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Manifestation of a Brain Tumor


“Manifestation of a Brain Tumor”
“Moving in a Direction for Quite Some Time”
“Being Busy”
“An Experience of Essence”
“What Are You Paying Attention To and Why?”
“Every Ghost Deserves His Due”

Thursday, February 2, 2023 (Private/Phone)

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Anon

ELIAS: Good morning!

ANON: Good morning, Elias. (Both laugh)

ELIAS: And what shall we discuss?

ANON: Well, let me see. Not much has happened since the last time we talked. (Laughs)

ELIAS: Shall we discuss drama?

ANON: Let’s discuss. I love that you chose the word drama. (Both laugh) There was a point in the past couple weeks where I’m like god damn, I chose drama. (Both laugh)

ELIAS: So what do you think about all that drama? Has it satisfied your urge for drama?

ANON: I know. I thought my god, I can’t even cram this into the book I’m writing because it’s even too much drama. I have to write a second book on this piece of drama. (Laughs)

ELIAS: I understand. In that, also I would have thought that you actually satisfied your need for drama in acting, not in this type of drama – but I would also say that you’ve had your fair share of this type of drama in your life. Therefore it could be that acting isn’t enough. (Laughs)

ANON: Right. So I want to talk a little bit about what happened and kind of like my understanding, my understanding about why I manifested this in particular.

ELIAS: Very well.

ANON: So you know, I guess about two and a half weeks ago – it seems like it’s a much shorter period of time – but about two and a half weeks ago, I woke up one morning. I had slept in until 11:30 a.m., which is very weird. Sigourn was jumping on top of me because she had to go outside and I think she was also anxious about my condition. I got out of bed. I was very foggy. I was achy. I was nauseous. I thought I had the flu. I took her outside. I came back in. Then I saw that my iPad was ringing. I couldn’t find my phone. I didn’t realize I had shut it off. I didn’t even know where it was. I mean, I was confused. And it was Zarla and my friend Christian were downstairs, trying to get up, because I had missed Penty Group the night before. Like it didn’t even occur to me, I was so out of it. And they ended up… Okay, they ended up seeing that I was kind of confused. Sigourn was upset and kept kind of banging into them, like “Pay attention! Pay attention!” They called my friend Mary, who’s a nurse, and Mary was like, “You’ve got to take her to the emergency room.”

And then at the emergency room they did a CT scan of my head. They found out I had a brain tumor. Then everything began moving really quickly. The emergency room doctor was like, “Well my wife knows this, works with this neurosurgeon in another hospital. I think you should be transferred there.” The neurosurgeon actually picked up his phone at 11 p.m. at night and agreed to transfer me. And then a day later, I was having this operation.

And so this tumor is benign, but does have the potential it’ll grow back. And it was in my right lobe, and the doctor said it could have been there anywhere from three to thirty years, but he thought maybe ten. They were really happy about, he was really happy about how well I did post-surgery and how well the MRI looked.

And we can talk a little bit more about what he thinks I should do in the future here, but you know one of the very first things that went through my mind was this is a result of the trauma and the forcing of energy for all of these years. Would you agree?

ELIAS: I would.

ANON: And there’s other layers you know, because all of these sorts of complex manifestations have layers. And one thing I became aware of when I was like (inaudible) to all of this was this is enabling me to get closer to people and trust people. Because I really want that, I know it. I have known I have wanted that for a long time, and this is simply another facet of this movement, because people have mobilized so quickly in so many different ways. It was so gratifying and mind-blowing, and the fact that I knew I was taking it in, even at a deeper level than when I broke my arm, it was almost like I could see it. I could see how much deeper I was taking in the support, but that I could have moved through this with hardly any support. And that this, in a weird way – I’m not going to use the word excuse – but it allows me to reach out, say in the next year, until I get very comfortable. Because this is me starting to develop the muscle of asking for help and receiving more and more support.

ELIAS: I very much agree. And I would say—

ANON: And it feels good.

ELIAS: — that it definitely is something that, as you’re aware, is creating or has created a situation in which you can be easing yourself into that over time. Because this is a situation that is something that is an ongoing situation. It’s not an ongoing manifestation, but it’s an ongoing situation.

ANON: Mm-hm. You know, it’s interesting you’re saying this because Mary said something that was very funny to me. She said… Like I said to her, I go “I’m not planning on disengaging any time soon.” But she said… But I said, “You know, it was kind of impressed upon me I could have a shortened lifespan.” And she’s like… And I said, “But then I realized we all have no fucking clue, like consciously. Most of us don’t consciously know, right?” And she goes, “Yeah.” She goes, “The only difference between you and other people is now you kind of obviously know that.” (Laughs) And it made me laugh, because it’s like… I mean there was something, like you just said manifestation, not situation. It’s like I don’t have to like… I don’t have to say I want to go in this direction, but it’s just more like there is something new now in the mix that has changed things. Right?


ANON: Does it make sense to you? Yeah.

ELIAS: Yes. And in that, creating a direction that moves you or allows you to move in what you want.

Now; let me express to you, this is actually a tremendously excellent example. The reason being, is that I have expressed many times that long before you generate a manifestation of any type – it doesn’t matter what it is – you are moving in a direction of it and you’re expressing energy in that direction for a time framework before you ever actually generate the physical manifestation. And I’m not speaking simply about a physical manifestation in relation to health. It could be anything. It could be buying a car. It could be writing a book. It could be moving in the direction of acquiring an animal companion. It could be anything. Moving to a new house. Learning how to swim. Anything.

Whatever it is that you’re doing, whatever it is that you’re choosing, long before the physical manifestation happens, you’re already moving in a direction and you’re already expressing energy in that direction to create that manifestation. And in that, therefore when you create something that you think initially is something bad, it’s a matter of looking at that and realizing that you’ve been moving in that direction for quite some time.

In this, your physician informing you that you could have been generating this manifestation anywhere from three to thirty years, in that, this is actually a tremendous example of what I’m expressing. You’ve been creating that for a considerable amount of time, and weren’t necessarily objectively aware of it at all.

ANON: Right.

ELIAS: But that doesn’t mean you weren’t doing it. And in that, this is the reason that when people generate a physical manifestation of any sort, whether it’s a physical manifestation with their body or whether it’s something with a relationship or whether it’s something in something happening in their life, it doesn’t matter what it is, the individual will likely say to myself, “Why did I create that, Elias?” It’s not that you created that in this moment.

ANON: Right.

ELIAS: It is not something that you’re doing in this moment. You’ve likely been moving in that direction for quite some time. And this is an excellent, objective example of precisely that.

ANON: Well, you know, you saying this is like I have felt like the energy underneath me or like below the surface – I can’t really explain it any better – it really feels like this tsunami wave. You know when there’s like a break in the plate tectonics and that creates this displacement of energy?


ANON: And then you’ve got the wave pulling back underneath, creating this massive amount of power, that you can’t see it on the surface until you can see it on the surface and then it is tremendously powerful. And I have felt this feeling underneath for some time, but I’ve kind of more put on the book. But because everything’s interconnected, it’s a whole thing, it’s like it’s my desire to live more flow. It’s my desire to live more in trust. It’s… It’s my self-expression, this creative action of manifesting this. It’s also the trauma, but it’s like everything is moving together.

ELIAS: Correct.

ANON: Which is amazing, because I can see that action simultaneously being about potentially, its inception was out of trauma but by the same token, it is, like I like to say the poison is the antidote. Like sometimes what ostensively looks like the issue is also the breakthrough. You know?

ELIAS: Correct. Correct.

ANON: Yeah.

ELIAS: I very much agree. And by the time you actually create the physical manifestation in a capacity that you become objectively aware of it and it’s obvious, at that point it’s part of the purge.

ANON: Mm. Mm.

ELIAS: Which is the reason that I have expressed so many times things are not always what they appear to be. That—

ANON: Right. This is reminding me what you’ve said to me a couple of times: if you can articulate what the problem is, then you’re already halfway through solving it.

ELIAS: Correct.

ANON: So by the mere fact I can even see like oh, this happened, I manifested this because of X, then I’m more than able to work, moving through it.

ELIAS: Correct.


ELIAS: Or that you already have.

ANON: Hm. Mm-hm. Mm-hm.

ELIAS: And in that, because you already have, what you’re doing is moving in different life choices. You’ve already moved through the expression and the energy of the physical manifestation, and now it’s a matter of the recognition that that has put you in a position, or you’ve put you in a position, to be making different choices in your life. (Pause)

ANON: I’m writing some of this down.

ELIAS: Yes. Which is also what so many people don’t quite understand in relation to these choices. Something happens to them, which is what they believe, such as a person has a heart attack. They didn’t create that. It happened to them. And why did it happen to them? That’s their question. Why did this happen? What does it mean? And what should they do about it? My answer generally is, the shortened version, which is: Why did this happen? To emphasize to you the importance of making different choices.

ANON: Yes. Keep going. Keep going.

ELIAS: Because that’s what you want, but that most people don’t realize that. They simply want to know why did this happen, and now what do I do about it?

ANON: Yeah, because as you’re saying this and even as we’ve been talking but right now especially, I’m very aware I desperately wanted to make different choices.


ANON: And I keep, I feel like I, over especially the past six years have felt like uh, I keep bumping up against this, almost like this veil, not a veil but almost like a semi-permeable wall if you will. And it’s like if I could just move through this into trust or through this into… Well, it keeps coming back to trust, right? But I feel like ah, there’s just something I’m not able to effect right now.

ELIAS: Of course. Because until you present something to yourself that genuinely shocks you (Anon laughs) into a different direction, or paints yourself into a corner and in that, you are expressing to yourself, “I HAVE to change or something bad will happen to me,” or “Finally, I’ve given myself the out.”

ANON: Ooh. Right. Right.

ELIAS: “I’ve finally moved in a direction in which this gives me the out to move in the direction that I want to move in, but that until now, I’m constantly running up against what I have to do and what I should do first.”


ELIAS: “That always comes first. But now there is no coming first. It’s no, now I can genuinely move in the direction of what’s important to me.”

ANON: And that’s what I’m really feeling. Like I’ve had a couple… It’s had some very interesting… I mean of course, you know, when you move into something like this, even though time is moving very quickly, things are getting thrown into release in a way that they haven’t, right? And I’m just, I’m noticing moments.

Okay, so let’s, let’s get into it for a second here, around the work. Okay? So here I have multiple businesses, multiple professions, multiple hats that I wear. And I was… I saw, like oh, this is not a matter right now of stopping everything for an extended period of time. It’s a matter of really doing much, much, much, much less on a daily basis and some days doing nothing. And you know, Hazra had a session—

ELIAS: Stop!

ANON: What?

ELIAS: For one moment. Let me stop you for one moment.

ANON: Yeah. Yeah.

ELIAS: And simply interject that you’re never doing nothing.

ANON: Okay. Thank you for that. (Elias laughs) Okay. So, so when I say I’m not doing anything, like (laughs) having fun, relaxing, not being—

ELIAS: Not working.

ANON: Not working. Yeah. And Hazra had a session with Tompkin and asked on my behalf, this snippet Tompkin said. And he said it’s really critical for her to listen to her signals. That is like paramount. And I got this snippet pretty quickly after getting out of the hospital and I noticed when I came home, when I was finally able to come home, back to my condo, and my friend was staying with me, I noticed. I’m like all right, I feel like I want to work for like two hours, but not… Like very low level. And then I felt myself cross the line, because of a quote-unquote “crisis.” And I’m like okay, you are making this a crisis. Right? YOU are interpreting this as a crisis. It doesn’t have to be.

ELIAS: And even if it were, it’s not yours.

ANON: Right. And so all—

ELIAS: Being rushed to the hospital was a crisis.

ANON: Exactly. Exactly. And so it becomes very… I’m like oh god, this is so nuanced. And it might not even be nuanced, but it’s a level of nuance that I have not been really in, every day. Because again, like you said, I have to change. I’m going on team “I have to change.” (Laughs) I want to change, right? I want to change. And so I’m like oh wow, this is the level that I need and want to engage at. Like what’s really critical right now for me? What do I really want right now? And I thought it was so fascinating, doing the Elias quote generator on the website, and I would say 80% of what I’m getting right now, the quotes are like being in the now, to see the choices that you have in the now. And that seems to me to be some of the more critical aspects here. Would you agree?

ELIAS: I would. I would say that is the most important, and evaluating in the now what’s important to you, because your importances have changed.

ANON: Well, all right, my friend. They have. And let’s talk about that. (Laughs) I totally want to be working on my book, right? This has never really changed. I also surprisingly noticed I want to keep doing the podcast, like I really do want to keep doing the podcasts. Which I don’t know, it just surprised me and just everything got really clear. Coaching is a little tricky for me because it is money, but then it gets back to that conversation we had a couple of sessions ago – maybe it was our last session – where you were talking about stopgap measures or short-term solutions, my generation. And I was like well, does it matter? And that might sound weird, what I just said, but it’s like if I’m really moving, if I’m getting crystal clear and I’m really moving in trust, it seems to me in some regards it might be backtracking, for lack of a better word. What do you have to say to this?

ELIAS: I would say I would reiterate what I already expressed to you, that it’s a matter of what is important to you.


ELIAS: And moving in that. And as I spoke with you previously, the only reason that I expressed in the direction of a short-term or interim direction that would generate income was to avoid stress. Not because it’s absolutely necessary, but because I was aware that you were generating stress about money. But at this point, I would say you might be expressing a little more clarity in relation to what is important to you, and in relation to what is important to you, what is actually necessary and what isn’t.

ANON: Mm-hm. (Pause) Yeah. It’s interesting hearing you, because honestly if you had said this to me a couple of months ago, I would have understood you intellectually and I would have still been anxious. (Laughs) Now I’m listening to you and I understand you intellectually and emotionally.

ELIAS: Because you are calm.

ANON: And I’m what?

ELIAS: And you’re more calm.

ANON: Yeah. I’m “Look! Ooh, that’s intriguing.” Sort of like when I decided to not dye my hair anymore. It was like oh, what’s under that dye? (Elias laughs) And so now I’m like okay, that’s… Hm. That’s a little… Oh, that feels a little… That’s scary, it feels like oh, it’s a little… what’s under there? (Both laugh) What’s going on? Like I’m… This is so different. This is so new, but I’m like, it’s not like stressing me.

ELIAS: Correct. Correct. Not stressful.

ANON: Mm-hm. Mm-hm. (Pause)

ELIAS: Now you’re simply moving in the direction of evaluating what is important. From a much more realistic capacity.

ANON: Mm-hm. Yeah. Because (sighs) having gone through these various quote-unquote “production surges” in my life (laughs) where I’ve been working, working, working, and then just sort of everything kind of falls apart, I can see really clearly in those moments of how stressed out I’ve been and how much it has really impacted my life, not to my benefit. And I don’t want that. I just don’t want that anymore. Because guess what? I can’t engage. To an outside person it looks like I’m just in constant engagement in my life. But you know what? I’m not really. I’m like in this busy busy-ness.


ANON: And that’s a big difference. And you’re not engaged, you’re fucking busy.

ELIAS: Correct.

ANON: And that’s not pleasant.

ELIAS: And I would say that you can be busy. There’s nothing wrong with being busy. But it’s a matter of is that busy-ness being expressed in relation to what you genuinely value and what you want and what is important to you. Or is that busy-ness simply time filling?

ANON: Mm. I really like the way you put that.

ELIAS: And in the time filling, is it doing so because that’s what you are accustomed to, because you’re not comfortable with time that isn’t filled?

ANON: Mm-hm. Mm-hm.

ELIAS: Or isn’t filled in being productive in some manner?

ANON: Mm-hm. (Pause) So I mean I’m sure we’ll be (laughs)… I’m sure we’ll be discussing this further in the future, but I’m just… I feel this level of trust, of like well, if I, as I continue, evaluate and in this moment kind of decide do I take on a client or do I not, do I feel, do I feel like I’m magnetically attracted to this particular business that I already have in the works? Do I feel held by it? As I continue to move through this, new things are sort of going to develop, as clarity develops.

ELIAS: Correct.

ANON: And I don’t have to… I’ll begin seeing that I don’t have to be anxious. I mean there’s… Like I can work with the anxiety that comes up and like let it go, and I might not even be anxious.

ELIAS: You don’t have to be anxious.

ANON: Yeah. (Laughs) It’s always like (inaudible) has to be anxious. (Laughs)

ELIAS: Correct.

ANON: Yeah. Yeah.

ELIAS: You don’t have to be anxious because you are correct, you have many irons in the fire. You can take a few out.

ANON: Mm-hm.

ELIAS: You’re still going to be able to forge those swords if you choose, (Anon laughs) and you don’t need ten swords.

ANON: Mm. Mm. I don’t? Are you sure about that, Elias?

ELIAS: I would say I’m relatively positive, (Anon laughs) especially because you only have two hands.

ANON: Ooh! But my page can carry the rest of them. (Laughs)

ELIAS: But you can’t use them all at the same time.

ANON: All right. All right. All right. All right. I can’t. I can’t. (Both laugh)

I want to ask you a couple of things, since man, we’re just pretty moving through all of this. (Elias laughs) One thing I’m doing with the show, because I am having, I’ve made the decision to have the show, the live show.

ELIAS: One of the irons in the fire.

ANON: One of, yeah. I’m going to have a show in ten, less, nine days. But I’m changing it. I’m bringing someone I trust very much on board as a staff member, and I’m kind of moving a little bit in the direction you suggested a long time ago, where other people in the second half of the show lead certain segments. So I’m not leading it. So they are getting their feet wet in leading things.

ELIAS: (Sarcastically) Oh no! No!

ANON: (Laughs) Just trying it out. I’m not saying it’s going to stick. (Laughs)

ELIAS: Of course not.

ANON: (Laughs) But it feels like ooh, this is interesting. I’m actually once again, with this manifestation, I’ve moved myself into a position where I’m like, I don’t want to do as much. I physically at this moment can’t do as much. So let’s experiment with other ways of doing things. (Elias laughs) And out of the blue – well, not out of the blue – but you know, one of the free weeklies just put a little promo about the show into it. It got to them very late, and I’m like holy crap, it made it in. This is going to boost ticket sales, and without a lot of effort, right? So yeah. Anything else you want to say about the live show?

And I’m like, “You know what? Do the live show, see how it is. You actually stay with yourself throughout the show. You know, I’m having a meeting with the people involved with the show. We’re going to talk about everything. And you know, if you don’t want to have another show, you don’t have to have one, but you’re going to see what it feels like.” (Elias chuckles) Yes? What’s the…? Now you’re chortling and I’m not sure if you’re chortling in congratulations or in (laughs)…

ELIAS: Congratulations and I told you so!

ANON: All right. Good. All right. Yes. Yes. As an essence, I feel you definitely get (inaudible). (Both laugh)

ELIAS: I would say that in actuality, I deserved that one.

ANON: You totally do. Because here’s the thing, Elias. When you told me the first time, I couldn’t figure out how the fuck to do it. I mean, I really couldn’t. Because I’m like I’m not, I am NOT about to give this show to someone else! (Laughs) But to do this, go in this regard, in this way—

ELIAS: But you’re not giving it to someone else.

ANON: I know.

ELIAS: That’s the whole point.

ANON: I know.

ELIAS: It’s your show.

ANON: Right.

ELIAS: You are simply engaging other individuals to help, and in doing so, what are you doing? You’re encouraging new little seedlings to grow.

ANON: Oh. God bless you, Master Elias! (Elias laughs) What a lovely idea! (Laughs)

ELIAS: I knew you could do it (Anon laughs), even when you didn’t know you could do it.

ANON: Well, thank you for that, because I was like, it felt like a big old puzzle. I was like I don’t know what the heck’s going to happen here.

ELIAS: And then you created this.

ANON: Mm-hm. Damn, I mean this is, this conversation’s showing me all, a whole bunch of levels I didn’t really…

ELIAS: But remember: you’ve been creating this for quite some time. Therefore, this has all been purposeful. All of it moves together. It’s all interconnected. And even when you can’t seem to figure something out in the moment, that doesn’t mean that you haven’t actually been figuring it out and that you’re not moving in a direction with it. It simply means that you don’t necessarily see it yet.

ANON: Right.

ELIAS: That doesn’t mean you’re not doing it. And this is what I have been expressing to you and to other individuals previously, when I say to you, when I encourage you and express that you are accomplishing even when you don’t think you are.

ANON: Oh. That’s interesting.

ELIAS: That you’re making things happen even when you don’t think you are, and even when you can’t see it yet.

ANON: That’s really interesting, because I understand what you’re saying now completely. But like even… Again, if you had said this to me six months ago, the same thing, I wouldn’t have—

ELIAS: Or a month ago.

ANON: (Laughs) Oh! A month ago! (Laughs) Or a week ago. (Both laugh) Or whenever (inaudible). Yeah.

ELIAS: And now, and that is what matters.

ANON: So right now, I’m going to talk to you about… I’ll talk to you about, I want to talk to you about what the doctor would like me to do, but then I’d also like to talk to you about (inaudible) energy work. The doctor wants to move me in a direction of doing radiation, which feels okay, like I don’t really have a reaction to that. I understand why he is wanting to do it. He has explained it to me he wants to create more of a clear margin in my brain, so that it, things don’t grow back. And apparently this is going to begin maybe in a couple of weeks. And it’s like a short-term thing. I haven’t met yet with the radiologist. And then I would like to continue doing say things like inner landscape and some, you know, like basic magic work. Does this all make sense to you?


ANON: Okay. Anything else you want to say?

ELIAS: Not necessarily yet.

ANON: Okay. I have a sense… I really like my radiologist, excuse me, my neurosurgeon. And I feel like we have had other focuses together, definitely one or two where I was, he was my student in either an energetic or a magical capacity. Is that correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

ANON: And did we have several romantic relationships as well?


ANON: Okay. Is there any…? Is there… like is this person of large significance in all of my focuses? Is there a larger… Like is this kind of a big relationship that is suddenly moving into my life? Not that it’s going to go anywhere now, but did this person have a lot of significance in other focuses?

ELIAS: Some, yes.

ANON: Okay. The other thing I wanted to ask you about was we had talked, and gosh, I think this was maybe five years ago, about that day where I had this very strange, almost like a personality disruption. And you had talked to me at length about menopause and you know, how sometimes it can manifest in very strange ways. But I also want to know, was part of this the manifestation of the tumor?

ELIAS: Part.

ANON: Right. Like you were… And I knew you weren’t going to tell me about it (laughs) but—

ELIAS: I would say no, you would have not received that well at all. (Anon laughs) That would have been quite disruptive at the time.

ANON: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I was not, NOT ready for that at all at that point.

ELIAS: No, you were not.

ANON: Yes. I sense because I… It makes sense, because I’m realizing in this moment that I was on a… in a process at that point, where having a major brain surgery would have actually disrupted the process that I very much wanted to be on.

ELIAS: And it would have put you and your life in a very different trajectory.

ANON: Right, because I was not at the point of trust and all… I wasn’t at this, you know, change moment. I wasn’t at a pivot moment then, in these subject matters, that I am now.

ELIAS: Let me say to you, my friend, there was no imminent danger at that point and at that point, there was an imminent danger of you moving in a direction of being a victim.

ANON: Mm! Wow. Of course.

ELIAS: And THAT would have affected your life in a capacity that would have been not empowering.

ANON: Right. God, things would not have gone well.

ELIAS: Correct.

ANON: I feel that. I mean, I can just feel it. I can feel into that so—

ELIAS: You would have moved in a direction, I would say likely you would have moved in a direction of in being a victim, of leaning into someone else.

ANON: Yeah. Yippers! (Laughs)

ELIAS: To take care of you.

ANON: To what? What was it you just said? What did you just say?

ELIAS: To take care of you.

ANON: Yeah. Yeah.

ELIAS: And that would have been a kiss of death, my friend.

ANON: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, wow. I… Yeah. This is so exciting because I can really feel what you’re saying. I mean, I’m really… I guess it’s just so exciting because I really feel into what you’re saying. (Elias chuckles) And I’m like, you’re absolutely right. I’m not at all upset that I didn’t know about it back then.

And I’m also seeing that there were two other moments. Tell me if these were also aspects of the tumor. I was lying in bed on two separate evenings, I don’t know, they might have been about a year apart. And again, there was this sense of like not… losing sense of who I was, like my sense of my personality literally disappeared and it was very weird. Was this an aspect of the tumor as well?

ELIAS: (Pause) No.


ELIAS: That was not.

ANON: Please don’t tell me it was something else (both laugh) that was not good. (Laughs)

ELIAS: Not anything physical, no.

ANON: Okay.

ELIAS: I would say that no, that was you moving in a very momentary direction of actually tapping into yourself as essence.

ANON: Okay. That actually makes sense. I mean, it was very disorienting, but I did wonder if there was… exactly, like me beyond me. Me beyond focus, right?

ELIAS: Correct.

ANON: Okay. Okay.

ELIAS: But in that, moving in that direction of that essential part of you, that desire part of you, which that would be the essence energy of you. And it doesn’t have an emotional attachment.

ANON: Exactly. That was what was so weird about it. There was no emotion. (Laughs) That was the most disorienting part of it. (Laughs)

ELIAS: Correct. That’s something that none of you are accustomed to, and that is very disorienting.

ANON: Mm-hm. Mm-hm. Mm-hm. (Pause) So I am going to assume… I’m talking a little bit, I’m talking a little bit with Darwa about this. Based on the conversation we’re having today and kind of like you’re helping me see the level of awareness I’m already at, I’m assuming that even though this was, you know, originated out of trauma, that I most likely do not need to be doing more trauma work?

ELIAS: Correct.

ANON: Okay. Okay. And that I really, you know this whole idea of life expectancy, I’m really just moving myself back every time I get a little bit anxious of like, you don’t… Everything happens in the now. You don’t have to be thinking this way. Because one of the things that’s also happening, one of the very first things that was occurring to me before the operation, was I began seeing everyone’s unique imprint on reality and everyone’s preferences, like the medical people, my friends, and I was just so struck by it. And even as like say Michael was telling me about someone that manifested this, and first I was like scared hearing about it, but then this insight came in. That person is a completely different, unique being from you.

ELIAS: Precisely.

ANON: That has nothing to do with you.

ELIAS: Precisely.

ANON: And so to go in the direction of comparison is completely, like doesn’t… isn’t useful, isn’t even valid.

ELIAS: I very, very much agree. AND I would say that in that, was the other individual the point of what Michael was sharing?

ANON: Mm-hm.

ELIAS: Was it?

ANON: Well, you know, what… Well what I came to is this piece you gave me in the session, which was this was a choice to disengage. That’s what it felt like. Does that make sense?

ELIAS: For the other individual.

ANON: Yes. Like this was their out moment.

ELIAS: I understand. But what I’m asking you was, was the information that was being shared about that individual the point? Or was the point about Michael?

ANON: Oh! It was about Michael.

ELIAS: That’s the point.

ANON: Hm. Hm. Hm. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Because here’s the other thing. This is the other thing that’s coming in for me, and I’m not even, really even speaking about Michael when I say this. I’m aware… Okay, so I noticed everyone completely flipping out when they received this information about me and when they came and visited me, because no one thought that something like this would happen to me. And I got to see my impact on people, which was gratifying. Right? But conversely, say people who haven’t reached out, who have known about it or what have you, I’m also like well, again this idea of uniqueness. It’s like everyone’s got a different way of coping and dealing with information like this. And again, it might look personal, right? But it really doesn’t have anything to do with me.

ELIAS: Correct.

ANON: And so it’s like I’m not really… I’m really not getting upset with certain people not reaching out. I’m like… Sometimes I get surprised, but then I’m like you know what? You don’t, you actually don’t know. You don’t have the information and you might never have the information, or you might find out information about them three months from now, but it doesn’t actually kind of matter because you have so much support right now. (Laughs)

ELIAS: Precisely. Precisely. I very much agree.

(The timer for the end of the session rings)

ANON: Yeah.

ELIAS: And in that, it’s a matter of what are you paying attention to? And why?

ANON: Mm. Mm-hm.

ELIAS: Are you paying attention to something because you’re personalizing it? Or are you paying attention to something that is actually reinforcing what is important to you?

ANON: Yeah.

ELIAS: THAT is significant.

ANON: Yeah.

ELIAS: Because in that, it’s not about paying attention to personalizing. That doesn’t benefit you. And it’s not about paying attention to comparing, because that doesn’t benefit anyone. And in that, it’s a matter of what we’ve been discussing in this conversation, that all of this has brought you to a point of moving you in a direction of what IS genuinely important to you. And yes, this has been something that has been in the making for quite some time, and therefore yes, it has elements of trauma involved with it and there are elements of all of your experiences that are involved with this.

ANON: Mm-hm.

ELIAS: And in that, NOW moving in this direction, having this finally come to a point of objective manifestation in regard to you being aware of it now, it has moved YOU – or you have moved yourself – in the direction of re-evaluating what is important to you.

ANON: Yeah.

ELIAS: And then moving in the direction of holding that, and nothing else.

ANON: Mm-hm. Well, my friend, thank you for a beautiful session.

ELIAS: (Laughs) You are very welcome. And I will bask in (Anon laughs) how much I told you so.

ANON: (Laughs) Well, very… Very well.

ELIAS: While I am engaged with my cronies at the cosmic pub, I will be sharing that also because every ghost deserves his due.

ANON: Every ghost does deserve his due. And I toast, I toast all of you, but especially you.

ELIAS: Ah! Of course. (Both laugh) And I shall greatly be anticipating our next meeting, and what you are accomplishing and what you are engaging. And it’s not necessary to move in the direction of extra-curricular drama.

ANON: (Laughs) Good. Good.

ELIAS: Therefore I shall anticipate that we won’t necessarily be discussing any of that.

ANON: Good. (Laughs)

ELIAS: Excellent. (Both laugh) And I shall be offering my energy to you continuously in tremendous support.

ANON: Thank you.

ELIAS: I would say to you, my friend, relish in what you are being presented with, in how much you have touched and how much that is being expressed back to you now.

ANON: Thank you.

ELIAS: In tremendous love and affection to you as always, and in dear friendship, never ending, au revoir.

ANON: Au revoir.

(Elias departs after 1 hour)

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