Session 202303072

Channeling Ra and Tapping Into the Shining Ones


“Channeling Ra and Tapping Into the Shining Ones”
“Densities versus Dimensions”
“Brain Aneurysms: Psychic Surgery and Smoking”
“Two Kinds of Transition”
“Offering to Be an Example for How to Process Trauma Situations”
“Creating an Arboretum”

Tuesday, March 7, 2023 (Private/Phone)

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Kathleen (Florencia)

ELIAS: Good morning!

KATHLEEN: Good morning, Elias!

ELIAS: (Laughs) And what shall we discuss?

KATHLEEN: Oh boy, have I got some fun things to discuss today! (Laughs) I’ve had like four different notebooks with questions that I’ve been accumulating for about a year since we last spoke. And of course, until the last second I couldn’t find any of them, so I was like, “Oh well, why don’t I just do what I always do and just wing it?” but I’m like, “Nah, I’ve got some interesting things to talk about.” So I think I’ll just start right off.

ELIAS: Very well.

KATHLEEN: Awesome. Thank you. My first question is about what occurred with my brain. I had some individuals that worked with me that some were nonphysical, and one or two were physical, who were lending energy to a process that… I actually kind of had visuals while it was taking place, where these entities along with parties who ascribe the name Elohim to themselves while this woman was still alive – she passed away last August, her name was Terry Brown – but she brought in assistance from another dimension, and they summarily… I think we briefly talked about this previously, but I have a recording now, so I can refer back to it. So, am I correct in saying that they energetically did sort of the equivalent of psychic surgery to assist with ameliorating the aneurysms that were in my brain?


KATHLEEN: And have any of my behaviors or activities that I’ve been doing caused any problem with that, in terms of like the smoking, which I’m still stupidly doing, or any alcohol use or the use of medications? Are those things having an effect on that, or is that pretty stable the way it is now?

ELIAS: I would say to a degree, but I would say that the smoking is still a significant issue.

KATHLEEN: I know. It’s going. I’m getting rid of it, and I don’t care if I have to chain myself to the chair for a week, I will do that if I have to. Because I feel the damage, and I feel uncomfortable and I know that it has been an issue. And I heard you last time and I burned probably ten packs of cigarettes since then to try to make myself just not smoke, but then, you know –

ELIAS: It’s not about simply not smoking. It’s a matter of recognizing that this is a very strong and powerful habit, and therefore it’s a matter of being strategic about it. When you have certain habits that are significantly strong, it’s a matter of then generating actions that can lead up to you stopping that habit. Therefore with smoking, fortunately in one capacity, is generally a ritualistic habit.

KATHLEEN: Yes. It’s something to do –

ELIAS: You do it in the same places. You do it in the same times. You buy the cigarettes generally at the same places. Therefore there are a lot of things that you do, there are a lot of behaviors that are consistent and that are part of the habit. You start changing some of those behaviors, it will be easier to actually then stop the act of smoking. Therefore, designate certain things that you change –

KATHLEEN: Yeah, like not going to the same store, you know, not sitting where I always would go to sneak a cigarette so I didn’t stink my house up or going outside.


KATHLEEN: Expecting to find that little clipper that I saved for the next time, and those kinds of things. I can just throw them away and, and… I know I can. I can wake up and not feel like having one, and if there’s one in front of me, I just reflexively grab it, and if there isn’t one in front of me I can go for hours without it. And I know that if I can do that, I can quit. So that’s what I’m going to do. So…

ELIAS: Very well.

KATHLEEN: Thank you. (Chuckles) Okay. I have a question about densities. Just out of curiosity, because you speak through Mary, and she’s… Well, we’re in the third density, right? Right now we’re moving into fourth or whatever? Is that accurate?

ELIAS: Explain your definition of that.

KATHLEEN: Well, 3D – meaning third dimension – to me is the same as third density. I think there are, in terms of physics, differences, but for the purposes of the discussion, we’re in 3D and I guess the fourth dimension is supposedly like a corridor to the fifth dimension, which our earth is supposedly moving into. Is that somewhere in the realm of accuracy? (Laughs)

ELIAS: Mm, not entirely. I would say that this is a very strong metaphysical belief, but it’s not necessarily accurate.

KATHLEEN: Mm-hm? Like in terms of the way people have used the Mayan calendar and the 75,000-year cycle of incarnation and reincarnation until we reach a certain level in our karmic balancing and stuff like that, I know there’s a lot of belief systems associated with that, but you know, I mean the Shift in Consciousness is purportedly leading us to a state in which we have more of the remembrance and—

ELIAS: Yes –

KATHLEEN: — become able to incorporate somewhat more of our essence in the physical in terms of like our light body, to some degree?


KATHLEEN: Okay, cool. This was my original curiosity question, is like what density do you have your being in, or dimension? Are you like ninth-dimensional? Sixth-dimensional? Twelfth-dimensional? I mean, I know we usually in our groups refer to areas of consciousness, and you’re in Regional Area Two. Is that correct?

ELIAS: Three.

KATHLEEN: Three! Okay. I kind of thought that but I wasn’t sure —

ELIAS: Actually, I move back and forth between Three and Four.

KATHLEEN: Oh! Cool. Okay. Yeah, and some humans have the capacity to do that. Is that correct? At least like in their meditative states, not physically –


KATHLEEN: Okay. Cool.


KATHLEEN: So do I do that? Like when I’m meditating, I feel like I’m somewhere else, and when I do the little bit of channeling that I DO do, that I feel confident is actually occurring, I feel like I’m leaving and going somewhere else – in a manner of speaking, energetically speaking.

ELIAS: I understand. Yes.

KATHLEEN: Cool. And speaking of channeling, I have had this desire to do it and haven’t wanted to pay $600 for somebody to teach me that does master classes and all this stuff, but I have been exploring that with some fervor and determination. And I have over the years done a couple of… Like back in the day when we still had tape recorders, I had originally done a recording where – and this was like in the late ‘90s or early 2000s; I’m pretty sure it was late ‘90s – some of the first words that came out of my mouth were, “We’re entering a period of differentiation,” and this was a reference to humans not like being divided so to speak, but there being a sort of segueing of certain individuals that were moving into more dense ways of expressing and others moving into, shall we say, on a parallel track but in a different direction of a lighter density and a more openness to Source.

And when I did that channeling, it was at a time while I was in a custody battle with my son’s father, and it made a lot of sense to me that even though that person had lots of money and was able to manipulate the system and stuff, and quote-unquote “have his way” at the end of the day, I understood and realized that I could access this information at any time if I tuned myself correctly to tap into what in many of my Law of One groups and other groups [call] Intelligent Infinity. And I’m just wondering if… I had an energy transfer with a friend of mine who you told me his essence name is Athol who I’ve still been kind of hanging out with and am involved with. He does this thing that he places his hands on my knees to help me relieve the pain, and it really works well. He was doing that last week and I felt a voice in my throat, like in my head, just saying, “I am Ra, and you are very conscientious in your efforts and we encourage you to continue.” What that really that entity that I’ve –


KATHLEEN: — been studying for all these years?


KATHLEEN: Awesome. And see, ‘cause there’s so many beliefs within the groupings that the only way that that person could be channeled was the same way it occurred back when Carla Rueckert and Don Elkins and Jim McCarty started it, like back in the ‘80s or ‘70s, whenever it was. Carla had a belief system that… She was very religious, but she also harmed herself with large amounts of LSD, which Ra came through and told them that that really depleted her and it would take a couple of years for her to actually recover from that experience.

But the whole thing about that was that the idea that they express is that it could only be done by them, which was kind of what happened with the Seth material and others have tried, and I don’t know if others have actually brought Seth through or not, because he had the agreement with Jane and Rob that they would be the sole source of his information for the purity of the information, and I believe that to be true. But in the case of the Ra material, I’ve worked with the Elohim group while Terry Brown was still alive and asked questions during our Q and A’s, and I asked Terry while she was still with us if I had brought Carla through and if she was observing essence of me, and she said yes. Would you agree with that?


KATHLEEN: Cool. So have we been observing essence of each other?


KATHLEEN: Okay. I thought so. Thank you. And I know that all I really need to do to continue to do this now, since I have this recorder I can play with this a little more – and I’ve had it all along but I had to like complicate the fart that it was, and (laughs) not think I had the ability to do it, so I blocked myself from doing it, but now I’ve released that block and it’s kind of free flowing now, so I’m really excited about that. And –

ELIAS: Excellent!

KATHLEEN: Thank you. And you know, I am part of the Law of One study groups, and I really resonate with a lot of the material about the one infinite creator and stuff like that – All That Is is a term that we more commonly use, but… And there’s also a little bit of confusion there for me because they call our source for our universe, our dimensions, the Logos, but there’s more than one Logos, so there are Logoi in the different universes. Is that correct?


KATHLEEN: And so they’re all just other branches of the same All That Is, just othernesses of it?


KATHLEEN: Okay. Cool.


KATHLEEN: Cool. Thank you.

ELIAS: Correct.

KATHLEEN: Just like all of us are other aspects of that one infinite creator – other rays, if you will.

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking.

KATHLEEN: Okay. So would you say that I am part of the soul group that was with Carla and Don Elkins and Jim McCarty? Because we’re occupying the same dimension, we’re studying the same stuff and we’re attached kind of at the hip, in a manner of speaking, with our love for the material, our love for our fellow humans and things like that. I mean, —


KATHLEEN: Not that there has to be a REASON for us to be connected as a soul group, but cool.

ELIAS: I would agree. Yes.

KATHLEEN: Okay. Awesome.

Am I in transition?


KATHLEEN: Okay. And how long have I been in transition?

ELIAS: (Pause) Mm, I would say approximately [inaudible].

KATHLEEN: Whup, you broke up. Hang on.

ELIAS: But in that, understand that in physical focus, if you are not in the type of transition in which you would be creating dementia, then what that means in being in transition is that you are engaging transition in relation to this Shift in Consciousness, which is an action that [inaudible] to aid you in moving IN this Shift in Consciousness with as little difficulty as possible.

KATHLEEN: Mm-hm. I get that. And my signal blanked out when you said when I started being in transition. When was that?

ELIAS: About fifteen years ago.

KATHLEEN: Okay. Cool. And there’s not like some precipitating event that does that necessarily, –


KATHLEEN: – it’s just an action in consciousness that as you evolve, you get to that place where you’re moving in that direction but it’s not an indicator of “Well, I’m going to croak within ten years or twenty years,” necessarily.

ELIAS: No. No. No. It has nothing to do with death.

KATHLEEN: Okay. That’s what I thought.

Can you give me some kind of idea of the difference between the densities and the dimensions? Is there a difference, or did what I said earlier make sense that they’re basically the same thing? Like first density being rocks and mountains, second density being plants and, you know, mycelium, and third density being humans or creatures – supposedly dogs are second density, according to the Ra material —

ELIAS: No. Actually, in that – (Pause) In the context of what you’re speaking about, and in relation to the words that you’re using, density and dimension would not be the same thing.

KATHLEEN: I didn’t think so. I think they’re erroneously used interchangeably, and I know that there’s a distinction in terms of the physics of the situation. Can you expound on that a little bit?

ELIAS: How you are using the terminology of density is more associated with specific beings and the positions, in a manner of speaking, of those beings. And dimensions are not about beings; dimensions are different areas of consciousness.

KATHLEEN: Okay. That’s what I thought. Cool. And the lower the dimension, the idea is that the life forms are simpler, and the higher dimensions, they’re —

ELIAS: No, that would be the density.

KATHLEEN: Oh, okay. Okay. Right. Right. Right. Okay. So… so like in the so-called Angelic Realms, or like when someone completes their transition and they’ve crossed over, as they say, they’re immediately in what area of consciousness? I know there’s an in between, you know, a time framework where they are processing this focus, but would you say that it’s accurate to say that they go into a sort of fourth density, which is in my opinion or understanding like kind of betwixt and between, to do that processing?

ELIAS: I would say that you… you could express that. You could use that terminology to describe that, yes.

KATHLEEN: Okay. Cool. All right. Well, I’m going to shift to something else. I’ve had a couple of really interesting dreams lately, and it’s so funny. I’m going to hit my most recent one and then I’ll go back to Arife after. A friend of mine just celebrated his anniversary or something. He went on a trip with his wife to Africa, and they went to Morocco and they shared so many amazing photos and stuff. My friend Chance – that’s one of my Facebook pals – he and wife Steph got all these cool pictures of them on camels and seeing a snake charmer and all this stuff. And these things really triggered a memory in me of that familiarity you get when you know that you either have a current focus there or have been there in energy in another lifetime or whatever you want to call it, another focus. And I had a dream, this was last night, I think – they all kind of run into one long, amazing day for me sometimes, so time and calendars are not my bag – but anyway, in the dream I saw another friend who’s physically focused and I saw her as she is now, and it made me get the sense that I have a concurrent focus that’s in Morocco. Is that correct?


KATHLEEN: Cool. It just like helped me connect some dots about the nature of dreamtime and how it really does parallel what we’re doing in our physical focus, in our current physical focus, and the me that I know as me speaking to you now.


KATHLEEN: Yeah. So that was kind of a fun thing, and I’ve explored that subject to some degree, and that leads me to a whole separate subject about my niece. My late brother John, who… By the way, may I know his essence name? My older brother, John?

ELIAS: One moment. (Pause)

KATHLEEN: Thank you.

ELIAS: Essence name: Sesstan (SESS-tan), S-E-S-S-T-A-N.

KATHLEEN: Cool. Thank you. His daughter, Lillian, honest to god, when she was a little girl she was like the spitting image of the Mona Lisa. I mean, it was like Leonardo had her sitting in front of him painting her with that wry little expression that she has. And I’m wondering if she was an aspect or a focus of that model that Leonardo did the painting of?


KATHLEEN: Awesome. I thought so. May I know Lillian’s essence name, please?

ELIAS: One moment. (Pause) Essence name: Sarannsee (Sa-ra-GANN-see), S-A-R-A-N-N-S-E-E. [Transcriber’s note: A hard “G” is audible when Elias speaks the name, but there is none when he gives the spelling.]

KATHLEEN: Awesome. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

KATHLEEN: She has kind of broken away from her familial associations because of her… partially because of her expression of her gender identity and, you know, has been kind of at war with her mother in certain ways, just the tit for tat that happens between parents and children and the parents trying to impose their choices on the kid and all that kind of stuff. And she’s very, very aware – she’s not a child anymore, but I was going to use that term – and she expressed to me at one point while she was reaching out for a little help and a little emotional support, that she… I’m not going to say worships, but she is associating and has a certain reverence for a particular entity that she described as Samael, which to my understanding is a negative, so-called, entity. Is that correct?

ELIAS: Meaning what by “negative entity”?

KATHLEEN: Kind of like a dark force kind of entity, not a service to others entity but a service to self, sort of. I mean, they consider him to be a Lucifer… kind of a minion of Lucifer.

ELIAS: First of all, there is no devil. There are no evil spirits or essences. That is a construct of your reality.

KATHLEEN: Mm-hm. So when people think that they’re having psychic attacks, —

ELIAS: It’s themself.

KATHLEEN: — how does that relate, and why do they think that it’s negative entities?

ELIAS: It’s themself. And they don’t understand that, and therefore then they ascribe that to —

KATHLEEN: Something outside.

ELIAS: — some other being.

KATHLEEN: Yeah. Okay. Cool! And in that, she’s content with what she’s doing. There was some fear on my part about her well-being by moving in that direction, just because I felt as though there could be some harm in her ability to make choices that were beneficial to herself by this association. Is that just my own beliefs about those purported negative entities that I can just let go of because they don’t exist and it’s just a different series of choices in consciousness that are valid?

ELIAS: Yes. Yes.

KATHLEEN: Okay, cool.

My brother John, who I can’t remember the essence name but it’s recorded – woo hoo! (laughs) – he was, I would say, a very dark individual. He had a lot of… And I only say that in terms of him being depressed and having a lot of emotional issues and being unwilling to address to those issues, or not being aware that he COULD address to them so that he could ameliorate them and ever experience states of joy or well-being. It was suggested by his widow that he was a suspect in a series of actions that ended several women’s lives and he was considered, by her at least, to be a sociopath.

And I got this immediate gut feeling that he might have been involved in that activity. Is that accurate?


KATHLEEN: I thought so. And I mean, he’s dead now, so it’s like I can’t violate his free will by asking questions (laughs) about this. Or can I? Can you violate someone’s free will if they are no longer physically focused?

ELIAS: It depends.

KATHLEEN: It depends on what you’re asking?

ELIAS: It depends on whether that individual still has any influence in relation to other individuals that are still in physical focus.

KATHLEEN: Mm-hm. Would you say that —

ELIAS: Which he does.

KATHLEEN: I’m sorry?

ELIAS: Which he does.

KATHLEEN: Okay. So I can only go so far with my questioning before you couldn’t really give me an answer, right?


KATHLEEN: Okay. Well, I’ll just be bold and say: Did he kill some women that lived in Manhattan before he made his exit to Virginia with his then wife that he bore the daughter with?


KATHLEEN: Yeah. I thought so. And I feel bad for him. I had years and years of emotional distress because of my belief systems about sexuality and having been, as we term it, molested by uncles on my mother’s side and by my older brother, and I was having a conversation with his widow, Donna, last night while she was working, and I just kind of blurted out that he had raped my sister and myself as young little girls. He wasn’t that much older than us but he was very well developed in terms of his masculine elements, and it really harmed me emotionally.

And I suppressed that for a long, long time, and I think I’ve worked through a lot of the aspects of that, both in therapy and with this dear friend of mine named Claudia Granger, who is a channel who helped me forgive him and helped me tap into that love-based association with him. And I had forgiven him before he even died, and I wanted to go and visit him.

And he had expressed to his wife that he did these things and that he was going to take his life because he didn’t want to hurt anyone else, particularly his beautiful daughter. And he actually expressed this to the daughter, and here she is, like, 18 years old or something, and he expressed this to her. And I know even though she puts on this façade of, you know, bravado and stuff, that it was a source of trauma for her, and his passing was a huge source of trauma for her. Am I on track here so far?


KATHLEEN: Okay. And you know I’ve wanted to try to be of assistance, not in an instructional way but in a modeling way that I express to her that I have forgiven my brother. Even though there are still shadows of that trauma, I think that I have done pretty well to understand the nature of that trauma and how that played out, and how I chose this in this focus as an area of exploration that has been quite revelatory in terms of how humans associate with each other, how sexuality is a really big part of our expressions here between the genders and gender identification. And I’m just wondering if my brother is aware that I forgave him and that I genuinely do love him despite his actions?


KATHLEEN: Awesome! That’s very comforting. Because I would like to, at some point, connect with Lillian and have that conversation. And I feel that it might be beneficial to her to hear that I was able to do that, just as an avenue for her to consider exploring if she is so choosing.

ELIAS: Very well.


Okay, so on my other —

ELIAS: Recognize that she may or may not move in that direction.


ELIAS: That those are her choices.


ELIAS: And that it’s a matter of you can share your experience without any expectations because she may listen and she may move in an entirely different direction.

KATHLEEN: Got it. Okay. Cool.

(Laughs) I’m getting this big, like, blank thing, so I have all these pieces of paper scattered all over the place. (Elias laughs) And I’m just like not super-organized about this type of thing, and I never have been in any of our sessions. I’ve always usually just winged it, but I got the majority of my most important questions.

But in terms of my creativity, I feel like… I drew this picture that I just recently shared in my Law of One group, because we discussed the origins of the human being and the idea of evolution or the idea of our movements into a progression into awareness and increasing our awareness. The drawing I entitled “The Seeding of a Species,” and it shows this sort of alien-looking guy with what looks like a human female in the act of intercourse. I know artistically it’s pretty amazing that it just kind of poured out of my imagination, but would you say that the concept behind what I drew is accurate in terms of there being extraterrestrial DNA intermingled with human DNA to generate particular qualities and characteristics in the humans for the agendas that some of those entities had at that time? I’m talking like pre-Egyptian – you know, pre-Mesopotamia-type era. I know there’s no beginning, but for the sake of the discussion, like early in our evolutionary process, I think I depicted that pretty nicely with that picture.

ELIAS: Actually, I will express two things to you. One, it’s not associated with extraterrestrials, because extraterrestrials at this point have not actually visited or encountered with you in your reality yet. I’ve expressed this several times previously, that you will eventually, in your terms, make first contact once you have the technology to move beyond your solar system, and that there are other beings that are watching, that have the technology already to be engaging with you, but they don’t trust you because you have a history – throughout your entire history – of being considerably violent beings and therefore that they don’t trust you.

But what you DID do, which IS actually quite real, is you tapped into the Shining Ones.

KATHLEEN: Yes. And that’s what my next question was going to be, because in the Ra material, Ra described their connection with the Egyptians, and they were not accepted because people were afraid because of their differences. And they had given some of the material about our ability to connect with Source and to express freely the qualities that we were naturally imbued with before the veil was placed over our reality. And —

ELIAS: The Shining Ones were a group of what you might term to be superhumans.


ELIAS: And in that, their sole function was to be seeding different civilizations.

KATHLEEN: Mm-hm? So in terms of that, I was accurate in the intent behind the drawing that I did?

ELIAS: Yes. Yes.

KATHLEEN: And I was connected to that because even before I got involved objectively – I mean, I’ve been studying the Ra material for years, but I’ve been more inclined toward the Seth material and your material and working with Kris because this was more like hands-on for me, and you know, it was just how it developed for me, and what I chose was to follow the path that made the most sense to me that I could relate to the best. But I’m very, very stoked about being involved with the Ra material, and I genuinely intend to channel Ra.

During some of the sessions with Terry Brown on the Whole Planet Healing calls, she brought through a segment of those Shining Ones that referred to itself as RaAn, which was a portion of that soul group, and we were able to converse. And they said that they were crying with their energetic eyes that someone so intently wanted to be a voice for them again, because Carla Rueckert, to the knowledge of the Law of One group, was the last person to be able to bring him through, based on their perception that the way they configured the channelings at that time was the only way that they could be brought through. And I differ with that opinion. Am I correct on that? Obviously, I’m correct on that if I was able to bring Ra through last week. (Laughs)

ELIAS: Correct.

KATHLEEN: Cool. So for me to do that effectively with the least distortion, would you say it’s safe to say that me choosing to meditate much more frequently and ground and center myself more frequently, that I would really have a pretty easy time of bringing that essence through?


KATHLEEN: Cool. That’s awesome.

I’m going to revert back to another question about my body consciousness. I’m scheduled to have knee surgery and I’m having a cataract fixed, and I’d been kind of really hesitant about engaging the medical community in light of all of the heightened poo-pa about the pandemic and everything else, but I’m feeling confident that my eye will heal and recover as a result of this upcoming surgery. I’m wondering if… Because I’ve kept trying to like restore bone in my body, my knees particularly because I have expressed osteoarthritis or a version of arthritis that degenerates bones, and I have bone on bone, at least in my knees. Am I correct to say that I have some of that going on in my spine as well?


KATHLEEN: Okay. And that is the primary source of the pain that I feel in my lower back, is that correct?


KATHLEEN: Okay. And with nutrients and alteration of my belief systems and structures around this subject, can I reverse – or I should say not “reverse” but incorporate the construction of new bone with intense nutritional infusions? Like the guy I used that we’ve talked about before, and you said it was beneficial at that time that I used to get rid of the virus out of my body and to get rid of the parasites out of my body, Standard Process products which are nutritional supplements that were very helpful to me. I believe that I could use that same technique for my spine. At this point with my knee, it’s so far gone they say that you can eat all you want and it’s not going to grow bone; well, I’m not really sure I buy that, but I still feel that having the surgery is a good idea because I’m sick of taking pain medication. I don’t want to do it anymore and I don’t want to be in constant pain or with every step it feels like my knee’s going to come out of the socket and it’s very painful. So would you say that having knee replacement would be beneficial for me in that intention of —


KATHLEEN: — freeing my mobility and stuff? Cool, because I’m going to do it and I’m not afraid anymore, which was the big factor.

ELIAS: Excellent. Excellent.

KATHLEEN: Thank you. But in terms of my spine, is it accurate to say that I can actually regenerate those areas with that nutritional support?


KATHLEEN: Awesome. That’s my plan then. Cool! (Both laugh) Thank you.

So, let’s see. (Pause) (Laughs) I’m getting another one of those little blank places, but it’s just like everything we’ve discussed has been so primary in my focus that it’s just such a relief I’m just going, “Ah! Thank gods! Thank tiny gods that I’ve got some of this shit figured out!” (Both laugh) But I think I’m doing really, really well. I think I’m moving in a direction of a lot more clarity and a lot more focus. And, you know, my determination has had to be very important, and I’ve become more determined than ever to really get more heavily into the meditation and to be able to express a lot of these things that I’ve wanted to do.

Like on this property, I kind of magically became in the good graces of the owner of the property. Would you say that there is some likelihood of me acquisitioning this property at some juncture to do the arboretum idea and to be able to freely continue and expand the planting of the trees and restoring this location to an arboreal forest that it once was?

ELIAS: I would say, —

KATHLEEN: If I incorporate assistance of others and collaboration?


KATHLEEN: Awesome. Awesome. That’s also my plan, and I know that the more I focus on that with the idea of it already being done, because it’s such a deep desire of mine, that that —

ELIAS: Correct.

KATHLEEN: — empowers me greatly. That really does empower me, and I feel the support mounting. I feel the interest mounting as I stick to my guns, as they say, and don’t allow fear factors or anything anyone else is choosing to do to interfere with my intent and my focus.

ELIAS: I agree!

KATHLEEN: Awesome. And another cool thing —

ELIAS: I would say —

KATHLEEN: — is the neighbor is moving out. He’s moving to this research area that’s like this big secret research thing that has something curiously to do with gender and genetics. And he’s going to live on those premises, so I can naked sunbathe this summer! Woo hoo! (Both laugh) I couldn’t for the four years he’s lived here, and all the movies that were associated with that are now gone, or they’re going to be gone so I’m very excited about that too, because I felt like I was like under the microscope all the time, because they’re always sort of keeping an eye on me and things like that. That’s just such a great development, and I created that quite eloquently, did I not? (Both laugh)

ELIAS: Congratulations.

KATHLEEN: Thank you! Well, I know that if I just stay focused in all of my actions on… And it’s not a finish line, but on the development of this idea of the arboretum and the wildlife sanctuary and say like a retreat center, I already see that. I’ve seen it in dreams, I’ve seen it in my imagination, and I’ve been really working to… kind of like I’ve had to convince myself of my ability to actually do it. And I think I’ve accomplished that. I think I’m there. I mean, I have a lotta lotta of work to do, but I’m ready to embrace that wholeheartedly as play more than work.

ELIAS: Excellent! I would say congratulations!

KATHLEEN: Thank you so much. I really appreciate that. You know, it’s like yeah, there are species of trees that have been wiped out in this area from human activity, whether it be the use of pesticides, whether it be… They used a certain defoliant that killed millions of oak trees in this region, and there are still quite a few around in other surrounding areas, but you know, that’s a great source of food for many different species and shelter for many species. And that and the black walnut, for example, that was decimated in our region, and I really believe that I can bring that back. Would you say that’s a possibility?

ELIAS: It is a possibility.

KATHLEEN: Awesome. And I know that my determination and the people that I have been beginning to collaborate with are more – and this is so interesting – more inclined toward being horticulturalists and organic growers and that type of thing. And I think that I easily will be able to connect with people to get healthy seed stock for, or even bare root stock plants from even, say, the Cooperative Extension for example, where I can get for next to nothing some of these plants to begin that restoration or to continue it, because I’ve got a lot of baby trees here that I’ve planted that are doing famously, and they’re doing really wonderful with the most potent fertilizer there is, which is love. (Elias laughs) And it’s true, isn’t it?


KATHLEEN: And the more love I’ve given my plum tree, as an example, the more plums it produces. And the more appreciation I have for these different elements the more beauty I’m seeing, the more thriving of some of these species that I think were… For example, there’s one species of lily that’s like a daylily but it’s a little tiny dainty thing with little spots on it, very pale yellow, and I was told, when I sent a picture of it to someone, that that species is extinct here, and this is a purported expert in the field. And I said, “Guess what, pal? Incorrect, because I found one.” (Elias laughs) I put all this stuff around it to protect it and mark the area, and I’m like, “We’re going to let this propagate. We’re not going to let this be extinct because I don’t buy that and I don’t think it has to be so.” And so my determination is really amping up, and I’m very proud of myself about that.

ELIAS: Congratulations.

KATHLEEN: Thank you, Elias. It’s —

ELIAS: Because so you should be.

KATHLEEN: Thank you. Well, I’m not going to let it go to my head. I’m going to just be really humble about things and reach out and continue to collaborate with others to make this happen. And I’m going to open it up in a manner that… that inspires people to want to participate, because it is such fertile ground for this type of movement. And I think it will make a big difference in that it not only provides more oxygen if you have more trees, because at the rate they’re cutting trees we’re going to all suffocate (laughs) if somebody doesn’t do something. (Laughs) I mean, I’m exaggerating I hope, but I think it’s really important that people take it really seriously because it’s so —

ELIAS: I agree with you. I definitely agree.

KATHLEEN: It’s so easy to just look the other way and hope that someone else does it.

[The timer for the end of the session rings]

ELIAS: Correct.

KATHLEEN: So I’m doin’ it – but not single-handedly. I will do the collaboration, and I will seek additional assistance. I’ve already put the feelers out there and I’ve gotten some great connections, so I’m very, very excited about it and I’m so looking forward to springtime.

But I’m really enjoying the winter. Some places have really gotten their asses kicked, and we’ve had the most relaxed winter I can remember in the eight years I’ve been here, the least snow – I mean, we got nailed here recently, but it’s been a very gentle winter, and I think I created that on purpose.

ELIAS: (Laughs) I —

KATHLEEN: With the collective agreement (laughs) that it would be nice.

ELIAS: I would be very, very encouraging of you, my friend.

KATHLEEN: Thank you. I really appreciate our conversation. Our time is up, but I will just lastly quickly say that… Oh, and I’m cramming this in really fast for a yes or no. The human hair: I had a discussion with my Law of One friends and they had a picture of human hair and there was a discussion about it being antennas to the infinite energy. The question that Naomi gave in a session a decade or more ago was did coloring the hair inhibit the… did it harm the human to color the hair, and my question is, does it harm the antenna aspect of the hair if it’s colored?

ELIAS: It harms everything.

KATHLEEN: Okay. So the hair does act as an antenna and if you’re smearing chemicals on it, you’re going to alter that capacity to receive, correct?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes, I would agree.

KATHLEEN: Awesome. Okay. That was my final question and I thank you so very much, Elias. It’s been amazing to talk with you, and I can’t wait to see you in June.

ELIAS: (Laughs) I shall definitely be looking forward to that, my friend. And I —

KATHLEEN: And I’ll update you with what I’ve done between now and then, and you’ll be very proud of me. (Laughs)

ELIAS: Excellent. Excellent. And I am tremendously encouraging of you.

KATHLEEN: Thank you, Elias.

ELIAS: Until our next meeting, in exquisite love to you my dear friend, au revoir.

KATHLEEN: Au revoir. I love you, Elias. Thank you.

(Elias departs after 59 minutes)

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