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Held Energy and Toxins in the Body Consciousness


“Held Energy and Toxins in the Body Consciousness”

Wednesday, May 20, 2020 (Private/In Person)

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Val (Atticus), for Jean (Lyla)

ELIAS: Good afternoon!

VAL: Good afternoon. (Both chuckle)

ELIAS: And what shall we discuss?

VAL: There’s a lotta stuff going on.

ELIAS: (Laughs) THAT would be an understatement.

VAL: (Laughs) It’s an understatement. (Elias chuckles) I’ll ask a couple of questions, kind of fun questions, and then we’ll go to what’s going on.

Jean wanted me to ask: She’s had a tremendous amount of body soreness, and she would like to know what may be the cause and how to treat it.

ELIAS: (Pause) I would say that much of it is associated with what we have been discussing, and… It is quite astounding how the body reacts to experiences by creating actual toxins, actual chemicals in the body that are toxins, that the individual becomes accustomed to.

VAL: Would it be cytokines, like inflammatory toxins?

ELIAS: Yes. And eventually when you address to many of these experiences and you move through them, you also begin to expel these toxins in the body, and it actually in some situations creates spasms or it can create achiness or pains or stiffness.

VAL: Like flu-like symptoms.

ELIAS: Yes. Yes. Very much so. Yes, it can. And in that, the body is releasing these toxins that it has held for a considerable time framework.

You become accustomed to it and you don’t even realize. You think you feel normal. You don’t know what feeling GOOD is, or what the experience of feeling good is, because you are so accustomed to these toxins in your body consciousness that the body consciousness itself creates. And you become so accustomed to the discomfort of that that it feels normal, and you don’t realize that you don’t feel good.

VAL: Boy, I understand exactly what you’re saying, because I’ll have days where I feel pretty darn good and then I’ll have day where I feel like I’ve hit a wall. And I’ll have sometimes flu-like symptoms or just like onset drowsiness, like boom, I have got to go lie down. And then I lie down maybe for 45 minutes and then I feel better. So I know exactly what you’re speaking of.

So as far as treatment is concerned, just continue to…?

ELIAS: Yes. And I would say that (pause) it is a matter of paying attention to the body consciousness. As you express, sometimes you might be very quickly very fatigued.

VAL: Yes!

ELIAS: And therefore, responding to that would be to actually, yes, incorporate a nap. Sometimes you may not necessarily feel fatigued but you might not actually feel restless either. And in that, it is helpful to move.

VAL: Yes.

ELIAS: And that does, in a manner of speaking, dislodge pockets of these toxins. And in other time frameworks you might actually FEEL restless, in which then you might choose to be moving more.

VAL: Yes.

ELIAS: But I would say that it is a combination of moving through the associations and the issues and therefore addressing to that held energy. You think of it conceptually as a held energy that you don’t necessarily know what that means, other than some held energy somewhere. Most individuals have some idea that it is held in their head, but actually when I speak of held energy, it is generally in pockets throughout your body that your body is holding onto different energies. And when it does that, it creates chemical reactions to that held energy in those pockets, and those chemical reactions are toxins.

VAL: Wow.

ELIAS: Because the toxins are generated in actuality as an attempt by the body consciousness to dissipate or to break down that held energy. And when it can’t, then the toxins, in a manner of speaking, adhere themselves to that held energy. And then you have these pockets of this held energy that is encased by these chemicals, these toxins, and in that, they simply remain there.

VAL: Yes, they do. I can speak of one spot on the left side of my neck. (Chuckles)

ELIAS: Now; I would also say – and this is significantly important, I would say for both of you – that one of the manners in which you can employ movement that can be exceptionally beneficial in breaking up that energy and those toxins and releasing them and actually emptying these pockets in different areas of your body consciousness is through breathing and yoga.

VAL: I do both.

ELIAS: That will definitely be helpful. And let me say to you that in many situations, you can identify where these pockets are.

VAL: Yes.

ELIAS: Because you may experience random pains in different parts of your body. They generally will not be anything lasting. They may endure for a minute, or two or three minutes at the longest, and they may seem very random. Most of them are so quick that they don’t even endure for an entire minute. They may be a very quick pain that seems to be in some random part of your body, and you may have them in MANY random places in your body, in which you simply feel these random phantom pains very quickly. Those are all places that you have held energy.

VAL: That is quite interesting.

(Audio ends after 10 minutes)

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