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The Inner Knowing of More


“The Inner Knowing of More”
"After Disengagement"
“Practice Trust”
“Contentment Is Highly Underrated”
“Be More Gentle with Yourself; This Reality Is an Enormous Game”

Monday, May 6, 2013 (Private/In Person)

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Wendy (Myiisha)

ELIAS: Good morning!

WENDY: Good morning, Elias.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) And what have you been accomplishing?

WENDY: It’s good to talk to you again.

ELIAS: And you also.

WENDY: I don’t know. I haven’t been thinking in terms of accomplishment.

ELIAS: Ah! (Chuckles)

WENDY: I don’t know how much I’ve been thinking at all. (Elias laughs) Too much, actually.

I thought I might enlist your aid in checking in on my mother’s progress, having disengaged. I’m wondering if she understands her situation yet? I’m thinking there’s a possibility that she doesn’t yet, but…

ELIAS: (Pause) Does she recognize that she has disengaged? No. But is recognizing, to an extent, some of the holes, so to speak.

WENDY: It’s my sense that she’s making progress, if we want to call it that.

ELIAS: Yes. I would agree.

WENDY: Okay.

ELIAS: She is noticing some of the holes and is expressing a curiosity and experimenting with how that links to your reality and how that can be used. Therefore, yes, she is investigating and experimenting, but no, definitely has not generated that memory yet.

WENDY: She’s not suffering?


WENDY: It was really hard to watch her suffer before she disengaged. And I have this idea that once she disengaged she was not miserable.

ELIAS: Correct. Yes. That was a part of the method leading to that disengagement, therefore that was accomplished. It is not necessary.


ELIAS: And in that, no, she is not experiencing in any of those capacities. More now exploring, experimenting, curious and recognizing at this point that she can generate more actions, that she expresses more abilities than she thought possible.

WENDY: (Laughs) Good!

ELIAS: Which at this point remains somewhat new, and her perception of those abilities is moving more in the direction of magic than that she is doing it.

WENDY: Uh-huh.

ELIAS: But is…

WENDY: We all feel that way.

ELIAS: But is incorporating fun experimenting.

WENDY: That’s great, because she was not one to do that so much in her focus.

ELIAS: It becomes very different, nonphysical but continuing to incorporate that objective awareness. For in that, what she is experiencing is not unusual. Many individuals move through a time framework or a phase, in a manner of speaking, in which they are creating different manifestations in their reality merely by paying attention to what they want or what they are interested in.

And it appears, and therefore they do in many, many, many situations, for a brief time framework, view that as magical – but not attributing it to themselves, that there is some magical force that is responding to them, and that becomes more and more curious. And eventually that also contributes leading them in the direction of recognizing their own abilities and that they are doing it. But for a time framework it is fun, for it is mysterious.

WENDY: You know, that brings up another question that I want to ask and that I thought about in the group session. But before I go there, I want to ask something else about my mom. I have a sense that she was Sumafi?


WENDY: Gramada? Her alignment?


WENDY: What was her orientation? I’m too close. I don’t think it was common, but…

ELIAS: Intermediate.

WENDY: That makes sense. Is it possible for you to access information about my father?


WENDY: Okay. His… I think Sumari was in there somewhere for him, and I think he was soft.

ELIAS: Alignment.

WENDY: Sumari alignment. Maybe Tumold? No, that would be alignment. No, not Tumold. He wasn’t a Tumold. I can’t guess his family.

ELIAS: Zuli.

WENDY: Really! Wow. Zuli/Sumari, like my daughter.

ELIAS: Yes. Yes.

WENDY: And soft.


WENDY: He was crazy. (Elias laughs) All right. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

WENDY: Now, my question that you just reminded me of that came up in the session, and I almost talked about it but I couldn’t figure out how to fit it in the context of what you were asking: Is this feeling of magic that we have when we accomplish something and we don’t think we’re accomplishing it sometimes – we think we like hooked up almost by accident, you know, to some power – I’ve been doing a meditation method, because I would like to be happier. Now, I know that happiness is an emotion and it’s feedback, but I would like to reach the point where I’m getting good feedback. I’ll take it.

So I’ve been doing this meditation that’s based on very – in a distant way – based on yoga. And it’s a group thing and there’s somebody who’s the originator of it. The actual meditation is called “Smile to Your Heart.” It’s very simple. He does a lot more complicated stuff, but this is very accessible and people all over the world do it. What you do is you meditate, you focus your energy in your heart area – they’re careful to say it’s your spiritual heart, not your physical heart – and you smile to it. And it’s a really nice way of getting in touch with your positive energy.

And I realize that… I mean, it’s been helping me to focus on myself, because I’m treating myself nicely. It’s really important to do that. And when we learn to smile to our heart, it’s almost like you’re talking to a baby. You know, you smile and you get this energy going. And then it says, “Have your heart pray to…” they call it “True Source.” He does it around the world and in other countries they call it “God,” but we’re so messed up about God we have to call it “True Source.” (Elias laughs) And that’s good. That was a good idea.

So I’m there and I’m feeling hooked up and I’m feeling great, and True Source feels like it isn’t me. And I realize, this is an important dialogue for me, or question, and I think it probably is for a lot of people. I mean, am I having a dialogue or a monologue? Am I talking to myself or am I talking to something that’s larger than myself that kind of feels outside myself? I mean, usually I put that question aside and this stuff is working in a way that… I haven’t allowed that in years, but… Because God, I don’t go there.

But I’m wondering, when we get in touch with our wider self, with our larger self, it feels like almost – for me – like I’m getting in touch with something else. I mean, it’s the I and Thou. And it’s a piece that is hard for me to deal with. It looks like you understand what I’m saying. So could you help me about it?

ELIAS: Very much so. Yes. I would express that this is very common, very common.

You create religions for a reason.

WENDY: Yes. I can’t say I’m an atheist, but…

ELIAS: You create the concept of God, or a higher power, for a reason. That reason is not actually that there is a higher power, but the reason is you are physically focused in a physical reality which incorporates a significant aspect of its design in separation, first of all. You occupy separate bodies.

But in addition to that, you have created physical manifestations yourself, your body consciousness, which is a singular entity, a unit, and you have chosen to create those physical manifestations in a considerably small manner – physically small. You are physically small.

WENDY: Compared to what we actually are? I mean, small compared to what?

ELIAS: Small compared to…

WENDY: The world?

ELIAS: …your world, your universe, your reality.

WENDY: Oh yeah, we’re just a little speck in our universe. Yeah.

ELIAS: But you have done that intentionally. You have created small manifestations to not distract from or overshadow all of the other manifestations that are extensions of you: your planet, your universe – these are all extensions of you. But within physical reality, they do not APPEAR such, for it is all manifest in entities: that element of separation that you are not a rock; you are not a tree; you are a human. You are not a lion or an elephant. Every manifestation has a different designation, and they are all separate entities.

Now; in creating all of these entities, physical manifestations, and many, many, many of them, and proportioning them in a fashion that you are relatively small in individual manifestations, but that being purposeful to accommodate your numbers –

WENDY: It’s kind of scary.

ELIAS: In that, allow me to remind you that your physical senses, these are avenues of communication, objective communication, and they are very strong, and they are also designed to input information in a very absolute manner. What your senses connect to and the information that they input to you is not in question. It is always a statement.

WENDY: Okay. There’s senses, and I’m getting mixed up in my mind with perception.

ELIAS: Your senses and any avenue of communication that you incorporate – thinking is NOT a communication avenue – feelings, or the message behind the feelings, ARE an avenue of communication. Intuition is a communication. Impressions are communications. What you feel physically is a signal for a communication. Your senses input information. Those are communications.

In this, with the design of your reality, including separation and including your choice of design of yourselves – being relatively small – and the design of your senses to be inputting literal or absolute information, that influences your perception, and your perception creates evaluations and your actual reality.

Therefore, in that, your perception evaluates all of this information, and in a physical sense, in relation to your outer senses, it views that you are physically small and that your universe is physically exceptionally large and vast. It also inputs and processes all of that information in relation to communications with the body consciousness [and] its abilities in physical manifestation, which appear to be somewhat limited in physical manifestation.

Therefore, you intrinsically incorporate an inner knowing of more. When you enter into physical focus, you incorporate that knowing that this physical manifestation and the size of it is not all of you.

Therefore, in incorporating that knowing, remember: Your thought mechanism is designed to be a translator. It translates information. Therefore, your thought mechanism is attempting to translate that knowing: “This is not all you are. You are more than what your senses input in information that you are.” Your thought process is translating that information, but it cannot quite objectively reconcile the difference between what you know but the absoluteness of what your senses are inputting.

Now; what occurs is, your thought process begins to translate and interpret that, and it invents an explanation. And thus is born “God” or “higher power,” or “enlightenment” or “nirvana.”

WENDY: And those are our names for our experience of more of ourselves…


WENDY: …than we can see.


Now; in that, this is also an aspect relating to the subject of magic. You have actually incorporated two questions in one question.

WENDY: Kind of. Religion is a kind of magic.

ELIAS: It is.

WENDY: I mean, that is the experience people have.

ELIAS: It is. But yes, these experiences that you incorporate that seem to be changing some aspect of your reality or presenting to you something that you want or that you accomplish and it seems to be beyond your physical self, and it seems to be magic – it is all interconnected. It is all interrelated. When you are speaking to, or praying to, your higher self or a god or…

WENDY: This is True Source.

ELIAS: …True Source…


ELIAS: …any expression that you identify as an outside source that is greater than yourself, what you are actually doing is you are communicating with you. For, you ARE greater than the physical manifestation. There is no ultimate higher power. There is no ultimate greater expression. It is all encompassed and contained, and resides within this small physical manifestation. It is not outside of you.

Let me express to you, your evaluation, your interpretation, your translation that your thought mechanism designs is in actuality, in your terms, the opposite of what you think. You incorporate the idea that you are the small pinpoint and from that pinpoint it all expands outward, and that is what you see – once again, input from senses, which are absolute and offering absolute information. You see all around you vastness. And as you look into your skies you see even MORE vastness, and the farther you explore into your skies you see the universe, which is even MORE expanded and vast.

WENDY: I love to look in that direction.

ELIAS: Therefore, it seems that you are the small pinpoint and all else expands outward from that. In actuality, it is the reverse.

WENDY: We expand inward?



ELIAS: All of THAT is, figuratively speaking, a hologram of the vastness that is within.

WENDY: Well, there is this concept in Christianity that God is within everyone and everything. And that, I guess, is a kernel of truth. I mean, that’s the one thing they say – well, it’s one of a few (laughs) – there is truth in there.


WENDY: So, this everything is… You know, you talk about separation all the time. Everyone is included in this everything.

ELIAS: Yes. Most definitely.

WENDY: And when we’re not physically focused or in some other reality there is no separation between us?

ELIAS: Correct.

WENDY: So we are…

ELIAS: Correct. There is no distinction.

WENDY: That’s huge.


Let me express to you, you do incorporate physical manifestations in your reality that are small examples or representations of what you are and this principle in reverse, such as film. From a small strip of film in motion can be projected vast images. They are being projected from the movement of very small film – very thin, very small, but from that is projecting immense images. You are the same. All of that expansion is inward. It already is residing inward. What you see outward is merely the projection of that. It is a reflection.

WENDY: That’s so cool. That’s really something.

ELIAS: But what I will express to you is that it is very understandable and very common that individuals generate this separation between themself as an individual focus and the concept of this greater vastness.

And in that, this is in actuality regardless of all of your religions that do incorporate some aspects of truth in them, but this is such an enormous concept and so foreign to you, and so contrary to what your senses are inputting to you continuously, every moment of your existence, that it becomes very difficult to believe or to trust – for trust is merely another word for believing.

WENDY: That’s a huge issue here.

ELIAS: In this, it becomes very difficult to believe, or trust, that YOU are that vastness. And therefore, it is easier and, in a manner of speaking – to an extent – comforting to express that there is some greater, vaster force that you are in communication with, or that you are connected to, that is invested in your best benefit.

WENDY: Well, in all of this vastness – and for me, I get tired of trying to navigate, and I just want to relax and feel taken care of. And this does that for me, and it makes me more able to maintain even… some balance, actually.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, my friend, literally it matters not. Individuals incorporate this idea that it is better or that you are more spiritual, or that you are more enlightened, if you attribute everything to yourself. It matters not.

What is important is that you are allowing yourself your own expression, your own freedom, your own importance, and that you are moving always in the direction of your greatest benefit. If you can believe in a higher power, if you can believe in God, if you can believe in True Source, it matters not what you label it, for believing is merely another word for trusting. Therefore, if you can trust that, it matters not that you are creating a name for it. Eventually, as you continue to shift, as you continue to widen your awareness and expand, it all moves together. And eventually that does become translated into YOU are that True Source; YOU are that greater or higher power; YOU are that God.

But what is more important first of all is to be connecting in a manner that allows you to trust, that allows you to believe. And if that requires an invented outside source to begin with, that is entirely acceptable for it allows you to practice and become familiar with what that expression of trust is.

WENDY: Yeah. That was my problem. That’s been my problem. But you know, it’s been an issue all my life, really, this… Like God. For some reason I was very drawn to the church, even though my parents weren’t. And then I rejected it and I became… I said if there was a God, he was a sadist. (Elias chuckles) I was really mad. And sometimes I still am.

But along with that though, I think, in my life there was this big thrust to be independent, or to make my own way and to not be forced by authority to do things. So it was always important for me to figure things out for myself.

ELIAS: Which is the expression of your freedom…


ELIAS: …that inner knowing that that belongs to you, that is intrinsic to you and that you deserve it, merely for the factor that you exist.

WENDY: I had a discussion in a bar with a fundamentalist Christian, and I said… There was a Jewish guy there, too. It was a very interesting conversation. And I said I didn’t think Jesus was crucified – I liked what Seth says about that – and I said even if he was, I don’t like it. I don’t want him to die for my sins. I want my sins. They’re mine. And he looked at me like I was out of my mind. But that was my attitude. And in many ways it still is. But (sighs) in my personal life, I have… The trust is really hard.

ELIAS: As it is for most individuals.

WENDY: I’m starting to be able to do it, I think.

ELIAS: Congratulations! And that is the point. I would be genuinely – and sincerely – advocating and encouraging ANY individual in ANY direction that promotes them expressing the ability to practice trusting in ANY capacity. For I would express that most individuals do not understand the experience of trust. They intellectually understand the concept of trusting, but they do not necessarily allow themselves to experience it.

And in that, you pay so much attention and place so much importance upon what you do not want or what you do not have or what you do not like that it continuously reinforces in every day of your existence, it continuously reinforces NOT trusting. Therefore, ANY avenue of experientially expressing trust in ANY capacity, and practicing with that, I would be tremendously advocating of, for that sets a foundation.

You cannot move into a genuine expression of trusting yourself if you cannot even define what trust is, for you are not experiencing it.

WENDY: It’s a feeling. I mean you have to experience it.

ELIAS: It is an experience.

WENDY: It’s a new one on me. (Laughs)

ELIAS: And in that, it does trigger feelings – which, once again, are those signals that are expressing statements to you [about] what you are doing in the moment. When you are expressing trust, you WILL generate the feeling of safety. You WILL generate a feeling of calm. You WILL notice that you are expressing a state of being of contentment, of satisfaction. What does that mean? You are not wanting. You are satisfied and content with BEING.

And this is not to say that you will never want, for that is a part of expanding. Yes, you will want, but that is a different want. It is not based in what you do not have, or what there is not enough of, or what you cannot do. It is based in “I already have this and I want more. I want to explore more.”

WENDY: I used to turn my nose up at contentment and satisfaction because I felt like there was so much wrong.

ELIAS: Highly underrated.

WENDY: Satisfaction?

ELIAS: And contentment. And individuals misinterpret. They incorporate an idea that if you are content that you will be unmotivated, which is entirely incorrect.

WENDY: That’s what I thought, yeah. I was into struggle. (Both laugh) And I’m really trying to find another way to move, but what it’s done for a while now is render me kind of motionless. I mean, I’m sitting. And I also feel it’s been part of the action of the Shift, like it’s… And I feel more the idea to move, but not in that struggle way. If it involves that, I’m not doing it.

ELIAS: Correct.

WENDY: So it’s kind of hard, but…

ELIAS: And that is the point of what we were discussing in our group interaction: paying attention. Being aware, first of all, of what you are paying attention to, and from that, paying attention and allowing yourself to move your attention in the direction of what is genuinely important to you in the moment and how it is of benefit to you. And the importance and the benefit is not always what you perceive to be life altering or tremendously significant. It may be, “In this moment what is important to me is to read a book…”

WENDY: I do that.

ELIAS: “…and it benefits me, for it allows me to calm my energy, to center myself and to not be projecting my attention outside of myself to other individuals or other situations.”

And in that moment that you may want to read a book, there may be three other individuals in the room with you that are attempting to engage you in conversation or engage you in an interaction with them. And in that very small action, very simple, there becomes a considerable struggle – struggle. For, what is the struggle? “I actually want – and what is important to me – is to read a book. And the benefit is to center myself and not be engaging outside distractions. But I should engage these individuals. This individual wants to engage conversation with myself, therefore I should reciprocate.”

No. How is that “should” a benefit to you? You already do not want to do it, therefore you are already forcing energy. How is that a benefit to you? It is not. But it is a “should.”

That is no less significant than purchasing a home, engaging a trip. Those actions are no more important than that moment: “I want to read a book.”

WENDY: You’re getting very Zen. But I agree.

Two things. I’m thinking True Source is actually True Self for me. That’ll work.

ELIAS: Very well. Can you trust that?

WENDY: I think so.

ELIAS: Excellent. Build upon that.

WENDY: They say use whatever word you want.

ELIAS: Correct.

WENDY: Um, I’m not satisfied with my work, and this is all the “shoulds” and all that. And I’m trying to figure out how to generate not necessarily income but what I need, in a different way. And I’m thinking that focusing on this trust would help.

ELIAS: Yes. I would agree.

WENDY: But I can’t see how. I mean it’s like…

ELIAS: That is not necessarily important yet.

WENDY: Like invest in the stock market. I don’t know, but…

ELIAS: It is not important yet. You will inspire yourself.

Now; in addition to that, what I will express to you is what can aid you is not only to consider what you enjoy doing or what you want to do; that is obvious. Those are the obvious directions to evaluate. But in addition to what you enjoy doing, what you want to do, allow yourself to evaluate the aspects of what you are already doing with your job…

WENDY: There are aspects I enjoy.

ELIAS: … that you enjoy, that you…

WENDY: And I can’t let go. This is what I feel like.

ELIAS: Allow yourself to evaluate those aspects that you do enjoy, that you do see as a benefit to you. And from that, incorporate your imagination and allow yourself to play with “How could I configure this in somewhat of a different manner, continue to express these actions, these qualities that I do enjoy, and move them in a different direction to be more fulfilling?”

Now; the tricky aspect of this is the automatic response to that is to begin thinking of the aspects that you do not like about your job and attempting to move around them or change them. No; that is not the point. That defeats the exercise.

Not paying attention to the aspects that you do not like, or that you wish would change – those are not a part of this picture. This picture only incorporates the parts that you DO enjoy, that ARE fulfilling, that ARE a benefit, and playing with how to expand that – not how to avoid this, but how to expand what you already enjoy and what you already are accomplishing.

And in that, this is the aspect of the imagination and including that. Play with, and experiment with, ideas of infusing some other actions that you also enjoy with those actions that you enjoy at work.

WENDY: I’ve done that a little bit, with good results.

ELIAS: Excellent.

WENDY: I’ve talked about some concepts I’ve learned from you, like cooperation and how powerful each person is, trying to make people feel empowered – not make them, but emphasize…

ELIAS: Correct.

WENDY: …their personal power, even though they’re in lowly positions.

ELIAS: Every position is important.

WENDY: It is. Yes.

ELIAS: EVERY position.

WENDY: It is. There’s a little fantasy in some people’s minds that it’s not, but it is.

ELIAS: That is the reality. Every position is important, for without each position, the entirety of the action is inefficient.

WENDY: They have been eliminating positions a lot lately, so it’s a little scary – including mine. I mean, on the one hand I’m not satisfied; on the other hand, I don’t want to be let go. But those are excellent suggestions.

ELIAS: That will also encourage you in the direction of projecting your energy to not be creating what you do not want, such as disengaging your job, for it will encourage you to be paying attention to other aspects rather than worrying about those possibilities.

WENDY: Well, I wouldn’t mind leaving, but I want to leave for something better, not because they push me out.

ELIAS: Precisely. Precisely.

WENDY: So I’ve got to think about something better, there and wherever.

ELIAS: Yes. And expand it. (Wendy chuckles)

Remember: You are always creating more, more, more, more, more. Therefore, if you create more of what you enjoy and what you want in your present situation with your present employment, that automatically expands, which can very likely lead you in a new direction with a DIFFERENT employment. Or, it can reconfigure the employment that you incorporate now in such a manner that it is entirely different and you may not WANT to move in a different direction. But whatever you create, it will be an expansion, and it will be more of what you want, if that is what you are paying attention to.

WENDY: I’ve experienced things reconfiguring around me when I really put my mind to it, in ways I didn’t expect. (Elias laughs) I had a physical problem with my shoulders, and I think a lot of it was repetitive motion with an object I had to lift all the time. And one day, I just was like… Because I read something in Seth, actually, how your body is always trying to reach its balance.


WENDY: And I felt the pain in my… I couldn’t do this. I felt the pain in my shoulder and I said, “I no longer want to use my energy this way.” It was a negative, but “I want my energy to flow.” And a couple of weeks later, that job went away. My shoulder stopped hurting. It stopped. It ended. It was over. I mean, it was like people talk about surgery.

ELIAS: And there be the magic.

WENDY: Yeah. It was like magic, I’ll tell you. But it was me!

ELIAS: Yes. (Both laugh)

WENDY: So, we’re almost done here. How do you think we’re going, in our new wave? I’d love to ask you.

ELIAS: Excellent.

WENDY: Yeah?

ELIAS: I would express that it is proceeding in its initial throes quite well.

WENDY: And the globe is not going to blow itself up, or…


WENDY: …start turning in a different direction right away?

ELIAS: No. I would express that there has been a considerable surge of energy in this beginning time framework of this wave, and it has been considerably influencing in empowerment with individuals throughout your world in many, many capacities. It is similar to an awakening call that individuals can be empowered and that they are, and sparking new inspirations – which is encouraging.

WENDY: Yeah!

ELIAS: I would express that you are all moving considerably well. Now it is merely a matter of beginning to pay attention to what you are already doing, what you are already creating that IS satisfying to you and recognizing it. You already have, in your terms, in your mundane terms, you have already done the work; now it is merely a matter of SEEING what you have done and acknowledging that.

WENDY: That’s exciting.

ELIAS: Quite so. I agree. (Chuckles)

WENDY: Whew. (Elias chuckles) Do you have anything else to say to me?

ELIAS: A reminder to practice being somewhat more gentle with yourself, and in being gentle with yourself, remind yourself that all of this reality is not so very serious. It is an enormous game.

And in that, it is very similar to a chess game. Other individuals may generate different movements upon that chessboard that you would not necessarily engage in YOUR strategy, but in that is the fun of claiming their piece. (Laughs)

WENDY: Oh boy! (Laughs)

ELIAS: It is a GAME, my friend. The seriousness of this reality is quite an amusing illusion. (Chuckles)

WENDY: Do you find it entertaining?

ELIAS: Quite so! Yes, I would express, quite so!

WENDY: It seems like there are a number of entities out there giving excellent advice but also vastly entertained.

ELIAS: (Laughs) And I would agree. (Chuckles)

WENDY: We can end before the bell.

ELIAS: Very well. Very well.

WENDY: Thank you so much, Elias.

ELIAS: I shall greatly be anticipating our next meeting. And I express tremendous affection to you, my friend, exceptional acknowledgement of your accomplishments. There are more than you see yet.

WENDY: Thank you. That would be nice.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. And I am acknowledging of you. To you, my dear friend, as always, in tremendous lovingness, au revoir.

WENDY: Au revoir.

(Elias departs after 1 hour)

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