Session 200809011

Pushing Energy With the Landscape Exercises


“Pushing Energy With the Landscape Exercises”
“Accumulating Energy Will Create Traumatic Experiences”
“Agreements Between Continuing Focuses”
“How to Concentrate and Focus More”
“Encountering Without Engaging”
“A Whale Focus In This Dimension and Timeframe”
“Fatty Fish for Vitamin B12”

Monday, September 1, 2008

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Rose (Quillan)

ELIAS: Good afternoon!

ROSE: Good afternoon, Elias! (Both laugh) I have so many questions. I would like to run into them, like always.

ELIAS: Very well!

ROSE: Let's start with a quick question for Ann. She would like to know three essence names. The first is her sister Debbie's essence name.

ELIAS: Essence name: Sym, S-Y-M.

ROSE: Okay. Essence name of grandmother, Margaret?

ELIAS: Essence name: Cara, C-A-R-A.

ROSE: Okay. Essence name, grandmother Grace.

ELIAS: Essence name: Lexa, L-E-X-A.

ROSE: Thank you. Okay, then I’ll start with my own topics. First of all, the healing enterprise. Oh my, Elias! (Both laugh) This month has been a challenge for me. This was a difficult month. There was a lot of sadness coming up, and I was I was not interested in doing the exercises anymore, it was really a struggle. So I gave myself some breaks in between – one day doing nothing, interrupt a day and so on – but it was like always when I was approaching the exercises there was a huge wave of sadness and feeling down. This was one thing, and the other thing was that I have problems with concentration, even if I change the locations and so on. But, the good news is that still the sensations in my legs are, in my estimation, increasing.

ELIAS: Very well. In this, perhaps it may be beneficial for you not to engage the exercises as often, or perhaps allow yourself not to engage them for a time.


ELIAS: Perhaps it may be beneficial to merely allow yourself to continue to pay attention to sensations and feeling within your body consciousness.

ROSE: How do you comment on this? Why was this sadness coming up? Of course I have a kind of explanation for it, but I would like to hear your perspective on it.

ELIAS: As I expressed to you in our previous conversation in which you did briefly mention this then also, in this, as I expressed to you, the body consciousness incorporates memory, and when you are engaging these exercises or these visualizations, it is triggering memories with the body consciousness. And in that, it is a message that is designed to interrupt that memory with the body consciousness and create a different association, one that is more pleasant. But in pushing that energy when you are engaging the exercises, what you are doing is you are somewhat forcing, and what that does is it reinforces the previous memory that the body –

ROSE: Right. So I was wondering why this increasing happens. Was it like coming up, bubbling up and it wanted to be seen, it wanted to be met and like in a way pampered, or… an illusion? No.

ELIAS: Acknowledgment. This is the reason that it continues to surface, is that it is, in a matter of speaking, seeking an acknowledgement.

ROSE: Okay. And acknowledgement like “Oh, I see that you are there and you are welcome. You are not suppressed, you are allowed to be here, you are welcome” – is this what you mean?


ROSE: Okay.

ELIAS: Rather than forcing against it.

ROSE: I was not striving against it or trying to suppress it, I was just so very low in my energy then, so very weak and heavy. Not, you know, vivid – the opposite, really. And there was a point when I had the feeling like “Oh, now I'm losing my playful approach in this and this is important for me, to keep the playful approach.” And I was wondering about shall I give it up, will I ever make it? And [saying to the body consciousness], “This is playful, and are you not playful? Are you tricky or what's going on?” These were some questions I was dealing with myself.

ELIAS: I am understanding, and that element of it is the pushing.

ROSE: Okay. For me there was one day that was particularly hard and I was very, very down. It felt like being so down like six years ago, and I felt very much like if somebody would have offered me to disengage, I would have willingly taken this opportunity. But my feeling also was about it, “Just hang in there, just stay, just wait till this wave is over. Don't push it, don't suppress it, don't try to change it. Just stay and be nice to yourself and that's it. More is not needed and wanted from you.” So I did, and that worked very well.

ELIAS: Yes, I would agree. And that is very effective and efficient, and I commend you in allowing yourself to do that.

ROSE: Ja. Sometimes I don't know if I'm on the right track or if I'm just, you know, playing a game and this will not lead anywhere. There have been some terrible days with terrible physical pain and challenges and I felt, like, ready for the junkyard. (Laughs, and Elias chuckles) It's not fun to live in a body which is giving you so many problems.

And so one thing I would like to get through with you is, why did this happen? I know what happened, you know, but why did a part of me choose to do this? And why didn't I find a different solution in this crisis time? You said it was a probability. I would like to go deeper into this scenario.

ELIAS: First of all, let me express to you, this is a very common question with many, many, many individuals when they create some experience that they perceive as bad or traumatic. Their automatic question is why: “Why could I not have generated a different action? Why could I not have created a different event to offer myself the same outcome or the same information?” And in this, the question stems from a resistance to the idea that you would choose any uncomfortable or traumatic experience or event, or that you would choose to be creating difficulty for yourselves. And in this, it is very difficult for most individuals to understand or to accept that they actually do choose, at times, actions that are traumatic.

Now, in this, when you choose an action that can create difficulties and conflict and discomfort and is traumatic, it is directly associated with what you were creating prior to the event. As I have expressed many times, what occurs is you move in a direction of accumulating energy and placing that energy in that figurative container, and eventually when that becomes full and it cannot be contained any longer, you will match all of that energy with some expression of an event. You will create an experience that matches the intensity of all of that energy that has been building, and many times individuals generate significantly traumatic experiences in doing so.

Now; this is not to say that what was traumatic cannot be thusly incorporated as an avenue in which you can offer yourself considerable information and generate considerable movement, but the "why" is contained in that simple explanation of the accumulation of energy. Individuals many times are aware of being uncomfortable but do not necessarily objectively recognize how to change that. And therefore they continue to express experiences and directions that contribute to that container, and it keeps building. And therefore eventually, the individual, such as yourself, will create some event that matches the intensity of all of that energy that has been building, and it is not a matter of moving in the direction of dwelling upon all of that which created the situation, but more a matter of whether you gain from that. For if you can be aware how you were building that energy previously, you can be aware not to be doing that now, and you can offer yourself information in how to move in different directions and what to pay attention to, to not be accumulating energy.

Which, this is the reason that I commend you upon your choice, in that uncomfortable experience, to allow yourself merely to experience it and not to move in the association that you must do something with it but merely allow yourself to be gentle with yourself and to experience what you were experiencing, for this is a very different action. That is an allowance, which also allows that energy to be released rather than to be collected.

ROSE: Right. That was my experience.

I have been reading several books during the last weeks by two people who are doing a lot of research in the area of life information, everything from our end very often, and they both have in their research found that people live ongoing stories in different focuses and continuations of stories. There was one case of girl who had a moment of chance, a moment of choice, to break her legs in a very early age or not, and the background of this choice was when she did this and she wasn't able to walk anymore, she had a chance to stay at home, to read a lot and so on, and this was kind of presetting for this incarnation. It was a choice in the specific moment, but she did a lot of studies and a lot of communication with people writing letters and so on, but all the time she had to stay in bed.

I was wondering if I had something like that in this incarnation, like kind of predetermination of a setting which I chose in a specific moment to come true or not. It there something like that?

ELIAS: There are different aspects of this question of what you are asking.

ROSE: Okay.

ELIAS: In this, yes, at times there are two or more focuses that do, in a manner of speaking, follow each other. Now, understand: This is NOT predestination, and it does not detract from each individual focus's choices. Therefore, that being stated, I will express that at times it is not with all focuses, but there may be the choice of agreement of continuing focuses in which they may be exploring a line of a direction, so to speak, and that direction may be entailing more time and experiences than can be expressed in merely one focus. And therefore, several focuses will engage in this direction of experiences to explore, and they will continue from each other.

Now, I will reiterate, this is not to say that each of those focuses that are participating in that common direction do not incorporate their own choices, for they do, and they are not bound to each other in a manner of destiny or fate. But in this, yes, each one of those focuses will present to themselves moments in which they can engage a particular choice that will contribute to the continuation of the direction and exploration in a more enhanced or significant manner, and it is thusly the choice of that individual whether they shall engage that type of experience or not. But what I am expressing is that they are not bound to that such as in your scenario; you are generating your own choices, and yes, I would express that in your scenario, this choice did create an enhancement of the direction. That is not to say that it was the ONLY choice that would have continued to move in the direction, but it was a choice that created more of an intensity in the direction.


ELIAS: And yes, I would express that your questioning and your feeling and your impression, which is the reason that you drew this information to yourself, is correct, that you would be participating in this type of a direction with other focuses. And in that, there played an influence in your choice to create what you did. But it was not the only factor, and it was not the primary factor; but there was an influence.

ROSE: I'm not quite sure if I understood what you said. I have to hear this again and see if I want to deepen it.

ELIAS: Very well.

ROSE: Hm. I'm not quite sure.

Okay, let's jump a little bit. Is there a main difference between if a body is so-called “ill” – has an illness, a disease – or if it has an injury like mine with a dramatic change which is considered by the school medicine as irreversible? Is there in the healing approach – in the change approach, I like to say – a difference? Or is it just the same, or more or less the same?

ELIAS: In the healing, it would depend upon the dis-ease and the injury. And the reason it would depend upon that is that they are associated with your beliefs, and your beliefs express differently with different situations. Such as, if an individual were creating a dis-ease that your sciences consider incurable, that the healing aspect of that would be the same as your situation, for the beliefs would be similar in expressing these associations that you are powerless to change it. Whereas, with other illnesses or injuries that are not viewed as irreversible, the beliefs are more flexible and allow for more possibilities in healing.

ELIAS: So it comes down to the belief.


ROSE: Very good. Ha! I like that. (Both laugh)

Okay, change of subject. We have to have to hurry; an hour is short. (Both laugh) Karla: once again briefly to Karla, the girl which was missing in Venezuela and is now declared dead by the police. I would like to know, my feeling about this is that it was not a case of accident, like the police say it's a hiking accident. My feeling about it is that it is not an accident but it's more like a case of murder. What do you say?

ELIAS: I would express that your impression is correct. It was not an accident.

ROSE: Ja. The government says that this girl will not be given back as a corpse but only as ashes, so the mother will be given ashes in a urn. But this is really the rest of Karla that the mother will be given, right?


ROSE: Okay. We can leave it at that.

I have a brief brief, brief, brief question. I have met one woman who was (laughs) very vivid, and she said when she was a girl she did levitations. Her name is Minou, and I would like to know if this is true or if this is a kind of fantasy of her to make herself important or interesting or whatever.

ELIAS: Yes, it is correct.

ROSE: Very good. Okay, then one big question for me. When I wake up in the morning, my thinking mechanism starts to ramble around things, I start to think and so on. This is different to certain thoughts what we have been talking about before, but I feel like I would like to have a kind of more control over this. I feel like I'm in a way the opposite of concentrated, like I'm moving this way and that way, on and on and on, and you would perhaps say scattered. My feeling is that I would like to change my direction to more concentration and more choice in this, and I would like to have an idea or a recommendation for you from you about this.

ELIAS: Very well. I can offer you a very simple and easy suggestion.

ROSE: Okay.

ELIAS: Allow yourself to incorporate some type of device that can play music.

ROSE: Okay.

ELIAS: And when you awaken, immediately turn on the music and concentrate upon that. Allow yourself to be in that relaxed state, and allow yourself to focus upon the music.

ROSE: Does it matter which kind of music?

ELIAS: No. I would express that it can be instrumental or it can be a song. In actuality, initially it may be more successful if you are listening to a song, for incorporating words will allow you to focus your attention more precisely than instrumental initially.

ROSE: Okay.

ELIAS: And in that, it will allow you an adjustment period of time in which you are focusing your thought mechanism rather than being scattered, for you are incorporating a focal point of the music.

ROSE: Ja. Okay, so I start with the music and experiment with this. Do you have a timeframe recommendation?

ELIAS: I would express to you to experiment. Allow yourself to incorporate the music while you are continuing to be in that awakening, relaxed state until the point that you feel directed.

ROSE: Okay. I’ll experiment with this.

I want to know, do I share a Greek focus with Rick?


ROSE: Aha. (Laugh) And Elias, do I have a focus here or in another dimension as a whale?

ELIAS: Here.



ROSE: Yes! Because when I did my inner landscape I was in the north, and I wanted to meet some whales but I had a feeling that I actually WAS the whale. And I wasn't sure if this was really the earth area, but it could have been somewhere else also. But the strong feeling was like I was this whale and not like I was encountering that whale.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

ROSE: I’m correct. Okay. Is this here, or it's in another dimension?

ELIAS: In this dimension.

ROSE: In this dimension. (Laughs) Okay, a fun question.

ELIAS: But that is not unusual that you incorporated a slight confusion in thinking that it possibly could be a different dimension, for in being the whale and being in the ocean, the experience IS almost as being in another dimension.

ROSE: Yes. Yes. Right. I agree. (Both laugh)

How many focuses do I share with Lou currently?

ELIAS: Thirty-six.

ROSE: Thirty-six. How many of these are in other dimensions?

ELIAS: That would merely be this dimension.

ROSE: Oh – this dimension. How many focuses do I have in this dimension currently?

ELIAS: In this dimension, or in this time framework?

ROSE: Both. In this time framework and in this dimension.

ELIAS: In this time framework, six.

ROSE: Okay.

ELIAS: In this dimension 3,428.

ROSE: Ha! In this time framework… You mean on this planet Earth, six? No. Now I'm confused.

ELIAS: In this present time, there are six of you as focuses.

ROSE: On the planet Earth.

ELIAS: Yes. In this physical dimension there are the 3000s. I do not include numbers for other dimensions, for that would be… numberless.

ROSE: Okay. What is my relationship to Ann?

ELIAS: You share other focuses and counterpart action.

ROSE: (Laughs) Is there one which kind of stands out somehow?

ELIAS: You do share a focus as sisters which is actually quite playful, for you are very close in that focus and you both very much enjoy taunting other individuals, especially men.

ROSE: I don't know what taunting is. I have to check this afterwards.

ELIAS: I would express teasing and playing with –

ROSE: Ahh. [Inaudible] Which timeframe is this?

ELIAS: This would be within the early 1800s.

ROSE: And where? Which country?

ELIAS: This would be in… Holland.

ROSE: Okay. Ahh! I felt very much at home there. (Elias laughs)

Okay, when I feel very weak, is this a lack of nutrition, especially B12?

ELIAS: That would be helpful.

ROSE: You mean to take it?


ROSE: I'm a longtime vegetarian and lately I have been so very weak, and I was wondering if I lack this nutrition. And my husband felt so weak also, and not that long but he's also vegetarian. We like to be vegetarians, but this is the problem, this one specific vitamin? I was wondering if it is just a belief or if it's really a kind of given situation that our bodies lack this specific… ?

ELIAS: Yes, your body consciousness is expressing a message to you. In this, as a vegetarian, do you consume fish?

ROSE: Very seldom. We started right now.

ELIAS: I would suggest that you incorporate more of that in your diet, for that will also offer the nutrients that your body consciousness may be wanting to replenish.

ROSE: Okay.

ELIAS: I would express to you that salmon in particular would be very beneficial.

ROSE: Okay. Okay, you didn't mention a second name.

ELIAS: Any of the fish that would be considered more fatty or contain more oil would be beneficial.

ROSE: Okay, very well! (Laughs)

ROSE: One thing again Elias, I did not reappear my T shirts, but I'm lacking my very most beloved cardigan also. I’m lacking more and more things. (Both laugh) What happened to my cardigan? Was it taken, or is it disappeared?

ELIAS: (Chuckles) It was not taken.

ROSE: Gosh! How do I reappear these things? I’m missing them! (Both laugh)

ELIAS: The more you concentrate upon them being disappeared, the longer they will remain disappeared,

ROSE: Okay, concentrate upon them reappeared.

ELIAS: I would express to you to NOT concentrate upon them and to be playful with your ideas when it occurs to you that they are missing. (Laughs)

ROSE: What do you mean?

ELIAS: I would express that it would be beneficial for you to not concentrate upon them at all rather than concentrating upon reappearing them, for that merely reinforces that they are missing and that –

ROSE: Okay, okay. I don’t like your answer! (Both laugh) I’m looking around the corner, “Are you here? Are you here?” “No, we’re not here. Boo!” (Both laugh)

ELIAS: Perhaps you may invent your own Hide and Seek game.

ROSE: Yeah, okay. Okay.

ELIAS: And these articles are hiding, and you can be the seeker.

ROSE: Okay, okay. Okay, okay, okay, okay, I try.

ROSE: Grr, grr, grr! Okay. One [inaudible] again: Sometimes I have a feeling like I'm very associated in my living. I'm not very concentrated, not very focused, I’m not very directed, but I'm springing from this topic to the other, da-da-da-da-da. I was experimenting with this a lot, trying where it will lead me, and I feel like, Oh my, this looks a little bit like, oh, will this ever lead me anywhere? Or will I just continue to jump and jump and jump and not focus?

Anyway, I have a feeling kind of desire to start to focus and concentrate myself again. This is a little bit similar to the topic we had about in the morning. I have a feeling like Okay, I'm now so-and-so old and I would like to have a good [inaudible] of this focus, and I'm kind of structuring my life and kind of throwing away things and… kind of a big throw-out has started, like I would choose certain topics and I will focus on them and the rest of it drop, because I feel I kind of start to become too much like fog. (Laughs)

ELIAS: Very well.

ROSE: What is your perception, or how do you perceive myself or my energy and which direction to take to be more associative or to really take this turn like I started my movement into concentrate and focus more.

ELIAS: I would express that your desire is to move more in the latter in moving in being more focused, and moving in specific directions. In this, it is merely a matter of choosing what you genuinely enjoy and what you are genuinely interested in and allowing yourself to explore.

ROSE: Ja, okay. (Laughs) What else shall you say? (Both laugh) Argh!

Okay. Elias, another biggie: With my sister-in-law I had this situation. I read a lot about the non-conflict scenario and so forth after our session. The question for me is, we have this saying, “You always meet twice,” like in this family there are moments when you encounter each other again because of the relatives. My husband is her brother and she is his sister, so when family meetings are [happening], there is this question will I go there or not, he will go and I am in the background and da-da-da-da-da. I would like to know, when there has been an incident and there was a kind of dissonance, and I have made my choice like I have chosen the non-conflict scenario but there is this rest of tension, and it is unpleasant to encounter these people again. It could be virtually as well, we would say, in a chat room or in a mailing list; it can be in flesh and bones, like you meet each other in a certain… if it's only the funeral of the mother-in-law or whatever, you know? And this is always a challenge for me, you meet these people a second time. I would like to have a good idea from your perspective about this one which I have not yet discovered.

ELIAS: (Pause) I am understanding that many times when individuals create an incident with each other that when they encounter each other again, there can be an uncomfortableness between them. But I would also express to you that this would be YOUR choice. For, the other individual does not incorporate the same information as do you, and therefore also does not incorporate the same awareness of self as do you. In this, you can choose to not be affected. You can –

ROSE: But I feel not pleasant just in their presence. And there is the situation that I choose to go where it's highly probable that we will encounter each other physically or virtually, and I feel not fine with it. I would like to feel fine with it in myself, no matter what the other individuals do.

ELIAS: And that is the point. The point is to be paying attention to you and not concerning yourself with what the other individual is doing, allowing yourself to be you, to express you, and to not concern yourself with what the other individual is doing or what they are perceiving or what they are thinking.

ROSE: Ja, okay, I understand and I agree. Still there is so far this feeling of not feeling fine and relaxed within myself just because of the presence of the other individual and there are not really resolved things at their end. For me I'm fine in the way that I have made my choice and I have a certain position, and I'm not particularly interested in further contact, but just the mere encounter is not relaxed.

ELIAS: I am understanding, and in this, it is important for you to question yourself and evaluate if you are uncomfortable, what are you perceiving or what is the association that you are generating that is the threat?


ELIAS: That is the question, for if you are comfortable with yourself and satisfied with yourself and paying attention to yourself and not concerning yourself with the other individual, you will NOT be uncomfortable in their presence. Therefore, if you ARE uncomfortable, if you do perceive a thickness in the energy in that presence, it is a matter of questioning yourself, what do you perceive or associate as the threat?

ROSE: Yeah –

ELIAS: That you are being perceived as invalidated for they do not incorporate responsibility, in your perception, for their action or for their participation.

ROSE: Once again? Would you repeat the last sentence?

ELIAS: That the threat is their perception of you, for they have not taken responsibility for their participation in the conflict.


ELIAS: They expressed the blame to you, which you are not accepting that blame and you are satisfied with the choices that YOU engage, but knowing that they continue to incorporate that perception creates the threat.

ROSE: It creates a tension.

ELIAS: Yes! For it is creating that threat within you, which is understandable. Most individuals do not want other individuals to perceive them negatively. But you can counter that by genuinely not concerning yourself with their perception and reminding yourself that regardless of what their perception is, it does not change yours.

ROSE: Right! Right.

ELIAS: Regardless of whether another individual interprets a perception of blame, that does not change your perception of you and that you did not incorporate a wrong action.

ROSE: Right. The point is just we have nothing to talk about in this way. We have nothing in common!

ELIAS: Very well. And in that, it is merely a matter of allowing yourself to recognize that and not to attempt to engage it. It is not necessary.

[The timer for the end of the session rings]
ROSE: Right.

ELIAS: You can encounter the other individual, and it is not necessary for you to engage them. You are not obligated to engage them merely that you are in physical proximity with them or that you meet them, so to speak, in virtual reality,

ROSE: When there are other people involved like family, they have kind of expectations that we shall have a nice, cozy union –

ELIAS: And allow them to do so! And in that, you can be comfortable within yourself. You are not expressing in an obnoxious manner to the other individuals; you merely choose not to engage. In that, you are not, in your terms, being rude or being obnoxious; you are merely being present and not engaging.

ROSE: That's what I did. For example, I sit there and [do] the knitting.

ELIAS: if your energy is centered with you, it will not matter, for if your energy is not projecting to them and being concerned with them, you will be comfortable.

ROSE: Got it.

Last quick question. Do we have one popular focus? (Laughs) I would like to play with this a little bit, so I was wondering.

ELIAS: A popular focus?

ROSE: Yes, like a historical figure or person from the culture, or an artist, or…

ELIAS: Yes, you incorporate several.

ROSE: Would you give me one to study a little bit about and see how this feels like? Would you give me a hint?

ELIAS: I would express you incorporate a focus within the early and mid 1800s as a writer in America.

ROSE: And would you give me the name?

ELIAS: I will express to you to investigate.

ROSE: Argh! (Both laugh) Is it a male or a female?

ELIAS: A female.

ROSE: A female. Okay, at least this. (Both laugh)

Okay, Elias, we could go on and on again like always, but we will meet again in another time.

ELIAS: Very well, my friend. As always, I express tremendous appreciation to you and great encouragement, my friend.

ROSE: Thank you very much.

ELIAS: To you in dear lovingness, au revoir.

ROSE: Farewell.

(Elias departs after 1 hour 3 minutes)

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