Session 202005091

Benefits of Humming and Singing; Focus/Essence Impressions


“Humming and Singing to Strengthen the Blue Energy Center”
“Clarification Between Soft and Intermediate”
“Continuing, Initiating and Final Focuses”
“Engaging Nonphysical Soulmate Essences Energy”
“Avoiding Media Before Sleeping to Buffer Out Mass Energies”

Saturday, May 9, 2020 (Private/Phone)

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Scotty (Ashtaria)

ELIAS: Good morning!

SCOTTY: Hi, good morning, Elias!

ELIAS: And how are you proceeding, my friend?

SCOTTY: I’m proceeding very well. I was just speaking with Mary about a lot of the coronavirus stuff and was determined not to broach that subject with you because so many people have already been asking about it, and I’ve been reading that information. So –

ELIAS: Well then, what shall we discuss?

SCOTTY: Well, I’ve got a bunch of impression questions, but just before that, I’ve got a couple of things for some other people.

Regarding Jonas’s gallbladder which he had removed, and he has some kidney stones and a fatty liver, is there anything that you could offer, any advice for him but also for me, on which energy centers I can help balance and align to bring his body consciousness back into wellbeing regarding these ailments?

ELIAS: Very well. One moment. (Pause) I would say, the energy centers to concentrate on would be (slowly) red, yellow, blue. Those would be the most important.

SCOTTY: And in bringing those into a mergence and using your loop exercise up and down the body, could that be beneficial with those three centers?

ELIAS: Yes, definitely.

SCOTTY: Okay. I’ll use that with him. Thank you. And Gail/William was wanting me to ask if you have any suggestions for him in addressing ego?

ELIAS: In relation to what with ego?

SCOTTY: Maybe in regarding to interaction with his grandson Kelly?

ELIAS: And what would be the concern in relation to that factor with ego? Or how is ego being defined in the situation?

SCOTTY: Yeah, that’s a really good question. That’s all that Gail texted me to ask you, so I’ll have to get some more information and then maybe we can ask again. And then less to do with ego, is there any suggestion with his interaction with his grandson Kelly that he isn’t already perceiving that would be helpful with bridging that connection?

ELIAS: (Pause) I would say that it is a matter of… letting it be, in a manner of speaking. Meaning, to not push, to not even initiate, but to, in a manner of speaking, leave the direction to the other – not to actually engage but to simply be willing to be responsive when being engaged. Are you understanding?

SCOTTY: Yeah, I am understanding, and I think Gail –

ELIAS: But in that, it is being in a position of allowing oneself to follow rather than lead, and rather than initiate, and not to express in manners of what to do or how to do.


ELIAS: In that also, I would say checking in with oneself in relation to what is perceived to be right directions or not-right directions – not necessarily WRONG directions, but right directions or not-right directions, and actually reevaluating that in relation to what is actually genuinely important.

SCOTTY: Okay. I will pass that information on. I’m sure Gail will appreciate it. Thank you.

ELIAS: You’re welcome.

SCOTTY: Just before the session today I had an impression that another essence was merging with me. I have been practicing identifying other energies, but I didn’t have an impression of who that essence was. Would you be able to tell me who that essence was that was merging?

ELIAS: One moment. (Pause) It would be the essence of Lyle: L-Y-L-E.

SCOTTY: Okay. Can you tell me more about Lyle? Is that a new connection, or does this –

ELIAS: I would say no. I would say that you have engaged many experiences pastly, and some futurely, with this essence and that you are simply connecting with it again. Now, sometimes – and this is not unusual – sometimes you may be considerably connected with another essence and have a number of experiences with another essence but not necessarily in one particular physical focus. And at times when that happens, the essences may choose to be connecting in some other manner other than physical interaction with each other.

SCOTTY: Okay. Because that connection felt very different from when I was practicing connecting with the mantis being energy, but it felt like it came in the same way. When I’m merging – and I always feel the mergence from the left side, from the left temple – I usually associate that with one essence or another, but is that just my way of feeling that mergence, that it’s always going to come in from the –

ELIAS: That is your method of identifying it to this point, but that isn’t the only method that you can be connecting; it simply is what you are familiar with.

SCOTTY: Ah, okay.

ELIAS: And that presently, this is a time framework of expanding, and expanding in many different capacities using the information in manners in which you are expanding to be incorporating it in a real, realistic capacity, not simply concepts. Therefore, expanding how you engage, what you do, how you do it, how you define things, and in that, being open to new and different presentments that you can [audio overlaid by Mary’s dog barking loudly] also expanding the interactions that you engage with other essences. Are you understanding?


ELIAS: Excellent!

SCOTTY: And then with Lyle in particular, my impression is that that would be expanding certain abilities in this physical, objective focus. Is that correct?

ELIAS: Yes. I would say definitely.

SCOTTY: What abilities specifically…? Because I noticed he connected when I was out in nature – is it something to do with wildlife, animals, birds, plants?

ELIAS: I would say that it is enhancing your experience of interconnectedness.

SCOTTY: Ah, okay. That makes sense. Yeah, it felt like that too.

I wanted to ask you, Elias, and I feel like I know what you’re going to say already, but I had an impression that I’m altering my orientation from soft to intermediate, and I wanted to tell you that I almost feel like I don’t like to be interactive as much as I used to be and that I’m creating more movement inwardly like an intermediate. Is there any –

ELIAS: That, I would say, is somewhat of a misinterpretation. And what I would say is, that is more [that] you are moving in a genuine soft direction, that intermediate individuals are not so much non-interactive. Soft individuals are much more likely to be engaging in directions alone and being less interactive with people.


ELIAS: Intermediate individuals, they generally don’t engage with many people at the same time, but they also are much more comfortable if they are in proximity with other individuals, if there is an availability of other individuals. Soft people generally are much more inclined to incorporate much more time alone, and to be more introspective and to be more interactive with other energies, not necessarily other people.

SCOTTY: Ah, okay. And imagination comes into play there a lot more?

ELIAS: Yes. I would say also that soft individuals incorporate a tendency not only to be interactive with other energies but with themself.

SCOTTY: Ah, okay, yeah. I had previously understood that was much more of an intermediate attribute.

ELIAS: No. That is definitely much more of a soft expression than an intermediate expression.

SCOTTY: Okay. Great, well thank you for clarifying that.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

SCOTTY: I wanted to ask you about… I’ve had some surgery recently. I’ve had my thyroid removed, and they’ve found another lumpy mass in my sinus cavity which will need to be removed. And I had an impression that that’s definitely to do with my political focus type, but I just wanted to get your impression what these lumps in my neck and my head represent within energy, because I’m not sure if it’s an overstimulated blue center or an underused blue center. Every time I try to sense the blue center I see this murky green color, and it’s off to the left, it’s spinning almost in reverse. So, is that a correct assessment of my blue center?

ELIAS: Yes. And I would say that it is more under-expressed than over-expressed.

SCOTTY: Okay. So why do I struggle to…? When I’m engaging my centers, I find it very difficult to even visualize the color blue and to spin my blue correctly, versus other centers which I seem to be able to connect to much better. Is there another method that I could use to spin the blue at the correct revolution and bring it into alignment, specifically to me?

ELIAS: What I would say is, I would encourage you not necessarily to concentrate on the spin of that energy center so much as actually practicing engaging it more, and the spin will automatically adjust itself.

Now; what I would say to you is, how you could begin doing that is I would encourage you to begin with humming, and then to move in a direction of expanding that into singing.


ELIAS: Beginning with the humming is important, because humming engages a very different action than singing. It engages your vocal cords and your throat very differently, and in that, it strengthens the energy in that area. Then I would express that when you have been doing that for a time framework you can expand it into the action of singing.

Now let me say to you first of all, [with] humming you can actually engage a wider range of notes than you may be able to in singing, and therefore it allows you to open that energy center. It is opening the energy OF that energy center to be more expansive.

Then the action of singing is also very constructive, because this does much more than you would necessarily expect, because it is an action that is interactive. Even if you aren’t singing with anyone else in proximity to you, even if your idea is [that] no one knows that you are singing – remember, everything is interconnected. And it is an action that regardless of whether you actually have an audience or not, singing is a very interactive expression, and it is a very sharing expression.

This is the reason that you will notice that in every religion there is an expression of singing that is involved in one manner or another, because that action is perceived to be highly spiritual but also very much connecting with spirit, with God, with other spirits. In this, it doesn’t matter whether you believe in any of those directions or not; the action is the same. And in that, it allows you to be expressing that connectedness with other essences even if you aren’t directing that action of singing in relation to any particular essence or expression. That doesn’t matter. It accomplishes that action anyway, and that allows you to unblock that energy center and allows you to unblock that energy expression.

SCOTTY: I feel in me that that center has been blocked for several years, and I noticed it also in my connection in my practicing for an energy exchange with the three ETs that William and Ashule were noticing – that center just wasn’t able to accommodate any further interaction because it was… not closed, but it just wasn’t available. So, in using the humming and the singing to unblock and expand that center, is the possibility of an energy exchange more likely with my blue center more open and available?

ELIAS: If that is what you want to engage, yes.

SCOTTY: Okay. Great, thank you for that. (Chuckles)

ELIAS: You are welcome.

SCOTTY: I wanted to ask some focus impressions, and I’ve had some of these for quite a long time. Some of them I did get from Isham, but I’m not sure of which ones so I’m going to just ask you now anyway. My female future focus called Marla in 2140, I always see her in a lilac-colored dress – is she an energy worker in the Floating City?


SCOTTY: Okay, and also in the Floating City in the 2300s there’s a young Japanese male with a beard. He seems frustrated at only being more of a “worker bee” type of professional position. Is that correct?


SCOTTY: Is it helpful for him for me to be lending energy towards his purpose?

ELIAS: Yes, I would express that that would be helpful. I would encourage you to be expressing a creative energy, therefore perhaps lending to inspiration.

SCOTTY: Okay. And then, my focus in the 4th century is a bodyguard to a lord or a king. I think he’s Roman but has much more international ties, and he was raised in a wealthy family that connected him to royalty. His name is Mathaeus correct, M-A-T-H-A-E-U-S?

ELIAS: A-E-U-S, yes.

SCOTTY: Okay. And I see a lot of blood around this man, like a lot of war and killing, just because that’s his job. Is that correct?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

SCOTTY: And he’s aligned with Tumold?


SCOTTY: Is he lending me energy in supportiveness in a financial kind of arena, like a strategy – is that still correct?


SCOTTY: And then my focus in the 12th century, a very serene Japanese man with a long beard, he’s a focus as a father to Ashule and a husband to William. Is that correct?


SCOTTY: And the focus name is Heiko?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

SCOTTY: And his profession is he’s a sword maker or he has final approval of the swords once they’re made. Is that correct?

ELIAS: I would say that he was the sword maker and had many apprentices, and therefore then eventually was the one in the position of being in approval of those that were subsequently made.

SCOTTY: Okay. And William, in the role of the wife there, is very much a traditional Japanese female wife of the time?

ELIAS: Correct.

SCOTTY: Yeah. And then moving on to another Japanese focus with the name Jinko who was a male prostitute in Japan, in 1644 he is either 32 or 38 years old. Which of those?

ELIAS: 32.

SCOTTY: Okay. And he has a pale green focus energy signature, correct?


SCOTTY: Okay. And then my female focus in the 1960s, a lady named Judy, she is black, very rebellious and Vold aligned. Is that correct?


SCOTTY: She’s common orientation?

ELIAS: Correct.

SCOTTY: And she lived in Alabama and sometimes I used to feel her whispering in my left ear. Is that correct?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct!

SCOTTY: Okay. At the time I was writing these focus impressions Judy was still alive and had a very peaceful energy, almost like an Alzheimer’s transition. Is that correct?


SCOTTY: And then I had an impression that she has a son called Nathan who is a civil rights attorney. Correct?

ELIAS: Yes, that is correct also. I would say that you are quite adept at this.

SCOTTY: Focus impressions and numbers always feel very easy to me, and the more impressions about them I get, the more I trust them immediately. It’s never a second guess.

ELIAS: Congratulations!

SCOTTY: Aw, thank you. (Laughs) I’ve got a couple more. There’s a present focus, a young man with blond curly hair in Greece named Anthos, A-N-T-H-O-S. Is that correct?

ELIAS: Yes. That is correct.

SCOTTY: Okay. And he’s Vold aligned?


SCOTTY: And very in tune with his body also. I was thinking maybe he tried gymnastics at one point, or became a prostitute?

ELIAS: The former.

SCOTTY: Okay, which makes sense to me. (Laughs) He also smokes cigarettes. There’s some involvement with crime, which he wished he could escape. Is that correct?


SCOTTY: Okay. My impulse is to want to protect him from harm. What energy would you suggest I connect with him in, in terms of helping him?

ELIAS: I would say you are already doing that.

SCOTTY: Okay, yeah. And he’s moved out of that dangerous situation because of my interaction, correct?

ELIAS: It was helpful, yes.


My focus impression with Jeremiah, we were riding these dinosaur-type creatures. Which planet and time is that? I had some impression of Mars, but it was a different dimension. Is that correct?

ELIAS: Yes. It isn’t actually Mars but a very similar planet, yes.

SCOTTY: Okay. Mars when it had vegetation and forests, or some type of planet that had –

ELIAS: Yes, in that dimension it does.


My focus who’s a cousin to the essence Phillip, my friend Zoltan, in the 1300s where Phillip was born in Flanders – that’s not a similar tone, because it feels very difficult to get impressions of my focus at that time. Is that correct?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

SCOTTY: Yeah, and it feels like it’s very challenging to access that focus. Have I had a lot of focuses with Phillip?


SCOTTY: It’s something in the hundreds, like 167?

ELIAS: You are correct.

SCOTTY: Thank you. The numbers, when I get those impressions, like just right now that number just popped into my mind, so that seems like it’s a very easy connection to get those impressions.

ELIAS: I agree. And I am definitely acknowledging you in that.

SCOTTY: Thank you!

This one I wrote down ages ago, years ago – is the Belgian actor Matthias Schoenaerts an observing focus of mine?

ELIAS: One moment… Yes.

SCOTTY: Okay. And then some other impressions of other people: My buddy Branden, he belongs to Zuli and aligns to Tumold and is intermediate?

ELIAS: That is correct.

SCOTTY: Is he thought focused or emotional?

ELIAS: Political.

SCOTTY: Oh, political. Same as me. Okay. So also belonging to Zuli and political – is that one of the reasons why I feel so connected to him?

ELIAS: One of, yes.

SCOTTY: But also we’ve shared many focuses together, often as brothers, sometimes like an uncle-nephew or a father-son – mostly male focuses, correct?

ELIAS: Yes, you are definitely correct.

SCOTTY: Okay. And is his essence name Pepe?

ELIAS: Congratulations. Yes!

SCOTTY: Thank you. Pepe and I have also had ET focuses together. One is as engineers, pilots of craft like large jellyfish-type creatures in the year 2440. Is that correct?


SCOTTY: Okay. And is Pepe connected to my own brother Daniel?

ELIAS: Meaning?

SCOTTY: Meaning like a fragment of, or there is some fragmentation down the line?

ELIAS: Yes. That, yes. Not the same essence, but I would express yes in relation to fragmentation.

SCOTTY: Okay. And is there any other reason to why I have such a strong draw to Branden? Is it because we have so many shared focuses?

ELIAS: Correct.

SCOTTY: But also, to do with the Zuli family belonging?

ELIAS: I would say it is more in relation to do with the familiarity and the experiences.


And then Eli: I had an impression that he’s Zuli belonging, Sumafi aligned and soft. Is that correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

SCOTTY: And also political focused?

ELIAS: Correct.

SCOTTY: And essence name Merisch, M-E-R-I-S-C-H?

ELIAS: Add an E at the end.

SCOTTY: Add an E. Exactly. That’s what I wrote before. (Laughs) Thank you.

My friend Frannie, is she Ilda belonging, Tumold aligned and common?

ELIAS: Correct.

SCOTTY: She’s political focused, and her essence name is Marguerite?

ELIAS: Correct.

SCOTTY: Thank you. And then my friend Malcolm is Zuli belonging, Ilda aligned and common?


SCOTTY: Okay. I had trouble with that, because I kept thinking he was intermediate given my misunderstandings with intermediate wanting to be self-isolating all the time, but I settled on common, so thank you for validating that.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

SCOTTY: Maureen, my mum, who has disengaged: She belonged to Sumafi and aligned with Sumari, and she was soft?


SCOTTY: And her essence name was Iris?

ELIAS: Actually, that was a focus name that she incorporated in several focuses that you shared together. Therefore, that is understandable that you would connect to it because it is very familiar to you.

SCOTTY: Okay. So then what is her essence name?

ELIAS: One moment. (Pause) Essence name: Fiona.

SCOTTY: Fiona? Okay. That’s interesting, I didn’t get any impressions of that at all, so that’s...

ELIAS: Actually understandable, my friend, because I would say you have had many experiences with this individual, many focuses, and I would say that she also has incorporated some… mm… what you would see as preferences in relation to names that physical focus she incorporated repeatedly, and many of the focuses that you share together she has had those repeated names – not always the same one, but repeated names in many of the focuses. Therefore, they would likely be names that would come to you more easily.

SCOTTY: Ah, okay. And she’s also a dispersed essence, correct? Fiona?


SCOTTY: And she was in transition for the last eight years before she passed?


SCOTTY: And then, does she have a parallel counterpart with William, both fragmented from Molgar?


SCOTTY: Okay. And her bird connection, she had this incredible connection with birds. Is that in relation to her male focus of Saint Francis of Assisi?


SCOTTY: Okay. Thanks for validating that. (Laughs) And a couple more. My friend Corrie, she’s Vold belonging, aligned with Zuli and soft orientation?

ELIAS: Reverse the families.

SCOTTY: Argh, I knew that! Okay, thank you. (Laughs) Trust the first impressions, huh?

ELIAS: Ah, yes. I would agree. (Laughs)

SCOTTY: My friend Stephy, his family is Sumari and he’s aligned with Zuli and orientation is common?

ELIAS: Correct.

SCOTTY: Okay. And essence name Sylow, S-Y-L-O-W?

ELIAS: Correct.

SCOTTY: My friend Carlo, his family is Ilda and aligned with Zuli and is common, correct?


SCOTTY: Okay. And then my friend Phillip, again Zoltan, we’re partially focused together, both aligned with Milumet in a sort of a dreamtime time when there were dinosaurs, correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

SCOTTY: My friend Lynn-Ann, her essence name: I had two impressions, both very different. One was Ahemit or Blake. Ahemit is spelled A-H-E-M-I-T.

ELIAS: That would be correct.

SCOTTY: Okay, and is Blake a focus of hers?


SCOTTY: Okay. A man in the military in the 1940s?


SCOTTY: Okay. Who flew planes in World War II?

ELIAS: You are correct.

SCOTTY: Thank you. I just got that impression just now.

Just a couple more impressions: Ashule’s focus of Myleh, the Vold focus who can fly that we’ve had some experiences together, does she have more desire to connect with me in information, and what is that connection about?

ELIAS: Now, what is your impression?

SCOTTY: Well, my whole life I’ve had dreams of flying, and I always wake up with these dreams. Sometimes I feel very grounded, stuck to the earth or pulled by gravity to the earth, not able to take off. But my impression of Myleh is that she can very simply fly off the Floating City, and she’s already achieved that ability. Is it in supportive or lending energy in my pursuit of that here in this focus?

ELIAS: Yes. I would definitely agree with that.

SCOTTY: Okay. And she has a cream and lilac energy signature, correct?

ELIAS: Yes. You are correct.

SCOTTY: Just so I understand, what would be the benefit of me spending time connecting with that focus other than… It’s becoming lighter in energy, isn’t it? It’s not so much physically being able to take off and fly around, but it’s just lightening my energy?

ELIAS: Yes, precisely, that it is a benefit because it does move in the direction of lightening your energy, and I would also say helping you to understand how to do that at certain times intentionally.

SCOTTY: Right. Yes. Okay, I’m going to investigate that a little bit more.

Johnedward: My impression is his family is Gramada, and he’s aligned with Sumafi and he’s common, correct?


SCOTTY: Okay. And then final impression, there is Thomas Tull is belonging to Zuli, aligned Sumafi, essence name Troy?

ELIAS: Correct. Congratulations.

SCOTTY: Thank you. Do we have some shared focuses, Troy and myself, Ashtaria?


SCOTTY: There’s a very strong physical attraction there, so were those other focuses in more intimate relationships?

ELIAS: Yes, most of them.

SCOTTY: Okay. Cool! Thank you for that.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

SCOTTY: It’s definitely a very fun thing for me to sit and access that, and the more I do it, it just seems to flow instantly on the spot without any kind of striving to reach for the information, or hindrance, it’s just there, so that –

ELIAS: I entirely agree, and I am very encouraging of you in that direction because it does move in a direction in which you then automatically trust yourself more and more, which is significant.

SCOTTY: Yeah. Exactly. Is Ashtaria a continuing focus?


SCOTTY: Okay. I’m still not entirely sure what that is. I know there is a lot of information you’ve given already.

ELIAS: I would say very simply that it is a simply a designation of most of the focuses, and then there is one focus that is designated as an initiating and one that is a final but that has no bearing on re-manifesting, because none of your focuses re-manifest. They are all occurring simultaneously. The only difference in relation to any focuses is that one is designated in a position in which it signals all of the other focuses either to initiate and engage the reality or to disengage – but that doesn’t mean that they all disengage at the same time. They all disengage in their own time, in their own choice of how to be disengaging and when, but once disengaged, the essence is no longer participating in that physical reality – in a physical sense, therefore in physical manifestations. The essence may be participating with that physical reality but not in physical manifestations.

SCOTTY: Right. And is Ashtaria fragmented from Ashtar, or reverse?

ELIAS: The reverse.

SCOTTY: That’s what I thought. And then the silver/white/pale blue energy signature almost like a crescent moon, this is another essence. Is that Lyle or who?

ELIAS: Correct.

SCOTTY: So then I’ve been sensing Lyle’s energy for quite a number of years?

ELIAS: I would agree, yes. It is very familiar. You simply haven’t engaged with that essence in this particular focus in a physical capacity, which is what I was expressing to you previously in this conversation, that when that happens when an individual is not engaging physically with another essence that is very familiar and most likely a soulmate, oftentimes they will engage in other manners, which is what you have been doing.

SCOTTY: Okay. Well, I will look forward to rekindling that connection now that I’m a bit more able to identify his energy. Thank you. (Chuckles)

ELIAS: You are very welcome! (Chuckles)

SCOTTY: Jonas wanted me to ask you why he’s been engaging insomnia particularly in the last three nights? I already feel like I know the answer, because it’s in relation to the coronavirus and fear and anxiety over that, but what is your impression?

ELIAS: I would say the same.

[The timer for the session rings]

I would say that it is in relation to mass energy and the unrest and uneasiness with the mass energy, and that that is engaging individuals in many different capacities and it can be very easily disruptive in relation to sleep. I would say, engage actions that promote definite relaxation before going to bed, and in that, also attempting to buffer out some of these mass energies. That will help. And also being aware not to be expressing as much anxiety and stress or tension as possible.

SCOTTY: Avoiding social media and news outlets can be helpful in lessening the –

ELIAS: That definitely can be helpful. I would express that the more an individual can avoid the media the better, because the media presently is simply moving in directions to reinforce fear and anxiety.

SCOTTY: Yup. Okay. I’m going to save my other questions regarding the teleportation trips and my training to sense energy with Togi for next time. I feel like that deserves a whole session in itself in relation to untangling energies, so I look forward to that next time. And we’ve run out of time for today, Elias. Thank you so, so much!

ELIAS: Very well. I shall greatly be anticipating our next meeting, my friend, and I am tremendously encouraging of you. And I would also express a great acknowledgment in how you have been building your trust – well done!

SCOTTY: Thank you! Thank you very much. (Laughs)

ELIAS: You are welcome. In tremendous love, my dear friend, and great supportiveness as always. Au revoir.

SCOTTY: Au revoir. Thank you, Elias.

(Elias departs after 61 minutes)

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