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The Shift: A Revolution of Perception


“The Shift: A Revolution of Perception”
“The Trauma of Awakening: Discovering What We Don’t Want”
“Individuals’ Actions Contribute to a Collective Energy”
“Final Focuses and Initiating Focuses”

Saturday, July 28, 2007 (Private/Phone)

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Anon

[Transcribers’ note: Due to the fact that we cannot locate the participant, we removed some personal information from the transcript and are not publishing the audio.]

“This is a revolution of perception, not of might. And in that, the greatest weaponry that can ever be expressed is awareness and ideas, for they cannot be defeated. Regardless of what you can physically express, awareness and ideas cannot be destroyed.

“…. This Shift will not be accomplished in governmental overthrows. This Shift will not be accomplished in world wars. This Shift will be accomplished in masses and masses and masses of individuals recognizing the importance, the ultimate importance and significance of each individual, and that there is actually no hierarchy. No individual is more powerful than any other individual, regardless of their physical status.”

ELIAS: Good day!

ANON: Hello!

ELIAS: (Laughs) Welcome! And what shall we discuss?

ANON: Well, I thought first we could do a few of my family, their family alignment and orientation, and we’ll get that out of the way and then go on to some fun stuff.

ELIAS: Very well.

[Personal information omitted]

ANON: For me, I’m thinking my essence family is Sumafi?

ELIAS: Correct.

ANON: Okay. And orientation, is it the one in the middle? (Elias chuckles) Or is it common? Either common or the one in the middle.

ELIAS: (Laughs) Intermediate?

ANON: Yes, yes.

ELIAS: (Laughs) Intermediate. You are correct.

ANON: Okay. All right. And my alignment?

ELIAS: And your impression?

ANON: I’m not really sure I understand what alignment is, but…

ELIAS: The alignment is what would be perceived as the more obvious qualities. The family that you are belonging to incorporates qualities that you express but may be more subtle. Those qualities are expressed in ALL of your focuses, but they may not be as overt. In some manners they can be, but for the most part the family qualities of the alignment are more obvious and are more overt.

ANON: I see. Okay. Okay. Yeah, I’m not sure then about the alignment for me.

ELIAS: Very well. I would express that your alignment is Gramada.

[Personal information omitted]

ANON: Of the people that I mentioned, are any of these people final focuses?


ANON: Okay.

[Personal information omitted]

Being a final focus, does that…? I guess these people, have they reached some kind of understanding about life as a human and so they’ve kind of figured out a lot of things at an early age? Is that kind of what that’s about?

ELIAS: No, my friend. (Laughs) Let me explain to you. A final focus is a designation of a position. An initiating focus and a final focus are merely the designation of a position. When an essence chooses to participate in a physical reality, most physical realities incorporate some type of configuration of time. Therefore, as the essence chooses to participate in a physical reality, they generate many, many focuses of attention to explore that reality, but all of those focuses of attention are expressed simultaneously regardless of the configuration of time in relation to the physical reality. Therefore, one essence is designated in a position to be the initiator, in which all of the focuses will begin in that particular reality.

I have likened this with an analogy of a type of sparkler. One spark sparks all of the sparks to be manifest and in existence. They all are in that existence simultaneously. And one spark extinguishes it; therefore when the final focus chooses to disengage from this reality, it is the designated position point. And what that means is, all of the other focuses that are manifest in this reality will also disengage from this reality, or they will choose to fragment, therefore generating a new essence and continuing the exploration within this reality with other sparks.

ANON: I see. Okay.

ELIAS: But it is not a matter with ANY focus… Even those that are identified or designated as the continuing focuses, no focus in this reality returns. No focus remanifests, for that is unnecessary and would be redundant.

ANON: Okay.

ELIAS: Therefore, regardless of what your position is, you, upon the choice of disengaging – or death – continue in your own exploration in whatever direction you choose.

ANON: Okay. Okay, that helps a lot. Thank you.

ELIAS: (Laughs) You are quite welcome.

ANON: Okay. Let’s see. I guess another thing I’d like to ask about is I’ve done a lot of reading about what Seth has had to say and Abraham-Hicks, and I’ve got “The Oversoul Trilogy” and some of the transcripts from you, and I’m trying to put together a picture in my mind or an understanding between how the Shift is progressing and how we’re all collectively trying to create this and then what appears to be, I guess, the ruling powers of the world that are trying to… you know, the rich and powerful who are trying to kind of control things politically and… When the Shift, as it progresses and comes into being as the years go by down here on earth, is there a balance between how people are becoming more enlightened and how other people are becoming more and more forceful or controlling?

In other words, as the sort of government powers become more controlling, is there a balance of people who are desiring more and more freedom because of how it’s trying to be more limited by the people in charge? I don’t know if that makes any sense, but in other words are they kind of escalating it together or progressing together in a balance as more people become aware of freedoms and, I guess, awareness of nonphysical and consciousness and… ?

I’m not sure I even know what I’m asking, but what I’m trying to figure out is, the trauma that you speak of, is that a psychological trauma where people are realizing, “Oh my goodness! There’s so much more to my life as a human than I realize” and that’s kind of shocking to people? Or… I don’t know, I’m kind of rambling in this, but… (Elias laughs) I don’t know if any meaning is coming through in what I’m trying to get at.

ELIAS: I am quite understanding what you are expressing, and I will also express an acknowledgment to you that you are not rambling. (Laughs)

ANON: Okay. Okay.

ELIAS: And in actuality, this is an interesting question, for I am aware that many, many individuals that are aware of this shift in consciousness occurring also question how this operates. For it appears to be somewhat of a paradox in viewing your world and, as you expressed, your governments or powerful individuals, and in association with freedoms and oppressions and the lack of freedom, it may seem surfacely that those expressions that seem quite obvious to you would be in opposition to this shift in consciousness. But in actuality, they are elements of it.

For in generating such a significant and enormous change of your reality, it requires some quite dramatic expressions to be exposed. It requires an expansion of awareness.

Now; when you expand awareness, you pay more attention. You become more highly sensitized. And in that, you generate precisely what I expressed: an expanded awareness – you ARE aware. But to be aware, you must present experiences.

Concepts are concepts. They can be somewhat understood intellectually, but until they are experienced, they are not real; they are merely concepts and theories. But – in this, as you continue to expand and you continue to widen your awarenesses, you are generating experiences more and more that encourage you TO expand your awareness. And just as most individuals move in a direction of discovering what their preferences are by initially discovering what they are not, in like manner you collectively are presenting experiences to yourselves to motivate you to move in directions that are more liberating, that will allow you to generate more freedom.

And in the manner that you have constructed your world, your societies, your governments, your powers that be, so to speak, it is unrealistic to entertain the concept that you would alter your reality in the traditional manners that you have incorporated throughout your history, such as wars or revolutions. This is a revolution of a different type.

This is a revolution of perception, not of might. And in that, the greatest weaponry that can ever be expressed is awareness and ideas, for they cannot be defeated. Regardless of what you can physically express, awareness and ideas cannot be destroyed.

Therefore in this, this Shift – this new type of revolution – also incorporates its pangs of discomfort and trauma, and that may be expressed in physical trauma, emotional trauma, mental trauma, and the trauma of awakening. But in that, they are all expressions of the Shift itself, for they are the allowance of yourselves to not be hiding and to not be ignoring, and to be aware and to be more clearly defining yourselves, [and to be aware of] the importance of the individual – which has been somewhat expressed throughout the entirety of your history, but not strongly enough to effect the type of alterations that are being effected in this Shift.

This Shift will not be accomplished in governmental overthrows. This Shift will not be accomplished in world wars. This Shift will be accomplished in masses and masses and masses of individuals recognizing the importance, the ultimate importance and significance of each individual, and that there is actually no hierarchy. No individual is more powerful than any other individual, regardless of their physical status. And in that, there is already tremendous, massive movement in association with that shifting.

I will also express to you that in the significance of the individual, every individual that is becoming aware of shifting in any capacity is contributing to this massive revolution. It is, I will express to you, not one that will alter some elements of your reality. You are not creating utopia. You are not creating a reality of total bliss, and therefore I will not express to you that as this Shift accomplishes itself you will not be participating in a reality in which there is no conflict or in which there are not expressions that many of you will disagree with or that many of you may view or incorporate the perception as being bad, for you continue to be exploring a physical reality that incorporates in its blueprint the two main base elements of physical and emotion. And in that, you will continue to explore the experiences of comfort and discomfort.

You are also not eliminating beliefs, which are also a core element of the blueprint of this reality. Therefore you are also not eliminating duplicity, which is the identification of good and bad or right or wrong.

ANON: Ah, okay.

ELIAS: And in that, you will continue to incorporate some forms of structure, but in a different manner, in what you ideally all have been striving for, for millennia. For in this, whatever hierarchy you have chosen in any time framework, whatever governmental structure, whatever philosophy is behind the structure of any particular government, they all seek for what you term to be some “greater good,” but what becomes lost is the significance of each individual. And in that, what becomes the structure of the government is the importance of a FEW individuals, and therefore the identification of authority and false power – which it is, false power.

In this, what this Shift is generating is the recognition of the inefficiency of this type of structure and the importance of the significance of each individual. In that, what you WILL be doing, which is already occurring in what I may term to be a significant scale, regardless of how it is expressed, individuals are beginning to move in a direction of their own power and their own directedness, regardless of what direction it is.

This is the reason that this particular wave that you are experiencing presently in relation to perception is exceptionally important, for perception is a very significant element in your reality and is very significant in relation to this shift in consciousness. For that also involves what you view as right and wrong, and how absolutely you view what is right and wrong.

In this, what I am expressing is, individuals are moving quite strongly now in the direction of being aware of their own power and of their own individual directions, and seeking out similarities, seeking out other individuals with commonalities in their expressions of self-directedness – even in what you view as terrorists. They are as absolute in their resolve of their rightness and of their own empowerment and of their self-directedness as any individual that moves in the perception of their rightness in expressing peacefully. In this, they are the same coin, my friend. They are accomplishing the same action in relation to this Shift, for they are the expression of self-directedness, the importance of the individual and the importance of individual freedom regardless of how it is being expressed.

And, in the manners that it is being expressed, it is allowing more and more individuals to be open to a wider awareness, for they are presenting themselves with more experiences to allow themselves to be more aware and to be more clear in relation to their own guidelines in association with what they want and what they do not want, what they want to participate in and what they do not want to participate in, what they want their world to be and what they do not want their world to be.

And as in any mass collective action of change, there is trauma. There is physical trauma and other trauma, for there is struggle – which is reflected in each of you in your own individual experiences. New, unknown, unfamiliar expressions are always initially met with skepticism and many times with resistance, but with resistance also instigates motivation. And in that, it allows you to draw more information.

Therefore, all of what is occurring in your world is purposeful and is an element of the Shift. What is significant and important is allowing yourself the ability to be aware of what you want and what you are generating in your individual experiences that is contributing to the manner in which you want your world to be – which is an element that many individuals have not quite grasped yet, that the actions that they incorporate in their mundane life, in their everyday comings and goings and interactions and actions, are a projection of energy that is contributing to a collective energy. And in that, if the individual is incorporating satisfaction and comfort and directedness in their experience, they are contributing to lessening the trauma that is being experienced and they are contributing to that widening of awareness.

If an individual is generating fear and protection and conflict and argumentativeness and stubbornness or defense, or not incorporating responsibility for themselves, they are contributing an energy of more conflict and more trauma. They may express to themself and to other individuals that they disagree with violence or that they disagree with a war, or that they disagree with the methods of a terrorist, but in generating absolutes in association with their own expressions and being defensive or protective or generating conflicting expressions in their own interactions, they are contributing to the very expressions that they express they do not agree with.

ANON: Yeah. That sounds familiar. (Elias laughs) Yes. Okay.

ELIAS: This is the significance of genuinely being aware of one’s own energy and what you are doing, and how it is being expressed and how you are generating. This also allows you to be more intentionally aware of creating what you want.

ANON: Yeah. Okay. Well that is such good material. I sure appreciate that, and… we may have another conversation later on. I would look forward to it.

ELIAS: Very well! And so shall I. (Chuckles)

ANON: And thank you very much for everything, and I’ll look forward to our next chat.

ELIAS: Very well, my friend. I shall be anticipating of that.

ANON: Okay.

ELIAS: I express tremendous appreciation to you, and I express dear friendship.

ANON: Oh, thank you. And from me to you, thank you very much.

ELIAS: In great lovingness, my friend, au revoir.

ANON: Bye-bye.

(Elias departs after 45 minutes)

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