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Shedding Attachments


“Shedding Attachments”
“Creating What You Want Can Bring Surprise and Excitement”
“Experiencing the Genuineness of Self”

Wednesday, March 10, 2010 (Private/Phone)

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Rose (Quillan)

ELIAS: Good evening!

ROSE: Hello, Elias!

ELIAS: (Both laugh) And what shall we discuss, my friend?

ROSE: What shall we discuss? Today I thought we will have a nice chat. (Chuckles)

ELIAS: Very well.

ROSE: I'm not sitting here with a list of questions and everything; I just want to have a free flow this time and experiment with this.

ELIAS: Very well.

ROSE: Of course I have a topic, or several topics, but… Well, like described, today is a little bit different.

I'm having a great time. (Both laugh) Your "chest" idea, to put my thoughts into this chest, is working great, and I'm having a lot of fun with it.

ELIAS: Congratulations.

ROSE: Congratulations to you, too! (Both laugh) I made it very cozy. I put some fabrics inside so that my thoughts will have it nice and cozy during the night, but they will be banned into this chest.

ELIAS: Ahhh, very creative!

ROSE: Ja, it's just a little playfulness, like a child would do it, but it was fun. (Elias laughs)

Okay. I'm going through a lot of change, I feel, and I'm actually physically decluttering my whole house. Since ten days I'm just going through it and giving away everything or throwing away everything I don't want to have anymore. And this feels like clarifying a lot and clarifying the energies and letting go – a lot of letting go, letting go, letting go. And it's an amazing feeling to become this new and fresh, and there is an empty space in a way also, where I don't know how to fill it. This feels actually interesting, because I will not fill it with the old stuff again, or replace the old stuff with something similar in the new, but I don't have any clue what I will fill it with.

ELIAS: And perhaps you will NOT fill it.

ROSE: Yes.

ELIAS: Perhaps you will allow that space to be open.

ROSE: Yes!

ELIAS: For it is not always a matter of refilling when you generate a new open space. At times that may be the point in itself, to generate more openness and therefore allow you to feel more freedom in less encumbrance to yourself. And therefore, it may be a situation in which you may choose NOT to fill it.

I am understanding that that is an automatic response, that if you take out objects in your environment, that the natural automatic response is to place a different object in that physical space. But in actuality, at times it may be situation in which you may appreciate the open space and that it is not necessary to place another object in that space.

ROSE: Mm-hm. Ja! And I was amazed, I’ve always liked empty rooms, and I always thought that I would not have collected a lot of clutter, but I found that I HAD a lot of clutter. (Both laugh) And to get rid of all this in different ways, some things I gave away so that other people could use it, and some things I literally just threw away to the garbage. But it was like letting go of a lot of attachments.

ELIAS: Yes. And in that, you generate more openness, less encumbrance to yourself. In a manner of speaking, it is a type of shedding. You are shedding many of these attachments that are not necessarily important any longer, and that can allow you to feel much more free.

And even with physical objects, when you choose to declutter your physical space of objects, your actual being begins to feel lighter. Your energy begins to feel lighter, for you are not placing all of these objects around you that do not merely clutter your physical space or area but they clutter your energy also. And therefore, in a manner of speaking, it is a type of shedding of these attachments that are actually not necessary.

ROSE: Mm-hm. That's how I perceive it too. It felt that I’m so increasing in having much more energy, more and more and more, and I'm also letting go of memories and anything that is connected to all these things, and it feels great to just let it all go. (Both laugh)

I don't know, not very long ago I had this feeling and I thought to myself, “Now somehow this what Elias calls ‘transition’ has kicked in.” Something has happened. I don't know what it was, but something has happened, and it felt great.

ELIAS: (Laughs) Congratulations! This is an accomplishment.

ROSE: I have another accomplishment. We had the session regarding myself being not a worker bee.


ROSE: And I’m done. And I was thinking about that, and I was getting my thoughts in order, and I was thinking about what do I actually exactly and specifically want, and I thought, “Oh, I actually want a housekeeper, and I want this person to do this and that and da-da-da-da-da,” and I became very clear. And from that clarity, I placed an advertisement to the newspaper, and they got four applications, two times two. The first time there were two ladies, and the second one I opened was just the perfect person for me. She embodies everything I was wanting, and everything! And just perfect. We met, she matches with my husband, she doesn't cost as much as the last one cost who was not as good as her, and we pay her more than she wanted because she is for us the ideal person, and I'm so happy about this. (Laughs) And now she's about to take the whole household over. And at the moment I feel like expanding, also my husband is expanding once again, and I have this feeling like we are growing into something new, and we will need a housekeeper in the future and she just showed up at the right moment. And at the moment it feels a little stretchy to have someone and pay her so much for so many hours, which is a big step for us, and I feel a little shaky, but it feels also interesting and exciting to grow into something I'm not knowing what I'm growing into. But sometimes I'm a little overwhelmed.

ELIAS: Yes! Which is not unusual when you begin to embrace the new and you move into new directions. But – acknowledge yourself, for this is an example, an evidence of how to be creating what you want intentionally, that you may not necessarily recognize ALL of the pieces, or all of what is involved in moving into new expressions and new directions. For they ARE new, and therefore they unfold in new manners for you to experience and discover, but it is an adventure. And in that, it is a matter of merely setting an intention, not compromising with yourself –

ROSE: Exactly.

ELIAS: – and in that, knowing specifically, not generalizing, what you want and generating that openness and that allowance in your energy for it to manifest. And not placing restrictions upon the manifestation, but flowing with it. You set the intention, and you allow yourself to flow with it and therefore create an energy that actually draws to you precisely what you want, intentionally. And this is an excellent example of that.

ROSE: The terms you used, “precisely” and “not compromising:” these are the two key terms in this whole thing. She fits precisely. And I was not compromising; I was becoming very clear what I want, and I was not compromising and I was just astonished how QUICKLY it happened. (Laughs)


ROSE: It was just so beautiful. And I thought, “Oh god, if there is anything to this ‘you create your own reality,’ this would be the perfect example.”

ELIAS: (Laughs) I would agree. (Both laugh)

ROSE: Oh my, oh my.

ELIAS: And in that, even when you set an intention of what you want, and you allow yourself to manifest that, you can be a testament, in this situation, that it is not to say that you will not surprise yourself regardless. That even WITH the intention, and even creating intentionally precisely what you want, it brings with it surprise and excitement, which is significant.

For many individuals generate the idea that if you are creating what you want intentionally, and if you can actually allow yourself to purposefully create all that you want, that there would be no surprise, and that there would not necessarily be any more excitement in your experience. But this is incorrect, for the excitement and the surprise is a part of creating what you want.

ROSE: Absolutely, absolutely. For example: I wanted applications with photos, and the photos she sent were a little stern. And, oh I thought, “Oh god, if we were to go along, she looks so stern, she looks so serious, oh-oh-oh.” And then I read her lines and I thought, “My god, she's perfect!” (Elias chuckles) “She looks so Sumafi-like!” (Both laugh) And I thought, “My oh my, this is perfect for my husband. She will bridge both of us, and she will satisfy both of us.” I could read it from the application already. And when she came, she was not at all stern and serious. We had a great laugh from the onset on, and we just have a great time with each other. We match with everything. It seems like we are what she even has been looking for, and she has fun with us, and we have great fun with her and it's perfect in so many ways! And still there is so much surprise. And it's exciting, I can tell you! (Both laugh)

ELIAS: And I am greatly acknowledging.

ROSE: Let's move to the next topic.


ROSE: Because we will have to pay her more than we actually in the beginning thought, but it is very tempting to have her for more time than we in the beginning thought. So now I feel like, “Oh, I'll be expanding into generating more money to pay her what we really want to pay her,” and we are growing into it. We are expanding into it day by day, minute by minute. It was a surprise to us, but… This is also once again going into the unknown, and I just have this feeling that everything is fine and everything will work out. I just don't know what I'm moving into, like I knew so precisely and exactly what I wanted with this housekeeper, and I have general ideas what I want, but I have no clarity what specifically it is, and that is the difference.

ELIAS: Ah, but it is not actually so very much of a difference, for you knew what you wanted, and you knew what direction you were engaging and what was necessary, in your terms, but you did not know the actual individual. And you did not know, objectively, necessarily how she would actually present herself, and in that, you generated surprise. Regardless that you DID know what you wanted, and you DID know what direction you were engaging, you did not know all of the aspects of that. And in that, you merely allowed yourself to flow with it and you are generating your surprises, but it is continuing to move in the direction that you want.

And in relation to the financial aspect, it is very similar. You have chosen a direction. You have chosen a financial decision. You may not objectively incorporate a PLAN for how that will manifest, but it matters not, for that is another avenue of the surprises.

For, it is not a matter that you incorporate an elaborate detailed plan for every aspect of a new direction that you choose; it is a matter that you are specific in what you want to manifest and what you want to create and flowing with that, and being confident in it, in the same manner that you were with this individual. In that, it continues to generate the movement and surprise you, and it all flows together. In this, it is not always necessary to be objectively aware of every single aspect and all of the mechanics of how every expression of what you want will manifest or will materialize, but rather a knowing and an allowance and a confidence that it will. And in that, it allows you to flow in surprising manners and not to move in the direction of creating obstacles by inserting your plan into what is naturally flowing.

ROSE: Mm-hm, I agree! I understand.

ELIAS: And I would also express that it is not unusual or uncommon in that process to incorporate moments in which there may be a slight apprehension, for you are NOT objectively aware of how the accomplishment will be expressed, and at times, that can be slightly concerning or it can create a slight anxiousness, but that is also merely a matter of reminding yourself: “It matters not. It is moving in the direction that I want. I am creating what I want,” and how all of these avenues are accomplished is not always important to be objectively aware of – and especially with an individual such as yourself.

YOU are not an individual that necessarily concerns yourself with the mechanics of any particular action or function. How it works is not always as important to you, is that it DOES work is more important to you. And therefore this would not be unusual, and it would be in very definite compliance with your intent to be moving in a direction that you do not necessarily map out every aspect of the mechanics of how you will accomplish a particular action. For YOU, it is more important that you incorporate that confidence and trust that it WILL be accomplished, regardless of HOW it is.

ROSE: I agree. (Both laugh) There was a moment when I thought, “Ah Jeeesus! Am I starting to overdo it? Am I starting to lose the limits? Am I starting to become nuts?” There are moments when I'm a little afraid, but I think about Elias (both laugh), and I think about sessions we have. And one sentence you once said to me, "And this requires trust," and I think about this, and I relax again and expand into my new direction. And what you just said that "direction" was the key term, it was never so clear to me that it is about choosing this direction.


ROSE: That is great.

ELIAS: (Laughs) And it is a CHOICE.

ROSE: Yes.

ELIAS: And that is a significant factor also, for many individuals, in many situations, do not actually recognize that some of your actions and your directions are actually a choice. It is a matter of generating a decision, a choice. And in that, it may seem obvious and very simple to express that it is a choice, but in many situations, individuals do not necessarily perceive certain actions as BEING a decision or a choice, and therefore, they do not actually engage it.

ROSE: Yes. And choice goes far deeper. Choice is not just lip service and see how it goes, but it is... In a way you really give your whole self into it – you live it, and when little fears come up, then you choose again and you choose to keep your direction.


ROSE: Things like that. And it's wonderful! It’s… it’s… eh! (Both laugh)

ELIAS: And in that, it is a matter of being the stream. I have incorporated this analogy many times in many situations, and I'm aware that in many situations individuals do not entirely understand what I am expressing, but it is actually a matter of being the stream. As you expressed that there may be small obstacles that may arise in your direction, and it is merely a matter of reminding yourself OF your direction and moving around them, just as a stream may operate stones and rocks in its flow, but it flows around them. It does not stop the flow of the stream; it merely moves around them.

And in doing so, the stream itself polishes the obstacles. Therefore, they are not perceived as necessarily negative but can actually become glistening additions to the stream.

ROSE: Yes!

ELIAS: Just as any perceived obstacle can become an inspiration or an encouragement in whatever direction you are choosing.

ROSE: Yes. I agree. It is the same way with the group session. I had a spontaneous idea and I fell into it, and it sounded so great and I said to Mary, “What do you think? Can you come and bring Elias to Europe this year?” [Inaudible] and we went on back and forth. And I was just so excited about this idea, and I just jumped into this river. (Both laugh) I didn't think about it reasonably and doing calculations and everything, and then I noticed that “Oh Jesus, I have not noticed that there will be a lot of money in one aspect that I hadn't seen before. Oh Jesus, will I end up with a big fear of debt in the end?” But still I always have this feeling that everything will work out fine. And every hurdle that comes and every little fear that comes I take as an inspiration to widen myself and to expand and to look at it from a new angle, and I allow myself some time. I just don't force myself into “Oh, I have to see this differently right now,” but sometimes I need a little more time to see it from a different angle.

ELIAS: Yes, and that is entirely acceptable.

ROSE: Ja. And I have a great feeling about this group session and that I will not end up with a lot of debt. (Both laugh) Could you confirm this, please?

ELIAS: Yes, I can. For I would be acknowledging of the movement that you are generating and the encouragement that you are offering to yourself in your accomplishments, and in that, remind yourself: All that you do is interconnected. Therefore, the more successful you are in other areas, the more successful you will be in ALL of your areas. And the more you allow, and the more confident you are in the directions that you choose, the more that spills into other directions.

And in this, I would also be encouraging and acknowledging of you that, as with any situation, it is not a race. And therefore, it is beneficial to allow yourself to evaluate, to allow yourself to incorporate time that is comfortable for you, knowing that it is not a race and in that, you can move in your own comfortable pace. And when you do that, it allows you more clarity, rather than cluttering yourself with attempting to push yourself to move quickly. When you do that, you become cluttered, in very similar manner to your physical environment. But when you allow yourself to move at a pace that is comfortable for you, you allow yourself clarity and NOT to be cluttered. Therefore, when those stones appear in your stream, you can move easily and smoothly around them, polishing them as you move, and they become not obstacles.

ROSE: Right! It feels for me like something that has been like a concept which I understood because I had some experiences of which I could connect it to, and from that I could validate the truth of the concept. It feels now that I'm more and more consciously becoming able to implement that.


ROSE: And the more clear I become and the less cluttered I become, the more powerful I feel myself to be. And it is amazing, actually.


ROSE: Of course it is wonderful, but it is something also very silent and still and powerful simultaneously. It’s… it’s… whoa. (Both laugh) It’s difficult to describe, but it's wonderful.

ELIAS: I am understanding, and you are correct.

ROSE: Also for me, like you said, everything is connected, and I feel that very much and I also feel that it is also connected to my so-called big enterprise or endeavor with my body, which I feel like even though physically you could not see anything, I feel like I am accomplishing. I'm in the process of accomplishing and accomplishing and accomplishing, and one day I will wake up and everything will become physically manifesting, like I can start to walk again. Just –

ELIAS: I would express to you in this moment, my friend, a tremendous congratulations. That – in what you have expressed – is an immense accomplishment in itself, and very significant – and you ARE correct. And accept from myself beyond a tremendous acknowledgement, and in this, I offer to you an expression of energy from myself in a tremendous prize, for what you have expressed in this moment is exceptional. That is a tremendous accomplishment – greater than all of the other accomplishments that you have generated, and they have been significant, and this is greater.


ROSE: Oh (sighs), it’s wonderful; very wonderful. (Pause)

I want to share something. One day I was doing an exercise. I'm doing exercises sometimes. I invent some for myself like feeling into my energy centers and so on, and I invent exercises in the moment, and I started to invent something like feeling into my energy and it felt bubbly and it felt very vivid and lively and not quiet. But it was like an intensive, very enjoyable cloud. And I moved through this cloud, and suddenly I came to a something, to a state of being which was utterly different. I was real surprised. I was like landing on a very peaceful, calm, quiet, still, spring-like energy field. If I would have to put it into a picture, it was like a meadow with spring flowers. It was fresh, it was clear. It was very, very intensive, powerful. It was bursting with, like, potential and energy. But it was so fresh and it was so STILL simultaneously. And I was like, “Oops, where have I landed?” (Both laugh) I felt a little bit like having moved through a tunnel or through a wormhole or something like that. I don't know how to describe it. But my arrival at this state of being was a real surprise to me. And then I thought, “Is this what people describe when they feel into their essence?” Could that be it? (Elias chuckles) Could you comment on that?

ELIAS: Yes, and it is. This is allowing yourself to experience the genuineness of you and to drop that veil of separation, that you as essence is not a separate entity. Your essence is not another thing beside you; it IS you. And in dropping that veil of separation that creates this perception or this association that you are one thing and that essence is another thing, it allows you to experience yourself in the genuineness OF yourself, which is that, which is essence. That yes, you continue to be aware of yourself, of your beingness, of your existence, but you become aware that there is more of your existence, there is more of your genuine self than is generally perceived, and that you can expand that perception to include that more, which is genuinely you also. It is merely generally not the aspects of you or the parts of you that you see, or that you allow yourself to experience, but when you do, it is very empowering and very expansive. And – beyond that, it offers you the encouragement through that knowing, through that remembrance, that you actually can accomplish whatever you choose. There is no limit.

ROSE: It feels really that – this may sound a little silly, but it feels safe.

ELIAS: Ah yes, and I would express to you that it is not silly at all. It is the seat of that genuine comfort which IS safe. It is, in actuality, the safest expression that you could possibly generate, that there is no expression that can harm you or even distress you in that state, in that beingness of yourself. In that recognition of what you genuinely are, there is no threat.

ROSE: Yes. I also mean that it feels safe to expand and to become consciously as powerful as you really are.


ROSE: When you remove this veil. And I had a little fear that I would become maybe a person I don't like to be. (Both laugh)

ELIAS: I would express to you, my friend, that this is an unfounded fear. (Laughs)

ROSE: Ja. But I find it's like growing into something. I'm growing into being consciously powerful. And also, I couldn't hear some of the words you said when you started to comment on my experience because of some technical problems. I have to listen to the tape, to the recording of Mary. So maybe I'm missing something, but what I know is that after I had this experience I felt like I can always go back towards this feeling. I've been there once now, whatever that was; I thought, I always have this memory with me, and I can always connect to this again.


ROSE: Like instantly.

ELIAS: Yes, you can.

ROSE: And it feels safe. I can, like in the middle of the day, just connect again with this state, with this kind of beingness, and that feels wonderful. And on my end, so to speak – on this physical end which I'm talking from, so to speak – now on my objective end becoming this powerful person more and more and more, day by day, moment by moment, it feels safe, it feels great. It's like… It’s difficult to explain, but the same thing from two ends.

ELIAS: Yes, I am understanding, and you are correct. (Both laugh)

ROSE: When we have a session like this, I think, “Is Elias maybe a little bit proud of his pupil?”

ELIAS: I would express that that would be an accurate translation, yes. (Chuckles) For these are tremendously significant accomplishments – and this is the point. This is what I have been engaging conversation with individuals for, and in all of this time framework for these types of movement. These are the movements into remembrance.

Remembrance, as I have expressed from the onset of this forum, is not memory; it is a state of being. It is that state of being of knowing, of reconnecting with what and who you actually genuinely are. That is the remembrance, the actual experience of yourself in that knowing, that expansion and incorporating that into that lack of separation between yourself physically manifest and the expansiveness of yourself as essence. And in that experience, you are very correct: You are very safe, and you can expand and explore whatever you choose and accomplish, and know that there is no limit to what you can do.

ROSE: This is so exciting. (Both laugh)

ELIAS: If you interpret –

ROSE: Oh, I like that very much. This is very sparkly for me.

ELIAS: And if you interpret that I am expressing a pride in your accomplishment, that translation would be accurate.

ROSE: Ahh. Okay. Thank you. (Laughs) I've been thinking about that, what could be Elias's reason to engage all this. Is there something on your end you enjoy in all this, or is there a motivation on your end in doing this and engaging us and supporting individually, instead of dictating books or whatever? And I thought about that, and so I thought – oh, maybe this is too earthly, too humanly, but in a way I felt like maybe you are enjoying to see people unfold and the rippling of all this, because it doesn't stay with the individual.

ELIAS: Yes, quite so. Therefore, when you accomplish, I accomplish.

ROSE: Hm. Yes, and also each one here on this planet, so to speak, it ripples out to and for the others also, so it goes into this human collective.


ROSE: And you as, so to speak, the teacher – if we would borrow this term to have one – you accomplish when your pupil – we are talking in an analogy – when your pupil accomplishes, when the teacher has accomplished, both have accomplished, and you enjoy that, right?

ELIAS: Quite so! For if you succeed, I have succeeded also.

ROSE: Hm. So you have a kind of intent in all this interaction, right?

ELIAS: Oh, yes, quite definitely so. I have expressed from the onset of this forum, I do incorporate an agenda. And therefore yes, I do incorporate a direction in what I am doing, engaging with all of you – as does ANY essence that chooses to engage with you or be involved in participating with you. Each of them incorporates their own individual agenda, and I incorporate MY agenda.

And my agenda is not merely to offer information that is the least distorted, but to a purpose, that that information will encourage individuals within your physical reality to avoid trauma, and beyond avoiding trauma, to be encouraging them to succeed in actually experiencing that remembrance and that movement into the genuineness of self, which is a tremendous expansion – which is also a part of the movement of this Shift. And my interaction with all of you is VERY interconnected with this Shift and the actions of it and what you can accomplish in it.

ROSE: Mm-hm.

ELIAS: And you are! You are doing it. Therefore, as I expressed, when you succeed, I have succeeded.

ROSE: Mm. (Laughing) Are you going to celebrate now?

ELIAS: Quite so! And so shall you? (Laughs)

ROSE: I will. (Laughs) I will too.

I have a brief question, and I hope you can pick it up without me reading it to you. Aleksandar asked me to ask you something about a bird that showed up in a very unusual way. As far as I remember, it was a very white bird at an unusual season, part of the year. I hope you can pick up on what he wants to ask you or comment on to without me having the exact words of him. Could you just give him a little answer to this question what this was?

ELIAS: What is the imagery of this bird?

ROSE: Ja. The imagery and the meaning to him.

ELIAS: The imagery and the meaning to him is encouragement and change – change in an encouraging manner, that it is a symbol of new beginnings, and change that brings encouragement that is a symbol of new accomplishments and new successes – which, for him, is significant.

ROSE: Mm-hm. He is very challenged with the situation in this country and the inflation of money and everything. He is on a very intensive roller coaster. The time is running out; maybe you have a few sentences to him directly.

ELIAS: I will express that the first aspect is it is temporary, that this is not a permanent situation. It IS temporary. And, it is similar to a birth, and a birth can be a physically difficult process and it can be straining, but it also yields a new emergence that is a wonder. And in this, he can incorporate this bird as the symbol of that, that it is a new encouragement, and although it may seem bleak and dark in his experience and in his world, there IS a rising sun upon the horizon.

[The timer for the end of the session rings]

ROSE: Thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

ROSE: (Laughs) Somehow it feels like I will not need any more sessions my whole life, but I still want to have fun. (Both laugh)

ELIAS: For what you need and what you want maybe very different. And in that, you may not NEED to incorporate engaging your friend, but you may want to. (Laughs)

ROSE: Absolutely. Absolutely. (Laughs)

ELIAS: Very well, my dear friend. Offer my encouragement to our friend, and I express once again tremendous acknowledgement to you. And in that, I shall be anticipating our next meeting and more of your accomplishments. (Chuckles)

ROSE: Thank you.

ELIAS: To you, in tremendous lovingness, my dear friend, au revoir.

ROSE: Au revoir.

Elias departs after 1 hour)

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