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Core Truth - Honor


“Core Truth - Honor”
“Connecting with ShiftAssist”
“Family Sagas”

June 3, 2006 Private/Phone

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Debi (Oona)

ELIAS: Good Morning!

DEBI: Good Morning! How goes it?

ELIAS: As always, and yourself?

DEBI: I guess as always (E cracks up) I think a little better than some days. Um, but yeah, things are ok, I’m still here, so I’m assuming I’m still fulfilling my value fulfillment. etc., etc. (E laughing) but I guess you’re probably aware of the fact that I thought you’ve been mad at me for a while. (Elias is snickering) Are you aware of that?

ELIAS: Yes, and I may also express to you - you are aware that this is ludicrous! (Elias is really enjoying this and laughing throughout)

DEBI: Yes, but I just had to throw it out there to kind of clear the air – that I realize that when I’m acting like a 3-year-old and pounding on my highchair how ridiculous it is, but I’m still doing it. But you know those are my feelings – that’s how I felt like “Oh gawd, now I’ve pissed off his baby, now I’m in trouble,” and then it was like, “forget about it, just move on!” (E laughing) Just a note on that, since we’re talking about it – I think that was just a very clear example to myself of different guidelines, and a really good example of how when we don’t accept each others’ guidelines, it can get really mucked-up.


DEBI: And I think that was the whole purpose in that particular scenario for myself. I’m also aware that I was aware – honestly aware – that I was sending along a kind of “nasty fish” as well. (E cracks up)

ELIAS: Which is not unusual.

DEBI: Ummm, well, THAT’s good to hear! I like to know I’m not the only “nasty fish” tosser! (Both LOL!) Ok, good, because I did think well, here’s a classic example of what we’re looking at right now, so good. Well I have a whole bunch of kind of quickies that I’d like buzz through with you, and then talk about my core truths, and beliefs – is it Core Truths?


DEBI: So, let’s just do that. You know one thing I’ve always wanted to ask you Elias, is when did you first introduce yourself to me? Is it a thing I could remember?

ELIAS: Quite a time framework ago.

DEBI: Like when I was a child?

ELIAS: More within the time framework of adolescence.

DEBI: Ok, well I don’t know how you did it because that was a pretty crazy time.

ELIAS: I am aware! (Cracks up)

DEBI: So, you were just basically lending me energy, but I wasn’t aware that you were there? Or something like that?
ELIAS: (Laughing) Although at times you were aware of some oddities.

DEBI: OH! Ok, that will give me something to think about. (Elias keeps snickering throughout) Well, maybe when we talk the next time I’ll think of some “oddities” and run them by you.

ELIAS: Very well.

DEBI: Can you tell me when I began transition? I really have no real feel for when that happened.

ELIAS: Approximately the year prior to your beginning objective engagement with myself.

DEBI: Oh, ok that makes sense. Ok, cool. All right what’s with the – I seem to be exploding blue lighters in my car. Do you have anything to do with that?


DEBI: You mean it’s not the sun? Oh, oh, that’s right, I AM the sun, (Both LOL!) Is that in any way just to remind myself that you’re around?

ELIAS: Partially, yes, and also partially an interesting display of power.

DEBI: Ahhhhh, ok. It IS a really powerful thing. Like I get out of my car and there’s nothing there – I get back in, and there’s blue plastic exploded all over my car. (E cracks up again) And that’s partially what we’re gonna talk about – my power. Ok, so that’s what that is -it’s me basically doing it, it just happens to be that I do it with the blue lighters as opposed to any other color.

ELIAS: And THAT would be your association with myself.

DEBI: Yeah, ‘cause we’re working this Power thing together. You know when I have those conversations with you in my head, and I sort of like hear you talking to me just the way you sound right now? Am I making that up, or am I actually translating anything accurately from you? (Laughing)

ELIAS: You are NOT making it up. You ARE translating my energy.

DEBI: Ok, so I AM. Am I fairly “spot-on” with the translating?

ELIAS: For the most part.

DEBI: Ok, well just knowing that kind of leads me to trusting a little bit more and maybe I can play a little bit more with that, because I do it, and then I go “oh wow, I feel like I just had a session” and then of course I go into that “no you didn’t” and that self-doubt thing creeps in. Ok, well, that’s also been one of those things that I’ve always wanted to ask you about, and I always forget.

Another quickie – could you tell me – I’m not quite sure if it’s Daryl or if it’s Twylah, but I’ve been doing some stuff trying to connect with different essences, and I’m kind of all over the map, but I had kind of a new experience with some energy as I was going through some energy center aligning, and when I got to Indigo, which I always associate with Twylah, and I have physical sensations I associate with Twylah, but I started getting this thing in my left leg. I wondered, is that Twylah, or is that actually Ashrah?

ELIAS: Ashrah.

DEBI: Ok, so the left leg - this is Ashrah. And is that the signal that we….I couldn’t remember, but before she disengaged we were gonna have a signal that had something to do with my left side…


DEBI: So THAT’s the one that we decided on! (We both crack up at how ridiculous it is that I couldn’t remember something so important to me) OK! So she’ll be buzzing inside and doing her thing in my left leg. So previously was that her doing her thing with that left nostril “twitch” or was that just me trying too hard?


DEBI: I kind of thought so, because it didn’t happen again. (E laughing) Ok, let me ask you another odd – well probably not that odd, but sometimes I feel like I’m Soft, but most of the time I feel like I’m Common. Do I switch-hit or am I just able to kind of go that route sometimes?

ELIAS: No, you are not altering your orientation but at times YOU in like manner to other individuals CAN in a manner of speaking tap into some element of that orientation and that lens.

DEBI: It’s really cool, I think It’s – I have noted and made jokes a bit that I was trained by Daryl “The Black-Belt Softie” and I mean it, you know, I notice that so many of my closest friends are soft and…

ELIAS: This is also an influence. If you are surrounding yourself with a different orientation from your own, it does create many times a motivation for the individual and a curiosity in which they allow themselves to generate more of an openness to this particular orientation and tap into that lens.

DEBI: It’s really…it seems like such a lovely addition to my repertoire of tools.

ELIAS: I am understanding, and it can be quite beneficial for it can be helpful in your interaction with other individuals that ARE soft orientation in generating more of a genuine understanding of that perception.

DEBI: Right! I appreciate that because it has – I quite often attribute me being able to understand what my subjective IS, as having come through the help of a lot of soft people. They’ve helped me a lot to tap into what that IS, and it has been a very beneficial thing for me. Well, I’m glad to know, and I really enjoy that. I love that orientation. A lot of them seem to love me too, so I guess we kind of give back and forth to each other – my experiences as common in a complimentary way with theirs as soft, so I’m glad I have my “softie crew”!

(Both laughing)

DEBI: Hey, I was gonna ask you my current number of focuses and I kind of have this really weird sensation almost like I have less, but anyway, when I asked myself last night, I came up with the number 3,030.

ELIAS: Correct!

DEBI: Oh Lordy! Are they all futures?

ELIAS: Many are, but not all.

DEBI: Oh wow. I’m a little stunned, LOL! Because it seems sort of like I should be lightening my load you know what I mean? Yeah, I know you know what I mean. Many of them are future? Oh gosh, I guess that’s something I’m gonna have to “roll around in”. Ok, my daughter Evelyn has impressions on her essence and focus colors that I’d like to run by you. Her impression of her essence color is that it’s green.

ELIAS: Correct.

DEBI: Is it any particular kind of green?

ELIAS: Spring Green.

DEBI: And she thinks that her focus color is pastel/powder blue.

ELIAS: Correct!

DEBI: Oh, she’s gonna love this – this is so cool for her first questions to you to validate her impressions! Isn’t that great! She’s quite a little small one isn’t she? (E is laughing).

Well you know, I was going to ask you regarding the ShiftAssist project that Ashrah/Daryl had started, and Sheri and I kind of picked the ball up and kind of re-initiated a group where we discuss that topic. I was gonna ask which focuses of mine are actively involved in this, because it’s my understanding that not every future focus of mine would be interested in this.

ELIAS: Correct.

DEBI: Since you’ve just confirmed that I’ve added – oh, over a thousand focuses, and many are futures, I can’t expect you to give me all their names, LOL! Would it be safe to say that right now Jerome is definitely my main guy in that area?


DEBI: Ok, and to keep things simple maybe I should just concentrate on him a little bit?


DEBI: Ok, is he the one that I experience the sensation of someone jumping in bed behind me?


DEBI: Ok, good, because I thought that’s what it was about, and you and I have already talked about maybe there is not necessarily – it’s not like there’s a verbal message of “Hey - here’s what you need to do…” it’s just a lending of support in general.

ELIAS: Correct.

DEBI: Awesome! Well, I’ve only identified 5 future focuses, but are any of the other five that I’ve identified also willing to be involved in this (ShiftAssist) or is he just the main guy of those five.

ELIAS: All of them!

DEBI: Oh! All of them are. Great! So, Jenna hasn’t kicked me to the curb?


DEBI: What happened to Jenna – why can’t I feel her anymore?

ELIAS: That is dependent upon you and what you are paying attention to.

DEBI: Is her movement moving around – like I used to experience her in my hand. Is she still involved in doing that and I’m just not getting it or has she moved it because it became too familiar?


DEBI: Ok, because I got a similar thing in my foot the other day, and I thought well maybe that’s it, but you know I had a visual of – I thought it might be her, and you can tell me if it was somebody else, but she was coming at me, with almost rage in her face, and I thought “oh my gawd, was that Jenna telling me to back off?” Are you aware of that visual I got?


DEBI: Who was that? Was that Jenna?

ELIAS: Yes, but it was also filtered through your translation, the energy was not actually expressed in that manner. It was expressed in an intensity, but not in a negative…

DEBI: Ok, I got ya – it was like her going “Hello – I’m RIGHT HERE!”


DEBI: And it was so – I was so worried that she had turned on me, I kinda turned it into that, ok, I get it.

ELIAS: An unfamiliarity in association with the intensity.

DEBI: Sheesh – she’s MONDO intense. I thought I was intense.


DEBI: But I guess that was me AND her.


DEBI: LOL! I’m thinking of that song – “I am you, and you are me, and we are all together…..” Oh my gawd! I really appreciate that because I’m so fond of her, and I felt like she boned out on me and I felt kind of lost. It was like “oh my, where’d she go” and I wondered if she’d disengaged or something. So, she’s still present and accounted for and willing to continue on with our interaction.


DEBI: That’s fabulous! Has Arkandin introduced himself to me?

ELIAS: The energy has been present therefore, yes.

DEBI: But not in a big way like “Hey!”


DEBI: Ok, so he’s familiar with me, I’m familiar with him, we just haven’t had any real direct interaction that I’m aware of yet. Is he involved in ShiftAssist at all?

ELIAS: At times, yes.

DEBI: Ok, his name comes up a lot, and I was just kind of curious if he might also be a focal point - if somebody wanted to, they could turn their attention toward that individual or that essence.


DEBI: Ok, way cool! I’m just so thrilled to hear about Jenna. That makes me feel really good!

Is Sandy interpreting his interactions with her correctly?

ELIAS: In what capacity?

DEBI: Oh, he just has sex with her all the time!

ELIAS: That would be his interpretation.

DEBI: That’s how he translates her energy?


DEBI: I kind of know this stuff, but I just want to get your confirmation, you know?

ELIAS: I’m understanding.

DEBI: Because I know that we take anyone’s energy, whether they’re physical, non-physical, future, past, this dimension, another, and we translate it through our own translators.


DEBI: So she interacts with him, and he translates it in that manner?

ELIAS: Correct.

DEBI: Well, that’s cool! Now I’m guessing it’s safe to assume that Ashrah/Daryl is involved in the ShiftAssist as well, or is it just basically just Benjamin Holt holding down the fort right now, LOL! Did that make sense?

ELIAS: I am understanding. Daryl is not yet. But there is a strong potential.

DEBI: Ok, I kind of sense a lurking. But not a diving in.

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes.

DEBI: Ok, but Benjamin Holt – he’s still involved?


DEBI: Ok, so he would be a focal point that any of us could also say “Hey, Benjamin – SHIFTASSIST – please assemble! LOL!


DEBI: Ok, good, Benjamin’s involved, Daryl isn’t yet, but there’s a good potential that she may be?


DEBI: Ok, now there’s kind of a quickie about the Mitford Clan. It is similar to the Langhornes, in that it’s a family with many women only these women are WAY more controversial than the Langhornes that we found where several of us had focuses in that family. And my question to you is – is the Mitford clan a similar group of essences as the Langhornes? In other words – Fran, Erin, Myranda, KC, Daryl. Or do I need to be more specific?

ELIAS: I’m understanding. Yes.

DEBI: Ok, are all of those folks involved in this as daughters or family members?

ELIAS: In some capacity, yes.

DEBI: Well, Sandy thinks that I’m the father of these girls.

ELIAS: Correct.

DEBI: Oh my gawd! He said I deserved it, LOL! Ok, then I’ll scratch out the question where I’m a sister. Is Nancy Mitford a focus of Allesander’s?


DEBI: Is he one of the sisters?


DEBI: Ok, I maybe should stop with the guessing game here now.


DEBI: Well, it was sort of like well, I guess I could say – is he IN that family drama at all?

ELIAS: An extended family member.

DEBI: Ok, so he might be a husband, a cousin or something like that but he can investigate and come up with who he is there.


DEBI: Well, he was spot-on about how I’m the dad, so then Fran, Erin, Myranda, KC, Daryl, they’re all involved, but not necessarily as those sisters, although some of them may be?

ELIAS: Correct.

DEBI: So I can just put a note out “Hey you guys are all involved in this, you get to figure out who you are, but I’m Daddy!”


DEBI: They’ll love that. Fran’s such a great librarian – she comes up with these things and then we all go “yeah, that sounds right!”

DEBI: Ok, I’m having deep goddess envy. Everybody has a goddess except Oona.

ELIAS: (Rolling on the floor laughing)

DEBI: Oona wants to be a goddess. No, Oona probably knows she is a goddess – Debi wants to be a goddess.

ELIAS: (Still rolling!)

DEBI: Sandy mentioned last night that there is a goddess who founded or made Ireland, and her name is…basically – Oona. Is that a focus, or an other-dimensional or archetypal focus of mine?


DEBI: Ok, (singing – “I have a goddess, ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaa!” And her name really is Oona????


DEBI: I like that! He also got me the most incredible statue – I don’t know what you can do visually, Elias, I know you can do all kinds of cool tricks but what we’re calling her is basically (clearing my throat nervously here) “Egg-Butt-Goddess” because she’s kind of the unnamed Egyptian Nile River Goddess, but she supposedly gives birth to the whole universe, and because she’s unnamed, and he was so drawn to getting me this statue - I’ve decided to collect statues of deity’s as a way to broaden my horizons, and be more accepting and stuff like that. Does this goddess actually have a name, and can I claim her?


DEBI: You know what I mean?

ELIAS: I would suggest you claim her by GIVING her a name.

DEBI: (floundering around for words) um, well, ok, well, I want to call her Oona, but how many goddesses can have the same name?

ELIAS: They can.

DEBI: They can? So she could be “Egg-Butt-Oona”


DEBI: Ok, Claim her, and name her, because she’s mine.


DEBI: Did I just create her, when he found her?


DEBI: AHHHH! That makes sense! Gawd, I look at her, and I just want to hold her, the statue, you know what I mean?

ELIAS: I am understanding!

DEBI: I’m just so fond of her, I just want to touch her, and my ring that Sandy gave me, she likes to wear it around her neck (both laughing) because I think I like her to wear it around her neck. Let me move on real quick then. Thank you for that, thank you very much! I’m just thrilled to hear that, it gives me a lot of flexibility, and boy do we need more of that huh?

ELIAS: HAHAHAHAHA – THAT would be advisable!

DEBI: Always, huh. I have a focus that we’ve already identified and I’d like your confirmation on the actual spelling of her name. I don’t know if it’s Aud or Auld. I think it’s Aud.

ELIAS: Correct.

DEBI: And could you confirm – was she actually buried Viking style, like a Viking Queen would be in a ship with all the finery, or was she buried in the Christian style?

ELIAS: Viking

DEBI: Viking?


DEBI: That’s RIGHT! I just love it! I have had mixed feelings on whether I hope they even discover her burial or not – you know what I mean?


DEBI: Is she aware of me?


DEBI: Does she draw energy from me in the way that I draw from her or is it more a one way thing where I’m pulling from her?

ELIAS: It is more associated with you and her offering.

DEBI: Ok, so she’s aware that I’m…Let me see if I can put this a little more succinctly. I’m exploring my passion and my power…

ELIAS: Correct.

DEBI: And I’m assuming that that is why I’ve drawn her…


DEBI: because she’s very passionate and very powerful.

ELIAS: Correct.

DEBI: And so I’m connecting with her to strengthen my own power and passion.

ELIAS: Correct.

DEBI: And she’s aware of it to the degree that she’s willing to lend to me?


DEBI: Oh, that’s so cool. I can’t imagine how she views me. I have a sense that she reads runes – is that why I’m so drawn to the runes?

ELIAS: Partially.

DEBI: Ok, and partially I’m drawn to them because I’M just drawn to them?

ELIAS: You are also drawn to them in association with other focuses that involve themselves in those practices.

DEBI: Ok, I find it just another fun way to give myself information. I’ve only played with them a couple of times, but it’s like you can use a million gazillion different ways to give yourself information right?

ELIAS: Correct.

DEBI: Just like I am with you right now?

ELIAS: Yes, but it serves as a focal point.

DEBI: Ah. So it IS really fun and helpful!


DEBI: Because I give myself the info if I sit down and focus and play I can use them fairly effectively…


DEBI: …just to kind of tune into where I really am.


DEBI: So, I’m glad that I have other focuses that are involved in that. There’s just something that draws me to them, and so you’ve basically already answered that the reason that I’m connecting with Aud so much right now is that she’s lending to me. She seems to absolutely make decisions, and I think it’s based upon where she is in her timeframe and the rules and the laws, and it’s just this way, but she’s also very aware of the ways of men and she’s very diplomatic. I think she has all of that going on, and I think that I basically have a very similar energy to hers except I judge my decisions where she does NOT.

ELIAS: Or you question.

DEBI: I question, and she does not?

ELIAS: Correct.

DEBI: And That’s kind of what I’m trying to get to – is where I make a decision because I made it – period – end of story. I want to be more like her (E chuckles) in that regard, and so I’m assuming that she is helping me with that.


DEBI: Ok, alright, well hopefully, I don’t know – how does she feel me? I mean I have no idea. Is she just aware of me because she’s….is it all a subjective thing going on or is she objectively aware of me?

ELIAS: Partially. But it is more of an awareness of an energy.

DEBI: Oh, ok, I get it

ELIAS: An intention and an energy.

DEBI: She’s really interesting. Those people in those days are a lot – they seem to know a lot more than people in THIS time period give them credit for. You know what I mean?

ELIAS: Yes. I would agree.

DEBI: Yes, they had a lot more going on than we even know. Let me then on that line buzz through just some quick confirmations if I could.

Is her son, Thorstein a focus of Allesander’s?


DEBI: Ok, now Thorstein had what was it – 6 children – and I think what I’d like to do is I want to ask you is “is so and so one of the children” ok?

ELIAS: Very well.

DEBI: First of all, is one of Thorstein’s daughters a focus of Awan?


DEBI: NO? Ok, cause she thought that she was, and she got a name Tanika, married to a focus or Ordin/Ornolf, is that a different focus?

ELIAS: That is a different focus.

DEBI: Ok, so it’s not related to my granddaughters?


DEBI: Ok, so she can investigate that some. Would that be in that timeframe or that era or of that ilk?


DEBI: Is she married to a focus of Ordin named Ornolf?


DEBI: Ok, and does she have a horse named Pharlap?


DEBI: Ok, well that’s awesome. Well then, let me move on with the other ones.

Is Iona one of the granddaughters?


DEBI: Fran?


DEBI: Julie?


DEBI: Jeannie/Lucille?


DEBI: Dale?


DEBI: Wow! I’m WAY off! Ok, I need to redo my thinking on this one. No I just need to let the impressions come instead of searching for them. I don’t have a real strong sense of my husband in that focus – Olaf the White, but I’m thinking it may be a focus of Cynthia.


DEBI: Or Baruch.


DEBI: Is it anybody I know?

ELIAS: An individual that is participating in this forum but not necessarily an individual that you interact with.

DEBI: Ok, so it’s a forum member. Well this will be fun to kind of explore a little bit and see what I come up with as I go along. Thank you very much for that.

The last one on that is Elena – she feels that she’s involved but not necessarily as a family member but more of like a servant of sorts.

ELIAS: Correct.

DEBI: Ok, does she serve directly with Aud?


DEBI: And the family?


DEBI: Because I feel a very deep fondness for her, but I don’t disagree that she feels less like a family member but still someone I’m fond of.


DEBI: Ok, good. Ok, quick question for Sheri. She’s wondering - is her impulse to look for work all of a sudden just a natural impulse based on preference or is it more a result of her beliefs like she needs to be more responsible?

ELIAS: The first.

DEBI: Ok, so it IS her preference. And the last of the quickies – I want to get a couple of confirmations of focus questions for Allesander. An early 20th Century Japanese Industrialist - Momosuke Fukuzawa?

ELIAS: Counterpart.

DEBI: Ole Hansen, who developed San Clemente, here in California?

ELIAS: Observing Essence.

DEBI: And then you already answered the Thorstein and the Nancy Mitford questions. I asked earlier in our last session about Larry, and I got his essence name wrong, and I want to know is his essence name actually Lorenzo or is it Laird?

ELIAS: Laird.

DEBI: And is that the Laird that I fragmented from?


DEBI: Oh, that is so cool – no wonder he always felt like family, LOL!

Ok, one last question, if this is not too intrusive – this involves Sandy’s mother, Gloria, I just had a sense last night that she may be a focus of Jack. Is that too intrusive a question to ask since she’s not the one asking?

ELIAS: It is not intrusive, but it would not be a focus.

DEBI: Ok, so she’s not a focus of Jack?


DEBI: I’m kinda glad about that. (E’s cracking up)

DEBI: Ok, here’s what I want to ask you about what I’ve been machinating through. I’ve tried to identify my core truths or beliefs or the truth wave thing, and what’s my big Core – and I’ve identified it as responsibility, followed by image and I wondered if you could confirm or set me straight on that.

ELIAS: I would express that both of those are influences of you main core truth. I would express that your main core truth is Honor.

DEBI: Oooooooh. Wow. When you said that it does feel like those things come under that. Ahhhhh.

ELIAS: Now, you may begin your Treasure Hunt in recognizing how that core truth is associated with EVERY action and association that you generate.

DEBI: That’s HUGE!

ELIAS: Yes, it IS.

DEBI: And some of the things that I’ll uncover will be influences, such as responsibility, image…

ELIAS: Correct! The identification of the influences is that, in relation to the core truth of Honor, in some scenarios or situations you may be expressing in relation to responsibility or image or consideration or respect but those influences are not necessarily involved in EVERY action and association that you generate

DEBI: But Honor WILL be above all of them?

ELIAS: Correct. That will be associated in some capacity with EVERY action and association that you generate.

DEBI: And there’s different types of honor.

ELIAS: Yes, there are many expressions of this.

DEBI: There’s like honoring, there’s “yes Your Honor”, there’s honor as in personal carriage and bearing and being an honorable, truthful, trustworthy, yap, yap, yap, you know what I mean?

ELIAS: Correct.

DEBI: So, I will be exploring a whole lot of different influences.

ELIAS: Truthfulness, ethics…

DEBI: Right, those are all influences, right?


DEBI: I think I was close with the responsibility thing because those all felt like they came under that but now I see what you mean – responsibility falls under Honor.

ELIAS: Correct.

DEBI: I would have never gotten that!

ELIAS: (chuckling) You would eventually.

DEBI: Yeah, I would EVENTUALLY! Sooner or later. (both laughing) This is huge for me, Elias, because this gives me a direction I can really sink my chompers into.

ELIAS: This also incorporates expressions such as integrity and trust.

DEBI: Right. Those are HUGE for me. If I can’t trust you – you have to GO! You know what I mean?

ELIAS: I am understanding.

DEBI: Ahh this is huge, well I guess you can feel me huh? This is like WOW! Well, ok, this gives me a really boatload of directions I can go in, but with a main focal point. So can I safely assume that if I just continue down the path of self discovery, and focus on this, the rest of it’s just gonna kinda come under that umbrella. (Elias is cracking up again!)

ELIAS: Yes, for it is your Treasure Hunt, and now you begin to pay attention to every action and association that you generate and discovering the associations with that core truth.

DEBI: Ok, this is so huge.

ELIAS: Regardless of what it is that you’re doing. This also encourages you in association with curiosity to be more present in the now. Rather than that being a chore and a struggle it becomes more of an inspiration for in being present and paying attention to what you are doing in any moment, discovering how that is associated to your core truth, you open the magic door to many, many, many more choices. You begin to recognize how you actually create choices that move in opposition at times to your core truth, and that is what generates conflict or what you term to be problems or troubles.

DEBI: Ok, so that’s a clear indication that when I’m all jacked-up, I’m moving in opposition to my core truth?

ELIAS: Correct.

DEBI: Or one or more influences of that core truth.

ELIAS: Correct.

DEBI: But it all boils down to that core truth. So now I get to pull out all the stops and start the Treasure Hunt?

ELIAS: Correct!

DEBI: Thank you so much.

ELIAS: For in this you begin to recognize that you actually DO incorporate choices and allow you to move out of the black and white, and allow you to engage your creativity in simplicity generating different choices that avoid that encounter with conflict.

DEBI: So it just makes it so much simpler for me to avoid conflict.

ELIAS: It also avoids frustration and irritation.

DEBI: You notice I have a lot of that.


DEBI: I guess a lot of us do – you know what’s going on in the world!


DEBI: I wanted to ask you – I feel like I’m heading more toward an understanding of my energy in general and I notice that I tend to try to calm it down a lot. I feel like it’s too much energy – I want to slow it down, I want to medicate it, um when it manifests as anxiety, but sometimes it feels powerful and passionate. So I’m starting to notice a difference, but I’m far more familiar with generating energy and then turning it into anxiousness, you know what I mean?

ELIAS: I’m understanding, for you are becoming familiar with the strength of your energy and manipulating and channeling that into a direction that…

NOTE: Tape ends here, and I turn it over missing a few words but picking it up here:

DEBI: Ok, I think we’re back on now. I’m so into what you were saying I just got a big blue dot on my paper “HI ELIAS!” (Both laughing) I love that when you do that. I just love those interactions where I see you bouncing around in colorful…I think you do different “stuff” with me now – is that a safe assumption?


DEBI: Ok, so when sometimes I go “maybe that was Elias” I’m probably right?


DEBI: Ok, can I ask you just basically in general – I feel like I’m heading down a path where I’m going to – I do have a lot of energy and I know I need to do something with it, and I need to be busy – I just know that about myself. I need to be actively engaged in something all the time otherwise I just spin in my head, you know, but I feel like I’m gonna be going back to work but I have not yet landed on exactly what it is I want to do. I have a sense of it going to be something different than what I had been doing most my life like office work. Do you have any comments on that? Um, I’m not quite sure if I’ve posed a question that’s easy to answer.

ELIAS: My comment or response would be listen to your intuition, engage imagination, and do not be afraid to be BOLD.

DEBI: Oh. Just go out and take what I want – make what I want.


DEBI: Even if I’m scared – this is something I’ve never done before, I don’t know how to do it, but I want to do this anyway - whatever – that kind of thing?


DEBI: Ok, ‘cause I know you’re not going to crystal ball and go “you’re gonna be a poodle groomer” or whatever, (both LOL!)

ELIAS: Do not be afraid to be bold.

DEBI: Thank you for that.

ELIAS: In that listen to your intuition in regard to your preferences.

DEBI: Well, I think my preferences lean toward I like to be around people. I enjoy interacting with people, but I absolutely do not want to take work home with me at the end of the day and have it drive me crazy. I don’t want to spend my days miserably, trying to solve unsolvable problems. These may be broad and sweeping statements – like that hasn’t exactly pinned down what I do want to do but I know I like interacting with people, but it doesn’t have to be a continual string of solving other people’s problems.

ELIAS: Correct.

DEBI: Am I unloosening the ribbons on my box, Elias?

ELIAS: Yes. There are many directions in which you may be interactive with other individuals and not in the capacity of what you term to be problem solving.

DEBI: Right. I mean I can work in a lot of different places and do a lot of different jobs that can be satisfying. I worry about the kind of jobs that I might want to do might be the lower paying jobs. You know what I mean – like simpler usually equates to less money? I’m tired of worrying about that.

ELIAS: Not necessarily.

DEBI: Oh, Ok, I appreciate you saying that because I don’t like things too complicated – I’m already pretty complicated myself.


DEBI: You know – does that make sense?


DEBI: And so I’d rather – I mean it’s not like I want to sit and do assembly work – just mindless mind-numbing-nothingness but I started doing a little writing and then went “no that’s not for me”, then I started some mosaic’ing, and went jeeze, I’m not really drawn to that – oh jeeze, I’m all over the map! I’ve started looking at all these different business franchises and then I freaked out because I don’t actually have the money to buy one. But when you tell me to listen to my intuition and don’t be afraid to be BOLD, is that in any reference to some of this franchise searching I’m doing?

ELIAS: Not necessarily.

DEBI: Ok, it’s not excluded, but it’s not necessarily of that ilk.

ELIAS: Correct, but in this, listen to your preferences. Listen to yourself in what you like to do and what you like to do in fun and in appreciation. In that, as you pay attention to those actions, allow yourself the openness to view how you can actually incorporate engaging what you like to do and engaging other individuals in interaction with them, and in that, do not be afraid and be BOLD for in evaluating some of the expressions that you like to do, you may somewhat easily identify actions that you could incorporate or could be associated with employment - but in relation to you individually and your energy, it would also be quite easy for you to express to yourself “Oh no, I cannot do that”.

DEBI: I tend to do that. Like ‘oh yeah, that would be a lot of fun but I can’t do THAT”.

ELIAS: Correct.

DEBI: Yeah, so pay attention to when I’m doing that and remind myself “wait a minute – there’s that ‘You can’t do that’ thing” and tell myself “Yes you can, if you like it and you want to try it, go ahead and try it.”

ELIAS: Yes, and be BOLD!

DEBI: Be bold. Why not be Bold? I’ll be “BOLDY-VOLDY”!

(Both cracking up)

DEBI: We’re such compassionate creatures, I don’t understand why people think we’re so inflamed all the time! I just don’t get why they don’t appreciate that quality in us.


DEBI: Some do, some don’t. Screw-‘em! They’re not paying my rent – they don’t count! That’s my dividing line. But that’s not really fair, because what I really am attempting to do, and I think you know this, and in collecting my little deities, my little Buddha, Moon Jaguar, and different guys on my dresser, I’m trying to incorporate an appreciation of others’ beliefs and guidelines

ELIAS: Correct.

DEBI: I think this kind of goes hand in hand with learning what mine are.


DEBI: And appreciating mine, they dovetail into each other and so I think I’ll continue to collect my little deities because it’s fun, and it’s helpful in that manner. And I really, really don’t want to edit myself and all that but I find myself a little bit clunky when I try to express myself honestly. Like for instance, that exchange with Myranda, where we discovered our guidelines are different. I’m a little bit clunky in expressing myself honestly and then not feeling guilty for it later. Like “oh gawd, did I hurt their feelings?” or whatever. You know I want to express myself honorably and with integrity, but I want to be me and every once in a while, I just feel like popping-off with a smart-ass comment, and I don’t think I want to hurt somebody else, it’s just like there’s this pent up energy in me that just comes out like that.

ELIAS: I’m understanding.

DEBI: Yeah, I know you do understand and so I think that what I’ve discovered is that yeah, I do have an awful lot of energy, I’m a very passionate person, and I AM floundering trying to find different experiences where I can express that passion.


DEBI: Sex is one, and you’ve already made it clear that that’s a real common area where people do express their passion, but that’s ONLY one…


DEBI: …and I can get involved in lots of things that are interesting to me. I can get passionate about a lot of stuff and I think that’s what I need to pay attention to – what I get really passionate about in any given moment. And not focusing on the goal, but focusing on the process left me a little stymied because if I don’t know what the goal is, how can I set up the process? Then it dawned on me – forget about the goal, you’re living the process, LOL! We call it a process, but it’s not something that needs to be numbered like A, B, C, and it’s like performance art.


DEBI: So I am on to something there?

ELIAS: Correct.

DEBI: So I’m beginning to understand what that actually means?


DEBI: Oh, thank you for that!

ELIAS: hahahahah!

DEBI: So, how many ribbons do you still see tied on my box, babe?

ELIAS: Not many.

DEBI: Oh that’s lovely! Awesome!


DEBI: Hey, you know I’m gonna have to let you go in a minute so if there’s anything special, please feel free to jump right in, but I had a dream I wanted to run by you real quick – an airplane was falling out of the sky and it was going to land right on the top of my apartment or me or whatever, and it was really lucid and when I woke up I wasn’t sure if it was in relation to Sandy, or it occurred to me later – was that the most classic example of the maneuverable avenues of drama?

ELIAS: In actuality the imagery of that dream was associated with this conversation and the presentment of your main core truth and how immense it is and how powerful it is.

DEBI: But it won’t hurt me.

ELIAS: Correct.

DEBI: It didn’t land on my head, but was humongously powerful, as am I.


DEBI: So I don’t have to be afraid – all I have to do is Boldly Go.

ELIAS: Correct!

Both are cracking up again

DEBI: I love you so much – it’s so fun to talk to you. Well unless you have anything other – is there anything else that you might want to tell me that may be helpful, humorous, or otherwise?

ELIAS: HAHAHAHA! Merely an encouragement my friend, in your new found Treasure Hunt.

DEBI: I love that and I love those terms. They make it sound exactly as you describe it – a Treasure Hunt! All right, I am hot “on it” and I will report on our next conversation, of course we’ll be interacting in the interim.


DEBI: And was that you the other night – the little yellow and red guy that followed me from the garage or was that just me playing?

ELIAS: Both.

DEBI: It was really cool, because now I’ve gotten to a point where I’m able to look directly at it without having to look at it through my periphery


DEBI: I find that QUITE moving for me.


DEBI: Oh cool! All right, well, we’ll do that a lot more then.

ELIAS: Very well my friend. I express, as always, tremendous appreciation and affection to you, and in anticipation of our next meeting, in dear friendship, Au Revoir.

DEBI: Au Revoir. Thank you so much!


1. Anyone interested in investigating ShiftAssist can find a small website started by Daryl/Ashrah at or we have a Yahoo group called ShiftAssisters, which is open for anyone to join.

2. The Mitfords can be googled, but here is a link to get you started if you are interested:

3. Information of Aud and her descendents is a bit tougher to get at or to actually read, but this link takes you to a place where, after the first couple of paragraphs, it begins Aud’s adult saga (Queen Aud settles all the Dale-lands, A.D. 892).and lists many of the names of the family members, and much more detailed history in case you may feel your presence there:

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