too?

ELIAS: Definitely. I would suggest using the inner landscape, but if you have a different exercise that you are comfortable with, that is entirely acceptable also. And I would definitely be encouraging you to be using your meditation, because you can use that in relation to what the body is doing and how your actions are affecting it, in relation to the reactiveness or the lack of reactiveness of the body. You should be able to feel that, and therefore you could use that as your gauge.

NUNO: Well my friend, thank you. And there’s a great deal of information you have offered me, and I will take it into consideration.

ELIAS: You are very welcome, and I am tremendously encouraging of you. I shall be offering my energy to you continuously in support as you continue in this direction. Well done, my friend! I would say this is quite encouraging. This is a very good example of shifting. Congratulations!

NUNO: Thank you.

ELIAS: Until our next meeting, in tremendous love and affection to you, and in dear, dear friendship as always, au revoir.

NUNO: Au revoir.

(Elias departs after 1 hour 2 minutes)

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